The OYYYY VEEEEYYYYYY Heard Round the World 2.0

diversity_makes_the_jews_who_are_replacing_whites_strongerI was not there, but I think my take on Charlottesville 1.0, and the two most substantial comments I’ve made about it since, were correct.

How Jews Jewsplain Jewing:

Charlottesville demonstrated that Whites cannot freely assemble and speak, as Whites, in public. The swift and hysterical reaction from the local, state, and federal governments, officially condemning Whites because “anti-semitism”, demonstrated that Whites and jews are political opposites. Decades of phony judicial dancing around race and privilege have suddenly been supplanted by explicit executive and legislative proclamations that the regime is officially anti-White out of deference to jews.

The ongoing chutzpathic attempt to invert this reality, to portray the kikeservative-in-chief as a tool of “anti-semites” rather than jews, merely reflects how thoroughly jewed the media and current political system are. Trump viciously counter-attacks anyone who attacks him. Everyone but the jews. When the jews kick, Trump licks.

“Don’t Be Evil” is Code for “Be Anti-White”:

White men flocked to Charlottesville en masse sensing the potential for righteous combat with anti-Whites, and the first thing most every alt-righter with a soapbox did in the aftermath was balk at and denounce that urge. Their fake hero ultimately denounced them. They ignored it. Whites are so accustomed to our fake heroes shitting on us that we take it for granted.

What makes this a tragedy is that it could be different. White as a race have a characteristic capacity for daring, for heroism, for collective mercilessness aimed at enemies, especially traitors. This capacity isn’t gone, it has been hijacked and circumcised. The jews make movies glorifying White self-sacrifice and directing it toward their own ends, even as they psychopathologize its use toward our own. Unlike White misleaders, the jews don’t discourage fanaticism and violence, they deliberately stoke it and AIM IT AT WHITES. While the Ignatievs and Ciccariello-Mahers slyly incite White genocide, the Taylors and MacDonalds respond by babbling nonsense about “pathological altruism”. This behavior is not a product of jew dominance and White failure, it’s the cause.

Whites need to get their heads straight, demand more, tolerate less. It starts, or doesn’t start, with leadership.

For the past year the jewsmedia has moaned about Charlottesville 1.0, shocked that a handful of Whites had the audacity to gather publicly and chant, “jews will not replace us”. The Whites who did that are heroes – they provoked and flushed out the anti-White/pro-jew regime.

A year later and the fake hero, the kikeservative-in-chief, still hasn’t done anything for his White supporters. Instead he tries to please the jews who condemn him by condemning all types of “racism”. The jewsmedia screeches, predictably, that this isn’t anti-White enough. Will he respond by defending his White supporters? No. He’ll respond just as he did last year, by kicking his lickers and licking his kickers.

So far Charlottesville 2.0 is looking like 1.0, but this time with hardly any prompting from defiant Whites. Anti-Whites now constitute all sides of the theatrical production, their only real disagreement being how far and how fast to elevate non-Whites above Whites.

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  1. Counter-Protesters Drew Stars Of David On Their Faces:

    Jews, both individually and as part of Jewish groups, have been heavily active in opposing the “Unite the Right 2” rally in Washington, D.C. on Sunday organized by the coordinator of last year’s deadly white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia. Knowing that attendees of the march last year chanted “Jews will not replace us,” some counter-protesters on Sunday made explicit their Jewish identity – by drawing it on their faces.

    . . .

    “Fascism has not historically been good for Jews,” Jewish socialist Carsie Blanton told the Forward at Lafayette Park in front of the White House, a few hours before the white nationalists were expected there. “I think we need all methods [to fight Whites]. It’s an all hands on deck situation.”

  2. NBC Ignores Own Reporter and Crew Assaulted By Antifa in Charlottesville:

    It’s sad and disturbing that NBC would choose to ignore violent leftists assaulting their own employees in exchange for railing against President Trump’s voters, but this appears to be the world we live in now. The assault also came after the entire liberal media had been trying to convince the public that Trump supporters where violent ones reporters had to watch out for.

    And “conservatives” ignore the increasingly obvious anti-White/pro-jew character of “violent leftists”, “the entire liberal media”, and Trump.

  3. Trump cannot even commemorate Charlottesville correctly:

    The “riots” — a blob without definition — did not “result” in “death and division” — two more blobs with no definition. Heyer’s death. A white nationalist allegedly murdered an anti-Nazi protester. Period. Trump cannot say those words because to do so would reaffirm his failure a year ago and, worse, annoy the segment of his white base that thinks they are the victims of racism. As The Post reported, “Trump’s tweet Saturday, his first public mention of the anniversary, did not label the event as a white supremacist rally or specify that it was a white rallygoer who rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing one.” (One is reminded of his 2017 International Holocaust Remembrance Day message which omitted the word “Jew.”)

    The blob was never hit by Fields’ car and actually died of a heart attack. Lying about the blob’s death is just a flimsy pretext for this toxic anti-White jewess to screech about “white supremacism”, which naturally reminds it to also screech about the kikeservative-in-chief being insufficiently worshipful on International Sacred Jew Day.

  4. the ONLY way to prevent the inevitable extinction of the white race through demographic displacement and genocide is to cut off the head of the hydra at its source. The hydra has many heads and its power cannot be overcome until it is uprooted from its power source in the swamp of darkness. You cannot lop off one head after another like sue the ACLU or the SPLC or vote out a congress-rat or any other such half-measure. This problem is a world problem. After the principle enemy of the Jew is destroyed the Jew will turn on the secondary enemies or the useful idiots and exterminate them in turn. The demoralization phase is complete and the destablization phase is wrapping up. the next phase is civil racial religious war and total devastation. this is followed by intervention and the final imposition of the new world order of the master race and the return of the jew messiah/king who wields not an olive branch but a nuclear sword. high tech feudalism descends upon the world. 1984 in spades. The light of freedom disappears from the earth.Gods Chosen People have fulfilled the promise and made manifest that unspoken lie. Chosen for what? To rule the human race. Say goodnight Gracie. It’s over. Elvis has left the building. What is the solution one asks? There is but ONE and one only. ALL nations of the earth MUST strip the jew of citizenship, confiscate all their stolen wealth, deport them en masse to Israel, and quarantine them there for ever. Unless this is done the infection will never be stopped. The parasite must be purged from the host the predator denied its prey. 2700 years of preying on the GOYIM is ENOUGH! They will never hear the truth. They cannot hear it. They ARE of their father the devil. He is the father of Lies and the father of liars. He can not speak the Truth for there is no Truth IN HIM. He and his children the Jew have been murderers from the beginning and to embrace the Jew is to embrace DEATH. If we fail to act, may God have mercy on us for the Serpent will have NONE.

  5. I retract my statement about trump. He’s a fucking pussy. He has no morals and he is a coward. At least Clinton had the guts to admit that she wanted us all in the gulag. Even the Breitbart type Jews are making fun of him. Now he is being attacked by the New York Times Jews for being a nazi and the other Jews for being a bitch.
    Right under your nose @realDonaldTrump, illegal alien is a featured speaker at DC “anti-fascist” rally. He’s “UNDOCUMENTED AND UNAFRAID!”


  6. This Jew is now attacking trump for not letting white people have a civil rights protest.
    Todays melodrama: 65 or so white nationalists show up, get a permit – which means identify themselves – to protest for white civil rights. At the same time thousands of Antifa &Black Lives Matter fascists show up, no permits, masked & illegally armed, & commit acts of violence

  7. kicking his lickers and licking his kickers

    And for some insane reason, the Drumpfters love it!

    A Drumpfter = An Obama Maniac = a Bushie = a Clintonista

    Zero discernible difference between any of them.

    Never an R or D Again!

  8. I know Jews are freaky at any time, but this level of freakiness reminds me about their hooting about Germany in the 1930s, and how really “un Nazi like” the Germans were before, during, and after the Israel Foundation War. After an American education, I still catch myself automatically believing that the Germany were really serious or extreme, but then I see how the Jews respond to this tiny march with no political power behind it. If the Germans had actually taken the conflict seriously, and bombed Britfag civilians and machine-gunned all the enemy instead of letting them go to their friends in America–in other words, acted like the make-believe movie Nazis were supposed to’ve–they might have held off the enemy long enough to stay alive. And if they’d done that, the world’s White population would have joyously immigrated there as Congoid- and Arab-breeding programs made the tax burden ever higher on the White West. Watching the Jews oy vey so extremely about this little purposeless demonstration, carried out by people who still think peaceful protests or voting can accomplish anything, reminds us not just how milkwater soft the Germans and Hitler were then, but how similarly futile is our media-begging resistance now.

    All due respect to everyone who tried, or thought they were trying, to fight back, but this is a life or death situation, and we can’t adopt the standards of honorable White duels if we hope to win. All that frees us to do is be even more righteously indignant about how they didn’t follow our rules during the Long Death.

  9. how the Jews respond to this tiny march with no political power behind it

    Indeed, it is a measure of just how thoroughly jewed the media and political classes are, and how monolithic the contempt and hostility with which jews regard Whites.

  10. The interesting outcome is that roughly 20 “nazis” showed up for about 15 min said we are not White supreeeeemacists and left. The antifa pets chimped, jews screech. Whites come out looking sane, hopefully to normie land MuriBurgers.
    Antifa attacked each other and cops while “nazis” were on the road home.
    Am I wrong or too optimistic in burgers?

  11. And how well they’ve programmed that contempt and hostility into all of the people they’ve imported.

  12. We pay the price of White disloyalty.

    If Whites had any intelligence and moral courage, Duke would have been President 40 yrs ago. As a greater group, Whites are pathetic.

  13. ” Am I wrong or too optimistic in burgers? ” Chris Taylor

    You’re fully justified in being optimistic.
    If only we had an honest media, that would give the credit our folks are due.

  14. Anyone interested, big cat Kayla is going to interview Linder on her YouTube channel, 5pm EDT Tue Aug 14.

  15. “As a greater group, Whites are pathetic.” Fred W.

    I try to avoid such sentiments as much as possible, because 99% of the white population are plugged into the Jewtrix. To truly appreciate the sheer power of gaslighting whites are under, I implore you to think back to 19th Century German Nationalism.

    It is often said by contemporary philosophers that German ethno-nationalism began under Napoleonic dominion (i.e. from opposition to French rule). This led Johann Gottlieb Fichte to conclude: “Thus was the German nation placed-sufficiently united within itself by a common language and a common way of thinking, and sharply enough severed from the other peoples-in the middle of Europe, as a wall to divide races not akin…”

    Analogously, Whites are united by a common language severed from so-called ‘Ebonics’ and other bastardizations of English adopted by non-whites. However it is this ‘common way of thinking’ that seems to be the shortfall of whites currently. Jews have internalized their Jewing into Whites through complete and utter dominance over our nomenclature which defines our thinking, in such a way that Napoleonic France could not imagine holding over Europe.

    It’s easy to speculate that German nationalism would have never succeeded under these material conditions Whites face now, in the state-of-the-art propaganda and the public education system. Although I hate to blackpill, so unfortunately I find myself in a place advocating for racial-civil conflict which will could be our Franco-Prussian War. Only when those racial lines are truly severed through armed conflict will Whites wake.

  16. Charlottesville One-Year Anniversary – White Supremacist Rally Showcased Dark Forces as Old as America:

    If we are honest with ourselves, and with our history, we realize that the American experiment contains not only the seeds of its own fulfillment but also, like a dormant virus, the mechanism of its own destruction. The virus has erupted over and over again, escaping the constraints of history like a plague that has escaped the laboratory.

    Indians extirpated. Slavery. The burning of convents in Boston. Red Scares. Blacklists. Lynching. Charlottesville.

    Whoops, he forgot the six gorillion, but if “we” are honest with “ourselves” this is the jew narrative, this abridged litany of White sins. The chutzpathic reality-inverting immune-system-as-virus line comes directly from the ADL.

  17. “because 99% of the white population are plugged into the Jewtrix” Ken

    That’s of their own volition.

    They have brains, they could use them. They could also look around and find their spine. Living in a free republic and behaving like serfs is disgraceful. The disloyalty and lack of unity is the lowest of any race. Combine these factors with childish gullibility and it’s a recipe for disaster. The wealth of our nation allows them ignore reality and live in fantasy. Such good genes, wasted on careless fools. Infinite potential, just going down the drain.

  18. “Indians extirpated”

    Since when?
    Shoveling the White guilt, as long as Whites are dumb enough to swallow.
    Must be convenient, the ability to lie without even pausing.

  19. We need to stop seeing jews as some kind of indestructible enemy that we can’t possibly beat. We’ve beaten them many times before, the only thing is that the next time we do it, we need to keep them beat. Ignore their religious bluster about being their deity’s “chosen people” and all they are is a race of petty, lying, parasites.

    To get Niezschean for a moment, imagine their power as an enormous statue. It’s big and imposing, but tap it with a hammer and it’ll shatter because it’s brittle and hollow. Jews cannot survive the slightest bit of scrutiny, that’s why they move to outlaw it everywhere. They scare easily and their neuroses often prevents them from behaving in a rational manner.

    The 20th Century was “the jewish century,” but that’s over. They can’t control information or communication like they used to. They could never get away with a bolshevik movement or a Holodomor today. I doubt they could even pull off another Iraq. Nobody trusts the jew-owned government(s) . Nobody trusts the media. Israel is a global pariah.

    The point is that when Whites and even non-Whites all over the world start openly speaking about the jew, there’ll be nothing they can do about it. They’ll be finished. Information is not lost anymore. Jews won’t be able to crawl to another country as “refugees.” Nobody will see them as victims. Everyone will know they’re nation-wrecking parasites. It’ll be over for them. All we have to do is stand up.

  20. Although “racial-civil conflict” could awaken some folks, off in the distance and out of harm’s way the kikejew would be wringing its tentacles in glee.

    Bureaucracy – commercial, financial, legal, governmental, etc. – is the springboard of Jew power. Nearly all people depend upon it.

  21. We shall see what happens. They are doing their best to strangle whatever freedom of speech that is left. Witness the Democrats proposing legislation this week regulating political speech on the Internet. Than you have all the de-platforming that is going on.

    I was banned from a firearms site today for pointing out that the Jews totally control the media. It was a graphic that was put together that shows all the channels, NPR and the Jew York times with faces and names from the CEO on down to the executives and reporters. Its very enlightening. I was banned for anti-semitism from a freaking firearms site.

    And who wants to ban the guns? Jews. What a bunch of morons.

  22. Chris Taylor
    Yes, I listened to it on his YouTube channel when it was up and it is great. I was going to ask Tan his opinion of it because I think it contends that the Jews are only around 2400 years old. That any contributions or conquests jews claim before that are stolen from other nations, including their religion. I don’t even think it matters though because the present situation is the reality no matter the history.

  23. ” . They are doing their best to strangle whatever freedom of speech that is left.” J.smith

    Yep , just label it ‘HATE’, then outlaw it. As if an emotion can be legislated.
    Of course, (((they))) will be the masters of definition, defining what is and is not ‘HATE’.( hasbara again, always controlling the narrative.)

  24. “The disloyalty and lack of unity is the lowest of any race.” Fred W

    Could you explain why this is Fred? Is it really just a byproduct of prosperity? While I somewhat agree, it’s tough for me to accept this.

  25. @Chris Hinds
    Yes it doesnt change the fact they’re in control now.
    And embarrassing that such a weasel-like people have obtained this power.
    But it is a interesting and frustrating listen that Jewish Mask series.
    To me, it comes across that Whites underestimated jews this last 2400 years and that is why they have the power. I guarantee this (2%) of the population is pure BS, theyre are far more jews than we know.

  26. ” And who wants to ban the guns? ” J. Smith

    Of course! You can’t have armed slaves, they might get all uppity and get off their knees. When the NKVD knocked in the late of night, there’d just be a pile of dead thugs in the street. Pretty soon the hired thugs wouldn’t follow orders, they might turn against their (((masters))), horror of horrors.

  27. “Could you explain why this is Fred? ” Ken

    I can’t explain it. It’s just an empirical observation, from watching gang fights and being around gangs. Blacks will form gangs, so will Mexicans and Asians too. Whites won’t, even when it is a matter of survival and self-defense. ( I am not including bikers and such, those are mostly adult criminal enterprises. I’m talking about groups based on ethnic identity , racial loyalty.)

    several blacks will jump Jose, beat the hell out him. Days later, carloads of Mexicans will grab the same blacks or family members and send them to the hospital. Blacks will suddenly move out of the neighborhood (sequel to White Flight). Blacks are being systematically purged from Mexican areas ( somehow the media always misses this , hmmm?) Will Whites ever do this? NOT in a million years!

    Maybe it’s the ‘Too nice syndrome’, Whites have a lot of that.

  28. Well said, Fred. It’s so frustrating to Whites that Siberians and blacks just won’t fall into their fantasy land of racial togetherness. Mexicans are seriously cleaning blacks out of some areas in California, and it’ll get worse as more of them come in. I can just imagine the last White liberal rocking gently in an insane asylum somewhere in 2050, having tea with some stuffed animals who are named Tyrone and Jose and who ALWAYS get along.

    The Jews are quite nasty. They’re trying to exterminate all Aryans, and in so doing, they are willing to sacrifice a LOT of Congoids to Hispanic gangs, and vice versa but less so. Obviously their crimes against Whites are and always have been greater for 2,000 years, but if they don’t exterminate us and we ever get to make a real history, that history shouldn’t forget what the Jews did to the other human groups on this planet.

    It’s such a sad irony, like always, how the idiot White universalists are helping the Jews kill amazing quantities of non-Whites with their fantasies. They haven’t matched the body count for the Israel Foundation War yet, but they’re happily liberating so many millions of Arabs and Congoids constantly that they might someday reach those totals.

  29. Two of Guessedworker’s sock puppets are having a conversation with each other. And one of them even has it’s own blog. Truth is stranger than fiction?

  30. Chris Taylor
    I come to this site because I think that everyone is trying to figure out the truth. I think all of the debates here are in good faith and I think Tan has a pro-white bias but he allows all points of view. I think if we really want to get to the truth we have to admit that jewing couldn’t flourish without a ton of white allies.
    I think the implication that everyone is a crypto Jew is letting pieces of white garbage off the hook. I think we have to admit that our race has many pieces of garbage in it, like other races. I actually think it is an important part of the Jewish problem. How in the fuck are the Jews so effective at corrupting. I think it is largely greed and overlapping financial interest and media control.
    I’ve thought for a long time that the whole government needs a massive reform and it has to be a bigger part of the discussion. How do the Jews corrupt white institutions. I think it would be way more effective to deal with government corruption than to deal with some particular New York Times jew. They are really able to control the country by simply controlling the senate. The senate never bucks the Jews and the vast majority of senators arent Jews. I don’t write this to give Jews a pass but to say that I think it requires examining how the Jews corrupt. The president that probably came closest to bucking the Jews was Obama, an African, on the Iran deal. When was the last time a white guy in power bucked the Jews? Maybe chuck Hagel tried to and they made an example of him. Pat Buchanan also in the late nineties or whenever.

  31. And blackmail, I was reading an article in a newspaper in the U.K. that said Lindsey graham was being blackmailed by the Jewish lobby for being a faggot. Like everybody doesn’t already know he’s a flaming pervert. We probably don’t know the extent of it all though.

  32. When speaking to someone about your political beliefs it works well to confine your statements to specific ideas that you’ve thought about carefully beforehand and for which you have chosen words for that make your stance clear, well spoken, and honest. You don’t have to hide what you believe. You also don’t have to directly confront the person’s own point of view or statement. Just an honest, truthful statement in well chosen words works well. And if you can say three or four really effective things, it’s better than impulsively spitting out a hundred short sentences none of which are successful.

  33. ” I guarantee this (2%) of the population is pure BS, ”

    But,but,but 2% of 300 million equals the magic 6 gazillion, it must be true.

    ( personally, I agree with you. There must be 15 to 20 million or more in this country. I encounter far too many for it to be 1 in 50, even in small remote towns.)

  34. “How in the fuck are the Jews so effective at corrupting?”

    Mountains of money, intense networking and exclusive group loyalty.

  35. ““How in the fuck are the Jews so effective at corrupting?”

    Mountains of money, intense networking and exclusive group loyalty.”

    That rings true, both as an insult and some, but not even a majority, of how they worked then and now. See, they didn’t start out with those riches, but they were still able to take Europe, and they’re still able to get rich goys to marry their daughters and help pump out some useful Ashkenazi. Whites crave meaning and morals, and Jews are such good liars, so confident in what they can come to believe even though they started out knowing it was false, that it’s like the perfect storm for manipulating Whites, who have this incredible hunger for existential meaning. Look at 2001 Afghanistan or 2003 Iraq–there were all these young kids in America and Britain eager to defend their land and prove their worth, and by lying, the Jews got them to go die and/or murder a bunch of Arabs for Israel. The little soldier boys weren’t inherently bad, or inherently murderous, but they were vulnerable to the Jewish lies alone, even at 33K/year.

    Sure, they can use gold now that they have it, but before, they were just what they are inside now–ugly little trolls of the desert. And then a bunch of Whites confused about the meaning of life, and instinctively believing that other human-like entities could be trusted to be honest and forthright, fell into the Torah and some of its sequels. Not because they WANTED to be governed by a bunch of fag-fat nobles, or have their streets filled by Arabs and Africans, but because they so badly wanted to hear something that looked human promise, “Love and peace will come to you after death if you obey the Rabbi!”

    To some extent, there is bribery, but it’s so indirect, now. I.e., Jews control tax revenues and government contracts, so they’re using goy dollars to bribe goys. And they provide emotional support during it, reassuring their targets that whatever self-interested, pro-Jew thing they’re doing is actually good for “the people,” or some other lie about, say, how $50 million in aid to Congoid businesses, with 10% going to the sponsoring Senator’s brother’s new business consulting firm, is really going to make America better. Add some years or zeroes if you like. Bombing Syria was similar, where they give a bunch of goy dollars to some evil Representative’s partly-held company to buy a bunch of $10K bombs to drop “to defend western civilization.”

    How did this all get started, though? How did these nasty little goblins from the desert start tricking Arabs and Euros into giving them the jewels that became their capital? Certainly some use of Jewish whores, lies, and bribed reviews helped, but primarily it was the lies about Chosen of Yahweh. We can still see that today; there are a lot of Whites who are desperately devoted to their sacred rabbi, even as they start to become aware of the Jews being a very tangible problem. No matter how bad it hurts, they so need to believe in the things the Torah and Nicea said that they will. not. stop. believing. the.Jews.

    Compared to eternal nothing, the filthy, violent lies in their propaganda are at least marginally better, in the sense that better things than Jews can imagine a Heaven that fills in the details they left purposefully vague. But think about the nothing but lying promises they used to start becoming court advisers and controlling Europe–it really wasn’t money that got their foot in the door, but just wormtonguish lies. White people are that vulnerable. We’re going to need to get past that if we’re going to survive. They won with Rabbi, with Diversity Is Strength, with Big Bang, with Nazis Are Bad…they’ll have others whenever they decide we should believe them. We can’t just tell ourselves it was about worldly riches.

    (Funny, worldly riches works fine on Congoids, but then the Congoids spend/lose/destroy the riches just by their nature, and then they blame the Jews for that (even if that part of it wasn’t the Jews’ fault) and try to kill them. It’s great how their nature immunizes them to Jew. And the Arabs just kill them anyway, or at least not let them in the door. It took them a LONG time to develop Torah 3.0, and a LOT of genetic mixing to get it to stay down, whereas it took less than half that to develop Torah 2.0 for Europe–c. 300 C.E. v. 800 C.E.)

  36. jews are effective at corrupting because they devote themselves entirely to it and nothing else. Most races are divided into castes: laborers, artisans, soldiers, artists, priests, leaders. jews have no such divisions, their race is entirely a race of priests, only instead of using religion as a means to attain wisdom like the priestly castes of other races, the “religion” of the jews is centered solely on deception, as they have no other means of survival.

    There are no great jewish artists, warriors, or leaders, not in all of history. There is no archeological evidence of any great jewish civilization. They were always a race of hagglers masquerading as a holy people. When you have millions of these people spread across the world all devoting themselves to the cause of subversion, they can control entire nations of people with lies. It’s mind-boggling at first, but when you consider that basically all jews are the same and follow the same code, it becomes pretty straightforward.

  37. I didn’t say money was their only tool, but it’s like supercharger, amplifying all their other methods .

  38. Just for clarity I wasn’t confronting Chris Taylor at all. He’s one of my favorite posters. But archer is right and the posts aren’t well put together or clear. It seems like there isn’t that much to explore anymore and sometimes I just like posting hate. I see that it really isn’t consistent with the thorough work Tan does.

  39. ” You don’t have to hide what you believe. ”

    Oh yeah ?
    I can think of many exceptions to that.

  40. @chris hinds
    With these subjects it lends itself to overwhelming people when talking about it. You have this wealth of knowledge that is in most cases still new to you and you just spew it out. When you should focus it more. But that comes with making the above mistakes. I have many times.

    I now focus on holocaust/gas myths and the fact if it were true why would jews need laws preventing it being questioned? Patrick Little makes this mistake constantly. He spews USSLiberty stuff and just overwhelms people and they get turned off.

    Focus on holocaust laws/ 911 or Immigration and if jews are White why do they lead the antiWhite march?
    Keep it simple and Burgers will listen. Dont bash them ask them questions leading them to the answer you know is true. This way they “discover” the answer.

  41. Such a great point, KSA. I have known just a few Jews who were actually good wrestlers, but they couldn’t strike nor specifically block (like, they could sorta cower inside both hands but not actually deflect a bunch of rapid strikes from different directions), so I am not sure that they could win even a bar fight with some grumpy fat 60ish biker-dude, despite their at-the-time superior physical fitness. By the same token, though, they could convince the biker to go to Arabia and die fighting Arabs. It seems like lies really are the strongest force on this planet, and mere “strength” is nothing but an illusion.

    “Truth” and “honor” and “decency” have thus far shown themselves to be material failures. It’s a great metaphysical contest, Jew v. Aryan, and we all hope there is some goodness in this cosmos to make it turn out the non-lying way.


    JH intersperses his effing and blinding with some insights into the petrodollar, central banks in lockstep/dollar peg, US’s exporting of inflation and other monetary shenanigans shaping the geopolitical world state (e.g. circa @19m…).

    His shows on Jordan Peterson (episodes episodes 55, 48, 47, 45, 44, 42) were somewhat worthy imo but my attempt at memorializing them seems to have been rebuffed at

    Turf wars or persona non grata?

    @TANSTAAFL – might be an interesting guest for a livechat especially if you can get him to summarise his understanding of / probe him on how world events are directed through currency manipulation.

  43. Here’s the full video: Should the Jews Leave Europe?

    White flight is real, the result of real harm to Whites. Parasite flight is imaginary, and used to justify the harm to Whites. The jew see Whites as other, as an existential threat. The parasite oyyyveyyys as if it’s oppressed while dictating in detail what the host must do to better serve it.

  44. What are some good euphemisms for ‘Jew’ ?
    Something that everyone can grasp, but will evade being censored and getting a person de-platformed. Easy and not esoteric.

  45. “Goblin” works, since they’re traditionally portrayed as Jews for over a millennia: fiendish, big-nosed, treasure-crazy, interested in violating medieval maidens, particularly interested in kidnapping unattended children, and all that. Tolkien foolishly used braver ones, who would actually fight, since he lumped them in with Incas and other Mongoloids. The trope was big enough that, until her handlers altered her worldbuilding, Rowling even used greedy big-schnozzed goblins at her “wizard bank” until they realized what she’d inadvertently done and gave a directive to eliminate goblin scenes from the rest of the books.

    The downside is that goblins have been so thoroughly used by westerners as a reference to the greedy society-destroying, child-raping things from the southern deserts that most people now don’t understand that it was created as a metaphor. I’d so like it if people could recapture all that history of European fairy tales warning children that roaming the village unattended at night might get them captured by an ugly big-nosed pervert who was new in town. It’d be sad if we lost all that just because a few Jewish entertainment companies have made goblins into silly-only, divorced from history and context.

    On a separate note, I like that thing someone tried once where he used “Eskimos” in place of “Jews.” Like, edit some shabbos goy president’s speech, so that he says “The security of Eskimos is the biggest priority of my administration,” or “We must do everything we can to stop this irrational expression of conspiracy theories against Eskimos.” It makes it so obvious how the U.S. is just an Eskimo pawn, since no other group on this planet gets talked about or given money and attention as much as Eskimos.

  46. Homeland Security Official Linked White Nationalists – The Forward

    Leaked emails seen by The Atlantic show that analyst Ian Smith had been in contact and planned events with a group that included known white nationalists. One email thread sent to Smith included the address of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer. Jared Taylor, the founder of the white nationalist publication American Renaissance, was also a recipient of an email sent to Smith.

    The messages show how prominent white nationalists interact and stay in touch with each other, including gathering for what they called an “Alt-right Toastmasters” night.

    . . .

    Others in the Trump administration have already been outed for their ties to white nationalism.

    Sent from Alyssa Fisher’s iPhone at AIPAC 2018

  47. I couldn’t get Rabbi Linder’s monologue marathon from the above link so here’s the audio slimmed down to 16kbps (54.1MB), nothing added, nothing taken away except 279MB needless bandwidth:

    Little Boy:

    If that fails (link expires if no downloads) then

    Fat Man:

    Linder gets very wearing after about 6 hours, before then is OK, ranging over many issues including his visit from the FBI, and easy divorce + feminism = the family subverted a.k.a. race reduction.

  48. To anyone who hasn’t already found it, I highly recomend
    ‘The Red Elephants’ on youtude. Well worth watching..

  49. Trump said condemning white supremacists was ‘biggest f—ing mistake I’ve made’: Woodward book

    Trump faced widespread criticism after he initially said that “both sides” were to blame for the violence that broke out at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., last August.

    He later condemned white supremacists and neo-Nazis at the urging of his advisers, according to Woodward.

    “That was the biggest f—ing mistake I’ve made,” Trump reportedly told aides almost immediately after the condemnation.

    Trump also called it the “worst speech I’ve ever given,” according to Woodward’s account.

    The jewsmedia is still trying to spin the kikeservative-in-chief as a “white supremacist”.

    The quotes above are ambiguous. What does the kikeservative-in-chief regret most? Angering the tribe he so eagerly seeks to please or appearing to condemn himself?

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