Saving the West, One Blogger at a Time

Chechar questions the non-anti-semitic limits on his White nationalism: A lightning in the middle of the night!

Lawrence “the majority should reassert itself” Auster supports the move, saying he understands Whites and jews have different, sometimes conflicting interests, and though he unequivocally favors jews he does not object to White political or cultural self-determination: An anti-anti-Semitic blogger announces that he is removing the first “anti”.

Just kidding. Larry is such a serious anti-“anti-semite” he’d never say anything remotely like that.

UPDATE 26 Feb 2010: “Tanstaafl on Auster (I)”

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  1. Well, it´s about time. From my point of view, a blue-collar background, where the phrase ‘jew bastard’ was thrown about freely, I wonder why people take so long to catch on.

    Intellectual WNs have a problem, that while it calls the anti-racists unrealistic they yet too in many cases (not all) engage the merely theoretical. This is not wrong, we need clearly thought out positions, but it does have its inherent inertia, which white people not only as a group but as individuals cannot afford at this juncture.

    I’m happy for Chechar. Better late than never. I only wish his epiphany had not needed to take so long or to be thought out. I learned about the jew doing apartment and house renovations for them (those jewish ladies all worked “My son’s a lawyer” into the job discussion all the time, to give the mildest of examples).

    It’s the same with discussions about third-world immigration. It’s one thing to to write a monograph about it in 1994 from the Upper West Side(?). It’s another thing to see one’s outer borough neighborhood get taken over, in 1993 (no, they didn’t just move in. It was a planned ethnic cleansing by their realtors and business people, with the tacit acknowledgement of TPTB).

    As an aside, one of the things that burned me the most about Auster is not only his constantly bringing up his stupid Suicide book but his claim that no one else knew what was going on. Fucking jew bastard! His claiming to be a christian roped me in for far longer than I should have been reading his site. So Millirone was right about that.

    All of this is not some exercise in reverse snobbery. We need the consistently logical, fact and statistic based arguments in high level policy discussions. But this whole “Aha! I’ve analyzed ‘the Color of Crime’ and now discovered that blacks aren’t civilized! I must tell the world!” (I had that epiphany when I was eight) just takes too damned long. Speed it up, fellas, will ya?!

    (Yeah, I know. We all can’t have the same experiences etc, etc. I’m just venting a little frustration here.)

  2. The slow, constant drip of creeping, sneaky anti-White PC, weighing on your mind, is naturally thrown off abruptly, once you recognize it for the malevolently delivered poison it is. The tippling point we see in individuals can also occur in groups.

  3. Chechar,
    Would you allow anonymous posts? Thanks.

    I make that point to the “deep thinkers” at places such as OccidentalDissent frequently, but they cannot figure out what I’m talking about. Writing comfortably from their liberal white or mostly white neighborhoods and backgrounds they expect the folk would support their lofty political schemes but make it clear they do not want to associate with them nor to understand the blue-collar world at all.

    Ita vero, du hast Recht. I am hoping the Good Ship Liberal keeps tipping and creaking over as Whites jump from starboard, leaving the Jews loaded up on port (and in the captain’s chair, navigator’s den, sleeping quarters, libray, engine room, galley, topsail, cabin, et cetera).

  4. “The slow, constant drip of creeping, sneaky anti-White PC”

    Absolutely. Those of us who are older and came of age before it kicked in full bore don’t realize how it much it has penetrated everything. All I have to do is talk to my daughter to be reminded. I remember catching a Simpsons type show on TV, Futurama, where the main character had a Coca Cola commercial beamed into his dream. With the crazy rapid advances in neuroscience, where they can already get a quadriplegic to make a phone call with his mind (not kidding), our window for awakening may be smaller than we think.

    Anonymous, the dichotomy of elite/unwashed is rapidly going out of date and the last people to know about it are the elite themselves (slumming notwithstanding). Thanks to technology blue-collar type people can with some common sense and stick-to-it-ivness can get quite savvy about the philosophical side of things, with the addition of hard experience. I believe the best WN elites understand this, that anything we accomplish will necessarily be ground up. The rest will find out as the economy gets worse and find that nobody wants to hear about their theories while they can’t feed their kids.

  5. Taanstaafl,

    I’m a fan. You are a much more incisive thinker and eloquent writer than I am.

    Reading the thread on Chechar’s site, the sophistry from Seiyo quoted below particularly ticks me off. Would you please consider my thoughts and, if you find them sound, restate them in your inimitable style?

    “if you believe that Jews are harmful, you’d have to qualify in what ways and whether intentionally or as a byproduct of ideas that they believe in sincerely and, in their minds, benignly.”

    My response:
    Why? If they’re harming me, why should I bestir myself to care whether they’re doing it to be deliberately malicious or because its a side effect of them acting in accordance with their sincere beliefs? Either way, they are harming me and I want them OUT, for my own self-preservation.
    And what’s this “you’d have to” arrogance, anyway? Who died and made Seiyo the dictator about what Whites “must” do?

    “Lastly, even when you have isolated those harmful ideas, behavior and such, you would have to explain why you are limiting the attribution of harm to Jews, but not to non-Jewish American liberals, at least ¾ of Western Europe ‘s population, and all mainstream Christian churches – all of which share precisely the same ideas, voting patterns and other behaviors.”

    My response:
    That answer is simple. Non-Jewish White American liberals are my genetic cousins. My issues with my co-ethnics is a family matter. So poke your nose out of family business, Seiyo. — And there he goes ordering us about with the “you’d have to” stuff again. Just exactly who does Seiyo think Whites owe an explanation to? Whites owe HIM no explanations at all. Or if he’s handing out unsolicited advice about what he thinks Whites owe fellow Whites, he can just butt out of family matters, thankyouverymuch.

  6. Thanks, Tanstaafl.

    Seiyo’s haughty attitude is breathtaking. He wants to simply dismiss us as mentally ill psychotic subhumans and “paranoid schizophrenics.” One of his accusations against “anti-Semites” is that they “lie, stigmatize [and] disseminate skewed information,” but he keeps repeatedly posting falsehoods and distortions.

    Eileen’s comments put it well. Different groups inevitably have different, sometimes conflicting, interests. Jews are distinct from the European host populations and thus have different interests. This is entirely understandable and it explains the reason for tensions and conflicts between Europeans and Jews over the centuries.

    Seiyo, on the other hand, rejects this logical explanation and would have us believe the history of European-Jewish conflict is a result of Europeans being deranged “anti-Semites” and “Jew-haters” who suffered from a “mass psychosis” for over two millennia.

  7. Seiyo says that Liberalism is a Christan phenomenom. This is untrue. Liberalism arose with the anti-Christian,Jewish and Masonic financed and incited French Revolution.
    Their motto was Liberty,Equality, Fraternity a diabloic distortion of the Christian ideals of Faith, Hope and Charity.
    Western civilisation was founded by the Catholic Church with Roman Law and Greek philosophy.How can anyone claim to defend Western civilisation and hate Christianity as he does defies belief.
    Jews have always been hated because they ally themseves with the local aristocracy to enrich themselves leaving the rest of the population as serfs. See Poland Russia and modern day USA.That is why they have been expelled from every country on the face of the earth and one day will be expelled from the USA
    England was the first country in Europe to form a local middle class because the Jews were expelled from the country for 400 years and only returned with the PROTESTANT Oliver Cromwell.
    The Catholics were always aware of the dangers posed by Jews that is why they were confined to ghettos.
    Books to read Europe and the Faith by Hilaire Belloc (online). , Secret Societies and Subversive movements by Nesta H. Webster Online. How the Catholic Chuch founded Western Civilastion by Thomas Woods.

  8. The Jews have always been against God, even as God was fulfilling his promises to Abraham. Read in a Bible the book Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 7 for an account by a Jew, Stephen. Stephen was killed back then, today he’d be called an anti-Semite:

    51 Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.

    52 Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted? and they have slain them which shewed before of the coming of the Just One; of whom ye have been now the betrayers and murderers:

    53 Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept it.

  9. quote:
    “if you believe that Jews are harmful, you’d have to qualify in what ways and whether intentionally or as a byproduct of ideas that they believe in sincerely and, in their minds, benignly.”

    See Kevin MacDonald, Culture of Critique, for a scholarly approach to
    1- how Jews harm whites
    2- whether it is intentional

  10. Auster says that Chechar putting a note on his old posts saying he has changed his opinions is like a page out of George Orwell’s 1984. This is absurd, especially coming from someone like Auster, who has been known to scrub and alter his posts without even making a note of doing so.

  11. Checar is still in the thrall of Jewish revisionist history when he compares The “totalitarianism ” of Communism with that of the medieaval
    Catholic Church. The flowering of Western European civilisation occured during the medieaval period with the establishment of universities eg.Oxford and Bologna; the building of wonderful cathedrals such as Chartres.The establishment of hospitals improvements in agriculture due to the monks etc.If people are going to be taken seriously as defenders of Western Civilisation they could at least improve their knowledge of it’s history!

  12. Seiyo had the gall to state that Western Civilisation without the Jews would be Sparta! What have the Jews contributed to Western civilisation? Where is the Jewish Raphael or Michaelangelo ? Or the Protestant one for that matter. Where is the Jewish Shakespeare, Dante or Goethe?.Where is the Jewish Motzart or Hayden? Where is the Jewish Dom Perignon champagne ?What Roman and Greek manuscripts did the Jews preserve for mankind by painstakingly copying them by hand.How many craters on the moon are called after Jewish astronomers.How many languages have the Jews preserved in written form
    The fundamental difference between the Jews and the West is Christianity. Western civilsation is based on Christianity the fundamental tenets of which are that God became incarnate and there is life after death.
    The Jews believe in neither and that expresses itself in totally different behaviours particularly their desire to create Utopias on earth like Communism and socialism and to amass as much wealth or prestige during their life and to hell with the consequences.

  13. What an idiotic thing to say. Where is the proof that the Jews lent the Church money to pay for those things? As far as I’m aware the monastries were self-sufficient and lots of rich Christians donated money to the Church.
    The Italian kingdoms were very rich on their own account through trading. The Spanish and Portuguese kingdoms were also very wealthy because of exploration and trading.

  14. When Henry VIII of England wanted easy money he dissolved and plundered the English monastries. If the English monastries were wealthy then it can be assumed that the French, Italian and German ones were too. There were no Jews in England at the time to lend Henry VIII any money.
    The Jews came to power in Europe after the Protestant Reformation. Their money lending activities really got going with Napoleon and the Napoleonic wars. That’s when Rothschild’s was founded.They also lent money to the English government to fight Napoleon. I suppose that’s was the beginning of hedging. The Jews have always made money from wars bankrupting countries in the process and have contributed nothing to Western Civilisation

  15. My eyes were also opened by Tan.
    All my adult life I had been pro_Israel and pro Jews.I had been brain washed like everyone else to think all races and cultures were equal
    After 9/11 and because of my experience of Muslims in England I realised Western civilisation was superior but I assumed that the Jews were defending the West from Muslims. I began to read Auster, Gates of Vienna,American Thinker etc.but slowly I began to realise that the major problem was the Jews who are destroying the West through liberalism. I now have more sympathy towards Muslims. At least they don’t dissimulate .
    Now I cannot stomach the dissimulations and lies of Auster and sychophants. I began researching more on the internet discovering the role of the Jews in Communism and Liberalism the Frankfurt School etc, Their control of the media, abortion clinics , pornography as well as the banks
    The trouble is that I can’t watch anymore programmes on T.V.or films because of the anti-white, anti-christian bias. All the villains ate white males and the heroes are invariably dark haired with dark eyes.If they are not dark they are atheist and mock Christian beliefs eg.House.
    The same with popular fiction. So much of it has a liberal bias and I can’t just enjoy a book anymore. What is even more alarming is that I am beginning to feel a physical revulsion when I see Jewish actors and actresses on the T.V. or films.
    For all of my adult life, I had been oblivious of Jews.
    For example I have always been a Global warming sceptic and the names of two of the biggest proponents Mann and Schmidt had barely registered with me. But recently I saw photos of these two frauds and it struck me that they were Jewish! Now I research everyone I read to see if they are Jewish or not!

  16. Anon- twas tongue in cheek but…
    Before the Jews faced expulsion throughout Christian Europe their practices of usury were a significant part (for good or ill) of the pre to early renaissance economies.

    Henry II was in hock for 100,000 pounds equivalent to the annual budget.

    Papal decrees went back and forth on usury and Jews more likely than not on the basis of need. Popes Martin & Eugenius played a hand here.

    Whether you think it direct or indirect, the expulsions and corresponding void were filled by christian “bankers” and their “rentes”.

    All quips aside, before the expulsions Jewish hands were in a good bit of the money.

  17. That Sobran piece is probably the best review and explanation of “anti-semitism”, “holocaust denial”, majority-minority relations, and US-Israel relations I’ve ever read.

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