Secure America, For Israel


The twits at Secure America Now are pumping out judeo-con double-talk: America must support Israel defending itself!

Institute for Policy Studies provides some “left-wing” jewish insight into SAN:

Secure America Now (SAN) is a hawkish advocacy group founded in 2011 by pollsters John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell. The group produces political ads and policy analyses in an effort to “inject national security issues into the public dialogue.”[1] A high-profile “member” of the group is Devon Cross, a longstanding neoconservative activist who has supported a number of militarist advocacy initiatives, including the Project for the New American Century.[2]

Secure America Now has been criticized for attempting to mask a right-wing, “pro-Israel” agenda with misleading claims about bipartisanship. For instance, in a report about a poll it released in July 2011 that purported to demonstrate that Jewish Americans were abandoning the Democratic Party, the Washington Post’s Plum Line reported, “Republicans are touting yet another poll that purports to predict the end of the Jewish allegiance to the Democratic Party. Citing a new poll by Republican John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell, the GOP’s favorite ‘Democrat,’ they have convinced themselves that this time, Obama really is in trouble among Jewish voters.”

The pro-Israel agenda is bipartisan. “Left-wing” organizations ordinarily mask it. What makes SAN “right-wing” is that it doesn’t. SAN also makes no attempt to explain how “standing with Israel” helps “Secure America Now”. To do so would mean acknowledging that 1) the jews run America, 2) they care far more about Israel than America, and 3) SAN exhortations to “stand with Israel” and “stop Iran” are about signaling a willingness to serve the jews, not Americans.

Predictably, such obsequiousness amuses the jews.