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Jeet Heer, Afraid of Nazis

In my recent post about Sobran I linked Jeet Heer’s Joseph Sobran: Far Worse than a Holocaust Skeptic. I left a few critical comments there which were greeted by Heer and his peanut gallery with the usual dehumanizing and intolerant attitude jews and their sympathizers so typically project onto others.

To Heer’s credit, he let my comments stand. Last night I made a lengthy response to another comment and it got stuck in the moderation queue. Six hours later Heer announced that he was tired of letting “nazis” say “nazi” things and therefore, ACHTUNG!, he was closing the comments. I don’t expect Heer will let my last remark through, so I’m posting it here instead. For context I encourage you to first read Heer’s attack on Sobran and the thread of responses that followed.

PuffsPlus writes:

For those of you who don’t know, Tanstaafl is a blogger who wants a white-only ethnostate that excludes anyone with Jewish DNA. That would include his kids, because his wife’s father was a Jewish convert, IIRC. So Tanstaafl’s unreasonable hatred of Jews extends to the point of dreaming of a white-only country that would exclude his own children. Chew on that for a moment.

I realize I’m among enemies here, but I’m still chagrined to find such intellects overlooking the link in my name, and now acting like they’ve unmasked a stealthy boogeyman. Those who want something more than gossip and innuendo can chew on what I’ve actually written and decide for themselves if it’s unreasonable:

Of Whites, by Whites, and for Whites

A Personal Disclosure

It pleasures me to point out to my own kind (passing by or lurking here) the dishonesty of jewish partisans when facing non-jewish partisans. Regarding exclusion, my kids and I are excluded from Israel. Jewish hypocrisy rankles, but the exclusion from Israel not at all. You’d think those alienated by Whites would, of their own volition, not want to live among us. But no, the truth is they panic at the thought of being removed from their host. Claws and fangs come out because they much prefer to neutralize our partisans in order to lord over the rest. It reflects the jewish tendency toward totalitarianism which fully bloomed most recently and catastrophically as bolshevism. More recently it manifests as orwellian language, political correctness, and the criminalization of “hate”, all while they project their own control-freak nature onto “nazis”. As Chomsky put it, 98% control just isn’t enough.

I see the norm here is to make grade school cases that rest on, for example, Sobran being “a fellow traveller to Nazism” and a “white nationalist defense of Sobran is far more damning”. Never mind that Sobran’s “nazism” is no more than the allergic reaction he causes jews, or the chauvinist jewish premise, unspoken and undefended, that Whites must not have what jews have (White nationalism) because it’s bad for jews. The attack on Sobran and response to my counterpoints amounts to the presumption that anyone who will not accept that jewish interests outweigh their own is a heretic. Yes, such heresy is literally unthinkable for most jews, and most would make it unspeakable as well. No so the rest of us. So I ask again Heer, are you a jew, or a useful idiot?

The sad fact is that jew-firsters will have to keep repressing the rest of us, or get far away from us. I think the main reason more diaspora jews don’t opt for the latter (beside not wanting to live among their own kind) is because they suspect when the lid comes off the precedents set by the Nuremberg trials and the later worldwide manhunts may repeat. As David Sachs worries, he and every jew he knows would all be forced (by “anti-semites” of course) to leap to every other jew’s defense. The one thing that is virtually certain, evident in a millenia-long pattern, is that jews will continue to blame whatever goes wrong entirely on everybody else, especially those who reject their authority.

I went to Heer’s latest post, Coren and Conservative Revisionism (wherein he denounces “conservative revisionism” as a defense of “nazism” and “fascism”) and left another comment:

A comment of mine on the Sobran thread has been stuck in the moderation queue since six hours before you declared it closed.

Speaking of fascism, I’m wondering if you’re going to let it through, or delete it.

I then read his post and watched the Michael Coren Show video he linked, to which I made the following comment:

Regarding the video you linked, the earnest disagreement about Vietnam-era US military demographics was interesting. Apparently, in cases like this, it’s acceptable and important to argue about who was overrepresented, even though the whole enterprise is long past. What makes this part of the discussion so interesting is how it is interwoven with a non-debate of jewish overrepresentation in media today. Discussion of that disparity ended almost before it began, caricaturized and dismissed by Gordon as a “standard anti-semitic myth” that’s “boring”, and ultimately transformed by Coren into a red herring about how two jews can be counted on to have three opinions.

The point is that in the current mainstream media environment jews are free to argue out loud and at length about what’s good for jews. Meanwhile, anyone who complains about this, or who tries to discuss what’s good for their group (especially Whites), is pathologized and excluded with terminology such as “kook”, “nazi”, “fascist”, “racist”, “nativist”, “xenophobe”, “anti-semite”, “denier”, “minimizer”, “revisionist”, etc.

Whether this situation arises as a consequence of jewish disparities in ownership, control, employment, or just naive goyim favoritism for jews is really beside the point. The point is that there is a clear double-standard in how Whites and jews are treated – jews and their concerns strongly favored, Whites and our concerns strongly disfavored. This is no myth. Nor is it boring. But it is perfectly understandable why jews and their supporters try to deny or minimize it.

Upon posting this I noticed that my previous comment had been deleted. A few minutes later this last comment disappeared as well.

It’s telling that reasoned and on-topic comments are deleted by someone who so hates “nazism” and “fascism”. It’s not pigeon-holing enemies or squelching dissent that disturbs Heer. He’s a comic fanboy and culture critic. In those very jewish worlds dehumanization and censorship are only crimes when it happens to the nazi-fighting good-guys. Naturally I wonder if Heer is some kind of desi-jew. If not, then I wonder if he’s ever wondered just how steeped in jewish thought he is.

Curiously, Heer has been critical of zionism and neocons, writing things like Israel’s creation: Ethnic cleansing by any other name, The Jewish state and its enablers, and Operation Anglosphere. Perhaps he’s trying to compensate for this by pathologizing other people’s criticism of jews.

In Heer’s Anglosphere piece he attaches significance to where someone is born. Why then his hostility to the notion that an identity conveyed by genes and upbringing can have significance? Is it only jewish identity which is exempt, or exempt from critique? He’s not squeamish about attaching significance to “anti-semitism” and “nazism”. What’s that? Where does it come from? He doesn’t seem to care. He uses the words as if they’re magic.

Maybe he’ll drop by and clear up some of these questions. Based on his lame response to challenges at his own blog, I doubt it.