Dylann Raises the Roof


What is morality? What is sanity? What is heroism? Let’s start with the last one. The hero is an ancient European archetype, indeed it’s characteristically Aryan:

A hero or heroine is a person or character who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage or self-sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good. . . . Historically, the first heroes displayed courage or excellence as warriors. The word’s meaning was later extended to include moral excellence.

Stories of heroism may serve as moral examples.

Last month Andrew Anglin wrote an article, White Legends: Heroes Ransdell and Heimbach Troll Black Baseball Whiners! Matt Parrot and some other men whose names I don’t know were also there, in public, verbally confronting “yet another ‘racial injustice’ event, wherein a group of crybabies was giving a press conference about how sad it is that Black people get arrested for committing crimes”.

That is heroism. They faced danger and adversity from a position of weakness, displayed courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good. The greater good of their people. White people.

They didn’t make the ultimate self-sacrifice, but nobody has to lose their life in order for their act to be seen as heroic, just as they don’t have to escape with their life in order for some cowardly act to be seen as such. A hero doesn’t have to succeed, though it’s more likely he’ll be remembered if he does. Heroism isn’t a popularity contest. You can be a hero in the eyes of just one person, or nobody, while everyone else sees you as nothing better than an enemy or a troublemaker. This is true of Ransdell, Heimbach, Parrot, the others who accompanied them, and all the Whites who have ever acted in the face of danger in the interests of their race. They are heroes.

A few days ago I wrote a short article, Dylann Goes Through the Roof. I wanted to make just a few simple points, then and now. It was and still is difficult to be sure what happened and why. I think the comment Roof was purported to have made at the time was telling: “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. You have to go.” I think his purported manifesto is in line with that sentiment and fleshes it out. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to speak for himself in court and make it even clearer.

My main purpose in writing was to highlight the broader backdrop, the poisonous influence of the jewsmedia and the miasma of implacable non-White anti-White hostility. To confront this situation I said Whites need positive, unapologetic leaders who understand, even if only intuitively, that White concerns and morality, starting with the very definition of right and wrong, can only be legitimately rooted in what is healthy or unhealthy for Whites, as a group.

I think that was not quite right. I think the problem is that it’s not just leaders but Whites generally who need to understand this, because if they did, then they wouldn’t tolerate anything less from their would-be leaders. I don’t want to tear down those who put themselves forth as leaders. I’m not fit to lead myself. But I do think Whites need to reexamine their values, to think about and get the basics straight. We need, for example, to understand what morality and sanity and heroism really mean. I think the root of the problem lies in our minds, in the general confusion on these elementary concepts. Because Whites think within the limits and using terms which are literally defined by a hostile, parasitic group which is only concerned about it’s own best interests. Blacks are violent and destructive, but it is the jews who define any such understanding as out of bounds, as “politically incorrect” “hate speech”.

When Roof’s manifesto came to light his motives became clearer. Thanks to the internet, even though he was only 21 he apparently understood the basics. He understood enough to make many of the White racialists who have criticized or condemned him look foolish for leaping to the conclusion that he must have been stupid or crazy or evil.

Alex Linder twitted, Roof is a hero. The Holocaust is a giant hoax. Whites are the good guys. Jews are the bad guys. Any questions? #vnnforum and I personally thank Dylann Roof for his sacrifice. I appreciate that he did it to protect my race, which is under genocidal assualt. #hero.

My initial reaction was simple caution, to avoid senseless speculation or condemnation. I have to admit I felt reluctant to think of Roof as a hero. But I think it’s more fitting than condemning him. If he wrote that manifesto and that’s really why he did what he did, then Dylann Roof is a hero. Literally. He faced danger and adversity from a position of weakness, displayed courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good. The greater good of his people. White people.

White racialists can criticize his actions and argue about whether this actually was his purpose, or whether he helped or harmed that purpose. But that is the measure, the moral compass, the moral standard they should be using. Does it serve the greater good of Whites? That is the moral attitude Whites need to have in order to survive and thrive. Right now most Whites lack this basic understanding, this very basic healthy sense of group identity, the willingness to take their own side, together, against anything or anyone harmful is why we are currently in a one-sided race war.

Whites won’t organize along racial lines, and are running away from the reality of race rather than confronting it. It’s no surprise why. We’re propagandized from birth that Whiteness is not only stupid and crazy but pure evil. In other words, immoral. Forget about fighting back with guns. Even thinking that there’s something worth fighting back for is depicted as evil. Roof saw through this fraud. More than that, he eventually saw that it was a deliberate lie, not random. He was shocked when he realized that the mass media was lying about race. He says he understands the Jewish problem. I don’t think he appreciates the depth of it. But for that matter many older and more experienced racialists don’t either. As it is he understands more than I did at his age.

My point is that to be good leader, a moral leader, in fact to be a good moral normal healthy White person, you don’t have to say anything positive about Roof, or what, why, or how he did what he did. But you shouldn’t be joining in the mindless chorus condemning him out of hand. If you’re afraid you’ll look bad unless you say something negative, waving your hands about morality and senselessness, stop yourself. Who will look bad to whom, exactly? What might you say that could help your race? If you can’t answer such questions then say nothing. If you’re put on the spot, recall the Five Words: “I have nothing to say”. That bit of wisdom doesn’t only apply when you’re being questioned by the police.

My point is that nervous Whites condemning one of their own and explaining how sad they are about dead niggers only further demoralizes Whites, because we sense that it’s a lie, a sign of White weakness. It also emboldens the non-Whites, who get the same sense of it, but even more clearly because they’re more racially conscious. As Roof explained, he felt compelled to act because he saw nobody else was doing so. Whites have been apologizing and retreating since before Roof was born.

Let’s move on to sanity. Here I’m thinking of the many White critics who called Roof’s actions senseless.

As with morality, racialists often talk about sanity without identifying or perhaps even thinking about it as such. I’ve talked about it quite a bit over the past six months – “White pathology”, “pathological altruism”, gaslighting, narcissism, and even trans-reality all have as much to do with sanity as they do with morality. The two are closely related.

Like morality, sanity is a basic concept that most Whites misunderstand. In general terms we see sanity as something good and desirable. Nobody wants to be insane. As it turns out, even the psychologists and psychiatrists who specialize in understanding such issues have trouble agreeing what exactly constitutes sane versus insane or unsane behavior.

None of the specialists will say it, but the reason for the confusion about sanity is the same as the confusion over heroism and morality. The jews literally define what these terms mean. That’s why when Bruce Jenner decides he’s a woman, that makes him a hero in the eyes of the jewsmedia. And for the same reason, anyone who thinks Jenner is just insane is regarded as morally defective. Intolerant is what they call it, meaning you don’t agree with what the jews want you to believe. Thus you’re not simply wrong, you’re evil.

It works by extension, indirectly. Jews set the tone. Others adopt their definitions because they hear the media megaphones, they see the herd mooing a bit and changing direction. They maybe even tell themselves it’s “sane” to want to keep in line with everyone else rather than defying what everybody else seems to have accepted and getting trampled or left behind or roughed up as a consequence.

Is it sane for White politicians to advocate that their country take in more “migrants” and “refugees”, to seek them out and escort them in? Of course it is, if sane means recognizing and doing what is most likely to advance your career. Some people misdescribe this as “suicide”. It’s really the exact opposite. It’s somebody doing something that they fully expect will benefit themselves personally, regardless of what harm it causes others.

Now here’s the nub of it. Anders Breivik, in Norway, very deliberately targeted this traitorous class and their children. Alot of people said he was insane. But do you think those traitorous politicians would still consider what they’re doing sane if there were more supposedly insane attacks like Breivik’s? Wouldn’t it actually start to concern some of these highly self-interested politicians to think that beside the reward there might be some real cost for their treason? Might some of them come to see the sense in finding a new definition of sanity? Maybe start arguing that it would be right and just to start sinking those damned boats full of invaders?

Likewise, do you think blacks would be more likely or less likely to attack Whites if there were more counter-attacks like Roof’s? That’s the hypothetical I’d like racialists to consider. Do you think your people would be better off with more Breiviks and Roofs, or less?

I think more. I think that the White race’s problem is that there aren’t more White men who see the world around them in the truly sane and morally clear terms Breivik and Roof (apparently) think in, and act accordingly. I think there aren’t more because White men are confused and demoralized. I think there are plenty who are deluded by the jewsmedia and their propaganda, who end up wasting their lives on truly senseless, insane, and immoral pursuits. They may face danger and adversity. They may display courage and self-sacrifice. They may even be called heroes by the jewsmedia and their deluded friends and family. But they’re not doing it for the greater good of their people, or even their country or family. Instead they kill and get killed for the benefit of aliens, to advance the interests of hostile racial enemies, maybe for a bit of money or excitement for themselves. It’s pathological. It’s immoral. It’s insane.

Those who condemn Roof especially because he attacked blacks in a church, describing it as senseless, aren’t thinking very clearly themselves. The conclusion of Roof’s manifesto outlines a perfectly sensible reason:

I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight. I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country.

That church has great anti-White significance, or as the jewsmedia puts it, a “rich history”:

Civil rights luminaries spoke from its pulpit and led marches from its steps. For nearly 200 years it had been the site of struggle, resistance and change.


The Wednesday evening shooting occurred a day after the June, 16, 1822 slave rebellion, organized by Denmark Vesey, who was revered as one of the founders of the Emanuel AME Church. The house of worship is the oldest AME church in the southern part of the country.

That church has very likely been a hub of recent activism too, during this past year’s worth of #blacklivesmatter, #handsupdontshoot, #icantbreathe complaining. Given the contents of Roof’s manifesto, it’s likely he understood that the target he selected, like many other “black churches”, has historically served essentially as a racial headquarters for pro-black/anti-White warfare. Much like mosques serve muslims.

36 thoughts on “Dylann Raises the Roof”

  1. “Whites won’t organize along racial lines, and are running away from the reality of race rather than confronting it.”

    The sad fact is Whites do recognize their race, but only as the problem of
    the world that must end. They do organize on racial lines, again, sadly against their own. Whites run away from their own race. I wonder why?#thanksjews

    How do we get Whites to line up for the benefit of their own good? What will it take? When is enough, enough?

    There is a plan on June 27th for Confederate Flag burning day. That has to sting, but how much?

  2. I doubt that Roof’s manifesto was written by him, as there are several deviations from what a White Southerner of his age and circumstances would have written. Too, I have read that the Soro’s supported SPLC was the early provider of the photo of Roof on the car with the Confederate flag. Regardless, the real problem for Whites is not Roof. I will not condemn Roof unless it’s found that he acts for agents who are against Whites. I’ll reserve judgment until later.

    It is the entrenched masonic forces who do the jews bidding, particularly in the South, and who staff the churches which support multiculturalist agenda against their people. Subversive secret society members who are recognizable primarily from the networking conducted among and for each other, and who publically deny their intent to further universalism. Perhaps they are the only “white” groups which are afforded the opportunity to meet and mingle unhindered.

    I know there are many good people within masonary who are not aware about what goes on at the various upper levels, but they need to become aware. There are probably more than six million of them in the US, and the higher level mason leaders (some are jews or crypto-jews) know how to lie and manipulate.

    I hate this article by written by someone who I, and many others, admire – Dr. Pierce.
    I think all White people will have reactions that are similar to mine. Without action to make substantial change and awaken people more fully than they are at this time, it is coming true in OUR country. Perhaps the reactions to Roof will illustrate and inspire us to find ways to make effective change.


  3. @ Flanders —

    Correct points. It makes me want to stick to the old rule of “no coment at all till the story shifts and shakes for a few weeks and settles into a reasonably consistent hodgepodge.”

    The Confederate flag is all it takes to flush out any suspicion the near-truth was being told. The first time a mob of anti-segregationists used the Southern flag as a racial rallying symbol (outside of the Old Confederacy, I mean) was in New Jersey among disaffected Working Class Whites when JFK was president. It did no good for obvious reasons, but also because most of those protesting probably voted with their feet, caucasian-style.

    White-flight’s been the 50-year “solution” to hyper race mixing. Like everyone said from the start: What you run from always catches you.

    Soon it will be more shooting or more immolation. It’s never been a better day to say: I don’t run, I don’t hide — because from now on it’s down to organizing (even if only with our neighbors!) or learning to share a stand of trees with the squirrels.

    If Roof, like Venner, makes men seeing running from “diversity”
    has been the disaster, then accept it as the wake-up lots of them need.

  4. I’ve posted this over at The Occidental Observer.



    I’ve read your article Hadding and it’s quite good.

    Good because while going through his alleged manifesto you step back from his focus on black criminality and get to the root cause of why our societies are in such a conflicted mess. That is, the usual suspects, the big nosed jewephants in the blood splattered room, remaining motionless, yet all seeing, so as to go undetected by most.

    This whole event, whether it’s genuine or a complete false flag, is the direct result of organized jewry’s long term scheming to create racial and social conflict within our societies.

    The whole jewish idea of creating, imposing multi-racial, multi-cultural societies in Western countries is to engineer eventual massive social conflict that then “needs” a jewish run police state “final goy solution” to keep everything under “control”. Causing the problem that needs their solution.

    Regardless of the true events at Charleston, whether Dylan Storm Roof did it as the MSM states or it was a false flag, or some combination, we should stand behind “him”.

    Why? Because he represents Whites who have had a gut-full of horrific violence perpetrated against us and caused by the multi-racial nightmare that organized jewry has imposed upon us as part of their world dominating agenda.

    “Dylan Storm Roof” has lashed out quite “rationally” in his own mind and way against the violence inflicted on Whites by these black tools of jewish aggression against Whites.

    People obviously react to injustice in different ways, some rashly and some with thought provoking articles.


    For my latest blog post, Adolf Hitler — A Short Sketch of His Life: Part 1, click here >>> KATANA


  5. Chris Taylor: “Whites run away from their own race. I wonder why?#thanksjews”

    White people do not run away from their own racial feelings, they run away from confrontation with the anti-White power structure and its all-pervasive anti-White ideology. It’s a shame, since the anti-White forces are only a Jewish-led minority of frauds pretending to represent the opinion of normal White people. The Jewish system relies on illusion and lies.

    “Whites do recognize their race, but only as the problem of the world that must end.”

    They recognize that openly recognizing their White identity is a potential source of trouble with the anti-White police. They don’t like the non-Whites, but hate to hurt their feelings, and think they have no choice but put up with them. The Jewish propaganda is largely responsible that. Actually, it would not be the end of the world for non-Whites to be sent back to their home countries or be given a separate piece of land. Black kids who go to all Black schools do not suffer from being in an all Black environment.

  6. Daniel,

    You think Roof (taking it all as reported at face value) acted with moral clarity?

    Moral clarity, exactly. I think Roof’s (purported) thinking was clearer than the White racialists now going on about the “senseless” “immoral” “crime” of targeting “innocent” non-Whites. What these racialist critics are expressing is a muddle of moral particularism and moral universalism.

    By clarity do you just mean that he saw the world in binary

    Much of reality is continuum. Existence is binary. Us/them is binary. Moral universalism is a non-binary recipe for non-existence.

    or do you actually believe what he did was acceptable behavior for a White man?

    I believe what I say and write, yes. I believe Roof’s behavior is more acceptable than the Whites condemning him. I believe that not only would Whites be better off with more men like Roof, we would be better off with less of the kind who sneer at and disown them. That’s what I believe.

  7. Thank you, Tan. This needed to be said.

    I feel no sorrow for dead niggers. It doesn’t matter if they’re old, young, crippled, healthy, or anything else. They are the racial enemy. “Nice black people”–adored and glorified by most White Americans–do not form organizations and hold rallies to stop black-on-White violence. It does not concern them in the least. They may, when pressed, give lip service to the idea of universal love and peace. That is bullshit. They realize that we are in this struggle to the death, and they have no intention of being on the losing end of it. Well, neither do I. Therefore, when a very, very small dent is made in their jew-financed juggernaut, I cannot feel anything but relief.

    My instincts are normal, healthy and life-sustaining. No one can shame me into thinking otherwise.

  8. There are three big points being overlooked by all Whites in relation to Charleston and the Confederate flag. First, the former American government has been replaced by jews behind the scenes who publically reward anti-Whites, and do so with impunity. A comment I left at Irish Savant illustrates.

    Lest anyone think that Americans are not compassionate, usually they are, but no one gets money from the government (local or federal) for family members killed in any types of accidents or crimes – except for certain favored ones. That includes people who allegedly are killed in “favored crimes”, which often have the appearance of being faked and are presented through the media for their value – in order to promote to the public – agendas favorable to gun control. You get the drift.

    “On the late afternoon of Friday June 19 the Obama Justice Department led by new Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced it will “fast track” $29 million to victim families of the June 17 shooting at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina, Reuters reports. The exorbitant payout amounts to over $3.2 million per family.”


    Second, is brought out by an anonymous commenter at Savants, my emphasis.

    Anonymous said…
    You are correct, Savant, in saying that we might be seeing the end of PC. That would be good news except that we’re entering a new stage in the cultural revolution. Instead of kissing the ass of every pathetic group in the world, and expecting the rest of us to join in, the left is now going all out to confront and isolate us. Which is what the controversy over the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is all about. Problem for them is that the slanders are so ridiculous that even they don’t believe them. And the favored groups most of all don’t believe it and are becoming uneasy about the whole business. They all came here for a bourgeois lifestyle. Not to become cannon fodder in a bloody revolution.

    Third – The Confederate Flag “controversy” is actually the beginning of a broader active campaign intended to be directed toward shutting down free speech in it’s entirety. It is the formal beginning for the “hate crime”, “hate speech”, and the internet “regulation” wars.

  9. While White’s are considering whether they may actually have the intestinal fortitude it initially takes to make active steps on behalf of their country, their families, and future Whites, and are searching for a way to meaningfully associate and connect with other Whites, they should also consider that there may be more behind Charleston than meets the public eye. See the link below for possible involvements by Rita Katz, SITE, and other potential agents for jewry (my comment at the bottom of the article is the one that has the link to the possible Katz connection).


  10. @ Daniel;

    “So ‘innocence’ doesn’t factor into the equation when it comes to us and them?”

    Perhaps you should take a moment to consider whether or not “the other” limit themselves to targeting only “the deserving” and whether they experience pangs of conscience as a result of their actions? Quite aside from the many thousands of American whites who have been butchered by “the other” such as Channon Newsom and her boyfriend Christopher, you might like to take a look at this page: http://sarahmaidofalbion.blogspot.com/ which is illustrative of what we can expect when our people have been rendered defenseless through the repeal of the 2nd amendment and the black undertow in the US decide it is open season on us.
    3991 South African whites dead, and that was the count as of August 2013. Sarah seems to have stopped keeping the tally since then.Maybe she gave up on her blog. Many of those whites were Boer farmers (whom, you might be interested to know are practicing Christians). The usual story there is that they suffered home invasions and were subsequently slaughtered with “pangas” – a kind of machete, or possibly “necklaced”. South African blacks never worry about whether their victims “deserved” to die or not. Neither do our domestic black murderers.
    “… we should strive to be moral even in war against the other.” This will put you at a decided disadvantage in a struggle against an enemy who is not thus encumbered. The white South Africans decided to do “the moral thing” in 1994 and they are suffering a terrible consequence now because of that decision. You do not hear about it, because our “friends” the Jews, have control of the news outlets from S.A. to the rest of the world. Just as the Jews concern themselves only with the lives of their own people, racial morality dictates that we should concern ourselves only with the safety of our own people.
    We are not and should not feel morally hidebound to flagellate ourselves over the actions of a Dylann Roof (an anomaly in any case) ; doing so will only serve to further incite our enemies., We should shed no more tears over that event than does the average black man or woman when another Channon Newsom is raped, and murdered by one of their racial brethren.

  11. @ Tanstaafl

    -Thanks for the link to the video. A lot of good information for newbies to this issue, but YouTube isn’t going to let it stay up for long. If you or others think you might have occasion to show it to interested whites in the future, then it would be a good idea to download it while you can.

  12. From Roof’s manifesto:

    Unlike many White nationalists, I am of the opinion that the majority of American and European Jews are White. In my opinion the issue with Jews is not their blood, but their identity. I think that if we could somehow destroy the Jewish identity, then they wouldn’t cause much of a problem. The problem is that Jews look White, and in many cases are White, yet they see themselves as minorities. Most Jews are always thinking about the fact that they are Jewish. If we could somehow turn every Jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on. I don’t pretend to understand why Jews do what they do. They are an enigma.

    “White Supremacy” is a term coined by the jews to project onto Whites their own feeling of supremacy. A White racialist who doesn’t acknowledge the threat of jewish supremacy is no White racialist. The jewish controlled government of the United States is trying to control White dissent through controlled acts of violence such as occurred in Charleston.

  13. Helvena,

    The jewish controlled government of the United States is trying to control White dissent through controlled acts of violence such as occurred in Charleston.

    The jews are trying to control Whites by every means possible. The White choice is to despair and succumb to the confusing and demoralizing cacophony, or to refuse to be cowed and fight back.

  14. I totally agree Tan that courage and fighting back is the correct course. The question is what is the most effective way of fighting back at this point. If we weren’t being effective at getting our message out, they wouldn’t be responding with violence. They obviously see violence as weakening our cause. I’ve also notice all of a sudden porn stars are pro-White. That seems a bit odd. No one faults a person who is confronted with violence to respond with violence but it is of yet on a personal basis. Keep making our case on your fantastic site, pay as little tax as you can legally, home school, write letters to school boards, universities and churches, spread our word by mouth, by internet, by standing for truth and keep your powder dry for now. Jews who claim to be White Nationalist would advocate violence against Blacks, but they would never advocate violence against jews, would they?

  15. Roof did more harm than good. His action will bring gun grabbing, internet censorship, muzzling of WN’s.
    Not a good strategy.
    I can’t give him the kind of credit that you do. His thought process was faulty. He acted like a negro.
    Killing defenseless old people is what negroes do.
    Had he gone Death Wish and slaughtered some Crips or Bloods or MS13 gang members, I’d applaud the guy.
    As it is, the Jews use this to demonize ALL white people, even though this was an aberration.
    If Roof has provided a John Brown event, then we are getting close to a major civil conflict. The paranoid Jews will push for federalizing the police, and the black riots were designed for this.
    I’m not convinced the manifesto was real. And if it was real, then he clearly didn’t understand that blacks are simply pawns in the Jew’s game of wrecking every white nation on earth.
    We are not savages. We are the good guys. We never used torture until the Jews put our people up to it.
    I understand the idea that we are in a one sided race war. I certainly agree with that METAPHOR. But in reality, we are not at war. Killing elderly women in a church is chickenshit. I could never do something like that. It’s pointless, and it’s WRONG.
    On the other hand, if there was a huge uprising, and my neighborhood was being flooded with murderers, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill them.
    I just can’t see Washington or Jefferson blasting up a church.
    That’s not who we are.

  16. The problem is that too many so called white nationalist and racialist leaders are trying to outshine one another in condemning and denouncing Roofs actions. I’ll refrain from mentioning names, but their histrionics has unmasked them as frauds and farces in my opinion and I will never look at these men the same. I have, however, resolved to stop donating to the few that I do.

    Ramz Paul said it best when he stated he would show as much sympathy for the black victims as the NAACP displayed for Chris Newson, Channon Christian other white victims which of course is none. That is the attitude that the real whites among must have and sadly there are fewer of us than I thought which doesn’t fill me with confidence for the future.

    The late Revilo Oliver said we can’t combat and defeat our biological enemies while behaving in knightly fashion which our enemies view as foolish and laughable. Too many in the “movement” still haven’t heeded this advice and are forever trying to dispel the stereotype of the Hollywood Nazi.

    I highly doubt the black victims of this shooting ever cared about or sympathized with any white victims of black violence given that church’s history of anti-white racial activism, so they deserve not an ounce of ours.

  17. “You want to start a total war? You want that declared? Is that the way to solve this problem? ”

    So I see that you are afraid of the coming violence and you think it will be a war- well it is well to be fearful of the former, but you are most likely in error if you think it will be a “war”. Look to South Africa for the most likely paradigm. Disarmament of the intended victim is the first step. The rest comes later. As to whether I “want that declared”- well maybe you should reread my post and read it for comprehension this time. There was no sentence there in which I recommended “war”, but rather to be ready for the violence which will come, no matter how much some whites, like yourself, wish to appease blacks in the hope that they will not prove true to their own nature. And yes, you are right; they do have a larger criminal element than whites. Much larger although they comprise only 13% of the population- for now (meanwhile the US State Dept. imports the worst of their cousins from places like Somalia to destinations like Maine and even Montana). Those blacks who do not belong to that criminal element will still either follow their more violent comrades or will simply stand aside and do nothing, but they will not oppose them. As to solving the problem, at this late point in time I am not even hopeful that there IS a solution to the problem, due mainly to the “deer in the headlights” condition of whites where the matter of racial survival is concerned.

    You quoted me:
    ““We should shed no more tears over that event than does the average black man or woman when another Channon Newsom is raped, and murdered by one of their racial brethren.”

    Your response to my statement above: “Nobody has even heard about the killings” – this is utter nonsense. A person would have to have been comatose for the past week not to have heard about it.

    ” What normal Black person would react with glee at the murder of Gavin and Channon? Have you asked any Blacks about it? ” – who is talking about “reacting with glee”? My point is to have NO reaction – no concern or as little as the black community has shown for the thousands of whites murdered and raped each year by blacks.

    ” Reacting to the menace and threats of Black criminality doesn’t require Roofs” – No it doesn’t. But as the violence against white people grows, we can expect more events like this to occur.

    “It requires communal and institutional response from a united White population. Segregation. Isolation. Separation” – Now that WILL get you that war that you are afraid of! Though they would never admit it, blacks are well aware that they would be no more successful than their cousins running Zimbabwe. Or Chicago. Or Detroit, or Liberia, or Somalia…and so on. They need us, but we do not need them and they know it.

  18. And the sentimentalists among us need to understand that blacks neither want nor need your sympathy so giving it to them is an exercise in futility. And never forget that if the races were reversed this wouldn’t be news and no politicians would care since white lives don’t matter.

  19. I hit the “post” before I was finished.:

    When and if this does become an all-out “us vs. them” situation, “morality” will have no place in that battle. As others have said, moral universalism is not a survival strategy.

  20. A little off-topic: a comment found at the Occidental Observer
    Article title: On Dylann Roof’s “Manifesto”

    June 22, 2015

    One of the nice things about awareness is that you can watch the divine comedy parade by and not feel any anguish about the things that don’t quite make sense.

    That’s what Dylann didn’t quite realize.

    You can see things for what they are and concentrate on your own preservation or on the preservation of those near and dear to you without wondering why the press and pols just lie through their teeth.

    I’m not sure how it relates to Dylann, but apart from that, I think it’s true. You go out of your mind wondering why people act as if they are crazy. You keep denouncing the insanity of the leftists. You don’t understand what’s wrong with the world.

    And then, you discover on the internet that the all-pervasive Jewish anti-White mostly hidden activism was behind it all. It suddenly gives you a kind of intellectual serenity and clarity. You still feel anxious about the future of the White race, and you still know you have to do something about that, but from now on, you will no longer be stressed out by absurd happenings that you don’t understand. It’s a faster and more effective method than learning yoga.

    Learn about the Jews and get inner peace!

    We are like a public charity working for the mental health of our fellow White people.

  21. Another outcome of this Roof shooting,
    When SHTF(it can be argued it already has), we now know who has the strength to fight back/ stand our ground. And those who will try to apologize, condem our own and beg their way to safety.

    True colors of many in the WN “movement” have been exposed from this event.

  22. “Don’t put any fucking words in my mouth.”

    – and you say I am being “the internet tough guy”? LOL

  23. Chris Taylor: “True colors of many in the WN “movement” have been exposed from this event.”

    That is an absurd statement. Almost all White people disapprove of that shooting, even though they won’t lose sleep over it. Most White Nationalists disapprove of the shooting too. They have a natural feeling of revulsion at the violence and they don’t think that kind of thing achieves anything. They reflexively say it is counterproductive. They don’t want to think of how it could not be counterproductive in the political fight against our genocide.

    It seems that Roof was subject to bursts of violence. It makes sense that people like him would be the firsts to resort to violence for the sake of the White race. I think the nine people he killed were more or less innocent. The government and the media were delighted by the shooting. They see it as an opportunity to attack us.

    I don’t think the distinction between innocent and guilty victims is always valid. No one “deserves” to get killed anyway. In a war, we accept that innocent lives will be lost on both sides. We see our own soldiers as innocent, but we are ready to accept their death. And we like to fight for a cause. Unlike the Jews, we don’t fight to kill evil people.

    The Jews would like to start a new war against Iran. Their aim is simply to improve Israel’s security or maybe to destroy a powerful influence against the Jewish World Order. They are ready to kill a few hundred thousand people for that, if not a few millions. The politicians and the media will probably go along with the Jewish plan. Most White people will wince but won’t protest all that much.

    By comparison, our aim is to stop the deliberate destruction of the White race. It is a much more legitimate goal. I think there are about 800 millions of us on the earth. The standard of civilization in the rest of the world depends partly on us. But our numbers are going to dwindle very fast. So, White Nationalists should not agonize over the deaths of a few innocent people as if we were personally responsible for it.

    Our take should be that the anti-White regime, which is genociding us, is also responsible for Roof’s actions. How come it is so difficult for White people to create communities where our racial interests can be openly defended? How come there was no political outlet that Roof could join? That is obviously the work of the Jewish anti-White system. It isn’t just a failure of White Nationalists.

    On the one hand, it is natural that WN organizations would try to distance themselves from the killing, not only because they think it is morally wrong and politically counterproductive, but because they legitimately wish to protect themselves. On the other hand, they should not overdo it and give the impression that it is better to write off the White race than to accept the loss of a few people or even a cat or a dog. Also, those who say that Roof did something morally wrong should not overdo it and call him evil. They should blame the anti-White regime.

  24. Essentially I agree that since Roof (and the rest of us) are not “allowed’ to have a voice, are not allowed to form cohesive groups, are not permitted to even HAVE interests….this is the fault of our Jewish overlords and this is something they will have to answer for as they continue to kick a dog that’s down. Observe how they treat the people in Gaza, and you will understand what our position would be if they were able to get the guns and strip us of free speech. I really don’t think they will be able to go that far, because people are already on edge and have had ENOUGH. Whites have negro fatigue, even if they don’t fully understand that the Jews control the blacks.
    The next big step will be white politicians openly stating white interests, such as what Donald Trump did. I think Mo Brooks also spoke out last year about the “war on white people.” I don’t think the Jews can keep PUSHING without serious blowback. It’s also encouraging to see criticism of Israel growing and the movement to curtail investments in Israel as well.
    Yes, the church shooting should be blamed on the anti-white regime, the hostile Jewish elite that is hell bent on wiping us from the face of the earth.

  25. How seriously should we take the chorus of loons who automatically assume that every major killing event that receives significant MSM coverage is a “false flag” and and a “psy-op”? His resistance to the Sandy Hook Truthers apparently played a role in Michael Collins Piper’s getting fired by the Cartos- after 34 years of service!

  26. @ fnn —

    “How seriously should we take the chorus of loons…”

    Important: We are being controlled, or at least a small but dedicated bunch of the plutocracy are trying to control us.

    The “chorus” (the independent ones anyway) are overreacting, and it’s predictable that they would. Anyone would. For years I believed a lot of the alt.kennedy assasination stuff till it became clear who was sluicing tons of that out. Regular people make assumptions, have them violated once or twice, and then either lash out or give up totally.

    The loons will knock themselves out of the game long-term, like the Mae Brussel wing of the Kennedy game. Short term: Mistakes will be made, it just can’t be helped.

    The distorters have huge funds going for them, and lots of experience misleading people on a mass scale. For most of us just knowing how much lies and distortion the Security State has in their arsenal against us should restrain our wilder enthusiasms. And be forgiving toward those who sometimes fall for the sillier tactics our controllers sometimes use.

  27. Tan wrote, “What these racialist critics are expressing is a muddle of moral particularism and moral universalism.”

    Jared ‘Muddle’ Taylor.

    Not pro-White but pretends to be, and the media blacken him as such.

    Pro-Jew, but the Jews he loves hate Whites so much he can never express enough disapproval of Whites like Duke who just want to live and let live with Jews.

    Says he thinks all we need to prevent our extinction and stop the deadly, daily War on Whites is good information but says nine Black deaths are too high a price to pay if that leads Whites to his and COFCC’s facts.

    Deliberately Muhddled.

  28. I agree with most of what you outline in this podcast, however I felt the need to interject the fact that Anders Breivik is a Zionist Freemason, he killed those teenagers because they were attending pro-palestine and by extension anti-zionist camps. Racial pride or patriotism had very little to do with the attacks http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Breivik

  29. Aristocles,

    “because they were attending pro-palestine and by extension anti-zionist camps”

    The Metapedia article isn’t honest. Counter-Currents published Breivik’s opening and closing statements at his trial, in 2012. Read them for yourself. Breivik didn’t say anything complicated in them, and it is very easy to skim through the two documents and see what his purpose was. They are mostly a list of the things he opposed or defended. The closing statement is particularly clear and simple.

    It’s true that he didn’t name the Jew, whereas he mentioned the problem of the Muslim invasion. But he didn’t say anything in those two documents about defending Israel against pro-Palestinian activists.

    In his closing statement, he said that “The attacks on July 22 were preventive attacks in defense of my ethnic group, the Norwegian indigenous people”.

    I think Breivik knows better than Metapedia what his own motivations were.

  30. This kid is a hero to whites no matter how you try to twist it he made the bold heroic move to fight back against the terrorist racist Muslim wannabe group called black live matter…they are terrorists and are promote nationwide genocide and infanticide because you PEOPLE think you should be allowed to commit crimes anywhere you please without threat of prosecution…this kid is a hero and hopefully their will be more like him who have to courage to fight back amidst all the black coddling propaganda. Its even more amusing to me that all these articles I read from bleeding heart whites (who dont live around this violent nonsense) and uneducated columnists who barely graduated college is that no one (except this one) has mention the true problem the real terrorists in the country black lives matter I urge more whites to stand up fight for yourselves before this turns into another south Africa

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