AoT on VoR (with Dietrich and Mishko)

Earlier this evening I joined Dietrich and Mishko on their weekly Voice of Reason internet broadcast. Dietrich likes my essays and wanted to know what drives me.

In three years of writing I’ve never discussed what my thinking was when I started blogging or how that thinking changed. Tonight I enjoyed having the opportunity to explain.

Thanks to Dietrich and Mishko. Despite the shameful confessions it was a pleasure speaking with them.

6 thoughts on “AoT on VoR (with Dietrich and Mishko)”

  1. I really enjoyed the broadcast. Good job Tan.

    Glad to see your blog getting more popular. Hope to see you do more audio/radio.

  2. Good broadcast. Please do more.

    “Despite the shameful confessions it was a pleasure speaking with them.”

    What do you mean here regarding “shameful confessions”?

  3. Listened to the broadcast last night and enjoyed it a lot. I noticed your awakening to the JQ as I read through the monthly archives here some months ago, going from totally believing the neocon propaganda, supporting Bush to damning Muslims, to suddenly understanding what the true problem is. My awakening was very much the same as yours during the very same timeframe. Yes, it is somewhat embarrassing to come so late to the game but being brainwashed from birth, it’s quite understandable.

    Yes, speak more wherever you can. You did quite well.

  4. Tanstaafl,

    I have listened to the broadcast too, and my impression is that despite our differences, if I were Israel’s prime minister and you were the president of the US, we would solve our differences in roughly 20 minutes, with our aides thrashing out the details later.

    One correction though: Rahm Emanuel is “Zionist” in the same way that McCain is conservative. Emanuel’s political opinions are the same as the Leftist Meretz party in Israel. Talk of $30 billion aside, once Benjamin Netanyahu wins the coming Israeli election, the irreconcilability of Emanuel’s ideology and true Zionism will come to light. Perhaps the friendly divorce between the US and Israel I yearn for will come to pass at last…

    Visiting Israeli

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