A Reminder to HBDers and Race Realists

A comment to Steve Sailer’s Smith student in trouble for liking boys:

Michael said…

People telling Jews they can relax now since we’ve “won” remind me how easy it is for victory to lead to relaxation and then defeat. Yes, Jews are now the establishment, and it’s tempting to feel we can relax now, but that’s especially when we have to be most on our guard. Historically, victory is usually followed by softening and defeat. It’s only Jewish paranoia – one of the healthiest, strongest, and most positive of Jewish instincts. The lack of understanding gentiles have for this powerful instinct betrays a fatal weakness in their character and sheds some light on why they ultimately didn’t have what it takes to retain power – and an exceptionally tough and enduring will to victory that has a chance of sparing Jews from this historical pattern.

Comments on this site never fail to remind me of how dangerous the temptation to relax really is. I have no doubt if Jews did relax, guys like the hideous and creepy “agnostic” would immediately crawl out of the woodworks with their festering resentments and Jews would once again be banned from country clubs and similar places.

Fact of the matter is, we are dealing with whites, Aryans if you prefer, who have historically been the most virulently racist genetic group in history. All groups are racist, but none as virulently as European whites. It’s probably a genetic character trait but if you compare historical racist attitudes it is clear as day that no other race or civilization equals white Europeans. Even modern day white Western self-hatred, which although helped along by the Jews is an essentially white European construct, is a kind of racism in reverse! It’s the same need to demonize and hate an entire people that seems genetically white, just this time directed inward! Even the white attempt to get away from racism ends up being just racism in reverse, its surreal! It would be comic if it wasn’t so sad. Orwell said that Western Communism was just nationalism attached to another group, and its the same with Western anti-racism – it’s just racism attached to one’s own group.

The Muslims noted the Crusaders inability to treat any other race as equals. We are not dealing with a mildly racist people like the Chinese or the Arabs, with whom perhaps Jews might be able, over time and in the right cultural climate such as exists in the secular West today, to relax their guard.

9/19/13, 11:07 AM

This is a good example of how jews argue. Whites are condemned first for not being “racist” enough, for not having the instincts of jews. Then also for being too “racist”, for supposedly exceeding the jews at demonization and hate. The hypocrisy and contradictions are beside the point. The point is to condemn Whites, as a race, in direct contrast to jews.

This is a reminder that jews are 1) acutely aware of the reality and importance of race, and 2) see themselves as racially distinct from and at odds with Whites.

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  1. “Racism”, in my view, is a very healthy sense of ethnocentrism/xenophobia, a very adaptive survival instinct. Its unfortunate that Whites are not more “racist” as the commenter contends. I do agree that Jewish paranoia is a powerful asset for them, and non-paranoia (normal psychology) has turned out to be a great weakness for Whites in our current predicament. I think the commenter misses the mark on the assertion that anti-racism is in fact another form of xenophobia/ethnocentrism directed against Whites. I tend to think that its more along the lines of the Puritan trait of getting pleasure from castigating others who have violated moral codes. I do appreciate that the commenter is honest and upfront about the White vs Jew struggle for dominance within society, with Jews dominant at present (if Jews did become lax it wouldn’t be to their benefit).

  2. Good God. This YID is rabid.
    Insane. Posessed of the Devil.
    And ENVIOUS…

    of not being White.
    – Fr. John+

  3. “The Muslims noted the Crusaders inability to treat any other race as equals.”

    The white Europeans enslaved by their North African masters noted that their servitude was that of working to death faster than could be at the quickest method of the time replaced in all possibile ways.

    The Tibeteans noted in the whole 20th century that Commie China’s inability to stop expanding their empired at all costs, even going into genociding thousands of Tibeteans.

    The Africans noted Ghandi’s inability to accept themselves as equal to even the darkest Indian.

    The Palesteinians noted the Israeli’s inability to treat all goyim as any equals, esp. those on the West Bank and Siani.

  4. This commenter strikes me as by a non-jewish troll, but regardless he captures well how jews think.

    Yeah, I thought it was parody, too. It’s often hard to articulate the whys of sorting troll vs. not, but part of it usually comes down to tone-deafness; Jews are usually pretty good at tailoring their bullshit to their audience (or at least, trying to). That’s why their arguments change so profoundly by venue.

  5. Jews are usually pretty good at tailoring their bullshit to their audience (or at least, trying to). That’s why their arguments change so profoundly by venue.

    Right, I’d go so far as to say a real jew would never bother defending the proposition “The temptation for jews to relax is dangerous!”, especially in a public blog post comment–or really, at all: most jews just accept the proposition as axiomatic, and save their mental energy for the mor eimportant task of obscuring the chain of thoughts and actions that may lead back to it. I’ve noticed jews typically never broach topics that they (should) have a bad conscience about, and in fact sense and deflect such arguments well in advance and in the subtlest of ways. Chess-like skill matched with a cheshire grin.

  6. You both make good points, but Michael’s comment seems to me just a condensed, blunter version of Stephen Steinlight on Jewish Power and Interests. Jews do occasionally lose their cool (see for example the short Steinlight letter quoted in The Hagelcaust: Confirmed) and I think Michael was exasperated by exactly what he said he was: a string of hopelessly naive comments in previous posts wishing jews would just lighten up. It’s a tone Sailer has long set, and I don’t think he’s trolling either.

  7. Actually “Micahel” is spot on when he points out that whites are the most virulent and violent racists in the world. the hard data shows it, and isn’t data what its all about? HBDers have no problem waving statistics about say black crime. Why are they upset when someone points out white criminality -like the murder of six million Jews, and that’s just for starters. Add in another several million “subhuman” or “part Asiatic” Slavs along with Gypsies etc and you have a good statistical package showing the true character of many whites. Michael is just dealing in “realism”..

    As “race realists” never tire of saying, we are only giving the statistics and history.” Well, even-steven. They can’t wave about the usual statistics demonizing the perennial “race enemy”, then hypocritically want to “turn off the mike” when someone points to the other side of the coin..

  8. Troll, or earnest expression of the judaized elite’s anti-White ideology?

    The hard data shows it

    The jewish version of “history” is the antithesis of hard data.

  9. Not quite on topic, but last time I visited Sailer’s blog he was writing about ‘white guys like Bloomberg.’

    That’s after two decades of so-called race-realism.

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