Well done Jason Kessler, and every White who participated. Whatever else comes of this, you have flushed out the enemy, and thereby performed a great service for your race.

The anti-White/pro-jew regime does indeed seek to replace us. The jews, who rule, have designated Whites personae non gratae. The jews cry out in pain as they condemn “white nationalism” and “white supremacy”, while their servants, who specifically praise “the jewish people” and their parasitic alien ethnostate, obsequiously echo their masters.

How? Why? Revilo Oliver was right.

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  1. Ivanka, Ivanka… no matter how hard you cuck, you will ALWAYS be just another shiksa to your adopted (((tribe))), traitor.

  2. Raw Story: “Chanting “blood and soil,” “white lives matter” and “Jews will not replace us.” ”

    Freudian slip by the jewsmedia, who understand who is replacing whom and thus naturally hear YOU as JEWS.

  3. Why would a White supremacist country stop alleged White supremacists from talking about White issues?
    This fact is lost on majority of zoglings but not on the jews who rule and craft the narrative.

  4. Mystery Meat Rump. The new sammich available at Brownburger. Cause Brown can pick crops, they just cannot grow them.

  5. This fact is lost on majority of zoglings but not on the jews who rule and craft the narrative.

    Perhaps zombies is a better term…zionist occupied mind.

  6. For JimB, and for anyone else who hasn’t looked into or considered it, Yael Kushner is probably not an “orthodox convert” traitor, but a loyal Ashkenazi in long crypsis. The reason they bought and/or raped those things into existence centuries ago, through the Turkish and Roman and other slavery/imperial projects, was so the best of the results could be used, now, as plausible goys. The Chinese will find that out someday–maybe fifty years, maybe three hundred–when rich FIRE-sector “Han” start telling other Han that “we Han need to check our privilege.”

    We shouldn’t take Jews’ carefully-husbanded use of our external traits as definitive. They even wiped all the old Christ artwork and had their nobles/artists redo it so that the desert Rabbi, who tried to get Rome to give more rights to refugees, would appear white.

    It’s a good habit to stop going by looks, anyway, because one day they will have access to complete appearance customization beyond even selecting and breeding the most goy-appearing rapespawn for centuries. No matter how good you are at spotting them (search for an image of Bill Gates’ father before they retcon it any more; it’s still identifiable as of 2017-08-14), even through family associations, they’re going to use our tech with as much fairness and compassion as they do in Palestine. Yael Kushner is nothing compared to what they’re going to have in a few years–sure, she looks like a goy, but she’s the 1% result of centuries of careful husbandry. The other 99% ended up like Streisand or female extras on Seinfeld’s show–less ugly than originally, but still identifiable. They acquired light-colored eyes, straight/light hair, and whiter skin, but still had the features.

    Even though Yael Kushner turned out very passable, she still has the thinking- and communicating-genes of her Tribe. And that’s what we need to focus on. It won’t be long–maybe already happening at exclusive, insurance-covered, university-funded fertility clinics across the world–before Jews are able to build crypsis into the line without even requiring slaves. Accessing sperm-banks and egg-storage, if nothing else, can be much cheaper than the old way of acquiring slaves to breed. It can be done with taxpayer-enforced privacy, taxpayer-mandated “health coverage,” and many things that are much less nefarious, superficially, than kidnapping little German girls and sending them to Byzantine schools for “religious instruction.”

    Think we’ll be able to tell who’s genuine at any point? No. Who runs the universities, who publishes the DSMs, who controls the journals, and who can make sure that a testing company returns “correct” results for any crypto who’s tested? This is not something we can look to our eyes, or mandatory 23andme’s, to identify, anymore than we can trust George W. Bush to investigate Larry Silverstein’s over-insured properties. Until we can control our own governments, universities, and corporate labs, we need to run on behavior alone.

    The Trumps are crypto Jews, have been crypto Jews for a while now, and that is why every good-sounding thing they’ve ever said has been a deceptive implication.

  7. ‘Jews will not replace us’: Why white supremacists go after Jews – The Washington Post:

    Racism, after all, is essentially the result of socially constructed categories imposed by bigots to separate out-groups from an in-group: white from nonwhites, Germans from Jews and so on.

    As such, any serious anti-racist effort needs to confront the racists where they are. When white supremacists are viciously attacking Jews as nonwhite impostors, then any anti-racists worthy of the name must be there to defend them. They cannot impose their own definitions of whiteness on Jews and sidestep their plight. Otherwise, they are simply ceding Jews to their assailants and effectively abetting their persecution.


    Once the white supremacists are consigned to the ash heap of history, we can return to contesting claims of Jewishness and whiteness. Until then, however, the question is at best a distraction from fighting racism and at worst a path to perpetuating it.

    “Jews will replace you.”

  8. Easy for Ivanka Trump to condemn racism whie surrounded by bodyguards, security details and fabulous wealth. She and her social strata are de facto racists by the environment they live in.
    She shares almost nothing in common with the typical American.
    Put her in Houston, working min wage and then ask her opinion.

    Zombies, zionist occupied mind. Very good and so very true.

  9. @High Arka
    You believe Donald Trump is jewish, could you explain your reasons?
    Your entire post is thought provoking.

  10. It’s sad that favoring Israel and Jews over the U.S. and/or gentiles isn’t considered enough, but that’s why this blog has its name. So too his pro-debt, “what a little stinker I am!” policies, and his family’s modern-day breeding choices. His weepy, faux-emotional eyes (downslant at the outer edges), cheesy grin, lower columetta, and other features are suggestive, but still arguably gentile (especially in this age), and it serves more to look at “young Trump” photos than old, because now he gets photographed smirking and being wrinkled.

    What’s far telling for Trump is that his family line has been “intermarrying” with and “donating to” Jewish causes since long before it was politically necessary, or even politically positive, to have done so. Making money in New York real estate during that first big invasion from Europe is almost a dead giveaway on its own, because once they controlled New York finance, their blessing was, like in the academy or the media, a subtle genetic endorsement.

    For more traditional connections, see these goys:

  11. I think it’s too early to say what will be the effects on either non-political Whites or on White Nationalists, following Charlottesville.

    Many non-political White Americans will still not consciously appreciate their government is hostile to them on Jewish racial grounds, in fact among many will grow the feeling that we’re the bad guys. Our message was not well presented and was never likely to have been.

    Even among White nationalists there are plenty who will not have their opinions positively changed by Charlottesville, who will bury down deeper into right vs left sink holes, or take up the Southern cause in a non-racial way, or for intellectuals there’s the ENR or paganism or new forms of class warfare. All of which are only distractions.

    Charlottesville, by virtue of its original ideological diversity, might tend to splinter its wounded camps into even more varied disunity. The White Man March was a much more sensible model of operation in my view. Widely dispersed, less vulnerable to attack by police, hostile media or anti-Whites, and to infiltration. Most crucially it created its own indefensible opponents: oppose the WMM and you opposed just one thing, rights for Whites. The laundry list of causes implicit in ‘Unite the Right’ on the other hand only invites serious philosophical arguments from outside that its backers certainly would not ever agree together upon. Half of ’em aren’t even rightist, ffs!

    My hope is that some who went to Charlottesville under one of those trivial ideological banners came out the other side just plain pro-White. We need that and only that.

  12. Not to ruin your funny comment Tan, but we definitely were chanting “Jews will not replace us” (as well as “you will not replace us” – one morphed into the other and then back again, etc.).

    Good times.

  13. “It’s sad that favoring Israel and Jews over the U.S. and/or gentiles isn’t considered enough”, that could be said for 10’s of millions of christians, other deludeds and sycophants.
    You make some solid points, but could they be marks of a mischling?
    What accounts for the universal opposition by the (((media)))?

  14. Fred,

    Perhaps so. If that is true, then his genetic legacy shows that mischlings will eventually increase their Jewish genetic proportions until they are majority, then supermajority, and so on. Moreover, if Trump is “merely” a mischling, then his lifelong Zionism takes on less of a treasonous cast, and more of an avowed-enemy one, suggesting that even a small percentage of admixture is significant enough to make someone a race-blind Zionist (sic) whose life is devoted to the laborless screwing over of gentiles with rent, financial parasitism, and degenerate mass entertainment. I suspect he’s majority “Ashkenazi,” which really only means “long term mischling,” since Ash Nazis necessarily had to be produced from the rapespawn of raids north. That trend, if nothing else, has shown how dominant are some Semitic germ lines as to mental processes, because Ashkenazi now, after having gone through dozens of generations of admixture, have retained the original cohesion that enabled them to get started. It doesn’t seem like people here will be able to learn how those genes work.

    Regarding Jewish media resistance to Trump, Jews are quite foresighted, and are well aware that at some point, there will be some resistance from hosts. Managing that resistance before it arises, rather than trying to completely stop it, is more efficient in the long run. In the case of their milkwater civic nationalist, the media furor over him was designed to popularize him, because even average Americans now distrust the media. I discussed that more in this article:

    …and how, in fact, all of the pop nationalism that we’re now seeing was created by Jewish intellectuals to provide stress relief:

    …and break ground for accepting Trump as the lesser of two evils. We may well see no more expulsions. By having different types of livestock fight other types, nation-hopping seems to be passé.

  15. so much for free speech.
    RESOLVED, That we urge law enforcement to recognize these
    13 white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups as terrorist
    14 organizations, and to pursue the criminal elements of these
    15 domestic terrorist organizations in the same manner and with
    16 the same fervor used to protect the United States from other
    17 manifestations of terrorism; and be it further

  16. “Ethno-nationalism -— it’s losers,”

    I am sure they will repeat this to the Israeli Ambassador and Prime Minister.

  17. “white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups”

    Hmmm, those two groups always appear, again and again, as an attached couple. As though they were scripted. I wonder (((who))) would do such a thing.

  18. Why do white supremacists hate Jews? Because we Jews can fight them. – The Washington Post:

    So are we oppressed? Or what? The reasons that question may feel complicated go back around a thousand years. Since the dawn of modern anti-Semitism, hatred toward Jews has been deeply intertwined with the idea of Jews having unique sorts of advantages.

    . . .

    So here’s the paradox: Anti-Semitism and Jewish privilege are, and have long been, two sides of the same coin. Even now, I feel it keenly.

    Jews aren’t White. “Anti-semitism” is anti-parasitism. Paradox resolved.

  19. “Anti-Semitism and Jewish privilege are, and have long been, two sides of the same coin.”

    Yes. a two headed coin. Heads we win, tails you lose.

  20. “Why do white supremacists hate Jews? Because we Jews can fight them.”

    They didn’t do too well against Titus, Vespasian, Hadrian, Quietus or Turbo. It took them centuries to recover. Syric Palestine (israel) didn’t have many jews for 18 centuries.

    When Titus died a mosquito the size of a large bird burst out of his head and flew off………so the jewish historians tell us.

  21. ” donating $1 million each to the ADL and SPLC.”
    This fully reinforces Don Black’s revulsion to all thiings Apple.

  22. White men: “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US!”


  23. The kikes seems to have gone into shut down mode this week. Never thought things would escalate this fast. Can’ own a domain, can’t use payment processors etc. They also started to ban certain books on Amazon this year. So much for ”’Muh free market”’…

  24. Ivanka Trump: “1:2 It was beautiful to see thousands of people across the U.S.A come together today to peacefully denounce bigotry, racism & anti-semitism.”
    Donald J. Trump: “I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!”

    The kikeservatives praise anti-Whites who hate them and attack their White supporters.

  25. Never heard of Eli Mosley before, apparently he was a co-organizer along with Kessler.

    Eli Mosley: “Well. If this isn’t a hack job he’s dead to me. Probably good since his grandmothers maiden name was Goldberg and lived in a crazy house.

    Eli Mosley: “@JohnRebel88 1. He tagged on after the antiwar rally. 2. a few days before cville. 3. abandoning our people that would go neway wasn’t an option.”

    Richard Spencer: “I will no longer associate w/ Jason Kessler; no one should. Heyer’s death was deeply saddening. “Payback” is a morally reprehensible idea.

    Eli Mosley: “”White Devils” by (((Jason Kessler))) -2014

    Eli Mosley: “Kessler says he was hacked. But this message was sent to me post-hack and deleted Tweet. Told you he was unstable. Sad!

    Moral confusion, inversion even. The jew in the woodpile or mental instability should be disqualifiers rather than afterthoughts.

    The main takeaway from Charlottesville is that the anti-White/pro-jew regime will not tolerate any form of overt White political expression, will not allow Whites to avoid political violence, will blame Whites no matter what happens.

  26. Brian Klaas: “This is bonkers. Israel’s government says don’t overreact to neo-Nazis in the US because it could hurt relations with Trump. Totally insane.

    Israeli minister: Relations with Trump are more important than calling out Nazis – Israel News – Jerusalem Post:

    “Due to the terrific relations with the US, we need to put the declarations about the Nazis in the proper proportion,” Kara said. “We need to condemn antisemitism and any trace of Nazism, and I will do what I can as a minister to stop its spread. But Trump is the best US leader Israel has ever had. His relations with the prime minister of Israel are wonderful, and after enduring the terrible years of Obama, Trump is the unquestioned leader of the free world, and we must not accept anyone harming him.”

    Kara praised Trump for having “a proven track record in opposing antisemitism and religious extremism.”

    The statements by Kara, who made similar comments on the Knesset Channel, were immediately condemned by Knesset members.

    “What Kara said was nonsense,” said Zionist Union MK Nachman Shai, who heads the Knesset caucus on strengthening relations with the US.

    “Our relations with the US and with the president are important, but Israel also has a deep obligation to the American Jewish community. This is the time to prove our shared values and make unequivocally clear that Israel will fight antisemitism at any time and any place.”

    Political discourse in the bagel republic. Left-posing down-low jews, whose premise is that Trump is a “nazi”, screech that the in-your-face jews, who see Trump as the best kikeservative they’ve ever had, are “crazy”.

  27. “Jews will not replace us!”

    HAA. !!!
    It’s been in force for 50 yrs. It is just now that some are waking up. Whites are far too lax, lazy, tolerant, gullible, sympathetic etc. Real fools.

  28. “‘The city council of #Charlottesville put us in a kill box’ –

    Use thugs and police in combination to destroy White advocacy, just as they did in 1939 to destroy the German American Bund in NYC and the Silver Shirts in LA.

  29. RAMZPAUL: The Alt-Right – What Went Wrong? — TRANSCRIPT
    Ramzpaul gives his take on the “Alt-Right” given recent events including Charlottesville. His views are his mixture of “nationalism for all” and a “Boy Scout” call for restraint and good behavior by all concerned. He denounces the Daily Stormer as a likely ADL, non legit operation and the Alt-Right as now being toxic. Ramzpaul toots his own horn in discussing his prominent role in establishing the Alt-Right and how it was taken over by the neo-Nazis, etc.. He urges people to distance themselves from the Alt-Right and to infiltrate the “system” but work legally, although using methods as if we were illegal. He ends optimistically by saying we will win once we get through these dark days.

    I think Ramzpaul’s allegation against the Daily Stormer are worthy of investigation, if only to confirm them as being false — KATANA.

  30. Good video. Rosenberg is reciting the standard jew oppression narrative – jews deserve an ethnostate because they’re not White and Whites don’t because we’re not jews, i.e. jews are non-White/anti-White.

  31. Jews need Israel to protect them from another Holocaust. We know Israel is wonderfully effective in doing this because every time Israel is mildly threatened the Jews scream of the potential for another Holocaust. Huh?

  32. The Alt Right – What went wrong?


    Ramz Paul’s shtick is incoherent. He’s going to “work tirelessly” for “our people”, by which he means “all people”. That includes jews, but excludes “nazis”, because they’re really jews. He hates even naming the jew, because this is war, and only a jew would identify themselves as the enemy.

    He admits to backing toxic jew Milo, handing him his “alt-right is just a joke” narrative. That failed. He brought toxic jew Goldenberg to NPI while advising Spencer to exclude “nazis”. That failed. Now the snarky bitter failer wants to get serious. He’s going to push the same toxic agenda – exclude “nazis”, include jews – while calling it something different.

    In short, Charlottesville triggered Ramz Paul to reiterate his opposition to opposition to jewing.

  33. I believe Daily Stormer was torpedoed because they discouraged violence, no guns, no knives, a well ordered demonstration in Charlottesville. That didn’t play into the jewish trap at Charlottesville for a major riot and consequent repressive legislation.
    Also, DS is a major gateway for normies to enter the light of racial reality with humor and sarcasm, it reaches ppl wi common experiences.

  34. That DS link is 503.

    Ramz’s reflexive reaction to UTR was to shit on DS, which afaict had little to do with organizing it. The jews seem oddly determined to keep their supposed agent offline. The plug pullers offer the same omg-nazis emotion-dressed-up-like-reason Ramz does, minus Ramz’s bizarre “it’s jews blaming the jews too much” twist.

    The Tor Project: “We are disgusted, angered, and appalled by everything these racists stand for & do. We feel this way any time Tor is used for vile purposes.”

    Inciting Violence vs Freedom of Speech (Edited) – Namecheap Blog

  35. Schumer: After Charlottesville, end Trump’s voter fraud commission – POLITICO:

    “I have been encouraged to see a good number of my Republican colleagues in the Congress speak so strongly against the hateful agenda of the white supremacist, neo-Nazi movement” after the Charlottesville rally left one woman dead and more than a dozen others injured, Schumer wrote in a Thursday blog post.

    “But we need more than just words — we also need action,” the New York Democrat said. “And I believe that one important way that Congress can begin to heal this painful divide in our country when we return in September is by showing that we can come together to stop the systemic disenfranchisement of American voters.”

    A jew, actively working to replace us.


    Ashkenazi Jews are the ethnic groups with the highest percentage of K lineages today : 32% in average, and up to 50% among Ashkenazi Jews from Germany. There are only three typically Jewish subclades of K: K1a1b1a, K1a9, and K2a2a. There are other subclades, like K1a7, K1a8 and K2c, which are also found among people of Jewish descent, but they are very rare.

    . . .

    The Indo-European branches

    . . .

    K1c is also common in Central Asia. K1c1 is particularly common in Slavic countries, while K1c2 is more common in Germanic countries.

    He’s being facetious, but whatever his DNA, he gets a gold star for jewy behavior.

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