Angry Asians Moralizing to Whites about Race and Religion

Christians arrrooksame – too White, too “racist”.

Evangelical Racism Is Not a Growth Strategy, W. Anne Jah, – Room for Debate, 27 Oct 2013:

A recent open letter to the Christian evangelical church, signed by a wide array of Asian-American scholars and Christian practitioners, complained of numerous racially offensive incidents in evangelical circles. In yet another sign of callousness, Asian-Americans were initially told, in effect, to “get over it.” Instead, it is U.S. white Christians who must “get over” their whiteness and their failure to see the already changed face of Christian faith.

If U.S. evangelical Protestant churches – now 81 percent white, according to 2012 Pew research – hope to become a more diverse representation of all the people of God, they must respond more positively to constructive criticism like that in the recent open letter.

But persistent use of derogatory racial stereotypes by many white evangelical churches continues to surface in a variety of ways, among leaders, at religious events, in church practices and, painfully often, in church curricula.

It is the conceit of religious white racism to presume that one’s evangelicalism transcends racial and cultural identities, making such “worldly” labels no longer important. The letter reminds church leaders that those identities still matter. White evangelical Christians must stop clinging to an alibi of color-blindness and recognize that vibrant growth within “their” churches has much to do with nonwhite members’ views of them.

“Let us angelic asians into your churches and tell you how to run them, you lying, evil Whites!”

Many Whites, and especially Christians, fancy themselves blind to race. It isn’t fooling asians, who are instead following the jewish example, proclaiming how different they are from Whites, whining loudly about how offended they are at not being treated to a different, better standard by “racists”.

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  1. Yeah, it’s a laugh (or would be if it weren’t a tragedy) how CONservatism’s favorite immigrants are turning out to be a disappointment. Voting as a racial block and all. Anti-racism is a code word for you-know-what, and Conservatism’s practice of not only refusing to acknowledge that reality, but in fact not giving a shit about it because it isn’t relevant to their current money-grubbing is what makes them history’s greatest losers. The corrupt political movement that presided over the destruction of Western civilization. Along with their Liberal partners the biggest war criminals in history.

  2. Hmn, where’s the angry chink outburst against the jews? Percentage wise, I would expect there are more Chinese/Jewish marriages than Chinese/Christian marriages. There were 2 mixed couples I can recall from our former church. Meanwhile, one reads of Jewish/Asian couples everywhere. Where’s the complaining about Jewish racism?

    In the meantime, I’m homeschooling because the thousands for private school were killing us economically, and the school was growing more racially “diverse” each year. The local public schools are about 65% non-White – and most of that is Asian.

    There are at least half a dozen large churches around here prominently proclaiming their Asian identity. Obviously, they had to start their own churches, poor things, because all we
    Christians were just so evil and excluded them from the dozens and dozens of White churches around here.

    By the way, Tan, I notice Vanishing American is posting again, but she only has google or open ID posting. I won’t sign up for google and I’d rather not post openly (although I do use my real name). If you have any way to contact her, I’d really appreciate it. I’d like to comment there occasionally, but can’t/won’t as it stands. Many thanks.

  3. Well, it seems that the Asians in that statement are expressing a kind of “kinism,” which is vilified as ‘racist’ by the pharisaical multicult Christians. Nobody among that group will see the irony. And more ironic is the fact that the Asian Christians are closer to the truth on nationality and Christianity than are most Christians these days, which shows how far off the mainstream churches are, with their globalist universalism.

    @Sheila – I have taken note of the comment issues and I’ll adjust it accordingly. I wouldn’t want to keep you from commenting.


  4. Tan –
    There’s an interesting piece up at Steve Sailer’s site about the guy(s) responsible for “Common Core.” They’re also currently redesigning the SAT and the AP curriculum. They’re both very Jewish. You might want to take a look/report on this. There are still too many who haven’t caught on to what a racket college is today, and how much all of “higher ed” is Jewish-run and just another co-opting of institutions initially created by/for Whites.

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