Coordinated Amplified In-Your-Face Jewing

The full text of their monolithic demands, via The Jewish Chronicle:

Today, Britain’s three leading Jewish newspapers — Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph — take the unprecedented step of speaking as one by publishing the same front page.

We do so because of the existential threat to Jewish life in this country that would be posed by a Jeremy Corbyn-led government.

We do so because the party that was, until recently, the natural home for our community has seen its values and integrity eroded by Corbynite contempt for Jews and Israel.

The stain and shame of antisemitism has coursed through Her Majesty’s Opposition since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in 2015.

From Chakrabarti to Livingstone, there have been many alarming lows. Last week’s stubborn refusal to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism, provoking Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge to call her leader an antisemite to his face, was the most sinister yet.

Labour has diluted the IHRA definition, accepted in full by the government and more than 130 local councils, deleting and amending four key examples of anti-Semitism relating to Israel.

Under its adapted guidelines, a Labour Party member is free to claim Israel’s existence is a racist endeavour and compare Israeli policies to those of Nazi Germany, unless “intent” – whatever that means – can be proved. “Dirty Jew” is wrong, “Zionist bitch” fair game?

In so doing, Labour makes a distinction between racial anti-Semitism targeting Jews (unacceptable) and political anti-Semitism targeting Israel (acceptable).

The reason for this move? Had the full IHRA definition with examples relating to Israel been approved, hundreds, if not thousands, of Labour and Momentum members would need to be expelled.

With the government in Brexit disarray, there is a clear and present danger that a man with a default blindness to the Jewish community’s fears, a man who has a problem seeing that hateful rhetoric aimed at Israel can easily step into anti-Semitism, could be our next prime minister.

On 5 September, Labour MPs vote on an emergency motion, calling for the party to adopt the full IHRA definition into its rulebook.

Following that, it will face a binary choice: implement IHRA in full or be seen by all decent people as an institutionally racist and anti-Semitic party. After three deeply painful years for our community, September is finally make or break.

These jews are shamelessly singling out and demanding privileged treatment for jews, in terms spelled out by jews, solely because they are jews. The Labour party has in fact already conceded on all these points. The increasingly hysterical screeching of these jews, as if they are victims of some injustice, is aimed at extending the privileged treatment even to jews who are openly acting as agents of a foreign state.

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  1. If Corbyn doesn’t buckle, but instead doubles down, this is good. Prominent examples of White people telling the Jews to go to hell is a necessary step to emboldening the mass of Whites to revolt against Jewish power. The tension is being ratcheted up, the time is near.

  2. “Unprecedented”, ha. There are loads of compilations of the different networks pushing the “Jewnited we stand” message of the day in word-for-word lockstep.

    So much lack of precedent; the current situation is clearly tantamount to anudda shoah. Oy to the muhfuggin’ vey.

  3. Why I put rivalries aside to condemn the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn:

    Then the final straw – last week’s dilution of the International Holocaust Remembrance Association’s standard definition of anti-Semitism, one followed by the government, 130 local councils and the Crown Prosecution Service. Labour removed and amended four examples relating, you guessed it, to Israel – allowing party members to claim British Jews have dual loyalty to Israel and compare Israel to Nazi Germany, and NOT be accused of Jew hate.

    In response, 68 rabbis, from secular to religious, signed a letter compelling the party to stop “claiming to know what’s good for our community in the most insulting and arrogant way”.

    Even the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, weighed in, warning Labour’s watered-down anti-Semitism definition sends “a message of contempt”.

    The response from Corbyn’s office? “We will not tolerate anti-Semitism in any form whatsoever.”

    The man who could be PM believes the reality-defying guff his party spouts ad nauseam because the phrase “I HATE ISRAEL” is written, in capital letters, through him like Brighton rock. He never breaks character, never reconsiders, never thinks twice.

    Corbyn is not a work in progress, he’s a piece of work.

    Alinsky tactics. Akin to the reality-inverting invective jews have aimed at Trump for the past few years. The kick/lick dynamic knows no party. The jews swarm and screech at kikeservatives like this because it works. If Whites behaved like this Corbyn would say, “fuck off racists”. But then he would never have gotten where he is if there were any chance he’d say that to the jews. What a spectacle. To see a supposed leader insulted and bossed around so overtly. Corbyn is hemming and hawing, dragging his feet a bit, but he’ll eventually give the jews whatever they demand.

    U.K.’s Jewish Papers Denounce Labour Party as ‘Existential Threat’:

    “If this is how they treat an ethnic community in opposition, when things get tough in government, what possible confidence can anyone have that they will protect us?” Mr. Pollard said of Mr. Corbyn’s party.

    I’m looking for some sign of dissent in the jewsmedia. Can’t find any. None. As with the Jew York Times, other reports simply echo the “United We Stand” screeching. The jews are a monolith on this issue. No objections from the anti-“racist” “left”-posing jews. No objections from the “classical liberal” anti-identity politics alt-jews.

  4. I was reading that the Jews get some absurd amount of the DHS funding budget for “security,” like over 90%. It sounds like Corbyn just wants them to be treated as any other members of a multi cultural society and assimilate and not identify with a foreign country. Probably a step up from our conservatives who are determined to protect the Jews from the effects of what they’ve created. I’ve thought for a long time that self determination for whites would come through the left before it ever came through the conservatives. At least the left is free to criticize Jewish hypocrisy and admits their anti white hatred. Conservatives will always be living the color blind dream. Even as their shit is being redistributed and their people killed.

  5. I think one more Obama term, with one more Supreme Court pick would have kicked the whole thing off and we would all be safer in an open state of conflict.

  6. I think Corbyn is what Steinlight was warning the Jews about for the future of America.

  7. Diversity Macht Frei: “Two articles on the “Working Definition of What Goyim are Allowed to Say” in the @guardian today. Comments turned off on both of them. Goy input not desired. We must simply spectate as our free speech is suppressed by the Chosen and the mind-conquered ruling class. @Freedland… ”

    “Anti-semitism” is anything jews don’t like. The goal of this swarming and screeching is to formalize having the state and other institutions “combating anti-semitism”, attacking anything jews designate as a target. Opposition to this agenda is drowned out even where it isn’t already informally squelched.

  8. How long have the Jews been threatening to leave the U.K., France, Germany? It has been at least since I started reading about this stuff a few years ago. My god call their bluff and when they fold use that leverage to counter the jewing. The United States would probably ruin any country who called that bluff.

  9. A call to Dial down the hysteria on anti-Semitism in Corbyn’s Labour, from Mehdi Hasan:

    take it from a Muslim in Trump’s America, British Jews don’t face an existential threat from Jeremy Corbyn

    Hasan is a globe-trotting professional mooselimb who spews delusional anti-White hysteria, With “Muslim Ban” Ruling, Trump’s White Supremacy Has Moved From the Campaign Trail to the Supreme Court:

    Islamophobia is no longer a fringe position; it is the law of the land. A White Supremacy Presidency has been blessed by a White Supremacy Court, which has given a pass to anti-Muslim bigotry on the spurious grounds of “national security.” Fear of “the Other” now justifies banning “the Other.”

    This is not a drill. This is a real national emergency: The U.S. Constitution, liberal values, and democracy itself are all under near-daily assault from a coalition of conservative politicians and judges.

  10. Sometimes I look at the black radio stations to see what they are saying. They had a Jew ” rap mogul” on today and the comments on YouTube looked like the dailystormer. This is the first one. That hate speech law can’t come fast enough for the Jews.

    Peep when he said.. “I worked for the National Bank of Israel”. This man is on this show playing stupid. He’s very smart and calculating. He saw a business opportunity to control a new medium of music and used his jewish business connections to make it happen..
    6 hours ago

  11. Jeremy Corbyn: “Antisemitic abuse has no place in the Labour Party. Anyone with such views must understand: you do not do it in my name. You are not my supporters and have no place in our movement. We must drive this out of our Party for good.

    Jeremy Corbyn: “There is no place for antisemitism in the Labour Party. We must drive it out of our movement for good.… ”

    As with Trump. The jews kick, the kikeservative licks.

  12. I have an ominous feeling that more hardcore attempts at censorship are coming soon. I think the Jews are ready to rule openly. They’ve got their capital in Jerusalem and they want to fulfill their messianic prophecy. It’s probably good that the conflict comes to a conclusion sooner than later. White people would need to land a miracle knockout punch but I think it can still be done. I don’t think it can be done in ten years.

  13. Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn:

    An app operated as part of an Israeli government propaganda campaign issued a “mission” for social media users to make comments against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, accusing him of anti-Semitism.

    Instead of shutting down these claims as the bad faith attacks that they clearly are, Corbyn has continued a strategy of concession after concession that has only fueled the attacks.

    He has rolled back his position on important matters of principle, like BDS – the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement for Palestinian rights.

    In a Guardian opinion piece on Friday, Corbyn offered “dialogue with community organizations, including the Jewish Labour Movement” to discuss their demand that the IHRA document be adopted in full, even as he acknowledged that some of its provisions have “been used by those wanting to restrict criticism of Israel that is not anti-Semitic.”

    It is unclear what Corbyn hopes to achieve in “dialogue” with a group that has close ties to a hostile foreign power committed to manipulating his party from within.

    Not surprisingly, the JLM immediately dismissed Corbyn’s opinion piece as “another article bemoaning a situation.”

  14. Coordinated amplified down-low jewing. Almost 350 news outlets to publish editorials denouncing Trump’s ‘dirty war’ on press:

    “It is not the press’s job to save the United States from Mr Trump. It is the press’s job to report, delve, analyse and scrutinise as best it can and without fear,” the Guardian’s editorial says.

    “Mr Trump’s insults and incitements are a calculated danger to that, and to the respect, civility and dialogue that should exist between the press and its readers. The Guardian stands with the US press in its efforts to maintain the objectivity and the moral boundaries that this president – like so many others in much more dangerous parts of the world – is doing so much to destroy.”

    “moral boundaries” = semitical correctness

  15. Suspend Margaret Hodge from the Labour Party at once:

    Her behaviour belittles and trivialises the deaths of literally millions of Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, and is thus anti-Semitic.

    The jew normal – jews screeching about jews screeching about what’s best for jews. It’s not a dystopian vision of the future, it’s the awful reality of right now.

    Hodge’s words are also immensely hypocritical, given her own desire to see the IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism adopted in full, including its clause arguing that comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is anti-Semitic. Hodge cannot have it both ways. If comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is unacceptable in all times and in all circumstances, then comparing her party to Nazi Germany is also inexcusable.

    And Israel- and jew-firsters occupy positions of power in Britain’s government. Who’s going to call out and reject their what’s-best-for-the-jews premise? Corbyn? Farage? Trump? They all share it.

  16. Ex-Chief Rabbi brands Jeremy Corbyn an ‘anti-Semite’:

    Lord Sacks told theNew Statesman: ‘The recently disclosed remarks by Jeremy Corbyn are the most offensive statement made by a senior British politician since Enoch Powell’s 1968 ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.

    ‘It was divisive, hateful and like Powell’s speech it undermines the existence of an entire group of British citizens by depicting them as essentially alien.’

    Lord Sacks said Mr Corbyn could only be judged by ‘his words and his actions’.

    . . .

    ‘When he implies that, however long they have lived here, Jews are not fully British, he is using the language of classic pre-war European anti-Semitism.

    There’s that country club thing again.

    What did actually Corbyn say?

    In the 2013 recording, revealed last week by MailOnline, Mr Corbyn said: ‘[Zionists] clearly have two problems. One is they don’t want to study history, and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all of their lives, they don’t understand English irony either.’

    . . .

    He said he had used the term Zionists ‘in the accurate political sense and not as a euphemism for Jewish people’.

    He added: ‘I am now more careful with how I might use the term ‘Zionist’ because a once self-identifying political term has been increasingly hijacked by anti-Semites as code for Jews.’

    What’s best for jews is the shared premise of this whole circus – then or now, Sacks and Corbyn. The only way Britons or the English figure in any of it is as props, as hosts for the jews, whom professional screechers like Sacks don’t even regard as human.

  17. Andrew Feldman: Dear Mr Corbyn, Jews won’t feel safe until you denounce anti-Zionism:

    Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are the same thing. They are two sides of the same coin. Anti-Zionism is the belief that the state of Israel should not exist. That it should be dismantled. This is not the same as saying, quite legitimately, that you disagree with the policies of the current or any other Israeli government; or calling for the reversal of the settlement programme in the West Bank; or demanding a return to earlier borders and the creation of a two-state solution.

    Some historical context is important here. Two thousand years ago, at the end of a long and bloody revolt, the Temple was destroyed and the Jewish people were dispersed far and wide, across the Roman Empire and beyond. They settled in many places. Some made them welcome for a time. Others less so. Jewish people lived in a constant state of trepidation. Periods of peace and prosperity punctuated by pogroms, inquisition and expulsion.

    In Europe, the Holocaust was the crescendo of centuries of rumbling antipathy. Jews sought to escape the horror but the numbers who found refuge were pathetically small. Even the UK only accepted 70,000 Jewish refugees before the Second World War and 10,000 during it.

    Quite simply, there was nowhere for them to go, so six million people perished out of a total global Jewish population of 17 million.

    Finally, after this destruction, the world decided that enough was enough. The Jewish people needed their own place to go when things went wrong. And the ancient homeland was chosen. It was to be shared with the Palestinians on lines established by a United Nations resolution in 1948.

    . . .

    The fact that a Jewish person calls for the destruction of Israel doesn’t make it any less a case of anti-Semitism — it is more repugnant.

    The irony of this must be clear even to you and your most hardened supporters. The State of Israel exists to provide a potential safe haven in a terrible situation where, in the face of a hostile ideology, Jewish people feel that they need to flee.

    . . .

    Lord Feldman is a former chairman of the Conservative Party, 2010-16

    The jews dictate what everyone else is permitted to say or do, while explicitly jewsplaining in the jewiest possible terms that they feel entitled to do so because they’re jews, because they’re doing what they feel is best for jews. The irony here is that in spelling out the jews’ eternal victim narrative Feldman demonstrates how they use it to justify their aggression against everyone else.

    Zionism is globalized institutionalized parasitism.

    What jews are doing in and for the jew state is so increasingly blatantly at odds with the “liberalism” jews prescribe for Whites in dar-al-goyim that a significant number of jews fret the disconnect/fallout/backlash might somehow eventually be bad for jews. The Feldmans disagree, see an increase in toxic in-your-face jewing as best for jews.

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