Are Jews People


The jews have been screeching about Richard Spencer’s NPI conference in Washington DC this past weekend. Alot of it is just the usual jew normal wow-just-wowing that a handful of Whites still have the nerve to openly meet and speak positively about White identity and interests. The loudest wailing has to do with a bit of exuberant hailing at the end of Spencer’s closing speech, but there was a more telling response to a rhetorical question he asked at the beginning:

This was the year when random shitlords on Twitter, anonymous podcast hosts, and dissidents working deep within the beltway right proved that they objectively understood politics better than the “Republican strategists” and “political consultants” snarking at us every night on MSNBC. It’s not just that they are leftists and cucks. It’s not just the many are genuinely stupid. Indeed, one wonders if these people are people at all – or instead, soulless golem, animated by some dark power to repeat whatever talking point John Oliver stated the night before.

This twit, from one screechy jew organization to another, captures the gist of the reaction that immediately echoed throughout the Lügenpresse: “‘Alt-right’ Trump supporters are unsure if Jews are people. @jfederations, are you sure you want to support this admin? #JewishResistance”.

CNN pushed a similar line, which produced a swift jewlash and apoplectic apology. Of course, the apology was for offending jew sensibilities, not for distorting what Spencer said.

Spencer was speaking in terms of partisan political opposition, at the edge of the jew normal box – his alt-right and Trump versus the left and their cuck-right. His use of the term golem alludes to jews as the animators of the entrenched opposition, implying that the non-jews, the kikeservatives of whatever party affiliation, are behaving inhumanly, like robots.

It is telling that jews immediately reduced what Spencer said to being entirely about jews – as if nobody else matters, as if nobody but jews is human. Much the same occurred last month when Trump started speaking stridently against the elite globalist bankers and media. Jews flipped out exactly because they perceived this as a coded threat to themselves, not at all out of concern for anybody else, elite or otherwise.

CNN’s crime was to highlight Spencer’s reference to the jews’ golem tale, in which the jews are saved from the inhuman goyim of medieval Europe, while deploring a modern day meeting of inhuman White “racists” and “anti-semites”. The jews are screeching so loudly because they feel exposed. By crying out they seek to ensure that everyone understands the jews are not just people, part of “us”, but are that extra special part of “us” who defines who “them” are.

When some member of the jewed elite equates Trump to Hitler what they’re implying is that Trump (and his supporters) must be attacked, destroyed, and even killed. Never Trump. Never again. By any means necessary.

The toxic anti-White jew Tim Wise put it this way: “Nazis must be crushed. No co-existence…crushed. If the “alt-right” wants to play Nazi, we need to play the Allies, circa 1944 and 45″.

Another toxic jew, jewsmedia editor Michael Hirsh, screeched his thirst for goy blood more explicitly: “Stop whining about Richard B. Spencer, Nazi, and exercise your rights as decent Americans. Here are his two addresses. …”

Are the jews people? In fact their definitive concern is for themselves, for their own peoplehood. As a parasitic people they not only organize around this exclusive sense of “us” as jews, but actively seek to co-opt, control, and ultimately destroy any similar sense among the goyim host “them” they feed upon.

One thing is certain. The jews aren’t White people. They are empirically collectively anti-White, the enemies of Whites. Indeed, when jews attack Whites while screeching about “anti-semitism” it is because they are drawing a clear distinction and expressing a truly racial animus.

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  1. They just suspended all of his Twitter accounts, radixjournal, NPIAmerica and RichardBSpencer (Tanstaafls account was also suspended recently). But the irony is that Spencer didn’t even sieg heil anyone, he raised his glass and said hail Trump, hail victory. Watch the 30min address here:
    Richard Spencer – NPI 2016, Full Speech

    You just can’t sieg heil with a glass in your hand, that’s called a toast, morons! That or i was unknowingly sieg heiling at every wedding and birthday party i ever went to…

  2. Tanstaafl, my gut reaction, arguable and perhaps a little unfair. However…I’ve listened to part of this, your link, so far. Will listen to the rest when i have more time. I’m not very familiar with Spencer or the Alt-Right. But it seems to me that he took a stance early in life, for which credit is due, yet this early enlightenment carries its price. He is woefully unprepared for the questions that assail him, despite his clever maneuvers and deflections. Intelligence and the lime light do not always trump (pun intended) age and wisdom. He is like many others i see, that is the self-proclaimed White Nationalists, who straddle the fence, yearning for what they feel is right, yet pitifully cleaving to some rather unrealistic notions. For example – wanting to turn back the clock to 1950, a chance to regroup, some breathing space, hoping that sympathetic leadership, Constitutionally elected, will reverse the current trends. On the other hand, the National Socialist, as i’d define as a subgroup within White Nationalism in a Venn diagram (and separated by a mote of liquid tar and narrow bridge) are distinguished by having gone beyond these irrational hopes. (Irrational, or more accurately, futile, as i see it.) For the National Socialist (unashamed, albeit proud, of being called Nazi), raising pro-White sentiments is not a matter of nationalism, for existing borders also encompass all those who strive against White preservation. Stopping all immigration, while making peace with those (non-Whites) already here, only locks us in the pen with the bull. Already, in 20 years, Whites are inevitably the voting minority. The future ‘race war’ is lost before it’s begun. So, to the National Socialist, the White Genocide issue is paramount, pivotal, and does not take the form of saving a nation…anymore. It comes down to a revolution, which will not take place through legal electoral process but organized resistance, resulting in borders being redrawn, should it succeed (long shot, i admit, yet a more realistic solution, given the facts). Again, I see a difference in how the White Nationalist, or Alt-Right, sees Trump, as apposed to the NS. The WN likely believes in Trump, while the NS is more interested in ‘Trumpism’, the way the wolf judges the gait of his quarry. These differences between the National Socialist and the vaguely defined White Nationalist, or Alt-Right (whatever), is stark and important. It begs the question – to which side, that of the dark and bottomless abyss of Left-Right politics or that of definitive and full fledged National Socialism, will those like Spencer fall…when they’re tired of the circus high wire act, when they’re finally cornered and shamed into answering questions directly, when they’ve finally had enough?! The time must come that will force a decision, as Whites, everywhere, regardless of their political identity, regardless of their nation, find the gulag of their countries closing in.

  3. Addendum – I comment only on the video – and please don’t take my critique too seriously, as I have enormous respect for those who take a public stand – I finished the Martin-Spencer vid. I stand by my previous remarks. And more, I found the show’s Black host, Martin, surprisingly respectful, his questions fair and easy to answer. And although a few of Spencer’s answers were terse and bold, most of his behavior was defensive and somewhat rude, I thought. We do not, should not, expect Blacks, or those of other races, to anticipate how we feel. It’s not their job. And we, of all people, should, at the very least, understand – it’s not in their nature. Young Spencer was not as Johny-on-the-spot with demographic and primary politico-economic stats, as I supposed he would be, certainly not here in the course of what should have been (by the Host’s arrangement) a pleasant coffee table discussion, not a voice raising debate. So, again, not speaking for White Nationalists or the Alt-Right, in general, I know that the true National Socialist, in particular, does not see an enemy in the Black man, only a Jewish proxy mercenary, at best, a zero, at the least. In the case of America and Europe, there is only one real enemy – the Jew. What the Jew wields as weapons is another story. Thus, when Blacks fairly raise the challenge, whether shouting obnoxiously or with tears in their eyes – Did Blacks not contribute to America? – the answer is easy. Yes, they did, absolutely! So, for the love of God, say, Yes! Is that so friggin hard?! Even go further. Compliment the Black on their contribution to music, sports, etc, which have been huge. Thank them for standing by us as Americans in our foolish Zionist wars. They have often been our brothers in arms, the same damn fox holes. Tell them so!!! When Blacks cite the toil of the cotton field, take their side!!! …before you remind them that Eli Whitney, invented the cotton gin, which though at first reinvigorated slavery, such inventions eventually alleviated hard labor, while his ‘interchangeable parts’ were instrumental to the North’s manufacturing power and victory. Herein, undebatable European-American ingenuity. All of 5 seconds to say. And the next 5 seconds – Whites were the first to abolish slavery, hundreds of thousands of Whites dying in the struggle, a war which the Blacks never fought on their own behalf, their own African cultures inherently lending themselves to the slave trade. I know that upon which the National Socialist firmly stands – segregation. One word. And so easy to defend with Blacks, when you point out the obvious, that over which they’re constantly whining, anyway – more empowerment to govern themselves. (This is a little slight of hand, not entirely true. They’ll settle for this answer – segregation – although squeamishly. Blacks are terrified of separation from Whites. But it’s easy to evoke in an argument, when you esteem them perfectly capable and deserving of full autonomy, with its spiritually benefits.) Spencer could have just waved his hand politely and nodded in agreement at 98% of Martin’s assertions, while simply remaining close to the dilemma of White Genocide as his raison d’etre, and still come out smelling like a rose.

  4. One last 2 cents worth – Are Jews people? Gotta say, I was attracted to this article because the question stumps me. I can find humanity and beauty in every race on earth, from the Article circle to the deep forests of Africa. All of them…except one. In the Jew, search as i may, i am daily shocked at a ‘race’ that has never demonstrated, nor developed after all this time, a single, sustainable shred of unadulterated, human decency, toward anyone but themselves…outside of those few who thoroughly defect. Nothing but the most heartless, devious, murderous leaders at the pyramid’s top underscored with the most deplorably and unjustifiably ignorant followers at the bottom. How do we call ‘human’ that which is void of the ‘humane’??

  5. I guess you could call them a parasitic people. But that is being generous to use people. They are a parasite in human form. A cruel joke that doesnt end. Their existence has caused more harm and is more sadistic than anyone could imagine, except them. They revel in amongst themselves that sometimes leaks out, the death of goyim, mostly White, blood they’ve spilled.

    The biggest mistakes our ancestors made. Not ending this joke centuries ago.
    Thinking holy water will fix this. Also using the very doctrine jews wrote to excuse themselves to fix them. Use our book goyim to “fix” us…

    To Spencer, he’s come far in the last few months. His NPI speech was well done, however. His perfomance on this kangz program while having some good moments, was lackluster with many blown opportunities to destroy this kang.

  6. @Chris Taylor – that’s fair enough. I’ll listen to the NPI speech. I know i rode him pretty hard. But my impatience is, of course, not really at him. He does way more than me, anyway. What can i say? It’s that i don’t understand the Alt-Right, coming across only fragments of comments here and there. I can’t define it, nor White Nationalism, for that matter. But perhaps, for the purposes of our time, this could be said, that a vague or unspoken direction or platform is exactly what is most effective. Certainly, it would not be another Nazi rally, draped in red, white, and black swastikas. It’s nostalgic and comforting to those of us who’ve already turned National Socialist. But it would do nothing to reach the greater public. I was never exited about Trump, just admittedly relieved that the world didn’t get stuck with Clinton. And more…there’s the blood-thrill at the phenomenon of Trumpism, indicated in the election results, as i compared above, like the wolf gauges the gait of his quarry. Can’t fault the Alt-Right for enthusiasm. But I see White Nationalists finding dissatisfaction in the coming year (with Trump, for whatever reasons) and gradually redefining themselves. I say National Socialism because i’m hopeful and don’t think there’s time to re-invent the wheel. Also, dido what you wrote on the Jews. I’m a preacher’s kid. I’ve even vacationed (many years ago) in Israel and found the Israelis totally cool. But I am now convinced that anyone who continues to endear Israel, for any reason, or affectionately cherishes the Old Testament does not fully understand the Jews. (Islam, which is steeped in Judaism, is also not exempt.) He hasn’t ‘seen the elephant’. Yeah, when Whites suffer, are murdered, raped…the Jews revel and gloat. It’s everywhere you look. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  7. “When some member of the jewed elite equates Trump to Hitler what they’re implying is that Trump (and his supporters) must be attacked, destroyed, and even killed. Never Trump. Never again. By any means necessary.”

    You’re right and it’s pretty scary but at least the never Trump people are a bunch of faggots who don’t own guns.

    The toxic anti-White jew Tim Wise put it this way: “Nazis must be crushed. No co-existence…crushed. If the “alt-right” wants to play Nazi, we need to play the Allies, circa 1944 and 45″.

    When Tim says “we” he means goy fighting goy. Again.

  8. #413 By crying out jews seek to ensure that everyone understands the jews are not just people, part of “us”, but are that extra special part of “us” who defines who “them” are.

  9. Roland Martin Debate Vs. White Nationalist Richard Spencer Is Must See TV!

    I don’t like or agree with Spencer (he blocked me when I was on twitter) but I thought he did a pretty good job with Martin. Being on the enemy’s home turf suuucks. But it was Martin who lost his cool several times, Spencer never got angry.

    Spencer made some mistakes but he went out with a bang:
    “You’ve dealt with a bunch of guilt-ridden silly Whites your whole life and we are waking up, we are recognizing who we are, and we see an amazing future. So you better get ready.”

  10. I went on CNN. Little did I know I’d be mistaken as an alt-right leader:

    George Takei — the actor best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu, who helmed the USS Enterprise on “Star Trek” — sent out my image to his nearly 2 million followers.

    “They are not the alt-right,” he wrote. “They are monsters.”

    Viser got a taste of the jewsmedia demonization of Whites, the jew normal:

    There was a second round of criticism, too, one that suggests the media are collectively “normalizing” Trump and his supporters, making their views appear more mainstream than they are (others pointed out that Spencer was saying it was the media and pundits — not the Jews — that were not people).


    “You sure did normalize neo-Nazis, treating them as just another interest group. Show some moral/journalistic spine!” wrote another.

  11. The attempt by jews to define the messages and to control all avenues of discussion and expression is the part which worries me about Alt Right. Is the Alt Right only to be the jews’ stealth vehicle to make the American people to return to their sleep by making the newly awakening White man think that some return to traditional American principles of conservatism which are guided by jew-connected individuals and organizations will be sufficient to counter the jewish problems? The jews are not going away … until they are made to go, and they will continue assaulting White people and America, even if they use less obvious means at times. The Terminator is an apt descriptive for networked communal jewry. The jewry networks boycott and monopolize to obtain their goals and the jewry machine hasn’t stopped after the first 109 countries from which they have been expelled, and they are now.seeking the world – for the jews exclusively.

    No, the jews are not people. The jews are a communal anti-Christ machine which networks together internationally in order to control, enslave and to kill real people.

  12. Weinstein-Spencer show – thx, Tanstaafl, for the link. I think this is the Spencer i heard about a year ago on Red Ice. He shot well from the bow of White Genocide, with a quiver full of pointed expressions. Spencer is eloquent, quick thinking, and once he has been fried enough in America’s slippery sentiments and greasy grievances, he will leap from the Alt-Right pan and into the kindling fire of National Socialism. I’d divine no less for a young man whom i now respect more…after this video. And when that fall from grace happens, he will hopefully be in a position to take a third of Heaven’s angels with him.

    This guy is more interesting than Trump ! ))

    The dream of an ethno-state…speaks volumes for him, alone, and that he even publicly discusses it, hats off. (When did he start this?) An ethno-state dream betrays total disillusionment, a flat on the floor dispassion over the current political institutions and utter abandonment of hope to salvage them. He comes so far. Yet, practically, it’s not something that can be relegated to some thousand years into the foggy future. Does his keen logic connect the dots? Or, is he taking a swing at his debate opponent and backing up?

    20 years (or less) sees us the voting minority. There will be no more Donald Trumps, no more brash, swift dark horses to fan futile hopes. What the globalist Cabal has thus unleashed…this genie isn’t going back in the bottle. An ethno-state, minus an ugly mass deportation, implies a tortoise pace mass migration to respective territories and contraction of borders. Sorry, Alt-Right fellas. Not even ol’ Donald would touch this one with a stick the length of Tennessee. No elected president would. The ethno-state will NEVER happen peacefully. But (short pause here as anticipation builds) it could happen. Some of us feel it MUST happen. And real resistance is real organization, first. There’s that fire, again, flames lapping at the pan…

    Skillful handling of the KKK cheap shot. Could do better with the Holohoax. Everyone already knows he’s a Denier, anyway.

    If Spencer can continue his present course, his popularity ever singling him out as a leader, as popularity will do, he warrants watching.

  13. @Flanders – accepted. I don’t think you’re going to find meaningful answers in the Alt-Right. Despite the greater ease of finding definitions for ‘White Nationalist’, it’s more ideology than politics. Comparing White Nationalism to Alt-Right is apples to oranges, i’d say. Insomuch as the ‘Alt-Right’ is a (more) definitive political label, as a political movement, it seems to be the only game in town, or at least the biggest, for the White Nationalist, Jewish infiltration, be it a concern, not withstanding. Correct me if I’m wrong. I am sometimes ))

    So, in the Alt-Right, there is a possible political party emerging. Important! How? Because they will be disenchanted, eventually, with Trump. But they will remember each other. And as a party takes form, of course the Jews will try everything to Jew it down. Let ’em. The party must be on it’s guard. It’s got a much better chance of Jew syndrome immunity than the Republicans. And the figure heads are far less compromising than those of impotent political wings, like the Libertarians.

    Granted, the Alt-Right is a hodge podge of members with different notions and frustrations, which they all bring to the table…for now. But these frustrations are well founded and growing. They are substantiated with faces and names, categorized, cataloged, and carefully filed away for future use. The Alt-Right is polarizing under a leadership, it appears. And by its own necessity, is White. Its evangelists are bound to scare away most anyone who isn’t. For these reasons, like Trumpism, the Alt-Right deserves attention. Its gems will crystallize. This is the frog finding the water too hot, and about to bolt.

  14. Weinstein-Spencer show Can’t turn off my thoughts on this. What impressed me most about Spencer – He never imagined a messiah in Trump, even stating that he considered a Clinton victory might have more hastily filled the ranks of the Alt Right, which seems to be his number one concern, as apposed to the hope of effecting gradual, peaceful change under the establishment. (I admit, i cynically felt this way, too, half hoping Clinton would win. The resulting mob would have ears, finally, for the beat of a different drummer.) Spencer seems to be standing by principles, while honing his political craft, fully aware he’s frontman for an emerging party. He’s definitely turning out to be more than the Libertarian on steroids i first took him for. To him, as to me, ‘Rome is the mob’.

  15. forresttales , Whites are already minority in the US
    When you add 30 million illegal immigrants and their anchor babies, and all Middle Eastern people who are considered caucasion, but not Hispanic, along with all entities of mixed race(people like Rob Schneider
    , Miley Cyrus , Mark-Paul Gosselaar, liv tayler , Cameron dias ,
    Freddie Prinze Jr. (puerto rican father), Diaz, sarah palin, mily Fergie, Edward Furlong, Wentworth Miller, chad murray, etc etc etc) who call themselves White, I strongly suspect that those of us European decent are 20%.

    I live in a Mexifornia southern suburb that is far from the city center, however, the percentage of people under 30 who are White is not more than 05%.

  16. It took me a while to pinpoint the disturbance the Twitterforce. I’m relieved to find you’re writing here again, Tan. Thanks.

  17. These sewer rats haven’t lost their minds, they never had any to begin with. The shrill will get louder the closer they get to losing it all. Its close, closer than you know.

    That fool Timmy Weiss makes me laugh. Crush the Nazis? Hah! Stupid is as stupid does. Only Whites can defeat Whites and this dumb sewer rat knows it.


  18. kevin – Yeah. It’s been years since i rolled through California. Have a sister in Sacto. I’ve been living in Ukraine for years. And we’ve been seeing more Arabs and Africans, especially the universities, mostly all men.

    The mixed race scenario gets thrown in our faces whenever we even bring up the subject of immigration. Damn irritating, because it’s become a typical debate ploy. “Who is what and who is really pure, anyway? What’s it matter?” Anyone objecting to the insane level of non-White immigration is quickly on the defensive for being called ‘puritanical’. It’s a lame deflection. It says, “White is undefinable. So, might as well just drop the issue and forget about it. Go get yourself a tequila, a seniorita, and shut up.” This is what they pull on Richard Spencer all the time. It’s a hit below the belt. But the kommissars of white genocide know their targets. Whites are the progeny of those founding fathers and the racially indigenous peoples of all those countries under attack by the globalists’ biological weapons of mass destruction – mass black and brown immigration, invasion on a continental scale.

  19. Tanstaafl – I’ve read the article you just posted on Spencer’s high school. Hard to believe they could raise money so fast to finance their little black ball on Spencer. Laughable. With the Jewish World Congress elbowing in, begs the question where the money is coming from, or maybe the welfare checks and dope profits are fatter these days.

    I’d like to know the outcome of this, next month – the Texas AnM University invitation. Those who invited Spencer obviously know who he is. And it appears they are outside the university’s jurisdiction, while holding legal rights over the event and university public space. If the event is not canceled, will the high school group spend their little purse of shekels to raise a protest? Spencer’s crowds are used to the Nazi bashing. Fun to see if they roll over these whiny twirps like a Panzer tank.

  20. I thought Jared Taylor’s participation at the NPI forum, had signified a change of heart in his characteristic Jew denial. Guess it hasn’t happened, yet. He sat beside Kevin MacDonald, who had just talked for 45 min meticulously linking the immigration problem to Jews. Taylor is a resolute White Nationalist and segregationist. I don’t get it.

    My favorite quote from the NPI speeches…
    And BTW, all that blabber i wrote above in response to the Martin-Spencer debate, about pacifying Blacks when they whine, i take it all back. This is better…

    “There is no diverse America. There is only White America. …Everyone else is just along for the ride.” – Peter Brimelow

  21. The comments Cora notes come near the end, @48:45.

    Two other interesting moments:


    The alt-right is completely inseparable from the idea of White racial consciousness. You cannot be part of the alt-right without at least thinking in terms of racial differences and IQ. You cannot be part of the alt-right without being wholly opposed to the dispossession of Whites, their reduction to a minority. You cannot be part of the alt-right without realizing the importance of White racial consciousness and of Whites thinking in their own collective legitimate interests, in terms of their own interests.


    Young Americans today, especially those who since grade school, have been taught that White people are the villains not only of American history but world history. Everything that’s ever gone wrong for non-Whites, for homosexuals, for women, but especially for non-Whites, anywhere around the world at any time in history is White people’s fault. They wake up one day and they realize this is wrong and they are hoppin mad, they are absolutely hoppin mad, that every other group has the right to celebrate their history their race, their achievements, their culture, but not White people. And at the same time the Black Lives Matter movement making heroes out of what are really just common criminals and thugs.

    It’s impossible to believe that Taylor, who can so vividly describe the symptoms of jewing, cannot see the cause. Moreover, he doesn’t simply refuse to see, he faults others who do see, psychopathologizing them just as the jews do. What a piece of shit.

  22. I also went straight for the audio link Cora posted when i saw it. Yeah, it shocks me he stands sentinel to trammel any critique of the Jews. His pro-White statements so lucid and bold and his years of research… He’s a preambling paragon of information within his own sphere. And for sake of notoriety, i see him tongue-in-cheek tolerated by the Alt Right. As they gather more followers, bets are on how long this will last ! As sides ever polarize, the likes of Taylor, Flaherty, will find themselves obsolete, standing in the middle, with few friends.

    The encroacher must be acknowledged and repelled with equal the primal force. Whites must summon the primitive, fire against fire. Whites must grow a thicker skin. Will piety hold the Jew at bay?

    “It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism, while the wolf remains of a different opinion.” – William Ralph Inge

    Tanstaafl – you introduced me to this side of Taylor in your interview with John Friend. What could possibly be Taylor’s motivation? As you said, “You can’t sneak up on the Jews.”

    The National Socialist and Gnostic mystic, John Lamb Lash, has another Red Ice interview recorded just before the Trump election entitled, John Lash – Eight Unifying Points for Truth Seekers & Knowledge Holders. I’ve not linked it, not knowing the opinions of Lash, here. But the point is – his very first criteria, his first litmus test, for bestowing confidence upon enlistees in the movement is alignment with the big JQ. This, number one, is among Lamb’s deal breakers. All those who deny the Jewish problem are to be considered outsiders.

    Nick Dean – thx. Next month is the anniversary of my enlightenment. Still have a lot to learn ))

  23. The NPI conference was on 11-19. Taylor’s jews-can-very-much-be-White-people interview was published on 11-25. AmRen posted a 1994 article by Lawrence Auster “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America” on 11-27. Us goy need to learn about diversity from a jew REEEEEE. It already has 62 gushing comments.

    Yep, Taylor is a piece of shit doing Whitey-is-waking-up damage control for the jews.

  24. I checked out a couple of vids from Tim Wise, whom Tanstaafl mentioned here in his article. Decided I’d indulge for a little education.

    We Want Our Country Back

    After showing a few clips of Whites protesting unfair taxes and complaining about the leaches of welfare, he has to say…

    The racial subtext that runs through a lot of the anti-government rhetoric is the result of an explicit political strategy that’s been put to use by conservative politicians for decades.

    Yes, professional ‘conservatives’ have been blaming all our problems on empty wallets and unbalanced checkbooks since we can remember. And when the White conservative lemming tries to voice the sinking feeling in his gut as he watches his community and entire society sink lower and lower, he resorts to such a lexicon.

    Tim Wise is right. He sees right through it.

    …But so did Adolf Hitler, long before him, who warned of politicians who wave the banner of economics while they betray national preservation.

    So, call it a spade. It’s about race. It’s about a people. And corralled securely within the fears of being called ‘racist’, anti-Christian, bigot, etc., the sophistry of misplaced cause avails itself.

    When one looks for an ideal from the past, an example of a European society to hold up in defense of White Nationalism, he finds that America’s history offers little that can’t be readily shot through with holes by charismatic speakers, like Tim Wise. The most stellar example would be Hitler’s Germany, one reason why so many of us, once awakened, are immediately drawn to National Socialism.

    The behavior of early America’s elite is no shining testimony to freedom when under the microscope, granted, and especially not in the historical snapshots cherry picked by Wise. But Wise hurls his critique in a vacuum. The diplomacy to hold up America in comparison to Asia, Africa, Mexico, in any circa, would turn his tirade to comedy.

    Anyone who jumps from point to point, selecting only the lowest common denominators, building an entire argument on sheer ‘hypocrisy’ is a deceiver and a coward. This kind of slime will never show up for a fair fight.

    Wise is a juggernaut of justice, righteously bowling forward with a terror that would scare the piss out of the pious preacher, as his sharp retorts rain down and echo thunder from his pulpit. Ah…those southern secessionists with their dibs on stolen Mexico. And let’s not forget those White wig wearing, founding fathers with their ebony bed warmers. But where are the Jewish slave ships? Where are the Jewish brokers who sold the Negro to America’s licentious masters? Where are the Jewish financiers and profiteers of the southern plantations? Guess it’s not important enough to mention. And the tribal cultural culpability of the Negroes, themselves…worthless trivia, not worth a whisper.

    But not even the most biased, most mono-lateral rendition of America’s past, which is all you’ll hear dripped from Wise’s mealy-mouthed profanities, should eclipse the present day superficial evidence – the demographics of education and crime or the globalists pouring non-Whites into every White community. Wise may maintain that ‘White’ is a concocted term to cover a select European immigrant horde, who wish to selfishly and greedily dominate America. But no other motley crew fits that description better than Jews. And if it’s so difficult to define ‘White’, you don’t need to dig too deep. At risk of employing a persecution complex, (poetic license, here), let the anti-Whites (so well self-defined) help us. Whites are those who fled from inner cities, while non-Whites trashed it. They are those identified exempt in Affirmative Action. Who are these elusive Whites? They are those of us whose forefathers erected the nation, which Wise’s Russian Jewish ancestors wrote home about – a paradise with ‘streets of gold’.

  25. “You cannot be part of the alt-right without at least thinking in terms of racial differences and IQ. You cannot be part of the alt-right without being wholly opposed to the dispossession of Whites, their reduction to a minority. You cannot be part of the alt-right without realizing the importance of White racial consciousness and of Whites thinking in their own collective legitimate interests, in terms of their own interests.”

    Interesting point. You have to become (or behave like) a jew.

    Its no wonder the “alt-right” movement wherever it may have started has been hijacked by pro-israel, philo-judeaic interests.

    They infiltrate and direct the language.

  26. I wouldn’t normally bring this up, but it’s become somewhat disconcerting. And I think it’s safe enough to share, here. Hope Tanstaafl doesn’t mind.

    I’m a greenhorn, a new spectator of the Alt Right movement with no concrete opinions. So much of what i heard in the NPI Conference personally resonates. But some worthier veterans in the effort to oppose White Genocide are expressing other sentiments. RenegadeTribune, for one, is deepening the critique, and well beyond their flat distrust of Jared Taylor. Cora is not alone.

    My term, ‘Trumpism’, which I used above, I stole from an Andrew Joyce interview. Something IS happening in America. Sides are polarizing in ways that are breaking the rules and breaking new trails outside of the cattle chutes of the expiring Left-Right charade. And there’s always that ‘opaque’ quality when trying to perceive the leadership of a movement, while assessment by its followers is more transparent, and really where the rubber meets the road. Thus, my interest. Still, the leadership intrigue can’t be dismissed.

    So, the Alt Right…the critique ranges over homosexual compromises, symbolism, and shady affiliations…to be quite general about it. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

  27. To foresttales, re: Alt-right, I’ve recently taken a break. Trying to figure out who, if any, is legit among Red Ice, The Right Stuff, Spencer and Radix, Daily Stormer, Renegade et. al. is next to impossible. There is reason to be suspicious of each of them.

  28. To LTMcFadden, appreciate it. Red Ice is commentary, lots of subjects. Great education. Renegade is also, but more focused and fundamentally activist in eliciting public awareness. Emotions, therefore, in their camp are a little more ‘taxed’. That’s expected…and ok. Daily Stormer is practically handcuffed, now, and 2 steps from jail. Must be doing something right.

    However, the Alt Right has real political teeth, a large movement that warrants attention for would-be supporters and political activists, thinking they could make a difference. But in as much as leadership is direction, let’s just say I’m not thoroughly convinced.

    There’s always mainstream National Socialism, if you can call it that. Their groups are a risky affair for other reasons. Guess I’ve got some homework to do…

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