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Matthew Heimbach on RT

‘Caucasians under attack!’ – student organizes white defense group

A brief interview with Matthew Heimbach, founder of the Towson White Student Union, a topic I discussed as part of two tWn podcasts in September – Guilt and Pride and especially Discrimination and Exclusion.

Heimbach is intelligent and articulate. He provides reasonable, sensible answers to the kinds of questions most often posed by disingenuous anti-Whites:

What’s a White interest?

What qualifies as a White person?

Who’s allowed in your group?

You don’t consider jewish people White?

How have you personally been discriminated against?

Do you consider yourself to be a White nationalist?

The judaized media – owned, operated and policed as it is by jews and useful idiot others whose overriding concern is what’s best for jews – doesn’t usually ask such probing questions of non-Whites advocating what they believe is best for their people’s particularist interests. They also don’t usually provide any opportunity for Whites to answer such questions.

The most important issue broached in the interview – rarely if ever addressed in the judaized media – is the confusion whether jews are White. As Heimbach quite correctly notes, they aren’t. While I don’t think Heimbach’s answer was wrong, it could have been made more directly.

The difference between Whites and jews is most obvious exactly in how we’re regarded when attempting to discuss and organize in pursuit of our interests. The current political and academic environment is characterized by a deeply dishonest but ever more obvious racial double-standard. Here are frequent, emotional expressions of concern for the best interests of non-Whites, first and foremost jews, coupled with a relentless pathologization and demonization of Whites, past and present, in parts and as a whole. The foundation of this anti-White regime is a long-standing jewish narrative damning Whites as congenital oppressors while sanctifying jews (and, more recently, various other “minorities”) as our eternal and entirely blameless victims.

In other words, even in terms of judeo-liberal identity politics itself, jews aren’t White. According to the jewish narrative Whites are the people who aren’t supposed to notice this disparity, aren’t suppposed to have an identity, and aren’t supposed to organize to pursue the interests we aren’t supposed to have.