Ron Unz on Jewing

itz_cominSome highlights from Ron Unz’s long article, American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion:

To put it bluntly, Jews have divine souls and goyim do not, being merely beasts in the shape of men. Indeed, the primary reason for the existence of non-Jews is to serve as the slaves of Jews, with some very high-ranking rabbis occasionally stating this well-known fact. In 2010, Israel’s top Sephardic rabbi used his weekly sermon to declare that the only reason for the existence of non-Jews is to serve Jews and do work for them. The enslavement or extermination of all non-Jews seems an ultimate implied goal of the religion.

Jewish lives have infinite value, and non-Jewish ones none at all, which has obvious policy implications. For example, in a published article a prominent Israeli rabbi explained that if a Jew needed a liver, it would be perfectly fine, and indeed obligatory, to kill an innocent Gentile and take his. Perhaps we should not be too surprised that today Israel is widely regarded as one of the world centers of organ-trafficking.

If the Gentile population became aware of these Jewish religious beliefs and the behaviors they promote, major problems for Jews might develop, so an elaborate methodology of subterfuge, concealment, and dissimulation has come into being over the many centuries to minimize this possibility, especially including the mistranslation of sacred texts or the complete exclusion of crucial sections. Meanwhile, the traditional penalty for any Jew who “informs” to the authorities on any matter regarding the Jewish community has always been death, often preceded by hideous torture.

In 2009, Gene Expression blogger Razib Khan interviewed eminent evolutionary theorist David Sloan Wilson on the group selection ideas that have been his major focus. During this hour-long discussion, the theories of MacDonald became a major topic, with Wilson seeming to take them quite seriously, and pointing out that within the scientific framework “parasitism” has a simple technical definition, namely the exploitation of the large by the small. Unsurprisingly, the video record of such extremely touchy subject matter was quickly truncated to just the first 11 minutes, and eventually completely removed from both YouTube and BloggingHeadsTV. But it still at least partially survives in archived form

Unz maybe forgot to enable Javascript while looking at that BH page. The mp3 is 404, but the complete video is still there. I’ve put the 11 minute excerpt, which is the most critical part of the conversation, on TFeed.

In recent years, the history of Jewish expulsions from various European societies over the last thousand years has received considerable attention. The total number is somewhat disputed but almost certainly in excess of 100, with the 1930s policies of Hitler’s Germany being merely the most recent example, and Wired Magazine provided an interesting graphical presentation of this large dataset in 2013. Given these unfortunate facts, it may be difficult to point to any other group so consistently at bitter odds with its local neighbors

Most of these disheartening facts that have so completely upended my understanding of reality over the last decade could not possibly have come to my attention until the rise of the Internet, which partially broke centralized control over the distribution of information. But many other people surely must have known large portions of this important story long before that, and recognized the very serious consequences these matters might have for the future of our society. Why has there been so little public discussion?

I believe one factor is that over the years and the decades, our dominant media organs of news and entertainment have successfully conditioned most Americans to suffer a sort of mental allergic reaction to topics sensitive to Jews, which leads to all sorts of issues being considered absolutely out of bounds. And with America’s very powerful Jewish elites thereby insulated from almost all public scrutiny, Jewish arrogance and misbehavior remain largely unchecked and can increase completely without limit.

I’ve also sometimes suggested to people that one under-emphasized aspect of a Jewish population, greatly magnifying its problematical character, is the existence of what might be considered a biological sub-morph of exceptionally fanatical individuals, always on hair-trigger alert to launch verbal and sometimes physical attacks of unprecedented fury against anyone they regard as insufficiently friendly towards Jewish interests. Every now and then, a particularly brave or foolhardy public figure challenges some off-limits topic and is almost always overwhelmed and destroyed by a veritable swarm of these fanatical Jewish attackers. Just as the painful stings of the self-sacrificing warrior caste of an ant colony can quickly teach large predators to go elsewhere, fears of provoking these “Jewish berserkers” can often severely intimidate writers or politicians, causing them to choose their words very carefully or even completely avoid discussing certain controversial subjects, thereby greatly benefiting Jewish interests as a whole. And the more such influential people are thus intimidated into avoiding a particular topic, the more that topic is perceived as strictly taboo, and avoided by everyone else as well.

For example, about a dozen years ago I was having lunch with an especially eminent Neoconservative scholar with whom I’d become a little friendly. We were bemoaning the overwhelmingly leftward skew among America’s intellectual elites, and I suggested it largely seemed a function of our most elite universities. Many of our brightest students from across the nation entered Harvard and the other Ivies holding a variety of different ideological perspectives, but after four years departed those halls of learning overwhelmingly in left-liberal lock-step. Although he agreed with my assessment, he felt I was missing something important. He nervously glanced to both sides, shifted his head downward, and lowered his voice. “It’s the Jews,” he said.

I do not doubt that much of the candid analysis provided above will be quite distressing to many individuals. Indeed, some may believe that such material far exceeds the boundaries of mere “anti-Semitism” and easily crosses the threshold into constituting an actual “blood libel” against the Jewish people. That extremely harsh accusation, widely used by stalwart defenders of Israeli behavior, refers to the notorious Christian superstition, prevalent throughout most of the Middle Ages and even into more modern times, that Jews sometimes kidnapped small Christian children in order to drain their blood for use in various magic rituals, especially in connection with the Purim religious holiday. One of my more shocking discoveries of the last dozen years is that there is a fairly strong likelihood that these seemingly impossible beliefs were actually true.

It appears that a considerable number of Ashkenazi Jews traditionally regarded Christian blood as having powerful magical properties and considered it a very valuable component of certain important ritual observances at particular religious holidays. Obviously, obtaining such blood in large amounts was fraught with considerable risk, which greatly enhanced its monetary value, and the trade in the vials of this commodity seems to have been widely practiced. Toaff notes that since the detailed descriptions of the Jewish ritualistic murder practices are very similarly described in locations widely separated by geography, language, culture, and time period, they are almost certainly independent observations of the same rite.

Wow, just wow. Their particularist/supremacist religion, organ traffiking, fraud and lying as tribal values, swarming and screeching critics to death, Kevin MacDonald and the biological/parasitic view, the history of expulsions, the role of the jewsmedia, ritual murder. Unz cites so many of the most important aspects of jewing that, other than their toxic six million screeching, it’s hard to think of anything significant he missed. At any rate, gathering and connecting so many aspects at once, without being mealy-mouthed about it or trying to shift blame for it all elsewhere, makes anything he left out beside the point. The point is the exact opposite of the dissembling about jews pumped out by their apologists: jewing is real, jewing matters, jewing is harmful.

The fact that Unz is not just a jew, but a jew with a long history of public political activism, justifies a deep skepticism of his motives and intent. Unz unselfconsciously touches on (and minimizes) the issue when he writes:

Much of this dishonesty obviously continues down to recent times since it seems very unlikely that Jewish rabbis, except perhaps for those of the most avant garde disposition, would remain totally unaware of the fundamental tenets of the religion that they claim to lead

Of course it’s not just rabbis or their religion. This mentality Unz discusses – their racial animus, the disdain and visceral hostility jews exhibit toward non-jews, justifying their aggression by crying victim – is a collective and historic phenomenon. It’s blatantly visible in the constant shameless screeching of all those secular jews in the jewsmedia and all those jews on the internet demanding privileges and policies specifically benefiting jews, decrying “bigotry” and “hate” as if someone else is a better example than themselves, painting any opponent as both mentally ill and deserving of punishment. The pattern is visible as far back in history as you care to look.

Unz implies he didn’t know about or understand jewing until he read Shahak and MacDonald a decade ago. I don’t buy it. But even if it’s true, why did he not blow the whistle sooner? Has he only now realized that jewing is wrong and must be stopped? Absolutely not. He’s a cold and calculating fish. He estimates a backlash is inevitable now and he’s trying to get out in front of it. That’s what he’s been doing for this past decade. He certainly hasn’t decided to side with Whites against jews. As with the relative handful of jews who criticize their own tribe, Unz is the exception that proves the rule. He doesn’t want to end jewing, just moderate it, to sustain it.

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  1. I’ll be honest I’ve never read a word from Unz until today and I only skimmed to your points on what he wrote. Seems he’s laying groundwork for those that like to use “j-jeft” implying conservatives arent as jewed or that right leaning jews are less of a problem.

    Jews jewing jewily while goyim cheer for nogball.

    I’m so tired of “good” jews or “conservative” jews. A jew is a jew. “Good” jews are for chicken-shit proWhites as MagaHatNogs are for basic bitch White conservatives.

    Thanks for suffering through Unz to post the bullet points and counters.

  2. disagree re Unz.

    while it’s true that Jews’ antennae are always twitching toward whatever’s going on that might threaten their power – often cutting threats out of whole cloth in order to further Tribal solidarity – and then moving to head off or simply infest and take over the movement (cf. Alt Right/Alt Lite)…

    …I don’t think Unz is one of that kind. He’s slowly evolved from Universalist Tikkun Ola to Race Realist, and that’s the sort of Jew we can use. And I and many others, via his high-traffic site, have been doing so for some time. Bearing always in mind that, when push comes to shove, no Jew can be allowed to lead or make policy.

  3. At this moment the jewsmedia aimed at misleading the goyim is loudly screeching treason and wringing their hands as if the end of the judeo liberal world order is nigh.

    Things will not be okay

    The Murder-Suicide of the West

    Why the hyperbole? To shift attention from the real manipulation and treason, the truly malevolent alien political influence. In the jewsmedia for jews the meeting between the two kikeservatives-in-chief was matter-of-factly reported as such.

    The Putin-Trump news conference that made Netanyahu smile:

    There, at a news conference being watched by the whole world, both leaders – both! – acknowledged Israel’s security concerns in Syria and the need to address them.

    Putin: Trump ‘paid particular attention’ to Israel’s security at summit:

    Russia and the United States are working together to ensure Israel’s security with regards to the advancement of the Syrian regime against rebels near the Golan Heights, US President Donald Trump said to reporters after a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. Trump “paid particular attention” to Israel’s security during the summit, the Russian leader said at a joint press conference after the summit Monday.

    Russian cooperation with Israel is a “great thing” Trump said.

  4. “Thats the sort of jew(s) we can use” Oy vey!
    And that’s how the West was lost in one sentence.

    No jews ever, in any capacity. At this point, If you think jews can help in any way, you’re really not as jew-wise as you think.

  5. “Russia” seems to be the jews go-to to shift focus from their jewing. Nevermind all the jews jewing in the open and behind the curtain iron or not. Focus on the “russians” meddling not Mr. Bagelbaum hiding behind a russian or Anglo name.
    Russian narrative: Jew blaming Whites for what jews jew.

  6. “as if the end of the judeo liberal world order is nigh.”

    That will occur in the next ten years. Italy has already tipped to nationalism. France will be the next to go. At that point, the nationalist tide will be unstoppable.

  7. It isn’t that the Jews don’t think they are being served. They just don’t think they are being served perfectly. Jews demand perfect service, black and brown people some service and Whites are allowed no service. Serving Whites in any way is imperfect service to the Jews.

  8. The danger, Captain, is that the Jews, like Trump, have always been great at using nationalism. “Rah, rah, country!” Racialism, no, since it exposes them, but nationalism they’re great at. Indeed, they loved it when they turned all the European tribes into “countries” defined by some kind of geographically-based, rather than DNA-based, identity.

    In the context of 2018, nationalism seems a lot better, but try to remember Europe before the Jews showed up with all their ideas about rabbis risen from the dead, one part of the forest being better than another, and wars with other European “countries” over this or that bullshit. We’ve been ignoring the genetic elephant in the room for so long we’re acting like the early hundreds AD conquests are progress, when in fact they’re the opposite.

    On something of this, see

  9. “He estimates a backlash is inevitable now and he’s trying to get out in front of it.”
    Maybe so but it reminds of what Revilo Oliver said even of Henry H. Klein which in his case seemed unfair since iirc Klein’s activities were advantageous for Whites too and not simply in pursuit of ‘what’s good for the Jews’. Oliver’s prose was tortuous and sometimes so was his thinking.

    Happily, the uniquely novel factor now confounding the formulists of the opposition is the internet and 25 years’ relatively unimpeded exchange of formerly hidden information and opinion.

    For any content-hungry tards reading:

    1) Here’s a clip of some standard libtard moral relativizing – OK for Palestinians, unthinkable for French, Brits &c.

    At 1h1m, taken from [*]

    [*] warning for those rash enough to download the full file, it’s huge. They still don’t understand encoding speech at even a lavish 32 kbps / 24mHz.

    2) from another inauspicious source:
    Graham Hart – 9 July 2018 – guest Andrew Johnson

    Test your shill detection skills.
    I personally don’t carry round in my head all the details of 911 but Dancing Israelis and their subsequent assisted flight from the US and appearance on Israeli TV are things I do recall and think don’t fit with this fellow’s account. There are other indicators, some behavioural after about 1h.

  10. Posis1959, re Oliver and Klein, I disagree. When I referred to Unz as the exception proving the rule I was actually thinking of one of the main points Oliver made in The Jewish Strategy, where he mentions Klein:

    IF WE ARE to be rational, the racial solidarity of the Jews forces on us a most humiliating confession of our own inferiority. Our impassioned “anti-Semites” depict the Jews as not only vulgar and barbarous (i.e., with manners that we so consider), but also as treacherous and greedy; but, as a matter of fact, we cannot identify with confidence a single Jew who betrayed his race for profit or any other consideration, while we know that most Aryans will cheerfully betray their race for a few hundred dollars — say, five hundred, to allow for high ideals — or even for a pat on the head and a prospect of future profit.

    . . .

    In sharp and terrible contrast to our race’s suicidal mania, the Jews could legitimately boast that no Jew has ever knowingly betrayed his race. It is true that they do not avail themselves of that proof of superiority, but instead wail about betrayals, but that so corresponds to the standard and inveterate Jewish technique of making themselves seem “persecuted” that one is inclined to question every instance of supposed “betrayal” that they adduce.

    . . .

    The Jews speak bitterly of Henry Klein, a Jewish attorney who, during the premature Jewish Terror in the United States in 1944, did not betray his American clients, as a good Jewish lawyer should, but defended them before the Jewish Federal judge who had been appointed by our great War Criminal to destroy them and thus terrorize all American curs who dared not to lick the boots of their masters. The Jews so persecuted Klein that he denounced the Zionists (e.g., in his booklet, Zionism Rules the World, which he had printed at his own expense in 1955) before he was hounded to suicide. But, nota bene, he denounced the Zionists, not his own race, and it is only reasonable to believe that he, however mistakenly, believed that he was protecting his compatriots in the United States, not harming them.

    I can’t see how Oliver’s thinking or prose could be more straightforward. Uncommon, yes, but that’s the problem. The White propensity to tolerance and treason and toleration of treason is connected to our propensity to seek out “good jews”, sporatic as they are. Unz is superfluous to MacDonald, just as Shahak is superfluous to Oliver, Pierce, or Hitler.

  11. Regarding the Ron Unz mindset.

    For the heck of it, the intellectual-doing satisfaction of being fifteen years ahead of the curve. High IQ applied, regardless of the rest of the world, shaping instead of running with the pack. No excess luggage, even being Jew is derisory after a life of independent thinking. Hidden believes in any and all deceptional outcomes of glory man. One of the single individuals who “see” into the future.

    Another proof of IQ, cognitive capacity and formal knowledge digestion not scaling well while across humans.

    Bravo Unz, from a one in a ten-thousand. The author of the piece is able to grab your suggestion, and enjoy the humor of it. No hard coding, fluid concepts, intuition, the sign of the flow of intelligent life.

  12. “…I can’t see how Oliver’s thinking or prose could be more straightforward. Uncommon, yes, but that’s the problem….”

    You said a mouthful there, bud!

  13. Yup, that’s right. Unz is an observer of that great, inexorable process of Jewish domination & Gentile reaction. He’s observed the pendulum is more or less at “peak jewing”, & is acting to take some energy out of the system so that the backlash will be less severe. But credit to him for disseminating some of the unspeakable truths of the Pax Judaïca.

    One of the troubling aspects of this process is that it is mostly the utility-grade zub-shlub Jews who end up paying the price for the malfeasances of the elite Jews, but hey, that’s evolution for you. Otoh, these days “Bad Goyim”* have infotech an’ make lists an’ chat over the internet an’ such…

    * Bad Goyim, by Morrakiu

    I agree to disagree specifically on Klein, though quite why RPO got so exercised on such a statistical anomaly eludes me except maybe his judgment was then overborne by overexposure.
    …he denounced the Zionists, not his own race, and it is only reasonable to believe that he, however mistakenly, believed that he was protecting his compatriots …”

    Here’s Klein in “Sanhedrin Produced World Destruction” (1946). Klein is talking about Jews (yes, and others, but that doesn’t exclude the former), and not just Zionists. So again I ask exactly what RPO had unearthed about the diminutive Hungarian that was prejudicial exclusively to the goyim. Absent that anyone can assign any motivation to Klein or anyone else for that matter.

    “…Not only was I threatened with death and ostracized from my family, but I was even read out of the Jewish ranks by such self important Jews as Rabbi Stephen S. Wise in NewYork City and by others who presume to “own” the Jews. Wise even read me out of the Jewish “party” (he is an active politician) and his weekly publication “Congress Weekly” owned by the American Jewish Congress, published an article characterizing me as a “modern renegade” like Johann Pferfferkorn who, a few hundred years ago, according the article, became a Christian and “betrayed Jewish secrets.” I thought everything was open and above board. If these “secrets” are the Protocols, then I can understand. At any rate, I am suing Wise and the Congress and Jewish and English newspapers for libel and may find out what these secrets are. One thing I found out and that is that Judaism and Zionism are being worked as rackets by professional Jews and some Christians. Naturally, I became a target when I interfered with their graft….”

    Klein’s autobiography from 1935, “My Last Fifty Years” may among its 460+ pages disclose some activities detrimental to the hated goyim, but had even RPO read it? I haven’t, but I suspect like so much else, it will some day make its appearance in one of the usual online troves.

    Meantime no, I’m not on a mission. After all, my opinion that RPO was wrong on Klein relates only to that which remains a statistical anomaly, as stated above.

    PS: I haven’t seen on the TFeed this:

    – might be worth a listen even if the guest didn’t seem to know that gaol means jail (and a couple of similar). “White Slavery” here being the enslavement of Whites, not the Other Thing.
    Also, the assembled crowd don’t refer to current day wage and other financial slavery under the Western usurious money systems. But maybe I missed it. Why not check and see :)

  15. Revilo Oliver’s writing style is stilted as fuck. He strives for eloquence but instead produces awkwardness.

  16. Slightly off topic, though all jew related items are in a way on topic.
    Its been a long time since Ive had a twitter but I check in every-now and then on what Joyce is slaying on in the twitterverse:

    Leftist: “America was founded on oppression, racism, and bigotry. This country disgusts me.”

    Also Leftist: “Equality is enshrined in our constitution. Our Founding Fathers insisted we are all equal. We need to live up to the principles of this nation’s founding.”

  17. I’m not sure Oliver ever tried for eloquence, and when he used big words, it seemed to flow sensibly, and could appear stilted if you aren’t used to those big words and can’t read them as smoothly as more plebeian prose. I certainly felt there was some “stilted” stuff with words I didn’t read or use regularly, but we shouldn’t expect that his employment of a larger vocabulary indicates his mental ignorance, but rather ours.

    …particularly reading him in 2018 when high IQ vocabularies have themselves become very different, mostly because of a general deadening of our language. It’s probably our failing, rather than Oliver’s. Foro example, we tend to use just “stupid” or “ignorant” to refer to things that are stupid, but when Oliver says “puerile,” it conveys a very slightly different meaning that we should learn rather than belittle.

    Having had some indirect ESL experience this week, and watched how callously Siberian “mestizos” were willing to trim away words they thought were redundant because they were too daft to contemplate the very meaningful difference between, say, “stupid” and “uneducated,” I think that not belittling our once-command of language, but rather the opposite, is important.

    On a related subject, the Jews absolutely love the idea of limiting a language far more complex than they could themselves create. They are masters of learning others’ language, and in so doing, are also masters of taking language apart, reducing vocabulary, and whittling down everything future generations can think to some Babylonian Newspeak. Gonna be a rough descent.

  18. Talking to a Jew York Times jew, Alex Soros describes the jew-jewing-jewishly mentality that drives his father George:

    Alex told me that for many years, his father had not been eager to advertise his Judaism because “this was something he was almost killed for.” But he had always “identified firstly as a Jew,” and his philanthropy was ultimately an expression of his Jewish identity, in that he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected. Explaining his father’s motives, he said, “The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew — unless you become a nationalist and only fight for your own rights in your own state.”

  19. I’m so tired of “good” jews or “conservative” jews. A jew is a jew. “Good” jews are for chicken-shit proWhites as MagaHatNogs are for basic bitch White conservatives.

    what about this scenario then…. for instance, if someone who is married to a jew and has produced jewish children and is arguing in favor of the final solution, except for his/her jewish wife/husband/jewish children, what should happen to such a person? just curious

  20. except for his/her jewish wife/husband/jewish children

    It means they’re not actually arguing in favor of a final solution.

  21. @karl
    As much as I respect ”Tans” work and Scott Roberts. Though it is interesting the two very best imho on dealing with the JP have mixed children.

    With that said “Tan” isnt jewish nor Scott Roberts. He argues for the pro-White cause. So he can come into the ethnostate because he IS White, if he chooses to do so. But no wife or kids. That would be up to the person to leave his family or stay and or whoever is in charge of any future ethnostate to decide. If proWhite work is seen as redeeming for mixing. Possibly submit children into a jew-cleansing breeding program.

    But realistically we are decades away from any such thing. So I doubt he or any in his position will ever face such a decision. With a good breeding program jew-genes can be breed out, hopefully.

    Jews are a product of genes and upbringing but more-so genes. A jew not raised jewish may not exhibit the antiWhite tendencies one that is does. But even jews not raised jewish still have jewy-tendencies depending how much jewblood they have. We do however see 1/8 jews (tim wise) can be more antiWhite than 100% jews (bro nathaniel) as an example….Some antiWhiteness may not be as extreme because they havent been fostered or promoted. Either way, no jews.

    And in all honesty his or any in a similar situation could have easily been anyone of us.

    Anyway I guess thats an answer? My criticism for those MagaFags and proWhite jew lovers is they parade these “exceptions” around to avoid a label jews have created. Racist, Nazi etc. Basically, being called White. These jews/nogs are used subconsciously or not to PROVE to the jew-washed masses they arent like —-those—- Whites. Meaning Whites like us that populate this side of the net. ProWhites.
    They do this To hide from terms created and defined by jews, and as we see they get called these names anyway. So stop being gay and be White.

  22. A final solution seems almost too nice. It’s so tempting to move them all into greater Israel, cut off all payments, and then let them slowly fall behind as we refuse to share flying car tech or space travel benefits or all the other stuff that we could do faster without them, but that they could never do alone. It would be a beautiful death, as they couldn’t fix nor replace the scraps of old-world technology they still held onto, and if their borders were rigidly controlled and, when they tried to finger some white kid or overstayed their very limited travel visas, hoping to change identities and pretend they were native ___ but whatever, execution, and they were really trapped there to be with themselves. There’d be lots of soul searching, maybe, near the end, when they had to think about their genetic impetus over the years and then, and evaluate what it really always meant to be a Jew.

    The reason we shouldn’t, though, is that, although there is like a 1% chance that gentiles would ever again take steps to defend themselves, there is about a 0% chance that they wouldn’t intermarry or mix blood in children or do something else that would cause the infection to spread. I am afraid that exulting in the soul-searching starvation that the laborless species of parasite would be driven to if their borders were closed is a luxury we really can’t afford, because some idiot Schindler-wannabe would come up with a “relocation visa” program and ruin whatever we’d accomplished.

    It’s also tempting to think that we could let the Arabs destroy them, but no, they are here, too, and getting them out doesn’t mean letting the Arabs accidentally kill a bunch of us because they can’t run the testing machines right. Feeding Israel to them, yes, so that they nuke somewhere in Africa or Asia, but cleaning our own room, for which I’d wager we have less than a 1% chance of being smart or strong enough to accomplish, can’t rely on the Arabs or some other justly aggrieved group.

  23. It means they’re not actually arguing in favor of a final solution.

    ok, but do you want to exterminate the jews ?

  24. I’m conflicted. I see they’re exterminating my kind and the only way to stop it is counter-extermination. But I don’t want to kill my wife and children.

  25. That was my quandary, not re wife/kids but extermination v. letting them try to see what actual work is like without a host ceaselessly feeding them. In “justice” terms, it seems too easy to just exterminate them, game over, they never have to contemplate what they’ve done/become. Scientifically put, though, you have to exterminate them, because if infected with a life threatening virus, you don’t try to cordon it off in only one organ of your body and keep it there to rethink its life plans. It’s a lot of wasted effort in an already difficult mortal game, and the risk of it breaking the cordon and re-infecting the planet is close to 100%. We knew, to some extent, what those things were when they first appeared, and tried to keep them stuck in the fringes of Africa, but they found so many stupid gullible allies, and fostered conflict between us, and now they control our most powerful governments.

    I’m a sucker, and if I had omnipotence I’d create an invisible barrier around Israel keeping all Jews inside, and let them watch over a couple generations as their intense aversion to productive work caused them to run out of basic supplies while the whole rest of the world thrived in peace and happiness, no longer being tricked into population movements like prosletyizing and colonizing and immigrating to a settled area et cetera. Even though I understand that, I’m still a sentimental risk factor just because I’d so enjoy that like 1% of them were rethinking the situation rather than making up stories about undeserved goy treachery. Realistically, I know I couldn’t and shouldn’t have my way. and it should be treated just like necrotizing fasciitis, which is essentially what it is on a planetary scale. Don’t forget how the filth wants to treat even beasts of burden. It’s not just humans they’re driven to torture and destroy; it’s life itself. Early Europeans realized that and shunned them for their “dietary” practices, which was the cause of a lot of early oy veying. Even now with smartphones and reality TV, they still take a perverted joy in knowing that out there, somewhere, in their name, goats and Arab toddlers are being tortured. This is not a healthy thing to have on the planet. All peoples here have problems, but the confluence of genes in what we call here “Jews” is as close to “demon” as we’ve got.

  26. Huge difference, and that wouldn’t be biologically appropriate. Congoids can survive in the Terran wild on their own, maintain self-balancing populations, hunt and grow and build little huts and improve the ecosystem. Without Jews tricking Europeoids into making them part of Europeoid society, Congoids are a nice, healthy aspect of the planet, and without listening to some damn silver-tongued merchant, Europeoids of course never let them come into paved streets or clean buildings, and of course the Congoids can’t get in on their own with their stone or wooden tools. Without Jews, there’s no more worry of Congoid trouble than we’re worried that great white sharks or giant squids might take over or cost us too much money.

    Unlike with the Jews, to whom Europeoids have a huge vulnerability, the Congoids are easy to recognize and keep in their habitats, and by the time we needed more land we should be taking it on Mars, not frickin’ Africa. Like any other aspect of the Terran wild that does just fine on its own, like lions or chimps or whatever, they’d do just fine. The unique danger of the Jew is its inability to survive without bleeding a productive host, and its incessant drive to do so; the Congoid is, absent the Jew, no more dangerous or offensive to us than a gorilla.

  27. Blacks can go back to Africa and never see a White man again and be fine. They dont pose the threat that Bagelbaums do. And I’d bet we could possibly live segregated on the same land with Blacks without the bagels whipping them up. But they would be better on their own as nature intended in, Africa.

  28. Unz downplays his jewishness, and this may be honest. There is some serious tikkun olan in the American Pravda series. He is taking a high IQ, data rich blowtorch to historical lies. Many but not all of these fables and verities are tribal creations. He plugs out large sections of the greenscreen his cousins have surrounded us with.
    With FO money merciless logic and a gentle tone he is an enemy of “the people”. Let’s see what they do.

  29. I must admit that I read the Unz article with a pretty high degree of skepticism, but on the whole, it confirmed my previous impression of Unz over the past few years. This prior to Trump, so I don’t think he can be accused of just jumping on that bandwagon. Namely that Unz is, unlike the Jews and Jew-enablers at the Daily Stormer, a genuine ‘American Nationalist’, who believes that if America could become the early 60s San Fernando Valley that he grew up in, it would be in a much better position.

    I think if he’s trying to protect the position of the Jews, he may be making a mistake. I intend to use his articles on the Liberty and this as instructive reading material for Zionist, conservative Christian acquaintances.

    I think most people who don’t have contact with many Jews in daily life can only learn of the Jewish problem in stages. Your ‘conservative’ may be most vulnerable to learning of the ‘liberal Jews’ who subvert societal norms. Israeli foreign policy is evil, but it’s easy for many to justify the actions of the ‘murdering Zionists’ as just being practised against towelheads- fortunately the example of the Liberty refutes this. ‘Commercial Judaism’, whether it involves slumlords in New York or distilleries in the Pale or Wall Street lending to the Bolsheviks seems to be a different matter entirely to those who are not Jew-wise. It might be the better ‘second step’ to take with more socially liberal folks.

    We who know that the problem is not one of ‘this group of Jews’, but ‘Jews’ might prefer that people ‘get it’ in one step, but I don’t think there are that many people smart enough and intellectually curious enough to do so, unfortunately.

  30. I remember when I was still waking up to the jewish problem, and I’m sad to say that at the time I did not want to believe what people like David Duke were telling me about jews until I had read jews like Israel Shahak saying similar things. It was only a bit later that I came to accept the obvious fact that whatever motivations these renegade jews had for revealing potentially damaging information about their tribe, these jews are not us, and they are not on our side, and we should completely stop looking for “good jews” to ally with. I am sure Tan is correct about Ron Unz’s motivations just as Revilo Oliver was correct about Henry Klein’s. So yes, we shouldn’t delude ourselves that we can use jews like Unz, but we can use his article can’t we? “Wow” is exactly what I thought when I read it. I would suggest that anyone in the business of trying to educate beginners (or “red pill normies”) should send them this article before expecting them to get through 500 pages of the Culture of Critique or six hours of The Greatest Story Never Told.

  31. Unz’s article is reason for optimism in that it reveals Unz is scared shitless at what present political trends portend for Jews. His article is a plea to Jews, “You’d better check yourselves before you wreck yourselves!” Of course they won’t, and Unz’s article may very well have the opposite to his intended effect. That is to further expose his tribe’s malfeasance and thus speed the day to their deserved comeuppance.

  32. That T-feed show on White slavery was amazing. Thanks for uploading that. Very informative, learned some stuff I didnt know about. The last 20min was a bit meh other than that it was solid.
    I do wonder just how many of those “Anglos” were jews. Seems to me when they said jews did The transatlantic black slave trade and we (Whites) did the White, Id beg to differ on that. Or at least how much was in fact jews enslaving Whites. They ARE the traders in flesh. But I doubt we are innocent in enslaving our own for profit.

    Seems Whites have never really been racially aware, like jews have. At least in the sense of looking out for our own, seems we were more concerned with exploiting oir oen fir profit assuming it was in fact Whites doing it to us.

    America was shiz from the get go. Comes across as a land built to exploit Whites all this “america was White nationalist” from get go is pretty much bs.

    Be interested to hear your opinion on this podcast.

  33. There is a group of animal rights activists in my area and they post their protests and rescue projects on the Internet. They put so much energy into their work it really is impressive. The group is all white from what I can see. I know this sounds awful but when I see how much effort they put into improving the world I can’t imagine that it would be best to let the Chinese run Asia or the blacks Africa.
    I’ve never seen another group of people put so much effort into helping animals or the environment more generally. I’ve seen brown people of every shade do awful things to animals on the internet. I’m not saying other groups can’t exist but I don’t think they should be managing the planet.

  34. There are no ‘good ‘ Jews.
    Former Jews should never be trusted because of the ‘kol nidre’.
    Every supposedly ‘good Jew’ is a tick away from Talmudism.

  35. Mr. Hinds,

    Europeoids do have a natural tendency for that kind of behavior, and absent Jews, it would probably be directed more–pick your preferred term–naturally, sanely, healthily, realistically, understandably…

    Before Christianity, Europeoids used to have a really healthy community lifestyle, where micro-orphans would become the children of the greater macro-family, and crimes would be (besides being exceedingly rare) dealt with through effective guilt and shame, and all that happy shit that “white” people still desperately want to believe can work, despite the persistent refusal to cooperate of all their living playthings. This uniquely white phenomenon of caring so much about things that don’t care about them seems a rather predictable result of Jewish infection, where the natural trait is still there but has just been redirected. Absent Jews, the Europeoids still here would be pouring all that energy that they’ve been spending on queers’ rights to fuck in public, animals’ rights to get free food, wild animals’ rights to not be hunted nor consumed, Afromestizos’ rights to have seventeen kids on welfare, et cetera, just on their people. It’d be a really strengthening, healthy, good trait, instead of the awful joke it is now, where their idiotic misplaced sympathy becomes actually harmful to the things they think they’re trying to protect. It’s a bit sad, thinking about decades of energy of people worrying about gay rights and animal rights and national park policies and so forth, and imagining what could have become of that group of people if they’d stopped meddling and helped the healthy instead. It’s sad for the gays and the animals and the national parks, too, since if we had countries on Mars and stuff like that, their tangible welfare benefits would be higher automatically, just because the healthy society’s scraps would be a hundred times bigger.

    It’s unlikely that Europeoid compassion arose out of nowhere due to contact with Jews. What is more likely, as this one suggested above, is that that compassion and sense of togetherness was always there, and that that’s why our nemesis in Judea designed Christianity the way it did, and modified it slowly over the centuries until Nu Euros were holding pride parades to march for the rights of mentally disabled young gay animals to be hired for corporate executive positions at the same salary ranges as 50 year old white men with lifetime experience in that field.

    The rabbi wants you to give your things away, the rabbi wants you to let people attack you and not fight back, the rabbi wants you to care for the poisonous clawed little thing you found outside instead of having children inside–it worked, because our sense of compassion for our extended kin got twisted into an overblown version of itself. All of that Christian stuff is healthy, socially-beneficial stuff if it’s just genetically close-bonded Europeoid tribes living together in a small area of forest. Caring for the sick, tending to the weak, would tend to preserve components of the genome that otherwise nature might have taken out of play. But extending that same gifting regime to people who don’t have any of the genome just kills the genome willing to give of itself. It was a stupid fantasy to pretend that it applied to the whole rest of the world, and the Jews really won that one.

  36. Unz plugs Ford’s TIJ and The Protocols in his latest, American Pravda: The Bolshevik Revolution and Its Aftermath. This bit popped out at me:

    When people casually used to joke about the total insanity of “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” no better example was ever tossed around than the self-evidently absurd notion that the international Jewish bankers had created the worldwide Communist movement. And yet by any reasonable standard, this statement appears to be more or less true, and apparently was widely known at least in rough form for decades after the Russian Revolution, but had never been mentioned in any of the numerous more recent histories that shaped my own knowledge of those events. Indeed, none of these very comprehensive sources ever even mentioned Schiff’s name, although it was universally acknowledged that he had funded the 1905 Revolution, which was often discussed in enormous detail in many of those very weighty books. What other astonishing facts might they similarly be concealing?

    Indeed. Unz himself wrote about the term “conspiracy theory” two years earlier. Though he specifically cited Popper, Strauss, Hofstader, and Sunstein he did not explicitly identify the jewing as jewing like he has in these last two essays.

    None of what Unz is writing about is new to us. What’s most interesting is his admission that it isn’t new to him either, that he’s been lurking “Far Right” (i.e. pro-White) internet sites for 10-15 years, studying the increase in goyim knowing.

  37. A big love kiss from NYT magazine for George Soros:

    Alex [Soros] told me that for many years, his father had not been eager to advertise his Judaism because “this was something he was almost killed for.” But he had always “identified firstly as a Jew,” and his philanthropy was ultimately an expression of his Jewish identity, in that he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected. Explaining his father’s motives, he said, “The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew — unless you become a nationalist and only fight for your own rights in your own state.”

  38. Notice something abt the Unz article, he doesn’t mention anything specific abt jewish doctrine, only vague references to “subterfuge”.
    jews never reveal the specifics of their doctrine, the sources and torah origins of these concepts. You will never find a jew explaining the basis of their religion, only nebulous comments ( almost always misdirections ).

  39. ” But I don’t want to kill my wife and children.”

    Who would expect that, aside from a few nutcases?
    They aren’t observant, or a part of the kabal.
    Technically, by halakhic law, they aren’t jewish.

  40. “Blacks can go back to Africa and never see a White man again ”

    That will be the day, when they leave the land of Whitey gibs.

  41. Lol, Fred, true; they wouldn’t want to go back now that we’ve shown them the 300M and much better jewelry. But they’d be happier in the end, their grandchildren and great grandchildren would be much happier, and they might develop an oral narrative tradition about the time they were spirited away to a land of magical treasures that hurt you inside.

    Are White people going to ever be brave and strong enough to get rid of some very avid consumers of their crap? There are plenty of White idiots who want to buy 300Ms and huge gold necklaces, and they’ve got way more disposable income that they can acquire though honest labor. This is all like some bad dream where we housed them for so long just so they could admire how much better we are at building smartphones and streets. There’s this huge liberal subconscious realization that the blacks will never start becoming calculus masters or the designers of some stupid new app, and they’re terrified, terrified that their hundreds-year experiment, which they flatter themselves by suggesting it was their idea and not that of Middle Eastern traders, just isn’t working, and they would burn this whole house down rather than let anyone move. Patronizing shits. They love the pretension of equality so that they can perpetually “win” and be seen as generous caretakers of the feeble-minded. I think that this would work itself out naturally if the Jews weren’t wormwooding their sickened minds since birth, but who knows? Maybe it’s recurrent. I guess if we ever cure Judaism we may have new struggles that demand our attention.

  42. Off topic:
    Muh oakland knife attack right?
    Jessica Chambers update:

    And this:

    Comments can be encouraging to the extent people are calling out the double standard. that if a white person did this to a black or any other poc how the “left” news would report it.

  43. Facebook shares collapse in wake of Dr. David Duke’s comments. Dr. Duke’s reference to Facebook as “Faceberg” sent the stock plunging in repeated waves of panic selling. The markets are in a frenzy of chaos with anticipation of Dr. Duke’s next pronouncement.

    ( I wanna write for Stormer, plz)

  44. Unz’s third piece on jewing, American Pravda: the Nature of Anti-Semitism:

    Many years ago, on some website somewhere I came across a very insightful comment regarding the obvious connection between “anti-Semitism” and “racism,” which our mainstream media organs identify as two of the world’s greatest evils. Under this analysis, “anti-Semitism” represents the tendency to criticize or resist Jewish social cohesion, while “racism” represents the attempt of white Gentiles to maintain a similar social cohesion of their own. To the extent that the ideological emanations from our centralized media organs serve to strengthen and protect Jewish cohesion while attacking and dissolving any similar cohesion on the part of their Gentile counterparts, the former will obviously gain enormous advantages in resource-competition against the latter.

    So as a result, the vast majority of quite ordinary Jews, who would normally behave in quite ordinary ways, are misled by this largely fictional history, and rather understandably become greatly outraged at all the horrible things that had been done to their suffering people, some of which are true and some of which are not, while remaining completely ignorant of the other side of the ledger.

    The notorious Jewish tendency to shamelessly lie or wildly exaggerate has sometimes had horrifying human consequences.

    It is easy to imagine that Morgenthau’s gullible acceptance of such obviously ridiculous war-time atrocity stories played a major role when he later lent his name and support to remarkably brutal American occupation policies that probably led to the postwar deaths of many millions of innocent German civilians.

    Unz is bluntly laying out many of the most damning facts and criticisms of jews, and joining them up fairly astutely. The short version: jews lie, goyim die.

    His claim that the vast majority of jews are ignorant and misled is just a shameless lie. It flies in the face of his own repeated admission that he learned these damning things years ago, largely from other jews. A huge fraction of jews participate in some form of organized jewing, thinking and acting essentially like soldiers. The way they swarm and screech in unison is an expression of their intense tribalism. It indicates that they are conscious actors, not passive ignoramuses.

  45. Unzist alt-jewing featured at Tablet…

    The American Jewish Affirmative Action About-Face

    The article details how jews, organized and acting as jews, have flip-flopped on racial quota law because that’s what’s “good for jews”. The article, like the law, does the usual dance around the racial distinction between Whites and jews, referring to jews as “white” and Whites as “non-Jewish whites”, though the unspoken premise running through it all is that jews are a group distinct from and at odds with Whites. The conclusion:

    The explanation put forward by this article is that Jews have become America’s WASPs. They back the current system of affirmative action because it protects their self-interest as a group with outsize political and social influence. As leaders in the political arena, Jews have an image to maintain as upholders of liberal values like diversity, racial equality, and affirmative action. At the same time, Jewish overrepresentation within the Ivy League can be attributed in part to the opaque admissions programs that at once benefit certain minorities like African-Americans, but hurt other such as Asians. Many find this reminiscent of the numerus clausus that barred Jews from entering these same institutions just a century ago. With racial identity politics more poignant now than at any point since the civil rights era, the Jewish community’s opinions on affirmative action will be under scrutiny.

    The stated purpose of this apparent criticism of jewing is to get out in front of criticism from non-jews. Alt-jewing is just meta-jewing.

  46. Ron Unz has a great site but I’ve always wondered if he’s truly committed to a free exchange of ideas, historical revisionism favoring white Western Civilzation and providing a voice to the racialist right or if it’s all just a tactic to present himself as the proverbial “good Jew” and get Jew wise whites to reason that there’s probably more like Unz in the Jewish community. Even if Ron Unz is sincere he’s still a Jew as evidenced by his support for continued non-white immigration into the U.S. He’s also written numerous articles attempting to prove that Mestizos have comparable crime and violent crime stats with whites with the implication being that we can coexist and intermarry with them. But he erred since in his study he deliberately and disingenuously used cities that, while having a white majority, also have large and violent black populations (20-28%) which spikes the violent crime rate while the Mestizo majority cities had 50% fewer blacks on average.

    So while Ron Unz may appear to be more truthful than most Jews his own articles are still laced with a little Jewish poison, deception and misdirection. He (and they) just can’t help themselves.

  47. “Mestizos have comparable crime and violent crime stats with whites”

    “He (and they) just can’t help themselves.”
    Genetic compulsion.

  48. olde reb, when you kick off with an obviously phoney quote from Pelosi and an obviously false claim about ‘medieval’ Rothschilds you do more harm than good whatever the merits of your other points. Just the truth is enough and plenty, and deviations from the truth are always a risk when ours is the objectively moral and just cause of survival vs our enemies’ popularly assumed to be evil cause of White genocide.

  49. I have speculated about the same .. and I tend to agree .. there are too many excuses .. to much ambiguity .. too many words .. A jew i respect and who is clear about his stance is Gerard Menuhin in his Book : ” Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil “….. That said… Ron Unz is doing WHITE EUROPEANS a favour .. because our Struggle is indeed : UPHILL

  50. the ability to distance themselves from whatever it was that they did is done in the open, as an insult. unz and his affiliate blog sites were the first that I noticed pivoting from rosenstienberg as the article 25 of the constitution removal of the plastic minded cuck. it is now on most main sites and they are all pointing at the goy mick. cuck cuck cuck stated that he had a plastic mind. I present an example of this cuck plasticity; the (((nkvd))) were the victims of german aggression and were forced to murder all of their political prisoners before they could be sent to the gold mines and forced to work until expiring, the germans stole the calories stored on the goyim slaves. “see” cuck cuck cuck states, “i thought the nkvd were evil russians, now i know they were persecuted jews”.

  51. I’m very sorry Ron Unz didn’t post his own comment here. I only found you because his own site, which is my favorite, has been blocked to both phone DHCP and wired static addresses by his CDN, Cloudflare.

    He went through a Jewish childhood which probable means it’s hard for him to escape. I know of no denial of being a Jew that he ever made. And the total indoctrination of their children from mother’s arms up to Bar Mitzvah and beyond makes escape almost impossible.

    But I sharply disagree with earlier comments on two points. First, it’s not genetics. They are not a race. They are not Semites, through Bible-era Palestinian Jews were. There is post-Biblical history, in case no-one noticed. Don’t play along with their own racism. The Arabs, certainly, are Semites, and the Arabs are not hook-nosed.

    And the Final Solution: be careful. They would exterminate all Christians if they could, will when the time comes, but just because Hitler sank to their level does not mean we should.

    Persecution driving them out of the country means they’ll descend on Palestine and finally exterminate the indigenous people, the original, genuine Jews.

    Instead, someone, start a new political party stating up front that Jews are ineligible for membership. Let its policies include banning the genital mutilation of all children below the age or consent. And, that all primary education of children must be by the State in state schools, without religious education, with the parents losing custody of any child whose school attendance is too irregular, who doesn’t come every day. And, restrict freedom of travel for Jews so that they can NOT leave the country.

    Giving them freedom, not trapped by that mutilation and indoctrination, means in a couple of generations where would be almost none left.

  52. Giving them freedom, not trapped by that mutilation and indoctrination, means in a couple of generations where would be almost none left.

    Liberalism doesn’t end jewing, it enables it.

  53. Unz is trying to moderate the reaction to jewing, not escape jewing, and certainly not end jewing. He’s antipathetic to Whites despite the great harm he clearly realizes jewing has caused. For what it’s worth, he recently alluded to his motives:

    Well, most of my motives are rather obvious ones, e.g. WW3 being a really bad idea. But there is an additional one…

    I’d say that the concentration of Jewish-activists in ADL/AIPAC/etc is an *exceptionally* powerful political/ideological force as we can obviously see by the trajectory of the last couple of decades. So taking them on is a very worthy challenge.

    Probably most of you aren’t aware of it, but for decades the bilinguals were regarded as absolutely invincible, easily crushing all attacks against them from President Reagan on down. Then I came along in 1998 and completely broke them in twelve months, afterwards spending the next few years in mopping-up operations. I ultimately annihilated them so thoroughly that most people have forgotten they ever existed, let alone how enormously powerful they were.

    And just about the only major economic victory achieved by ordinary workers or labor unions in the last half-century have been the tremendously successful recent campaigns for huge hikes in the Minimum Wage. And frankly, I think my own efforts were a very substantial part of that success.

    So the extremely formidable power of the ADL and its allies is actually a rather tempting target…

    I stand by the view of Unz I’ve laid out here and in Ron Unz is Anti-White. Unz’s jewing today is an extension of what he was doing five years ago and twenty years ago, not a break with it. Unz sees a backlash against jewing coming. He’s trying to jewsplain it, define it, blunt it.

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