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  1. I listened to Rich Thomas on RedIce with Lana as well. I found his weak White men argument infuriating and of course unconvincing. Yes, there’s an abundance of addicts, wiggers, lazy couch potatoes etc amongst White Americans but they are, as Dr. Pierce stated, lemmings. They’re largely unthinking, amoral ppl. If/when pro-White leadership were to gain power of gov’t and media most of those same ppl would relatively quickly fall in line like the lemmings they are. That said, I do share Rich’s sentiments of growing tired of the internet activism/education of Whites that seemingly leads us nowhere.

    You and Kyle touched on the growing blame feminism/regain control of our women themes spreading as of late. While there may be some truth in those explanations I see those female issues as being, for the most part, symptoms of the real problem, jews and their unrelenting mind games directed against us. I’ve seen the blame our women/feminism memes at Chateau Heartiste, Daily Stormer and a few others even going so far as to claim, with varying degrees of seriousness, that our womenfolk subconsciously possess a sexual desire for the dark skinned savages of the third world because us White men have grown weak and cowardly. Again, there may be a thread of truth in the idea but I don’t believe that White men are physically any different from our recent or even distant ancestors in terms of physical courage. What has changed is that we have been spiritually and morally prevented from reaching our potential while at the same time every group of non-Whites have been spiritually and morally advantaged and encouraged to act in their best interests and wage war and vendettas against us over imaginary slights. We’re not responsible for this situation, jews are.

    Virtually all of the anti-White ideas, policies, legislation etc of the past century have come from the top down. As you stated, we didn’t vote our way into this and they certainly won’t allow us to vote our way out of it. We have no serious leadership to speak of, no gov’t to petition, no judge to hear our case, no media to give our side a fair shake before the people, we don’t have the time to apply a sort of reverse Fabian march through the institutions, and we’re definitely not going to be sneaky and out-jew the jews. They’re leaving us two options: fight or die. We are living in interesting times. Kai Murros comes to mind.

    Regarding Trump, he’s the shiniest turd in the bowl. Nuff said.

    Your talks with Kyle are nice in that everyone is speaking the same language and little to no time is required to lay foundations.
    Thanks for another great one.


  2. Great stuff Tan.

    There was a good deal of Kyle putting forward provocative thoughts there, that you nicely answered with measured responses.

    The two hour interview is full of concentrated wisdom and goodness, the product of all the time and energy that you have spent on the Jewish Problem.

    I’ll start a transcript post soon on my blog. Stay tuned.

  3. “we didnt vote our way in and cannot vote our way out”
    Very true and echoes sentiments I have expressed myself.

    Just a vent thinking on paper comment.
    Which brings me back to the question I asked. I disagree w/ Kyle’s optimism. We are facing the most crucial point in our existence and his often valid criticisms of the Alt-Right, people who should know better is discouraging. These men are smart and should know better by now. Contrast this with his optimism for the regular folk is confusing. These regular folks who would sooner hate you than stand beside you for our positions on race and jews. Even if they are a step above the rest(the BRA only black crime types) , jews are off limits. Which pisses me of with these alt right heads, they purposely leave the jews out or downplay their role to the point where those who do talk of jewish poison of mocked and called crazy 14/88 hollywood nazis, and that in noway helps anyone.

    We need to wake people up to the jews behind the curtain and while some headway has been made, the amount we need is nowhere near enough to fight back with the necessary reaction.

    Most lemmings are more aligned with israel, sport teams etc than their race. Sure, they show American pride but to them an American is someone here legally, not a racial kinship with Whites. The people who built and fought to secure this land.

    My main point is this: the awakening I think we need to win probably isn’t coming at least not in the time frame I think we have to fight back. This doesn’t mean to stop just increase our intensity.

    The swell of non-Whites decreases our chances of survival by the minute. Will Whites wake up to what we talk about and know to be the problem in enough time to survive? We are losing and have been since at least the late 50’s early 60’s. Our numbers are increasing slowly as the mud people invade quickly. The threshold is fast approaching for survival. Will our numbers be enough? I guess time will tell.

    Im probably not writing this properly or expressing my point.

    I am delighted that people are waking up, but they get snared into the usual Jared Taylor, Alex Jones crap of either not talking about the problem or downplaying and focusing on how much Whites suck. This narrative of Whites being shit sure doesn’t help anyone but our enemies.

    A newbie looking for answers to why Whites are hated so much etc. Basic questions, stumbles upon on alleged pro White site, and finds out these pro Whites are no different, blaming Whites for all the problems in the world and that jewish influence is not that big of a deal. This is a horrible approach. Self improvement is good but taking the approach of your enemies to somehow shame to improve your race is shill behavior or at the very least a confused person who doesn’t understand jewish poison.

    It’s like Scott Roberts has said: all these fools who the alt right praise as gateways to higher truth, we would be better off if the didn’t exist and could come straight to sites like yours or Scotts. This is why they are gatekeepers. To me they hurt more than help, which is why they exist. With all this said where is this pro-White who will speak up for us on the level we need? Not one person anywhere with any amount of influence sides with Whites. If they kind of do they will not name the reason behind all of this. Everybody cowers to the jews.

    Ransdell was great but where is he now that campaign was like two years ago.

    Knowing all this it seems an insurmountable task of winning.

  4. Just heard your podcast.

    I penned this after hearing Firestarter Media, speaking of what I have been saying, outing Bath House Nationalism!
    The ‘New (Alt) Right’ is Nothing Less Than Abrahamic~Marxists (Globalist) Hijacking of Nationalism

  5. Chris Taylor: “These regular folks who would sooner hate you than stand beside you for our positions on race and jews.”

    Regular folks are on our side. They oppose race replacement and would like to live among other White people. They don’t know about the jewish problem. They are ready to hear about it, but that is not something they can learn about and absorb in ten minutes. They have to be told the same message several times. They have to realize that it’s not a far-fetched theory and that many smart people think the jews are the central force behind the race replacement policies.

    Most regular folks would rather stay silent and avoid trouble, but they won’t attack you for defending the White race.

    There is a problem with the leftists, the irregular folks. They are stupid, brainwashed, aggressive loudmouths, and they have nothing to fear from the system. On the contrary, they are a creation of the jewish system. So, it gives them a stronger voice and some influence. Their job is to shut people up, but still, they are only a small minority.

    There is also a problem with people in the administration and in positions of authority. They will help enforce the anti-White policies to avoid trouble to themselves. It doesn’t mean they are deeply convinced it’s a good thing.

    People are not completely coherent, especially when they are under pressure. Even though they want White society to be preserved, they may agree under pressure with the idea that it is unfair not to allow non-white parasites to impose their presence among White people everywhere. They will review their judgment as soon as White Nationalism becomes mainstream.

  6. @ Chris Taylor:

    “Will Whites wake up to what we talk about and know to be the problem in enough time to survive?”

    I can help with this, maybe. Always suspect anyone who brings up a crotch issue.

    20 years of deindustrialization in America was neatly buried by diverting the morons to phony issues like abortion and gay marriage.

    When I hear any sort of sexuality discussed in a political context, I reach for my revolver. It’s always a givaway.

    Kudos to all WNs who saw the attack on our womenfolk for the brainrot it is. Juston is right to point it out. White women are led about by their noses by TV and academia just like the guys.

    “Women sufferage” is more diversion. If voting could change anything they’d make it illegal, so yeah, let’s pretend it would have mattered what is or ain’t between the voters legs.

    Great talk, BTW.

  7. The power jew elites have today is to hold Whites down but they can’t lift other races up (including the jews). Even though 2016 Whites are very sick compared to 1940 Whites, we’re still physically, emotionally and spiritually healthier than all other races.

    Bernie Madoff’s life is good example of jewish power. Madoff said he knew from the beginning he’d get caught and was surprised his scam lasted as long as it did. Jewish power is a scam based on lies, it’s tenuous and resorting to laws against speaking truth is pathetic and won’t last.

    Discovering truth is a pleasurable experience for Whites – truth will win.

  8. I’m not sure what folks you come in conact with. But my interactions are not as positive. They dont see race they see religion. We bez xtian n sheeit, thats all that matters. Oh, and pro Israel. They do think we send too much money in taxes to israel but still think they should get it because “muh greatest ally” “muh holocaust”

  9. @ Chris Taylor —

    I was afraid of that.

    From the founding of the US National Security State in 1947, the Deep State has used sexual issues to cloud all the rest. Whites really ought to demand a real “vigorous public debate” (per our Founders) and not mud-slinging, gossip and frankly repulsive freakishness. This same point was touched on in the Bruce Jenner piece I know. But these are not issues and are no longer even news. (First sex-change operation was a half century ago, proving only that some men still grow up wanting to be eunichs.)

    In the end I guess it’s partly a racial peeve you either see or don’t. Hitler’s fury with Jewish porn was that it exploited people and degraded sex, and as an artist he was offended because Western art has always at least touched on sexuality in healthy ways.

    It is true that the “abortion war” coincided with the (mostly) white breadwinner destruction years. Homes reposessed, futures cancelled, and lives blighted for good. The wife and I were witness to the stupid coathanger rallies a local priest help set up. The borders were collapsing, Asian industries were stealing US patents and our local nitwits were worried about God punishing America for abortion. I kept her from killing a few, but it was close, real close.

  10. I’m not sure what folks you come in contact with.

    Would you say that White people want to be race-replaced and have their children raped by non-whites?

    What is the most effective way to wake people up:

    – Keep repeating that White people agree with the government’s anti-White policies?

    – Keep repeating that most of them disagree with the anti-White policies?

    It’s not just what is most effective. It’s better if we have some concern for the truth. But I think the truth is that White people are not anti-White. The worst problem with Whites is that they can’t believe that the government simply wants them dead. That is because they don’t know about the jews.

  11. “The worst problem with Whites is that they can’t believe that the government simply wants them dead. That is because they don’t know about the jews.”

    This is exactly why I was very resistant to the JQ and actually sought out content that would disprove it. I read “Radical Son” by David Horowitz and “The Secret Knowledge” by David Mamet. Both are basically the same book – jews claiming liberal ideology is the problem, no mention that jew is a race, European is a race, black is a race or that the cultural rot started when diversity was forced on Whites. They claim all our problems can be solved if libs become conservative. That’s the answer, goy. A lot of Whites stubbornly cling to this deracinated specious explanation that comes from intellectuals of a foreign race.

    I don’t know what’s worse, that they want to destroy us or that so many refuse to see that they want to destroy us.

  12. Tan,
    Would you be into doing a show w/ Scott Roberts? If so, I can send you his email. He said he’s game to do one.

  13. great interview. hope to see more from you, tanny. this current year will be way too exciting for you to miss it (by not providing me with awesome new content, lol)

  14. Something to consider —

    During Rich’s Truth Militia days, he often mentioned that his ‘occupation’ centered around Education. Rich has done a full 180 and says his rationale was that he didn’t feel ‘productive’. I have a feeling someone “contacted” him…..if you know what I mean. Especially considering he just had a baby. I believe Rich is protecting his job. It is the only explanation that makes sense. Just as Bob in D.C., says — ‘just stay neutral’ — Rich has gone on the full attack, putting down men who expose the Jew. Which makes zero sense. The idea would be to “do both”. Expose the Jew and expose weak white men all at the same time. It is really rather simple and the fact that he has gone on the full frontal assault just causes me to be very suspicious. It is sad to think about, but very realistic. Feed your baby or beg for scraps.

  15. Some jews pretending to be Conservative are running attack ads, and running them especially in the Southern States of REAL America.

    Just a few of the names behind this jewish PAC, operating under the name, “Conservative Solutions PAC”, when they run their attack ads. WATCH FOR THEM.
    “Another anti-Trump spot complains: “He praised Russian gangster Vladimir Putin.”

    That is a very Jewish complaint, since it is Putin who has thwarted the Zionist-Jew plan to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and create chaos in Syria.

    The following names were reported to the Federal Election Commission as having donated $200 or more to this PAC. Note that there are no donations of less than $50,000. This PAC certainly represents the interests of some very rich people, many of whom are well known to be Jews.

    The name at the top of the list, Paul Singer, is that of a Jewish hedge-fund manager who promotes “gay rights.” Is that really conservative?”.”

    Just a few of the names behind this rich jewish PAC, operating under the name, “Conservative Solutions PAC”, when they run their attack ads, which you really should WATCH FOR. The link has many more.

    NEW YORK, NY 10019 ELLIOTT MANAGEMENT CORP. 11/25/15 $2,500,000
    CHICAGO, IL 60603 CITADEL, LLC 12/14/15 $2,500,000
    MIAMI, FL 33165 06/29/15 $2,500,000
    MIAMI, FL 33137 BRAMAN MOTORS, INC. 06/22/15 $2,000,000
    WALNUT CREEK, CA 94596 ORACLE 06/24/15 $2,000,000
    LAKE WORTH, FL 33460 NOT EMPLOYED 06/08/15 $2,000,000


  16. Here are my thoughts on that article by Roberta Estes. I only skimmed some parts, but overall her points and arguments are sound and correspond with my understanding. There was at least one major sour note, when she writes:

    Our DNA, as humans, is more than 99.% the same. The differences are where mutations have occurred that allow population groups and individuals to look different from one another and other minor differences. Understanding the degree of similarity makes the concept of “race” a bit outdated.

    Actually, the concept of race has everything to do with what she’s talking about, she just euphemizes by using terms like “pedigree”, “ethnicity”, “continental ethnicity”, “population segment”, “regional ethnic DNA”, etc. Estes is probably just trying to say, “I’m not a racist” or “I don’t think race really matters”, but then again, she’s literally made a profession of it. I chalk this bit of nonsense up to the cognitive dissonance created by trying to do genetic science while trying to remain semitically correct. Thanks jews.

    The primary takeaways for racialists:

    1) The coarsest, most visible racial differences, ie. “continental ethnicity”, are also those most reliably detected and easily discerned by DNA analysis, even when present in relatively small quantities.

    2) Such reliable detection also applies to Ashkenazi jew DNA.

    The confusion Estes addresses has to do with the ethnic/national/regional labels used by current commercial tests (due to historic mixing and migration, and because testing companies use different standards).

    Nonetheless it is still possible to distinguish finer-grained genetic differences among Europeans, say, and it is perfectly technically feasible for any sufficiently genetically coherent group to determine their collective signature and use it to definitively distinguish themselves from others. The upshot, in particular, is that jew or any otherwise alien DNA can be detected and excluded.

  17. As mentioned during my discussion with Kyle, here’s a taste of the semitically correct obstruction of ancient DNA analysis in the US – To Study Or Not To Study? For Archaeologists, That Is The Question | Inside Science:

    The spokesperson for the Kumeyaay Cultural Repatriation Committee, Steve Benegas, has previously said the nation should have the right to decide whether the bones undergo any analysis in the future and that the skeletons should be in their possession. He also added that he has little faith in how the University of California has conducted the studying of the bones in the past. “The university has handled this very poorly over the years,” he said in an interview with Wired in 2011, “We have no trust in them. They have treated the remains of our ancestors without respect.”

    White alleges NAGPRA is not being properly enforced since it states bones should be repatriated to their affiliated tribes. White claims these particular bones have not been definitively proven to be from the Kumeyaay Nation.

    “Tribes moved around a lot back then,” explained Galloway, “The fact that you found skeletal material in one area doesn’t necessarily mean it’s from the tribe that currently lives there.”

    Those who currently identify as “Kumeyaay” claim ownership and legal authority over ancient bones, even though their origin is uncertain, and seek to prevent DNA analysis which could very well invalidate their claim.

  18. I’ll make a comment, not about the talk above, but about “Renegade”:

    Kyle Hunt and his friends from Renegade Tribune / Renegade Broadcasting are doing a lot of useful work about WW2, the third world invasion, South Africa, the Jewish problem, and so on. But their conspiratorial nonsense about Breivik (someone else than Breivik might have done the killing), chemtrails, and all the rest is annoying.

    (Yesterday, I watched a tweet exchange between them and Tanstaafl and Alex Linder, but this time, they weren’t arguing that Breivik doesn’t exist. What they criticized was the idea that Breivik’s tactics might actually be effective. It is too violent for their tastes.)

    Conspiracies are a problem. I think our biggest problem today is that jewish activists and our own governments are conspiring against us. But the chemtrail thing is still nonsense.

    I like the way Sinead makes fun of “bathhouse nationalism”, and of the Dailystormer misogynists (for example, in this 3 minute video: The Most Important Video I’ll Ever Make). But at the same time, the Renegade people irresponsibly attack people who are on the same side as them. That is counter-productive.

    At the moment, they even have a jewish troll (named Pat) who is running loose in their comment sections. He said that Scott Roberts, and Shaun Surplus were shills, even though they are part of the Renegade Team. But they won’t ban the obnoxious jew troll. I think some day Kyle Hunt may end up denouncing himself as a shill.

    About gay White Nationalism, I used to think it didn’t matter if there were a few homosexuals among White Nationalists. Now, I think they have too much influence. But that is how things tend to work: small groups of like-minded people are being formed around energetic activists. Each group has its particular subculture. It can be on the gay side, or on the conspiratorial side… So, if we can’t find a group we really like, we must try to start a new one. I guess the more groups there are, the more White Nationalists there will be.

  19. For reference: Tan Staafl on Twitter: “Breivik is a hero, Roof is too, the pity is our race produces too few like them, not too many http://age-of-treason.com/2015/06/23/dylann-raises-the-roof/ @CircusMaximus14″

    I stand by all the points I laid out last year. I would add that two strong and related trends have since emerged which only make racially motivated violence against and by Whites more likely. The top-down anti-White nature of the current regime is becoming more overt, aiding and abetting invasion by non-Whites while psychopathologizing and suppressing even the mildest signs of resistance from Whites. This trend has in turn sparked a bottom-up rise in White racial consciousness, with Whites more quickly and broadly (and correctly) coming to understand that we are officially slated for destruction, with the realization that jews are driving the agenda not far behind.

    The poisonous influence jews have had on White thinking over the past millenia – especially on morality – cannot be overstated. You can go back and scrutinize history to see it, but you don’t need to. The jewsmedia constantly broadcasts more or less overtly in favor of their specific self-interests, especially when acts of violence occur. The debate about the morality and meaning of an event is more important than who exactly the actors are or what exactly they did. It is in this debate that the poisonous anti-White influence of jews is most easy to spot, and once someone sees it as such they become effectively galvanized and innoculated against it.

    To invite others to research and debate the minutiae of each event is at best a more tedious and tendentious route to the same end. Never mind flat earth and chemtrails. At worst this route and the interpersonal drama it feeds can become a form of entertainment, a distraction, an end in itself. That’s what I don’t like about the direction Renegade has gone.

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