Obama on Israel and Arizona

Pro-Israel Highlights of Barack Obama Speech for AIPAC, 4 June 2008:

We know that the establishment of Israel was just and necessary, rooted in centuries of struggle, and decades of patient work. But sixty years later we know that we cannot relent, we cannot yield, and as president I will never compromise when it comes to Israel’s security.

Now let me be clear. Israel’s security is sacrosanct. It is non-negotiable.

Any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel’s identity as a jewish state, with secure, recognized, defensible borders.

Obama on Arizona: Presidents don’t do boycotts, 27 May 2010:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Barack Obama says the decision to boycott Arizona over its tough new law cracking down on immigration is for private citizens to decide, not the president of the United States.

Speaking at a White House news conference, Obama said he doesn’t approve or oppose the boycotts that some cities and groups have called for in response to the Arizona law, which makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally.

Obama reaffirmed his oppposition to the law, saying it’s the wrong approach. He has asked the Justice Department to review the law to determine whether it violates civil liberties.

Obama would make a great president of Israel, but he’s a terrible president for my people. I want a president who serves my people and defends our states the way Obama talks about serving jews and Israel.

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  1. White lawyer charged with $1B investment fraud « WHITE WATCH:

    Lawyer Scott Rothstein was led into the Miami FBI office in handcuffs following his early morning arrest on five charges…

    The first comment:

    jews aren’t white…they’re middle eastern scum. Get it right…

    ADMIN : Wrong. Jews are a religious group, not a racial one. 88% of Jews originate from East Europe(Askhenazim), the rest come from Africa, and the Middle East(sephardic).

    Non-Racist NASCAR-Loving Truck Owner Actually Racist « WHITE WATCH.

    According to White Watch ADMIN, Doug Story is “racist” for being anti-jewish – which is an odd way of seeing things if you think jews are a religious group, not a racial one. For someone so ignorant of jews, ADMIN sure is an expert on “anti-semitic” code. Why should someone who is anti-“white” care if one subgroup of “whites” are “racist” against another?

    This is typical of “anti-racism”: distinguishing “whites” from everybody else is just dandy, but distinguishing Whites from jews is “racism”.

  2. The Rosenbergs died, excuted for their crimes. They were communists and believed in what they were doing. Today this isn’t the case. America’s military secrets are being peddled around the world for money, to keep the world on edge and has built Israel into a military superpower based on stolen American technology and, we are told, a nuclear arsenal built from stolen American designs and fueled with 2.5 tons of “misplaced” plutonium, one of the great secrets of our era.

    Today these famed nuclear spies, the ones who brought about the Korea War and more, would be sitting in Tel Aviv doing TV interviews with the famed “dancing Israeli” film crew tasked by the Mossad with filming the 9/11 attacks. Israel has no extradition. 40,000 Americans died in Korea. Can we call that a holocaust too? Without our spies, Korea would never have happened, there would have been no Soviet bomb, no Berlin airlift and maybe no Cold War. These few, these Zionists from among the “chosen” helped build the world we knew, built with deceit, built with betrayal and are building it still, building it until the last American is under the dirt.
    I liked this quote from the same Duff in his article;

  3. That “whitewatch” site is pure genocide-advocacy. There can be no other purpose, since the (presumably Jewish) owners of the site can always escape the consequences of any white pathologies simply by moving away from us.

  4. Chicago Climate Exchange. 10 TRILLION dollars per YEAR, much of it taxpayer money. Who is involved?

    Maurice Strong
    Al Gore
    Richard Sandor
    George Soros
    Barrack Hussein Obama
    Valerie Jarrett
    David Blood
    Mark Ferguson
    Peter Harris
    Franklin Raines
    (Brother of Bill Ayers) John Ayers

    Chicago Climate Exchange [CCX]
    Climate Exchange PLC
    European Climate Exchange
    Sustainable Performance Group
    Joyce Foundation
    Generation Investment Management [GIM]
    Goldman Sachs [GS]

    Go to this link and read the 4 comments pertinent to it [by Flanders] by scrolling down.


    I encourage any blogger to pick up and to make sure that this information is known and understood. Emphaisizing that jewish corruption within what is supposed to be our American government is responsible for most, if not all, of these scams. We are tired of the treachery which imposes communism into our system while at the same time further enriching devious jews and their enabling assistants.

    “While serving with Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers’ brother, John Ayers, on the Board of the Joyce Foundation in Chicago (1994-2002), then state Senator in Illinois, Barack Obama, funded the establishment of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). The Head of the CCX quotes the future worth of the annual business of the CCX at TEN TRILLION DOLLARS, 2/3 of the worth of the trading of all American businesses on the financial exhanges per year (FIFTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS).

    Who owns the CCX? Fifty percent ownership is GOLDMAN SACHS. Another 10% is owned by an outfit out of London which includes Al Gore, David Blood/Goldman Sachs, + 3-4 other former Goldman Sachs executives.

    How did the CCX get major funding from 2002-2010? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are heavily invested in the CCX.

    The CCX stands to make its 10 TRILLION DOLLARS per year once Obama gets the Congress to unwittingly pass the infamous Cap & Trade Bill, personally crafted and overseen by Obama and his cronies.

    The Cap & Trade Bill will cause your electricity energy costs in your homes and businesses to (in Obama’s own words) “SKYROCKET”. The Cap & Trade Bill taxes businesses AND individuals for carbon dioxide emissions.”

    “Barack Obama was made President so he could push the Cap & Trade bill through Congress OR sign an equivalent Executive Order.


    Barack Obama was in on causing the “Big Economy FAIL” of the United States BEFORE it was put into motion by Fannie mae and Freddie Mac (WHILE Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, was a Director at Freddie Mac in 2000-2001 and an Illinois Congressman framer of the $787 Bail Out bill in 2008).”


    Flanders [And, repeating a portion of the first link in case it is unreadable]


  5. And his;-http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article21449.htm
    Obama America’s first Jewish President.

  6. Tan … I hope you’ll take a look at the disgusting chutzpah on display by Kunstler over at http://kunstler.com/blog/2010/05/welcome-home-to-slum-nation.html

    He talks about the collective neurosis of the German people, but of course counts himself out of any “collective neurosis”.

    This chutzpah makes me want to vomit. I hope you’ll riff on this in some forthcoming article.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.


  7. to keep the world on edge and has built Israel into a military superpower based on stolen American technology and, we are told, a nuclear arsenal built from stolen American designs and fueled with 2.5 tons of “misplaced” plutonium, one of the great secrets of our era.

    Not just the US.

    Try looking into the strange story of how Israel accquired the plans of the Dassault Mirage V, which was then pirated and became the Kfir. (originally meant to have been a joint production, the French backed out)

    There may be a parallel in the story of the British Chieftan tank. The Chieftan was probably the best tank in the world at the time. Originally it was to have been built jointly, the British backed out of the arrangement. Sold the Israels older Centurion tanks instead. However, quite by chance in a book about tank development, I read a caption on a photo which noted that the prototype Chieftan was shipped to Israel along with the Centurions, noting that this would have been a surprise to the Israelis when they unpacked it. Ive never seen this referenced anywhere else. A surprise or a ‘surprise’? How lucky for them to have unrestricted access to the best tank design available at the time.

    Israel also received nuclear material from the UK. Apparently by ‘mistake’ at the behest of a bureaucrat who, by an alomost unbelieveable coincidence, turns out have been jewish.

  8. Kunstler
    “Anyway, it drove them batshit. They followed a madman through the gates of hell and made a smoking ruin of their home place.”

    The Bolshevik holocaust a few hundred miles from Germany’s eastern frontier was a factor in the rise of Hitler too. That bit always gets left out.

  9. In the middle of that article Flanders linked above, Welcome to Obama’s Jewish America | JTA – Jewish & Israel News, which is all about Obama and the American regime’s fawning and fealty to what is usually described as a tiny, inconsequential minority, we find this little reminder that it’s not good enough:

    Regina Spektor, the “anti-folk” singer who performed on a grand piano, presented a similar contrast: An alternative music favorite of New York cosmopolitans who refuses to shake off her provincial roots as the little 9-year old refusenik who came here in 1989 and who famously told New York magazine when her career was taking off: “The Jewish question — it still exists.”

    Spektor had to breathe deep before starting. Prodded by a nod and a grin from Michelle Obama, she attacked her first song, “Us,” with lyrics suggestive of Jewish frustration at coping with how others define Jews: “They made a statue of us and put it on a mountaintop/ Now tourists come and stare at us, blow bubbles with their gum, take photograph, have fun.”

    Of course, “tear down the statue, piss on it, take photograph, have fun”, wouldn’t make Them happy either.

  10. It’s funny because at the Zionist websites they are convinced Obama is out to get them. If you go to Commentary magazine’s ‘Contentions’ blog or to any number of neocon sites you’ll see they are hysterical this week (some are in full meltdown mode) over the world supposedly ganging up on Israel over the flotilla incident.

    Today Jennifer Rubin has a message for Obama and liberal Zionists: if you do not oppose with every fiber of your being and every instrument at your disposal that which intends the Jewish state harm, you are enabling her destroyers.

    The same Jennifer Rubin has written recently that immigration is a distraction from major issues like Islamic terrorism.

    It’s interesting that just a year ago Abe Foxman and AIPAC were protecting Turkey from a Congressional Resolution calling the 1916 killings of Armenians a genocide perpetrated by Turkey. Not so long ago these Jewish groups were also calling on the US to pressure the EU into accepting Turkish full membership of the EU. Also they were supporting the Turks against the Kurds in the southeast of the country. Yet now the likes of Noah Pollak of Commentary is drawing up a 5 point plan to undermine the Turkish government including funding Kurdish NGOs and a documentary about the Armenian genocide.

    Noah Pollak

  11. Israel- and jew-firster Lawrence Auster on the flotilla flap:

    Readers of The Paleostinian Conservative (a.k.a. The American Conservative) express their views on the “peace armada”:

    The American Conservative is not a conservative magazine but a pro-Hamas publication

    You don’t have to read the brief post Most Sycophantic Apology for Israeli Attack? to appreciate how kooky Auster’s take is, but it helps. He seems to be trying to win the AmCon honor, in his typically unselfconsious fashion. (AmCon’s owner is anti-White jew Ron Unz. But of course what really burns Auster’s biscuits is his magazine’s irreverent stand on Israel.)

    Richard Spencer and the eternal Jenin:

    Never forget: the so-called rightists of the paleocon, Buchananite, and “alternative right” factions hate Israel—and in many cases simply and undisguisedly hate the Jews—more than they love the West. Because opposition to the Jewish State is their controlling passion, they automatically side with the jihadists and the international left who seek the destruction of Israel as well as the downfall of America and the West as a whole. These “rightists” imagine themselves to be Western patiots, but their oppositional stance to the Jews irresistibly leads them to make common cause with the West’s enemies.

    Never forget, I don’t agree with Auster, but it occurs to me, as it usually does whenever I read his ravings in defense of jews, to flip “West” and jew around. In this case it provides a window into why jews make common cause with “people of color”, or for that matter when they ally with muslims against Europeans.

    An interesting way of putting it:

    Kilroy M. writes from Australia

    The “peace flotilla” event makes it clear that Jews and white Gentiles are the only two peoples on earth who are not allowed to have ethno-states. All the more reason to be principled and consistent and to support Israel.

    Uh huh. Riiight. Except jews actually have an ethnostate and are foremost in denying the same to Whites. The awkward use of the term “white Gentiles” only emphasizes this state of affairs, defining us in terms of jews, denying “whites” an independent identity even while “jews” enjoy theirs.

    Richard W. writes:

    . . .

    As I summarized this state of affairs for a friend recently: “China for the Chinese, India for the Indians, the West for Everyone”.

    Yeah, and Israel for the jews.

    I wonder if Auster realized he was copying and pasting a nutshell version of Bob’s Mantra.

  12. I saw that comment about Jews and whites being the only groups not allowed an ethnostate too. Who in the West doesn’t allow Jews to have an ethnostate? Even the left doesn’t really attack the idea of a Jews-only state. The right totally supports it.

    Governments and international organizations are usually only opposed to Israel’s treatment of the Arabs, not that Israel is a Jews-only nation. Jews are more protected by Western nations that anyone else by far. It takes some serious delusion to claim that opposition to the hate-assault on the flotilla means that people have all of a sudden come to a conclusion that Israel is illegitimate as an ethnostate. But, we’re dealing with Austards here.

  13. “Even the left doesn’t really attack the idea of a Jews-only state.”

    They do in Europe. It used to be they saw it as more of a civil rights or humanitarian type issue but it’s gradually shifted towards being seen as more of a re-run of South Africa with the Israelis as western / white and Arabs as non-western / brown.

    Ironically they created the problem for themselves by promoting the multicult and white guilt which creates self-hating white leftists and then combining that with their support for mass muslim immigration.

  14. Just how concerned is Obango with “civil liberties”? These violations of civil liberties are happening daily in the US. The Jewish International Media of America are not reporting on them.


    And, quoting myself in the next portion.

    “Jewish International Media [JIM], especially the Jewish International Media of America [JIMA] must be replaced with American media. JIMA is a propaganda operation conducted by the jews who have occupied and have replaced the American First Amendment of the US constitution with jewish law (politically correct sanctions).

    JIMA and the jewish/Israeli groups they represent have replaced the American people’s influence within the government of America. There is no mainstream media [MSM] or other media which in fact represents Americans or which tells the truth about a continuous course of treason conducted against Americans from within their own government.”


    These arrogant bastards are not White and they are not American no matter which color of skin they are wearing. We can tell that by seeing the effect they have within our society and by observing the laws which the devious pretenders have put into place within what was once our American government.


  15. In Buchanan equates Israel’s blockade of Gaza with Stalin’s blockade of West Berlin, Auster seeths at Pat Buchanan’s latest: Lift the Siege of Gaza.

    LA replies: how does one find words to describe the obscenity of comparing the Soviet Union, which sought to starve West Berlin into submission and make it a part of the Soviet empire, and Israel, which voluntarily withdrew from Gaza four years ago, after which Gaza was taken over by Hamas which then immediately turned Gaza into a base to attack Israel? How does Buchanan compare an attempt by a Communist power to starve a free city into totalitarian slavery, with a blockade which allows every kind of food and other supplies into Gaza but blocks weapons and terrorists?

    Auster is never at a loss for words, even here. His point is that any comparison of Israel to anyone else is “obscene” if it reflects badly on Israel.

    Buchanan regards the Islamist, pro-jihad state of Turkey as a friend

    Larry may find it “obscene” to notice, but so did the Israeli government, at least until recently.

    Diana West writes:

    Beyond the pale, wherever that is.

    This is the most despicable thing he’s written yet (or am I forgetting something?).

    Buchanan columns work like Rowdy Roddy Piper’s glasses in John Carpenter’s They Live. “Conservative” jews like Auster and West express a visceral negative reaction, and what do you know, it’s just like the reaction from “liberal” jews Kevin MacDonald remarks on in The New Elite Doesn’t Officially Exist:

    The latest instance is the reaction to Pat Buchanan’s column “Are Liberals Anti-WASP?” where Buchanan wrote: “If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats. Is this the Democrats’ idea of diversity?”

    Jewish activists immediately went to work. The National Jewish Democratic Council complained about Buchanan’s “over-the-top, conspiratorial screeds.” Abe Foxman was at his most colorful, calling Buchanan a “recidivist anti-Semite who doesn’t miss an opportunity to show his fangs.”

    I’m sure this too is “obscene” to notice.

  16. It’s bipartisan of course. Michelle Malkin on:
    Rick Perry on Israel and Texas.

    “GOP presidential front-runner Rick Perry was in New York today [September 20, 2011] delivering a speech in defense of Israel’s sovereignty.

    Back at home, Texas Tea Party activists had their own press conference to call attention to Perry’s inattention to home state border and sovereignty issues…”

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