The Importance of Growth to an Increasingly Jewish Plutocracy

I ran into an interesting statement in the February issue of Wired that neatly captures the essence of the plutocracy’s current dilemma. The statement came from Peter Thiel – “billionaire”, “staunch libertarian”, and “VC philanthropist” – in Utopian Pessimist Calls on Radical Tech to Save Economy:

Wired: What happens if we don’t get the growth everyone expects?

Thiel: If it doesn’t happen, people will go bankrupt in retirement. There are systemic consequences, too. If we don’t have enough growth, we will see a powerful shift away from capitalism. There are good things and bad things about capitalism, but inequality becomes completely intolerable to society when everything’s static.

“The economy”, such as it is today, is essentially a pyramid scheme. Its “health” hinges entirely on growth. More people, more consumption, more loans, more interest, and more profits, especially for those on top. The plutocrats fear that if the growth ever stops, or even pauses for any length of time, the jig is up.

Is Thiel, like so many other “philanthropist” plutocrats, jewish?

He’s hated for supporting NumbersUSA and has written a book criticizing multiculturalism, two things rather untypical of jews.

With friends like these … Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the people behind Facebook, 14 January 2008:

But Thiel is more than just a clever and avaricious capitalist. He is a futurist philosopher and neocon activist. A philosophy graduate from Stanford, in 1998 he co-wrote a book called The Diversity Myth, which is a detailed attack on liberalism and the multiculturalist ideology that dominated Stanford. He claimed that the “multiculture” led to a lessening of individual freedoms. While a student at Stanford, Thiel founded a rightwing journal, still up and running, called The Stanford Review – motto: Fiat Lux (“Let there be light”). Thiel is a member of TheVanguard.Org, an internet-based neoconservative pressure group that was set up to attack, a liberal pressure group that works on the web. Thiel calls himself “way libertarian”.

Thiel says that PayPal was motivated by this belief: that you can find value not in real manufactured objects, but in the relations between human beings. PayPal was a way of moving money around the world with no restriction. Bloomberg Markets puts it like this: “For Thiel, PayPal was all about freedom: it would enable people to skirt currency controls and move money around the globe.”

Thiel is #377 on the 2009 Forbes 400, but he isn’t counted as jewish (“either personally or in their giving”) by Jacob Berkman in Jewish Philanthropy Navigates The Economy’s Rough Seas.

The authors of Jews On The Internet and The Jewish hand behind Internet come from polar opposite views on jewish influence, but they both agree Thiel is a jew.

George Soros, another plutocrat who definitely is a jew, was quoted in the news today offering his underling in the White House some public advice.

Davos Soros: Obama reform plan not tough enough – Times Online:

Mr Soros told delegates: “To tax the banks when they are doing everything they can to get out of a hole is the exact opposite of the policy you are trying to pursue…This development came too soon because the banks are not out of the woods.”

Mr Soros also said governments around the world needed to continue spending, even if they had sizeable budget deficits, to avoid the risk of a double dip recession.

What Soros is saying is: tax and indebt the masses, not the plutocrats.

Other bankers expressed concern over “stifling growth”.

As Hunter Wallace put it:

Democracy: the theory that you have as much power and influence as George Soros.

You could say the same about any plutocrat. But the power and influence of Thiel, Soros, David Gelbaum, and other jewish plutocrats is compounded by its tribally-networked nature. What comes through clearly in the Berkman article is the “supremacism” with which jews view their collective power, and the unapologetically “racist” way in which they direct so much of their “philanthropy” to fellow jews. What should make this situation troubling for any White, rich or poor, is that jews do it under the aegis of a regime which favors and defends jews and jewish interests even as it directs fear and hatred toward Whites.

Where are the mainstream media’s fierce critics, the speakers of truth to power? Like the figureheads in our illegitimate government they’ll bash powerless White “teabaggers” with glee, but they’re afraid to question their jewish overlords.

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  1. “The plutocrats fear that if the growth ever stops, or even pauses for any length of time, the jig is up.”

    This is what is going on right now as we speak. We are having this long pause and nobody knows which direction it is going in. Will some sort of miracle happen where some great new area of the economy opens up (like computers did in the 90’s) to save the plutocrats?

    Or will we stay stagnant for decades, or even worse, will we continue to drop?

    It doesnt look good.

    Anything but growth is the death of their power. Kunstler is right to fear those “cornpone nazis.” I think most of them live in fear day and night Tan. It must be hell on earth for them to get up everyday wondering if this is the day everybody is going to figure it all out. The Germans sure did.

  2. I think the “fear” that bankers have is that enough people will awaken to their schemes before they are fully accomplished. They have the control of credit and money issuance, which they obtained in 1917 or whenever the Federal Reserve Act was passed (illegally). They are continuing to operate according to a larger plan of which this current cycle is a part, and which is intentionally created.

    They do not mind the sufferings of the people of the world. They only fear a miscalculation of the amount of resistence and that is why we see plans placed to squelch potential resisters. The following link has more information which is not within the excerpt.

    “International cooperation with the Jew-owned Federal Reserve Bank has been intense to coordinate currency. In 1985, officials from the JP Morgan Bank of NY met with the Credit Lyonnais Bank of France. They established the European Currency Unit Banking Association (ECUBA) to get world cooperation for a unified currency.

    In October 1987, the Association for the Monetary Union of Europe (AMUE), secretly met and recommended that the ECU (European Currency Unit) replace existing national currencies and that all European Central Banks be combined into one and issue the ECU as the official unified currency. This occurred in 1999 with the issuing of the Euro Here.

    The plan of the international Jewish banking cabal is to have only 3 central banks in the world: The Federal Reserve Bank, the European Central Bank, and the Central Bank of Japan. All of these banks are headed by the Rothschilds.”

  3. Wow, excellent research.

    Totally agree with…
    “The economy”, such as it is today, is essentially a pyramid scheme. Its “health” hinges entirely on growth. More people, more consumption, more loans, more interest, and more profits, especially for those on top. The plutocrats fear that if the growth ever stops, or even pauses for any length of time, the jig is up.

    Its just Bernie Madoff on steroids, and infinite exponential growth is impossible in a finite resource environment. In the same way Madoff ran out of new gullible millionaires as a resource; the ‘economic’ pyaramid scheme is running crash bang into peak oil, peak arable land, peak coal, et al…

    The only way in which I foresee them being able to hang onto keeping the wool over eyes, is to create a die-off scenario through massive inflation (or what banks refer to as ‘demand destruction’), but we know where that ended up in the Weimar Republic!

    at least thats the way i see it..

    but very interesting background info. thanks.

  4. You should read Richard Dawkins’ “The Extended Phenotype.”

    He has a chapter called “Host Phenotypes of Parasite Genes” where he argues that hosts and hosts’ behavior are the extended phenotypes of parasite genes. In the same way that an individual organism’s physical body is a phenotype of the individual organism’s genes, and that a beaver dam is a phenotype of a beaver’s genes.

    He talks about how parasites often reduce their hosts’ reproductive effort, which in turn will increase host growth and/or increased energy available to the parasite. When dealing with simple organisms, the increased host growth is actual, physical size, and the increased energy is actual bio energy.

    In more sophisticated organisms such as human beings, it’s pretty easy to see how “growth” here can be economic growth and “energy” can be financial resources.

  5. BBC News – Davos 2010: Sarkozy calls for revamp of capitalism:

    “We must re-engineer capitalism to restore its moral dimension, its conscience,” he said. “By placing free trade above all else, what we have is a weakening of democracy.

    While saying that those who ran companies that made money deserved to be compensated well, Mr Sarkozy hit out at huge bank bonuses that have caused public outcry in the US and UK.

    “There are remuneration packages that will no longer be tolerated because they bear no relation to merit,” he said.

    Democracy is but a fig leaf, a cover for the true system, which is plutocracy. What Sarkozy is expressing here, decoded, is a concern about the conspicuous profiteering of the “masters of the universe” while everyone else gets so conspicuously screwed. As with Thiel’s concern, it is motivated not by morality or conscientiousness so much as it is by the enlightened self-interest in not ending up impaled by a pitchfork or swinging from a lamppost. Thiel fears that a lack of growth will reveal and thus threaten the plutocracy. Sarkozy fears that the plutocracy is revealing itself by its own excesses.

  6. Our system is definitely a Ponzi/Madoff scheme. Our legal tender is not even real money; it is not a “store of value” as most people assume. Our currency is all debt issued at interest, meaning that at any given time there is more owed than is in existence. Growth can only come from more debt.

  7. Looks like the old “free market bad, democracy good” rhetoric is being stoked up in the liberal circles.

    Rusty – debt has value. It just comes down to how much the vig is and how to collect it.

    Unfortunately, it currently looks like our legs will be broken.

  8. Cannon’s Canon made a comment in the next post pointing to a tongue-in-cheek rip on Goldman Sachs.

    Michael Lewis Sends A Memo To Lloyd Blankfein, Pure Unadulterated Comic Genius Ensues | zero hedge

    In it Lewis refers jokingly to a variation on Thiel’s idea:

    Idea No. 1: Give the Morts [mortals] a small, perhaps even illusory, stake in our upside.

    We have all seen the effects on the hearts and minds of our government officials and business leaders when they sense that our prosperity might one day be theirs. In the past year Warren Buffett has gone from being a leading critic of Wall Street to the greatest defender of Wall Street bailouts. Him we needed to pay hard cash — most accept less.

    Thiel’s belief is that Growth provides illusion enough.

    A commenter on that Lewis essay links to more of his joking: Bashing Goldman Sachs Is Simply a Game for Fools: Michael Lewis –

    Faced with the reality of jewish malfeasance this typical, seemingly instinctive reaction jews have to joke about it is not at all amusing.

    Rumor No. 1: “Goldman Sachs controls the U.S. government.”

    Every time we hear the phrase “the United States of Goldman Sachs” we shake our heads in wonder. Every ninth-grader knows that the U.S. government consists of three branches. Goldman owns just one of these outright; the second we simply rent, and the third we have no interest in at all. (Note there isn’t a single former Goldman employee on the Supreme Court.)

    What small interest we maintain in the U.S. government is, we feel, in the public interest. Our current financial crisis has its roots in a single easily identifiable source: the envy others felt toward Goldman Sachs.

    The “the United States of Goldman Sachs” is the tip of the iceberg. Read that last quote with “jews” substituted for “Goldman Sachs”, and keep in mind there are two jews on the SCOTUS. Don’t forget also that the Fed, that unmentioned branch of government which literally owns all the rest.

  9. Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows: David Reilly –, 29 Jan:

    The idea of secret banking cabals that control the country and global economy are a given among conspiracy theorists who stockpile ammo, bottled water and peanut butter. After this week’s congressional hearing into the bailout of American International Group Inc., you have to wonder if those folks are crazy after all.

    Wednesday’s hearing described a secretive group deploying billions of dollars to favored banks, operating with little oversight by the public or elected officials.

    We’re talking about the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, whose role as the most influential part of the federal-reserve system — apart from the matter of AIG’s bailout — deserves further congressional scrutiny.

    The New York Fed is in the hot seat for its decision in November 2008 to buy out, for about $30 billion, insurance contracts AIG sold on toxic debt securities to banks, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Merrill Lynch & Co., Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank AG, among others. That decision, critics say, amounted to a back-door bailout for the banks, which received 100 cents on the dollar for contracts that would have been worth far less had AIG been allowed to fail.

    That move came a few weeks after the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department propped up AIG in the wake of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s own mid-September bankruptcy filing.

  10. AIG background, bit old, but in depth…
    * Medellin Cartel Co-Founder Carlos Lehder A Free Man in Gov’t. Charade? — Wife of Drug Lord Speaks
    * American International Group, Arkansas, ADFA, Contras, Carlos Lehder and Coral Reinsurance
    * Connections to 1996 Dark Alliance Series by Gary Webb
    Part 1; Part II


    According to the US Debt web site:

    $7.75 Trillion is held by the public.

    $4.51 Trillion is ‘intergovernmental holdings’, which is things like the SSI Trust Fund (58%) and IOUs for military pensions.

    The Fed holdings are in the “held by public” category.

    So a lot of the debt we owe to ourselves.

    There is a lot of detail in the monthly reports, if you like such things.

    Wikipedia has a good article too. It basically supports your claim, that 48% of the External Debt is held by the Fed or Government.

    Considering that the big government holdings are in the “internal” category, it’s probably fair to assume that most of the 48% of the external debt belongs to the Fed.

    I can’t find those statistics on the web site of the Bureau of the Debt.

  12. The point is the Fed is the primary owner, larger even than China, and Goldman Sachs and friends tell the Fed what to do. They say, “start bailing”, and the Fed says, “how much?”

    This is not the constitutional republic it’s supposed to be. It’s not even the democracy the media, schools, and government pretend it is. It is plutocracy. A judaized genocidal anti-White plutocracy.

  13. Great article Tan.

    I see that Thiel was an early ‘investor’ in Facebook.

    Facebook is utterly controlled and managed by Jews:

    Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder) · Chris Hughes (co-founder) · Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder) · Eduardo Saverin (co-founder) · Sheryl Sandberg (COO) · Peter Thiel · Ted Ullyot (general counsel)

    Facebook is amassing the world’s largest database of personal data on people – their family, friends, hobbies, education, work history, interests, and on and on. As stated, earlier, Facebook is owned and ran by Jews…is this a coincidence? Jews controlling the world’s largest database of human info?

    I would strongly recommend against racially-aware Whites using Facebook unless it is a completely innocuous sense – do you really want the Jewish mafia who runs Facebook to know virtually everything about you?

  14. “[Thiel] was born in Frankfurt in 1967. That makes it unlikely that he is Jewish.”

    Thiel is ethnically Jewish in at least a partial sense – that is well known.

  15. I would strongly recommend against racially-aware Whites using Facebook unless it is a completely innocuous sense – do you really want the Jewish mafia who runs Facebook to know virtually everything about you?

    Same goes for google.

    Its highly likely they keep logs of every search you’ve ever made. OK thycan’t be 100% but even so…

    They also own blogger, and youtube.

    That starts to add up to quite a hefty cross section of many peoples online activities.

    And then there is gmail. Do you trust that?

    Imagine how easy you would be making it for them if you used one id for blogger (blogging & commenting), gmail and youtube.

    At the very least use different ids, try not to use google, never use gmail.

    Trouble is, here we are discussing this on blogger

  16. Also don’t forget that with IP addresses, satellites and Google Maps, they can basically figure out where you are and what your house, street, area, etc looks like.

  17. I see nothing wrong with Thiel’s statements. He’s right about economic growth being good for society. He is described as a critic of liberalism and multiculturalism. Judging by that alone, I would assume he is not an immigration enthusiast. He hopes “radical tech” can save the economy. Radical tech is not the same as mass immigration. In fact, we need all the more economic growth to pay for the immigration disaster.

    *** “The economy”, such as it is today, is essentially a pyramid scheme. Its “health” hinges entirely on growth. More people, more consumption, more loans, more interest, and more profits, especially for those on top. ***”

    I don’t think this is true. I think mass immigration from the third-world means white people will go bankrupt in retirement, as Tiel says. Mexican immigrants receive more money than they contribute.

  18. I’m no Malthusian alarmist or Luddite. I just recognize the earth’s resources are finite, and thus there are limits to growth. The Holy Economy, such as it is today, is based almost entirely on never-ending growth. It cannot happen, even if non-Whites are willing to pile on top of one another they can only pile so high.

    Mexican immigrants receive more money than they contribute.

    Of course they do. “They only come here for a better life” is acknowledged even by the pro-immigration media, while they simultaneously call indigenous Whites greedy racists for noticing that it’s not in our interests.

  19. Unfortunately, our government, corporations and NFP’s are going to continue to fuel the third world with “compassion” increasing their populations, increasing their demands and increasing their migration.

    The NFP’s do it out of bleeding hearts, the corporations out of profits and the government out of campaign finance.

    Unless the reality of the neo-marxist transfer of wealth is realized by the masses, we overcome our PC and compassion for the downtrodden and we circle the wagons, we will face the successful draining of our pond into a cesspool. At which point it will be survival of the fittest and whoever slithers out alive will have run of the fetid waters.

  20. “The Holy Economy, such as it is today, is based almost entirely on never-ending growth.”

    I’m no economist, but I think economic growth is usually good if it reflects a growth in productivity. I’m not in favor of increasing population and removing every social obstacle to growth. I hate big roads, big cars, strip malls, airports and urban sprawl. I think that small is beautiful.
    Economic growth may have drawbacks. Automation may result in fewer good jobs and more ill-paid jobs in fast-food chains. It may have a social cost. That’s why rules must be set to protect society and the environment. But overall, growth is good because it makes it easier for everyone to have a job, buy his own house and live in better comfort.

    Economic growth based on technology and efficiency has nothing to do with overexploiting natural resources, and cannot be compared to a pyramid scheme. We know that society has been damaged in the last decades. Maybe not enough rules had been set. It seems capitalism has been in a headlong rush, spiraling out of control… We have no idea where we are headed, but we are rushing there as fast as we can. But in fact, much of the damage to society has been done by mass immigration, the media, and the leftist ideology, not by economic reorganization.

    What can really be compared to a pyramid scheme is the way some countries keep increasing their budget deficit in order to finance the race-replacement policy.

    Anyway, no matter what he says, Thiel doesn’t have a magical plan to boost economic growth. What’s needed to spur economic growth is a sound economic policy by the government (and a reversal of the immigration policy).

  21. “Economic growth based on technology and efficiency has nothing to do with overexploiting natural resources, and cannot be compared to a pyramid scheme.”

    Really? So if China & India improve their energy technologies from coal-fired plants to oil and natural gas we have no worries? Luckily, the demand is so high they will stick with coal or in India’s case go nukular.

    US growth examples have not only increased demands for energy but heavy metals, timber et al. Let alone the impact it has on labor demands through both in- and out-sourcing cheap labors. (Not to mention the financial industry)

    Pyramid scheme is a fitting title.

    Just make sure you’re on top.

  22. Armor, I don’t object to growth, even economic growth, especially when it comes from improvements in efficiency. I object to “the Holy Economy”, by which I mean the popular view of economic growth as coming predominantly from ultimately unsustainable increases in numbers of laborers and consumers. I oppose this specifically because it is the main excuse for immigration. The twisted rationale amounts to this: for our own good we must have a growing economy, a growing economy requires unlimited immigration, therefore for our own good we must be genocided by immigration.

    I recognize that Thiel has opposed immigration. It is his fear that without growth “inequality becomes completely intolerable” I found notable. I’m not concerned about growing the economy. I’m not worried about being rich or poor. I’m worried, as I know you are, about my people ceasing to exist.

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