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Saving the West, One Blogger at a Time

Chechar questions the non-anti-semitic limits on his White nationalism: A lightning in the middle of the night!

Lawrence “the majority should reassert itself” Auster supports the move, saying he understands Whites and jews have different, sometimes conflicting interests, and though he unequivocally favors jews he does not object to White political or cultural self-determination: An anti-anti-Semitic blogger announces that he is removing the first “anti”.

Just kidding. Larry is such a serious anti-“anti-semite” he’d never say anything remotely like that.

UPDATE 26 Feb 2010: “Tanstaafl on Auster (I)”


Hunter Wallace, whose blog Occidental Dissent I regularly visit and comment at, recently created a new blog called Antisemitica whose byline is “Reasoned Analysis of the Jewish Question”. Visitors who sympathize with the topics and attitudes discussed at this blog can find a much greater and steadier source at either of these blogs.

At Antisemitica Hunter has been especially successful at eliciting responses from prominent opinion-shaping jews. I enjoyed the recent critique of James Howard Kunstler, who I recently wrote about in Who Thinks Thinking is Unthinkable and Why. Hunter wrote Kunstler and Whites, then he answered Kunstler’s dismissive response in Kunstler on Antisemitica. I left comments on both posts.

Beyond this, HW’s new blog regularly provides brilliant insights into exactly the kind of White/jew faultlines that have drawn my attention for the past two years. HW offers pro-White views and explanations that have been excluded from mainstream discourse even as unapologetically pro-jew views and explanations have become more common. I’ll excerpt and comment on a few points I found of particular interest.

The Jews and Obamacare:

In a racially homogeneous country, an Iceland or Finland, I think such a system could work. In America, it will become just another mechanism for wealth redistribution from Whites to non-Whites. The “47 million uninsured” are disproportionately blacks and Hispanics. I don’t want to see scarce resources drained away from the White community and wasted on people who nurse racial and ethnic grievances against us. I oppose the bill for that reason.

With that in mind, I wasn’t surprised at all to learn this morning that “Jewish groups have been at the forefront of lobbying the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for health care reform, framing their support within the Talmudic mandate of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.” In other words, Jews as Jews are lobbying the government for wealth redistribution from Whites to non-Whites. The Jewish community is the vanguard of the interests pushing for this destructive piece of legislation.

I haven’t heard a peep of this from conservatives, libertarians, or race realists.

The only peep I think we’re likely to hear is the unthinking accusation that the whole problem is unthinking “jew-hate”.

Why Jews Hate Palin:

Ultimately, Jews hate Sarah Palin for the same reason White conservatives adore her. They hate her for the same reason John McCain picked her as his running mate. She is the goddess of implicit Whiteness. Palin appeals to the demographic that American Jews have alway considered their traditional enemy: rural and suburban White Christians from the Southern and Western states.

She is one of them. If Palin was ever elected president, she could unite this demographic and represent their small town values at the highest level of the American government. Jews would feel threatened by “hope and change” of this sort. Dire warnings about the “new anti-Semitism” would be issued by Jewish organizations. Emigration to Israel would be contemplated. Jews would feel even more alienated from America than they already do now.

Fear and loathing of White Americans, “leukophobia” or “anti-Whitism,” is normal, acceptable, and mainstream in the Jewish community. It is a form of racial prejudice like any other. It is also a driving force behind Jewish support for Barack Obama. What better way to drive a stake through the heart of White America than to elect a mulatto as President of the United States?

I noted this jewish fear and loathing in The Election is Over, written directly in the wake of the 2008 election. Only now, more than a year later, are famously hyper-sensitive, hyper-critical, and hyper-opinionated jews frankly discussing the issue. Of course a major portion of that discussion consists of denial that the issue is real, or that it’s worth discussing.

Swastikas and Hate Crimes:

Trivial property crimes against Jews routinely get national press coverage. Violent crimes against Whites are buried in local newspapers. This is one the small daily reminders of Jewish privilege.

In the comments to If Hasan Were White I noted how while everyone in the media and government was telling everyone not to jump to conclusions about Hasan’s motives a shooting near an LA synagogue inspired an instant and publically announced assumption that the cause was “anti-semitism”. Nobody in media or government criticizes jews for words or actions that go beyond what is pathologized as “hate” or “racism” in Whites. To even call attention to these White/jew double standards is considered “anti-semitism”.

Israel and Jewish Privilege:

Jewish privilege is real. White privilege is non-existent. Just recently, Switzerland was widely condemned around the world for its ban on the construction of minarets. The rejection of this bill in Israel [that would force the Israeli Lands Administration to allocate land equally between Arabs and Jews] (and dozens like it over the years) hasn’t set off a similar backlash in the United States. It is understood that Israel has a right to remain a Jewish state whereas the right of Switzerland to remain a White Christian nation is highly controversial.

White/jew double standards are palpable. See my related posts Whose Country Is This Anyway? and Switzerland Minus Minarets.

Neocons are Anti-Semites:

This is a great example of what Kevin MacDonald calls Jewish self deception. The charge happens to be true. Jews look at Sarah Palin and they see the most white bread conservative leader since Pat Buchanan. They see the implicit whiteness in the metastasizing Tea Party crowds.

Their cultural antennae has a visceral negative emotional reaction. It goes far beyond public policy disagreements. Their gut instinct tells them crowds of angry White people are “bad for the Jews.”

When White Americans respond to negro and Hispanic chauvinists in this way, Jews decry it as “racism.” In a sense, they are right. It is racial prejudice at work; an emotional short cut that bypasses reason.

I think this view of the Tea Party phenomena is correct. There’s much, much more to be said about it. It strikes me as similar not only to the prismatic polarization Palin has provided, but Polanski as well. The pattern is this: White/jewish visceral disgust, followed by jewish/White instinctual reaction to that disgust, followed by largely jewish opinion-shaping aimed at obscuring the White/jew divide, often mixed with one-way blame on supposedly irrational “jew-hate” emanating from Whites.

I’ve read brief allusions to this supposed jewish self-deception, but I haven’t read MacDonald’s original argument. Can someone point out in which book it is made? Perhaps I misunderstand the idea.

Ironically, the idea that jews don’t know what they’re doing or why seems to me an unconscious attempt to downplay the significance of the obvious stereotypical jewish lack of scruples and utter contempt for the notion that lying or hypocrisy is something to be avoided or to be ashamed of, at least when it comes to serving their own personal or wider jewish interests. I see true self-deception in Whites, especially those who won’t judge jews, or judge them by softer standards than jews themselves see fit to judge non-jews by. We don’t have to make excuses for the harm jews cause us any more than jews feel the need to excuse what they deem to be harm caused by Whites. You never see them excusing “racists”, “haters”, “tea baggers”, “rethuglicans”, “neo-nazis” – which are all codewords for Whites – as self-deceivers. In jewish eyes any White who acts White is simply a threat. The enemy. For example, when accused of being anti-White Kunstler answered:

I’m not against white people… I’m just against white people who are against other people….

It’s one of the same responses I got from the anti-White “reality-based community”. Only those who see Whites as some kind of lesser beings have a problem with us saying “I’m not against non-White people… I’m just against non-White people who harm White people…” Jews don’t like that, and it’s not because they’re unaware or lie to themselves about their own outrageous, self-serving hypocrisy. They don’t like it because they are hyper-aware of their own group’s interests and don’t give a shit what anybody else thinks about that. It reflects a fundamental difference in mental function, not some innocent oversight.

On Antisemitica’s Kunstler thread I responded similarly to “David F” (David Frum?), who seemed eager to explain away Kunstler’s behavior as unconscious. “David F” dissembled, claiming Kunstler is “just writing about the underclass the way everyone in his social circles does”, without noting that it’s very visible, very outspoken jews like Kunstler, Frum, Horowitz, Brooks, etc. shaping and pruning and leading the way – pathologizing and excommunicating Whites who question the pro-jew/anti-White social circle norms.

Another illustration of what I’m getting at is faux-White jew Lawrence Auster, who strikes an explicitly pro-“white” pose and urges “the majority” to reassert our interests. Simultaneously he considers Whites who criticize jews to be worse than an evil enemy. To him we’re subhuman. He’s not lying to himself, he’s lying to everyone else. Auster is an extremely self- and group-aware pro-jewish chauvanist who simply lacks the honesty to plainly state his priorities, which are clear from his frequent and energetic attacks on “the anti-semites”. He absurdly maintains that the recognition of this fact itself represents irrational “jew-hate”. This has been pointed out to him and he has read the critiques, repeatedly, and he continues to maintain his position (see for example, Is Majority Rights cleaning up its act?, Anti-Semitism and the Jews–a collection, What the anti-Semites believe, An apostate anti-Semite, and The Darwinian anti-Semites’ self-contradiction). To paraphrase his co-tribalist Kunstler, Auster isn’t against “white” people… He’s just against White people who resent jewish interests being misrepresented as identical to “white” interests. Both men have stated their positions clearly and openly in response to being challenged.

Paul Gottfried on Neocons:

Gottfried bluntly says that Jews control the American Right. From their throne in Manhattan, Jewish neocons enjoy the privilege of being able to manipulate the status system (using their own ethnic interests as a litmus test) to determine who is “mainstream” and “respectable” and thus who can be granted entry into the national political conversation.

In the end, Gottfried sounds more like an apologist than a truth teller.

Gottfried is yet another faux-White, pale-conning jewish critic of “liberal” jews. In the end he blames Whites and his strongest vitriol is reserved “the anti-semites”. Neither he nor his friend Auster actually hold jews responsible for anything. In their minds the fault for all White/jew conflict lies entirely with Whites, whom they blame under cover of euphemisisms such as “the majority”, “WASPs”, “gentile whites”, etc. much like Kunstler blames “yeast people” and “cornpone nazis”. Pro-Whites can use whatever euphemisms or qualifiers we want in expressing negative opinions about jews, however precise, and for all their hair-splitting these brainy critics will unanimously identify and denounce that as “anti-semitism”. The exception is when the criticism comes from themselves, because that’s motivated by what they believe are the best interests of jews.

The Jews and NBC:

In the Jewish Journal, a recent article explicitly discusses Jewish control of NBC. White Nationalists have claimed for years that “Jews control the media” and use it to brainwash the White masses in anti-racist mores.

An excellent example of how jewish media influence allows jews to have their cake and eat it too, discussing the jewish power brokers behind the scenes at NBC amongst themselves while the mainstream discussion focuses almost exclusively on the roles and personalities of the pampered hired help who work out front. Jewish media influence is usually painted, both by jews and those currying favor with jews, as a ridiculous “canard” motivated by “jew-hate”. One typical and true canard they respond with is that “[insert non-jew here] isn’t jewish!” Another is that jews argue all the time. Of course as the Jewish Journal admits in its reportage intended for fellow jews, at NBC it’s a “whole bunch of jews” doing the arguing. And of course it’s jewish influence that keeps such frank discussions of jewish influence from being printed on the front page of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Quick Links, 10 Dec 2009

‘White Male Privilege: A Social Construct for Political Oppression.’ by Hugh Murray, 1999, discusses how:

Liberals seek to camouflage the overrepresentation of Jews by pointing the finger at alleged “white male privilege.”

Via Invisible Victims: White Males and Affirmative Action.

– – –

Another piece from fellist’s excellent Songlight for Dawn, ‘Why Work?’ by Dorothy L. Sayers, circa 1940:

Do you realize how we have had to alter our whole scale of values, now that we are no longer being urged to consume but to conserve?

– – –

Elizabeth Warren: America Without a Middle Class:

Can you imagine an America without a strong middle class? If you can, would it still be America as we know it?

– – –

Tiger Woods alienates black community with white lovers. A window into blackness.

“Had Barack had a white wife, I would have thought twice about voting for him,” Johnson Cooper said.

Contrast with the media’s regard for Whites holding comparable views on race-mixing. Via Occidental Dissent.

– – –

El Centro holds position for highest jobless rate

El Centro, Calif., held its position of having the highest unemployment rate among the nation’s metropolitan areas, with the jobless rate at 30%, according to government figures released Wednesday.

While the figure fell from a revised 32.2% in September, it climbed from 26.8% a year ago and it is staggering even against the nation’s 10.2% unemployment rate, which is at a 26-year high.

But the jobless picture has always been inferior in southern California’s Imperial Valley.

Look at the ethnic makeup of the Schools in El Centro, CA. Don’t avert your eyes. This is where “diversity” leads. As Felipe Calderon put it: Where there are mexicans there is mexico.

– – –

The “cool jew” trend causes jews to complain about jews complaining about jews complaining about jews. Seriously.

AoT on VoR (with Dietrich and Mishko)

Earlier this evening I joined Dietrich and Mishko on their weekly Voice of Reason internet broadcast. Dietrich likes my essays and wanted to know what drives me.

In three years of writing I’ve never discussed what my thinking was when I started blogging or how that thinking changed. Tonight I enjoyed having the opportunity to explain.

Thanks to Dietrich and Mishko. Despite the shameful confessions it was a pleasure speaking with them.