Nikolas Cruz


School shooter, ambiguous race. Shootees, a racial soup, especially jewy. The ADL, jews organized to jew, knowing well the county and school is full of jews, but not knowing much about the shooter, immediately promotes the fake news that the shooter is WHITE WHITE WHITE and did what he did because he is WHITE WHITE WHITE. As usual, the jewsmedia readily amplifies this anti-White line.

The main takeaway, once again, is that the jewsmedia is anti-White. It is anti-White because it is the jewsmedia. The behavior of jews is no surprise once you understand that they see themselves at war with Whites, see Whites as their enemy. They know very well the policies they advocate create chaos and violence. They naturally jumped to the conclusion that the shooting was some form of White vengeance because they know.

Their own narrative and choice of language reveals that they have nothing but contempt for any Whites who are harmed by their agenda, much less for any who actively resist. When anyone opposes their anti-White agenda they cry “White supremacism”. When anyone notices any harm caused by jewing they cry “anti-semitism”. The plain fact is that without jews and the jewsmedia there wouldn’t be any of this screeching.

The jews mask the hostility of their agenda in part by openly celebrating it, advertising it as good and right, and in part by shifting blame for the more obviously negative consequences, like shootings, entirely to Whites. The jew-driven indoctrination that goes on in schools between shootings – the anti-“racism”, cultural marxism, critical theory, Whiteness studies – is deliberately calculated to demonize and demoralize Whites. The result is incalculable harm to Whites, never reported as such by the jewsmedia.

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  1. The result is incalculable harm to Whites

    Is that ever true !

    Do you recall, several years ago, when the media was pushing the lie that only white ppl were serial killers ? That is so harmful. We are always subjected to endless insults and never any praise, it’s just so J.

  2. Like Cruz, James Fields is another tragic mischling. I looked into his ancestry at the time and his mother’s maiden name was Meyer if memory serves. She lives under the name Samantha Lea Bloom now following her second marriage. It was no surprise that the corporate media ignored that little piece of information, but I have been surprised at the extent to which the alt-right have memory-holed it.

  3. The Jews are, of course, not opposed to guns per se. They love them when they’re used to threaten Russia, Iran, or Syria because Israel wants the oil in the Golan Heights. They just want them under government control, with shitheads like James “Holocaust memorials and MLK quotations on my desk” Comey and Brennan directing those guns on their behalf. The “violent Cossack,” the “violent serf,” the Jews loved these anti-gentile canards in the Pale of Settlement, wherein the evil Czar directed these rural hooligans to rough up Jews to deflect from his own misrule.

    The reality, of course, was that these highly exaggerated “pogroms” were reactions to Jewish usury and perfidy, with the Czar extending far too many concessions on their behalves before the Jew Sverdlov had the Jew Yurovsky murder the last Czar. Nevertheless, this false story that Jews tell themselves about roving bands of unruly and heavily armed gentiles remains a compelling part of their psyche.

    Their penchant for lies is as strong as ever, but they are always able to turn it to their advantage, in this case the “hateful white man mass murderer,” rather than the neurotic half-breed Jew mongrel.

  4. Their penchant for lies is as strong as ever,

    “Jews are the masters of the lie.” Schopenhauer

    I’ve found that most “pogroms” were Czar’ s agents coming after draft dodging Jews. Most Jews fleeing Russia in 1800’s were fleeing the draft or criminal prosecution for crimes. Always a big lie to conceal truth.

  5. “Monkey-ass niggaz are the great masters of acting like fucking baboons.” – Schopenhauer


  6. Here’s a window into the mind of a jewsmedia jew, jumping to the same conclusion organized jewry and the jewsmedia did, for the same reason – that the shooter was White, was race- and jew-conscious like themselves, and had speficially come to kill jews.

    The Florida Douglas High School Shooting Was an Anti-Semitic Hate Crime And Nobody’s Talking About…:

    What people fail to mention, however, is that Douglas High School is more than 40% Jewish, Cruz believed that Jews were part of a conspiracy to unseat white people from power, and the shooting was potentially an anti-Semitic hate crime.

    The jewsmedia aimed at jews has certainly mentioned various jewy angles. A great deal of the hysteria around Parkland in the jewsmedia aimed at non-jews undoubtedly results from the fact that jews either already knew or immediately checked whether the area is full of jews. In either case the jewsmedia is to blame for what it does or doesn’t talk about. First they hyped the WHITE WHITE WHITE shooter misinformation. Now they’re hyping “fellow whites” jewsplaining why (implicitly White) gun ownership and gun lobbies have to be shut down.

    What nobody has mentioned is that only 30% (5/17) of the dead were jews, which means jews were underrepresented. If Cruz shot randomly he should have killed 7 jews. If he had specifically targeted jews, as jews imagined, then the count should have been even higher.

    None of this accounts for down-low jews or mischlings, like Cruz himself, which wouldn’t change the ratios anyway. Even jews rarely call attention to their crypsis, and in this case the standard jewsplanation, the lie that they disguise themselves out of fear of persecution, would be exposed as ridiculous.

    Cruz most likely targeted his former school out of familiarity, most likely because he had been expelled. If he is a jew or tragic mischling who resents jews, and his intent was to specifically target jews, then his jewdar should have enabled him to do a better job. Maybe he targeted one specific individual, jew or not, and saw the rest as a bonus. Perhaps he specifically targeted cryptos/mischlings. We may find out if a manifesto comes to light, or he states his intent in court.

  7. Will we ever get the truth behind these shootings ? How about Las Vegas ?
    Cantwell did some on the SSRI connection.
    Many ppl go psychotic when taken off SARIs abruptly, or run out. How many millions is pharma paying to silence this ?

  8. I’ve got a feeling the jewBI never acted on the tips for this Cruz. On purpos The reason being, let him commit his act, then we’ll go for the guns and blame Whites etc.
    Mischling post crazy stuff online, looks White enough, don’t worry whatever the outcome can b used for our end game. Especially if that act would help facilitate their victory in getting the guns.
    Jews, I doubt care if a few tribe members offspring are casualties in the end game of ending White existence and “rights”.

    The whole “he’s antifa” no! He’s a WN! no he’s jew!,, is all screeching to distract from the Jews themselves. Each one they choose to blame, in the public eye is Whites anyway.
    Antifa=white Nazi=white crazy Jew=white. ProGun=white antiGun=white.
    No matter what, it’s all Whites fault

  9. Whatever the details of what actually happened, the most important truth is that the jews are anti-White. That truth is right there, front and center in the jewsmedia’s own reporting. They reflexively blame Whites, however flimsy the pretext, and seek to disarm Whites because they fear a response to their own hostility.

    The jews have a vested interest in encouraging anyone who won’t accept their kosher mainstream narrative to run down any number of other rabbit holes, searching in vain for some other truth that’s still good for the jews. A certain subset do their part for the tribe by manufacturing just such alternatives. I’m not at all surprised that so many Whites go off on those wild goose chases. They’re outraged and feel compelled to do something, just not something as costly to themselves as confronting jew hostility.

  10. If jew, then lie. – Alex Linder

    Mostly true, but with deadly exceptions.
    Not all jews are so simple.

  11. seek to disarm Whites because they fear a response to their own hostility.

    Nope, it’s not a defensive measure.
    It’s part of a greater offensive plan.

  12. In regards to the T-feed:
    I find it very annoying how Heimbach goes on about National Socialism being the way forward. Then he dances all around saying jews. He usually doesnt do this, but lately….
    “Zionists, bankers, elite, global cabal” sure for those in the know, most hear jews.
    The time for dog whistling is over.
    What did NSDAP do??? They named the damn jew, always.
    I was browsing around red ice and others, I swear all they say is the “left” or”liberals” wrong its jews. Or even worse “j-left”. Again giving a passto right leaning jews. This gives apass to the lame line”muh conservative jews” … enough.
    Its a bummer more really jew-wise people arent in the open. These faces are wise but not enough.
    Watch the debate with Enoch and the jew. I found it sub-par. We need a Linder or Lamprecht in the open. Too bad the others have unfortunate circumstances preventing this.
    Sorry to hi-jack..

    Is this the pathology? Whites just cant name the problem? Instead opt for kosher cover terms?

  13. Is this the pathology?

    The behavior is innate.
    Just as it is innate behavior to panic in an emergency.
    Ppl have to be taught and then repeatedly drilled to overcome their primal impulses.
    Whites have the primal instinct to empathize and sympathize, which can be just as deadly as panicking in an emergency. With those who know how to exploit the virtues, it is deadly.

  14. Unrolled thread from @TheLastRefuge2

    32. Follow a simple timeline: 2011/2012 Broward County School administration made a policy decision to block the arrests of students in order to improve their education statistics.…

    33. 2013/2014 – Praise for the program:…

    34. 2017 – The program continues. Still chasing year-over-year reductions. Worse and worse crimes being excused.…

    35. 2018 – Parkland School Shooting. 17 dead. Political cop (SRO) cowered from shooter; now retiring. School board wondering ‘what went wrong’.… Entirely predictable.

    Semitical correctness kills.

  15. In NRA’s response to school massacre: Dog-whistle anti-Semitism, a star-spangled Protocols of Zion:

    “History proves it. Every time, in every nation in which this political disease rises to power, its citizens are repressed, their freedoms are destroyed, and their firearms are banned and confiscated. It is all backed in this country by the social engineering, and the billions, of people like [philanthropists of Jewish lineage] George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and more.”

    Democrats are “a party which is now infested with saboteurs, who don’t believe in capitalism, don’t believe in the Constitution, don’t believe in our freedom, and don’t believe in America as we know it,” LaPierre declared, his speech interrupted by enthusiastic applause at nearly every sentence.

    “They hide behind labels like ‘Democrat,’ ‘left-wing,’ and ‘progressive,’ to make their Socialist agenda more palatable. And that is terrifying.

    “And that should terrify every citizen who values the American ideal in this country of individual liberty,” he continued. “They’ve politicized the Department of Justice, they’ve weaponized the Internal Revenue Service, the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency], perhaps crippled the FBI and the intelligence community, and seized and embedded leadership in all of them to advance their agenda.

    He reserved particular scorn for the words “Hollywood” and “Washington.” In the nation’s capital, he said, “no one speaks out, no one challenges authority, everyone keeps their mouth closed and their heads down, and that’s exactly how Socialistic societies function.”

    “Anyone who attempts to resist is smeared into submission,” he added. “Yep, you know it. Ah, yes, the Art of the Smear – we do live in the Socialistic age of the Art of the Smear. It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to stick somewhere, anywhere. It’s designed to degrade, to destroy, and it’s all over the national media to serve their agenda, and is a movement that loves a smear – ‘Racist,’ ‘Mysogynist,’ ‘Sexist,’ ‘xenophobe’ and more.”

    According to LaPierre, for America’s Socialists, “You name a group, and they’ll find a way to turn them into victims. They keep their movement growing by finding someone to be offended by something, every minute of every day.” Citing the Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, he said they “agitate the offended, promote uncivil discourse, and ignore any sense of due process and fairness, to destroy their enemies.”

    The jews know you’re talking about them, even when you try to pretend you’re not.

  16. Did Donald Trump just slam the NRA and reverse Republican orthodoxy on guns? Yes

    Trump said he wanted to go beyond a narrowly focused bill to improve background checks for gun buyers that is backed by many of his fellow Republicans and instead develop a comprehensive plan – even if it includes measures opposed by the powerful National Rifle Association gun lobby, which backed his 2016 candidacy.

    “I will sign it,” Trump said in a freewheeling hour-long discussion at the White House with a group of lawmakers.

    As with DACA, now with guns. The jews kick, the kikeservative-in-chief licks. He cucks his White supporters to please his screechy jew critics.

  17. How ‘Never Again’ evolved from Holocaust commemoration slogan to universal call

    But the phrase gained currency in English thanks in large part to Meir Kahane, the militant rabbi who popularized it in America when he created the Jewish Defense League in 1968 and used it as a title of a 1972 book-length manifesto. As the president of the American Jewish Committee, Sholom Comay, said after Kahane’s assassination in November 1990, “Despite our considerable differences, Meir Kahane must always be remembered for the slogan Never Again, which for so many became the battle cry of post-Holocaust Jewry.”

    For Kahane, Never Again was an implicitly violent call to arms and a rebuke of passivity and inactivity. The shame surrounding the alleged passivity of the Jews in the face of their destruction became a cornerstone of the JDL. As Kahane said, “the motto Never Again does not mean that ‘it’ [a holocaust] will never happen again. That would be nonsense. It means that if it happens again, it won’t happen in the same way. Last time, the Jews behaved like sheep.”

    Kahane used Never Again to justify acts of terror in the name of fighting anti-Semitism. In the anthem of the Jewish Defense League, members recited, “To our slaughtered brethren and lonely widows: Never again will our people’s blood be shed by water, Never again will such things be heard in Judea.”

    Later, however, Kahane’s violent call for action was adapted by American Jewish establishment groups and Holocaust commemoration institutions as a call for peace, tolerance and heeding the warning signs of genocide.

    These days, when the phrase is used to invoke the Holocaust, it can be either particular or universal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tends toward the particular when he uses it to speak about the need for a strong Jewish state in the wake of the Holocaust.

    . . .

    It’s doubtful Kahane would have appreciated the term being co-opted by a gun control campaign. His second-most famous slogan was “Every Jew a .22.”

    How a slogan used by jews to justify terror and violence against non-jews is also a slogan jews use to justify disarming non-jews.

  18. Excellent. And it’s a no-brainer that when any group uses hokey arguments to disarm another it portends violence against that second group.

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