The Pocahontacaust: Jewsmedia Affirms One Drop Rule, Genetic Basis of Race

elizabeth_one_drop_warrenRace is a social construct, the jewsmedia regularly screeches. The lie is revealed by controversies like this.

Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Results: She’s Native American:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has taken the extraordinary step of releasing DNA test results that provide “strong evidence” that she has Native American ancestry, the Boston Globe reports. The possible Democratic presidential contender for 2020 has been repeatedly mocked by Donald Trump and other Republicans over her ancestral claims—one of Trump’s sick jokes is to call Warren “Pocahontas.”

The Pocahontas gibe has never hinged on whether Warren actually has some small amount of non-White DNA. The sick joke is that, under the current anti-White regime, people in positions of power who look White are rewarded specifically for disavowing Whiteness. This reality has not changed. The jewsmedia take confirms it. It only seems humorous to Whites to the extent it strikes us as absurd, to the extent we do not understand or do not want to understand what it implies about our current situation.

What has changed, only slightly, is the jewsmedia’s rule for racial dispensation. Before 2015 the only thing anyone had to do to justify their jewsmedia-defined righteousness was shit on Whiteness. Since 2015 certain figures have been checked for non-Whiteness. Warren’s drop of non-White blood, real or imagined, is truly potent. It demonstrates that the lying jewsmedia recognizes race is genetic, and takes for granted that even vanishingly small bits of DNA can divide racial right from racial wrong.

Rachel Dolezal and Julia Salazar are two other recent demonstrations of this rule, though both were jeered by the jewsmedia rather than cheered.

In 2015 the jewsmedia denounced Dolezal as a racial fraudster. For years Dolezal had passed as a black among blacks, going well beyond merely renouncing Whiteness. But according to the jewsmedia she didn’t have any black DNA, and therefore couldn’t legitimately claim to be black.

In 2018 the jewsmedia denounced Salazar as a racial fraudster. For years Salazar had passed as a jew among jews, going well beyond merely renouncing Whiteness. But according to jews who made a point of scrutinizing her ancestry she didn’t have any jew DNA, and therefore couldn’t legitimately claim to be a jew.

Cohencidentally, in all three cases it is jewsmedia jews, so prone to goyposing as “fellow whites”, so chutzpathically crying out about someone else’s racial fraud. The jewy joke, as always, is on Whites, especially White Trump supporters, who respond to the increasingly blatant, hostile, and jewy anti-White animus by laughing brainlessly. They dislike “the media”, “political correctness”, and “racism”, while professing love and admiration for The Tribe which defines and drives it all. This double-think is embodied in the head Pocahontas mocker, the kikeservative-in-chief himself. Pilloried daily by the jewsmedia in explicitly anti-White terms, Trump never so much as addresses his White supporters as White, never identifies the “enemy of the people”, the enemy of his White supporters, as jews jewing jewily. His insincere BUILD/LOCK/DRAIN sloganeering and the insincere jewsmedia hand-wringing over it have not been replaced by jewing. The theatre is part and parcel of the jewing.

In the years to come the jewsmedia will surely push farther along these lines. Whites posing as non-White, and non-jews posing as jews, will have to do more than simply mouth support for the anti-White agenda. They’ll need a DNA test. The minimum requirement for non-White/jew DNA will increase over time, because more “diversity” means less Whiteness. Though often obscured by the jewsmedia’s squid ink, the litmus test for jewness and jew-constructed anti-“racism” has and always will be genetic.

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  1. I’d like to know what this magical “White Privilege” is when a narcissistic emboldened feminist knocks herself out to prove that she’s a descendant of a nomadic Siberian people?

  2. I think there are two important take-aways from this. One is that they now have to admit that race is real. They can in no way continue denying it.

    Another is that we can now use the trope of privilege against them. In the past there was a ohrase known as “passing as white”. People who were part white and looked white tried to pass themselves off as white. Why? Because it was beneficial for them to do so. That was where the privilege was. And as was taught in my Cultural Diversity class, people go where the privilege is.

    But mixed people aren’t trying to pass for white anymore. In fact it’s the opposite. Any white person with any small amount of non-white ancestry clings to that non-white ancestry and tries the pass themselves off as non-white.

    Why is this? Because that is where the privilege is. That is where the power is.

    Whites are said to be the ones “in power”, yet any woman or minority holds power over a white man. They can destroy our lives in the court of law or in the court of public opinion with just one accusation: racism, or sexism. And the fact that we are white males means that we are powerless to defend against it. The whole system is stack d against us.

    The fact that white males make up much of the system does not help us, and in fact doesn’t help those white males much either as they are only allowed to hold those positions as long as they cater to women and minorities. Even while catering to women and minorities does not portect them from attacks because as we have seen in recent times they are disposable and will be discarded as soon as they say the wrong thing.

  3. Elizabeth Warren DNA test prompts Cherokee backlash – Washington Times:

    “Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage,” he concluded.

    Kim TallBear, professor of native studies at the University of Alberta, accused Ms. Warren of refusing to meet with Cherokee Nation members who challenge her claims and blasted her for “colonial-settler definitions of who is Indigenous.”

    “She and much of the US American public privilege the voices of (mostly white) genome scientists and implicitly cede to them the power to define Indigenous identity,” said Ms. TallBear in a statement. “As scholars of race have shown, it is one of the privileges of whiteness to define and control everyone else’s identity.”

    Nobody likes the jewsmedia dictating who they are, but as “scholars of race have shown”, the semitically correct way to express your displeasure is to blame Whites.

  4. Trump and Warren’s Feud Over Racial Heritage and DNA – The Atlantic:

    What became evident early on in the birtherism saga was that much of the energy directed against Obama was simply intended to create partisan misdirection, confusion, and distraction. Those things all aided Trump in his quest for power, degrading the national discourse in the process.

    . . .

    The key takeaway of Trump’s birtherism stint is that he has proven adept at wielding bullying and gaslighting in service of racial gatekeeping, and he isn’t impeded by facts. The age-old game of racial essentialism and blood policing is itself intended to stack the deck in favor of bullies, to always siphon power from the weak, and to require an ever-shifting burden of proof among aggrieved parties that can never be met. Trump will always win this game because it is rigged for him to win.

    A jewsmedia house nigger blames Trump (for following the jew playbook).

  5. let’s not be too hard on Princess Lieawatha. She smoke-signals both ways, because

    “Warren” is not her real name. That’s the name of the dead guy she used to be married to.

    and “Warren” is a came-over-on-the-Mayflower name, signalling pure Boston Brahmin.

  6. One is that they now have to admit that race is real. They can in no way continue denying it.

    Uh, are you talking about (((they)))?

    ((( they))) can express and maintain contradictory concepts until the sun goes dark.
    Logic and consistency are such goyish ideas, besides they don’t fit the ((( agenda ))).

  7. and the current coverage bemoans her decision to release this info 22 days before the midterms. Had only you waited until after the elections when we could properly defend you.

  8. Elizabeth Warren Falls for Trump’s Trap—and Promotes Insidious Ideas About Race and DNA | The New Yorker:

    She is also reinforcing one of the most insidious ways in which Americans talk about race: as though it were a measurable biological category, one that, in some cases, can be determined by a single drop of blood. Genetic-test evidence is circular: if everyone who claims to be X has a particular genetic marker, then everyone with the marker is likely to be X. This would be flawed reasoning in any area, but what makes it bad science is that it reinforces the belief in the existence of X—in this case, race as a biological category. Warren’s video will hardly convince a Trump voter, who will see only a woman who feels that she has to prove something. Trump himself has already walked back his promise of a million-dollar charity donation. Warren, meanwhile, has allowed herself to be dragged into a conversation based on an outdated, harmful concept of racial blood—one that promotes the pernicious idea of biological differences among people—and she has pulled her supporters right along with her.


    No need for a DNA test for Gessen. Just look at its face.

    More than anyone else it is the jewsmedia and jewed academia which drive how the mainstream think and talk about race. Their narrative is Gessen’s narrative.

    The circular argument constructed by jews to benefit jews asserts that race is a mere social construct, constructed by Whites to benefit Whites. This White-washing is very common. When jews commit some crime they also make sure to shift the blame for it to Whites. Sometimes the individuals doing the shifting are jews dissimulating as “white”. Sometimes the individuals being blamed as “white” are jews.

    The Gessens screech about any recognition of biological differences because they benefit by obscuring those differences. They are aware jew is a heritable genetic trait, but also aware of the existential importance of shape-shifting and blame-shifting for jews. They are aware genetic science threatens to reveal the past century of jew lies about race, reveal jew racial fraud, reveal jew crimes as jew crimes – crimes from which jews have benefited and Whites have been harmed.

  9. “Jews are the masters of the lie” Schopenhauer

    There’s no way we can correct things as fast as they lie. We must have White media, to displace their black lies.

  10. Did Elizabeth Warren Just Kill Identity Politics?

    If the Massachusetts senator is now a person of color then the term has no meaning.

    “Person of color” has a crystal clear meaning. It means “not White”.

    Before facing President Trump in a 2020 debate, Sen. Warren will first need to win over the Democrats who vote in presidential primaries. If these voters accept her as a Native American then logically it suggests that most if not all Americans can also claim to be members of groups that have historically suffered discrimination. We’re all minorities now?

    The jewsmedia has boosted Warren for her toxic feminism and anti-Trump rhetoric, despite her DNA. Its cheerleading is already being redirected toward tools that are less White.

    This column thinks it would be wonderful if politicians decided to stop separating Americans by race but doubts Ms. Warren can sell this to Democratic party activists.

    The column is wishful thinking. The one wing of the jewed anti-White regime screeches, ever clearer, “KILL WHITEY”. The other wing, equally jewed, responds by not responding, or worse, with a lame bleat that race shouldn’t matter, directly in the face of clear evidence that it definitely does.

  11. In the realm of fantasy, white people wake up and gain control of the world, and all Siberians are shipped back to Siberia to live in their native rustic splendor. And Elizabeth Warren desperately tries to claim at the hearing that she isn’t really a savage, but they do a genetic test, find out she has some of that ancestry, and off she goes to the land without wheels or written language. Now that’s a much nicer controversy…the Bureau of Indian Affairs is charged with keeping the surrounding wall in good order, but after a couple years the Siberians have shot each other with all the ammo they snuck in, and they can’t make any more, so they’re back to wooden clubs and naked fighting.

  12. these people have known for a while that science would overtake their lies. these people are now per breezies screed admitting openly that orientals dominate act scores. the pivot is toward confusion through omission. there are 200 million whites in jewmerica, these people are selecting the best and brightest from a population of billions, admitting them into jewmerica and granting them privileges to compete against the whites. GI you fahew, after racial preferences have given the selected money to pay for college, housing to live at and parents jobs to provide family support for them. take an average white man and put him along with one of the selected in a paper bag, say escape, they will both escape. add the caveat that the bag has been coated in something, the selected will stand confused as it doesn’t know what the coating is. the white man will knock through the bag and asses the coating as water.

  13. From the Gessen article:

    It is important to understand that, contrary to the impression created by television and online advertising, a DNA test can never provide definitive information about one’s heritage. Ancestry-testing services deal in correlations: they collect data on genetic markers on the one hand and personal narratives on the other. If all or most of the people who identify as, say, Ashkenazi Jewish have a certain genetic marker, the database will learn to recognize the marker as “Ashkenazi Jewish”; chances are, most Palestinians in this world would have this marker as well, but as long as none of them has used this particular service, the marker will be known as “Jewish.”

    Pure squid ink.

    A person’s DNA contains the most definitive information about their heritage, better than any real-in-your-mind “personal narrative”. If you need to know whether there’s “diversity” somewhere in someone’s woodpile there’s nothing more objective and accurate than a DNA test.

    The label that genetic testers put on jew DNA doesn’t change the fact that 1) jew is a heritable trait, and 2) jew DNA is distinct from European DNA, clusters closer to the DNA of other sandnigger tribes.

  14. Canned crab? Elizabeth Warren is unfit to lead. – The Washington Post:

    If you work in the Trump administration, you are goyish even if you are Jewish. The House is goyish, the Senate is Jewish. Jeff Flake: Jewish. Dianne Feinstein: goyish. Sonia Sotomayor: very Jewish. Steny H. Hoyer: crazy goyish.

    Warren would have some work to do. Her demeanor screams white bread and Jell-O molds. But a few adjustments might help: S top calling herself “an Okie to my toes.” (Even Jews who live in Oklahoma are goyish.) And, for heaven’s sake, stop with the crab mayonnaise.

    Lest my motive be mistaken for partisan, I also asked House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s office if he would kibbitz with me after a DNA test found Ryan to be 3 percent Ashkenazi Jew. Ryan shows a flicker of interest: He tweeted a GIF of himself raising a pint of beer, with the message: “Guess I need to start saying ‘L’Chaim’ now, too!” If he does that with a glass of schnapps, we’ll have our first Jewish speaker of the House.

    Of course, I don’t actually desire to have Warren, or Ryan, join my “tribe” — which, in any event, is only part of my heritage. Like most in the American melting pot, I’m a mutt: a stew of English and German, western pioneers and sharecroppers, immigrants from the shtetl and a great-great-great-grandfather who died fighting for the Iowa 39th Infantry in the Civil War.

    “If you work in the Trump administration, you are goyish even if you are Jewish.” That’s how White-washing works. It’s “Russians” meddling, even if it’s jews.

    Over the years Milbank’s Clark Kentstein shtick has been gradually giving way to full-time Superjew. The jewbabble outburst here wraps a confession that he’s not a genetically pure jew. The tragic mischling reveals his head is full of jew while trying to argue it doesn’t matter. Sad.

  15. “Race is a social construct, the jewsmedia regularly screeches.”

    Race is linked to biology; ethnicity is linked to culture. Race is a biological and social construct. Ethnicity is a social construct. Ethnicity refers to a culture of people in a given geographic region, including their language, heritage, religion and customs. To be a member of an ethnic group is to conform to some or all of those practices. Certainly, race and ethnicity overlap, but they are distinct. For example, a Japanese-American would probably consider himself a member of the Asian race, but, if he does not engage in any of the practices or customs of his ancestors, he might not necessarily identify with the ethnicity, but rather consider himself to be American. Of course, American is not a “race”, it is a conglomeration of distinct ethnic groups all rolled into one, with a common cultural bond. Scandanavians, which are from the white race, are descendants from several distinct (North) Germanic tribes. Through intermarriage, they developed a unique set of customs that incorporated Old Norse traditions. So, in a nutshell, race refers to a group of people who possess similar and distinct physical characteristics, while ethnicity refers to a a category of people who regard themselves to be different from other groups based on common ancestral, cultural, national, and social experience.

    Remember, natural science consists of mental constructs, created with the objective of explaining sensory experience of our world. Human beings affix labels to make sense of our environment. For example, the California spotted owl is an animal, i.e. biological construct. The name of the creature is a human designation—strix occidentalis, i.e. human construct. That is, binomial nomenclature refers to a formal system, developed by people, to name species. The California owl was not a “California owl” until someone actually and specifically labeled it.

    I am probably stating the obvious here, but geographic isolation, and natural or sexual selection, have resulted in some alleles in human beings being more frequent in some groups compared to human beings, and ancestry determines the distribution of some genes. Consistent with prior studies, the major genetic clusters consisted of Europeans/West Asians (whites), sub-Saharan Africans, East Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans with a discrepancy rate of only 0.14%. It is also important to remember that most of the debate over race as a biological construct–I happen to believe that race is both a biological and social construct–originated in the desire to establish the genetic inferiority of some races compared to others.

  16. Dear Anti-Gnostic, I thought “ethnicity” originally referred to a biological distinction with culture presumed to go along with it, such that some Vietnamese converting to Anglicanism was welcomed, but not then deemed British. Surely they’ve changed this over the past few decades, but originally, wasn’t “ethnicity” a biological term?

    I’d be interested if you’d explain more about that word’s origin and history. If it really is a newly-created word, I don’t want to use it, but if it’s an old word with a real meaning that they’ve just started to fuck up in the twentieth century, I’d still want to use it as originally intended.

  17. It is not a matter for debate that definitions for terms like race and ethnictity and nation and White and Black and Jew shift over time.

    And that’s good. Because we want to shift them again.

  18. terms like race ….shift over time.

    Yeah, when Jews play 3 Card Monte with our vocabulary and consequently our thinking.

  19. Sit down and ready yourself for a tour de force of Boasian, Cultural Marxist, Frankfurt School, anti-White aggression dressed up as peer reviewed studies, genetic and observational analysis, etc etc, delivered by a purported academic.

    I may post this elsewhere as it is a prime example of chutzpah-driven lying deceit worthy of immortalisation in at least one critical, scholarly article recording for posterity the existential threat now presented to normal White people in the West by ethnic subversives pushing their own interests under the banner of universalism and equality all the while in the employment of the State.

    **Special Guest Episode on Classics and Race/Ethnicity w/Rebecca Futo Kennedy**

    “Dr. Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Denison University.
    In this special guest episode, Dr Rebecca Futo Kennedy and I have a lively discussion about race, ethnicity, immigration, and multiculturalism in the ancient Mediterranean in the first hour. Along the way we point out many of the misconceptions that there are on these topics, and in the second hour we discuss how these misconceptions were shaped by early modern European and American political thought (Fascism, Nationalism, and White Supremacism).”

    This podcast series purportedly on ancient Greece is presented by one “Ryan Stitt”. The above edition presents a low water mark in integrity and credibility, but be advised: it is not alone in its dark endeavours, you need only read the title of the preceding show to see that the usual bases of attack are being addressed by “Ryan Stitt” (is he Black? is he a crypto-Jew? is he a mamzer?):

    **Special Guest Episode on Classics and Misogyny w/Donna Zuckerberg**
    See RSS for details.

    In my experience the following is a dependable ready-reckoner of Jewish larping. If a Black person has an ostensibly White surname you can safely bet that about 90% of the time that name will onetime have been his forebears’ slave-name, either Jewish or one habitually commandeered by Jews; the other 10% being mainly Scottish (also bearing in mind the unhappy fate of that country as a destination for the “Templars” and those Judaics harried over the border in 1290).

    In the case of “Stitt” I have not even visited his website but I do know that there was a well-known Black jazz saxophonist active mainly in the 1950s/1960s also surnamed Stitt: ‘Sonny’ Stitt. Was his slave name Anglo or something more… exotic? Another example readily to recollection is Sonny Rollins; now Rollins IS for sure a “Jewish” surname.

    I’ll leave the more resilient of you to parse the lies in the “Stitt/Futo Kennedy” collaboration, but it’s an overdrive of hyper-aggressive Frankfurt School deconstructionism of White Civilization, White culture, and White genetics. Race Is A Social Construct [Boas so preached but that was for goyim; for the elect his views were upended from the public pronunciamento]; there was much immigration in the Mediterranean region and Middle East in ancient times [just the same way as now, goyim]; the Ancient Egyptians Were Black; USA Is A Nation Of Immigrants – including the Whites at NatVan et al. railing against displacement. etc etc…..

    No bitch, the USA was carved out of the wilderness by White Men. Johnnny-come-lately moral POS degenerates of your ilk are here for the gibs and are just proxies of a greater hatred. The fact that so many panhandlers from the Turd World want a piece of the White Man’s action – and are let in – is testament enough to this assertion.

    To prove the equality (((schtick))) is just a veneer, watch out for the fleeting putdown in the first hour of armies seeking land conquest in Asia/the East.

    Near the end she shares a few personal biographical details (unnecessary for those able to read between the lines – or, lies). Futo is the step-mother iirc, but demonic screech-giggler (her Alinsky humor template doesn’t disarm it just irks) “Dr. Rebecca” I early diagnosed as most likely some mixed Sephardic-gook biology-based hater of all that is “Whiteness”. If she is ostensibly White her Kennedy surname could well betoken some celtic fringe subterfuge (funny how many male Jews’ forename is “Ian” or “Bruce”); or just a married name. She collaborated with a[nother] Jewess in England in using special blocklists for Twitter to shut down all presence of “haters” not agreeing the Bitchkrieg anti-White world view.

    You won’t get anywhere arguing reality with sub-rosa terrorists like this promoting their one-world dystopia. Order will only be restored by the unswerving application of coercive force. Being rational and nice only leads you to the place where the Boers are now.

    Definitely a candidate for a corrective livechat. Just a shame Ezra Pound isn’t still alive.

  20. More uplifting than my preceding is this from another inauspicious source: Sunday Wire
    October 1, 2018 – ‘Quarter Century’ with guests Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Basil Valentine
    (mainly of interest to UK goyim only)

    @1h:55m’32s – “Basil Valentine” (hmmm probably) refers to a near total UK news blackout of events relating to Labour antiSemitism, the Jewish militant left and bomb threats.

    The entire podcast was about 200MB + iirc so here is the clip only:

    C.f. with the current Labour anti-Semitism Hoax: the UK Jewish Year Book in the 1990s in its section “Historical Note on British Jewry” typically read in part “Britain has the distinction of being one of the few countries in Europe where during the course of the last three centuries there have been no serious outbreaks of violence against Jews and in which the ghetto system never gained a footing… [of course they have to qualify this by then referring first to the rapid repeal of an eighteenth century Act allowing naturalisation of foreign born Jews and secondly, mentioning “a short-lived outbreak of anti-Semitism in 1772, associated with the so-called “Chelsea murders” {never heard of them} which they grudgingly remarked “is also notable for its rarity”.]

    I can’t say I’ve seen any real world change since then in the state of affairs described.

  21. Sciency anti-“racist” jew Israel Ehrenberg, goyposing as “Ashley Montagu”, argued that the term race was confusing and popularized ethnic to take it’s place. Ehrenberg’s position was intermediary between the race-is-biological-but-plastic position of Franz Boas and the race-is-a-White-construct position of Stephen Gould – paving the way for the science-says-KILL-WHITEY position of today’s jewed academia.

  22. Fred W.

    “Yeah, when Jews play 3 Card Monte with our vocabulary and consequently our thinking.”

    It is not known that Jews engineered into being the English, Scots, Welsh or Irish out of prior existing groups. Or the Romans or Greeks or Trojans. Or even Jew. But it’s known to be wildly implausible they did so. Ethno-genesis is a more disarranged and happenstance thing, and tends to be self-authored for the most part.

    Like I said, it is not a matter for debate that definitions for terms like race and ethnictity and nation and White and Black and Jew shift over time.

    We don’t have anything to fear from the simple truth. It doesn’t say anything about Whiteness today that the concept did not always exist or has shifted over time. We can be honest and win, whereas I’m not sure that our state of Whiteness allows us to win thru casual lying. That’s not who we are. In any case, there is no good reason to lie about the quite well known and and obvious re-definings of race thru the ages when we today want to change current convention and boot Jews out of the White race.

  23. If the Jews hadn’t appeared on the world stage, there’d just be Whites, Blacks, Reds, and Yellows. There’d probably be better terms by now, but still essentially those groups. But they did appear, and you can’t un-break eggs. Or rather, it’s a challenge I don’t think the humans here can accomplish.

    Our conceptions of race and people were incredibly adjusted by the appearance of Jews. No other species has that genetic potency, to be able to cross breed so much and yet still be so much like its original self. Our entire science is based upon treating them as “humans just like us.” If we ever DO get back control of this planet, item six million and one on the list of “things to do” will be to reevaluate their carefully shepherded lies about how reproduction works, and what makes a gene “dominant” or “recessive” in its expression, and how they help form character, et cetera. Obviously we can’t be allowed to discover that now, or we could cure Judaism, but it’s something a hypothetical future surviving society would need to do just in case that plague ever turned up again.

    As far as Jews showing up in history when they did, it’s interesting to speculate that they may just be the expression of the genes of this one jerk who impregnated a few unhappy Arabs, and things went from there. Maybe the whole reason they’re a hostile species determined to take advantage of humans is because, well, they are a hostile species, and window-dressing aside, what we’re really combating here is just a small collection of gene-like organisms that overwrites all the human-organism-behaviors in reproduction. They’ve intermixed with Congoids, but still act like themselves. Same with every other type of human on this planet. And they have this way of recognizing each other, and knowing what they’re planning, that humans can’t duplicate.

    Just speculation; we know what should be done for human survival regardless, whatever, studying later accomplishes, and if there’s something they want to hide, they’ll carefully steer all PhD candidates and funding away from it forever.

  24. NYT Science: “The idea that a person’s sex is determined by their anatomy at birth is not true, and we’ve known that it’s not true for decades.”

    “We”, meaning the jewed media and academia. This lie of theirs traces back about a century, with Franz Boas pioneering the jewing of race science and Magnus Hirschfeld pioneering the jewing of sex science. It’s psycho-biological warfare. What they are doing is literally pathologizing, queering the perception and reproduction of anyone who heeds them. And the jewing of state ensures they will be heeded.

  25. No other species has that genetic potency, to be able to cross breed so much and yet still be so much like its original self.

    Is that ever the truth. Just incredible!
    A super dominant gene of some sort, the toxin that never loses potency ( along with the genetic defects unique to Jews. Very strange.)?

    they’ll carefully steer all PhD candidates and funding away from it forever.

    Yep, just do everything and anything to keep the goy dumb. Also, misdirection into every form of harmful behavior.

  26. Jewish genes, in combination with Torah laws and social structure might be the explanation of their behavior?

  27. “As far as Jews showing up in history when they did, it’s interesting to speculate that they may just be the expression of the genes of this one jerk who impregnated a few unhappy Arabs, and things went from there.”

    The Ashkenazim were the product of a small number of jew males raping White women about a thousand years ago. This probably has something to do with the source of their racial evil.

  28. The book “Camp of the Saints” seems to be dropping out of consciousness as fast as its ghastly and quickening actualisation in our reality gathers pace. Here’s an excerpt from Jared Howe on the Border caravan:
    12m, 2.6MB taken from
    Oct. 19, 2018 – S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 87 | aNPCalypse Now
    “Islands ‘should share’ housing refugees”
    “Lord Alf Dubs, a former child refugee, has called on the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey’s governments to “share” the responsibility.”

    Beleagured Brits can’t even escape the brown hordes by escaping to the Islands. But have we heard (((Lord Alf Dubbs))) calling for White South Africans to be admitted to the UK? Or Israel to take in African migrants? Or even to persuade the Gulf States to absorb material numbers of their displaced co-religionists? NO! His whole “‘schtick'” is Coudenhove-Kalergi jive under the carapace of humaniteeeee. What a despicable fraud and a warning from history. “Bites the hand that feeds” is a superlative of understatement.

  29. True KSA, but don’t forget the Janissaries, who were used as the male half of the assets. What is weird is, they must’ve chosen the tallest, strongest, most hale specimens, and yet Ashkenazi are still these little milktit males. Whatever makes their mentality conform to “Judaism” must also override their physicality and, ironically, make it less fit than whatever they’re using as breeding stock.

    (Side note: looks like they’re modding culture even in a way I can perceive through casual memory. When I was younger, Janissaries used to be openly treated as what they were, which is kidnapped White slave-soldiers. But now, they’ve changed it to just mean “sultan’s guard” as though it was Turkish Arabs & Jews making up the Janissaries. They can’t have yet redacted all the books I read before, so there must be a lot of confused students out there wondering why, sometimes, old historians were claiming that Janissaries were all White slaves, and other times it’s not mentioned at all. And in a few years, they’ll finish their historical retconning, and the children of the future won’t even know that the Janissaries were kidnapped children taken from Europe and used to spawn whiter Jews.)

    Anyhoo, that downside to Jewish reproduction is interesting. You can certainly understand why they never won battles until Europeoids invented sufficient technology to permit their weak, sickened little bodies to win at war. It’ll be interesting to see how long the Arabs keep taking their crap once the Arabs acquire modern fighter jets from some money-hungry Slavs…it’d be wonderful, seeing Egypt use Russian planes to take control of the sky, then send bombers to Jerusalem. Russians, please sell Arab governments more jets faster!

    (…assuming those governments aren’t already run by cryptos. Damn, they’re ahead on that one, too.)

    What a weird trait in reproduction, Jews have cross-bred with tall Congoids for so long, and in addition to keeping their IQ, they’re still these weird little shriveled things. There are fewer Jew pro-athletes than even their proportion among this planet’s population, when by their breeding, human traits would’ve produced this small legion of really tall, built, Jew-minded rapespawn. But no…the thing that makes them so successful eats up so many resources they’re left physically deficient. It’s a choice no human would make for its offspring, but those things would easily do it. The things they are doing with paint and architecture are only a continuation of what they’ve already done with their own bodies.

    It’s a weird split between how their reproduction works with regards the sexes. The men are so god-awful ugly; even if you show a picture of some supposedly good-looking one to a woman who knows nothing about the JP or about the actor’s genes, they ugh and turn their head, while the ones without massive Europeoid infusions are the obvious ugly goblins that you don’t even have to ask them about. You can understand why the male things have to develop “interest in rape and children” as a trait. And of course, why the women are attracted more to wealth than to looks. (Yeah, that’s a normal thing for females, but it’s a hundredfold with Jewish women agreeing to lie with Jewish men.)

    That pattern of raw ugliness doesn’t seem to hold with Jewish women, at least not in the same way. Most of them are still ugly, yes, but not all of them, as with Jewish males.
    Whereas the ones occupying male bodies are almost invariably as ugly as walking peckers, the ones occupying females can sometimes be almost normal…they have Arab-styled bodies often, and the hair generally shows, but they’re not all monsters at first glance, the way the men are. A few of the porn stars, and just a couple I knew IRL years ago, are actually even hot. Yes, you can tell they’re Jewish, and there are eerie little things about that which light up “danger” signals in your brain, but you can see how Janissaries could’ve willfully donated sperm once they’d been enslaved in Turkey for life.

    Whatever spawns them, it seems to know that just leveraging power is the only way to achieve success with the males, but that the females have to pass more as human to, during a very abbreviated age-range, obtain some reproductive success with the goyim.

  30. Head of German Jewish community is not a Jew – report:

    The head of a German Jewish community has been reported to be, in fact, a non-Jew falsely claiming Jewish heritage.

    Yet another illustration of the fact that jew is a genetic trait and jews themselves see it that way. The world’s foremost racial fraudsters are crying out in pain that they’re being racially defrauded.

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