News from Toulouse

Whoops. Sorry. That’s old news from Marseilles.

Toulouse shooting: 4 dead and several injured by gunman at French Jewish school | Mail Online:

Police fear the latest shooting, which took place outside the Ozar Hatorah school, shows that a far right wing gunman is on the loose with a grudge against ethnic minorities. All the victims so far have been Jewish, black or of North African origin.

Toulouse shooting: little girl cornered in school and shot in head – Telegraph:

The prospect of a serial killer targeting religious and minority groups spread fear across the nation and is likely to raise questions over controversial remarks made during the presidential campaign relating to faith and immigration.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews:

This attack is a terrible reminder of the threat which minorities, across Europe, face from extremists of all political persuasions. All right minded people must unite to reject their baseless hatred and bring whoever is responsible for this attack to justice.

The ethnic cleansing of the French from France and Europeans from Europe continues apace, but according to the jewish narrative, alien “minorities”, first and foremost jews, are the real victims.

Some of the media reports hint at an underlying ethnic conflict having something to do with immigration. Professional jews disagree. They blame “baseless hatred” coming from Europeans, no doubt on the basis of Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Anti Free Speech Legislation.

Since nobody has actually been apprehended and charged yet, the volume of self-righteous moralizing and speculation concerning who is doing what and why is more telling than anything else.

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  1. In the jewish/leftist narrative, whites are always to blame, even when they are not. Anyone should be able to see this clearly now. has very good documentation for those unclear, a dozen stories worth every single dayfrom the MSM.

  2. This might very well be a FALSE FLAG OPERATION committed to discredit any resistance against the race-replacement now taking place in France. With an eye on the coming elections and the raising popularity of Marine Le Pen’s Front National this attack at this moment comes very handy for the powers that be. That besides blacks and North Africans now also emphatically JEWISH victims are included by this serial killer might give a hint in which direction the real culprits have to be sought. That Jews are capable of sacrificing people of their own is confirmed by the history of Israel. Also, the modus operandi of murder-by-motorcycle ,frequently used on Iranian scientists is a give away.
    So the preliminary suspicion is : MOSSAD.

  3. France fears Jewish school gunman could strike again | Reuters:

    France’s Jewish umbrella group Crif welcomed the decision by political parties to suspend their election campaigning until Wednesday out of respect for the victims. Analysts said the killings would change the election debate.

    “The tone of the campaign cannot go back to what it was,” said Dominique Reynie, head of Fondapol politics institute.

    “The campaign was dominated by an aggressive tone and a strong degree of populist rhetoric. This rhetoric will cease because there will be voter demand for healing.”

    France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen is running third in the race for the presidency and this has helped to draw issues of race and immigration into the election campaign.

    . . .

    “There will be more debate, notably on whether the tension created in society by Nicolas Sarkozy and the UMP (ruling party) has not somehow provoked or facilitated this type of violence,” said L’Express magazine editor-in-chief Christophe Barbier.

    This is the classic jewish guilt-trip: Your people have always oppressed our people. You should feel guilty about that and just shut up.

    The assumption that the attacker is motivated by opposition to immigration is an implicit admission that immigration provoked the attack. If opposition via discourse is suppressed then it can only be expressed through other means.

  4. Also note the absurd attempt by the article to link the attack to Anders Breivik, without mentioning that Breivik was a Zionist who killed non-jewish Whites at an anti-Israel event.

  5. Scooters in the news…

    Israel blames Iran after attacks on embassy staff | Reuters, 13 Feb 2012:

    B.K. Gupta, the New Delhi police commissioner, said a witness had seen a motorcyclist stick a device to the back of the car, which had diplomatic registration plates.

    “The eyewitness … says it (was) some kind of magnetic device. As soon as the motorcycle moved away a good distance from the car, the car blew up and it caught fire,” said Gupta.

    The Iranian scientist killed in Tehran last month died in a similar such attack by a motorcyclist who attached a device to his car. No one has claimed responsibility for that, although Iran was quick to accuse agents of Israel and its U.S. ally.

  6. Once again, people of the Jewish faith were absolutely right; one of those viciously anti-Semitic French committed this incomprehensible crime.

  7. Franklin Ryckaert — I caught two minutes of the SKY News paper review last night and the conspicuously gay ‘conservative’ commentator said that “hopefully” these events would damage Le Pen’s election campaign. To agreement, obviously, from both the ‘liberal’ commentator and host.

    I can’t have been the only one to wonder, “Jeez, where did that come from? Party-political point-scoring – now?”

    They have a fierce self-righteousness and relentless determination to push their agenda — that’s about the best I can say for em.

  8. Tan, on the suicide meme which I know you’re as hostile to as I am myself, TOQ published an article Summer 2011, ‘The Role of Jews in South Africa’ by Sam Davidson. Might be old news here but I only just came across it.

  9. Ay up, as we say in Yorkshire:


    A gunman involved in a standoff with police in the French town of Toulouse has been named as Mohammed Merah.

    Merah, who is believed to be responsible for killing four people at a Jewish school this week, is holed up in a house in the Croix-Daurade district of the city.

    He has a cache of weapons, including an Uzi machine gun and a Kalashnikov assault rifle, according to French reports.

    French Interior Minister Claude Gueant told BFM television the man had pledged to “turn himself in this afternoon”.

    He said Merah had spoken to police through the door and had declared he was a “mujahideen” with links to al Qaeda who wanted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children in Israel.

    The 24-year-old Frenchman of Algerian origin earlier threw a pistol from the window of the house in exchange for a “communication device”.


  10. From a translation of the Figaro article linked above:

    “He claims to be a mujahideen (fighter of God), belong to al-Qaida and have wanted to avenge Palestinian children as having wanted to attack the French army in view of its operations outside” Claude Gueant told . He talks a lot, speaks in a rambling, anti-Semitic and jihadi tendencies, said Minister of the Interior.

    So it appears the violence was indeed facilitated by immigration, and wasn’t provoked by the “aggressive tone and a strong degree of populist rhetoric”.

    I expect the judaized media’s line will change slightly: You should still feel guilty Whitey, and still shut up about immigration.

  11. Prescience was being demonized in yesterday’s news.

    Toulouse school shootings: Israel demands Baroness Ashton resign after she compares incident to Gaza – Telegraph:

    Laurent Preece, Director of “StandWithUs” France, a pro-Israel campaigning group, said: “These comments are beyond the pale. She should apologise immediately or resign her position.”

    A mere recitation of platitudes, which turns out to accurately, if only indirectly, identify the attacker’s stated motives, is grounds for sacking, according to jews and their sympathizers, who at the same time were much more directly and mistakenly blaming “far right” “racist” Europeans.

  12. Notice the narrative here. When they thought it was a Northern European it was because of hatred, he hated jews and others.

    But when they found out he was algerian, then it was for love, he cared about the children of palestine…

    The usual.

  13. The French shooter is an Arab and they had to have known that in advance from witness descriptions. Irregardless, they always demonize whites in the 1st 48 hours.

    What I’d like to know is how they always solve these crimes in record time, yet do nothing to absolve whites from the media’s anti-white campaign. When roles are reversed, it takes months or years.

    Anyone hear about the other so called “white right-winger” Anders ‘Moishe’ Brevek? He got sentenced to a country club mental facility for killing 77!!

    Also just to add, Isn’t it amazing how Mark Potok seems to have ESP and is always standing by to comment on a moments notice & blame whites. I cannot recall seeing him ever make a retraction on TV though…
    Most never remember the initial mistakes made by media & Potok, Olberman, and all of them know this. The damn media is so guilty of treason, it would take a book to catalogue.

  14. Is Tiberge (from Galliawatch) a jew?

    Auster quotes him at Readers comment on the Toulouse shootings:

    Marine has many detractors. Those who prefer her father dislike her. Those who want a more deeply-rooted, traditional brand of patriotism dislike her more modern outlook. Those who are traditional Catholics dislike her because she is not Catholic enough. There is no way of knowing what direction she would take if elected. There is no way of knowing if she is up to the task. We only know that the other two are awful, Sarkozy a sort of manic-depressive with a million projects and a million promises he can’t and won’t keep, and François Hollande, the heir to the Stalinist tradition. Recently Hollande said he would eradicate the word “race” from the French Constitution.

    This analysis conspicuously overlooks the very jewish nature of NF and Le Pen’s most vicious detractors.

    Auster’s post concludes with Tiberge citing a “right-wing Israeli writer” who speculates (from a blatant Israel-first point of view) that either the Iranian, Algerian, or Syrian governments are responsible.

  15. Auster’s spin on Toulouse continues:

    The apprehension of the gunman in France (notice I do not say French gunman) (notice Auster would never make the same point about jews living in France)

    and The siege continued…. Here Auster quotes an admirer regurgitating his own narrative:

    Here’s how I think it will be spun. We already know that only white Europeans are moral actors–the liberal ones for good, the conservative ones for evil–while nonwhites are simply passive receptacles without free will or moral responsibility. It follows that whenever nonwhites do something bad, the evil (conservative) whites are always ultimately at fault somehow. The gunman in this case is an Algerian Muslim, and white conservatives must therefore ultimately be at fault for his crimes. Considering the facts of the case, I predict the blame will be pinned on either Israel or Marine Le Pen and the Front National–possibly both. Look for phrases like “climate of hatred” to be thrown about a lot in the coming weeks.

    This “white moral script” is Auster’s latest variation on his First Law. In Auster’s telling the jewish narrative isn’t jewish. Jews aren’t responsible, they aren’t “moral actors”, it is evil Whites who are always ultimately at fault somehow. We’re the ones creating scripts and narratives like his own! We scapegoat ourselves, ummm, as “neo-nazis” and “anti-semites”, uh, because we’re White! It has nothing whatsoever to do with the jews!

  16. Phew!
    I was worried this was a hate crime related to racism, islamophobia or anti-semitism. We can ignore this and to move on to more important stories like that racist “white” guy Zimmerman in Florida.

  17. As for the media, or any mainstream Whites, conservative or liberal, pinning anything on Israel, not to mention the enthusiastic diasporist jewish support for genocidal levels of immigration, it’s already clear how that goes from the way self-righteous jews have arrogantly called for Baroness Ashton’s head:

    The Israeli government demanded that Lady Ashton step down, with defence minister Ehud Barak denouncing the mention of Gaza as inappropriate and demanding a retraction.

    He said: ‘The comparison made by Ashton between what is happening in Gaza to what happened in Toulouse, and what is going on in Syria every day, is outrageous and has absolutely no grounding in reality.’

    Israel’s interior minister Eli Yishai said Lady Ashton’s statement ‘further harms the ability of the EU to be an honest broker’ in the Middle East, adding: ‘She can no longer serve in her position.’

    He was joined in his calls for a retraction by Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign affairs minister.

    A spokesman for Lady Ashton, who was a surprise appointment to the new post of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs in 2009, claimed the remarks had been grossly distorted.

    ‘In her remarks, the High Representative referred to tragedies taking the lives of children around the world and drew no parallel whatsoever between the circumstances of the Toulouse attack and the situation in Gaza,’ he said.

    But that explanation was not accepted by Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said she wrongly sought to draw a parallel between the calculated murder of children and Palestinian casualties who have died in attacks on adult terrorists in Gaza.

    This is how jews respond to even an indirect reference touching on Israel. If blame is more directly pinned on Israel, or jewish support for immigration, or the animus jews direct at Europeans, then Auster and his jew-firster fans can be expected to be among those most loudly denouncing and condemning it. Because in their minds jews are just passive receptacles and everything is all Whitey’s fault.

  18. Off topic, but look at how bad the latest Amren conference was, even by their already low standards:

    The first speaker Saturday morning was the always stimulating Robert Weissberg, Emeritus professor of University of Illinois at Champagne, who proposed “A Politically Viable Alternative to White Nationalism.” He argued that any movement that is explicitly based on white racial identity is “dead on arrival,” and must be repackaged in order to win successful recognition. The reality—that racial nationalism “is intuitive and written in our genes” and that even children are conscious of race—is a huge advantage for those who want to build a racial movement, but any white movement today that takes an explicitly racial stand will fail: “We are considered just above child molesters.” Prof. Weissberg also noted that there is no economic advantage to promoting white racial consciousness, and that most people do not act without financial incentives.

    So now at Amren, you get to be lectured by jews on how White nationalism can’t possibly work! I guess this is one of the benefits of “working with the jews”.

  19. Several gems in the comments of Sailer’s Oops … (whereas Sailer’s own tact is Geeeee… and Duhhhh…)

    Right at the top someone goes where Sailer will not tread:

    I guess Jews are still trying to hash out who’s worse – White nationalists or Islamic radicals.

    Someone else links Tiberge, who quotes “left-wing writer and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy” (leaving out the fact that Levy is a jew who happens to live in France) from an article published by Haaretz:

    A word of advice to the pyromaniacs of the defense of “national identity,” perceived as a closed entity, nervous and jittery, feeding on resentment and hatred: it is the social contract that is the victim of assassination in a bloodbath of this kind; it is the very foundation of our common existence that vacillates and gives way when such madness explodes.

    There can be no worse blow to French culture, to the soul of our country, its history and when all is said and done, to its grandeur than racism and, today, anti-Semitism.

    Translation: A word of advice to White nationalists, jews (who perceive themselves as a closed entity) are nervous and jittery and consider you really bad for the jews.

    Another someone links Jonathon Tobin, a jew, commenting on other jews debating who’s worse for the jews:

    Over on Twitter, The Atlantic’s Jeff Goldberg and COMMENTARY contributor Jamie Kirchick have been debating whether the threat to the Jews from neo-Nazis is worse than that of Muslim Jihadists. This argument was brought up by the allegation, which may now turn out to have been a false lead, that the Toulouse massacre was perpetrated by neo-Nazis rather than Islamists. Goldberg’s point is a good one. The Nazis stand alone in history and ought not to be compared to any other genus of Jew-hater or tyrant. Goldberg is also right that Nazi analogies are almost always wrong since there really is nothing in history that compares to the Holocaust. As bad as Iran or Hamas or Hezbollah might be, and they are deadly threats, they are not the same thing as Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

  20. French Jews, Muslims Struggle to Understand Toulouse Shootings at Voice of America:

    As French police surround a suspect in a string of shootings in southern France, Jews and Muslims are grappling with the horrific events that have touched their communities.

    Errrrrrrup. Narrative shift ahead.

    Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Sarkozy said the nation must be united, it cannot cede to violence or stereotyping. He said France cannot confront such an event unless the nation is united – it owes it to the victims.

    Note how the very meaning of the word “nation” is twisted, how Whites are encouraged to conflate our interests with non-Whites who place the interests of their own communities first.

    The time for stereotyping is over only now that it seems the attacker wasn’t a “racist” “neo-nazi” European.

    Rabbi Mendel Azimov helps oversee Beth Hanna school, which his father founded. Eight of his children go to the establishment, which runs from nursery through high school. He knows the families of the Toulouse victims.

    “It’s not only a community problem, it’s not only a religious problem, it’s a national problem – and even… an international problem,” he said. “Every family, the kids, the population is very shocked about it. And we hope that justice will be done like the president [Sarkozy] promised.”

    The shootings have cast a cloud over an election season already checkered by sharp exchanges on immigration and religion – notably controversy over Jewish and Muslim ritual animal slaughtering practices. Some believe the horrific events will draw the two communities closer.

    But Victor Levy, who owns an office supply store a block from Beth Hanna, is not so sure.

    Levy does not believe the shootings will help to unite French Muslims and Jews. He says it only increases doubts between the two communities, because each wonders if the other is racist. He says each can speak words that shock and create hatred between the two religions.

    Muslims and Jews have long been neighbors in this colorful, slightly grimy slice of Paris known as the 19th arrondissement. Halal butchers and kebab takeouts vie for customers alongside Kosher supermarkets and traditional French bakeries.

    Many Muslims and Jews here hail from the same region – North Africa. But there have been longstanding tensions over the years, often reflecting events in the far-off Middle East. Muslim youths in the neighborhood occasionally clash with their Jewish counterparts.

    This seems like a good place to mention what jews refer to as the jewish golden age. Muslims and jews continue to clash, in France it’s mostly over who’s the more aggrieved victim group.

  21. Rabbi Azimov:

    It’s not only a community problem, it’s not only a religious problem, it’s a national problem

    He tries to broaden the problem, but it’s really not justified. The muslims and jews agree that the French, and Europeans in general, are horrible, evil “racists”. The solution is simple. They should all go home.

  22. lloun”Levy does not believe the shootings will help to unite French Muslims and Jews. He says it only increases doubts between the two communities, because each wonders if the other is racist.”

    How absurd… doesnt he realize by definition non-white on non-white racism cannot exist? Side note: non-white on white racism cannot exist either.

    You would think they would understand their own mantra.

  23. T. O . Meehan at Sailer’s:

    I’ve been following this story as it unfolded for 48+ hours on France24 TV. The desire to use this tragedy to cripple the LePen candidacy is palpable. All the commentators are now crestfallen that the murderer has been exposed as a Muslim.

    Not to be thwarted by facts, they now imply that anti-immigration rhetoric by the right may be responsible for setting the poor guy off. LePen MUST be responsible somehow!

    Of course. They tell Whites to shut up while they lecture Whites about how evil we are.

    An Anonymouse notices the same sudden shift:

    Goto The Guardian’s live coverage of this incident and look at the entries at 6:44pm

    Basically they are slamming Le Pen for stating that the death penalty should be brought back. They are accusing her of trying to use these attacks for political gain. They quote other candidates and political people in France. Yet, they don’t mention how EVERYBODY was using this incident against Le Pen just 24 hours ago.

    Here are two dandy quotes:

    “The extreme right is trying to exploit this situation,” he said. “Nobody has the right to let the political debate run off the rails.”

    “Our first duty from this point is to prevent this situation being used as a pretext to promote hateful approximations and stigmatisation,”

    What began as a pretext to stigmatize Whites is now giving way to other pretexts to continue stigmatizing Whites.

  24. More anti-White stereotyping and scapegoating.

    France ‘poisoned by divisions’, says presidential hopeful – FRANCE – FRANCE 24:

    At least one candidate in the forthcoming presidential election has refused to halt his campaign in the wake of the killing of four people outside a Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday, hinting that creeping xenophobia in France may have been responsible.

    Francois Bayrou, of the centrist MoDem party, on Monday said that anti-foreigner sentiment had crept into the election debate and that certain parties “were pointing the finger at people because of their origins and fanning passions in order to gain political capital.”

    . . .

    Speaking at a campaign meeting in Grenoble, 60-year-old Bayrou said that France had become “poisoned by divisions” and that the killings in Toulouse “had their roots in the current state of French society.”

    “These subjects come up in debates, people use certain words and the implications snowball out of all proportion,” he told his supporters. “We don’t know who this killer is, but we feel strongly that what happened is not without links to a certain evolution in France.”

    . . .

    Benjamin Abtal, head of French rights group SOS Racisme, told FRANCE 24 on Tuesday that while he approved of politicians temporarily putting their differences aside, he hoped that a pause in the campaign would herald a new consensus among the main political parties on the subject of race.

    “All over Europe there is a stigmatisation and finger pointing at ethnic and religious minorities who are being made scapegoats of the financial crisis,” he said. “And we have seen much of the same rhetoric in the [French] presidential campaign, singling out minorities and designating them as enemies, as if we were in a civil war against enemies on our soil.”

    The poisonous divisions are real. They are caused by aliens who insist on living where they aren’t wanted. In the jewish narrative, as illustrated above, blame is directed entirely at Whites.

  25. Everyone thinks it is natural that Jews living in France and in Israel would feel they are the same people and belong to the same nation. The Jewish media should recognize White people’s right to see themselves in the same way: we have nothing to do with Blacks, Jews and Arabs.

    French schools were instructed to observe a minute of silence last Tuesday at 11am in memory of the four people killed in a Jewish school by a non-Jew. At least, it was assumed that the killer wasn’t a Jew, or I don’t think there would have been a minute of silence. What’s unfair is that a number of White people are killed every month by non-White immigrants, and never get a minute of silence. Last Tuesday, politically correct teachers probably felt they had to explain to their pupils that the poor Jews are victims of “baseless hatred”. But what about White people who get killed by immigrants? Is it all right to explain in the classroom how and why they are killed?

    I guess the Toulouse murders were seen as hate crimes (the killer was assumed to be a White man), whereas immigrants who kill White people are seen as victims of White racism. In the same way, what makes “the holocaust” so terrible, no matter what the number, is the evilness of the Germans. There would be no holocaust museums if the Jews had simply been killed by typhus. By comparison, the Holodomor is nothing. Millions died, but Kaganovich didn’t really mean it. Also, what happened in Toulouse was premeditated, systematic killing: four people in a row! It was almost German-like efficiency.

    ” The time for stereotyping is over only now that it seems the attacker wasn’t a “racist” “neo-nazi” European. “

    Once again, it reminds me of the holocaust narrative, used by Jews to stigmatize White people as a race. It seems perfectly natural to stigmatize White people. But for some reason, it is unacceptable to notice who is doing the stigmatizing. That would be “antisemitism”.

    ” Is Tiberge (from Galliawatch) a jew? “

    My guess is that he (or she?) isn’t. But he’s a fan of Auster, Gates of Vienna, Riposte Laïque, and so on.

    On Tiberge’s blog and on Haaretz, there is a picture of a recent demonstration with a banner that reads “En France, on tue des Noirs, des Juifs et des Arabes” (“In France, we kill Blacks, Jews and Arabs”). That is standard Jewish tactics. Instead of saying that “French people kill non-Whites”, they will say that “people in France” kill non-Whites, and they will argue that they are not blaming a racial group, even though they are clearly attacking White people. Even if they bash “the French”, they can still say that the French are not a racial group anyway. But if, in France, you criticize the Jews, they can sue you for incitement.

  26. Poll: ‘Anti-Semitic notions’ on rise among French, other Europeans –

    The French have grown more likely to believe that Jews hold too much power in business or world finance, as well as other “classical anti-Semitic notions,” according to a new survey from the Anti-Defamation League that compares attitudes in 2009 and 2012.

    The poll, released Tuesday, found nearly half of the French people surveyed said they think it is “probably true” that Jews there are more loyal to Israel than France, an increase from years past. Asked if Jews “still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust,” more than a third of the respondents agreed.

    Bias against Jews is in the spotlight in France after a gunman killed a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday. The French interior minister said the alleged attacker, suspected to have links to a group associated with Al Qaeda, said he shot them in revenge for the killing of Palestinian children.

    The jews who were killed were dual citizens. They were buried in Israel because that’s where their highest loyalties lie. Even jews say jews talk too much about their holocaust narrative. Such banal observations are only pathologized as “anti-semitism” when Whites make them. The media obediently repeats the jewish claims because it is biased in favor of jews and against Whites.

    Jews will not be calling for the attacker to apologize and resign from his job (if he has one) for claiming he was motivated by Israelis killing Palestinian children. Jews will not be apologizing to Baroness Ashton and resigning from their jobs for mistakenly condemning her. The judaized media will not ask them why not. The judaized media will not be apologizing for stereotyping and scapegoating Whites.

    Bias in favor of jews is in the spotlight. To fix it they’re cranking up the anti-White guilt-tripping.

  27. I’m reminded of this story from 2006:

    MOSCOW, Jan. 11 – A skinhead armed with a hunting knife burst into Moscow’s main synagogue today and stabbed eight people before he was wrestled to the floor, telling those who subdued him, “I came to kill,” according to witnesses and police.

    None of the wounds were life-threatening, doctors later told Russian news media, though the attack left puddles of blood in a second-floor hallway of the Chabad Lubavitch synagogue in central Moscow.

    He “came to kill”, stabbed eight people, but killed none?

  28. Henry Samuel (jew?) writes for the Telegraph. Here are excerpts from his columns before and after it became clear that the attacker is not French.

    As shock fades, France may be forced to lower temperature of the fevered political climate – Telegraph, 19 Mar:

    And yet, once the shock and grief starts to recede, commentators will inevitably start asking whether politics has anything to do with, if not the shootings themselves, then at least the creation of a climate that could have triggered the acts of a clearly unhinged individual.

    In recent days, an unsavoury battle for far-Right votes has erupted between Nicolas Sarkozy, the centre-Right incumbent, and Marine Le Pen, running for the nationalist, anti-immigrant National Front party.

    Toulouse shooting: al-Qaeda links an election gift for Marine Le Pen – Telegraph, 21 Mar:

    Yesterday, analysts were suggesting the attacks might force presidential candidates to tone down their populist discourse that in Nicolas Sarkozy’s case had veered Right, particularly on issues of immigration.

    The latest developments have sparked a tussle over which issues the campaign will now centre – the need for greater tolerance, understanding and national unity, or anger at perceived laxism towards extremism and a call for a security crackdown that could favour the Right and far-Right.

    It really doesn’t matter who did what or why, Samuel paints Le Pen and NF as villains. At first he insinuated that they triggered the events, now he’s displeased that they may benefit from them. It won’t matter if they don’t benefit because Samuel will just find another excuse to demonize them.

  29. More from the jew-first-o-sphere.

    Auster writes:

    I think we may safely predict that the attacks will instantly be seen as infinitely less important, now that the shooter has turned out merely to be a Muslim associated with al Qaeda, rather than a white rightist.

    The judaized media actually used the terms “racist” and “neo-nazi” and “far-right”. Not “white rightist”. Auster agrees with them about demonizing “neo-nazis”. They continue to demonize the “far-right”. The judaized “liberal” media first publicized the attacks specifically because jews were killed. It is because jews were killed that they will continue to treat the attacks as infinitely more important than attacks in which Whites are killed.

    Responding to Auster’s prediction Philip M. frets nervously:

    Perhaps such attacks will fuel anti-Semitism amongst liberals and leftists in Europe. Liberals are caught between a rock and a soft place, the rock being the intractable hatred of Muslims for Jews, the soft place being the Europeans’ own sense of right and wrong and their attitudes to Israel.

    Knowing that they cannot change Muslim attitudes, they will choose the far easier option of blaming the Muslim attacks on the Jews and on French support for Israel.

    This is what jew-firsters actually believe.

  30. Al Qaeda fanatic is DEAD: Serial killer jumps out flat window with all guns blazing in dramatic end to 32-hour siege | Mail Online:

    Mr [Interior Minister Claude] Gueant said Merah, a French-Algerian, was acting out of revenge for France’s military involvement in Afghanistan.

    Merah, who described himself as an Islamic warrior, also wanted to take revenge for what he describes as the ‘murder’ of Palestinian children by Israeli forces.

    Netanyahu: Ashton’s ‘Mendacious Analogy’ on Terror – Israel National News:

    Nevertheless, Netanyahu said pointedly, “I believe that the struggle against terrorism requires greater clarity,” making an obvious reference to comments made earlier by European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

    . . .

    “Terrorism is a systematic and deliberate attack on civilians, a deliberate attack against children,” Netanyahu pointed out. “There is a substantial difference between such deliberate attacks against civilians and children, and unintentional strikes against civilians that are part of legitimate actions to fight terrorism.

    “If we do not make this distinction, if we allow such a mendacious analogy, then the terrorists will have won. If we make this moral distinction, then we will have defeated terrorism,” he said.

    Let’s clarify Netanyahu’s moral distinction: If it’s not good for the jews it’s “terrorism”. If it’s good for the jews it’s “legitimate actions to fight terrorism”. Comparing jews to “terrorists” is not good for the jews. Excusing jews from comparison is good for the jews. Thus jews regard themselves as morally righteous in making and sustaining systematic and deliberate attacks on people like Ashton.

  31. In reality all of Israel’s wars were acts of STATE TERRORISM. The zionists were already terrorists before the creation of their rogue state, in fact that entity was CREATED by acts of terrorism. Many of Israel’s top leaders were active terrorists. These people are the last who should teach us morals about terrorism. This is again an example of their CHUTZPAH.

  32. One professional jew boosts another, Toulouse Murder Suspect Was Motivated by Propaganda and Lies—David Frum – The Daily Beast quotes Tom Gross:

    Many international media have this morning been claiming that the suspect was motivated by “Israel’s killing of children in Gaza earlier this month”.

    However, Israel didn’t kill any children in Gaza this month. Israel only hit armed Islamic Jihad adult operatives, most of whom were launching missiles into Israel at the time Israel identified and hit them.

    . . .

    In my opinion, highly irresponsible and inflammatory reporting about Jews and Israel in the Western media is one of the causes of recent increased anti-Semitism among many western Muslims and others.

    This amounts to hairsplitting about who the Israeli military killed and when, euphemizing it as “hitting”.

    The phrase “killing of children in gaza earlier this month” produces only 4 hits in a Google web search, two of which are direct links to the Daily Beast, and two more who cite the Daily Beast as their source. A Google news search produces only 1 hit, the Daily Beast article itself.

    In other words, this is just jewish propaganda and lies. Do jews insist the media is biased against jews because they really believe it or are they just desperately lying to counter all the evidence to the contrary?

    P.S. True to diasporist jewish form, while Tom Gross sides with Israelis over Palestinians he guilt-trips Europeans about the Roma.


    “Either way, Sarkozy wins: When everyone thought the shooter was a far-right racist, Sarkozy was taking heat for not-so-subtly bashing France’s growing Muslim population, says Gavin Hewitt at BBC News. But now that the suspected killer turns out to be a terrorist, Sarkozy gets off scot-free, and is receiving rapturous reviews for his cool handling of the crisis. Rather than having to apologize for incendiary remarks that might have sparked violent actions from a far-right radical, he gets to shine as “a man of action and decision in a crisis.” Don’t expect him to tone down his rhetoric anytime soon.”

    Meanwhile, Sarkozy announced a new crackdown in France on the spread of terrorist-linked ideologies and activities.

    Anyone who regularly visits “websites which support terrorism or call for hate or violence will be punished by the law,” Sarkozy said.

    He also promised a crackdown on anyone who goes abroad “for the purposes of indoctrination in terrorist ideology.”

    Sorry about the lack of tags.

  34. “Baseless hatred.” I really, really like that one. Let’s hope it has legs, and ultimately replaces “hatred.”

    I hold no baseless hatreds.

  35. There is no sign that the mainstream media is actually driven by Auster’s “white moral script” – they don’t see the attacks as “infinitely less important” now that they know the attacker was a militant muslim. Media coverage spiked and went international while they repeatedly reported this during the police siege. Now that it’s clear jewish lives are at stake the media is pursuing illiberal lines of inquiry:

    Toulouse shooting: 80 French nationals ‘training with Pakistan Taliban’ – Telegraph

    Jihadist group claims responsibility for French shooting –

    The LATimes article is actually based on information supplied by SITE, a jewish counter-jihad/anti-White organization. This is just one of many bits of evidence that in reality the media follows a jewish script.

  36. The following quote appears at the top of a google news search for “toulouse”, highlighted and accompanied by a link two-day-old FT op-ed:

    “The comparison made by Ashton between what is happening in Gaza to what happened in Toulouse, and what is going on in Syria every day, is outrageous and has absolutely no grounding in reality.” – Ehud Barak

    I have found no mention in the media of anyone with any measure of power challenging the grounding in reality of outrageous statements like this, even now that we know the attacker himself linked what happened in Toulouse to what happened in Gaza.

  37. “Baseless hatred.” I really, really like that one.

    Nietzsche called the jews “the best haters there have ever been.” They cannot hate but base-fully. (To paraphrase Ben Jonson, “the jews did never wrong, but with just cause”).

    On another note, their has been a coup in Mali. The first thing the usurpers did was take control of all media channels (or the second thing, after looting the presidential palace). Control of the media is somewhat less effectual, though, when it’s done so crudely, and everybody knows they’re now being fed propaganda.

  38. Jewish and White nationalists hate each other, whether it is justified or baseless. The problem is that White nationalists want racial separation, while Jewish nationalists don’t want it. They would rather stick around and push for race-replacement. They insist that it’s good for us!

    I think our natural wish to get away from Jews is a very healthy kind of hatred, while the Jewish desire to stick around and try to hurt us is not so healthy.

  39. Control of the media is somewhat less effectual, though, when it’s done so crudely, and everybody knows they’re now being fed propaganda.

    We more or less know that here, too.

    Americans complain about the media and follow it blindly.

  40. “… somewhat less effectual, though, when it’s done so crudely “

    The propaganda will be less effective, but not the censorship. Most people don’t really believe the TV propaganda, but it’s hard to organize if we can not communicate openly. It isn’t only a matter of convincing other people. Even if most people are of the same mind, collective action has to be preceded by publicly spoken words.

    Sarkozy’s newest bright idea :

    [From now on,] “Anyone who regularly consults Internet sites which promote terror or hatred or violence will be sentenced to prison,” he told a campaign rally in Strasbourg, in eastern France. “Don’t tell me it’s not possible. What is possible for pedophiles should be possible for trainee terrorists and their supporters, too.”

    In fact, the Toulouse shooting was a consequence of the government’s immigration policy. But they are looking for a way to shut down criticism by White Nationalists of the Jewish lobby and the immigration policy. The pretext will be the fight against pedophilia and Islamic terrorism.

  41. We more or less know that here, too

    I see no evidence to believe that. Check out what trends on yahoo, google, twitter. People generally make some minimal effort to be informed of the world around them, if only to have something to talk about. Here are the top stories on CNN:

    Whitney Houston accidentally drowned in a hotel bathtub, but “atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use” were contributing factors, the Los Angeles County coroner says. FULL STORY

    3 plead guilty to federal charges in killing
    Three Mississippi men have pleaded guilty to federal hate-crimes charges in connection with the killing of an African-American man in 2011. FULL STORY
    Opinion: What every black mom fears
    Case sparks dialogue on race, justice
    LZ: Why black people don’t trust police
    France terror suspect jumps, shot dead
    Opinion: A blind spot on anti-Semitism

    Sure, people realize that the media isn’t some impartial conveyor of facts, but maybe 1 person in 1000 realizes the media’s rasion d’etre is tribal aggression.

  42. The pretext will be the fight against pedophilia and Islamic terrorism.

    What a contemptible little man is Sarkozy. And what a gift islamic terrorism has been to jewish power! If it didn’t exist, they’d have to invent it. (Actually, they have invented it – as an existential enemy, anyway. On its own, islam hasn’t been a serious threat to the West since 1683.)

  43. French anti-Semitism must share the blame for the murders in Toulouse, also titled “Why You Can’t Be Both French and Jewish” on the page itself.

    Rachel Levy wrote this long article for Slate detailing jewish grievances against the French. She must have found out just before it was published that the attacker was a muslim. Her conclusion:

    And as bizarre as this may seem, my heart sank when I learned that the besieged gunman was not a neo-Nazi, one early popular theory, but a radical Muslim. I actually would have preferred him to be a neo-Nazi. For now, I predict that in an ironic twist of fate, what was explicitly an anti-Semitic attack will become a source of anti-Semitic and hypocritical finger-pointing, as French presidential candidates will use Merah’s background to supplement their borderline racist rhetoric on the importance of laïcité and integration, while those who wish to downplay the very horror of an attack carried out by a French citizen will point at Israel, which the gunman named as a reason for targeting Jewish children. But if you say as much, people will only glower at you and stare.

    Jews like Levy detest the French, and in their minds the French are entirely to blame for it.

  44. Great work, Tan.

    Out of a half dozen + mainstream media sites discussing this story only one – – let through my comment linking to this thread.

    Commentary mag, the Daily Mail,, others, all consciously chose not to allow a link to a blog discussing the story from a White perspective even as they all were discussing/ referring to the feelings and views of other groups.

    They must be aware on some level of their double standards.

  45. Hmm. The kid seems suspiciously well financed and equipped for a crazy lone mooslim! And attacking kids and military. Let’s see.

    Ten years or so ago we had a ‘crazy white man’ murder a bunch of jewish children at a school in los angeles

    We had a crazy white man murder a bunch of people including a day care center full of kids at the Oklahoma City bombing.

    Jews killed american soldiers on the uss liberty in a false flag attack. Jews killed 29 british soldiers in the King David Hotel bombing (which co-incidentally looks just like the oklahoma city bombing-a bomb planted inside the hotel)

    The Levon Affair
    Israel agents tried to bomb a British theater secretly “so that suspicion would fall on the Muslim Brotherhood”

    9/11 goes without saying. This is just more of the same.

    They’re happy to sacrifice their ‘lesser bretheren’ to advance their cause and get others to smite their enemies.

    The Jews are such a nightmare. The worst is most people believe their lies about how great they are.

    Of course, god help you should you say different.

  46. Bernard-Henri Lévy: After the Carnage in Toulouse, Together Against Anti-Semitism at HuffPo.

    This is another version of the essay Tiberge quoted from Haaretz. The bulk of Levy’s screed, omitted by Tiberge, makes the jewish basis of Levy’s disgust with the French more clear. Eg:

    whatever link may be established with the mysterious murders of soldiers, last week, in Toulouse and in Montauban, the fact remains — and it is monstrous: French children, Jewish and French or, if one prefers, sovereignly French but guilty of having been born Jewish, were coldly gunned down, in broad daylight, on the territory of the Republic.

    The jews living in France aren’t French and don’t regard themselves as such, though they blame the French for not doing a better job of treating them as if they are. In fact what they expect is to be treated specially:

    And then this corollary which is nearly as unbearable: we have returned to the dark times when we must “direct the prefects to reinforce surveillance around all confessional sites in France, and particularly around Jewish schools”…. These are the terms of the French Ministry of the Interior’s communiqué Claude Guéant released a few minutes after the tragedy. It was inevitable, this communiqué. It was the very least the authorities, dismayed as we all were by the horror of the situation and taking the appropriate emergency measures, could do. But at the same time, these words make our blood run cold. And one trembles with shame and rage at the idea that, once again, we’re here, where we were after the attacks in the rue Copernic and in the rue des Rosiers and after the outburst of anti-Semitic acts at the beginning of the 2000s: pray, reflect, die, or simply study, under “reinforced police protection” and in the shelter of reconstituted “perimeters of security” — what an outrage!

    Confronted with this abomination, then, and given the very specific moment at which this catastrophe has occurred, only one reaction is possible.

    I mean, while the campaign for presidential elections is in full swing and even, apparently, in its final phase, there is only one response that measures up to the event.

    Of course, indignation and fear.

    BH Levy, like Rachel Levy, is outraged, indignant, fearful – the special treatment for their people isn’t special enough!

  47. Adrian Hamilton: France is a deeply racist country, and Toulouse will only make that worse – Adrian Hamilton – Commentators – The Independent

    No matter who was responsible, Hamilton blames the French. Hamiliton was happy when “the gunman was thought to be a man of the extreme right” and “it seemed as if the loser might be Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front”. Now however:

    It’s unseemly. It’s obscene. It has precious little to do with the facts of the case, the question of religion or the future of society in France. But it is what politics is now about, as much in France as the US.

    Why so glum?

    There doesn’t seem much doubt which way Sarkozy, ever hyperactive, will turn. Even without an election, he has long been fierce in his opposition to immigration and his rejection of multiculturalism. As Interior Minister during the riots of 2005, he dismissed protesters as rabble. As President, he has urged new laws restricting the veil and halal meat.

    I see no evidence that Sarkozy is in fact opposed to immigration or multiculturalism. I do however see evidence that Sarkozy regards race-mixing as an imperative.

    For all the public statements over the past few days on the need for national unity, France remains a deeply racist country. The threat of Muslim terror has allowed the French to transfer their resentments away from the Jewish population to the Arab one, and to feel the better for it. But the sentiments are exactly the same and made only the worse by rising unemployment and slowing growth.

    Mohammed Merah’s trail of death will only serve to make such prejudices more publicly acceptable. Even the liberal left in France will find it hard to make him into a martyr for racism. They shouldn’t be too thrown. Mohammed Merah’s name may be no help, but his case is peculiar. It’s not the kind of grand attack on society in the manner of the July bombings in London and which al-Qa’ida would normally seek to arouse.

    Instead, there remains something very personal about these killings which would belie generalisations. Had the killer survived, the right could have continued to play on the statements and information which would have come out over the coming weeks of campaigning.

    If the Merah had turned out to be “a man of the extreme right” Hamilton would be arguing that it should be central to the politcal debate, how it proves what a “deeply racist country” France is. In fact, he STILL argues this anyway.

    What makes the French “racist”? Hamilton doesn’t explain. He just asserts that they are bad, as a whole. According to him the French resent the jews, but now they’ve found a convenient, dishonest excuse to direct that resentment toward muslims instead.

    What’s not to resent about self-righteous assholes who say things like this? What’s not to resent about being constantly lectured that you have to share your country with aliens who are actively maintaining their own group identity and pursuing their own group’s interests at your expense? What’s not to resent about being painted as the bad guys simply because you don’t want your people to be displaced and dispossessed? What’s not to resent about your own genocide?

  48. Here’s a blame-the-French masterwork published on the 19th, before Merah was identified.

    Toulouse shootings: race, religion and murder | Fiachra Gibbons | Comment is free | The Guardian:

    The French airwaves have been full of such ugly equivocation these past few weeks as Nicolas Sarkozy has lurched his party wildly to the right in an attempt to save his skin, claiming there were “too many immigrants in France” and stoking Islamophobia with a ridiculous claim that the French were being secretly forced to eat halal; his prime minister François Fillon even said Jews and Muslims should put their dietary laws behind them and embrace modernity.

    Claude Guéant, the interior minister who took personal control of the investigation, has been the most consistently xenophobic, championing the superiority of European Christian civilisation over lesser cultures who force their women to cover up – yes, observant Jews and Muslims, he meant you. The nadir came last week when Sarkozy’s new immigration chief Arno Klarsfeld – the eldest son, ironically, of Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld – called for a wall to be built between Greece and Turkey to save Europe from barbarian invaders.

    Today in Toulouse we have been given a horrific illustration of where such delirious cynicism can lead. All of those who have been shot or killed in and around the city in the past eight days have had one thing in common. They are from visible minorities. They had names or faces that marked them out as not being descended, as Jean-Marie Le Pen would say, from “our ancestors the Gauls”. Their roots – both Jewish and Muslim – were in the Maghreb or the Caribbean. They were, in short, a snapshot of la France metissée – the mixed race, immigrant France that works hard and “gets up early” to empty bins and look after children; the people who die disproportionately for France yet who are also most often locked up in its prisons and crumbling banlieues.

    As one father said this morning as he hugged his son to him outside the school, “They are attacking us because we are different.”

    Gibbons digs a little deeper:

    What could be the link, they ask, between Jewish children and French military personnel? The link is they are both seen – and not just by a far-right fringe – as symbols of all that has sabotaged la France forte, to borrow Sarkozy’s election slogan.

    Gibbons demonizes the French even though he clearly understands that they see their country is being sabotaged.

  49. The two most common features of the media reports and op/eds I’ve read so far, pre- and post-Merah:

    1) Hand-wringing about the supposed widespread stigmatization/scapegoating of jews/muslims/immigrants.

    2) Completely unsympathetic stigmatization/scapegoating aimed at the French and Europeans in general.

    The main change in the opinionating has to do with political exploitation. Pre-Merah the consensus was that the attacks justified hating the French for being alienated by aliens. Post-Merah the new consensus is that the incident justifies French alienation. Since this is completely unacceptable, and indeed is never plainly admitted, it manifests instead as confirmation of the previous excuse to hate the French.

    A clear distinction is made between Us and Them. Us are the innocent, justifiably fearful jews/muslims/immigrants and their noble journalist-defenders. Them are the “far-right” “racist” “extremist” “xenophobes” who are bad, bad people because they act as if they think there’s an Us and a Them.

  50. The jews resent France for the Iraq War.

    Israelis/Neocon Jews wanted revenge for the Scud missile attack of the first Gulf War.

  51. Tan, since you are interested in analysing the political use Jews want to make of this case, go to the article on Mail on line, 21 March “Laying the groundwork for the Toulouse massacre”, by Jewess Melanie Philips (of “Londonistan” fame). As you will see the West is still guilty, this time for trying to hide the guilt of having created an anti-Israel climate behind the idea that the perpetrator might be a white far-right racist. We never can be right.

  52. Thanks for the link Franklin.

    Toulouse school shooting: Laying the groundwork for the massacre | Mail Online, by Melanie Phillips:

    Jews throughout the world are all potential targets for attack in a terrifying manifestation of global incitement to murder.

    . . .

    Yet all this is ignored by the mainstream media. Desperate to sanitise Muslim genocidal terrorism and prove that racism and Jew-hatred is confined to white people and the ‘far right’, the media simply did not entertain the possibility that the perpetrator of the French killings might have been a Muslim. So a range of likely perpetrators was canvassed – but they were all variations on white racists.

    Phillips complains about the way Whites were scapegoated and demonized because she thinks it indicates that the mainstream media doesn’t care enough about… the jews.

    This becomes clear as she segues into a claim that “western progressives” “pump out” “lies and incitement” reflecting the “deranged belief that the Israelis deliberately kill Palestinian children”. Baroness Ashton is the only example she cites. The “fundamental amorality” of Ashton’s remarks is supposedly the failure to distinguish between deliberate and non-deliberate killing.

    Israelis do in fact kill Palestinians – children and adults, deliberately or not. The pretense that what Ashton was talking about or Merah was motivated by was very specifically the “deliberate” killing of “children” (as opposed to just killing, period) is an attempt to present the Israelis, and jews in general, as the victims of a “deranged belief”.

    Fearing this “deranged belief”, Phillips concludes:

    As a fine article in The Commentator points out:

    ‘No-one will ever know whether the tragedy in Toulouse would not have taken place if the atmosphere were different. But we can say that history teaches that mass demonisation can all too easily lead to the dehumanisation of the group or people or nation that is being demonised. From there it is only one single step to the belief that murder itself can be justified.’

    The terrorist who carried out the French killings may now have been caught. But those in the west who provide an echo chamber for the diabolical discourse that incubates genocide have yet to be brought to account.

    The “fine article” Phillips links is another even more hyperbolic reaction to Ashton mentioning Toulouse and Gaza in the same paragraph. It is titled, Anti-Zionists must now hang their heads in shame over French Jewish school shooting – The school killings in Toulouse were motivated by anti-Zionism showing the extreme dangers of demonising the Jewish state.

    Jews are totally obsessed with what’s best for the jews. Whites have far more cause for concern about the more intense demonization aimed at us for simply wanting states like the one jews have. To put it in Phillips “fine” terms, I see the jewish narrative (portraying jews and other “minorities” as innocent victims with Whites as their victimizers) as diabolical discourse which incubates genocide. I think those who provide an echo chamber for it should be brought to account.

  53. Anti-Zionists must now hang their heads in shame over French Jewish school shooting – The school killings in Toulouse were motivated by anti-Zionism showing the extreme dangers of demonising the Jewish state.

    Typical jewish argument. Their chief debating “skill” boils down to finding ways to stop further debate (while whining like fags). “Anti-zionists must feel shame and shut up from now on or risk being accused of complicity in the murder of kids.” It really bothers me that more people don’t see through jewish rhetorical tricks. They’re so banal and transparent.

  54. Scott said “Sure, people realize that the media isn’t some impartial conveyor of facts, but maybe 1 person in 1000 realizes the media’s rasion d’etre is tribal aggression.”

    That, and your last comment, are why you rule, sir.

    Since I’ve listened to david dukes audiobook, along with other reading, I finally get it.

    All reporting is from the angle of ‘what’s best for the jews’, meaning serves their agenda of blaming whitey and deflecting criticism.

    The internet has been great, but the chosen ones will not allow free speech aka criticism to continue much longer.

    I sure hope I’m wrong, but too many people are waking up, and that cannot be allowed.

  55. @ Scott (3/24/2012 10:51:00 PM)

    In this case their banal and transparent rhetorical trick amounts to saying : “You are guilty by association, therefore you must shut up”.

  56. We more or less know that here, too.

    Americans complain about the media and follow it blindly.

    When Americans complain about media bias, they’re like the gal who has finally figured out her boyfriend has OCD, but is still oblivious to the fact that he’s a serial killer.

  57. Exclusive by Elie Wiesel: The Tragedy in Toulouse

    Elie Wiesel Can’t Stop Revealing his Jewish Supremacy:

    Wiesel believes in a spiritual eternal opposition to the Jews. Gentiles will never accept Jews as they are, he is saying … since Jews are a people who insist on being and remaining separate from all others while they live and flourish in others’ nations … often at the expense of the people of those nations. At the same time, he expects sympathy for Jews as a persecuted class. He expects special protection for them. And to non-Jews who don’t want to give Jews that special place and special protection, he points the accusing finger.

    Well said, and likewise for HB Levy, Rachel Levy, Melanie Phillips, …

  58. Tan: Well said, and likewise for HB Levy, Rachel Levy, Melanie Phillips, …

    Rachel Levy: I’m an American Jew who lived in France for most of the last four years … “Why You Can’t Be Both French and Jewish.”

    Almost all Jews call themselves Jews and use the country they were born in as a modifier … as in American Jew. Never Jewish American, as we find in Mexican-American, African-American, etc. This is very revealing in itself.

  59. Svigor: “When Americans complain about media bias, they’re like the gal who has finally figured out her boyfriend has OCD, but is still oblivious to the fact that he’s a serial killer.”

    People have the correct intuition that the media is rigged against us, that getting elected is largely a matter of having money and access to the media, that the two party system is anti-democratic and will not tolerate the majority’s view against race-replacement. Even so, left to themselves, people lack the self-confidence to draw the right conclusions. They still accept the idea that they live in a democratic country, as if the serious defects they are aware of were not enough to prove otherwise. They think it would be overly dramatic to use words like genocide and dictatorship. I agree that it is only a soft dictatorship so far. The Jews are not yet in a position to completely silence all opposition.

    In the same vein, it’s easy to help people realize that the Jews and their media are heavily involved in pro-immigration activism, but it’s much harder to make them realize that the role played by the Jewish ringleaders is decisive.

    Even if we become blasé about Jewish mischief, our job is to keep on expressing righteous indignation. But we mustn’t overdo it: if we sound too angry about particular examples of Jewish tactics, it may obscure our main point, which is that the race-replacement going on in the West is really mostly due to the Jews, and that it will stop when we stop them. In fact, most people who like to use slang words to name Jews probably don’t realize that our race-replacement is mostly due to Jewish activism.

  60. Another Levin/Levin/Phillips-style op-ed from a judeo-righteous, judeo-centric jew, Barry Rubin, The Region: France: Here comes the whitewash:

    A big story like the Toulouse attack can draw attention to a broader, dangerous social trend. Or it can be treated as an isolated incident.

    Nothing to see here; move along; go back to sleep.

    In the past, the mass media could be expected to present a debate on this issue, but now, all too often, they give a monopoly to the white-washers and the apologists. Phase one is to present any terrorist as a right-winger, neo-Nazi, or opponent of left-wing policies.

    If the terrorist is a Muslim, however, his own explanations – citing dominant interpretations of Islam and the goal of furthering an Islamist revolution – are ignored.

    Instead, he or they are presented as confused, psychologically disturbed individuals; victims of discrimination; or, in short, anything other than ideologically motivated revolutionaries.

    Perhaps the leading “professional” apologist for France in this context is Justin Vaisse. In an article in Foreign Policy, “The ‘New Normal’ in France?” he claims that Mohamed Merah, the Toulouse terrorist, was sort of a Sad Sack character merely seeking to take his fate into his own hands and to emerge as the defender of oppressed Muslims in France. In other words, he’s sort of a combination of a self-help fanatic and a crime-fighting superhero.

    As for France itself, anti-Semitism is supposedly declining.

    There’s no problem, and few major attacks on Jews. Everything is just fine. No need to make changes; no need to demand that Muslims teach tolerance and fight against extremists in their own ranks; no need to provide more protection for Jewish institutions.

    And no need for a real soul-searching about the constant demonization of Israel in the French media and, at times, schools.

    Is this disgusting? Yes, and it’s also dangerous. The subhead on the article tells us the Toulouse attack is merely “a banal and fading version of extremism.”

  61. Rubin continues…

    I have listened in France to discussions among Jews over what parts of their cities were safe to live in and which ones were dangerous. The key factor is whether you are wealthy enough to move away from the threats. I’ve heard Jewish parents discussing the traumatic experiences of their children in the public schools. French Jews are either leaving France or at least buying homes in Israel.

    These people know what’s actually going on in France and other countries.

    Der Spiegel, for example, interviews Daniel Ben-Simon, an expert on the subject who explains there are, “hundreds of anti-Semitic incidents” a year, committed mainly by Arab immigrants. Indeed, the teacher and his two children murdered in Toulouse were French Jews who had emigrated to Israel until he had been persuaded to return to France to work in the school.

    So while we will be told to listen to Vaisse and such people, these reassuring lies have nothing to do with reality. Yet this is not just a matter of misinformation.

    Such falsehoods encourage governments and institutions not to prepare, not to change their ways, not to learn from bloody experience.

    And that means there will be more such tragedies, as well as hundreds of other incitements to anti-Semitism, blood libels against Israel, and acts of anti-Jewish hatred that you will never hear about. Hiding the truth only ensures that the problem grows and the tragedies are repeated.

    Rubin makes his agenda clear right at the beginning. He wants more attention to be paid to jewish interests in Europe. He is trying to indict the French and mass media for not caring as much about the best interests of jews as the jews do. Meanwhile, Rubin himself shows concern only for the well-being of the jews living in Europe, not for the threats to the safety of Europeans.

    The article Rubin holds out as an example of whitewashing and lies is Le Nouveau Normal – By Justin Vaïsse | Foreign Policy. Israel is not even mentioned, much less blamed for anything. What Vaisse argues is completely in line with the typical judeo-liberal media’s usual downplaying of the consequences of muslim immigration. He paints the attacker as an isolated individual who only happens to be non-White. To the extent such things are even reported the same is done when jews misbehave.

    As the Merah incident demonstrates, and Rubin’s reaction confirms, Whites are the group that gets blamed as a group, whether we are involved or not.

  62. All jewish punditry serves the same purpose: “How can we make the civilized world more comfortable for jews and more amenable to jewish domination”?

    There are, of course, going to be disagreements regarding means. The problem (we can call it the “parasite’s dual mandate problem”) is that any optimal long term strategy must take into consideration the health of the host. A dead or severely weakened host is of no use to the parasite. But a host with a really healthy immune system is even more dangerous. Thus, every article in jewish punditry space can be mapped onto a single axis, titled “How much more (if at all) do Whites need to be gelded?”

    If a jewish pundit is worried about Islam (or black or hispanic aggression), then he thinks Whites have been properly spayed and neutered for now (though of course they always need to be monitored). Some (like Auster) think the Whites have become so pathetic that their dysfunction can be safely rolled back, while the prodigious jewish power already achieved can be safely consolidated (Profit-Taking 101).

    The other kind of jewish pundit fears in his heart how quickly Whites can get their balls back, and thinks the gelding has a ways to go yet.

  63. Israel confirms questioning Toulouse terrorist in 2010 – Israel News, Ynetnews, 26 March. (Mention of this has been restricted mainly to jewish media.)

    French security boss denies Toulouse killer was a police informer – World – NZ Herald News, 30 March.

    France Islamist raids net 19 arrests of suspected radical Muslims by police commandos | News | National Post:

    Some of Sarkozy’s opponents branded the arrests a public relations stunt, with Steeve Briois, the general secretary of the far-right National Front, calling the raids “an electoral manoeuvre”.

    “The ’big haul’ made overnight by the DCRI and the RAID — the elite police unit that shot Merah — doesn’t fool anyone,” he said in a statement.

    “Waiting for the horror of the Toulouse killings to start taking action shows the cynicism and opportunism of Nicolas Sarkozy.”

    But Interior Minister Claude Gueant said there was no reason beyond security for the arrests.

    “These are people who on the web… claimed support for a radical extremist ideology, for an ideology of combat,” he told journalists.

    Still in the news because it’s about those poor jews.

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