Julius Evola: “the ‘British Empire’ was a creature of Judaism”


The significance of the bone of contention over jewish rule of Britain first came to my attention in Majority Rights Radio: Guessedworker speaks with Tanstaafl, and especially in the comments at MR afterward. Months later I came across the issue again in Yockey on Culture and Race – Part 8 and Part 9.

The “British” Empire is one of those elements of European history which resonates very strongly in the European psyche. Racialists tend to see it as an expression of Anglo-Saxon greatness. The jews have turned it into a cornerstone of their guilt-tripping about colonialism. Neither view accords with reality. The jews puppeteered the empire at the expense of Britons, just as today they puppeteer the colonization of Britain itself.

Evola’s assessment, excerpted below, was written in 1940, at which point jewish parasitic infiltration and manipulation of Britain (from the top) was clear enough. Evola’s discussion of the precise who and how provides a welcome contrast to Yockey’s jew-blind account in 1948. Indeed, the false notion that Britons ruled Britain then, and even now, prevails exactly because the jews still rule.

Disraeli the Jew and the Empire of the Shopkeepers:

We know that, wherever economic interests predominate, the Jew rapidly rises and accedes to the commanding positions. The penetration of Judaism into England is not a thing of recent days alone. It was the English Revolution and Protestantism which threw open England’s doors. The Jews, who had been expelled by Edward I in 1290, were readmitted to England as a result of a Petition accepted by Cromwell and finally approved by Charles II in 1649. From this time forward, the Jews, and above all the Spanish Jews (the Sephardim) began to immigrate en masse to England, bringing with them the riches which they had acquired by more or less dubious means, and it was these riches, as we have just explained, which allowed them to accede to the centres of command within English life, to the aristocracy and to positions very close to the Crown. Less than a century after their re-admission, the Jews were so sure of themselves that they demanded to be naturalised, that is to say, to be granted British citizenship. This had a very interesting result : the Law, or Bill, naturalising the Jews was approved in 1740. Most of its supporters were members of the upper classes or high dignitaries within the Protestant Church, which shows us the extent to which these elements had already become Judaised or corrupted by Jewish gold. The reaction came not from the English upper classes, but from the people. The Law of 1740 provoked such outrage and disorder among the populace that it was abrogated in 1753.

The Jews now resorted to another tactic : they abandoned their synagogues and converted, nominally, to Christianity. Thus the obstacle was circumvented and their work of penetration proceeded at an accelerated pace. What mattered to the Jews was to keep their positions of command and to eliminate the religious arguments on which the opposition of that period principally rested ; everything else was secondary, since the converted Jew remains, in his instincts, his mentality, and his manner of action, entirely Jewish, as is shown by one striking example among many others : the extremely influential Jewish banker Sampson Gideon, despite having converted, continued to support the Jewish community and was buried in a Jewish cemetery. His money bought for his son an enormous property and the title of Baronet.

This was the preferred tactic of the rich Jews of England from the eighteenth century on : they supplanted the English feudal nobility by acquiring their properties and titles, and thus mixing themselves with the aristocracy, by the nature of the British representative system, they came closer and closer to the government, with the natural consequence of a progressive Judaification of the English political mentality.

from the inception of imperialism on the large scale, what was less apparent was that the ‘British Empire’ was a creature of Judaism, which a Jew had given as a present to the British Royal Crown.

This Jew was Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria’s Prime Minister

Only one Jew could have conceived the idea of ‘reforming’ the conception of Empire and making of it something plutocratic and transforming it into imperialistic materialism. This Jew was Disraeli – ‘Dizzy’ as he was known. It was he who made of Queen Victoria an ‘Empress’, a colonial Empress, the Empress of India. This indefatigable proponent of the English ‘Imperial’ idea modelled his conception upon the Jewish Messianic-imperial idea, the idea of a people whose power consists in the riches of others, over which they take power, and which they cynically exploit and control. Disraeli always attacked very violently those who wished to separate England from her overseas territories, within which, as a Jewish historian has pointed out, Jews were the pioneers. Disraeli knew who it was that sustained this England which in turn was to dominate the riches of the world ; it is possible that he was among those initiates who knew that it was more than a simple British-Jewish plutocracy which was pulling the strings. One recalls those often-quoted words of Disraeli : “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

The prudent and noiseless penetration of Jewry into the English upper classes and into the government itself continued. It was Disraeli who performed the coup upon Egypt in 1875 – with whose help? Rothschild. In 1875, the Khedive had financial worries and Disraeli managed to learn that he was willing to sell 177,000 shares of Suez Canal stock. This was a magnificent opportunity to gain certain control of the route to the Indies. The government hesitated. Rothschild did not. Here is the record of the historic conversation between Disraeli and Rothschild (Disraeli had asked him for four million pounds sterling) : “What guarantee can you offer me?” “The British government.” “You shall have five million tomorrow.” The interest on the loan was ‘extremely low’ ; naturally, the real and important interest of the Jewish clique lay on another and less visible plane …

Disraeli did not fail to make more convenient to the Jews of England their ritual observance. A little-known fact is that the ‘English Saturday’ is nothing other than the Jewish Sabbath, the ritual day of rest of the Jews. It was suitably Disraeli who introduced it to England, under an adequate social pretext.

Thus, as the Judaification of old feudal England was accomplished by diverse means, and as the old aristocracy gradually decomposed and underwent inoculation with ideas which would make it an easy prey for the material and spiritual influences of Judaism and Freemasonry, Disraeli did not forget his other task, that of augmenting and reinforcing the power of the new ‘Empire of Shopkeepers’, the new ‘Imperial Venice’, the reborn Israel of the Promise. This he did in a manner which was just as characteristically Jewish. Disraeli was one of the principal instigators of that sad and cynical English foreign policy by means of ‘protected’ third parties and the use of blackmail, which it pushes to the most extreme consequences. The most striking case is that of the Russo-Turkish War. Disraeli did not hesitate to betray the ancient cause of European solidarity, by placing Turkey under British protection. Turkey, defeated, was saved by Britain ; by use of the well-known ‘English’ method of threats and sanctions, Disraeli was able to paralyse the Slavic advance to the South without a single shot being fired, and a grateful Turkey made him a present of Cyprus. At the Congress of Berlin, the Russian ambassador, Gortshakov, was unable to restrain himself from crying dolorously : “To have sacrificed a hundred thousand soldiers and a hundred million of money, and for nothing!” (*) There is a factor even more serious, from a higher point of view. By virtue of this situation, brought about by Disraeli, Turkey was admitted into the community of the European nations protected by so-called ‘International Justice’. We say ‘so-called’ because, until that time, far from being held to be valid for all the peoples of the world, this justice was held to be valid uniquely among the group of the European nations ; it was a form of recourse and of internal law for Europeans. With the admission of Turkey, a new phase of international law began, and this was truly the phase in which ‘justice’ became a mask and its ‘international’ character became a ruse of ‘democracy’, for it was simply an instrument in the service of Anglo-Jewry, and subsequently of the French also. This development led to the League of Nations, to crisis, and to actual war.

UPDATE 20 Sep 2018: The original link from which the excerpts above were taken is down. The new link says this about the original source:

‘L’Ebreo Disraeli e la costruzione dell’impero dei mercanti’ (‘Disraeli the Jew and the Empire of the Shopkeepers’) was published in September 1940 in Vita Italiana. Like the two other articles by Evola on Judaism which appear on this site, it is also included in the anthology ‘Il “Genio d’Israele” – L’Azione distruttrice dell’Ebraismo’ (‘The Genius of Israel – The Destructive Action of Hebraism’) (Il Cinabro, 1992).

15 thoughts on “Julius Evola: “the ‘British Empire’ was a creature of Judaism””

  1. Tan;

    Thanks for reprinting this article by Evola here, and also for the link to the original. I read this with great interest especially since real history that includes the (powerful) influence of our Jewish manipulators is difficult to come by. Having been so successful in bleeding Britain of its resources, the Jews are now destroying its host with gusto through the use of unbridled immigration from Middle Eastern nations (Pakistan, especially) and blacks from various former African colonies. Gang rape of White girls is rising at an incredible rate in Britain and here in the US Obama has just had his immigration “reform” bill passed by tying it to funding of “Homeland Security” (funny how that rings of the German “Heimatsland”), so we can expect similar problems in the near future as we become a smaller minority here in the US.
    The Australian government has just told its gun owners that self-protection is no longer an “excuse” for owning a gun, and they can only be owned by licensing along with membership in a gun club and only for as long as the “gun owner” is active in that club. No doubt we will be in for the same legislation here in the future as well.
    At this point in time our people are only about 10% of the world’s population (and declining) and approaching minority status in their own nations throughout the Western world. It is hard to hold any hope for our people’s survival into the future.

  2. “it is hard to hold any hope”…What twaddle. The Jews are running all their internal and external rackets via the greatest debt Ponzi in history: currently c. $200 trillion worldwide, $80 trillion in America alone; plus another c. $800 trillion in derivative paper. When the debt, the dollar, and the derivatives blow up, the Jews will have to go to direct, massive violence. Brits, Aussies, and others may have given up their guns to the JewState, but scores of millions of Americans have not and a few million already see what’s coming. And don’t tell me about the “military” and the “police”; the Enforcers will have more than they can do to keep control of the ethno-cities, will fail to do so and then fragment, and then the Jews’ own group entitlements will (literally) devour the urban Jews and finally each other. Overall, I’d rate the prospects for White survival quite a bit higher than the prospects for Jew survival. By bidding for total power, the international Jew his all but ensured total self-destruction

  3. Revilo Oliver mentioned in his books that the British Aristocracy had intermarried with jewish bankers by the end of the 19th century, the current British Prime-Minister David Cameron is the result of such breeding:


    “His great-great grandfather Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969.[17] One of Emile’s sons, Arthur Levita, was also a stockbroker; he married a cousin of the royal family, Steffie Cooper.[18][nb 2] Sir Ewen Cameron, another great-great-grandfather, was London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank; he played a key role in arranging loans from the Rothschild family to Japan during the Russo-Japanese War.”

  4. WiseCaveOwl: the majority of Americans are oblivious to the Jewish problem and react violently when they hear about it. There has never been a widespread anti-Semitic movement in the United States in spite of unending Jewish aggression and vicious hostility towards Americans (Jews, as we should know, are not Americans, just as they are not Germans, Englishmen, Russians, or Swedes).

    Americans may be divided between republican and democrat, conservatard and libtard, but the overwhelming majority are philosemites. The average American will kill a fellow American before he or she ever touches a kinky hair on a Jew’s head. It’s a long intellectual journey from liberal/conservative to National Socialist/fascist:

    Stage One: Liberal nutcase degenerate (equality, civil rights, kill Whitey, check your cisgender privilege)
    Stage Two: Patriotard moron (liberals are the REAL racists! support Israel! MLK was a conservative patriot!)
    Stage Three: Libertarian misanthrope (leave me alone, feminazis and liberal fascists! technology and capitalism will solve our problems!)
    Stage Four: Paleoconservative egghead (we need to stop policing the world, Hitler did some good things but was still wrong, Jews are kind of a nuisance, what happened to the Church?)
    Stage Five: Neoreactionary (Jews suck but Whites are the real problem, Islam is cool because it isn’t liberal, let’s bring back the monarchy!)
    Stage Six: National Socialist badass (Hitler was a hero, we’re Aryans, this is our land, untermenschen GTFO or reap the whirlwind)

    Most Americans simply won’t survive that journey, but anything short of Stage Six simply won’t do. When their goal is White genocide, we can in no way compromise with them.

  5. holocaust survivors gone wild:

    Very cogent comments, and true as of the present.

    But intellect is overrated in a warfare situation. While my reading of German history of 1933-45 is incomplete, near as I can guess Hitler and NSDAP changed very few minds at the start. Only in taking power and managing media did Hitler’s techs persuade enough Germans to react emtionally as though they were at war. They responded rapidly after that. And it took a guy who had literally been a starving artist to see that war can be waged via money supply alone.

    This is a strange subject for most Americans because we are complicit. An uncle was in army special forces from 1942 till the Occupation was up and running. In a throwaway comment to me, many years ago, he told me that him and the other translaters main job during “denazification” was to see how many people actually absorbed intellectually (as opposed to emotionally) what the Reich had actually been about. They were just probing to see what civilians during the NS period really found out. Not much, turned out. It was safe to treat the whole thing as an abberation.

    My guess is you are right in the main. White Americans will never have a “national crisis” situation that an American NSDAP can respond to. My guess is they will allow entire regions to fry to keep the ritzy burbs dazed. They will treat them as abberations. Cal Thomas will write essays calling it the Problem of Evil.

    They learned from guys like my uncle, dammit.

  6. The English should stop being ashamed of their empire, as you have shown it wasn’t run by Anglo-Saxons anyway. And I agree with WiseCaveOwl. HSGW ,we all must do our duty and spread the word to those we can trust with the information.

  7. “…Brits, Aussies, and others may have given up their guns to the JewState, but scores of millions of Americans have not and a few million already see what’s coming.”

    – And a great many of those Americans’ guns are registered. So they know (except for those hidden away before the Gun Control Act of 1968) who has them, don’t they? As for “knowing what is coming” yes of course we do. And we have known for decades. And in all those decades through which the government has continually expanded its power, made certain that the same monied oligarchs were “reelected” to power, our industry shipped overseas, given 8 million dollars a day to Israel, empowered blacks to the point that they fear nothing (“knockout game” killing our elderly, flash mobs, harassing Whites at the polls) not a single shot was fired in anger, And none ever will be. You kid yourself about what Americans will do with their guns “when the balloon goes up”. What a laugh that cliche’ is, for if the balloon isn’t considered to have “gone up” by now, what is it going to take?
    I am not supposed to “tell you about the police and military”? The police IS the military now, or a paramilitary branch of it. The police have been armed with everything from MRAP’s to suppressed machine guns and have been raiding American homes (SWAT teams) for petty reasons for the last 40 years. 80% of the towns and counties across America have military weaponry. Perhaps you believe that this was done “to protect Americans from the Arabs” or some such nonsense, but you can be certain that those weapons will be turned against Americans just as they were at Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas. “Fast and Furious” was just the beginning. While that operation backfired on them, the anti-gun agenda here has never stopped. And very soon, military 5.56 ammo will soon no longer be available to civilians. What happens when ammunition keeps getting more expensive and harder (or impossible) to get?

    “the Enforcers will have more than they can do to keep control of the ethno-cities, will fail to do so and then fragment”
    – Why? The American military is nowadays comprised of a mix of races, it is not lily white. Further, it is huge and the US has military bases (more than 800 of them) throughout the world. Even if they are occupied abroad, our loving government has its own huge paramilitary here in the form of “Homeland Security”, the local cops, the National Guard (which was held back from intervening in the Ferguson ordeal, to save the blacks from being hurt) as well as its mercenary contractors (think; “Blackwater”) .
    Lastly, most of the US population is in some way financially dependent on government support for food and housing. The threat of the loss of that alone is enough to cause most of them to turn in their guns if and when they are told to do so. If the 2nd amendment is repealed and legislation similar to Australia’s is enacted here, then confiscation will happen, for no other reason than that those who resist are going to find their homes and property forfeit to the government. You can tell me that that would be too onerous a task for them, but it would only be necessary to “set an example” by persecuting a few in this way and the rest will follow. Americans will “rise up” you say? No, they are too busy trying to pay their cable bills or trying to find a job that pays more than minimum wage. Most Americans are not even aware of the true source of their problems- hell, millions of them (“Christian evangelists”) practically worship Jews and are cheering for a war with Iran. These are the people you think will rebel against government authority?

  8. Holocaust survivor gone wild:

    “Americans may be divided between republican and democrat, conservatard and libtard, but the overwhelming majority are philosemites. The average American will kill a fellow American before he or she ever touches a kinky hair on a Jew’s head. It’s a long intellectual journey from liberal/conservative to National Socialist/fascist”

    You got that exactly right! Thankfully I never had to go through any of the steps that you listed; I was born to a German mother who knew the score on this issue and taught me well.
    Just to listen to her talk about the horrors that the Germans went through during the depression (starvation and beggars everywhere) , the joblessness (but there were no poor Jews!) and the economic miracle that the NS gov’t brought about later… well, it puts a whole new light on the matter for people with an open mind. It certainly gave me a much broader perspective of the situation.

  9. Franz:

    I always thought it might have been the opposite: that Germans knew intellectually that Hitler and the National Socialists were correct about everything they said, but on the other hand, on a deeper emotional level, the National Socialists simply were not in power long enough to radically alter the instincts of the populace.

    The Germans who survived the hellstorm were pretty submissive to their new overlords. There was no widespread German resistance against the occupiers, which is pretty incredible, given the insane crimes the Allies committed. Then again, the far more racially-minded Japanese really didn’t put up a resistance against the Allies either.

    The fiercest German fighters were the Hitlerjugend, the very young who didn’t remember what Weimar Germany was like, and had never been compromised by anything remotely philosemitic or degenerate. More so than even the Waffen-SS, the Hitlerjugend represented the type of man Hitler wanted to create. Unfortunately the Reich just didn’t last long enough for Hitler’s reforms to take root in the German people.

  10. Holocaust Survivors gone wild: Spot on with everything. They were only in power for six years before the war started. And they didn’t need a war in 1939. They (and Italy) were doing fine. The “Western Allies” were still in a depression, and Stalin had sucked his own people dry with the “Black Hole” that is communism and needed some new victims. I think the defeat of Globalism in Spain was the catalyst to tell them that a new world war was necessary to extirpate nationalism from Europe.

  11. FDR wanted war in Europe in 1939:


    Hoover would document his conversations with the various people he met with. An example is provided of Hoover’s meeting with Kennedy on May 15, 1945. Kennedy indicated he had over 900 dispatches which he could not print without consent of the U.S. Government. He hoped one day to receive such permission as it was Kennedy’s intention to write a book that would:

    …put an entirely different color on the process of how America got into the war and would prove the betrayal of the American people by Franklin D, Roosevelt.

    …Roosevelt and Bullitt were the major factors in the British making their guarantees to Poland and becoming involved in the war. Kennedy said that Bullitt, under instructions from Roosevelt, was constantly urging the Poles not to make terms with the Germans and that he Kennedy, under instructions from Roosevelt, was constantly urging the British to make guarantees to the Poles.

    He said that after Chamberlain had given these guarantees, Chamberlain told him (Kennedy) that he hoped the Americans and the Jews would now be satisfied but that he (Chamberlain) felt that he had signed the doom of civilization.

    Kennedy said that if it had not been for Roosevelt the British would not have made this most gigantic blunder in history.

    Kennedy told me that he thought Roosevelt was in communication with Churchill, who was the leader of the opposition to Chamberlain, before Chamberlain was thrown out of office….

    James Forrestal, Under Secretary of the Navy, documented in his diaries a substantially similar conversation with Kennedy.

    From a review of a book by a mainstream Jewish historian:


    For three quarters of a century, scholars have debated President Roosevelt’s role in bringing the United States into World War II. But this book goes far beyond that question: It argues that FDR was the mastermind behind the very war itself. From late 1938, Robert Herzstein writes, Roosevelt’s agents in Europe were busy at work agitating for a total European war to destroy Germany: They incited Poland and Germany against each other, and at the same time more or less bullied Britain and France into supporting Poland. At the same time, the President set up a virtual police state at home, using the HUAC, the FBI, and other government agencies to spy on, harass, and ultimately annihilate the domestic opposition.

    These are startling claims, to say the least, which challenge the fundamental assumptions of most historical writings on World War II. As summarized above, they sound as though they might even be dismissed as kooky conspiracy theories. But the author who makes them is no marginal figure. Robert E. Herzstein, Professor of History at the University of South Carolina and former consultant to the Jewish World Council and the US Department of Justice, has previously written several other acclaimed books on the Interwar-World War II period, including “The War That Hitler Won” (1978, on propaganda) and “When Nazi Dreams Come True” (1982, on Nazi designs for European integration). Most famously, he authored the best-selling “Waldheim: The Missing Years” (1988), which was glowingly reviewed by Simon Wiesenthal (among others) for exposing the Austrian President’s past in the German Wehrmacht. Herzstein is without doubt a respected authority on the subject, and thus we must take him seriously and consider his arguments with care.

  12. It’s a pity Hitler never wrote vol. 3 of Mein Kampf, giving detailed information on what the NSDAP did, and what the results were. Just simple ball-park figures for proportion of GNP taken by Jewish paper-money frauds, and simple figures for amounts wasted on jewish propaganda, would have been revealing.

  13. Small point about the ‘British’ (and no doubt other) empires. The British Empire can be conceptualised as part Jewish, part British. As an approximation, the Jewish part was loot and destruction: consider the opium wars and destruction of the Peking Summer Palace, the Boer wars and gold and diamonds, and aspects of India. I think much of the British part was honourable: railways in India, shipping trade, water and sewage works in Calcutta etc, attempt to introduce honest civil service.
    Probably the same is true of the US: Jews eg made fortunes from the Vietnam War, out of loans to the government at huge real interest, profits from bombs, planes, building bases etc, use of the influx of money to buy up e.g. rented housing for blacks, and offloading the costs onto ordinary Americans and ordinary Vietnamese and the future. But at a personal level many Americans were honest enough, helping out with buildings, infrastructure, education and what have you.

  14. A good comment from (I think) http://8ch.net/pol/res/1428535.html (404 now):

    First it was Egypt. Then Babylon. Then, it was Rome. After that, the Muslims. Then, the Turks. Following the Muslims, they had Spain until 15th century. Then operations shifted to France and especially the Netherlands. I needn’t mention the Italian and German banking houses. After Cromwell reversed 1290 edict in 1648, and especially after Jewish plant William was installed on British throne in 1688, the Jews had influence over Britain. This control was cemented in 1814 when Rothschild made bank off Waterloo. After 1913, with the Federal Reserve created, Jewish power center shifted to USA. in 1917, the Jews took over Russia, and from 1919-1933, they had Germany.

    What nation is next? My money is on CHINA. Beware the yellow peril.

  15. I returned here to link to the Evola piece on the “Empire of the Shopkeepers” & was dismayed to find the page had been “Shut-It-Downed”. Thankfully, this excellent podcast remains, & it will not be so easy to keep Evola’s words off the internet.

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