Anti-White is Not Code for Anti-Jew

Embedded in Gawker’s snarky White Man March Happens, Nobody Cares I found this twit:

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one, which captures one of the major themes of the hostile reaction to the White Man March, reduces to just two – anti-White whine. However, with just a little work I thought it could help prove a point:

Sure enough, I touched a nerve:

Brian Stuart describes itself as a dangerous fat activist, humorless feminist and pedantic liberal. He has produced a series of similar cartoons, all crying out for noses.

If anything illustrates the jewish origin of the anti-White zeitgeist, it’s right here. As anyone can see, all it takes to turn humor into hate is to mistake jews for Whites.

6 thoughts on “Anti-White is Not Code for Anti-Jew”

  1. That’s very well done. What’s astonishing is not his hypocrisy, which of course is mere sea water to these fish, but how unselfconscious he is to its illumination.

    “He he ho ho whites suck. Har har.”

    “Jews suck too…haha”

    “Fuck you hate-filled bigot!”

    It’s quite remarkable.

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