Jews Hunting Gorka


The jews are screeching again, this time demanding Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka’s head. Their (((#GorkaMustGo))) hashtag was trending this weekend, but the campaign started more than three weeks ago. From the start it was evident Gorka was a counter-jihad useful idiot, an alt-jewsmedia jewhadi, as an early jewsmedia report made clear:

Breitbart, the “alt-right” publication, where Gorka himself served as national security editor prior to joining the White House staff, defended his wardrobe choice, writing on February 14 that, “as any of his Breitbart News colleagues could testify, Gorka is not only pro-Israel but ‘pro-Jewish,’ and defends both against the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

According to the screeching jews, Gorka was at fault for perhaps also imagining he could be pro-Hungarian and maybe defend Hungarians.

A second, louder wave of screeching began toward the end of last week when the jews decided that Gorka had in fact at one time actually been pro-Hungarian and thus had to go. One of the jews’ latest grievances is that Gorka’s mother “crossed paths with David Irving” in the 1970s.

At this point the most organized and powerful special interest lobby, organized jewry, began issuing official tribal fatwahs against Gorka:

Prior to the publishing of Gorka’s interview with Tablet, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, which has been critical of the Trump administration, said Gorka should resign or be fired.

“Sebastian Gorka must resign — and President Trump must make it happen,” executive director Steven Goldstein said in a statement. “That Sebastian cannot even deny he has links with a Nazi-affiliated organization is symptomatic of the grotesque anti-Semitism that has infected the White House. How many ducks in the Trump White House must walk, talk and quack anti-Semitically before our country wakes up and sees the problem?”

The National Jewish Democratic Council, a political lobbying firm in Washington, said Trump should fire Gorka.

“Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the United States needs to implement, ‘extreme vetting,’ in order to determine if we should allow certain immigrants into our country,” the group said in a statement. “And yet, it seems like he failed to vet one of his most trusted advisers.”

Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, called Gorka’s ties to Hungary’s far right “extensive and troubling.”

“The only reason he’s anywhere near the White House is Steve Bannon, his old boss at Breitbart, who has his own troubling associations with anti-Semitism,” he said. “It’s time for President Trump to take on anti-Semitism within the ranks of his administration and clean house.”

Trump has not yet addressed the issue, but the concerted screeching has already had a visible effect on other government officials. Three senators have joined in the screeching:

According to the Forward, leaders of the Historical Vitézi Rend have identified Dr. Gorka as a sworn member of the organization who took a “lifelong oath of loyalty.” The State Department identifies the original Vitézi Rend, as a virulently anti-Semitic organization that operated under the direction of the Nazis during World War II. Dr. Gorka was photographed wearing a Vitézi Rend medal on several occasions, including at a Presidential inaugural ball earlier this year. He has also identified himself as “Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka” in written testimony before Congress. Experts note that the initial “v.” is used by sworn members of the Vitézi Rend.

We note that this Administration purports to have a special interest in ensuring that those with extremist views do not exploit our immigration laws. The President’s January 27th Executive Order states, “In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles. … the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including … the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own).” Membership in an anti-Semitic organization like the Historical Vitézi Rend should raise serious concerns regarding whether an individual holds the sort of “hostile attitudes” that concern the Administration. Failure to address this case would further confirm the intent of this Administration is to discriminate on the basis of religion, rather than combat extremist views.

Of course, none of this screeching has anything to do with protecting Americans or the founding principles of the United States. What it’s all about is a hostile, bigoted, hate-filled tribe of aliens acting as if they can dictate what the US Government must do. Whether the jews’ campaign against Gorka is successful or not, they are making it clear that they see themselves and their group interests as distinct from and superior to others, such as Hungarians or Americans, and furthermore, they expect their demands to supercede all other concerns.

As Jeff Stein put it in NewsWeek on Saturday:

Normally, second-tier White House foreign policy advisers are rarely seen and even more rarely heard. But these are not normal times, and Sebastian Gorka is no normal adviser.

No shit, Shylock – this is the jew normal.

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  1. Sebastian Gorka is bad for the Jews. And America. | Religion News Service

    Salkin never even tries to explain what religion has anything to do with what he’s talking about (because jew isn’t a religion), or how Gorka is bad for America (because that bit is only bolted on to the title so it doesn’t look like the jews only care about the jews).

    Instead he tries to jewsplain “the real mind scrambler”: how a pro-Israel kikeservative jewhadi can be “bad for the jews”. His answer:

    let’s differentiate “pro-Israelism” from Zionism.

    “Pro-Israelism” treats the Jewish state as a football team. We sit in the bleachers and yell: “Hit ’em again — harder, harder.”

    Zionism is something else altogether. Whatever else it is, Zionism is also about the moral excellence of the Jewish people.

    Whatever else it is, “zionism” is parasitism. This so-called “moral excellence” of the jews means that the jews have their ethnostate, which specifically serves the jews, and that the jews also demand that every member of every other state on the planet also serve the jews, and only the jews.

  2. Comment: The ‘Forward’ is dead wrong, Gorka is a defender of Israel, Jews – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

    It has now published two articles making a hysterical case that boils down to: Gorka is an antisemite because he works for Trump, he is Hungarian, and he’s proud of both. One does not have to agree with Gorka to be appalled at the cynicism of a disingenuous campaign attacking a political target as an antisemite despite a total lack of evidence.

    Having dedicated two lengthy articles smearing as a Nazi this devout Catholic and father of young children, who has committed his life to the struggle to preserve Western civilization and liberal values, and this scholar who has written in the most forceful terms of the evils of the Nazi regime

    . . .

    [Sebastian’s father] Paul Gorka, in his own book (if the Forward’s “investigative” team read it, they certainly hid the information), recounted several steps that he himself as an adolescent and his family had taken to help protect Jewish friends during the war – and the gratitude that a postwar Jewish relief organization bestowed upon his family for it.

    . . .

    But the Forward, in listing Sebastian Gorka’s political associates in Hungary, omits the most important – Antall – perhaps because two sons of anti-Nazis working together would destroy their narrative. Instead, the Forward labels Gorka’s political affiliation “right wing” and “nationalist” – easy scare words for most Jews.

    For those not yet frightened, the Forward then labels the Order of Vitéz a “Nazi-Allied” group – omitting from its “reporting” that Yad Vashem and other Jewish organizations have honored both Antall’s family and members of the Order of Vitez for helping and saving Jews from Nazis. The Forward’s “investigation” into the Order of Vitéz similarly failed to note that it had Jewish members – including a friend of the Gorka family whose valuables the Gorkas hid from the Nazis.

    The Forward could not find a single shred of evidence suggesting that Sebastian Gorka has ever done or said anything even remotely antisemitic. In suggesting guilt by association, the Forward ignored the work of Hungarian-American Jewish journalist David Reaboi who, in response to the first round of smears, revealed that Seb Gorka had done more than merely align himself with another scion of anti-Nazi Hungarians; he joined forces with Antall to fight the antisemitism of the Hungarian nationalist right.

    . . .

    Next, consider its sources: the author of both Forward attack pieces is Lili Bayer, a Budapest-based freelance journalist whose writing demonstrates a passion for helping Syrian refugees flood into Europe.

    . . .

    So there it in a nutshell – Gorka’s accusers: An aggressively anti-Trump, pro-Syrian-refugee publication unperturbed by either the Nation of Islam or the jihadi threat, working with a reporter who shares its commitment to flooding the West with refugees from an antisemitic culture, citing the work of a an author affiliated with a website promoting Intifada, and a pro-Syrian-refugee activist-lawyer willing to engage in rank speculation.

    The Forward’s entire fiction connecting Gorka to antisemitism is predicated entirely on allegedly questionable associations rather than on his own behavior.

    The Gorkacaust in a nutshell: jews arguing with jews about whether kikeservative Trump’s kikeservative advisor is good or bad for the jews

  3. John Jackson: “New blog post: it doesn’t matter if Gorka is “really” a Nazi.

    tl;dr: because “racist”.

    Jackson sides entirely with the jews, but in the process provides some interesting details of European attempts to resist jew infiltration, manipulation, and exploitation. For example:

    Vitézi Rend was founded in 1920 by Admiral Miklós Horthy, who was Regent of Hungary in the 1920s until 1944. Vitézi Rend was a patriotic organization meant to reestablish Hungary’s honor after it suffered huge losses of territory in World War I. Horthy was obsessed with Russian influence in Germany and his Arrow Cross Party (also on our list of subversive organizations) was nationalistic and antisemitic and those ideologies were reflected in the policies: its Numerus Clausus Act of 1920 was the first piece of antisemitic legislation of the 20th century.

    And as usual, this “anti-semitism” was too little, too late. Now the victors of WWII, the jews, write the history.

    This isn’t the first time Jackson has tried to jewsplain how opposing or even simply neglecting to put the jews on a special pedestal above everyone else is “racist”: How can the statement be antisemitic when it doesn’t even mention Jews?

    Here’s why softcore Holocaust denial is more dangerous than hardcore Holocaust denial. No one, except those on the antisemitic right, doubts there were gas chambers at Auschwitz designed specifically to kill people. To deny the gas chambers is to say something like, “There was no such person as Elvis Presley“.

    But of course, there aren’t any laws against Elvis Presley denial.

    Rejection of the jews’ self-serving morality-narrative represents pushback against jew rule – which the jews and their tools perceive as an existential threat and thus ruthlessly persecute and prosecute.

  4. The lesson here is that Jews expect Whites that rise to any public position above dog catcher to be 100% pro-Jewish and 100% anti-White. There are a handful of Jews that will tolerate nationalism on the part of Whites so long as it is not too antagonistic to Jews. But what is the fate of such Jews? History has shown that they will most likely have their yid cards revoked by the tribe. The example of David Cole is instructive.

  5. EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian Gorka Backed Anti-Semitic Militia – The Forward

    The latest on the jews’ Gorka-hunt, not worth reading unless you’d like to see just how exquisitely obsessed jews are with monitoring and suppressing any form of racial consciousness or organizing but their own. The bottom line:

    There is no evidence that Gorka himself has ever engaged in overtly anti-Semitic acts or participated in any of the Guard’s activities. But Gorka and some of his political supporters have argued that he has fought anti-Semitism throughout his career. The newly available video footage signals that Gorka not only failed to fight anti-Semitism, but also supported an openly intolerant paramilitary group and publicly rejected the Jewish community’s concerns about their own safety and the safety of other minorities due to the group’s founding.

    Once again we see that behind all the screeching about “neo-nazis” and “anti-semitism” the controversy amounts to a pissing match between jews specifically over whether Gorka is good enough for the jews.

  6. The jews’ hunt for Gorka’s head grinds on.

    Sebastian Gorka Made Nazi-Linked Vitezi Rend ‘Proud’ by Wearing Its Medal – NBC News:

    NBC News traveled to Hungary to dig deeper into Gorka’s ties with the group, speaking with members of the organization as well as with locals who knew him when he lived there.

    . . .

    Gorka’s decision to wear the medal — which he said was awarded to his Hungarian-born father — has provoked outrage among Jewish groups.

  7. White House Weighs Kicking Out Sebastian Gorka – The Daily Beast:

    The president admires Sebastian Gorka for his fiery TV performances, but his ties to far-right organizations are making him more liability than asset, administration sources say.

    The Trump administration is actively exploring options to remove controversial national security aide Sebastian Gorka from the White House and place him at another federal agency, multiple sources tell The Daily Beast.

    Only jews have complained about Gorka, and for explicitly jewy reasons. The kikeservative-in-chief may like Gorka, but it’s more important that he, you know, serve the jews.

  8. Sebastian Gorka Plays Israel Card In Push Back On Ties To Nazi Allies – The Forward:

    “Because we are pro-Israel we have to be attacked,” Gorka said at the annual Jerusalem Post conference held in New York. “Whether it’s the president, Steve Bannon, Steve Miller or me.” Gorka was referring to Trump’s top advisers Bannon and Miller, both of whom representing the far right-wing school of thought in the Oval Office.

    According to Gorka, claims directed at the Trump administration regarding its approach to Jews, Islamophobic undertones or relations with the far-right, all have to do with the president and his advisers’ views on Israel.

    The kikeservative cries out in pain as he cucks harder for the jews.

    When the jews screech about imaginary “neo-nazi” “anti-semitic” “White nationalists” in the White House they’re doing is the opposite of attacking jew state supporters, they’re giving them cover.

  9. The Effort to Rehabilitate Sebastian Gorka – The Atlantic, Rosie Gray, 7 May 2017:

    Gorka’s appearance at the conference is part of a concerted effort to defend his image in the Jewish and pro-Israel communities, an effort that is being aided by several sympathetic voices outside the White House. It illuminates the extent to which Gorka has become a flashpoint for bitter intramural battles over who can accuse others, and be accused of, anti-Semitism.

    Gorka, [Jeff Ballabon, a Republican activist and lawyer] said, is “collateral damage, an innocent bystander caught in what looks like an internecine Jewish war between the progressive Jewish left and more stable rational people.”

    The entire controversy around Gorka is nothing but jews arguing with jews about what’s best for the jews.

  10. The Gorka Affair, The Los Angeles Review of Books, 25 May 2017.

    The six gorillionth jewsmedia article about Gorka – plainly attributes the entire controversy to jews. Trump and his White supporters are identified as enemies:

    Donald Trump has cast fear into the hearts of many Jewish Americans by threatening the anti-antisemitic consensus upon which we have relied. As candidate, he courted White-Nationalist voters with audible dog whistles—the not-so-subtle use of paranoid anti-Semitic symbols and tropes to communicate that he shares their perspective—and by partnering with Steve Bannon. Anti-Jewish hate crimes rose with Trump’s candidacy and after he took office; and it took the President far too long to react. In February, he even harangued a Jewish reporter for asking him to condemn this trend. That same month, Trump suggested without providing evidence that the terrorist threats received by Jewish communities across the country may have been part of a false-flag operation. Even if the President had suspected at the time that a Jewish Israeli was responsible for many of the terror calls—which I doubt—his assumption of conspiracy reflects traditionally antisemitic fears of “Jewish power.”

    Laments the failure to completely silence Gorka:

    Gorka has no business holding a position of influence within the government and it would be better if media outlets refrained from offering him a platform.

    Criticizes Gorka for thinking like a jew:

    Gorka sincerely believes that one can be an ethno-nationalist and a democrat; a proponent of racial-religious profiling and free of bigotry. As in so many other areas, Gorka is not lying. He is just wrong and he is arrogant about it.

    The main point of the article, written by a professional jew whose job is promoting The Big Hoax, is to urge jews to shift the emphasis of their attack from “anti-semitism” to “islamophobia”. The article is larded with weaponized psychoanalytic buzzterms, but some variant of that particular one occurs 18 times.

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