Worshipping the Tribe Who Seeks To Destroy You


First, let’s listen to a jew explain what Passover means to the jews. “We can’t let them win”: Passover is more than a holiday — it’s a call to arms against oppression:

Passover is more than just a holiday. It’s a call to arms. I have realized and maybe you did, too, even before the election laid bare the fight we would face, that above all else Passover is the story of a successful uprising against tyranny. It is a story dripping with hope, one that inherently looks to the future — a story we need this year in America more than ever.

As a people, we Jews have historically led the resistance against intolerance and persecution, from championing the civil rights movement to standing up against authoritarianism in all its guises. We have always sought a better world, not only for ourselves but also our children. This Passover we must come together, urgently, to sit among friends and family and listen to the unprecedented story of a profound resistance. We must remember that we have faced dark times before — in Egypt, in Spain, in Auschwitz — and that we have outlasted them. We will outlast these dark, turbulent times as well, not just because we continue to stand on the right side of history, but also because, as targets of hate and survivors of it, we know exactly what’s at stake if we fail.

This is a concise, precise formulation of the jew narrative. It clearly indicates the jew-centric origin of the most powerful weaponized buzzterms used against Whites today – “intolerance”, “persecution”, “civil rights”, “authoritarianism”, “seeking a better life for ourselves and our family” – and connects it directly to the long string of hosts jews have previously infiltrated, exploited, and ultimately exterminated.

Jew holidays are nothing more and nothing less than a regular opportunity for “the jewish people” to remind each other of their conspiracy against everyone else, and to celebrate the tremendous advantage their jew-righteous jew-justifying jew-first mindset gives them in that fight.

Now listen to how the jews’ narrative is distorted and misinterpreted by the jews’ most powerful servant and millions of his witless Christian supporters. President Trump Easter Holiday Message To The Nation:

This week, jewish families across our country, and around the world, celebrate Passover and retell the story of God’s deliverance of the jewish people. The story of the Exodus is a story of freedom. It is the story of an incredible people who were liberated from oppression and raised up the face of humankind.

Down through the centuries, the jewish people have lived through one persecution after another–and yet, they persevered and thrived and uplifted the world beyond measure. And now, the state of Israel stands as a monument to their faith and endurance.

The jews’ hostile particularist us-versus-them narrative has been transformed into an Animal Farmish jews-are-the-best-of-us form.

Whereas jews see Whites (Christian or not) as alien enemies whose mere existence amounts to oppression, Whites misinterpret jews not only as friends but as moral superiors who have been unjustly persecuted. Whereas the view jews share with each other emboldens and empowers them, the delusions jews encourage among their hosts confuse, demoralize, and ultimately destroy them.

During his selection campaign, the kikeservative-in-chief often reminded his supporters of the dangers of such destructive behavior by recounting the ancient European parables of The Trojan Horse and The Snake. And as usual for dire warnings about “pathological altruism”, the fatal conceit of Trump’s enraptured audience was that he was talking about somebody else’s error.

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  1. The “…his witless Christian supporters…” bit most appreciated. I suspect I’m at least two decades older than most WNs (66 at the moment) because I can remember when most US Christians didn’t give a toss for Israel, and assimilated American Jews, out of necessity or what, consistently said “I’m an American, not an Israeli.”

    But in one of her lucid moments, Ayn Rand got it right: In any contest of ideas, the most consistent one will win.

    What can be more consistent than “The Only Chosen People, Dwelling in the Only Holy Land, As Designated by the Only Creator god there is”?

    As long as those of us who are European-derived Caucasions, ie, the Amaleks targeted for extinction, worship their god, we’re at a disadvantage.

    Your argument could be repeated about the whole of the Hebrew sacred calender, then move on to the “holy scriptures” of Christians and Islamics, who are (after all) only sub-Jews.

    But the Roman Church (I was also a pre-Vat II Catholic) the Patron Saints of work and place defined Europeans on the divine chessboard. On this Easter Sunday afternoon, I think it’s fair to say Rome did it partly right and minimized the bad parts for quite some while. (The German side of my family had a longer ancestoral memory, and insisted that for most of the German-speaking peoples, the “old testament” was unkown till the Reformation. That sounds right.)

    If religion is weaponized folklore, as your piece totally shows, Europe needs some weapons of our own. If Christian, Rome showed the way. If pagan, well, I have that sort of German ancestry too.

  2. Whites need to develop a “we.”

    Whenever kikes start ranting about the past, it’s always “we jews” this and “we jews” that.

    Our response should be, “We Aryans don’t give a shit about you jews or your persecution fantasies.”

    Reasoning with a marauding tribe is pointless, particularly if that tribe is literally insane, as the jews are. Never debate with them. Stop them cold and refuse to even hear their voices.

  3. President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 7, 2017, as Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A. | whitehouse.gov:

    Education and Sharing Day recognizes the remarkable efforts of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, to use values-based education to drive our Nation’s children toward the American Dream. As an educator, Rabbi Schneerson understood that education is incomplete if it is devoid of moral development. Working through a spirit of optimism, he strived to teach children to be honest, civil, respectful of differences, and self-disciplined, in addition to being intellectually rigorous.

    Rabbi Schneerson’s Contempt for Non-Jews Advertised on Buses in Israel | The Occidental Observer:

    The gentile does not want anything. He waits to be told what the jew wants!

  4. Let me ask this.
    All through the ages of Whites vs jews. Whites mistakes among many with jews, has been underestimating jews, letting them back in time and again.

    Then in Hitlers Germany we see that even he didnt go far enough with exclusion, even assuming the HoaxOcaust was real. And just focus on who was in his ranks. He was far too lenient.

    So why is it, that the AltRight,Spencer, TRS and company etc. Call it a bwrack pwrill or purity spirals for those of us who say –no jews– in any capacity?

    Who call us those names for even calling into question Spencer and crew with those same concerns about their associates that have plagued us for centuries?

    By not demanding the best Whites are always settling for mediocre leaders. The zoglings swarm them with protection from basic questions.

    The same jews swirling the AltRight who arent a concern are the same jews in Trumps house who are a concern? Whites are destined to lose with this .

  5. The Conspiracy Theories of Trumpland: A Compleat and Comprehensive Bestiary

    A “conspiracy theory” is the jew theory that every non-jew is an “anti-semite” who just doesn’t know it yet.

    In this article two jewesses mock Trump’s kikeservatives and the various ways they try to dance around the jews and their destructive agenda. Not a single Trump jew is caricatured, and only one is mentioned in the text of the “bestiary”, gently shamed for not jewing hard enough:

    Kushner has claimed that his father-in-law is neither racist nor anti-Semitic. That’s not a conspiracy, per se, or pseudoscience, or really anything that we’ve covered here. It’s just an interesting—somewhat debatable—claim that he appears to sincerely believe.

  6. Chris, a C.17th mayor or prince in today’s Germany or Italy who allowed for re-admission of Jews into his jurisdiction after a ban of say 80 years, cannot have known the whole list of prior expulsions across Europe, Asia and we may presume Africa – nor obviously those that would follow even into the New World. And he could not have known the common pattern of systematic economic, cultural and ethnic subversion over millennia that justify these defenses.

    Even today only a select number of Whites have the full picture – and that would include Spencer, Sailer, Taylor, Brimelow and MacDonald. And so only Whites like these deserve our condemnation for not finally saying, “No Jews” – including, sadly, MacDonald.

    “So why is it, that the AltRight,Spencer, TRS and company etc. Call it a bwrack pwrill or purity spirals for those of us who say –no jews– in any capacity?”

    It’s because,

    “Whites are destined to lose with this.”

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