Why Dylann Roof is RIGHT! – Whites UNDER-REACT to Racial threats


Rather than making a podcast of my own this week, I’m going to urge you to listen to this one instead. It was originally posted on YouTube. All I’ve done is carve out the unique commentary (leaving out the several other short videos the author attached to the end of his) and transcode the audio to MP3 (leaving out the author’s image slideshow). If you can, I encourage you to watch the whole thing in its original form.

As I described when I first linked the video a few days ago, this podcast contains some very sobering testimony from a White man in Africa, a Boer. Dedicating a post to it gives me a chance to say a bit more about it, and a few other Roof-related items and issues.

First off I’ll say that I had never heard from this Boer before, but was curious about what else he had to say and where his podcasts and other work was published. Starting at History Reviewed Channel, on YouTube, it’s apparent that he’s made several other podcasts, before and since this one. From URLs attached to some of them it seems he operates a set of similar-looking websites, including Ban Judaism, AfricanCrisis, AmericanCrisis, and HistoryReviewed. Some of the items on these sites are snippets of private chats, like this one. Some involve “The Editor”, a handle I recalled running across on Twitter, and which turns out to point back to the same person.

Regardless of who this man is, what he has to say in this podcast makes alot of sense. What he says comports, just as the general views attributed to Dylann Roof do, with my own view of reality, sanity, and morality – as far as I can tell, a more or less accurate description of what’s happening and why. I feel compelled to choose my words so precisely and cautiously because there are two strong currents among Whites which put forth more or less opposing views.

The first current, which is to condemn Roof, attacking his sanity and morality, I have already addressed. I consider this current itself to be not only mistaken but worthy of attack. The tragedy is that it’s proponents support and agree with Roof’s motives, but in joining the enemy to condemn Roof’s actions end up undermining themselves, calling into question their own motives and actions.

The second current, which is to dismiss Roof, attacking his reality, and thus by extension the White racial reality, I have not previously addressed. The Boer does so very briefly at the start of his podcast. In my own view this “psyops”/”truther”/”crisis actors” current is also mistaken, but not worthy of attack. More than anything else it is a distraction. It’s true-believing core proponents fundamentally disagree with Roof’s purported motives – at best because they are deracinated, at worst because they are anti-“racists” and jews. They present a false critique of the jewsmedia narrative, providing in fact an astroturf extension of the distortion and confusion the corporate jewish media creates, toward the same anti-White ends. In other words, they are part of, or at least participating in, the larger “psyop” they complain about. In this case I think the tragedy is in some jew-wise White racialists lending this surreal phenomenon credence and attention.

The authenticity of Dylann Roof, the Boer, and even myself is something Whites must judge for themselves. A measure of skepticism is normal and healthy, and I think Whites could use more of it when dealing with anything coming from the jewsmedia or academia. I think that if anything Whites underestimate the jews, their perfidy, and the confusion they very deliberately create around race, politics, and history.

That said, I’ll repeat that the manifesto attributed to Roof and the commentary coming from the Boer both strike me as authentic. If either are in fact coming from jews, who are presumably trying to discredit pro-White motives by tying them to violent acts, then they are failing. If it is jews, then they are doing a good job, making so much sense, that they do a bad job of discrediting White racial consciousness. My argument against the Roof-condemners is that they discredit themselves by arguing in terms of a morality or sanity they otherwise demonstrate they do not actually believe. My argument against the Roof-disbelievers is that they discredit themselves by arguing for a measure of skepticism and consciousness they otherwise demonstrate they do not practice.

The Boer well describes the current zeitgeist in Africa and America. Though he doesn’t identify it as such, he describes the jew’s oppression narrative behind this zeitgeist, driving it morally and ideologically, consistently excusing non-Whites and blaming Whites for everything, no matter the circumstances.

The Boer’s main point, with which I concur, is that the essence of “liberal”/jew power is lying, the con job, fraud. To that he adds the point that behind their dishonest rhetoric and argument they have other, hidden interests and loyalties at heart – either involving themselves personally, their employer, or non-Whites (and jews) more generally. That White “liberals” are race traitors, a worse kind of enemy compared to blacks. That their nightmare is that enough Whites will recognize that the threat posed by their lies is real, has to be taken seriously and stopped, especially by resorting to violence. And finally, based on his personal experience with the course of events over the past 60 years in Africa, he opines that “right-wing”/racialist Whites have failed because they have underestimated the extent and gravity of the situation, whereas the “liberal”/jew lying, and especially guilt-tripping, has been ruthless, and with devastating effect.

The Boer understands more about the jews than he lets on in his podcast about Roof. In another podcast, published just before Roof’s reprisal, he shares his attempt to describe the jewish problem to a friend. Whites colonised Blacks; Jews colonise Whites! – JEWS 101: Introduction to the Jewish problem puts it in a pithy way that any White should be able to comprehend, but especially those Whites outside Europe, for whom the colonialism guilt-trip hits closest to home. I would describe the relationship as parasitism rather than colonialism, and trace it back far beyond Spain 500 years ago, but the way the Boer sees and describes it is definitely on the right track. The colonialism analogy is perhaps even better for persuading someone who is still under the influence of Christianity, or finds an understanding rooted more in sociology than biology more appealing.

The Boer identifies two analogues to Roof – Anders Breivik, with whom most Whites are at least somewhat familiar, and Barend (Hendrik) Strydom, a Boer with whom most Whites outside of Africa are probably completely unfamiliar. As the various articles on the murderpedia.org page make clear, Christianity played an important role in Strydom’s mindset, which he shared with his family and the larger Boer White nationalist group to which he belonged. I found these passages particularly interesting:

By the time (Barend) Hendrik Strydom was sixteen he was already a member of a number of extremist right-wing organisations and had visions of an all-white nation being established in South Africa. He claimed to have attended a veldschool in Standard 8, where he had been warned against the communist system as well as drug and alchohol abuse. “We were taught to be proud of our country,”he said. “I began to read many books on politics in South Africa and also attended right-wing meetings. They were the only true political movements – unlike the Nationalist government which lies to the people.” He saw some of the reform movements introduced by the government as a ,sell-out. His views were encouraged by his father, Mr Nic Strydom, an ex policeman, an elder in the Nederduits Hervormde Kerk, and a former regional leader of the Heidelberg Afrikaaner Weerstands beweging (AWB). Mr Nic Strydom would later claim proudly in court that he had ‘planted the seeds of religion and right-wing political views’ in his son’s heart. He also maintained that his son was a dedicated churchgoer and a person who strongly believed in God. “I explained to him that, according to the Bible, each nation should have its own church and religion, which Hendrik accepted whole heartedly.” It was also Mr Strydom’s belief that ‘blacks were animals’. “Blacks are not human beings according to the Bible, and many books I have read, and in my eyes they are animals. Many books Hendrik and I have read state, among other things, that Jews of today are not whites, blacks are animals and all whites stem from the Israelites,” Mr Strydom added.

“I became more aware of the enemy, especially people belonging to the left-wing organizations such as the United Democratic Front and the so-called Workers Union and their affiliated organizations, which were all African National Congress front movements.” He saw the actions, which the government was taking to combat internal rebellion as ineffective and began to fear that South Africa was going to the communists.

Despite this realization, Strydom selected random blacks as targets, not White/jew communists. More important, he never expressed regret or otherwise betrayed himself, his cause, or his people:

On Wednesday, 17 May, Mr Justice Louis Harms found Strydom guilty on all counts and called for arguments in mitigation of sentence. “I see what I did as totally correct,” Strydom declared the following day. “If I had to do it again I would do the same thing”. When questioned about the Wit Wolwe movement, Strydom maintained that it had been established in February 1986, but would give no further details. The police claimed that investigations indicated that the Wit Wolwe was merely a figment of Strydoms imagination. When it was put to the accused that he was bragging in an attempt to make himself important, Strydom denied this.

Even more important, his family and his people, the Boere, did not abandon or betray him:

In a press interview given a few days after the sentencing, Mr Nic Strydom told reporters: “I’m proud of Hendrik because he sacrificed himself for his beliefs. He is an honest man and I respect him for that. He killed for love the love of a nation.”

Contrast this with Roof’s family, one of which supposedly expressed an eager desire to condemn and even “push the button” himself, not only before the trial, but before he could possibly have known hardly anything about what had happened or why. And though they should have been, knowing what they know, the many pro-Whites who similarly rushed to condemn Roof were really no better in this regard.

More about the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, or Afrikaner Resistance Movement:

The AWB was formed in 1973 by Eugène Terre’Blanche and six other far-right Afrikaners. Terre’blanche remained the leader until he was murdered on his farm in 2010.

The AWB flag is composed of three black sevens (forming a triskelion) in a white circle upon a red background. According to AWB, the sevens, ‘the number of JAHWEH’, ‘stand to oppose the number 666, the number of the anti-Christ’. Red is considered to represent Jesus’ blood, while black stands for bravery and courage. The inner white circle symbolises the “eternal struggle”, or according to other sources “eternal life”.[30] The flag bears a resemblance to the Swastika flag used by the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany.

In the case of Strydom and the AWB, Christianity posed no moral obstacle to their racialism and even the use of violence in pursuit of their survival as a people. Likewise for some black nationalists, like the New Black Panthers. See, for example, Malik Shabazz Calls On Charleston Crowd To Finish “Mission” Killing “Slave Masters”. Shabazz urges violence and alludes approvingly to the black adoption of the oldest of jewish lies, their slaves-in-Egypt narrative.

Contrary to those White racialist naysayers who argue that it’s impossible to simply replace the jews in “what’s best for the jews”, in one way or another this is what nearly everyone actually does. It goes well beyond the confused racialism of black and White Christians who spell out their we-are-the-real-jews substitution more or less explicitly. Even those secular “liberal” (which includes most “conservative”) Whites who wouldn’t recognize it as such justify themselves with a mutation and expansion of the jewish moral code, a concern for “what’s best for jews/non-Whites”, which may in part even be sincere, but most of which is just a disguise for a narrower, “what’s best for myself”.

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  1. Here’s the transcript of the video that Tan mentions above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzkK8fd_yFc

    Whites colonize Blacks; Jews colonize Whites! – JEWS 101: Introduction to the Jewish Problem


    I’m going to read an email that I wrote somebody. To an old Christian man who used to be a high ranking military officer. I was trying to explain to him, in a simple way, what I mean by the Jewish question.

    So I’m going to read to you what I wrote to him.

    Let me sum up the Jewish question this way: Whites colonize blacks, jews colonize Whites. If you grasp what I’m saying, that jews colonize Whites, then that is the beginning of understanding this thing.

    Jewish colonialism operates in a way that has no parallel in history. I have been studying my history up to my eyeballs for the last two and a half years and I’m far from finished. But what I have uncovered is tons and tons of stuff that we are not aware of. As for the Jewish problem, that requires encyclopedias to explain. It is a problem that has been brewing in Europe for at least 500 years, but very possibly, longer.

    Spain had the biggest Jewish population in Europe and they had a struggle with Christianity on the one hand and jews and Muslims, where the jews and Muslims we’re working together to control the Christians. The jews and Muslims ruled Spain for 700 years. And it took the Christians 200 years to drive the jews and the Muslims out. The jews actually backed the Muslims originally, to conquer Spain.

    So a key event in the White race’s struggle with itself was when, in 1492, the Spanish King and Queen, two separate royal houses, kicked all 300,000 jews out of Spain. This kicked off the Spanish Inquisition which was a hunt for jews pretending to be Christian.

    The Jewish question is so enormous with so many aspects, and it’s been written about in detail. But the Jewish question is central to the identity of the White man. This problem is playing itself out right now in the USA, exactly as it has done in Europe for centuries. I just want to emphasize that the Jewish question is more important than you can believe.

    Now since you are a Christian the issue is even more massive. The endless wars between Whites in Europe, especially Christian on Christian wars, may have been more Jew fueled than you can imagine. The Jew question today is not smaller than in 1939, it is even more massive, now it’s global.

    For Christians the dilemmas with jews gets even worse. Did you know that the Christian church was split by Martin Luther, the great Christian reformer. Now Martin Luther was a German monk. He felt sorrow for the jews. He wanted to reform Christianity, so that the jews would become Christian. As you know, he took great risks to do what he did. And thus was born Protestantism. And then to his utter dismay, the jews still refused to convert. Martin Luther later wrote a book called “The Jews and Their Lies”. He was absolutely infuriated with them.

    The Jewish clash is with Whites, White nations and Christianity. The jews do not see themselves as our equal. Nor as being a part of us.

    They are a people who desire to rule us. Jews and Christians are mutually exclusive. Jews and Whites are mutually exclusive.

    I must add that I had many Jewish friends even in Israel. I’ve had a lot of contact with jews.

    Now let me shock you!

    White jews are the enemies of all White people. I will repeat that. White jews have openly written and spoken about destroying the White race for the last 100 years.

    White jews are working for the destruction of all White people, even now.

    [Thank you for watching.]


    For my latest blog post, Zion’s Trojan Horse – Part 1, click here >>> KATANA


  2. The war goes back 2000 years with Christians, and it’s a life and death struggle that most white people are totally unaware of. The clip is chilling. The truth of it, the truth of our position, the truth of the danger facing whites cannot be denied.

  3. Right you are here:

    “Shabazz urges violence and alludes approvingly to the black adoption of the oldest of jewish lies, their slaves-in-Egypt narrative.”

    This is a classic use of time-as-weapon strategy.

    The actual evidence surviving in Egypt points to an expulsion, not any “hard bondage”. The remains of Horumheb’s edict at Karnak indicate Manetho’s story is at least partly true, that some early group of Semites became bad guests, at minimum, and were thrown out.

    But which will the average “scholar” of our era know? The Hebraic Bible version… or the actual history, however damaged and incomplete? (And why would such a vital document be so degraded in a place nature kept most stone glyphs intact? Could the earliest expulsion be the one that would unravel the rest of the story?)

    Get a lock on historic narratives and you got people where you want them.

  4. Hi Tan,

    I’ve been following your commentary on Roof and the shooting he reportedly carried out in Charleston. As always, you make a number of excellent points. I think you are spot on in your criticism of those White Nationalists who are fanatically and cowardly denouncing Roof and attempting to distance themselves from him as if that will help their image in the Jew controlled media and mainstream American society. It is a sign of weakness, and we cannot afford to be weak any longer.

    If Roof did in fact carry out this mass shooting which resulted in the deaths of 9 Blacks at a historic Black church, and if his manifesto is legitimate, his actions are understandable given the situation Whites currently find themselves in America and the wider Western world. There is an open war being waged against us on multiple fronts. Physically Whites are assaulted, brutalized, robbed, rapped, and murdered on a daily basis by non-Whites. Whites are spiritually, culturally, and intellectually assaulted and terrorized through the mass media, Hollywood, political establishment, and educational system on a daily basis as well. As you stated, it’s surprising there aren’t more people like Roof (again, assuming he did in fact shoot the church in Charleston up).

    My saying this does not mean I endorse or support Roof’s (alleged) actions. I am just saying I understand where his (reported) anger and frustration comes from, and what drove him to do what he (purportedly) did.

    The problem with the situation in Charleston (like virtually all mass shootings and other major, traumatic events in recent history) is that there is no genuine proof that what the media has reported about the alleged event is true. From what I can gather, and admittedly I have not attempted to dig up official police reports, death certificates, etc., the only proof Roof shot up the church in Charleston comes from the Jew media reporting on it and saying it happened, coupled with extremely dubious and suspicious testimony from family members of purported victims of the shooting.

    What I don’t understand is why White Nationalists, especially those that fully recognize the manner in which deception and psychological warfare have been and continue to be used so effectively by the Jews in their war on White people and Western civilization, simply accept the Jew media’s depiction of events like the Charleston shooting without any real, legitimate proof. Given all the anomalies of the alleged event and the agenda it has been used to advance, not to mention the long history of media deception and fakery, we should be extremely skeptical of the official narrative emanating from the Jew media, in my opinion.

    I hope I did the HTML tags correctly…

  5. The YouTube speech given by the white Rhodesian is fantastic. Thanks for turning everyone onto it. He’s got other great YouTube videos as well. He doesn’t even live in the U.S. but he’s trying to help white Americans wake up! I appreciate having learned about his work on the Internet.

  6. @John
    You can be skeptical of all coming from the jews media. The issue with the fakery team is they never mention the jews behind the fakery.

    Fake or not, for the narrative (anti White) push it works the same, so use it to our advantage, point out the jew behind it all that makes a man like Roof snap. You don’t have to condem him or condone it, just point out the Who and Why behind the madness that could make a man snap.

    Also this shows the damage those that never mention the oven-truth can cause.

  7. John Friend is right. The holo story is nonsense. The 9/11 story is nonsense. The Boston Marathon bombing story is nonsense. Of these cases I’m sure. It’s just unwise to rule out the possibility that Charleston is a hoax from beginning to end if you know that any of these other ‘tragedies’ are bogus.

    I doubt I’ll ever look much into the truth of Charleston myself , but I know committed White Nationalists who introduced to our views by holo-denial and 9/11-truth, as well as the money question, Palestine, ecology, HBD, etc. I am sure that plenty of truthers will be turned onto the race issue by Charleston-denial.

    It would certainly be a strange distraction for an alleged WN site to focus on conspiracy theories or any other matter, as for example Counter Currents does (any issue at all but WN over there), but other viewpoints and issues can be engaged I think fruitfully.

  8. The events listend as hoaxes, have they not had the desired or close to it impact on the masses?

    Getting caught up in the real or fake debate bogs down the message. The events need to be used to further our message of the jewish control and its relentless anti-White climate it creates.

    Unless the jew is mentioned every time fakery comes up, then what is the point? Just saying it is fake doesn’t take any power away from jews or stop their White genocide goal and further, make what is happening to Whites any less real.

    Holohoax as officialy reported is not real but that doesn’t mean jews didn’t die. It was embellished for emotional sympathy and mind control. Much like the events listed. Blacks could have been killed, who knows and does it matter? Does it stop the jewish train to genocide Whites? Will convincing blacks it wasn’t real make them hate us any less? The emotional reaction the jews create in their media is very real.

    Charleston could have taken place or not. The talking points for and about Whites, pro and anti it creates are very real. We need to capitalize on these events to work for us and our message. Not cower and apologize.

  9. There are some very weird things about the shooting, even if you don’t go in for false flag theory. The victims family members were smiling and cheerful and kept repeating that they forgave the shooter, and they kept repeating “love” as a mantra. If someone just shot my father I’d want the death penalty. Pics of Roof entering the church door make it clear that he had on a bulletproof vest. Not likely that the church folk would have missed the vest. Also, the church had been condemned due to termite infestation, and fundraisers didn’t work. Very weird that right after the shooting Loretta Lynch wrote them a check for 29 MILLION DOLLARS. Amazing that there has been no questioning of this act. Has such a thing ever been done before?
    So, as I said, I’m not a conspiracy type, but I don’t believe anything that comes out of the Jewish owned media.

  10. It’s the canonization of blacks/demonization of whites, as usual.

    Christianity doesn’t have to utilize doormat theology.

  11. Bennis: and it was the weirdest arrest of a crazy armed serial killer you’ll ever see:


    I saw video once of a guy going a few mph over the limit stopped and surrounded by a dozen arms-drawn cops screaming insanely. That ‘minor’ event just stayed in my mind – but I’m aware of cases where similar miscreants were simply shot on site.

    The Roof arrest weirdness makes much more sense if it was part of a drill rather than a real event. That’s actually hard to achieve when cops are constantly drilled on how to do things right not wrong and when right means killing innocents much more often than going easy on good suspects. Add a few more same-order anomalies along with an absence of countervailing evidence that would make more sense if it were real rather than a drill and you have reason not just to doubt, but to suppose drill gone hoax. I don’t know yet, don’t have the information.

  12. Tan, Black Americans are more Christian than White Americans. (Expressed belief, Church attendance, self-identification). Have you ever felt their love before?

  13. The most obvious counter-argument against the ‘staged’ hypothesis is the alleged manifesto.

    Why manufacture a manifesto that spells out legitimate, reasonable grievances against the very same interest groups that conspiracy theorists must necessarily credit with having to surmount a counter-attack?

    Why not just have Roof scream, “I hate Blacks but I hate Jews even more. I want Whites to rule.” Why have him go into the truth about racial disparities in crime and go easy on Jews? That’s not easy to answer from a race-informed and antisemitic viewpoint that doubts the official version.

  14. John,

    What I don’t understand is why White Nationalists, especially those that fully recognize the manner in which deception and psychological warfare have been and continue to be used so effectively by the Jews in their war on White people and Western civilization, simply accept the Jew media’s depiction of events like the Charleston shooting without any real, legitimate proof.

    Does anyone actually fit this description? The more someone “simply accepts the Jew media’s depiction” the less likely it is that they “fully recognize” the jews’ war on Whites or its nature.

    I see Roof-condemners, the supposed pro-Whites who have rushed to condemn Roof before the jewsmedia even provided much of a depiction. And I see Roof-disbelievers, many of whom are not pro-White and do not discuss the jewish nature of the media distortion they complain about.

    In this case the jewsmedia’s main distortion has been to ignore or play down Roof’s complaint about jewsmedia distortion. Both the condemners and disbelievers are mostly worthless because they tend to be the types who don’t fully recognize the nature of the enemy or the war. Whatever they think about the shooting or the media they seem most eager to distance themselves from violence.

  15. Nick,

    “nothing about this video makes any sense” “this is the most staged thing I’ve ever seen” – the narrator

    Much ado about nothing. Literally. What I hear is two disbelievers (probably anti-“racist” and not jew-wise) going on about what they can’t believe about what they can’t see.

    Roof isn’t visible until he steps out of the car. Call me stupid, but I assume the cops holstered their weapons only after Roof put his hands in the air where *they* could see.

    I think these “oh wow this is just sooooo weird” arguments are pointless. Let’s say the whole thing was faked. What now? Are this pair of disbelievers going to join us and start telling everyone about the jews and their lies?

  16. Tan, you’re reaching.

    It doesn’t matter if they’re anti-racists (they are) or racists (like me). Why even bring that up over a point of evidence? It would be an admission against interest for anti-racists normally inclined to exaggerate White crime to try and cover-up White crime. You’re postulating a third-level of conspiracy unnecessarily while arguing against conspiracy-theory generally.

    Anyway, if you would holster your weapon, even if the guy had his hands up, you’d be a damn fool going against every well-greased groove of training and pressure-tested work you’ve done till then. It really is odd. Plainly so.

    But OK, let’s not consider the possibility it wasn’t faked. What now? Will they lay off us?

  17. The Boer’s podcast is excellent and should be heard by all. His parallels of Roof’s actions with white mass shooters in S. Africa, Norway places Roof squarely in the context of a beleaguered white man who sees his race and civilization under attack from the colored hordes and not, as some WN and pro-white luminaries have proclaimed, as a simple lunatic who must be condemned so everyone will see how nice and civilized we really are. These CYA jokers are too shortsighted to see that we are no less hated after Roof’s actions than before, so the self flagellation, agonizing and soul searching is a waste of time and energy and will not lessen the hatred that the Jews, blacks and allied groups have for pro-whites.

    I believe Roof’s manifesto is probably genuine, but was edited by the usual suspects to cast aspersions on the CofCC since it mentioned them by name. The manifesto is one thing and I believe that even though Dylan Roof had black friends, I question whether those friendships exhibited any depth or sincerity. Roof probably sensed and experienced the hostility and racial animus that most blacks harbor towards whites and his online research merely validated his feelings and suspicions which led to his extreme anger at the situation.

    It’s becoming apparent that whites are too nice, too civilized and too sentimental to survive on this planet as the Boer alluded to. Our movement needs more hatred, intolerance and fanaticism, not less if we are to prevail, for our political and racial enemies have these three qualities in abundance.

    Given that the Republican party is increasingly converting to cultural Marxism coupled with the cowardice of some leaders within the white racialist movement doesn’t fill me with hope for the future of our people in N. America.

  18. Nick,

    You’re postulating a third-level of conspiracy … But OK, let’s not consider the possibility it wasn’t faked. What now? Will they lay off us?

    You misunderstand. I see all this fakery stuff as a distraction. I argue the conspiracy is zero-levels deep, not three. I don’t see any fakery in the arrest video or the family member interviews. What I see is people making arguments in favor of fakery that I don’t find at all convincing, about issues that are ultimately irrelevant.

    Either way the jews won’t lay off. Neither will the people who seek to distract themselves and others with their fakery theories. They don’t explain what their fakery theories imply in the end because that’s not their purpose. It seems to me their purpose, if they have one at all, is to create confusion, uncertainty, and doubt.

  19. The conspiracy types do a great service actually, and I fail to see how or why you would label them “anti-racist.”
    When I finally looked into 9/11 and realized that very likely the Mossad knew, even if they didn’t actually do the deed, it was yet another example of the Jews hatred for white America.

    And the point that Roof let the Jews off easy in the manifesto would actually support fakery.

    The less faith our people have in the Jew media the better, because this forces them to get their info from more accurate alternative sources.

  20. “Why Dylann Roof is RIGHT! – Whites UNDER-REACT to Racial threats”…

    That was THE best thing I’ve listened to (or read) since my real awakening in 2011…

  21. Bennis,

    The conspiracy types do a great service actually, and I fail to see how or why you would label them “anti-racist.”

    In some cases deracinated and jew-blind might be a more fitting label. But then there are those who are jews or crypto-jews or for whatever other reason are deliberately spreading disinformation. In either case the result is confusion, not clarity. A waste of time and energy. It is a great service to the jews and their agenda.

    The photoshopped flag patches claim is a good specific example. Now that there are several more photos of those patches has anyone who made a big deal about them admitted they were wrong?

    And the point that Roof let the Jews off easy in the manifesto would actually support fakery.

    The attitude toward the jews expressed in the manifesto is typical of a certain subset of White racialists who haven’t had the time or don’t have the inclination to figure them out. It is typical, for instance, of the kind of attitudes espoused by the leadership and members of CoCC and AmRen.

    Not mentioning the jews at all would have been letting them off easy. But because they were mentioned the jewsmedia has had to bury or distort the central thrust of the manifesto, which has to do with the influence of jews and their media. In other words, the jewsmedia reaction has served to validate the arguments made in the manifesto, not invalidate them.

    The less faith our people have in the Jew media the better, because this forces them to get their info from more accurate alternative sources.

    If the jews (and crypto-jews) were turned blue, as Roof’s manifesto suggested, these alternative sources would glow as blue as the jewsmedia. The most important sign that an alternative source is more accurate is that it confronts and exposes the jews and jewish influence as such. Most alternative sources don’t do that. They aren’t more accurate, they’re just an alternate source of distortion and distraction. Gordon Duff and Alex Jones, for example.

  22. Tan wrote, “You misunderstand. I see all this fakery stuff as a distraction.”

    I see it as a legitimate question in itself. And one that people might pose to try and distract me from more important matters. It can be both.

  23. US news is no more reliable now than pre collapse Soviet media was when it reported bumper harvests and production to a nation which queued daily for basics. The Russians I’ve met say no-one believed a word of it. They also knew who was lying to them.

  24. Dear Tanstaafl,
    Thank you very much for this article about my video. I read your analysis with interest. Its very good. I read your reader’s comments. A lot of good, serious thinking here. There is much to think about and let me see if I can reply in a video. It delights me to see such serious whites. My only critique is to agree with you regarding the hoaxing claims. My own strong suspicion is that this is a Jewish trick. If you read Rockwell’s White Power, he makes a point I’ve never seen anyone making anywhere. He says that Jews anaesthetize us while they are destroying us. To me, hoax theory falls into that. Furthermore, from my experience in Africa, I strongly suspect that there is a psy war angle. The psy war goal is to MAKE YOU DO NOTHING. By doing nothing, you are assisting Jews. Jewish Misdirection is another topic I want to touch on because it was the thing that hurt me the most, and hurt my website efforts the most on Africancrisis.org. It makes me so angry that I want to physically assault my “Jewish friend” of the time. It is something I would like to warn you and other about because really messed me up. There are many minefield’s the Jews and the Govts put in place to stop a successful white counter-revolution. That is why we Boers failed in that arena. I am happy to share the tricks that fooled us. But I love studying the efforts of all whites because I learn from you and especially from Germans and Europeans. We are in a racial war we did not even know was going on. Have you heard of the book “The Unamed War?” It talks of this centuries old war with the Jews. Hitler and Mussolini were geniuses, but George Rockwell was also one. Every white American male must study him closely. There is a lot to say. Thank you again for you article. I want to definitely respond to points where I can.

    My most important message to all of you is this: The worst thing you can do, is to do NOTHING. Even if you only work on educating whites, that’s a start. Nature has given us a natural survival instinct to know when we are under threat. The Jew & Liberal traitor constantly anaesthetises you to stop you taking real action. Rockwell noted this. The Jew is really passive-aggressive. He’s weak so every word out of his mouth is a lie. So as the Jew is putting the noose around your neck, he says: Don’t worry, everything is going to be OK. Just stand still!

    So, think for yourself, and above all, do something. I’ll do a video on Jewish Misdirection. This nearly destroyed me and the Jews are at it all the time.

  25. In reply to the Editor.

    “The psy war goal is to MAKE YOU DO NOTHING. By doing nothing, you are assisting Jews.”

    I used to loosely be in this camp the “it’s all a hoax” type stuff before becoming JW years ago. I never understood why they never named the jews (before I even really grasped what that meant) who clearly, by their own admission control it. It’s always “the media” like that exists with nobody behind it.

    The idea that it’s all fake or mostly faked, to me isn’t too far out to think it can’t be done. But the poison it injects, puts in your mind that if these events are fake, then there is really no enemy other than “the media”. Not surprising most of these people who call it “the media” are the first to defend jews or at the very least downplay their involvement. The most deceptive part, it puts you in the frame of mind, if it’s fake, there is no threat and nothing to fight back against.

  26. Thank you for speaking out The Editor.

    Jews anaesthetize us while they are destroying us

    Yes, indeed they do.

  27. An Australian man gives reasonings which fit to describe reactions to most of the jew-induced “minorities” who are given reign in any of our White countries, and the jews duped “minority assistors”.
    “Why was this? Why was our society so willing to come to the aid of Muslims [who had committed REAL assaults and crimes] in the face of a supposed threat, when the threat was imagined to be non-Muslim Australian people? But when Australians were under threat from Muslims, they all looked the other way?
    1. [partial] “Muslims are not now, nor have ever been in danger of attacks from marauding gangs of violent Australian youths. We are a peaceful people. So knowing this, it allowed hash-tagging Internet slactivists the opportunity to seem courageous in the face of a non-existent threat.”

    2. [partial] “Deep down they know that if a threat does exists, it will come from members of the Muslim community, and it will be directed at non-Muslim Australians. Therefore any movement to stand with Australian service personnel when they are under threat, would be placing them in the firing line as well.”

    3. “The third reason, is that there is a false and pervasive notion about what constitutes a minority and who needs support. Muslims aren’t a minority. There are between 1.2-1.6 Billion of them on the planet. As a group they are the largest and arguable richest religion or ideology on the planet. They are expansive and follow a clear mandate to take over the world. And as much I like to think they aren’t going to succeed, they sure are giving it a good crack.

    They continually display violent and criminal predispositions, and really don’t need a 20 year old female Uni student from the Eastern Suburbs defending them on the train. In fact, if crime trends from Western Sydney were to show us anything, it’s that the female Uni student, is probably the one in need of defending.
    Yet the same capitulating and seditious left wing social justice warriors who inexplicably control and monopolise the entire discussion and all discourse on this. Who will happily don their feminist cap to judge and condemn all men as a gender, and proclaim the existence of a patriarchal rape culture because 1% of men rape. Will then defend to the death the Muslim community from any responsibility for the insidious nature of its own culture.”


  28. Regardless of the ultimate jewish strategy being used for taking over White countries, Whites should never overlook the tactics employed by jews against Whites for examples of what White lives would be like.

    Those jew tactics are the clearest example of jewry’s intent, and of what the ultimate jewish strategy will be for the treatment of Whites in their own White countries – whether that treatment is by the jews themselves or by the jew’s handpicked choice of minorities.

    “Kajsa Ekis Ekman along with other Swedish men and women heard about the despicable murderous crimes committed by the depraved Jewish race against defenceless civilian unarmed Palestinians. A deep Aryan feeling of revolt grew inside their souls and manifested in a righteous White yearning to fight the injustice embodied by the vile star of David. They saw no other option but to try to actively stop the evil Jews from mass murdering innocent so-called “goyy” infants and pregnant women. When boarding a ship towards Jew-occupied Palestine carrying medicines and children’s toys, they could never imagine that it would result in Kajsa and her activist friends being kidnapped, undressed by grinning Hebrew vermin, and getting filthy Kike fingers forced into their anal cavities, searching through their abdomens. Jews see a beautiful White woman and immediately start fantasizing about what they want to do to their rectal openings and how they can violate their honor. The sh-t-stinking feces-obsessed Jews see nothing wrong with capturing and sexually assaulting pretty Aryan women.”


    Exterminate sexual violence – Obliterate Zion!

    A Pat Buchanan article suggested recently that Americans will be necessitated to use civil disobedience. We should never become deluded enough to think that will work for us.

    Civil disobedience works for the jew’s pets because all jewish structures and the organizations which the jews hide behind, including the MSM, are structured to support the jewish aims (even when it “appears” that they are providing “balance”.).

    There will be nothing civil about a White and American national rebellion. There is no structure in place to provide Whites and other (the few others that there are) Americans with support. The jew’s minorities constitute a majority when they are allied under the jews structure and working for the jew’s purposes, but that structure will actively pursue and kill Whites and Americans at every opportunity. The jews intend to pick us off one by one. Never again let a major injustice happen against Whites or Americans without them having the active support of all of us. We are our own structure.

    If we are not, we must become that structure.

  29. “…still under the influence of Christianity.”

    A little late. But I am prodding you (in what is certainly the accurate direction) to understand that “Christianity” as such has nothing to do with the mass state-of-mind of whites today. Here is the proof: 1963 (before civil rights institutionalization) 95% of Americans (don’t know the white breakdown) were Christian. Christianity is fading from the scene. A Jewish ethos has come to prevail. Our people were Christian almost in absolute terms when WE WERE THE MOST RACIALLY AWARE. The remnant of whites identifying as Christian today is where everybody else is today. As I say, the fault does not lie with the faith but with the folks – they have become mind-controlled.

  30. Colin Liddell’s comments about yesterday’s failed shooting in France :

    (…) a 26-year-old Moroccan man attempted to bring a little taste of Middle Eastern anarchy and butchery to a high-speed French train. By some fluke, there were a couple of off-duty US servicemen at hand

    (…) From being a tragic story on the scale of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre or worse, this was instantly transformed into a “feel good” story, with the participants in the terrorist’s disarming being cheerfully interviewed about the incident, rather in the style of a post-match sports commentary:

    (…) Meanwhile, at exactly the same time, several hundred miles away, thousands of people, most of them from Islamic countries, were attempting to storm across the Greek/Macedonian border,

    (…) The pleasant story of a couple of off-duty American servicemen overcoming one terrorist while the demographic from which that terrorist came continues to be boosted by millions, allows the West to continue dreaming and pretending that everything will be all right. It won’t be.

    (…) it would probably have been better if the gunman had been able to open fire, as this would have underlined yet again the fundamental truth that mass immigration and multiculturalism either end in fast genocide, slow genocide, or tyranny. (…)

    My own comment :

    It is probably true. Besides, if the Moroccan gunman had managed to kill two dozen people, it would have been mostly White victims. We would have been sorry for them, but there would have been no guilty feelings on the anti-race-replacement side.

    This makes me think: if a massacre of innocent White victims can encourage White people to rebel against ZOG before we are completely swamped, there is no reason to completely dismiss the idea that a massacre of innocent non-Whites can have a similar effect. I don’t have fantasies of killing innocent people, but I’m not going to pretend that I care more about innocent non-Whites than about innocent Whites.

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