“Don’t Be Evil” is Code for “Be Anti-White”

based_caucasianJames Damore vs. Google: Class Action Lawsuit | Bias | Complaint

James Damore (“Damore”) and David Gudeman (“Gudeman” (together, “Plaintiffs”) allege as follows:

Plaintiffs bring this individual and class action on behalf of themselves and on behalf of a class and subclasses defined as all employees of Google discriminated against (i) due to their perceived conservative political views … (ii) due to their male gender and/or (iii) due to their Caucasian race

5. Damore, Gudeman, and other class members were ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males. This is the essence of discrimination—Google formed opinions about and then treated Plaintiffs not based on their individual merits, but rather on their membership in groups with assumed characteristics.

6. Google employees and managers strongly preferred to hear the same orthodox opinions regurgitated repeatedly, producing an ideological echo chamber, a protected, distorted bubble of groupthink. When Plaintiffs challenged Google’s illegal employment practices, they were openly threatened and subjected to harassment and retaliation from Google. Google created an environment of protecting employees who harassed individuals who spoke out against Google’s view or the “Googley way,” as it is sometimes known internally. Google employees knew they could harass Plaintiffs with impunity, given the tone set by managers—and they did so.

8. Not only was the numerical presence of women celebrated at Google solely due to their gender, but the presence of Caucasians and males was mocked with “boos” during company-wide weekly meetings.

27. Damore’s immediate supervisor was Cristian Tapus (“Tapus”). Tapus reports to Chuck Wu (“Wu”), Senior Director of Engineering for Google. Wu, in turn, reports to Ari Balogh (“Balogh”), Vice President of Engineering at Google. Balogh reports to Sridhar Ramaswamy (“Ramaswamy), the Senior Vice President of GPI and Ads. Ramaswamy, in turn, reports to Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google), who ultimately reports to Larry Page (CEO of Alphabet).

Google’s Diversity And Inclusion Summit

36. Google defined “diverse” individuals as women or individuals who were not Caucasian or Asian.

Specifically, Damore mentioned that it seemed like Google was elevating political correctness over merit.

There he asked questions about whether Google looked at viewpoint diversity with respect to hiring decisions and in evaluating how inclusive Google was as a workplace. The answer he received was that Google only looked at demographic diversity (gender and/or race) when making hiring and promotion decisions—not at viewpoint diversity.

48. Damore ended his memo by addressing the problem in a constructive manner by advocating that Google should treat employees and potential hires as individuals, not members of tribes

60. At the in-person training, entitled “Bias Busting,” Google discussed how biases against women exist in the workplace, and how “white male privilege” exists in the workplace. The training was run by the “Unbiasing Group” at Google, and there were approximately 20 Google employees present. Damore disagreed with this one-sided approach. When Damore verbalized his dissent and his concerns with the one-sided presentation, other employees, including managers, laughed at him derisively. They considered his views to be conservative, and thus flawed and worthy of disparagement.

66. After Damore’s memo went viral outside Google, Damore began receiving multiple threats and insults from his coworkers

67. On August 3, 2017 George Sadlier (“Sadlier”), a Director at Google, sent out a mass email condemning James’ essay as “repulsive and intellectually dishonest” and promising an HR investigation into Damore. Sadlier also promoted posts that advocated for physical violence against Damore. Subsequently, On Friday, August 4, 2017, Damore received a late-night email from Alex Hidalgo, a Site Reliability Engineer at Google in Sadlier’s organization, which stated, “You’re a misogynist and a terrible person. I will keep hounding you until one of us is fired. Fuck you.”

72. Wu told Damore he was being terminated for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

80. On or about August 20, 2015, Kim Burchett (“Burchett”), an L7 SWE Manager, drafted and published a document on a Google-employees only website, entitled, “Derailing.” This document discussed how individuals might attempt to silence someone’s opinions or distract from someone’s point of view. The document was aimed at Caucasian males, and conflated marginalization with white male privilege. The document essentially claimed through examples that any response but agreement to a statement about bias, prejudice, or privilege was a “derailment.” Reductio ad absurdum, the thesis of this document is that on this one particular set of topics, the left-wing political frame of systematic bias, must always dominate, and the receiver must accept that frame, and its associated worldview, in their response. 81.

Gudeman read this article, and disagreed with its premise, as did many other employees. Gudeman left a comment stating his belief that men “need to understand that [Caucasian males] are the victims of a racist and sexist political movement and it is not their fault.” 82.

Gudeman went on to state that “the point of this document is to disallow any defense at all that a man might make when some woman complains about bias. There is no defense. The woman is always right. The man has no alternative but to submit to her superior moral position. We have a word for that attitude, it’s called ‘sexism.’”

85. Gudeman compared this document to that which “slave owners would have written for their slaves to help them understand how to interact with their masters,” in order to point out prejudices involved with the document

87. Ironically, other Google employees began to “derail” Gudeman’s point of view. Under the guise of advocating for an open dialogue, Burchett merely reported Googlers that disagreed with the thesis of her document, as Gudeman did, to Google management as being “un-Googley.” This further exemplifies the one-sided and flawed mindset of Google—that anyone that disagrees with you is wrong and hateful

93. On November 10, 2016, in response to many Google employee posting on different Google-wide forums regarding their fears about the new administration, Gudeman wrote that anyone “who believes President Trump will be out to get minorities, women or gays has absorbed a lot of serious lies from their echo chamber. And the echo chamber is entirely one sided. You can’t watch TV or go to movies without being constantly confronted with the leftist world view. Leftists can go their whole life never being exposed to the conservative world view except in shows written by people hostile to it.”

94. Gudeman also stated in response to another Google employee that “[i]f you truly think Trump is anything like a Nazi or Isis [sic], or wants to hurt gays, women or the disabled, then you are so badly out of touch it borders on delusional. If you don’t truly believe those things but are saying them anyway then shame on you for trying to stir up fear and hatred.”

101. Gudeman had another conversation with another Google employee on November 10, 2016, where he complained about being a conservative and a Trump supporter. Gudeman pointed out that “Trump supporters are a hated and despised minority at Google. Googlers feel comfortable slandering them in a public forum and assume there will be no consequences.”

111. The Final Written Warning itself repudiated Google’s own policy: “We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups 2, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.” Ironically, the Google employee had provided ample evidence that Caucasian males who challenged certain assumptions behind the so-called “social justice” agenda were routinely and unfairly branded as “racists,” “sexists,” or “bigots,” and targeted for severe written abuse and career sabotage.

156. Liz Fong-Jones (“Fong-Jones”), an L5 SRE Manager at Google, repeatedly discriminated against Caucasian males.

166. On November 15, 2015, a Google employee complained to Google HR regarding a highly offensive post from an employee in the Developer Product Group. The post stated:

“If you put a group of 40-something white men in a room together and tell them to come up with something creative or innovative, they’ll come back and tell you how enjoyable the process was, and how they want to do it again, but they come up with fuck-all as a result!” (emphasis added.)

167. The Google employee stated that this statement was a violation of the Google Code of Conduct, and was creating a hostile workplace environment as it targeted Caucasians, males, and individuals over the age of 40.

168. Google HR responded: “Given the context of the post and that [the employee’s] main point is to highlight that it is helpful to have diverse perspectives, it doesn’t appear that the post to [sic] violates our policies.”

169. Perplexed, the Google employee responded to Google HR by replacing the term “40-something white men” with “women” and asked how that was not a breach of conduct. Google failed to respond.

170. Google’s lack of response and engagement evidenced Google’s biases and its inability to even recognize them when someone pointed them out. As demonstrated above, Google allowed individuals to insult and discriminate against political conservatives, Caucasians, and males with impunity.

171. A perfect example of Google’s relaxed attitude toward discrimination against Caucasians and males is seen in Burchett’s G+ posts. As seen below, Burchett states that in the promotions committee which she serves on where she helps decide which T5 Engineers are promoted to the T6 level, she stated, “2/4 committee members were women. Yay! 4/4 committee members were white. Boo! 12/15 candidates were white men. Boo!” Further in the thread, Burchett highlights the divisiveness of her original post by noting that it was not fair even to talk about women when “POC” or “people of color” weren’t getting enough airtime in the discussion.

Here is a glimpse into the orwellian culture inside Google and similar tech corporations, which is in turn a reflection of the language and attitudes long incubated in academic weapons labs and dispensed by corporate media. The “diversity and inclusion” mask for the “anti-racist” agenda is slipping, exposing the anti-White racial animus which has always driven it. At it’s very root the “diversity” double-talk at Jewgle is anti-White, just as it is in most jewniversities and the jewsmedia. These institutions are so anti-White because they are thoroughly jewed.

Is there a single Google manager who explicitly identifies themselves positively as a White man? Has anyone ever counted the jews? Damore and Gudeman don’t claim to have done so. It is only for the purpose of this lawsuit that they now claim to be White, and what’s more, to speak for the interests of Whites as a legal class. Previously Damore minimized the importance of race. In his memo and in interviews immediately after his termination he made a point of disavowing “racism” and advocating individualism.

Damore’s memo was primarily concerned with opposing attitudes and policies he perceived as potentially punishing him for being a man. Beyond that he and his most vocal supporters have put special emphasis on ideology, complaining that they are “punished for their heterodox political views”. Their view on race is not heterodox, it’s passe. They prefer the older, less blatantly anti-White “anti-racism”. They won’t say it, but the problem is that version isn’t semitically correct enough any more. No doubt Trump supporters are a hated and despised minority at Google, as Gudeman so knowingly puts it. What goes unsaid, even in this suit, is that the hatred is more racial than political, that it is so freely expressed because “Trump supporter” is understood to mean White.

The suit would have more value to Whites if Damore or Gudeman had been fired for saying something like “jews will not replace us” or “it’s okay to be White”. That would have made the who/whom nature of the hostility more plain. As it is Google’s lawyers can point at statements made by the plaintiffs themselves to make their case that race didn’t have anything to do with their terminations. And after all, they’ll argue, Google can’t possibly be anti-White because its management is stacked with (((fellow Whites)))!

Unfortunately, Damore, Gudeman, and their lawyers are not really trying to challenge semitical correctness. Like Weinstein at Evergreen or Bakke at UCal, they’re looking for some shekels for being mistaken for White.

73 thoughts on ““Don’t Be Evil” is Code for “Be Anti-White””

  1. Probably, and Gudeman too. But as with Weinstein and Bakke, nobody on either side wants to call attention to jewing – it would give the whole game away.

  2. “Has anyone ever counted the jews?”

    “Why is it forbidden to count Jews, one by one, even for a holy purpose”,
    the CALIFORNIA JEWISH VOICE, February 15, 1957, gave the answer:
    “This restriction is found in the Talmud (Babli Yoma 22b) where it is written
    that it is forbidden to count Jews even for a mitzvah.”

    –Quoted in R.H. Williams: The Ultimate World Order, 1957, p61

    TJB. They’re just playing the pea under a shell game. It’s natural and instinctive.

    All is well. Good to know there are some things one can rely on in this phony foment of a world.

    Like the following:


    Theresa May is a rabid White-hating crypto-Jewess LARPing as a White woman Prime Minister. Unfrock the fraud!



  3. Lots of twits about this today: BREAKING: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning”

    It’s a glimpse into Twitter’s corporate culture, where non-Whites disparage and scheme to suppress “rednecks” and “Trump supporters”.

    As with Damore and his supporters, Project Veritas’ take is to go along with the game, to pretend the crux of the matter is ideological bias, even though non-White/anti-White nature of the hostility is right there, staring them in the face.

    There’s no need for lawsuits or undercover videos to understand what’s going on, who’s driving the agenda.


    The jews openly organize as jews to control what everyone else can say and do. They aren’t merely doing this on the internet, or from the political left against the right. They’re doing it everywhere, from every direction.

  4. I’ve seen Clints name around but Ive never heard a word from him. So I gave this a go… complete bs. It was a bit odd though not surprising, Jan Irvin didnt correct anything he said. Typical antiWhite pro jew bs. Jan is probably afraid of the sheckle shut down.

  5. Clint Richardson could be just bullshitted. His take is nothing new. He may just spread manure without really understanding anything. He may yet be well-meaning, even if he’s overdosed right now on his own crap.

    The crap is everywhere. It’s right vs left at surface – so think how pervasive it must be at bottom.

  6. Tan wrote: ‘Mainstream “conservative” pundits help advance this jew agenda in their own way by dutifully ignoring the racial nature of the hostility.’

    But why do you put the quotes around ‘conservative’ when he only wants to maintain the racial status quo? Do you assume conservatism is pro-White? Or antisemitic? It’s neither. It’s pro-status quo – it’s CONSERVATIVE.

  7. Nick, I write “conservative” for the same reason I write “liberal” – to indicate that the term represents an identity without substance. While I agree with your point, the reason I have trouble writing either term without sneering is that today’s self-identified conservatives espouse values they themselves would have called liberal a decade or so earlier.

  8. Right. I had not noticed that you also put quotes around liberal, likely because I am acutely concerned that pro-Whites are clearly being led down a right-wing dead-end as it seems to me, where we must obviously be beyond right and left.

    Revilo P Oliver


    CONSERVATISM, when that word was first used in a political sense, correctly implied the maintenance of existing governmental and social institutions and their preservation from all undesirable innovation and substantial change. In Europe and the United States, however, the term has now acquired a quite different and linguistically improper meaning: it implies the restoration of political and social institutions that were radically changed and subverted to produce the governmental and social institutions that now exist.

    Strictly speaking, therefore, ‘conservatism’ has come, paradoxically, to mean reaction, an effort to purge the nation’s social and political organization of deleterious accretions and revolutionary changes imposed upon it in recent times, and to restore it to the pristine state in which it existed at some vaguely or precisely defined time in the past. The persons who now call themselves conservatives, if they mean what they propose, are really reactionaries, but eschew the more candid word as prejudicial in propaganda.

    ‘Conservative’ is a tricky word to use. It isn’t used in present-day French politics. I guess Americans who call themselves conservative would like to make America White again, but won’t say so openly. A big part of the problem is that many organizations that used to be conservative have been hijacked by careerists. The membership is still conservative, but the direction now works for the Jews. There may still be a few conservatives among the official leaders, but they won’t lead or speak up. And the membership doesn’t fully understand that the new direction works for the Jews, who work to annihilate the White race.

  10. ‘Liberalism’ is hard to define too. In French politics, you use the words right/left instead of conservative/liberals. I think it amounts to the same thing. A liberal is a leftist.

    I have a new theory about the leftists. We know that leftism refers both to a psychological mindset, and to a set of political orientations that are usually set by the Jews, thanks to their control of the media and the political institutions.

    The Left is supposed to be compassionate but foolish, while the Right is hardheaded and pragmatic. The Left is feminine. It won’t be swayed by stats, but may be swayed by the sad story of a particular man. Some people on the Left also have a problem of pathological altruism.

    Depending on different people’s opinions, left-wing means different and contradictory things: pro-state, pro-worker, pro-migrant… (maybe even pro-free-market?) But the Jewish-dominated institutional Left is above all pro-invasion and anti-White.

    My theory is that the liberals are less remarkable by their compassion than by their strong instinctive loyalty to authorities, legitimate or not. They have a stronger than average obedience-to-authority instinct, even though they may see themselves as rebels. They feel virtuous, not because they are incredibly altruistic, but because they slavishly obey their masters and love denouncing the dissidents.

    The idea that the picture of a dead Kurdish child on a beach could make people agree to the invasion of White countries by third-worlders doesn’t make any sense. If the leftists were moved by compassion and altruism, they would oppose the invasion of their own countries by third-world rapists. I think what really explains their behavior is their compulsive obedience to what they identify as figures of authorities. They keep trusting ZOG even though ZOG is dedicated to their destruction.

    It isn’t just about the third-world invasion. We know that the leftists are less likely than us to reject the phony modern art produced by the likes of Picasso. It would be absurd to think that they are drawn to modern art because they have compassionate souls. The truth is that they are lemmings. They are willing to support any crazy policy as long as it is supported by the government, the media and other authority figures.

    It means we should always put on a suit and tie, or a scientist’s white lab coat before addressing any leftist.

    In order to test my theory, I’d like to see if the leftists can be made to embrace race-realism and reject modern art if a race-realist government comes to power and succeeds in expelling the Jews and becoming the new authority figure. My guess is that by the end of the 1930s, most German leftists had become very supportive of Hitler.

  11. I miss Tanstaafl’s podcasts. I’m in no way saying he doesn’t have better things to do, just saying I miss them.

    Have been musing about whether there’s a format that would see him at his best, & take some of the unnecessary load off of him. The best I could come up with is if he could find a host worthy of him (Tan has done many collabs, but I don’t think we’ve yet seen that host), who would animate him but not try to equal & overpower him, & then otoh some kind of a production guy (maybe same person) who would take the production load off, like how Tan used to do “Driving Miss Caroline”.

    Given the nature of things as they seem to be, a high-frequency release is probably out of the question, but heck, I’d take an hour a quarter if I could get it. A half hour a month would be heaven, well-received, & possibly candidate for inclusion into some growing distribution networks, but I already feel I’ve overstepped my bounds. Anyhow, we all struggle on.



  12. Parenthetically, having someone else moderate the comments & respond to or at least filter feedback might up Tan’s joy:pain ratio, as I surmise he probably gets more pain that joy from performing that function.

  13. Twitter Is Trying To Gaslight Conservatives To Convince Them They Are Mentally Ill

    There will be an effort by MAGA conservatives and the Alt-Right to contest the internet information commons soon.

    Remember Nehlen?

    He’s made it a central plank of his campaign and will shine attention on the issue.

    Hopefully Trump and his people push hard on this front as well. It is the perfect issue to go to war with Silicon Valley over. And Twitter is giving our side ammunition to tear them apart with.

    A change in attitude is the antidote for gaslighting. You stop imagining someone is a friend you can trust and instead see them as the enemy they are. Then their attempts to deceive and manipulate and psychopathologize inspire nothing but righteous disgust and contempt.

    Even as many Whites are beginning to understand the jewsmedia is their enemy, too many imagine Trump is their friend. Yes, Trump says some things White “conservatives” want to hear, and the jewsmedia screeches about it. What Trump has actually done is sign a government decree which draws a distinction between Whites and jews, condemning Whites in defense of jews, literally echoing the anti-White/pro-jew view which already prevails in media, academia, and corporations.

    The government, under Trump, is pushing toward criminalizing White speech, not protecting it.

  14. Piers Morgan: “BREAKING NEWS: President Trump has publicly apologised for retweeting far-right group Britain First. Says he didn’t know who they were. ‘I don’t want to be involved with these people. If you’re telling me they’re horrible racist people. I certainly apologise.'”

    The kikeservative-in-chief once again disavows the “horrible racist people” he regularly disavows on demand, who continue to imagine he’s their friend.

    Trump is shaping up to be the Reagan 2.0 he claimed he wanted to be, including war and amnesty, while the jewsmedia screeches as if he’s Hitler 2.0, the “horrible racist”-in-chief.

  15. The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google

    Altman got a verbal warning for writing on an internal board that certain employees should be fired. “I meant only bigoted white men should be fired. They interpreted it as applying to all white men,” Altman says.

    Now substitute jew for White and rerun the program, Altmanberg.

    WIRED calls it war, sides with the non-Whites/anti-Whites. Vanity Fair echoes the sentiment.

    Google Has Become Ground Zero for the Culture Wars

    Years ago, Damore sympathizers’ only recourse may have been water-cooler gossip, or passive-aggressive Post-it notes. But now, anti-diversity employees talk behind their co-workers’ backs to a potential audience of billions, playing into attitudes that thrive online. As Russia’s polarizing online campaign to elect Donald Trump demonstrates, the Internet is primed to amplify hate.


    The jewsmedia, which includes the corporations which control the internet, amplifies jewing.

  16. Kikeservative-in-chief: “On Holocaust Remembrance Day we mourn and grieve the murder of 6 million innocent Jewish men, women and children, and the millions of others who perished in the evil Nazi Genocide. We pledge with all of our might and resolve: Never Again!”

  17. Kikeservative-in-chief:

    President Trump spoke at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, saying those who deny the Holocaust “are an accomplice to this horrible evil.”

    Making it clear he sides with the jews, against Whites, as he always has.

  18. YouTube CEO: Tech is ‘very geeky male industry’ that affects diversity

    “Everyone talks about Silicon Valley as a meritocracy, I see it as a mirror-tocracy, meaning white guys look at each other and hire each other, essentially. What — where are we on this and what do you think needs to happen?” Swisher asked.

    To which Wojcicki replied, “I think the problem is, is that computer science as a whole and tech as a whole has a reputation of being a very geeky male industry.

    White-washing the jewocracy. The anti-White attitudes flow from the top, because it is jewed.

  19. (A)

    @Herrn TANSTAAFL

    11 JANUARY 2018 AT 10:40 PM
    Clint Richardson is a bullshit artist.

    A highly accomplished one, too, particularly in the faux-legal field of sending penniless litigants per se off on wild goose-chases, usually to jail, with the sovereign citizen, return-to-sender, I do not consent to jurisdiction and other malign hokum still ringing in their ears.

    (B) “The Language Crystal” by Larry Lyons (Larry-the-Lion-of-Judah) – the book kuklos-claque has been popularity-pimping s/h “rare” copies of this, but sadly for them it’s made its way into the copyright-free-zone maw of archive.org in at least two places, one being

    So is this the fons et origo of all that fractured etymology as practised by David Icke, Dennis Fetcho, Kyle Hunt and many more famous? e.g. horizon = Horus rising
    Think I’ll copy this to the scribblers at Majorityrights. I need someone to deconstruct it.

    (C) Your TFeed: pleez oh pleeeez include in the RSS notification of mp3 download url also the landing page of the relevant program so we are forewarned of who/where it’s coming from and when. Example: wtf are “Vox’s The Weeds”? *

    * Somewhat rarely, the metadata in this one discloses: Ezra Klein (Host), Matthew Yglesias (Host), Sarah Kliff (Host), Peter Leonard (Producer), Nishat Kurwa (Executive Producer), Jackie Goldstein (Executive Producer), Julie Bogen (Associate Producer), Jillian Weinberger (Producer).
    Shouldn’t those all be ((( ))) …?

    It’s Different For Goys.

  20. include in the RSS notification of mp3 download url also the landing page of the relevant program so we are forewarned

    Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

  21. Seems that this would be an opportunity for pro- White sites to mirror each other, as an act of solidarity.

  22. This one imagines that they could shut down all the mirrors with similar ease. It almost seems like they control the whole system, so it’s illegal to take any kind of effective action.

  23. OK, make a third party site that acts as an archive and is refreshed daily. Then have other pro-W sites point to that.

  24. Curse: “There are over 3,600 tax-exempt, pro-Jewish organizations in the US with assets totalling $36B. But Jewish NY Times writers David Herzig & Samuel Brunson claim pro-white organizations don’t deserve tax exemptions because being pro-white is defacto racism…because Jews say so.… https://t.co/5QDk5BwWiP

    Organized non-White/anti-White jews define supremacism.

  25. It can’t be just chance the men in both the US and the UK who are most patriotic have been for decades the most prone to join the military voluntarily and die for the benefit of another nation: Jews; while at the same time

  26. .. those men have seen their own countries invaded and never acted.

    It has to be Jews behind White genocide and the war on Islam both..

  27. It’s called , ” being duped “.

    “Use your enemies’ enemy to destroy your enemy”. Very kosher.

  28. True, and there’s a great tactical opportunity there. Promise the Muslims all of Africa and half of Europe in exchange for an alliance against Israel, and thereby annihilate Judaism once and for all.

    The Muslims, of course, will be the entire time planning to turn on us and convert the rest of the world by force once the battle is won, but they can’t invent or even maintain like we can, and they would fall swiftly. In the meantime, we’d have any PC cover that was necessary as a very large number of brown Muslims joined us against Israel.

    The tactic is similar to the way BDS worked to be the first time in recent memory that leftists have been willing to take a stand against the World Wars Extended, as embodied not only in Israel but in their numerous and sometimes-disguised overseas agents. The training of generations in the U.S. and Europe worked so well that, when it came time to choose between mixed European Ashkenazi and brown Muslims, the latter was chosen. Even the hardest-core of hardcore leftists could go with BDS, and could back a war that would begin with the innocuous liberation of (genuinely!) oppressed dark people in northeastern Africa.

  29. Like Sailer, Brimelow, Taki, and Taylor, Kmac apparently doesn’t see jews as non-White, but as misbehaving fellow “whites”, would be greatest allies, if only Whites treated them better.

    MacDonald has expressed a distaste for “nazis” in several interviews over the past few years, so I suppose he figures that by publishing jews jewsplaining what’s best for jews he’s distinguishing himself from “nazis”.

  30. MacDonald’s career was a shame. What it looked like was, he followed the same breadcrumbs as everyone else for two thousand years, ended up nearly at the right place, then got distracted by something and decided that Jews who claimed to support White nationalism were, in fact, good. One of the flaws of Europeoids over the years has been that they can be, just like goys from any other group, easily distracted: women, money, or–most likely for MacDonald–simple popularity.

    It’s as though he hasn’t read his own work, but of course he has. He was just so excited to be allowed to hold conferences, have social-network followers, and publish an inoffensive-ineffective journal, he was fine with letting his work fade out into moderated nothingness, illusory right/left commentary, an easy focus on the results but not the causes of black/Hispanic violence, et cetera. The smart Jews certainly don’t “like” him, but he’s proven quite useful at taking thousands of people who have a more literate recognition of Jewish influence, and turning them into a minor milkwater political movement instead of advocates for a more medically-minded, curative treatment that is the only thing that can solve all this.

    It’s rather instructive as to the Europeoid mindset that Anglin is, in a way, “less intelligent” than MacDonald, and yet, in another way, he’s so very much more intelligent. Anglin’s more direct, simpler approach to issues leaves him immune to the kinds of infantile sniveling and fawning for social respectability in a Judaized society that has taken over MacDonald & company. MacDonald is a very good representation of how a kind of White intelligence makes one incredibly vulnerable to concluding that it is somehow “pragmatic” to partner with Ashkenazi who seem to be on your side at the current time.

    For at least two thousand years, people who evolved in Europe have been in constant retreat, shrinking and dying, inventing things that other people somehow keep acquiring and using against them, even though so many have understood what’s going on. Over perhaps a single decade, we’ve seen MacDonald–a pragmatic elite–have his budding popularity turned from a potentially curative nationalism into a vague “political spectrum” position. He exemplifies, he has lived before our very eyes, the problem of his people.

  31. So MacDonald then is like a woman: malleable, easily influenced, hungering for popularity. A beta, pussy soyboy. Lulz

  32. As regards the few comments here bashing MacDonald. I don’t see it that way, exactly. I think he was absolutely sincere and determined, having written those 3 tomes – especially after the woman from ADL or SPLC (not sure which) marched on to the college campus where he was employed, and proceeded to use her powers to make short work of him. He stuck it out until retirement time, being either ignored or abused during his final years at his meaningless job.

    But I suspect that he sees he is getting old and doesn’t want to see his lifetime of work go to the dogs, so he now extends a hand to those he considered his enemies. I think he is desperate to see some great changes in American society within his lifetime, which might be why he put his stamp of approval on Trump.

    In no way is he “like a woman” or a “beta, pussy soyboy”. That is both cruel and incorrect.

  33. @Nick Dean. If you want to see replies to that article, you can always go to unz.com. You can express yourself to your heart’s delight over there.

  34. MacDonald does have substantial means compared to 99.9999% of Whites who’ve ever lived, and compared to all Whites who’ve lived in the past 100 years…no, make it 50…he’s done more talking about Jews than they have. He’s never taken any effective action, and your defense of him as a non-doer says, itself, a lot about how our expectations have evolved recently. A few mildly worded articles about social influence, published before, during, and after the continued destruction of our people, are really all we have from which to draw hope?

    More importantly, it does an ungraceful disservice to many generations, who fought and died in the millions to keep various invasions from the south and the east from taking control of Europe, to say that MacDonald’s occasional suggestively “they exert disproportionate influence over our media and academies” articles are anything like what so many have died for. 99.9999%, 99%, 90%, 50%–all are ridiculous comparisons. Most Whites who’ve ever lived on this planet have resisted far more strongly than MacDonald. It took a lot of time and subtlety to get them to this point. And if MacDonald is the best we have, it’s no surprise that they’re going to win this.

    A separate issue is the extent to which he’s even helpful to us at all. In his absence, larger numbers of people would be drawn to more effective action. Because he’s there, a lot of natural defensive reactions can be tamped down, such that people think, “Someone’s doing something about it!” in an article-writing way rather than an effective way. If I were a very cunning Jew, I would want someone like MacDonald out there, convincing Europeoids that they can learn nationalism from Jews, that they should become more “conservative” and focus on teevee issues, and that they should focus their racial anger (if any) on the various other darker-skinned peoples that Jews brought next door.

  35. yo Tanstaafl,
    I am listening to an interview with you by the might is right network whose website indicates it was taken down by the webhost in August 2017 [a fateful month which had the Charlottesville psy-op and the Andrew Anglin site also Taken down. I wonder if there were more such taken downs.
    My reason is commenting is just to suggest, in response to this past interview where you mention that evicting the Jews is not a solution, as it is part of the cycle. But, in fact evicting the Jews is not an option anywhere on the horizon possibly because Jewry has found and deployed long ago a solution to what ight be posed ass the Goyim-Host Question, [GH-Q]and that being the eviction that they vowed would be never again permit. The solution is the weaponized Immigration Law/Policy initiated in 1965 and treated as secret by the controlled consolidated mass media. It is probably at, or close to, the critical mass point where reversing the planned social-engineered minoritization of White Americans is in fact irrevocable; the word the US Census Bureau used a mid-2008 press release stating that they were moving the date by which White Americans will become irrevocably a minority in the US from 2050 to 2042. That document revealed the original target date. But it did not draw attention to Immigration but instead to the pattern of non-White vs. the White birth rate patterns. But immigration has been at least one million Legal immigrants annually in the last 30 years and per Ann Coulter, her research indicated that 30 million Illegal immigrants in the last 30 years is an accurate conservative estimate.
    So, surely this is the solution to the GH-Q , the final solution to White Supremacists who will now be surrounded by armies of multiple ethnic groups who have been educated to be hostile to White host Americans and serve as proxy armies, such that Jewry need not rely just on Blacks serving as an effective proxy agent. problem solved; maybe.
    Anyway, I appreciate your work especially the archive of podcasts.
    Also, I think the climax of the psy-op [in my view] of Charlottesville was the joint Resolution Bill which was passed by Congress unanimously and fairly rapidly in early Sept. 2017 and signed into law on Sept. 14, 2017 by President Trump. Trump signe it despite he posture which he maintained despite a raucous intimidating press corps demanding he retract it and say what they wanted him to say in his press conference on Aug. 15, 2017 which is viewable online youtube and probably CSPAN. i think it would be amazing to discover who/what isued a command for a unanimous joint Congress t& trump to fairly rapidly [perhaps 10 or so days] pass an anti-White Bill into law that blamed [clearly unreasonably] all the violence of Charlottesville on the White marchers and authorized the Attorney General to work with the FBI & DHS to investigate the marchers, and only the marchers and organizations associated with the marchers only as potential domestic terrorists.
    Perhaps the consolidation of the mas media purpose is for the deployment of psy-ops to program the American public mind with notions presented as established fact. In this and recent events perhaps it is that White people who engage in public political speech for perceived group self interest are by that definition NWhite Supremacists racists Neo-Nazis engaged in Nazi recruitment. that is the definition of the target group of ANTIFA_BAMN as explained by organizer Yvette Felarca in an interview with Tucker Carlson in the Spring 2017.
    Also one more thing. In an article on theAtlantic .com [I believe that is the name for one of two ATLANTIC Magazine websites, there was an article from last ear about the FBI investigation of the 19 year old who was responsible for at least hundreds of bomb threats across the US by phone and email to jewish NGOs,-synagogues, jewish-schools, and ewish community centers. What the atlantic article mentioned that I had not seen elsewhere is that the Israaeli was runniing a business that delivered for a price such ‘anti-semitic- threats , only bomb threats were mentioned. This is amazing info as it means presumably whoever ordered the hundreds of bomb threats probably could be identified by the financial records. In the US this actually has a direct impact on funding provided originally by Jewish demand, from the DoJ to NGOs most affected by hate crimes. In an article I saw online from a 2015 LA jewish periodical the amount provided or available was about 25 million and jews got most of it. So that financial annual bonanza is huge motivation for buying bomb threats in great numbers and then synagogues jewish schools and jcc’s get security services paid for by the Dept. of Justice funding . The FBI has to compile and report annual hate crime statistics which presumably are the basis for allotting the 25 million.
    David Cole wrote an article about an interview with the winner of a contest by the ADL in the summer of 1988 which invited lawyers and law students to submit legal -rationale -backed ideas for ways to make initial incursion into the First Amendment protection against government censorship of free speech. The winner was hate speech.
    NO NEED TO REPLY TO THIS EMAIL?COMMENT. I assume it may or may bnot be of interest and might be old news .

    This is or should be a link to the joint congressional resolution condemning violence in Charlottesville
    Public Law 115–58 115th Congress Joint Resolution – Congress.gov

    Architect of “Hate Speech” Laws Slams “ADL-Type Thinking,” Denounces Own Work from this location:
    Sep 14, 2017 … PUBLIC LAW 115–58—SEPT. 14, 2017. Public Law 115–58. 115th Congress. Joint Resolution. Condemning the violence and domestic terrorist attack that took place during events between August 11 and August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, recognizing the first responders who lost their lives while …
    This is a link to what I think of as a model Psy-op on America although it does not mention psy-op and it neglects [I think] the TV mini series of spring 1978 “Holocaust” Skokie was mentioned a number of times in articles I read about the Charlottesville march.
    The Denazification of America
    http://takimag. com/article/the_denazification_of_america_david_cole/print#axzz55T4EWCr9
    I only read to p. 30 but in perhaps pages 25-30 the composers of the document clerly assert that the city ofCharlottesville police chief had placed the city police on stand down and did so for the specific purpose to allow the violent confrontations that were expected and to use that to cancel the marchers permit. That did happen but as in Skokie, the ACLU was on hand pro bono to get a Federal Judge to intervene and the permit was reissued for the march.The Virginia State police as described were on virtual stand down like in Sacramento ‘s antifa attack event, in which police were present. but had orders not to intervene in the violent altercations unless see some altercation that is very likely to result in grave injury or death.
    anti-semitic bomb threats for sale from Israel
    Jewish groups get most money from federal security grants
    BY TIM TOWNSEND Jan 2, 2012

  36. By chance before coming here I was listening to some 9 or more podcasts MacDonald did with Voice of Reason in 2009 onwards, including recordings from lectures given in Scandinavia. I was impressed by his directness and by the fact as he pointed out that his books were not merely “scholarly” (enough to satisfy Tom Sunic) but fully documented and as such a plausible new departure from old style nazee-raycis’-fasceest fulminations which were easily dismissed by opponents.

    Everybody here is using anonymous handles, conversely, MacDonald was out under his real name, dealing with ongoing unpleasantness from work colleagues if his account of it can be believed (and why not) and did the ballbreaking work of producing those three main works as well as a ton of other material. I don’t think he ever presented himself as a “movement” leader, he was just doing his part. The fact that the rest of us don’t measure up to that never mind surpass it doesn’t excuse our projecting our remorse at our own inadeqacies onto MacDonald.

    He’s getting old, maybe getting soft-headed. We all have only so much energy. Maybe they’ve threatened him and/or his family with doing their lust of murder.

    If anyone thinks someone should be doing better, then get out there and do it yourself!

  37. Your challenge implies gaining access to the academy and associated publishing authority. It took all of MacDonald’s life to get the level of access required to write a few gently, extremely-incompletely critical works. That life would have to be filled, too, with incredible dishonesty to recommending professors and searching committees even at the Master’s degree level (they’d probably let an openly anti-Semitic undergraduate come “learn,” but not any further than that).

    Assume, however, for your benefit, that he was as honest as he knew how to be at every stage. Is that your view of survival and success? Spending 40+ years meekly toeing the line before mildly criticizing some of the occupation’s political activities? We’re facing a sub-species that holds instinctive action, and starts educating in specifics at birth. Seems like our epitaph for ourselves that we’re only willing and able to offer such token verbal resistance. Not that such epitaphs will be allowed, but for some of our greatest modern hero-imitations, we might say, “Wrote articles saying it was really unfair that we were being killed.”

    There seems to be a relationship between our willingness to accept MacDonald’s ilk as “best available” and therefore good, and our inability to come out ahead in the biological contest. MacDonald might be a tragedy, but he’s not a role model nor a hero. He is exactly the kind of cooperative, pragmatic, milkwater faux-resistance we’d need to overcome to succeed in surviving.

  38. @ Wyandotte, thanks. The net effect of the Jew Unz publishing a genuinely Jew-pleading / falsely pro-White presenting article and allowing any and all comments, alongside MacDonald publishing the same article and disallowing all comments is a quadruple whammy for Jews over us.

    We will have turned the tide when our prominent people don’t screw up like this and we don’t help them do so. No commenting at Unz, please …

    If Unz commenters like ben tillman and Svigor have posted to that article and made a dent over there in the general designed impression of Jews and ‘other Whites’ gradually working out ‘our’ differences, that’s great. But ben tillman and wintermute were together the major forces in making another prominent peace-with-Jews ‘nationalist’ forum get real. At majorityrights.com they battered guessedworker with facts and other truths into allowing for the vital need for open discussion of Jews. This is over ten years ago. Svigor then became one of the most articulate voices for our position, working from MR, initially. And unfortunately we don’t have writes like wintermute, ben tillman, Svigor and Tan to spread around.

    When they post at Unz they concede territory to Jews before they start in several obvious ways. They gave none of this quarter to GW and other

  39. … nationalist-aligned hosts like MacDonald haven’t been stress-tested to the degree GW was. It would serve them – and all of us – if MacDonald’s and all his writers’ limits were tested by commenters of the caliber of ben tillman and Svigor. Posting at Unz as an alternative will only tend to serve Jews.

  40. There seems to be a relationship between our willingness to accept MacDonald’s ilk as “best available” and therefore good, and our inability to come out ahead in the biological contest.

    This racial misbehavior is more visible in the mindless worship of Nixon/Thatcher/Reagan/Farage/Trump, a pattern where Whites flock to support a misleader who whispers sweet nothings, continue to revere the snake even after it is revealed as such, then a generation later shift their trust to the next misleader and repeat the whole sick process.

    The misbehavior flows in the other direction too, where even the would-be truer leaders fail to recognize this pattern, misinterpret it, and even encourage it to continue. They chronically underestimate what their race would or wouldn’t put up with hearing or doing.

    Both misbehaviors are visible in the ongoing delusional refrains of the alt-right. “At least Trump isn’t as bad as Hillary would have been!” “Any day now Trump will finally fight the jews!” “Trump supported us after Charlottesville!” They rationalize the irrational, tolerate the intolerable.

    White men flocked to Charlottesville en masse sensing the potential for righteous combat with anti-Whites, and the first thing most every alt-righter with a soapbox did in the aftermath was balk at and denounce that urge. Their fake hero ultimately denounced them. They ignored it. Whites are so accustomed to our fake heroes shitting on us that we take it for granted.

    What makes this a tragedy is that it could be different. White as a race have a characteristic capacity for daring, for heroism, for collective mercilessness aimed at enemies, especially traitors. This capacity isn’t gone, it has been hijacked and circumcised. The jews make movies glorifying White self-sacrifice and directing it toward their own ends, even as they psychopathologize its use toward our own. Unlike White misleaders, the jews don’t discourage fanaticism and violence, they deliberately stoke it and AIM IT AT WHITES. While the Ignatievs and Ciccariello-Mahers slyly incite White genocide, the Taylors and MacDonalds respond by babbling nonsense about “pathological altruism”. This behavior is not a product of jew dominance and White failure, it’s the cause.

    Whites need to get their heads straight, demand more, tolerate less. It starts, or doesn’t start, with leadership.

  41. “Whites need to get their heads straight, demand more, tolerate less. ”

    Absolutely true !

    It starts, or doesn’t start, with leadership.

    We don’t have any such leadership structure.
    They have developed their’s over 25 centuries of refinement. How can we match that ?

  42. Trump’s 2019 budget request includes $200 millon increase to Israel:

    Israel will receive $3.3 billion in funding from the United States under President Donald Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget request for the Department of State, a US official announced at a department briefing on Monday.

    Hari Sastry, the Director of the Office of US Foreign Assistance Resources at the State Department, noted that Israel will receive a bump of $200 million in aid under the proposed budget.

    Don’t worry goys, the kikeservative-in-chief will build that wall and make Mexico pay for it any day now.

  43. There are 3 things that WN must achieve:

    1. Racial separation.

    2. Preserve racial purity – especially Nordic racial purity.

    3. Expel the Jewish group parasite.

    Bottom line: beta pussies like MacDonald cannot be counted on to never go weak in the knees in getting the aforementioned done.

  44. Haven’t we learned anything in 2300 years?
    You CAN’T expel jews, they must be isolated, contained, controlled and intensely monitored. Expelling them is just cruelty to someone else.

  45. “[…] then a generation later shift their trust to the next misleader and repeat the whole sick process.”

    The reality TV actor with the dyed hair and the fake tan was going to return us to the good ol’ days of the B-movie actor with the dyed hair and the rouged cheeks who, in his turn, was going to return us to other good ol’ days. Pleb/child nostalgia for a pleb/child nostalgist. What a madhouse.

  46. What do you expect of MacDonald, he’s just a college prof w/o any support system?

    Given the effort he put into documenting jewing, I did not expect he would follow up by disavowing national socialism, echoing jew-apologist Taylor on “pathological altruism”, or publishing articles written by jews concerning “what’s best for the jews”.

    Haven’t we learned anything in 2300 years?
    You CAN’T expel jews, they must be isolated, contained, controlled and intensely monitored. Expelling them is just cruelty to someone else.

    One of the most relevant lessons of history is that they cannot be isolated or contained. As for other lessons that might be helpful… Machiavelli wrote about how to deal with enemies 500 years ago. (Jew holidays, celebrating this understanding, go back much farther.) The germ theory of disease is 450 years old. An awareness of parasitism traces back at least as far as the Greeks, with more formal scrutiny dating back to the 1800s. Evolutionary psychology is a relatively recent development.

    The most important lessons are elementary and pre-historic. They can be found even in non-verbal primates. Groups band together to kill individuals or other groups which threaten their survival. More than anything else language is a weapon of war. Jew psychobabble, i.e. cultural marxism, is an especially virulent example.

    Virulence, by the way, specifically refers to the harm caused by parasitism. When the jews screech about “virulent anti-semitism” they are identifying themselves and their enemies in biological terms. The parasite cries out that their host is parasitizing them as they parasitize their host.

  47. “An awareness of parasitism traces back at least as far as the Greeks, with more formal scrutiny dating back to the 1800s.”

    I’ve been reading the curezone threads on parasites (you know, the kind that get into your body and want to stay there). Here is what the experts say: that the first and most important job of a parasite is to remain undetected. That is why, no matter what you think, no matter how powerful that dosage of albendazole is, you will ultimately have a helluva time getting rid of them. There is no “once and for all” when you are dealing with parasites.

    A herbalist prescribed a mixture for someone I know. He said that after a few days you will feel bad, including constipation; in his words, “the parasites are curling into a little ball, plugging you up and “screaming” over what is happening to them”. Could I make this up.

  48. Whatever the solution, expulsion isn’t it. It’s been tried over 500 times and only proven a temporary local solution , at best. In fact, expulsion has only made them more resilient, like bacteria that has become anti- biotic resistant.
    I don’t know of any instance where they have been isolated in a remotely non- contiguous region ( i.e. Borneo, Greenland).
    You’re right, Machiavelli had absolute solutions for those with total power.
    Expulsion isn’t the remedy.

  49. MacDonald has weathered the storms of public ridicule and social isolation. He is worn and facing the declining years of life which is weighing on him. His resolve is weakening just as his body is. This should be considered in his changed doctrine.

    What internal influences are pressing on him, I don’t know. He has jewish influence in his org, which is never good. I suspect he is bending to a will that is notoriously overbearing.

  50. @Captainchaos

    Racial separation is the paramount point.
    That’s why our vicious enemy is poisoning us with the very opposite.

  51. “MacDonald is an old geezer blah blah blah…no balls anymore…blah blah blah…”

    That old kook Art Jones, running for congress in Illinois, seems to have plenty of spunk left. Age is not a good excuse for becoming a pussy.

    “Can’t expel the Jews…too hard…they always snaked their way back in every time before…no balls…getting old…light is fading…blah blah blah…”

    The very weapon the Jews use to brainwash the masses – the media – can be used against them after their expulsion. Just use the media to brainwash the masses into hating the Jews and hence forestall their readmittance. The media has a global reach these days – more than enough to keep the sheenies pinned down. And what allies could Whites expect to have in doing this? How about 1.8 billion Muslims.

  52. Infamous Google memo author shot down by federal labor board:

    In explaining the board’s reasoning, NLRB member Jayme Sophir points to two specific parts of the controversial memo circulated by Damore in August: Damore’s claim that women are “more prone to ‘neuroticism,’ resulting in women experiencing higher anxiety and exhibiting lower tolerance for stress” and that “men demonstrate greater variance in IQ than women.”

    None of the jewsmedia or alt-jewsmedia reports can explain why the government backs semitical correctness over science.

  53. We’re Suing to End Twitter Censorship

    Kicked off Twitter for being White, Taylor still won’t acknowledge why it was done, much less who is behind it.

    Damore didn’t claim any racial identity before he got fired, but still made a class action claim that Google is anti-White. Taylor has better grounds for such a claim, but apparently isn’t making it. Either suit could make hay of the fact that corporate policies and practices discriminate against Whites, specifically citing their collaboration with the ADL to decide who gets censored, and pointing out any number of that anti-White organization’s statements.

    AFAICT this isn’t being done, and I suspect it is mainly because neither Taylor nor Damore nor their legal teams have any desire to expose the role organized jewry plays in driving anti-White policies. Taylor’s punch-pulling is especially difficult to explain otherwise, since his whole shtick is that he’s a full-time professional advocate for Whites, and he’s calling on Whites to help fund his suit.

    Taylor is certainly aware of jews and their jewing, he simply ignores them when not explicitly making excuses for them. His “pathological altruism” meme is pure poison, falsely accusing Whites of possessing an in-born alien-favoring behavior he himself exemplifies.

  54. Nick – I always thought of Svigor as one of the top guns. When GW was looking for suggestions of who to interview for MR radio I suggested Svigor which GW seemed surprised by.

    Svi has always done a great job in terms of day to day tactical commenting and I’ve tried in my own feeble way to live up to that. He doesnt seem to venture much beyond unz.com these days.

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