Jews Override Hagel Veto

Well, well. Previous reports of Chuck Hagel’s political death were greatly exaggerated.

A Hagel Education, published on 7 Jan 2013 by WSJ:

President Obama on Monday chose Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon, inviting a confirmation brawl over a troubling nominee. The Senate should oblige. The Hagel hearings are an opportunity to have the debate over Mr. Obama’s policies and a growing world disorder that we didn’t have in the election campaign.

The suggestion that the Senate has more of a say about US policy than the jewish lobby is quaint. After nearly a month in which one or more of the terms “jewish lobby”, “Israel lobby”, and “Israel” appeared in nearly every mainstream media op-ed about Hagel, this WSJ report is most conspicuous for not mentioning any at all, even if only to acknowledge what has already transpired. It is indicative of an overall shift in the debate.

But no one questions Mr. Hagel’s patriotism and military service. What matters at the top of the Pentagon, at this moment in history, is how he would deal with today’s growing security threats amid Mr. Obama’s desire to withdraw the U.S. from its traditional role of world leadership.

Only now are questions beside what’s best for Israel being brought to the fore. The debate so far has been primarily between jews, their main question being whether Hagel will be good for their ethnostate. That question is still not entirely settled. What has been settled is that this is the primary question. It’s not about what should matter most to the US Department of Defense, which many Americans still like to imagine has something to do with the defense of the United States. Likewise, it’s not about whether the US should “lead the world”, which is just a sick and dishonest way of describing the killing and dying US soldiers have been and will continue doing to keep the world safe for jews.

WSJ’s Brett Stephens is the journalist-warrior jew who set the jew-centric tone of the subsequent debate with his 17 Dec 2012 op-ed, Chuck Hagel’s Jewish Problem. Now he’s making the case that the question is Chuck Hagel’s Courage, but still can’t help give away the game:

But give Mr. Hagel this: When it comes to expressing himself about Israel, its enemies, and the influence of the so-called Jewish lobby, he has been nothing if not consistent and outspoken. Maybe that’s political courage. Or maybe it’s a mental twitch, the kind you can’t quite help. The confirmation process should be illuminating.

It has already been illuminating. It will be even moreso if the confirmation process makes more jews twitch like Stephens.

Not every jew has decided to shift gears yet. Some are still twitching in response to Stephens initial hit piece. In The tarring of Chuck Hagel published by The Washington Post yesterday, Richard Cohen writes:

I thought the day had long passed when a skeptical attitude toward this or that Israeli policy would trigger charges of anti-Semitism. The accusation is so powerful — so freighted with images of the Holocaust — that it tends to silence all but the bravest or the most foolish. Israeli policy of late has been denounced by some steadfast champions of the Jewish state — the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman or the New Republic’s Leon Wieseltier, for example — so being caustically critical is hardly evidence of anti-Semitism. Rather, it can be a sign of good judgment, not to mention a caring regard for the aspirations of Zionism.

The article that implied Hagel was a touch anti-Semitic was headlined “Chuck Hagel’s Jewish Problem” and suggested that Hagel’s statement that “the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here” in Congress had “the odor” of prejudice. A PC sort of guy might have put things more delicately: If there is an odor here, however, it is not the rancid stench of anti-Semitism but instead of character assassination.

This is typical of what passes for “caustic criticism” in jewish minds – jews gnashing their teeth at other jews about who is the better jew. Two jews might appear to be arguing vociferously, but note how their language never gets more venomous than when they talk about “anti-semitism”, their common cause eventually bubbling to the top, overriding all others.

The sad reality that contemporary political discourse is so dominated by jews and their concerns didn’t just happen. It is the product of a long slogging effort by jews. A process by which anyone jews perceive as an enemy is pathologized and demonized, and thereby cowed or marginalized, if not utterly silenced. When a jew cries, “X has a jewish problem”, it’s a call for jews to pounce on X.

Chuck Hagel is the most recent example of how this “jewish lobby” process works. If he makes the right combination of sufficiently subservient gestures, acknowledging and accepting jewish domination without calling further negative attention to it, then he might get the job. If not, he won’t.

Now with the ground well prepared it’s safe to get back to the old Red-vs-Blue again, to act as if jews don’t have power, and move on. For example, here’s David Brooks in Why Hagel Was Picked, published on 7 Jan 2013 by

Chuck Hagel has been nominated to supervise the beginning of this generation-long process of defense cutbacks. If a Democratic president is going to slash defense, he probably wants a Republican at the Pentagon to give him political cover, and he probably wants a decorated war hero to boot.

All the charges about Hagel’s views on Israel or Iran are secondary. The real question is, how will he begin this long cutting process? How will he balance modernizing the military and paying current personnel? How will he recalibrate American defense strategy with, say, 455,000 fewer service members?

How, in short, will Hagel supervise the beginning of America’s military decline? If members of Congress don’t want America to decline militarily, well, they have no one to blame but the voters and themselves.

One reason jews won’t openly acknowledge their political power is because they realize it’s fundamentally dishonest and illegitimate – made possible by the vast majority of people not recognizing it for what it is. This is the threat Stephens was sniffing out in the loose talk from an uppity goy senator about the “jewish lobby”. What’s weighing on Brooks’ mind is related. If and when anything goes wrong jews can be counted on to blame anyone but jews. Brooks is looking to the future, anticipating this eventuality.

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  1. One reason jews won’t openly acknowledge their political power is because they realize it’s fundamentally dishonest and illegitimate – made possible by the vast majority of people not recognizing it for what it is.

    Not to mention treasonous and genocidal.

  2. As I’m sure you are aware, a Lew has been named treasury secretary–Jacob his name. This promotion no doubt in an effort to create a pleasant ethnic symmetry with those already in charge of the FRB and FDIC. Before we know it there will probably be Lews running Goldman Sachs.

    This country has been good for the Lews. Very good indeed.

  3. Has Kirk’s Office Been Running a Secret Anti-Hagel Campaign?:

    A top aide to Sen. Mark S. Kirk, R-Ill., has been distributing anti-Chuck Hagel emails to a large, undisclosed listserv of staffers — including Democrats — beginning as early as Dec. 20, according to the more than a dozen emails obtained by CQ Roll Call.

    Richard Goldberg, a deputy chief of staff in Kirk’s office who also focuses on foreign policy issues, has been sending as many as three emails a day to the list, which CQ Roll Call confirmed includes reporters, Republican policy staffers and some Democrats. The emails typically include links or text of articles that cast Hagel — a former Republican senator from Nebraska and President Barack Obama’s secretary of Defense nominee — in a negative light.

    Goldberg, lol.

  4. Philip Weiss, The antiwar president gets support from the new Israel lobby:

    When David Frum said that Chuck Hagel was qualified to serve in the State Department’s Near East Affairs bureau, it was an ethnic crack. He was saying, Hagel is an isolationist and an “Arabist,” of the sort Bill Kristol thought he had successfully purged from the Republian Party. Hagel does seem like a throwback to the James Baker realist school. He doesn’t seem like a philo-Semite. He’s a midwestern Catholic, not particularly sophisticated.

    Yet a large portion of the Israel lobby will embrace him. Why are liberal Zionists from Peace Now to J Street to Peter Beinart embracing Hagel? What does this mean for the lobby? Liberal Zionists are supporting Hagel because they know that the traditional Israel lobby, or Status Quo Lobby, has helped to destroy Israel. Peter Beinart, who spoke on behalf of Hagel on NPR yesterday morning and on Chris Matthews last night, wrote a book saying as much: the only way to save the Jewish state is to oppose the rightwing pro-Israel groups in the United States who have allowed Israel to devour the West Bank.

    Translation: jews obsessed with what’s best for Israel on both sides.

    Read the Bill Kristol link too, unsophisticates:

    When Kristol gave the self-congratulatory riff from which I’ve gotten my headline—about how all the elements hostile to Israel inside the Republican Party were purged over the last 30 years – no one dared to question the power of the Israel lobby.

    It’s amazing how powerful a lobby that doesn’t exist can be.

  5. “Israel’s precious political capital is being squandered in hysterical Hagel war”

    LOL – because Jews have so little political influence to spread around these days!

    They have so much power in Washington D.C. that they can afford to spend their days debating whether or not their puppet-politicians are anti-semitic.

    These assholes in Washington must be gluttons for punishment. Every election cycle and political appointment is like running the gauntlet for them. The gentile that can grovel fastest to the finish line wins the election!

    Remember Hagel, slow and steady wins the race.

  6. In Mr. Hagel and the Jews hyper-jew Elliott Abrams gives two hyper-jewish reasons why Hagel cannot be US Secretary of Defense:

    1) Hagel once said “let the jews pay” for some facility in Israel.

    2) Some number of jews living in Nebraska don’t like Hagel.

  7. Why the Jewish panic over Chuck Hagel | Washington Times Communities, by Jack Engelhard:

    Jewish voters went big for Obama for the second straight time – so why the amazement? For secretary of defense you expected Herzl?

    Jewish voters are still voting for FDR. We think Roosevelt is still in office. We loved FDR even though he kept the German trains to Auschwitz running and on time.

    We produce scientific geniuses like Einstein and everyone listens to Einstein. Few listened to Ze’ev Jabotinsky when, in the 1930s, he implored his brethren to…

    “Vacate Europe before Europe vacates you.”

    . . .

    We remember Balaam’s prophecy about us in the Hebrew Bible, that we are “destined to dwell alone among the nations.”

    We remember the ship St. Louis and how its refugees were turned back from port to port, as even FDR turned deaf to the desperate passengers.

    When Canada was asked how many Holocaust refugees it would accept the Mackenzie King government responded, “None is too many.”

    We remember this is our bones.

    We fear anti-Semitism. We know it can happen any time, any place, because it has already happened every time, nearly every place.

    This explains why we fear Chuck Hagel even though Chuck Hagel is no anti-Semite (as some have charged). I say this for the record, conditionally. No one merits that label recklessly and I always favor benefit of the doubt. But I also need to explain why we fear his remark when he said, “The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people.”

    We have heard this before and those who are too young to remember “those days” remember it in their genes, in their DNA.

    We have heard this from Pharaoh to Hitler, that we are too powerful — and we know what comes next.

    This isn’t fear. It’s bullshit. Engelhard could listen to Jabotinsky and be with his own kind in Israel. Instead he chooses to live among people he claims to fear.

    Europeans have heard this one-sided guilt-trip from jews for millenia, “We are destined to dwell among your nations and control your governments, you crazy rotten “anti-semites”!” — what comes next is a brutal bolshevist police state where “anti-semitism” is a capital offense.

    It’s in their bones, in their DNA.

  8. Does Chuck Hagel Have a ‘Jewish Problem’?, by Jeffrey Goldberg, at Bloomberg:

    As if life in Washington wasn’t dispiriting enough, we must now get ready for a bruising fight over whether former Senator Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s nominee as the new secretary of defense, has a ‘Jewish problem.’

    Does This Comment Make Chuck Hagel a Philo-Semite?, Jeffrey Goldberg, at The Atlantic:

    The former Republican senator from Nebraska, described by conservative Republicans and Jewish critics as “antagonistic” toward Israel and even as a “borderline anti-Semite” wrote in his 2008 book America; Our Next Chapter that any U.S. president is required “to engage actively in the dangerous and politically risky business of peacemaking. We know that a peace settlement will not happen if the parties are left to their own devices.”

    However, Hagel added, “there is one important given that is not negotiable: a comprehensive solution should not include any compromise regarding Israel’s Jewish identity.”

  9. As Chuck Schumer goes, so goes Chuck Hagel, Manu Raju and Maggie Haberman,

    When news broke over the weekend that Hagel was poised to get the nomination, senior Democrats made clear that the White House would have to work to unite their conference — namely over Hagel’s positions over Israel. And Republicans made clear that Israel would be a flash point in the confirmation proceedings.

    “If there’s one issue that will almost always get unanimous support, or pretty darn close, it’s support for Israel,” said Sen. Mike Johanns, a fellow Nebraska Republican and longtime friend of Hagel’s. “He needs to explain what his own words mean.”

    Politico buried this on page 3. As with the recent presidential election debates, it seems unlikely there will be any public “flash point” over the primacy of Israel. The big jews will get their grovelling assurances from Hagel in private. The little jews will get it via relatively down-low notes like Goldberg’s.

  10. “However, Hagel added, “there is one important given that is not negotiable: a comprehensive solution should not include any compromise regarding Israel’s Jewish identity.”

    Imagine if this were rephrased:

    However, Hagel added, “there is one important given that is not negotiable: a comprehensive solution should not include any compromise regarding America’s white identity.

    That’s how easy it is to imagine American politics without Jewish influence.

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