Narrative vs Science: Cheddar Man Gaslighting

nehlen_banned_for_semitical_incorrect_mashup_of_propreitary_jew_memesRace is real. Race matters. The jews define the moral and financial terms in which nearly everyone else thinks. They use this power to disarm, manipulate, exploit, and ultimately destroy others. If hearing any of those points clearly enunciated reminds you of jews screeching, then you know what semitical correctness is. The other, original sandnigger sharia.

Since 1945 race science continues under new euphemisms, though largely with the direct involvement if not supervision of hyper-conscious tribemembers. Resources are allocated and mainstream interpretations are shaped as per “good for the jews”.

Update in the semitically correct jewsmedia narrative. The first Britons were black, Natural History Museum DNA study reveals:

The results show, contrary to popular belief, that the founding generations of Britons owed more in appearance to Paleolithic Africans, from whom all humans descend.

Scientists said they show that commonly understood racial categories are historically only “recent constructions”.

Up to nine previous colonisations of Britain, via the now flooded European landbridge known as Doggerland, had been wiped out due to harsh temperatures.

But the roughly 12,000 humans in Britain at the time of Cheddar Man thrived and their DNA now comprises roughly 10 per cent of the genetic make-up of most white people currently living in the UK.

The essence of the aggression:

Dr Yoan Dieckmann, from University College London, who took part in the project, said: “The historical perspective that you get just tells you that things change, things are in flux, and what may seem as a cemented truth that people who feel British should have white skin, through time is not at all something that is an immutable truth.

“It has always changed and will change.”

Science politicized, weaponized poz, White genocide. Also, shut it down. Mr. Composite: “Cheddar Man being used politically to synthesize: 1. All shades of dark skin color are supra-racial “black” (I remain unconvinced of black Britons) 2. Since we’re all “black,” the West must accept its demise via mass immigration “because we’re all black immigrants.” Also, jews.…”

Black Cheddar as part of the larger one-race-the-migrating-mixing-nigger-race narrative. The following article is the closest the jewsmedia gets to telling the truth about the racial history of Britain. What’s conspicuously missing from such tales is any actual discussion of race – the genetic similarity of the peoples who conquered, colonized, and combined then, much less the glaring dissimilarity of the contemporary multicult. After Cheddar Man: How the mongrel English found their home during the Dark Ages:

By 954… A mongrel people had at last secured a safe place in which to live.

An analogous question of origins in North America. Here the racial nature of the conflict is made fairly explicit, from an anti-White point of view. Rejecting the Solutrean hypothesis: the first peoples in the Americas were not from Europe:

A recent Canadian documentary promoted a fringe idea in American archaeology that’s both scientifically wrong and racist

First, in addition to the scientific problems with the Solutrean hypothesis which I’ll discuss shortly, it’s important to note that it has overt political and cultural implications in denying that Native Americans are the only indigenous peoples of the continents. The notion that the ancestors of Native Americans were not the first or only people on the continent has great popularity among white nationalists, who see it as a means of denying Native Americans an ancestral claim on their land. Indeed, although this particular iteration is new, the idea behind the Solutrean hypothesis is part of a long tradition of Europeans trying to insert themselves into American prehistory; justifying colonialism by claiming that Native Americans were not capable of creating the diverse and sophisticated material culture of the Americas.

Interesting critiques, arguments, evidence.

☼ Survive the Jive ☽ : “Cheddar man, green triangle on this PCA, plots with other European Holocene samples (brown shapes) as I expected. Closest modern genetic match is Northern Europeans (Baltic/Nordic/British). Non-Europeans are even further away from him! #CheddarMan Read it and weep lefties… ”

☼ Survive the Jive ☽ : “You can see how the mesolithic British samples are distinct from the Neolithic ones which more closely resemble modern Iberians than modern Brits. That is because we descend from the Indo-European beaker folk invasion 4.5k years ago”

Raising questions at least. Cheddar Man – Debunked

Good to know. This isn’t the first Cheddar Hoax. Media madness (original title: Sykes)

In 1997 Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford University claimed to have obtained mitochondrial DNA sequences from Cheddar man, Britain’s oldest complete skeleton. The Mesolithic remains were found in Gough’s Cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, and now reside in the Natural History Museum in London. Results were obtained for hypervariable region 1, and a DNA match was found with a local man Adrian Targett. The story was reported in a number of newspapers at that time including The Independent and the Los Angeles Times. The story of the DNA testing of Cheddar Man was subsequently recounted in Chapter 12 of Sykes’ book The Seven Daughters of Eve (Bantam Press, 2001). Significantly, however, the research has never been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Ancient DNA testing has advanced considerably since 1997, and it is now appreciated that very strict protocols need to be followed. (See, for example, Ancient DNA: do it right or not at all and How to tell if an ancient DNA study is legitimate.) The results of the 1997 testing are, therefore, subject to reasonable doubt. Bandelt et al (2005) have suggested that the sequence was from contaminating modern DNA. We understand that the Natural History Museum have plans to resequence Cheddar Man’s DNA.

Skin color DNA. Pozzidonius: “Now that the Cheddar Man DNA paper was released today, below are my final thoughts on the authors’ findings re: his skin pigmentation (tl; dr: They didn’t even look for the right gene when making the “dark/black skin” prediction)…”

Skin color DNA science versus the “Cheddar Man was black” narrative (emphasis mine). Blue-eyed, dark-skinned, earliest modern Briton. – Page 72:

In other words, the evidence now points to West/East Africans and Ancestral South Eurasians developing dark/very dark skin from a series of mutations & selection on the MFSD12 gene, while northern Europeans’ lighter skin resulted from a analogous process primarily on the SLC24A5 gene. Some Northeast Asians (particular Tungusic-speakers and the [likely related] population referred to by Japanese as the “Yayoi” type) appear to have developed their own lighter skin based on an as yet-undiscovered gene distinct from SLC24A5.

Why did the Cheddar Man study neglect the Crawford et al paper, which was released 5 months prior? Why did the Cheddar Man authors go out of their way to revisit the skin color debate for WHGs (they seemed to feel the need to “correct” the Loschbour study by asserting that Loschbour, too had “very dark” skin) and Anatolian Farmers without even bothering to test literally the only SNPs known to cause “dark to very dark” skin color in non-Africans???

The authors simply start from the faulty assumption that dark/very dark skin was the ancestral phenotype for all human populations everywhere, when the reality seem that this trait is just as derived as light skin. Totally unacceptable from an academic viewpoint.

If Cheddar Man lacked the variant SNPs on MFSD12 (as expected), the chances are extremely high that he possessed “intermediate” skin coloration, likely within the range found in the modern Near East.

Loci associated with skin pigmentation identified in African populations

Despite the wide range of skin pigmentation in humans, little is known about its genetic basis in global populations. Examining ethnically diverse African genomes, we identify variants in or near SLC24A5, MFSD12, DDB1, TMEM138, OCA2 and HERC2 that are significantly associated with skin pigmentation. Genetic evidence indicates that the light pigmentation variant at SLC24A5 was introduced into East Africa by gene flow from non-Africans.

To sum up: Even relatively subtle racial differences can be objectively detected, even in relatively ancient DNA. The “black Cheddar” narrative is agitprop, a form of psychological warfare.

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  1. When the last race theoretically capable of stopping the Judaization of this entire planet is gone, no one will remember them. It’s not like the Afro-Mestizo slaves in the camp, five minutes before extermination, will whisper to each other, “We shouldn’t have eliminated Europe–they let some of our non-criminals hang out.” Instead, it’ll just be, “Yoozrup? Whazzat?” One dreams of the ability to communicate the enslaved fate to the progenitors of tomorrow’s mongrels, but the inability to better predict futures is not something that can be shared. Look how easily Europeoids have adapted to enjoying and defending the taxes they have to pay to fund various sub-groups’ lifestyles. (Another of Trump’s massive lies, by the way–his claim that he would reform the tax code.)

    In another note, it’d be really embarrassing to be a Terran called before a galactic subcommittee investigating this planet, and explain why our finest scientists couldn’t distinguish between various hominids and the different types of things they did. Embarrassing to be from Earth, really.

    There’ve gotta be some Jews out there who realize that, even with pretty good quality robotic slaves, a planet filled with Afro-Mestizos would not be particularly safe nor comfortable. Important systems would always be breaking, large groups of people wouldn’t make a safe choice between discipline and work, they’d break things with the honest best of intentions, et cetera Despite their success over a couple thousand years, our enemies seem like the kind of parasite that ultimately self destructs by killing their host. In a few centuries or a few thousand years, we might be fully replaced, and that isn’t for their good any more than for ours. Really does seem more like they’re planning on going down with the ship rather than remora-ing along while we settle the stars.

  2. There’ve gotta be some Jews out there who realize that, even with pretty good quality robotic slaves, a planet filled with Afro-Mestizos would not be particularly safe nor comfortable.

    What makes you think they will keep those ppl?
    They will just be worked to death, as they were in the Caribbean, in the Congo now and replaced with Chinese. Besides, for centuries they have managed mongrels. The Jews of Ceylon lived like sultans, carried around on canopied litters.

    You project your ideas onto ppl who are so alien in their thinking .

  3. Contrary to Popular Claims, Scientists Don’t Know What Cheddar Man Actually Looked Like:

    Stony Brook University’s Brenna Henn says that the science of predicting the skin color of prehistoric people through their genes just isn’t there yet, as the genetics of skin pigmentation are as yet under-researched and more complex than previously thought.

    New Scientist reports that Henn and her colleagues published a paper in November 2017 on the very subject, exploring the genetics of skin pigmentation in populations indigenous to southern Africa, which has a wide variety of skin pigmentation—more so than most people realize. Similar research was conducted by a group led by Sarah Tishkoff at the University of Pennsylvania on the skin pigmentation of people indigenous to eastern and southern Africa just weeks before.

    “The conclusions were really the same,” Henn said to New Scientist. “Known skin pigmentation genes, discovered primarily in East Asian and European populations, don’t explain the variation in skin pigmentation in African populations. The idea that there are really only about 15 genes underlying skin pigmentation isn’t correct.”

    Henn states that there are many other genes that affect skin color, but the exact number remains unknown. Given scientists’ lack of understanding even in living populations today, predicting the skin color of prehistoric people remains a far cry, she says. The results also vary wildly depending on how the model is trained.

    To prove her point, Henn used a genetic model trained to predict skin color from DNA and used it among southern African populations, and found that “it literally predicted that people with the darkest skins would have the lightest skin.”

    The “black Cheddar” claims were false. These were jewsmedia claims, not at all popular. “It’s all so confusing” is a face-saving fallback. Skin color can be inferred from DNA. The confusion over this is more manufactured than accidental. The obstacles to better understanding are more semitical than technical.

    Who is us? That’s the fundamental question. The controversy around that question arises mainly from the clash between (((anti-racist))) lies and reality. The lie is that racial differences are superficial. In reality the differences are profound. The lie is that “we” are one race, all Africans. In reality “we” are genetically, physiologically, and psychologically distinct breeds. The lie is that cooperation and hybridization are the norm. In reality competition and speciation are the norm.

  4. In reality competition and speciation are the norm.

    What are biologists now discovering to be the hallmark of speciation ………. body color !

  5. Good summary from Anglin:

    I think pretty much everyone sensed that the Cheddar Man thing was sort of a hoax on whatever level.

    Firstly, they recreated him as black based on the fact that he didn’t have the genes associated with being white, which is sketchy.

    Secondly, he had no relationship whatsoever to Negroes, at all, whatever his skin color.

    Thirdly, the British population was replaced with people from mainland Europe after Cheddar Man, which means that he isn’t actually even an ancestor of the British people.

    Forthly, the whole thing was so political, it just seemed like a hoax.

    The previous replacement was about 90% over centuries – i.e. not as abrupt or comprehensive as the replacement currently underway.

  6. It’s axiomatic, anything published in the public media concerning race will be contrary to the truth .

  7. That’s my point, Fred; once they’ve eliminated the remaining Europeoids, they’ll turn on whoever’s left. Some Jews probably think once all the Europeoids have been (further) bred out and/or killed it will be a victory, and all remaining mongrels will just be slaves, end of story. Given the technology they’d have to manage even to keep civilization running for the Jews’ benefit at 1900s levels, though, they can’t do it–it’d all fall apart. With simpler technology–caravanserai without water hookups and carriages that don’t need regular gasoline–Jews can rule a nation of mongrels, but an entire world without Euroeoids to at least maintain it (let alone invent upgrades)? I probably won’t be around to see it, but there’ll be some interesting intra-Jewish conflict between those who want a perpetually imprisoned white-goy inventor class and those who want to eliminate all white goys and simply revert to 1500s tech and run on nothing but mongrels. We see foreshadowing of this now, as some Jews advocate for eliminating Europe entirely, while some advocate for allowing a little faux “White nationalism” (that respects its Jewish founders and its aspirations in the form of Israel) to maintain at least a few subjugated inventors. Once the world is all mongrel, even high-percentage, “90% white” mixed breeds won’t produce the tech that would, if produced, make Jewish lives longer and more interesting.

    It’s arguable that without “foreign” bugbears, they might not even be able to hold the mongrel future together, but like the House of Saud now, they can probably play all the necessary opposing roles and keep things running. Their real tension will be between those who want better stuff and those who are fine with feudal perpetuity.

  8. They’ll go with feudal perpetuity.
    Being perfectly happy as overlords of orcs.
    ( Don’t project your white urge to advance and strive to greater heights, it doesn’t apply to other races. They don’t understand advancement, just more gibs.)

  9. Oh, I mostly agree with you. I don’t see a tension forming at all except in our current case, where imagination won’t be required, but there’ll just be some older ones who remember what it was like when whitey kept, say, the water purifiers running, or more importantly, adaptable to as-yet-unknown contaminants. Of course, enough trained Jew technicians might be able to maintain existing systems long enough for everyone to forget that there were once people who could eliminate new contaminants.

    But you’re right in that I could be giving a few Ashkenazi too much credit. Maybe there won’t be any tension, because there’ll be no memory of “when things worked,” and no trace hopes of what dreams might come.

  10. but there’ll just be some older ones who remember what it was like when whitey kept, say, the water purifiers running

    Very few.
    You don’t know the deep contempt they have for us, such bitter hatred. Only one Israeli pilot refused to attack the ‘Liberty’. Gullible Whitey thinks well of everyone, it just doesn’t work.

    We agree, but our ‘Kindness’ factor is deadly, for us.

  11. I have three points to make:

    1. Guessedworker’s sock puppet “High Arka” sure is one eloquent SOB. I can only write as well as he can when I try really fucking hard.

    2. “Fred W.”, assuming he is not also a GW sock puppet, is a (rhetorically?) pessimistic pussy.

    3. I hate niggers.

  12. remember what it was like when whitey kept, say, the water purifiers running

    NO, when they run the world it will be in a perfect state, as it was before Adam’s sin.
    There will be no impure water or other maladies , consequently no need for White gentiles.

  13. Some questions for Fred, but anyone can answer:

    1) Do Jews really believe in the Pentateuch? I don’t think so, but it’s certainly a possibility. I think it was just a failed attempt to create a worldwide Jewish superstate, then failed, then was salvaged and parted out to create Christianity That doesn’t mean they actually believed it.

    2) Do Jews really think they can run things after all the Whites are gone? I think some of them might believe that enough Jews can maintain computer networks, fuel supplies, agriculture, et cetera, without any Whites, and others don’t, and there may at some point be conflict between these groups of Jews. Not for reasons of Jews being able to imagine how they’re missing out on the things Whites would have invented if they’d been left around, but simply for the most selfish of reasons, namely them going extinct if Whites aren’t around to occasionally put down mass Afro-mestizo conquests or to adjust the soil so it can produce food for Jews in a plagued future.

    Right now, Jews are fine with Afro-mestizo conquests killing Whites, and with sporadic agricultural failure, but when no one’s left to get the survivors out of that situation, what happens? We’re already long past the point of surviving only on the scraps of White civilization. I think some Jews are smart enough to realize that killing their host will ultimately end poorly for them. Potential conflict, there, if any of that group overlaps with a group that wants to survive.

    3) Are Jews so full of hatred toward Whites that they’d willing to kill Whites as part of total Jewish suicide? None of them would say so, of course, but given what would become of Terrans if invention and maintenance capability lost, say, 90% of its total score (really being generous to other groups here), and their proven ability to know Whites over these past centuries, it really does seem like they have the ability to discern what will happen to them and all of their kind when the Whites on this planet are all gone. (I think they have a vast intergalactic-style purpose behind their brutal work, but ignore that, and just focus on the question, “Do they want to die?”)

  14. Weev, Heimbach, Tanstaafl, ‘Wallace’, Duke, Anglin, MacDonald, have little influence over voters. Voters are conformists. And no influence at all about votes counted. Ask advocates for Ron Paul 2012 or Bernie Sanders 2016 about how little real support or votes really matter.

  15. Which is why jews must control the media. The conformity is jewformity. They have conformed the goy to be antiWhite. And in order to “succeed” in their game you have to be antiWhite.
    If stormer really generates the traffic it does, we have reach just not the money to make the reach gain ground over the jews. They have the money to be heard and influence, it helps printing the money.

    Either way Hunter makes solid points in his response to Weev.

    Whites are just too afraid to do anything or really just dont care. Or they just dont know what to do oher than vote, and cant see any other way as some have to be aware voting does nothing.

  16. 2) Do Jews really think they can run things after all the Whites are gone?

    Sure they do. They KNOW they can.
    The world will be a utopia when they rule, they are the chosen of god.

  17. 3) Are Jews so full of hatred toward Whites that they’d willing to kill Whites as part of total Jewish suicide?

    What suicide? It will mean their freedom. All the curses will be removed from the earth and it will be paradise.

  18. Interesting in the recent T-feed show on chedder man:
    The paki(?) says “chedder man was dark so you cant refuse your replacement” in how chedder man is being politicized.
    While of course, the White guy says thats a stretch and is happy to be black. Of course.

  19. By answering those the way you did, I think you implied an answer to the first question, about whether or not they believed in the Pentateuch. And that’s very much a problem that Aryans, perhaps all Whites, have–a belief that those religions were ever designed for Jews to literally believe in. Microsoft customer support cares about your call, they really do, and Yahweh is really up there, making sure things happen His way. Which official story do you believe in? Neither is true, of course, but if you can’t see beyond the spiel, it seems like the problems you’re experiencing are your fault, the first time they’ve ever heard about it, and everyone is trying so hard to help you.

    We have here this incredibly effective strain of ideatic parasites, seemingly evolved for the express purpose of manipulating organisms that think, peddler of countless belief systems to countless communities, and we’re supposed to believe that they actually think there’s an invisible man living above a firmament in the clouds, who is omnipotent and yet who desperately cares about what a bunch of hairless apes do down here?

    Christianity has certainly been effective on Europe, but perhaps it will turn out that it was even more effective by implication, in the sense of implying that its predecessor religion was “believed” in the sense in which people believed in Rabbi Yeshua.

    Your answers imply that Jews are so arrogant that they think things will be great without Whites. Which means that they can’t run the numbers and figure out how, say, the internet or multinational collectives will fall apart without Whites. Some Jew at Goldman-Sachs can run skill sets on some economy, and figure out that zero White technicians in a given industry equals a non-functioning industry, equals X consequences for Jews who want to obtain something from that industry. White America sends Jews (officially, notwithstanding the billions unofficially) hundreds of millions of dollars a year to keep the Arabs from eating Israel alive. You think they can’t guess what will happen once America becomes Mexico and that military muscle isn’t available to protect them any longer?

  20. By answering those the way you did, I think you implied an answer to the first question, about whether or not they believed in the Pentateuch.

    Their interpretation of the Pentateuch is so alien to anything we know you’d think it was coming from an entirely different book(s). Highly metaphorical, in a very strange sense. Keep in mind, they use oral torah interpret everything in written torah.

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