Jew Slaving

jew_slavingYou will drink the milk of nations and be nursed at royal breasts. – Isaiah 60:16

What follows here is a post-length response to an insightful comment from High Arka concerning Janissaries, the kidnapped White slave-soldiers of the jihadi/jewhadi joint venture commonly known as the Ottoman Empire. The jews are in fact world historic slavers with a penchant for enslaving Whites. This is a reflection of the essentially parasitic nature of the relationship between the two groups.

Under the Ottomans White women enslaved by jews were probably the most common source for mischlings. Blond, Tall, with Honey-Colored Eyes: Jewish Ownership of Slaves in the Ottoman Empire:

Hundreds of Hebrew written sources, dozens of official decrees, judicial records (sijillat), and reports of European travelers indicate that slaveholding – particularly of females of Slavic origin – in Jewish households in the urban centers of the Ottoman Empire was widespread from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

. . .

The documents concern female slaves almost exclusively; I found only one case concerning a male.9 Slavery thus seems to have been limited to those who would provide household services of the kind exclusively performed by women, including sexual ones. This helps explain why nearly all the slaves were white females, principally of Slavic origin captured during Ottoman campaigns, or by their Tatar collaborators in Eastern Europe, with only a few of other provenance – Circassian, Caucasian, Hungarian, and Austrian. Black slaves are not mentioned. Physical descriptions of female slaves remark about fair hair and light-colored eyes, although, possibly, this simply reflects the general characteristics of the captured and enslaved women; male preference, however, should not be ruled out.10

Non-muslims were forbidden to own slaves, but jews did anyway – an empirical indication of their power and privilege. Then, as now, documented accounts minimize the jew role if not shift blame entirely onto the muslims who ostensibly ruled.

Here’s another example of jew slaving, long preceding (((the Ottomans))) and on the other side of Europe. The slave trade and neutering of Slavs in the Middle Ages:

In Europe, the slave trade was almost entirely Jewish. Goods come mainly from East Slavic lands. Bishop Agobard Lyons (IX century AD.) Mentions in his book De insolentia Iudaeorum number of cases where Jews kidnapped Christian Franks children, or even received from Christian children for sale and sold them to the Spanish Muslims.

Andrew Joyce has also written about Agobard. Agobard of Lyon and The Origins of the Hostile Elite:

In searching for the origins of the hostile elite I was therefore looking for the earliest possible example of a Diaspora Jewish community in which shtadtlanut was in evidence — the obtaining of privileges and protections from a European elite, contrary to the interests of the masses of a given European population. Although I would very much welcome further suggestions from readers, the earliest convincing case that I have come upon concerns that of the Carolingian dynasty during the lifetime of Archbishop Agobard (c. 779–840).

. . .

Essentially, what we see here is the birth of the formal, symbiotic relationship between Jews and self-interested European elites. The charter of Louis the Pious enacted laws that protected Jews and also developed an administrative apparatus to enforce his policies — mainly via the office of the magister Judaeorum. Louis encouraged Jewish economic activity in the belief that he would be personally enriched by doing so.

This “encouragement” involved some very dark aspects. In particular, it involved turning a blind eye to the incredibly hostile and often illegal behavior of the Jews in his realm. Bachrach describes the Jews of Lyon as “militant, aggressive, and powerful,” and notes that Louis and his officials “apparently ignored gross violations of the law by Jewish slave traders who bought and sold Christian slaves and kidnapped and castrated Christian youths for the Muslim markets in Spain.”[9] Jewish slave trading was of course nothing new, nor was it unusual for European elites to permit Jews to trade in slaves.

The oldest evidence of jew slaving (of which I’m aware) traces back into to the dim origins of jewing itself. Ancient Sudan~ Nubia: Investigating the Origin of the Ancient Jewish Community at Elephantine: A Review:

A Jewish garrison community that was already settled in the island by the fifth century B.C., played an essential role in the interaction between Nubia and Egypt. Some historians and archeologists directed attention and research towards this Jewish community for it provides a wide range of evidence for the earliest Diaspora Jewish settlement.

. . .

Members of the garrison owned Egyptian slaves and took handmaidens regularly. Although the living standards at Elephantine are not well known, the Jewish settlers were certainly wealthier than the average Egyptian commoners. Some of them seemed to be real state, owning several houses; many kept more than one Egyptian slave and purchased expensive gifts for their brides — 10 Shekels on average.

One of the most illustrative documents in the Elephantine Archives is the marriage contract of Ananiah b. Azariah, who was a treasury keeper of the Temple, to the Egyptian slave girl Tamut. Although Tamut was the wife of Ananiah after the contract was drawn, she still belonged to her original owner Meshullam b. Zaccur.

The black slave trade? Yep, more jewing. Unrolled thread from @LettersFromFF:

This will be my 7TH time posting after being banned, but I’m not going to stop. So here goes… Jews ran and controlled every aspect of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and brought the Africans to the Americas.

And of course jew slaving persists in modern times. In this report jews in the jew state are using White slaves as prostitutes to blackmail muslims: ‘You want a girl? How many?’: Tapes reveal how right-wing group tried to make East Jerusalem Jewish.

Jew slaving is even directly connected to the current mainstream political discourse. 7 Things You Need To Know About Trump And Sex Slave Island. All you need to know to understand why the jewsmedia, which supposedly hates hates hates Trump, has never made a big deal out of Trump’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Sex Slave Island” and “Lolita Express” is that it’s the jewsmedia and Epstein is a jew.

Knowing the media is jewed and that jews have a long history of enslaving Whites also explains why they propagandize an inverted reality depicting Whites as the world historic slavers and jews as historically oppressed and enslaved. Slaving is the most egregious example of jew White-washing – blaming Whites for criminal jewing, blaming Whites for acting like jews.

Update 5 Oct 2021: Via Tarnsteele: Radhanite: Difference between revisions – Wikipedia

Evidence of historic jewing actively covered up by contemporary jewing – history would look completely different if not for all this jewing.

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  1. The town of Auschwitz was the central hub of the jewish enslavement and auctioning of Polish women in the 19th Century. Makes you wonder if the Germans put their labor camp there as a kind of poetic justice.

  2. Turks also enslaved lots of Italian women. When they overran Cypress and trading ports of the Black Sea they took Venetian and Genoese women. Several of the most famous Ottoman sultans had Venetian mothers and wives.
    In the Ottoman court , the official procuress of wives and concubines for the sultan was always a jewess.

  3. Seems the jews were slaving Spanish women to the Moslems.
    Could that be part of the reason for their expulsions from the Iberian nations? It continues today, in a manner. Many women from Venezuela and Moldava and other impoverishered countries are basically slaved to brothels in Spain, like the “Paradise ” brothel on the French border.

    Usury, exploitation, Usury, exploitation, rinse and repeat.

  4. Parasites and Host Species Barriers in Animal Hybrid Zones: Trends in Ecology & Evolution

    Parasites and pathogens play a major role in host fitness and appear to have varied impacts on species barriers in hybrid zones. We comprehensively reviewed the literature on parasitism in animal hybrid zones and present an evolutionary framework within which to consider parasite–hybrid interactions. Parasites most frequently show potential to contribute to species barrier breakdown in hybrid zones, but also frequently show potential to facilitate the maintenance of species barriers.

    Parasites most often break down host barriers, but can sometimes do the opposite, depending on what’s best for the parasite.

  5. You characterize jews as parasites.
    Go a step farther, identify them as clonal parasites. A clonal parasite can send resources and strength to ones that are under attack by the hosts defences. They mutually reinforce each other, a good model for j activity.

    Who knows , how many host species have gone extinct due to their parasites. The parasite adapting and moving on to a new host species.

    I think parasitology has a long way to go before it has a full knowledge of the subject.
    As we don’t fully understand what is happening to us.

  6. There are also parasites that are helpful to the host, like gut bacteria in humans, where they infested but then ending up co-evolving and producing better digestion for their hosts, which makes plenty of patients avoid antibiotics to protect their “parasites.” If all the Jews were on a little island somewhere, it’d be a great place for people to learn about lying, seduction for negative purposes, and so forth. A pity the host can’t use them that way.

    If they just invented stuff, they would be a fine parasite. Like, if they had built extrasolar colonies while extracting resources from other species on this planet…but dammit, they just detract while they extract; they’re the bad kind of parasites, not only morally, but viewed through the most pragmatic possible lens. Parasitism is essentially symbiotic, because organisms that evolve as parasites end up having to support their hosts, or they eventually die out, either by killing their hosts or by being so negative in their effects that they affect host evolution and the hosts are selected against, leaving only survivors of that species that weren’t infected. So much of mammalian digestion and skin/hair has been built by this relationship, to profound positive effect in most cases.

    The Jews are different. They’re parasites not only that seem like the bad kind, but that don’t operate within the system itself, despite their supposed consciousness (and ours) of the relationship. They cut down on humans finding new environments, new resources, et cetera, even though those things would help them out, too. They try to keep Europeoids from colonizing the other planets in this solar system, doing everything they can to waste resources breeding instead less successful organisms, which will eventually kill them, too, when the whole world is covered by Congoid-run water facilities. Even if the Jews retreat to some panic room with bottled water, the Congoids will eventually get in there, and even if the Congoids don’t, the Jews’ water will run out eventually.

    If it’s a parasite, it’s like it was sent here by a spoor to eliminate life on this planet, not to survive. If they’d not destroyed the space program, there could be luxury colonies on Mars by now, where robots did all the work, and the Jews would be reaping all those benefits, living like kings as guests in the Martian hotels, with European scientists feeding their offspring and struggling to find ways to make Jews even more reproductive. They could have that. But no, they’re tricking the Europeoids into breeding more Congoids and Aztecs instead. It’s almost like they want to die.

  7. Fred W,

    A clonal parasite can send resources and strength to ones that are under attack by the hosts defences.

    Tribal parasitism might be a better laymen’s term to evoke the collective/coordinated/cooperative/exploitative nature of jewing. Or just call it jewing.

    I had not heard the term clonal parasite before. Online search results concern mainly reproductive strategy. My Combes’ textbook notes that parasites tend to engage in a range of sexual and clonal/asexual reproduction, mixing and even shifting between the two extremes over time – the benefit of the former being to enhance diversity and thus evade immune response, the benefit of the latter being rapid multiplication. Unfortunately, the two pages specifically discussing “Clone versus Sex” are not online, but the subject strikes me as relevant in a different way.

    Combes, like most academics, focuses on parasitic microorganisms. The analogy fits jewing if we interpret jew+non-jew cross-breeding as sexual reproduction and jew+jew in-breeding as clonal/asexual reproduction.

  8. High Arka,

    There are also parasites that are helpful to the host . . . Parasitism is essentially symbiotic, because organisms that evolve as parasites end up having to support their hosts, or they eventually die out

    Incorrect. The one-way nature of the relationship – parasite harming host – is implicit in the term parasitism:

    In evolutionary biology, parasitism is a relationship between species, where one organism, the parasite, lives on or in another organism, the host, causing it some harm, and is adapted structurally to this way of life.

    Also, keeping the host alive is not a requirement. Parasitoid:

    A parasitoid is an organism that lives in close association with its host and at the host’s expense, and which sooner or later kills it.

  9. when the whole world is covered by Congoid-run water facilities

    This will never happen. And for the same reason Congoid-run facilities of any sort will never cover the world. Because ANY facility run by Congoids very quickly ceases to function. The result of even semi-Congoid bloom is the destruction of facilities, including those facilitating their overpopulation to begin with, followed by population collapse, followed by whatever adaptive hominin remnant reverting perhaps as far as hunting and gathering, followed by surviving traces of the parasite worming their way into royal tents. Rinse and repeat.

    This cycle has likely happened in many places at many times in pre-history. Surely the Greek elite in Alexandria, of which we do have some history, were bitterly confused about why the jews seemed to be harming themselves by tearing down all the social and physical barriers and flooding the city with aliens. In retrospect we see that jewing didn’t just survive. It thrived. And by this very method. To the point that the entirety of Western civilization is now Alexandria writ large.

    The parasite’s end will need to be deliberately engineered. The joke, for once, is on the HOLOCAUST cult, because the (potential) device is called CRISPR.

  10. Re: clonal parasite

    I was thinking of massive parasites like this,

    That infest, clone themselve and destroy forests. Sending nutrients and communicating with each other. They live in the dark, feed on others, produce toxic substances, destroy healthy organisms. Remind you of anyone?

    Some German Chancellor said, ” jews
    are the fungus of civilization “, but what did he know.

  11. Congoid water facility:
    A ditch where people poop, piss, drink, bathe , get cooking water and throw garbage. Also known as Greater Africa.

  12. (Hey Tan, please excuse my verbiage. I’m using “parasite” probably way out of date, since there were times decades ago when a bunch of medical people were so excited to have discovered “parasites of the gut” that they made a lot of people really sick by trying to kill said “parasites.” There is still this weird hesitancy in the AMA about being completely open about the benefits of gut bacteria, which they’ve sort of acknowledged but don’t seem to want to really deal with, and their antibiotic policies largely ignore the issue, which is why some health nuts are still whining about it. I shouldn’t still use that term like that, but I just couldn’t resist the occasional dig at the clunky AMA. Which, of course, is hugely jewed, along with American insurance and providers, but I gotta break the habit of saying “parasite” still.)

    And yes, you’re correct also about Congoid water facilities; just saying that means “broken places that were once water plants.” What are your thoughts on the Jews as willfully inducing their own deaths, or do you think they’ll be able to craft some kind of obedient genetic blend that is just competent enough to run the machines they need?

  13. I’m using “parasite” probably way out of date, since there were times …

    Then it was “symbiosis” and now it is “mutualism” , next it will OIS “organism of indeterminate sex”:-\

  14. The analogy fits jewing if we interpret jew+non-jew cross-breeding as sexual reproduction and jew+jew in-breeding as clonal/asexual reproduction.

    A very good take on the situation. Evidently, this is some sort of natural structure that transfers from biology into the social forms created by biological creatures. Seems that the analogy would go even deeper, like parasites putting out toxins that disable the host’s defenses. Such as, drugs, porn, alcohol, pro-sports and mindless tv, in order to weaken and distract the host.

  15. What are your thoughts on the Jews as willfully inducing their own deaths

    The jews as a race of bugchasers? I don’t believe this any more than I believe Whites are a race of catladies. No species willfully induces its own end, not collectively. And as a collective it’s plain that jews willfully seek the opposite, that they are in fact the best example of a group seeking not just to survive but to dominate, constantly screeching about what’s best for the jews and obsessively organizing on that basis.

    Whether jews will eventually indirectly end themselves by behaving as they do is their concern. Non-jews are more rightly concerned with existential threats to non-jews, first and foremost being the threat posed by jewing.

  16. Assuming they’re a species that, like us, is interested in beauty, love, purity, and life, they’d also want to survive, but they’ve pretty consistently shown they’re not interested in those things. Jews are intelligent in many ways, and one of those ways is to know the difference between the work-product of Whites, Arabs, and Afro-mestizo mongrels. And yet, they’re apparently okay with turning America and Canada et al. into Afro-mestizo countries, and Europe into an Arab caliphate. Assuming they’ll achieve their goal, the world really will be filled with, as I said, Congoid water utilities, i.e. Fred’s ditch example, which is pretty accurate.

    As I said, Jews are intelligent in many ways. They have to see the writing on the wall–that once all the Whites are gone, all the inventions will full stop. The satellites will break, the tap water will have mud and salamander eggs in it, and there’ll be massive urban warfare between Afro-mestizo factions that have too low verbal intelligence to even understand the Jews’ verbally manipulative crap. The Arabs would have destroyed Israel itself so many times if a bunch of idiotic White people hadn’t been ceaselessly, expensively inventing things that stayed ahead of Arab-stolen tech, and invading countries as directed by the Jews to eliminate possible future dangers to Israel. Even long ago, in the Six-Day War, Egypt and friends had Russian-style jet technology, a massively bigger army, et cetera, but Israel had newer jets from the Aryans in America, and were able to control the sky and use more advanced fighter-bombers to survive. Without that, it would’ve been destroyed, every Jew there killed and the land turned into some Palestinian protectorate being loosely exploited by a coalition of nearby Arab heads of state.

    And the Jews know that. They know that their trashy selves can’t invent tech like that–they can only use it, and lie to stupid gullible Aryans in order to get it for use, but without those Aryans the world’s muds will indeed eat them alive. Yet, they’re trying to replace the Aryans with muds. Slavs can be manipulated, and the Han Mongoloids, but what is the likelihood that after the Aryans are all bred out, the Jews suddenly start preserving the Han-related peoples in Chinese capitals and Japan, and are able to stay ahead of the rising tide of color?

    Nonexistent. What they do works, and they can change the format throughout many cultures, but they don’t have another schtick. They’re not suddenly going to be respectful of their hosts’ existence, because their ability to leech and exploit depends on the host not being permitted an identity as a bonded group. (Because, duh, a bonded group can realize what Jews are an extract them.) The Chinese can already run genetic tests. Yes, they can maintain and adapt Europeoid tech, if not invent new stuff, so a Sino-Jewish empire could survive for a while, easily holding off the surrounding muds, but what happens when the Chinese figure out which type of gene patterns in some of their “fellow Chinese” are causing all the financial thefts from their people, and which people aren’t really Chinese?

    Any host strong enough to protect and feed the Jews is, as with the Aryans, strong enough to figure out that the Jews exist. Many Aryans have figured out Jews, with the people on this website an obvious example. That awareness doesn’t grow because of their media and governmental control. It takes, it has taken, the Jews phenomenal effort to keep the Aryans on the wheel, and once the Aryans are dead, controlling the Chinese–with an even stronger sense of identity, and far less, if any, pollyannaish desire to shelter weak others–would be even more difficult if not impossible. Indeed, the Jews seem designed specifically for Aryans, because no other group on this planet is so stupid as to constantly flagellate itself in the attempts to help Congoids be good at calculus.

    Which is why, with the Aryan gone, the Jews will not survive. Even in 0 A.D., they couldn’t gather enough food and hunt or farm well enough to survive–they had to trick a rotating cycle of Arab tribes, then European fools, to feed and shelter them. Nothing has changed since then; even when provided with patented western farming tech and weaponry, they still can’t feed and protect themselves without constant huge tribute payments from the U.S. Once those gullible Aryans are finally dead, the harsh wilderness will eat the Jew alive.

    And he is smart enough to know it. Jews are smart enough to run western-style water plants and desalinization machines, use Europeoid fertilizers and automated harvesters, and they’re even smart enough to learn how to fix those things when they break, but they are not smart enough to deal with the more significant problems that accumulate over the centuries, nor are they anywhere near tough enough to fight off a billion angry Muslims or several billion Afro-mestizos after gibs. Aryans can do that, and have done it many times, but Jews could never do it without a bunch of gullible Aryans believing that Sky Rabbi wants them to give these people shelter behind their walls.

  17. “The shooting was likely “the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States,” according to the Anti-Defamation League, ” LA Times

    The beginning of a trend?
    Will copycats follow?
    He used an AK47. That’s obvious Russian involvement.
    ADL didn’t even have him on their radar. Great job lamers!
    He didn’t like HIAS. Imagine that. What could be wrong with him?

    I know, I know, outlaw 1488, outlaw social media, outlaw the internet. Just outlaw White people. Oh, they’re already working on that.

  18. @ High Aria

    NO , NO, NOOOO !

    You are projecting goy logic onto them.
    It’s a ‘no fit’.
    Once the moshiach comes, all things will work perfectly. The inventions of goys will count as dirt under their feet. All things will be free. All systems will work perfectly. The goy slaves will remain stupid until they need knowledge , then they will be spontaneously intelligent to do the task, then revert to idiocy.
    You have no knowledge of Judaism.
    Quit trying to substitute reason and logic for torah learning .

  19. @ high arka:

    once the Whites have been liquidated, the Jews – and their East Asian cognates – will liquidate the Blacks and Browns via a global terror famine; i.e., Agenda 21.

    and the Jews and Chinks will get along just fine without Whites. Incidentally:

    any attempt to “reason” with the Jews is absurd. They understand the situation as a zero-sum game.

    and in this they are correct.

  20. “They understand the situation as a zero-sum game.”

    Do you really think it’s zero sum, overall?
    You don’t see a space for great advancement, beyond our current social strucures?

  21. Fred, this one is confused…are you implying that all, or even a bare majority, of Jews believe that shit they copied from the Essenes and revised into their “holy book”? The ruthless way they engineered the Israel Foundation War shows that, even if they DO believe in an invisible Sky Rabbi, they are perfectly capable of using logic to achieve evil ends. I.e., “If we upset all the White capitals with communist revolutions and assassinations while making each blame the other, they will fight and kill lots of each other, and maybe we can use our control of U.S. banking to decide who wins and exploit that leverage to get a new hunk of geography and a bunch of dead Arabs.” Complicated and logical, and Yahweh helped those who helped themselves.

    The Jews themselves understand logic and rationality in the same way that successful long-term western politicians understand Jews. You have to know it so well to never mention it and not accidentally offend them. Similarly, the Jews are able to construct their ridiculous social movements only because they understand their natural enemy, reason, so well.

    Haxo, some rich Chinese will definitely cross-breed with, and completely promote, the Jews, and they already have. That can indeed last for a while, and the Chinese CAN survive and smooth out glitches in tech to stay ahead of the other surviving non-Han races.

    The Chinese, though, will not be sustainable for as long a time as the Aryan. Look at all the crap the Jews had to make up in the 20th century alone to keep the Aryans going, from “income taxes” to “feminism” to “your vote as a Europeoid father and business owner who employs thirteen people is worth as much as a Congoid nineteen-year-old’s, who’s had two abortions after screwing unknown would-be fathers and dropped out of the online charter school because she would never log in.” The Chinese will not put up with that crap. And they have all the Aryan tech now for testing genetics. They will be able to mercilessly find out who is actually Chinese and who is “Jewish Chinese” and they will not be shy about cleaning their people. Only the Aryan is wishy-washy enough to tolerate Jews long-term.

    (And as many have shown, most well known the Germans of the Third Reich, the Aryans can figure it out too, and it took about the entire rest of the world to stop them once roused. But the Chinese are more brutal and efficient than Hitler could be, and their resistance would be everything Hitler could not have been, like the unannounced one week’s closing of the border combined with the cleansing of the whole population with genetic testing that allows for zero successful acts of crypsis, and a much bigger population and territory to take on whatever Jew-pawns have been assembled elsewhere by then. Without the Aryan around, the Chinese really could take on the rest of the world.

  22. some rich Chinese will definitely cross-breed with, and completely promote, the Jews, and they already have.

    Sure do, the Kaifeng Jews.
    Have for centuries.

  23. are you implying that all, or even a bare majority, of Jews believe that shit they copied from the Essenes and revised into their “holy book”?

    I’m emphatically asserting the power players believe it all.

    Do jews suck on bleeding infant penis?
    Do jews sniff and taste used menstral rags?
    Do jews keep kosher?
    Do jews observe sabbat?
    Do jews learn hebrew?
    Are jews preparing for a third temple?

    You wonder about the rest?

  24. I think we agree, in the sense that they believe they’re genetically gifted and that they should hone a passion for child abuse and have various other social rituals that provide a pragmatic bonding and differentiation aspect around other cultures. What I just don’t think they believe in is some invisible rabbi in the sky who cares about them. That’s primarily a European fantasy added when they first started bringing that rabbi north.

    What I don’t think they believe in is any kind of supernatural aspect to this world. Like, if they all skipped sabbat and in return, for a very material reason, all goys would then die, I think they would do it without any worry that sabbat was important to Yahweh. They can live quite flagrantly as Christians or Muslims if they need to, and I think they understand the true nature of their “god” and have no inner qualms about supposedly rejecting their religion if it serves their genetic group’s interests. Ergo they will pray to Allah for sixty years and work every Saturday for sixty years if it helps them blend in better, because they believe in their blood but not iin some invisible paternal figure.

  25. What I don’t think they believe in is any kind of supernatural aspect to this world ….. They can live quite flagrantly as Christians or Muslims if they need to…

    That’s just dissembling, entirely permissible in judaism.

    They have an absolute belief in their divine origin and Destiny.

    You don’t think they believe in HaShem.
    Plz reconsider.

  26. Wait, are you saying that in the sense that they lie/cheat/steal while believing there is a supernatural force behind it, rather than a conscious biological strategy?

    (If you feel like typing more, tell me about HaShem.)

  27. (If you feel like typing more, tell me about HaShem.)

    Sorry, HaShem ( meaning `the name’) is a substitute for saying god or yahweh.
    Like we’ll say ‘god bless’, they’ll say ‘Baruch HaShem’.

    Wait, are you saying that in the sense that they lie/cheat/steal while believing there is a supernatural force behind it

    Sure, it’s a Devine commandment, mitzvah.
    “You shall make no covenant with them nor show mercy to them. ” Deut 7:2
    Covenant, meaning any trust, agreement, obeying laws etc.

  28. We are all waiting on a definitive book length work on human parasitism. How about it Tan, anything in the works?

  29. RUSSIA –

    Early Jewish Slave-Traders.

    The first actual mention, however, of Jews in the Polish chronicles occurs under date of the eleventh century. It appears that Jews were then living in Gnesen, at that time the religious capital of the Polish kingdom. Some of them were wealthy, owning Christian slaves; they even engaged in the slave-trade, according to the custom of the times. The pious Queen Judith, wife of the Polish king Ladislaus Herman (d. 1085), spent large sums of money in purchasing the freedom of Christian slaves owned by Jews.

    Via Charles Lindbergh.

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