The Jew Normal


A major theme for the jewsmedia this selection cycle, especially after getting a result they didn’t expect, has been to cry about how out of the ordinary this or that aspect of Trump’s campaign has been. The current year’s new normal is, “wow, just wow”, and we can expect more of the same for the next four current years.

Of course, many aspects of the Trump campaign were extraordinary, but a truly frank discussion of the who, what, and why isn’t something you can actually find in the jewsmedia unless you read between the lines. Trump’s many transgressions were, vaguely speaking, violations of political correctness, which his supporters actually liked. The loudest screeching and deploring of these violations came from the jews, who created this web of taboos in the first place.

At heart the conflict is over what constitutes normal, it’s about who gets to define what normal means. The jews, tremendously amplified by the jewsmedia, see themselves and their screechy, neurotic sensibilities as normal, and have for decades foisted their preferences and priorities onto everyone else. Whites, on the other hand, voted for Trump exactly because they don’t like this jew normal. They imagine he might actually change it and return them to a less jewed culture they innately perceive as more natural.

A clear example of this struggle over the definition of normal is occurring right now. The cabal behind The Bannonocaust perceives it as just one battle against the “normalization” of Trumpism. It’s an unselfconscious inversion of the term. The idea is that anyone treating Trump like any other candidate or president-elect has ever been treated is behaving abnormally. How many times do the jews have to announce that Trump is Hitler all over again, “anti-semitic”, fueling “anti-semitism”, or let’s just say he’s promoting “conspiracy theories”, “racism”, “xenophobia”, “intolerance”, “hate”, “oyyyy veeeeeeyyyy”. What is it about all these jew buzzwords the stupid/crazy/evil goys don’t understand?

The tone of this screeching isn’t new. What’s new is the volume and the clarity with which the battle lines are drawn. The jews are at war with Whites. To see it just take a peek behind the jewsmedia curtain:

Elad Nehorai: “In case you don’t think antisemitism is officially normalized in the US, take a look at @PeterBeinart’s feed.”

Peter Beinart: “In name of Jewish safety, America’s most powerful Jewish groups normalized Trumpism. And now it’s turning on us.” Beinart links his own article in Haaretz, America’s most influential Jewish groups have prioritized Netanyahu over U.S. Jews’ safety.

David Corn: “Read this: White Nationalists Celebrate Trump’s Victory and Early Appointments. (Don’t Normalize Trum) #DONT” Corn links Pema Levy’s article in Mother Jones, White Nationalists Celebrate Trump’s Victory and Early Appointments.

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  1. Why Jews have a special obligation to resist Trump, by Jill Jacobs and Daniel Sokatch, The Washington Post, 21 Nov 2016.

    These two jews present an explicitly jewish argument against “trying to conduct business as usual with the Trump administration”, based on the usual jew-centric view of history, where psychopathic Europeans have always persecuted the jews:

    A platform so explicitly bigoted may be unprecedented in modern American politics, but it isn’t new to Jews. Many of us are alive today because, throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents fled government persecution in Europe and other parts of the world. The United States allowed our families to find refuge here, and we built institutions to strengthen our ability to counter anti-Semitism and to work together toward social justice for all.

    At many points in our history, the Jewish community has fallen into the trap of believing that we can protect ourselves by proximity to power: by being the “Court Jew” or the shtadlan charged with lobbying the governments of medieval Europe on behalf of Jewish subjects. We thought that these relationships and “special” positions would protect us.

    But they don’t protect us. Over the past year, we have watched as Trump’s campaign trafficked in blatant anti-Semitism alongside racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, ableism and Islamophobia. He has empowered white supremacists and provoked a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Even if Jews were not personally threatened as Jews, it would still be imperative for us to call upon all of the communal strength we have and all of the institutions we have fought to create to oppose threats to other people. This is an obligation that comes from our tradition. In the Torah, one of God’s first commands to the Jewish people after our liberation from slavery is to protect those who are most vulnerable, as we, too, know the experience of being strangers.

    Our history has taught us that autocracy does not arrive all at once, but through the slow erosion of individual liberties and the pitting of one group against another. We cannot look away or hope for the best when politicians promise to assault our civil liberties and threaten human rights.

    Nor can we excuse winks and dog-whistling at white supremacist and anti-Semitic groups that understand this election as a mandate to carry out attacks on members of minorities or on our institutions. If we ignore these signs, we risk waking up to an America that is no longer recognizable.

    The stranger cries out “we want our country back” as he strikes the Whites he took it from.

  2. The definition of normal is changing because change is the only constant in life. Trumpism is the new normal for now, but one day that will boring as hell just like the screechy jews are boring as hell. Hopefully the new normal after Trumpism is a new and improved brand of Nazism.

    “The jews are at war with Whites.” They put up a good fight and we’ve lost numbers only because the majority of us don’t know we’re at war. What’s so damn frustrating is if all Whites were jew wise we could fix US and Europe within a few years.

  3. #412 The stranger cries out “we want our country back” as he strikes the Whites he took it from.

    Add all quotes to your site! Whites need them. Whites want them. Whites will spread them far and wide.

  4. The good news this time around is that if Jews lose power in America they are finished; they’ve got no where left to run.

  5. Glad you’re back writing Tan. I always read your tweets but because I don’t tweet there wasn’t anyway for me comment. I particularly zeroed in on the tweets about racial differences. Whites really need to understand the fundamental nature of difference and that it isn’t a moral issue, it’s much much more.

  6. >Glad you’re back writing Tan.

    That’s because his twitter account was suspended. Or am i mistaken Tanstaafl?
    Half the people i follow were suspended recently, there’s a purge going on…

  7. Cliff Notes of Beinart’s article: jews aren’t safe unless they have total control of the narrative and Whitey under their thumb.

    I agree.

  8. I am glad you are writing again too. The podcast interviews you used to do were always interesting and informative. We need people like you.

  9. Jews are anti-Trump in the open because they cannot turn their backs on their current allies. But in the ballot box, how could they not support the Trump jewish family?

  10. A new normal in journalism for the age of Trump:

    The President-elect has continued to engage news organizations in more direct combat than his recent predecessors, signaling a war of attrition that might continue for the next four years or longer. The question now: How to keep that combat out of the day-to-day news coverage?

    Again and again, we are reminded that this is not normal. The president-elect has paraded potential cabinet picks in front of TV cameras over the past two weeks while neither holding a news conference nor following the longstanding norm of the protective press pool. He continues to tweet 140-character invective aimed at a monolithic “crooked media.”

    It’s in Trump’s interest to paint the press as an oppositional political force through these skirmishes. And there’s been wide variation so far on how to respond, particularly given Trump’s shirking of other American political norms. He has appointed the former head of Breitbart News, often a platform for white nationalism, to a top post, while his sprawling business interests and close-knit family members-turned-advisers pose unprecedented conflicts of interest.

    “Part of what is so challenging, ethically, is that this is a candidate who is not behaving by standing norms,” says Kathleen Culver, director of the Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “So journalists are trying to figure out what norms apply.”

    Whereas national newspapers and TV outlets attempt to delineate between their supposedly neutral coverage and media activism, momentum is building among many digital upstarts and magazines behind the idea that Trump’s presidency should be framed as a broader threat to American political norms.

    During the campaign, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Vox and other growing players explicitly referred to Trump as “racist,” among other descriptors, while the outpouring of anti-Trump editorials from newspapers largely followed the argument that Trump was a unique threat to American democracy as we know it.

    The normalization of the anti-normalization view even surfaced Tuesday night at the annual black-tie gala for the Committee to Protect Journalists, where CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour used her keynote address to issue a cri de coeur to the assembled establishment to fight an “existential crisis” for journalism posed by Trump.

    Fear of such accusations of political and cultural bias during the campaign no doubt contributed to the outsized coverage of Clinton’s email scandal relative to Trump’s outlier policy positions, long history of racist and sexist statements, and potential for massive personal conflicts once in office.

    This is why The New York Times’ wartime footing scored a tactical victory for journalism on Tuesday. This is not normal; it’s also the new normal.

    A war over normal, with the jewsmedia on one side and the Whites they despise on the other.

  11. Foreign Policy editor David Rothkopf on Twitter: “I’m in India seeking a guru who will allow me to change my mantra to “this is not normal” until Trump has left office. Because…it is not.”


  12. Flavia Dzodan on Twitter: “For past 3 months (perhaps longer) media has done stellar job normalizing neo-Nazis to point that many are outraged by Spencer’s punch”

    The jew normal has always been that any attack on “neo-nazis” (ie. those designated by the jews as enemies) is good and righteous. The argument presented in this thread of twits spells out why: because jews and their pets see the advocacy of White (host) interests as a threat to their own (as parasites).

  13. Bill Kristol: “Fine piece by @jon_rauch: “To help the body politic resist de-norming, you need to…” Read the whole thing.”

    Containing Trump – The Atlantic, Jonathan Rauch:

    But there’s a tougher problem we’ll have to confront: behavior by either the administration or its allies that is, in Goldsmith’s phrase, “lawful but awful.” As Benjamin Wittes, a Brookings Institution expert on legal affairs, told me, “The first thing you’re going to blow through is not the laws, it’s the norms.” By “norms,” he means such political and social customs as respecting the law, accepting the legitimacy of your political opponents, tolerating speech you disagree with, performing civic duties like voting and staying informed, treating public office with dignity, and not lying.

    LOL, jews.

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