On Tribalism

chicken-swingersHere’s an instant classic in the vast, age-old genre of jews praising jews for their jewing. David Greenberg, author of Republic of Spin, reviews David Frum’s Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic:

Has any group of thinkers stood faster in defense of its principles since the rise of Donald Trump than the neoconservatives? A decade ago, when the political right had fallen on hard times, the neocons were derided by almost everyone for furnishing an intellectual rationale for the invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush ’68. But since 2016, neoconservatives—practically alone on their side of the aisle—have consistently opposed Trump for the damage they see him doing. Writers like Max Boot ’92MA, Eliot Cohen, Jennifer Rubin, James Kirchick ’06, Bret Stephens, Cathy Young, and Bill Kristol have resisted the pressures of tribalism at a moment when few dare to leave their partisan tents.

What did these “right”-posing anti-White jews do? They crossed party lines to join their “left”-posing anti-White tribemates in screeching at Whites. Frum was one of the first to cry out in pain as he attacked Whites:

As community cohesion weakens, moral norms change. What would have been unacceptable behavior in a more homogenous national community becomes tolerable when a formerly ascendant group sees itself at risk from aggressive new claims by new competitors. Trump is running not to be president of all Americans, but to be the clan leader of white Americans. Those white Americans who respond to his message hear his abusive comments, not as evidence of his unfitness for office, but as proof of his commitment to their tribe.

But it’s difficult to say which jew in Greenberg’s list is most noxious.

The Yale Review link comes via Sailer, whose usual shtick is to pretend jews are “white”. Confronted with perfectly sober evidence that jews literally see themselves as the opposite of White the best Breezy Steve can do is try to laugh it off:

In the Current Year, are Members of the Tribe as witty as they used to be? Their current moral panic over “tribalism” is a particularly funny example of today’s Jews not getting the joke.

As usual, the joke is on Whites. When jews moralize against White tribalism (or supremacism, or victimology, or fake news, or privilege, or fragility, or hate, or any other buzzterm the jews have weaponized and aimed at Whites) it’s not because they are unaware that the shoe fits their tribe better than anyone else. By so brazenly trying to shift blame onto Whites they are clearly expressing their keen racial awareness and seething racial animus.

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  1. Bill Kristol is the probably the most damaging because he is still insisting on trying to wrestle away the Republican Party from Trump. Which is to say wrestle away the tiny amount of power Whites gained when he took over. Jenifer Rubin, to me, is the most noxious. She shows even more hostility against Whites than Kristol and at the same time has the chutzpah to say that Trump is being far to soft on the enemies of Israel. For her the White vote exists only to elect a government that will sacrifice the maximum amount of its people and money for the enemies of organized Jewry. She also squeals when she says the word racism. I think she does this because she senses the word has lost some of its teeth and it drives her nuts.

  2. Tan, what is your opinion of Vox Day? He seems to be about as close to a “good mongrel” as we shall ever find.

  3. Which is to say wrestle away the tiny amount of power Whites gained when he took over.


    The man is totally dominated by jews in every facet of his life, yet whites gained power?

  4. You’re right gained is the wrong word. Maybe lost less than they would have under a Clinton presidency.

  5. I’d say Whites lost far if not everything under Trump. Trump lulled the Whites back to a jewish induced slumber.
    Had Clinton won, the White outrage thats been brewing would have possibly exploded at the “loss” of America.

    Now we have all this ho ho murica bs about borders, eagles and winning. Based nogs and muh dems be da reeeeel rayciss crap. The dems did dis Dems was da kkk, dems was da party of slaberry. With this line of jew-shit Whites think Conservatives or Republicans are the ones fighting for muh murica values. Massive shutdowns, false charges to jail people, scare Whites from doing anything.
    Shutdown may be real or jewish to give street “cred”. Majority of Whites think jews is just funny jokes, or they use are aware and use kosher terms bankers, elite, which by omission blames Whites. Using j-left same as above makes idiots think the “j-right” are based jews on our side.

    Its all so jewish and disgusting. All these based MagaNogs blaming Whites but now they blame Liberal Whites, I should say (((liberal whites))) instead of Conservative Whites. Again, just blaming another set of Whites and diverting attention and rightly blame the jews, aka the bagel people.

    Yet, as with Reagan and further back, Whites are losing bigly. But yeah, Go Trump. Go Trump go Muh christian muricans.

  6. Any “gain” Whites received from Trump is illusory, and why that Ashkenazi was tapped for the presidency. It’s sad that the only wins Whites have are ones Jews allow them to have so they can feel there is still a game. In that, yes, the more open hostility of Hillary Clinton is better, which is why they had their little contest with her on one side but guaranteed to “lose.” Giving little civic nationalist shits like Trump as indicia of delayed genocide is more harmful than the greater honesty of Clinton’s persona vis-à-vis extermination, because it makes dullards think there was a step in the proper direction, whereas a more honest hatred, like Hillary’s, might inspire a defensive reaction. It’s kind of like a kidnapper giving a candy bar to his victim for the drive down to the old river, where maybe the candy bar makes a stupid child think they’re not really going to be drowned. Why are we so dumb that we’re eating the candy bar instead of trying to dash out when he’s stopped at a light? It’s not even a candy bar, it’s a piece of shit wrapped in a colorful wrapper, and you can taste it every time he does something, by God people why are you pretending it’s better than Hillary’s shit bar during a faster trip down to the old river?

    In our last budget, Trump stole $200 million from goy taxpayers to give to Israel. His budget was open treason. He and Congress should have been in nooses for that act, and even if for nothing else, he is a traitor forever to not just every White person ever, but even to a civic nationalist America where that money should’ve been spent breeding Congoids and Incas. He is an enemy, robbing us of incredible wealth for his people, or if you actually think he’s a goy, he’s still so much of an enemy that it’s pitiful to think he’s anything remotely resembled a minor good.

  7. In fact, the German people have no unique genetic heritage to protect. They—and all other Europeans—are already a mishmash, the children of repeated ancient migrations, according to scientists who study ancient human origins. New studies show that almost all indigenous Europeans descend from at least three major migrations in the past 15,000 years, including two from the Middle East. Those migrants swept across Europe, mingled with previous immigrants, and then remixed to create the peoples of today.

    The first sentence is a lie, and the rest is the truth, which directly contradicts the lie.

  8. ” There is no White race.. or “pure” race there goyim “.

    There is no such thing as “pure” water. So you might as well drink ditch water.

  9. Tan, the reason I think Trump was a better choice is because you can still legally operate this platform. That was the one reason I voted. I actually think he created more polarization in the country than Clinton would have. We also have far less refugees flooding into white states than we would have had under Clinton. I think these people that say they wish we had European style speech and gun laws aren’t being honest. I can almost guarantee that all of these people, mostly anonymous, wouldn’t have done shit.
    Please don’t post this because a con man like trump isn’t worth arguing about. I should have thought better before I wrote that because I had a feeling it could divert attention away from jewing. soeey I posted that and I’ll keep my future posts to the topic of jewing. A topic on which we all agree.

  10. When we’re considering this strategically, the choice is not “who is stronger,” because Whites are always incredibly stronger, and Jews are always so weak. They can’t invent things, they can’t fight well, and so forth. If they were in Africa without White inventions and White support, they would lose a contest of survival against Congoids with wooden sticks. They already lost that contest, actually, against all the inhabitants of Arabia, and were on the verge of being one of the many exterminated peoples of the classical era when they discovered…

    …that Whites were incredibly gullible. Congoids, Arabs, and other peoples either couldn’t understand Jewish babbling (Congoid) or knew enough to ignore it and just kill them (Arabs). Europeans of the time, though, were incredibly susceptible to these filthy liars, and took them in, sheltered them, made war on Arabs for them, et cetera. Ergo western history. What Jews are good at is lying, which would serve them against no one else without a bunch of idiotic White people listening to them, going to war for them, giving them fighter jets and nuclear bombs, and so forth.

    Ergo we come to the modern era, where Trump’s “better than Hillary” is at issue. Believing Jewish lies, even lies that are a little better-sounding than Hillary, is deadly poison. If White people could stop falling for their lies, we would clean the planet really fast, and that would be the end of it. The little bones they throw us, “Be exterminated slightly slower by refugees” or “A 3% increase in speaking ability!” is BAD. It is not a question of how well we can survive against them in a battle; it is a question of how many of their lies we will fall for. So “Cries at the Wailing Wall, gives Israel hundreds of millions of dollars a year” Trump is BAD news. Falling for lies means they have won again, and are still winning. It means we’re still susceptible.

    I, too, had such hopes for Trump at the beginning. I read some of his lies about a 20% maximum income tax (which would’ve completely bankrupted the Congoid and Incan breeding program known as the U.S. government), a border wall, and so forth, and it sounded pretty good, similar to “the Huns are coming to invade America unless you have a war that will kill tens of millions of White people right now!” And the fact that they used their media to talk bad about Trump, when they knew everyone hated and mistrusted that media already, even fooled me for a few giddy minutes into thinking, “Maybe they actually hate him! That means he might be good!”

    But our embarrassing willingness to accept a few tidbits of “slightly closer to sanity” from that nasty Ashkenazi in crypsis means we’re even farther away from “sanity” than we would be if they had never run this con. We should not be happy if they throw us scraps from the table to keep us from growling–we should be UN-happy. At this rate, we’ll stupidly, happily gobble their table-scraps until we’re all dead.

  11. I’m very glad to see you’re still in the game Tan and have expanded the blog into radio! It’s been several years since I posted and I can’t prove it, but my sense from the internet as a whole is that the alt-right has grown tremendously in the last few years. We need eloquent voices, so many thanks for your continued and tireless efforts.

    I know Sailer catches a lot of flak for being too mainstream, but I believe he has been a powerful gateway drug for a lot of people (probably at a serious cost to his financial well-being) and has even started to talk about the JQ at his blog.

    Total aside, but Ezra Klein and Peter Beinert (sp?)- the latter at the Atlantic- provide enough jewing fodder for a million blog posts. Simply incredible how disingenous those two are on questions of tribalism. There was a particularly funny post by Klein recently linking to another jew who jew-splained how nonwhites talk about whites (after the NY Times hired the koala-faced Korean girl).

    To the posters criticizing Trump, yes, he has been a disappointment in several ways, but he has still moved the Overton Window tremendously. Even if he disappoints while in office, his victory had the tremendous benefit of letting racially aware whites know that they have millions of like-minded fellows in this country who have seen through the farce that is the Republican Party. Even if we are a minority, it might be better to live in a country that is 40% white but with most whites being racially aware, rather than a country that is 70% white and mostly brainwashed. It may be that Trump’s greatest victory was to serve as a vehicle through which members of heritage America signaled to each their growing awareness, which is a useful thing in a soft police state.

  12. When I hear people spout the nonsensical claim that “race is a social construct,” my response is to enthusiastically agree and then point out that poodles, golden retrievers, and Great Danes are all the same breed of dog and that any perceived differences between them are just social constructs. The confused and slightly alarmed look on the face of my listener is its own reward.

  13. @Chris Hinds,

    Kristol and Rubin (especially the latter) are good nominees. Max Boot and Mona Charen are a close third and fourth.

  14. Jennifer Rubin: “Just as 9/11/01 galvanized a generation of young people perhaps 9/1/18 (the date of McCain’s funeral) will be the inspiration for another generation of Americans to eschew tribalism and seek common ground in defense of overarching values.”

  15. Steve Sailer: “Here’s ethnic demographics of Atlantic’s ranking of top 50 pundits in 2009. The 1% of population that is white, male and Jewish, like @mattyglesias & @ezraklein, made up 43% of most influential pundits, what civil rights lawyers call Disparate Impact. http://www.unz.com/isteve/demographics-of-top-50-pundits/

    “white, male and jewish”, like Sailer. What does the qualifier “white” add to his point, other than to obscure it?

    Breezy Steve’s Law of Heckling the Anti-White Jewsmedia: Pretend jews are White. Pretend you don’t understand the racial nature of semitical correctness. Pretend you’re not just an alt-jewsmedia pundit.

  16. Pretend jews are White. Pretend you don’t understand the racial nature of semitical correctness.

    But it sure blinds the goy.

  17. Chris Taylor, total deconstruction process would be too lengthy as it is laden with double meaning etc., but the initial paragraph and certain words are enough to refute entire article. initial paragraph; uses biology, sub-category genetics, to push immigration. no clear rationale is supplied, just one side has neither right for motive nor voice for opinion because x. certain word; revolutionary; as in “revolutionary” new technology, revolutionary implies animation. more advanced or accurate would be more accurate. reification is subtle means of using words as weapons. drones are revolutionary means of crime reduction. we’re targeting criminals by watching you to provide safety from them, don’t have crime think, drones can read your mind. proof for dullards; they are animated ,”revolutionary”.

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