MakeApp Shows What Women Look Like Without Makeup, by Madison Malone Kircher:

Clearly, my gelled brows and tinted lips were intended to con some schmuck of the opposite sex into thinking I am extremely good-looking and then make him buy me six iPhone X’s.

Women and jews, and particularly jewesses, go to great expense to hide what they are. The effort to disguise themselves cosmetically extends beyond makeup into nose jobs and name changes. This effort does not change their essence, but instead ironically reveals it. The mask makes plain their bad faith, their willingness to deceive and defraud. And their lie revealed, they inevitably shift blame to the “schmuck” unmasking them.

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  1. In ancient Greece, jews would have surgery to restore their foreskin, so they could blend in with the Greek population, unnoticed.
    They go to many lengths to disguise their identity, as do all spies and saboteurs.

  2. This offers an interesting perspective on feminism. Like all managed movements since contact (which we might equate to our recollection of the advent of Christianity), it was partially correct. By using makeup, push-up bras, et cetera, as objects of genuine criticism, feminism was able to enter our society, producing the results it has produced.over a long time period. The things we see today took over a hundred years to achieve. Of course democracy and other concepts played their part, but viewed independently, feminism depended on prior stupidities, such as aristocratic appearance-crypsis (more and more modernly expressed now as “makeup”), and was therefore “against” an earlier-embedded stupidity.

    A reminder for today–we see Ashkenazi in crypsis managing a race-realist movement (see, e.g., American Renaissance), using over a century’s worth of denialism to righteously anger the young. Their partial correctness might establish a new religion that, much better funded, turns racial science into something which, amazingly, helps the parasitism rather than harms it. Consider, after all, the profound effect feminism has had on “western” (the last few holdouts) societies, when during its earliest years it seemed so ridiculous as to be impossible. Yet the truths in feminism–that costuming was stupid fakery, and that male democracy was the same–gave it the support it needed. We can still see hints of this when people talk about bringing back a (Christianized) patriarchy, and are resisted with corresponding stupidities from an earlier fabrication (or when people resist 21st century Hollywood using 20th century Hollywood).

    (As ever, this is in so deep that I can’t see the targets thinking their way out of the box from which they were bred, but I’ll be delighted if Terra proves me wrong.)

  3. Gay men thru Jewish media, the two together controlling the fashion, hair and beauty industries make many women’s lives hell. I don’t think many men appreciate the effect of these industries on young women in particular. Twelve year old girls who should have no worries in life at all are tortured by the thought they’re too fat or thin, or have a bad haircut or the wrong bag.

    We all here know how the anti-White media has brainwashed and bullied Whites as such. It’s at least as bad with the fashion, hair and beauty media vs. women where the message of ‘you’re not good enough’ is arguably more explicit.


    Something I’ve never seen anyone else mention: There are as far as I can tell just three industries dominated by gay men: spiritual mediums, fashion, and hair/beauty. And all three exploit women almost exclusively and quite viciously. The women who think gay men are on their side should think about that.

  4. Good call, Nick–maybe the key to awakening the sheeply will be compassion for women? (A nice thought, but they’ve surely had the same thought, and are prepared to resist that by either redirecting charity toward African brides or just re-establishing the old brand of White Christian Patriarchy. Either one could be sold as a reaction in direct defiance of 2017.)

  5. @BuelahMan

    No, sorry I don’t have any web ref. I’m drawing on a religious history class that I had long ago.

  6. ” I don’t think many men appreciate the effect of these industries on young women in particular. ”

    Totally agree.
    Look at the ruin caused by ((( integration ))), Detroit from 1965 to 1975, gleaming wealth to absolute ruin. They have done the same to our women. ( but our women are much more valuable, cities can always be rebuilt.)

  7. ” I don’t think many men appreciate the effect of these ……..”

    Men don’t appreciate anything! If they had, they’d never allow alien races among our own.

  8. For him, Hoffman writes, France was “a country essentially owned and operated by Jews in which the native or gentile population could only exist with the indulgence of their Jewish rulers. Céline says that if the bourgeois can ‘smell a little Jewish,’ then this is all to their benefit as a kind of life insurance.”7 Céline did not, however, reduce Europe’s problems to the Jew. “Our Aryan bourgeois is debased, they wail like babies,” he wrote, adding that “they are a thousand times worse than the stinking Yids.”8

    In Céline’s estimation, “The trick of the Jew who is ‘hunted’ and ‘martyred’ never fails to work on the stupid cuckold of an Aryan. It is they who are persecuting us … We are the martyrs’ victims.”13

    “Céline did not, however, reduce Europe’s problems to the Jew”, seems to be Hoffman projecting his own desire. I suspect this impulse to cut the jew slack is the kind of cucking Celine saw as part of the problem.

    You have cancer, but 9 of 10 oncologists insist on telling you, “let’s not reduce your problems to cancer”. That’s the feeble history of “anti-semitism”, part and parcel of the jew problem.

  9. What drives Whites to constantly blame Whites especislly proWhites, and so easily grant excuses for jewing? Whites are weak etc. But so easily ignore cryptos? Is this the altruism? You had a comment a here a while back I cannot locate. That to paraphrase “the altruism people see is the excusing of jews”
    I have a feeling the majority of proWhites dont really understand the depth of jewing taking place, and certainly do not see the gravity of “fellow White people”.

  10. CLIP-VNN_Alex_Linder-EMJ’s_JRS–Ramblin’_Jack_Elliott_aka_ADNOPOZ.mp3

    (odd that the normally vigilant Linder didn’t joyfully connect the Jewish fake-cowboy songsters with the corralling of GOYIM aka CATTLE).

    (Bobby Z. cracks up at being a Pilgrim. The message is broadcast, but only intended for certain ears (and they’re not Haman’s)).

  11. I dug it up however, I think was another but this is close enough.

    I bring this up becaus Im in an ongoing debate with a guy who, “if white were healthy none of this would be happening”
    I go on at lenght at times saying well the reason we arent at full capacity is the jewing. It ends up as a circle argument or chicken and egg type thing. It is very frustrating dealing with people who claim to be proWhite, who excuse jews, jewing, crypsis etc, and focus all their anger at Whites.
    Its almost an ego thing where they are above blaming jews or some weird shit…

  12. “What drives Whites to constantly blame Whites especislly proWhites, and so easily grant excuses for jewing?”

    I think much of it comes from xtian theology, which has saturated our culture for 15 centuries.

  13. @Fred & Buelahman: Re Jews “restoring” their foreskins during the Hellenic period.

    The book The Joy of Uncircumcising! by Jim Bigelow, PhD (1992 version) devotes several pages to this subject at Chapter 7, pages 61 – 64. The author does not ascribe any shady motives to the practice. They did it because they desired “social acceptance” and to avoid “legal and political persecution”. Just passing it along, folks.

    Maybe you can find this at googlebooks, I don’t know.

  14. @Wyandotte

    Thanks for the reference.

    “The author does not ascribe any shady motives to the practice. ”
    He misses the obvious, or worse, evades telling the truth.

    to avoid “legal and political persecution”.
    Oh, that is rich, just too funny :)
    Translated from PC to English
    “To avoid detection and prosecution for crimes”

  15. The Jan and Linder interview is good. As usual, Linder is clear and direct, not mincing words . He penetrates to the core of the racial/ethnic problems that are killing us.
    We need millions more.

  16. Somewhat off topic, but have you any opinions on this Guillaume Faye. Ive browsed his stuff and dont see much mention of the jewish menace. More of a what “we” did and how “we” are sick but no cause. I may have missed it, just wondering.

  17. The “we” stuff is endemic among people who claim to be completely race-aware. It’s like they think two thousand years of African scientific achievement is relevant, but two thousand years of Jewish cultural achievement is not.

    If Jews did not control genetic testing companies, it would be interesting to find out if some or all of these people were “part” (all) genetically Jewish. Even notwithstanding the current American executive figurehead, the history of Jewish crypsis has shown that they deliberately use their most passable Ashkenazi against Europe. Spawning the phony “counter” reaction to their own attacks on their hosts has been a technique used many times over thousands of years, as “Lenin” himself gloated. Christianity, as the obvious example, is literally about worshiping a rabbi who is the son of a Jewish creator, and yet it served as a misdirecting, never-quite-effective lightning rod to keep Jews expanding for over a millennia. Ashkenazi passables like Jared Taylor are going to stay impossible to materially identify so long as Jewish-controlled name-changes, religious family history, and genetic testing remains what it is. He who controls the present controls the past?

    What history has shown over the past, say, thousand years is that gentiles will be so flattered to see a gentile-appearing man with media reach and funding praise them, they will continue happily dying without becoming “over focused” on the logical aspects of parasitism. If they don’t just use China, maybe we’ll see a resurgent white-Ashkenanzi America used as a future hegemon. Unlikely, but certainly a fallback option if China doesn’t tip.

    Faye, Taylor, and other Jewish infiltrators in crypsis have done an excellent job at taking gentiles who have begun to realize something is wrong, then (like would-be adherents to Marx who unknowingly try to resist international finance without identifying its source) wasted their lives resisting Africans without paying any attention to why Africans are there. Mind-blowing, but Christianity has persisted and so will non-Jewish race-awareness (sic).

  18. Celine, ” Democracy is always and above all nothing but the veil of the Jewish Dictatorship.”- TRIFLES FOR A MASSACRE P.35

    If jews are not the problem, why did German flourish after Hitler restricted them. Germany is evidence of what jew contribute to society. If a person argued that Holland and England prospered under the jews I would argue it was because of colonialism and therefore the exploitation of other countries.

  19. Most times this entire “movement” is a joke.
    We did this
    We did that
    We are suicidal
    Its all rather tiresome arguing with people who claim to be proWhite.
    A sign of jewish mental poison is trying to show proWhites that yes, it is the jews and the depth of their subversion is mind blowing. They actually breed into our gene pool to throw our other detecting senses off.

    People love to be NS and loooove Hitler but they screech WE are suicidal. If we were there would be no Hitler for them to fawn over. There would be zero resistance.
    And to emphasize an above comment, just by removing jews from influence, look what Germany did. It was virtually overnight.

    Being in the proWhite sphere is more often than not more annoying and cringe worthy than reading normie-sphere or even jews and shitlibs.

    Another topic:
    Have you seen that Eric Hunt has cucked on the Caust? Its rather old news but didnt see you make mention of it.

  20. The schism you’re seeing seems to revolve around the ability of Whites to commit far less physical crime and invent far more inventions, which seems to have been (increasingly so) paired with the inability to recognize difference. We can cheer for the things that make aboriginal Europeans (if you will) good (say, drastically reduced mugging rates or drastically improved societies), but along with those things comes, increasingly, the inability to recognize why mugging is lower or useful tools occur more often.
    By contrast, every other known group recognizes differences but mugs more often and doesn’t invent. Whites who can still recognize difference are frustrated with the ability of majorities to see or want to see those differences, and recognize the not-so-slow vanishing of places that include more inventions and less mugging. It seems disingenuous to pretend only one of those characteristics exists.

    An interesting slice of history, for if we look at the time the first (only from then on?) White societies began hosting Jews, the question has not changed, only the severity. Obviously the societies were better by our standards, but equally obviously, the people were incapable of simply exterminating clever/subtle enemies. Those who’d come openly-declared and bearing arms, the Whites had always defeated, except for the Mongoloid triumph in Siberian America. But the homelands (Europe, if you will) seemed to have perpetually included this otherworldly acceptance of insidious lenders that now spells its literal doom.

    Ironic, that our heaters and food production combined with our bred-for weaknesses to allow them to even stay alive in the northlands. Can robots or rechargeable batteries keep the heat on after we’re gone? Gonna be a cold labor for the goyim once the paler goyim are gone.

  21. Helvena, I think you’re looking more at Jewish control of money and credit state by state rather than colonialism to explain any country’s uplift, even then. They are a little less abusive to their friendliest hosts.

    Brits did not benefit from colonialism. Soldiers, farmers, engineers and scientists who brought the modern world to Africa and Asia, if they survived at all, received no dividend on the (shall we guess?) million-fold value increase deriving from their labours. The profits of Empire accrued almost entirely to Jewish financiers and native Big Men, and more to the natives than the Brits or Dutch over time.

  22. Whites who can still recognize difference are frustrated with the ability of majorities to see or want to see those differences

    I see what you did there with “majorities”. It is indeed orwellian (or thoughtless) to refer to non-Whites as “minorities”.

    As for differences, many if not most Whites are literally ignorant and certainly are being deliberately misled about what’s going on and why, but the scum who float upward and directly interact with the jews can’t claim that excuse. They see the differences and understand what’s going on, but their personal well-being depends on NOT noticing, on never defending Whites, on never criticizing jews or any other non-Whites.

    Peterson is this week’s example, but it’s the same with Coulter and Bannon and Trump and the other fake advocates semi-conscious Whites keep trying to imagine are “our guy”. It is the seemingly inexplicable clinging to delusions of the semi-conscious segment, where the rubber meets the road, that is most worrisome. This is where the realization of the clever/subtle problem and the balking at the unclever/unsubtle solution comes to the fore.

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