Jewing and Science


Professional anti-“racist” Gavin Evans hates that science keeps bumping into the reality of race. Is Evans a jew? He certainly quacks like one. His latest article, The unwelcome revival of ‘race science’, begins with a recitation of the same old tired anti-“racist” shibboleths:

One of the strangest ironies of our time is that a body of thoroughly debunked “science” is being revived by people who claim to be defending truth against a rising tide of ignorance. The idea that certain races are inherently more intelligent than others is being trumpeted by a small group of anthropologists, IQ researchers, psychologists and pundits who portray themselves as noble dissidents, standing up for inconvenient facts. Through a surprising mix of fringe and mainstream media sources, these ideas are reaching a new audience, which regards them as proof of the superiority of certain races.

The claim that there is a link between race and intelligence is the main tenet of what is known as “race science” or, in many cases, “scientific racism”. Race scientists claim there are evolutionary bases for disparities in social outcomes – such as life expectancy, educational attainment, wealth, and incarceration rates – between racial groups. In particular, many of them argue that black people fare worse than white people because they tend to be less naturally intelligent.

Although race science has been repeatedly debunked by scholarly research, in recent years it has made a comeback. Many of the keenest promoters of race science today are stars of the “alt-right”, who like to use pseudoscience to lend intellectual justification to ethno-nationalist politics.

On its surface, the anti-“racist” argument is circular. Race is a mere label, manufactured by “racists”. Race science is a fraud, perpetrated by “racists”. “Racists” imagine they are superior, therefore they suck. Where does “racism” come from? From “racists”! Round and round it goes.

Beneath this dishonest veneer the argument has always and only ever been this: Whites can’t be White, because that’s bad for non-Whites, first and foremost the jews. Here’s Evans’ version:


The supposed science of race is at least as old as slavery and colonialism, and it was considered conventional wisdom in many western countries until 1945. Though it was rejected by a new generation of scholars and humanists after the Holocaust, it began to bubble up again in the 1970s, and has returned to mainstream discourse every so often since then.

The White race didn’t invent slavery or colonialism. But the White race did invent science.

The jews invented anti-“racism”, and for that cause jews invented prodigious amounts of fake science – Freudian psychoanalysis, Boasian anthropology, Frankfurt school cultural marxism, critical theory. The most recent catch-all is called Whiteness studies. They invented “hate speech” and “hate crimes”. They invented holidays to celebrate outwitting and outlasting other races. They invented the blame-shifting reality-inverting narrative pinning everything on Whites, but most emphatically the gassing of six million jews six million times over.

If you’re looking for a better example of one race using state-supported pseudoscience and propaganda to express their hostility toward another, there isn’t any. The jew war on Whites started long before 1933, and only grew more intense after 1945. That’s not Evans’ concern. He worries that the use of science to justify jewing poses an insidious threat…to the jews.

The recent revival of ideas about race and IQ began with a seemingly benign scientific observation. In 2005, Steven Pinker, one of the world’s most prominent evolutionary psychologists, began promoting the view that Ashkenazi Jews are innately particularly intelligent – first in a lecture to a Jewish studies institute, then in a lengthy article in the liberal American magazine The New Republic the following year. This claim has long been the smiling face of race science; if it is true that Jews are naturally more intelligent, then it’s only logical to say that others are naturally less so.

The background to Pinker’s essay was a 2005 paper entitled “Natural history of Ashkenazi intelligence”, written by a trio of anthropologists at the University of Utah. In their 2005 paper, the anthropologists argued that high IQ scores among Ashkenazi Jews indicated that they evolved to be smarter than anyone else (including other groups of Jews).

Evans is describing the latest intersectional jewing around race. By his own account the challenge to the anti-“racism” agenda is led by jews like Pinker, promoted by crypto-jewy institutions like The Jew Republic, to advance a biological theory justifying jewing. The point on which they all agree is that somebody else is to blame.

This evolutionary development supposedly took root between 800 and 1650 AD, when Ashkenazis, who primarily lived in Europe, were pushed by antisemitism into money-lending, which was stigmatised among Christians. This rapid evolution was possible, the paper argued, in part because the practice of not marrying outside the Jewish community meant a “very low inward gene flow”. This was also a factor behind the disproportionate prevalence in Ashkenazi Jews of genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs and Gaucher’s, which the researchers claimed were a byproduct of natural selection for higher intelligence; those carrying the gene variants, or alleles, for these diseases were said to be smarter than the rest.

Pinker followed this logic in his New Republic article, and elsewhere described the Ashkenazi paper as “thorough and well-argued”. He went on to castigate those who doubted the scientific value of talking about genetic differences between races, and claimed that “personality traits are measurable, heritable within a group and slightly different, on average, between groups”.

In subsequent years, Nicholas Wade, Charles Murray, Richard Lynn, the increasingly popular Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and others have all piled in on the Jewish intelligence thesis, using it as ballast for their views that different population groups inherit different mental capacities.

This is the usual jew-excusing narrative. The jews have no real agency, bear no responsibility for their actions. Racially predisposed to paranoia and neurosis, if not outright psychosis and sociopathy. Best known for their collective influence over politics, finance, media. For reading minds and policing thoughts. For monitoring or moderating all forms of discussion and information distribution. For giving each other awards. For demonizing and psychopathologizing racial enemies. Sometimes all at once. The problem, according to jews, is “racism”. Specifically opposition to jewing. Even mild criticism of jewing. The problem is not jewing. Cannot be jewing. Never jewing.

Population group is a clunky semitically correct replacement for race. Much like African-American is the new negro.

Racial traits are distinctive and heritable. This includes personality traits.

Evans implies there is something wrong with science or the theory of evolution, not the games with words and logic he and the Pinkers are playing. As if the indictment of Whites as a group, in distinction and deference to jews as a group, originates or even serves some purpose apart from jews jewing.

The jews know very well that “jew” is a hertiable genetic trait. They know jews are afflicted with specific DNA-rooted mental diseases. Though a limited amount of interbreeding with their host is essential to group survival, transracial fraud is much more common, and the core of jewry is remarkably insular and inbred. The genes most certainly flow outward rather than in. The more down-low and race-mixy jews direct resources in the opposite direction. You could call jewing predation. It is their stereotypical combination of furtiveness and screeching, like the cuckoo bird, which makes parasitism the more descriptive, more precise, more scientific term.

As the Boases and Fishbergs did a century ago, the Pinkers today promote a sciency view of race. Back then the goal was to deny jew racial distinctiveness. Now it is to assert racial distinctiveness as justification for special treatment which has grown too obvious to deny. This shift complicates the anti-“racist” surface game, but is perfectly in line with the anti-White jewing beneath. Indeed, Evans’ concern is not the jewing, but that non-jews have “piled in”, once again trying to exploit the eternal victims.

Evans concludes by reiterating to the most common anti-“racist” claims – that Whites being White is bad for blacks and jews, that race “has no grounding in scientific fact”.

The race “science” that has re-emerged into public discourse today – whether in the form of outright racism against black people, or supposedly friendlier claims of Ashkenazis’ superior intelligence – usually involves at least one of three claims, each of which has no grounding in scientific fact.

Evolution is the grounding for race in scientific fact. Evolution requires only two ingredients: heritable differences and selection among those differences. Speciation is one consequence, parasitism is another.

Jewing pursues the same ends by different means. Some jews attack “racism”. Others defend jewing. Most can effortlessly do both at the same time. The jews rightly view science as a tool, and more to the point, as a potential weapon. They disagree how to use the weapon while at the same time restricting such use by “racists”.

25 thoughts on “Jewing and Science”

  1. Quacks like a Jew, certainly. Another good clue for Evans’ true identity/loyalty is that he begins his argument by trying to (mis)direct his critics to the nonsense spouted by Pinker, who is an Ashkenazi with social goals targeted at different groups. The standard American gullible-goy already agrees with Evans, while the person who might disagree with him will (wrongly) see their own perspective represented by yet another powerful Jew. And promoting racism means, to Evans, promoting the viewpoint that Jews are “so smart.” You really can’t go wrong, reading him, even if you completely, totally, 100% disagree with his viewpoint, because even that total disagreement means he’s driven the reader of standard intelligence to embrace Jewish supremacism.

    There’s certainly some subtlety involved in the manipulation of stupider goyim, e.g., the ones who watch Hollywood films, but this kind of propaganda targeted at a more intelligent audience seems profoundly more complex. Seems like we’re past the point when even antibiotics can save us.

  2. Whereas evolution provides a scientific understanding of race, parasitology provides a scientific understanding of jewing.

    Parasite infection and host group size: a meta-analytical review:

    By definition, parasites impose costs on their hosts and are partially responsible for shaping the phenotype, genotype, and life-history traits of host organisms.

    Intraspecific competition between co-infecting parasite strains enhances host survival in African trypanosomes:

    It is becoming increasingly clear that under natural conditions parasitic infections commonly consist of co-infections with multiple conspecific strains. Multiple-strain infections lead to intraspecific interactions and may have important ecological and evolutionary effects on both hosts and parasites.

    Capitalism, communism. Christianity, holocaustianity. Zionism, anti-“racism”. Multiple strains of jewing interact and have important ecological and evolutionary effects.

    Unexpectedly, co-infection with a less virulent strain significantly enhances host survival (+15%). Analysis of the strain dynamics reveals that this is due to the suppression of the density of the more virulent strain (-33%), whose degree of impact ultimately determines the physical condition of the host.

    . . .

    To fully understand parasite and disease dynamics, the genetic diversity of infections must be taken into account. Through changes in parasite dynamics, intraspecific variation may further affect transmission dynamics and select for increased virulence of each strain. The precise mechanisms underlying mutual suppression are not yet understood but may be exploitable to fight this devastating parasite. Our results are therefore not only of basic ecological interest investigating an important form of intraspecific competition, but may also have applied relevance for public health.

    Which is the more virulent (i.e. host-harming) strain of jewing? The down-low strain cloaking itself as anti-“racism”, or the in-your-face strain more directly presenting as jewing? The Jew Republic or Commentary? Either way the dynamic is coopetition, carving up the host to benefit one or more strains of parasite.

  3. Educated in South Africa; marxist; joined ANC; self proclaimed reformed marxist (I guess you would refer to him as a progressive)

  4. I am of the opinion that any significant amount of time associating and conversing with “real niggas,” which I am certain no “anti-racist scientist” has ever done, will dissuade them of the “race doesn’t exist” cliches of which they are so fond. If merely reading “Negroes in Negroland” were not enough, one conversation after another another (in, of course, stunted “English”) with blacks from ANY area will reveal behavior patterns of carelessness, the need for instant gratification, the inability to control their aggression, the inability to plan long term, the complete inability to grasp the importance of community-related behavior like picking up random trash, etc.

    It becomes instantly clear, to any clear thinker, that these patterns derive not from any culture, or environmental determinism, but from a hard-coded difference between races that strongly correlates with the types of activities which are necessary to form cooperative, successful, and actually “progressing” civilizations. Educating blacks does not remove the need to “show dat bitch ho who be da boss” from the vast majority of them, nor does pointing out some low-IQ White repudiate the vast majority of Whites’ behavior in terms of being decent, gentle, cooperative, law-abiding citizens. The yids and their accomplices love to live on the margin of exceptions, while intentionally failing to notice that rules govern civilizations, not exceptions.

  5. By that logic, Jews are Whites’ greatest friends. Without them, we would have maintained closed societies, and many of us assumed that the people down south were simply people but with darker skin. (The forces governing the wasteland in-between would’ve known, in theory, but peoples who live more northerly lives might’ve, like say Swedes in 1995, been significantly more ignorant.)

    By forcing us to house them and encourage them to work and have families (“slavery”), they forced us to know them, ergo to be able to understand difference in a literal, visceral way, which many centuries before could have only been speculative. Maybe a thousand years from now, it will be shown that the Jews saved us.

    After all, Whites invented the gun, then gave the gun to Negroes. Results have been incredibly deadly. What if we hadn’t gone through this before inventing the atomic gun, the anti-planetary gun, or the “destroy a solar system with the push of a button” briefcase? Barring increased intelligence, some nice church ladies or business development council would’ve donated the latter briefcase to an African school, and there goes Sol and Terra. All the rapes and home invasions we’ve seen since trying to blend some of their African products into our societies can’t compare to the impulsive ending of the solar system in terms of total victim count.

    (Personally, I think that without Jews, information about dangerous fauna can be imparted verbally or via writing, and there wouldn’t have been Africans with guns, but given how stupid Whites have been about giving away dangerous technology to their own detriment, I can see someone making a strong argument in the other direction.)

  6. Small wonder, the suicide rate among older White men is going sky high.

    Also, for young White males. No social network, no identity, endless browbeating, glorification of thug culture and orc ball. I wonder (((what))) could be wrong?

  7. “show dat bitch ho who be da boss”


    That’s something the White man needs to start doing a better job of himself. Keepin’ dees hos in line, I mean.

  8. “show dat bitch ho who be da boss”

    Surrrrrre dude. Find yourself on the receiving end of a DB.
    Orcs can get away with it, jail is just a free hotel for them . Job history, what job?
    White males have been shredded by divorce courts, 20 to 200K divorce cost. Loss of personal property, child support + alimony.

    Hey, you make a vid on how it’s done. I’ll be the first to watch.

  9. the view that Ashkenazi Jews are innately particularly intelligent –

    Yeah, according to Ashkenazi jews, well duh !

    high IQ scores among Ashkenazi Jews indicated that they evolved to be smarter than anyone else

    Those high IQ scores are achieved the same way Asians obtain them, send the dumbest kids out to play during the test. ( Am I implying the test scores are skewed? You betcha!)

  10. You can use neurological monitoring to tell who has more of an averse or empathetic reaction to portrayed scenarios. If we’re going to make this thing about good versus evil, we should do it that way, rather than setting up some kind of mechanized IQ-based society designed to reward Chinese parents.

    Having excessive empathetic reactions to the suffering of others, with a moldable scale for how much other can be empathized with, is one of the things that Europeoids excel at compared to other races.

    Jews could train themselves to score better, but a fast enough measuring mechanism could determine the difference between being human and being a deathly parasite, e.g. faking it and actually feeling it. Think the Voight-Kampff test in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which could expose many politicians nowadays (to say the least). Dick chose empathy wisely, rather than machinated problem-solving, because he recognized that the carefully husbanded Europeoid-Ashkenazi can actually beat Europeoids at a lot of the more basic IQ components, just like the Chinese etc. can (also intermixed with Whites thousands of years ago, ergo why they adore paler-skinned pop idols, and why they’re not any longer primarily a nation of dark-skinned, thick-featured jungle Vietnamese.) That would continue even if we retook control of our testing apparatus. Thousands of years of history shows that, as to Jews, their intellectual skills can’t build what we would think of as a civilization, or as to the Chinese, what we would think of as a gasoline engine, but they can still impress people who don’t understand tests. The empathy component, though, is a really easy thing to understand. Just like if we could DNA-swab that nasty old rapespawn Trump and his cohort of operatives, the empathy thing could do it in a way comprehensible to the lowest common denominator.

    (Funny to imagine all these Jews getting tested in some future better society, pretending to care a lot about, say, evicted gentile families, then having the computers say they were lying, then showing clips of one Jew after another claiming the computers must be wrong.)

  11. showing clips of one Jew after another claiming the computers must be wrong.

    That would be true to form.

  12. Back on point, race science is by far the most important science. All our great scientific discoveries flow from the spring of our racial cousins, Newton, Pasteur, Edison, Gauss etc.
    By all reason, our greatest focus and resource concentration should be on racial science, eugenics and racial protection. Who knows the limitless loss we’ve had when the race is bred down?

  13. National Geographic acknowledges past racist coverage:

    In National Geographic’s April issue, Goldberg, who identified herself as National Geographic’s first woman and first Jewish editor, wrote a letter titled “For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It.”

    “I knew when we looked back there would be some storytelling that we obviously would never do today, that we don’t do and we’re not proud of,” she told AP. “But it seemed to me if we want to credibly talk about race, we better look and see how we talked about race.”

    . . .

    “The coverage wasn’t right before because it was told from an elite, white American point of view, and I think it speaks to exactly why we needed a diversity of storytellers,” Goldberg said. “So we need photographers who are African-American and Native American because they are going to capture a different truth and maybe a more accurate story.”

    The non-White/anti-White toxic jew point of view.

  14. Cannot confirm for sure that Evans is Jewish but he was by his own admission involved in terrorist activities in South Africa and an active communist.

    By his own admission Evans was a member of the anti apartheid underground in South Africa. The memberships of the ANC and the Communist Party overlapped to a considerable extent. (Mandela was chairman of the SA Communist Party). Evans fled to London and continued his underground activities from there at a time when a large proportion of non blacks who left South Africa to “continue the struggle” from London were Jewish.

    This Guardian book review describes Evans as a communist activist and also ANC member who planned terrorist operations.

    According to this book “External Mission; the ANC in exile” Evans also played a role in something called Operation Vula which was a plot to smuggle weapons into South Africa.

  15. We’re already in the prison. Un-walls are built; rules are so well understood they often don’t have to be posted. The fake goy figurehead in America turned out to be a fake goy. This is what it’s like to be the dying scraps.

    This is what all those pre-WW books were warning about, it being impossible to turn back the tide unless it were stemmed right then. They were right about so many other things. Turns out the only substantial thing they were wrong about was the possibility that warning people would cause a defensive reaction in time.

  16. Ah. so glad to see that that particular Ashkenazi’s actions haven’t been forgotten yet. Jared Taylor should get one of his (((friends))) at those popular profitable (((testing companies))) to release DNA results describing him as just an innocent goy who can definitely be trusted to keep people focused on Africans and Mestizos rather than on, err, the demons who keep bringing all the diversity.

    The problems Daily Stormer has had since its inception stand in stark contrast to how AmRen has been referenced by the media and maintained by hosting companies for over 20 years. C’mon, people, start noticing.

  17. After listening to Nehlen on John Friends show, he reveals having a non-White partner. Not that having a nonWhite partner makes his voice or points invalid. Im not sure if theyre married or not. Nehlen is still a bit green (not on Linders level of awareness yet for sure) but he is noticing which is the start.

    The article on Greggys site that was a total suck-fest of Jared Taylor was a cringe inducing read.

  18. I am glad to see people are finally seeing what Jared Taylor is. A total jewloving cuck

    Yep, he does nothing to address the source of the problem. He also falls for those crude stats that Asians and askenazi are more intelligent than “Whites” (which angers the hell out of me).
    We need armor and he is wet cardboard.

  19. On testing intelligence, relevant considerations from a racial angle certainly should include (but aren’t allowed) which race thought of the idea of that test, which race designed the test, which race is given that test most often, which race in the place where it spawned is tested, and other such things. Since Europeoids were inspired with the idea of a race-neutral intelligence test, wrote the test, came up with grading protocol, receive the test the most, and receive the test in places (Europe) where they were originally biologically formed enough to be considered a separate “race,” all those factors could be taken into consideration. The Chinese can at least say that they test a fairly uniform level of their standard performers in China, but the Jews do not grade themselves, even the ones they permit to test, while roaming the deserts of the Middle East, or even primarily while attending school in American-funded, American-built institutions in what remains of Palestine. No, the Jews take the tests in Europe and America. For all they cry crocodile tears about underprivileged Africans taking the test without breakfast in American public schools, therefore the retarded scores, there’s no similar systematic analysis of any of the other factors involved in analyzing the whys and hows of the racial results.

    I can’t consider Taylor merely a cuckold. Applying his own hyped standards to Jews results in, well, something more like you’d read here. His deliberate shielding of Jews has permitted public attacks on every other racial group. Taylor will even, in his blog primarily about global majority crime in America (“minority” crime, if you believe the false population statistics provided by the occupation regime), accept attacks on Pacific islanders and every smaller ethnic group you can imagine, so long as they’re goys. When it comes to Jews, though, he actively defends them, constantly going out of his way, and having his staff do so) to guide reading and discussions to keep people focused on gentiles as the problem. Sometime a few years ago on my own blog, I screencapped references of his moderators deleting a lot of Disquis stuff because it mentioned Jews–non-obscene, on-topic references–and I doubt I’m the only person who’s been so censored, there. Years ago, I saw many commentators like me who tried to connect the dots and then their comments disappeared and their posts stopped appearing. The people who’ve survived there are like AmRen surviving on the internet–you can tell the powers that be are just fine with them complaining about, say, mestizos.

    Taylor’s defensive reaction toward Jews is Jewish. It’s not that he tolerates lesser attacks on Jews, or genuinely believes that African rapists in Europe are a bigger problem than Jewish importers. Rather, he’s protecting his kind. He’s an Ashkenazi (rapespawn), doing what he was bred for, and doing it quite well. I’d view him more as a crown of thorns than as a wet cardboard shirt, since his “distract” methodology is actively harmful rather than a mere stupid substitute. There’s nothing cuck-like about him trying to help his people take over the world.

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