Who is Julia Salazar?

julia_salazarIs Julia Salazar a jew? What is a jew? Why does it matter?

There was quite a jewsmedia stir around Salazar even before she won the Jew York state primary. Now the squid ink is really squirting. Here’s how Haaretz summed up the situation before the primary – State senate candidate Julia Salazar claims racism after Jewish identity questioned:

The reasons she intrigued the larger Jewish world were multifaceted: her unusual Sephardic “Latina Jew” identity; the affinity of Jews, both traditional and hipster, to Brooklyn (her district includes rapidly gentrifying parts of Bushwick, Williamsburg, East New York, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville); and the fact that not only was she Jewish but had been a Jewish professional – her last job being as staff organizer for the progressive group Jews for Racial & Economic Justice.

But more importantly, Salazar is one of the first politicians to embody the new breed of far-left Jewish activist engaged in “Jewish resistance” politics. Uncomfortably for the Jewish establishment on the right, center and even the liberal-Zionist left, that includes embracing the DSA’s endorsement of the boycott, sanctions and divestment movement against Israel.

So when Tablet Magazine published an article last Thursday documenting what it described as misrepresentations of Salazar’s political journey as well as her identity, the Jewish Twitterverse exploded with right-left sniping. While Salazar’s opponents called her a liar, her allies charged that the article author was engaged in a racist smear campaign that exposed the worst in exclusionary Jewish tribalism.

. . .

A much more emotional dialogue is centering around Rosen’s questioning of Salazar’s Jewish identity – into which the Tablet article dove deeply and, some argue, too invasively.

A few years ago I dove deeply into the many facets of jew identity, producing podcasts focused on the “latina jew” (AKA marrano) phenomenon as well as matrilineality versus patrilineality. In a nutshell, jews deliberately create confusion about the nature of jew identity because such confusion is good for the jews. The fact is that jew is a heritable trait. Throughout history the jews have functioned as a multifaceted parasitic collective – infiltrating, manipulating, exploiting, and ultimately terminating a long series of hosts.

What is jew identity? A jew named Rushkoff provided a good example of jew mentality. Most jews think similarly but mask it. Either way these congenital storytellers, who so freely shit on everyone else, characteristically get very emotional about any scrutiny of who they are or what they’ve been up to.

The day after the Tablet article was published, Salazar told JTA she had attended a two-month conversion course while in college, but that “I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. It also didn’t feel earnest to consider it a conversion because there was no religion for me to convert from.”

Salazar and her friends and allies have cried foul, saying the portrayal of her as a culture-appropriating Rachel Dolezal represents a tribal and racist view of “who is a Jew” from those who reject Jews of color, and those who claim Jewishness through patrilineal descent.

The comparison to Dolezal is apt because jewness is essentially genetic, i.e. racial, and though jews know this, most insist on denying it. To compare Salazar to Dolezal is to acknowledge that jewness, like blackness, is heritable.

More than that, The Tribe, beside being the world’s foremost tribalists, are also unquestionably the world’s historic experts in passing, chameleon-like. Crypsis is their secret sauce, the technique by which they have so successfully infiltrated, manipulated, and exploited so many hosts to death. And it is also their nature to hiss when they suspect a weapon with which they are so adept might be used against themselves.

Much of the online fury has been directed at both the Tablet, for publishing the piece, and the article’s author, Rosen. Salazar herself charged that the publication was engaging in “race science,” calling Rosen a “right-wing writer” who “made it clear that he was dedicated to distorting the truth, printing anything that would fit his fabricated narrative.” She also alleged that he had “threatened to publish her mother’s personal information if she didn’t cooperate.”

If you want a view of completely jewed political discourse, this is it. Everyone screeching as if they’re victims. This is intersectional jewing. Left-posing anti-“racist” jewing versus right-posing tribe-first jewing. Heads jews win, tails you lose.

Despite the attempts to obfuscate, what’s going on here is not complicated. Some jews screeched “imposter” at Salazar. Salazar and friends screeched “racism” back. Noticing that this line of argument was hitting too close to home, shining a light on the nature of jewing, everyone is now lamely trying to shift the focus to anything but.

As “fellow latina” Batya Ungar-Sargon put it, It’s Not About Whether Julia Salazar Is Jewish. It’s About Telling The Truth:

Salazar’s Jewish identity is complex, says Ellman-Golan, and shows “all the ways we are and can be Jewish because we don’t fit into this neat little box as a complicated, diasporic people.”

. . .

In interviews and profiles, including in The Intercept, Jacobin and The Forward, Salazar identified herself as an immigrant from Colombia. She also identified as Jewish, and told The Forward’s Ben Fractenberg that her father is Jewish.

Her identity as a Jew of Color, a socialist, and a proud critic of Israel made her the perfect avatar of a new, young, highly politicized Jewish Left engaged in the fight for social, economic, and racial justice.

Tablet (where, full disclosure, I worked in 2013-2014) begged to differ. Reporters tracked down Salazar’s brother, who said that not only was Salazar’s father not Jewish, but Salazar was born in Florida.

The outcry on Twitter was swift. But many have defended Salazar since the story broke, including many Jews on the left, who called the attempt to invalidate Salazar’s Jewishness racist.

The biggest, most transparent lie here is this pretense that the controversy is about anything but jewing. The jewess writing this article, the professional jews she cites, her jew readers. All getting very emotional because…a politician lied.

It’s appalling. A person’s identity — including their Jewish identity — is their own damn business.

The problem with what Salazar did is not that she claimed to be Jewish and an immigrant. It’s that she may have misled voters while seeking public office.

The problem is not whether or not Salazar is Jewish but whether or not she can be trusted. In other words, it’s not a question of ethnicity but one of character.

The power of the Tablet piece lies not in the fact that it exposed Salazar as a non-immigrant and possible non-Jew; it’s that it exposed her as untruthful, which is a big problem for someone asking the public to trust them to have state power at their disposal.

If Salazar had come out of the gate saying,“I consider myself Jewish, though my parents are not” or “I am a Jew by Choice” or “I traveled back and forth to Colombia as a very young child so I consider myself an immigrant” — a sentiment she tweeted in her defense — there would be no exposé here.

If Salazar were a real jew she would have known how to narrate her way through life as smoothly as a real jew. In every other respect Salazar is an exemplar of jewing. Her entire adult life has been spent arguing jewy political issues from a jew-centric point of view. Salazar has attracted the support of so many jews, as jews, exactly because they sense her jewy spirit.

Another jewess, Bari Weiss, writing for the Jew York Times, is less sympathetic. Julia Salazar, the Left’s Post-Truth Politician:

Ms. Salazar was born in South Florida. She was raised in a Catholic home and her conversion story, which no one can verify, keeps changing. She never graduated from Columbia, unlike her mother, who in fact did finish college. She grew up in a comfortable middle-class home. She even has a trust fund.

Much of this fact-checking was helped along by Ms. Salazar’s own family members, who seemed distressed about the way their past was being discussed in the press. Ms. Salazar claimed that her brother, Alex, had a political ax to grind: He has “very right-wing politics,” she told Vox. “Very anti-socialist politics.” Her brother responded that his aim was “telling the truth about my family.”

It’s hard to recall an instance where a candidate’s integrity was being openly challenged by her family more than by her political opponent.

Ms. Salazar’s first instinct was to accuse Tablet Magazine, where I used to be an editor, of practicing “race science” when it cracked open the story in August about inconsistencies in her background and raised questions about her account of converting to Judaism.

Once again, the concern about Salazar’s dishonesty is entirely jewy. It begins and ends with the question whether or not Salazar is a biological jew. If she were there would be no jewsmedia controversy. Her jewsmedia critics don’t care whether she lied about being poor or about being an immigrant.

Jewing is the reason Salazar has gotten so much jewsmedia attention, before and after the Tablet article which ripped off her mask. As Armin Rosen put it in that article:

Julia Salazar has earned media attention that most state senate primary candidates could only dream of, including serious treatment in The New Yorker, and friendly profiles in New York magazine, The Forward, The Intercept, and Vice. Seemingly everyone in a half-mile radius of Maria Hernandez Park knows who Salazar is, while Dilan, who has served in the state Senate for the past 16 years, toils in obscurity.

Rosen describes Salazar’s rise as specifically jewy:

But Salazar differs from Ocasio-Cortez, Nixon, and the rest of her cohort in one interesting respect: the state Senate candidate is the only one to have emerged from a specifically Jewish corner of leftism. She “comes from a unique Jewish background,” as The Forward put it. “She was born in Colombia, and her father was Jewish, descended from the community expelled from medieval Spain. When her family immigrated to the United States, they had little contact with the American Jewish community, struggling to establish themselves financially.” From early 2016 through May of 2017 she was a Grace Paley Organizing Fellow with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ). Her fellowship biography identified her as senior editor of Unruly, the “intersectional blog” of the anti-Zionist and pro-BDS Jewish Voice for Peace’s Jews of Color and Sephardic/Mizrahi Caucus. Her last publicly listed job before running for office was as a staff organizer for JFREJ, which is a New York-based left-wing social and activist organization—Salazar was working with the group when it decided to honor the controversial activist Linda Sarsour with one of their annual Risk-Taker Awards.

Going in reverse chronological order, Salazar has also been a contributor to Mondoweiss, an IfNotNow demonstrator, a Bridging the Gap fellow through Brooklyn College Hillel, a World Zionist Organization campus fellow, a co-founder of the Columbia University chapter of J Street, an AIPAC Policy Conference student attendee, and founder of the university’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) chapter. For much of the five years leading up to her campaign, Salazar dedicated herself to explicitly Jewish causes, often in a professional capacity. If she wins, her identity as a politically radical working-class Jewish immigrant will have helped take her to a position of formal power and authority. Based on interviews with former acquaintances and an examination of her writings, social media postings, and publicly available documents, it is an identity that is no less convincing for having been largely self-created.

Social media postings, various articles, and the recollections of people who knew her at Columbia University show that in her early 20s Salazar was a right-wing pro-Israel Christian. In 2012 and into 2013, she was the president of Columbia Right to Life, the campus’s leading anti-abortion group.

. . .

However Salazar identified politically, what is clear is that she brought the same passion and energy to whatever cause moved her. By early 2014, Salazar appeared to be presenting herself as a left-wing anti-Israel Jew, according to former acquaintances and social media postings.

. . .

If Salazar experienced a political change of heart these past few years, she is hardly the only one. However quickly she changed her mind about Israel, the trajectory of her views is a coherent one, and it runs in only one direction. But there are details in her biography that are harder to reconcile—including, though not limited to, her religious shift.

That’s right. Before Salazar started posturing as a fervent anti-“racist” jew she postured as a fervent pro-Israel Christian. This makes her recent claim that she didn’t “consider it a conversion [to jew] because there was no religion for me to convert from” more intelligible rather than less. She didn’t think her “conversion” was a big deal because she’s always considered herself a member of Team Jew, and as anti-“racists” and Christians agree, identity is all in one’s mind.

The Rosens dance around it, but they know otherwise. They understand religion serves as a cover for jews. Likewise they know this fictitious conflict, over the jew state or race or anything else, serves to disguise the deeper pursuit of whatever is best for jews, as a people, not to advance some abstract ideology.

This is why Rosen delved into the details of Salazar’s family. A more recent Jew York Mag article by Garance Franke-Ruta, whose tribal bona fides are somewhat less ambiguous than Salazar’s, rendered the guilty verdict thusly: “her ancestors were Catholic elites”.

The longer story is, as jews like to say, more nuanced.

According to Maria Emilia Naranjo Ramos, a genealogist with the Colombian Academy of Genealogy and Historic Academy of Córdoba, the Salazars have for generations been a prosperous family in Colombia that has played a prominent role in civic and political life. Far from being the daughter of struggling immigrants of mixed Jewish-Catholic religious heritage, which early news reports described her as based on her statements and those of her campaign, Julia Salazar is the scion of longtime Latin-American Catholic elites.

“The Salazar and Grillo families have been recognized throughout their generations” for their roles in “public and political life,” Naranjo Ramos wrote in an unusual blog post diving into the Salazar ancestry (she doesn’t normally perform this exercise for living people) in response to the controversy in New York.

The impetus for this unusual scrutiny is jews, who seek to demonstrate that Salazar is not a biological jew, because they understand that jew is not an identity one can simply profess. Franke-Ruta consults a genealogist because she knows jew is a heritable trait, and because she knows Spain was thoroughly jewed.

Salazar, a common Basque name, is one surname on the list of hundreds of names Spain released in 2015 as having possible Jewish ancestry, as part of an attempt at reparations by offering citizenship to anyone who could prove that they were descended from Jews forced to flee or convert by the Catholic monarchs of Spain. Most of those forced conversions took place in the several-hundred-year period that ended with the remaining practicing Jews being expelled from Spain at the end of the 15th century. That much is not contested. But it’s also a name that was adopted by Roma people in Spain during the forced taking of surnames in Castille, where the Salazars were a noble family, in the 14th and 15th centuries. And it is found in Latin America thanks also to the history of a group of Catholic Salazars who were deeply involved in the conquest of the new world. Still, the legacy of the forced conversions meant an entire people and culture was absorbed, and more than half a millennium later, about 20 percent of people who live in Spain and Portugal have genetic signatures suggesting Sephardic Jewish ancestry, according to a 2008 study. That’s probably true of some fraction of New-World Catholics of Iberian ancestry as well.

I’ve pointed out the reality-inverting jew-first jew-serving nature of this sob story before. The jews invaded and colonized the Iberians, whom they still see as aliens and despise for that reason. The jews thrived at the expense of their hosts. Whatever else the genetic signature says it is testimony, again, that jew is a heritable trait, that jews are genetically distinct from others. As for the legacy of this colonialism, the many mogrelized shitholes it produced both in Iberia and overseas, apologists today tend to misattribute this solely to “Catholic elites” and deny it had anything to do with jewing. In their narrative the jews were and can only ever be passive victims.

Whether or not Salazar is some fraction biological jew, it is the anti-White agenda and oppression narrative which has propelled her so far in politics. This agenda and narrative are entirely a product of jewing. It is the only reason Salazar has the support of some jews but is criticized by others. The cacophony of screeching around her is only the sound of one form of jewing clashing with another.

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  1. Brilliant article and analysis of jews jewing non-jews to extinction. They bred in to mask the tell-tale signs of their tribe, at least for the most part in appearance. The jewing still takes place but with a goy-face.

  2. Yes, good article. Monstrosities like that thing Salazar demonstrate how important it would be, if we ever attain survival-conducive levels of Jew-recognition, to develop our genetic science such that we’re able to identify and sterilize individuals carrying certain traits before this all starts over again.

    On the surface, Salazar might be a Sephardic Jew, but she also might be just a damn ugly Siberian-Mongoloid/Europeoid mix. Her life and political career probably indicate a Jewish brain, but she could just be an ugly mestiza copying what she’s seen be successful. I think she’s Jewish, but it’d be entirely possible for learned people in the future (again, assuming we attain survival-level recognition of them, which I don’t think we will, but please prove me wrong oh world) to think she was just another ass-ugly mestiza making shit up. We need to identify what in the parasite’s genome makes it so successfully act a certain way during cross-breeding, so we can tell without error, and know whom to sterilize and whom to just send back to Mexico.

    The Jew is really an interesting specimen, given how it can so powerfully transmit those traits during cross-breeding. Understanding how that works would reveal a lot about reproduction and germ lines, besides of course preventing this happening again. I wonder sometimes: they have an almost spiritual belief in the superiority of their genome, which happens to be true. Will they be smart enough to dampen all worldwide genetics research to serve future crypsis? Or will some lab in Japan discover what they are someday, and suddenly the U.S. is again fed some crap about a “yellow peril” to justify another massive war on Israel’s behalf?

    It’d be so cool, some future where a middle-school-level “intro to biology” textbook discusses the nature of the old Jewish infections, how they were cured, and how minds have been able to be independent since. Assuming the Jews are aware of this danger, though, gonna be some really weird, really secretive regulations enforced to prevent genetic research by non-government-approved companies, as it gets cheaper and cheaper for less-well-connected people to perform such research and post the results.

  3. they have an almost spiritual belief in the superiority of their genome,

    Nope, it’s beyond spiritual belief, it’s psychotic narcissism.
    (Narcissism on steroids and meth).

  4. TFeed item


    – should we credit the speaker / whatever organisation or school of thought she represents with any credibility if they / their representatives cannot even encode sensibly a talk mp3 of 1h 39m duration? The offering is a landwhale 226.5MB, 320kbps, joint stereo, 44kHz for just plain yap-yap!

    The insouciant inability to present speech-only audio at a suitable level of compression I identify as a hallmark of modern tardery.

    This particular instance is however exceeded here:
    – granted this is a video but the content is just talk with a manikin in lower left frame. And a cool 1.16GB for all of 14m 47s! But ne’r despair for the curious, I’ve encoded the audio at 32kbps / 22kHz and, STILL in glorious stereo, it comes in at all of 3.38MB:

    And his speech? It all went so well… till 4m. What followed just DEMONSTRATED THE USUAL LACK OF WILL TO SETTLE THE PROBLEM. More cuckery class. (For a refreshing outburst of the true mettle, instead goto 51m 48s and a few minutes thereafter of http://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/15804557/nordic_frontier_82_psyops_folk_heroes_and_a_cashless_society.mp3 ).

    Meantime in the London Evening Standard of 24 September:


    There’s something about that name Hammond.

  5. High Arka said Jews “have an almost spiritual belief in the superiority of their genome” and Fred w reposnded, “it’s beyond spiritual belief, it’s psychotic narcissism.”

    Could they both elaborate?

  6. Revilo Oliver’s elaboration on the subject was grim but factual.

    The New World Order:

    Not only did Ben Gurion describe succinctly the New World Order that Yahweh’s brood is determined to force upon the world; he also made it clear that the Jews’ Universal Empire has been his hybrid race’s goal for more than twenty-two centuries. That should not be surprising to Christians who have read their holy book while awake and believe in “Bible prophecy.” They may even believe that what destroys all nations that refuse to serve the Jews is their strange god — and, if they accept the Yiddish aphorism, “God is the Jewish People,” they will be right.

    When the New World Order is established, it will be incontrovertible proof that our race is what the Jews say it is, “eine minderwertige Rasse,” an inferior race. (6) It is simply a fact of nature that the only proof of a race’s superiority is its survival and its expansion at the expense of other races. And if the expansion is achieved, not by valor in honest war, but by cowardly intrigues, covert conspiracy, and slimy perfidy, that may be offensive to the Aryans’ idiosyncratic morality, but the real world recognizes only the fact of triumph, no matter how attained. It may be that the mammoths were made indignant by the iniquity and moral turpitude of the mobs of cowardly little savages who trapped and exterminated them, but mammoths nevertheless became forever extinct.

    War Looms – RPO on FPY:

    We must assume that the Jews, who have preserved their racial identity and cohesion through so many centuries, have an empirical knowledge of genetics much greater than our own, but our knowledge is so limited that we can neither confirm nor disprove Dr. Alfred Nossig’s terrifying boast, “A single little drop of Jewish blood influences the mentality of entire families, even through a long series of generations.” (30)

    (30. Although Nossig’s Intergrales Judentum was published simultaneously in Vienna, Berlin, and New York in 1922, it is now extremely rare and has never been translated into English. Nossig gives his fellow Jews eminently practical advice on the ways by which they can most expeditiously attain the goal and purpose which, as he says, is implicit in the teachings of Moses, i.e., the formation of One World under their dominion. Recognizing that his race controls both Capitalism and Socialism, he calls for a coordinated application of both forces to put the goyim in their place–which, of course, will be good for the stupid animals, if they are docile. The statement I have translated occurs on p. 76, where Dr. Nossig goes on to claim that the “drop” of Jewish heredity, once implanted in an ancestor, will affect the brain cells (Gehirnganglien) of his descendants through many subsequent generations and thus make them susceptible to Jewish ideas of internationalism and One World. Persons of that infected heredity, therefore, are goyim who can readily be mobilized as auxiliaries and used to subjugate their own race and the entire globe to its destined Masters. Horresco referens.

  7. almost spiritual belief in the superiority

    They have an ‘ABSOLUTE’ belief in the superiority ewws and ewwdaism, no questions, no ambiguities.

    Looking at all the attributes of the total narcissist, ewws exhibit all of them, in th extreme. Zero empathy!

  8. Nick, the Jews’ belief in their own superiority is a “spiritual” thing in the sense in which we might use the term–as a reason for existing, believing one is good, and so forth. Like, we exist here, and we often try to contemplate spiritual things, and those are the standard existential questions, like “Why am I here?” or “Am I good?” or “Is all this good, or part good, or evil?” or whatever. And there are a lot of interesting, creative answers to those questions, and appurtenant explanations, and even in the privacy of our own heads we might wonder, irrespective of whatever we’ve professed to others, if it’s really true, or if we’re really basically decent, and so forth.

    The Jews’ belief in their own superiority is “spiritual” in the sense that all the answers to those questions are really indicative of their low-functioning minds. Why does the universe exist? So Jews could be better than everything else. How did everything come to be? A random struggle for survival in which the Jews will win. Is there good or evil? Good is Jews and evil is everything else. They are the answer to every question and the end to every road. They believe they define superiority by existing, and they believe they define the standards for any kind of superiority, and they have this mass solipsism where no concept exists beyond “Jew” and “non-Jew.”

    Look at all the trash they’ve promulgated for gentiles to believe over the years. The Torah is perhaps obvious to non-Christians, but the current religions of “science” are now similar, where the Book of Genesis is adapted to the Big Bang that created a habitat for Jews, Jews are superior as evidenced by random mutation and random competition creating a globe where Jews gained control of all essential power and enslaved the gentiles, therefore even if gentiles won’t accept a supreme deity making the Chosen the best, they will accept that it was completely fair and random, without bribing idiotic shabbos goys or something else. Their techniques haven’t changed since they appeared–lying to everyone to explain why the resources should be perpetually under their management–but each new set of details, like a commercial for some very old product that features a popular new actor, can seem modern and progressive and really work on goys.

    In the privacy of a Jew’s head, he really doesn’t have the capability of being anything but a cooperative survival-machine. He has no individuality, existing just as a manifestation of “Jew,” which is why he is so good at serving group interests, but cannot himself conceive of something different. He can imitate individuality like he can imitate honesty, trustworthiness, or spirituality, but he can’t actually feel it nor create it. The limits of his imagination, his hopes and dreams, truly are things like “money” and “territory,” whereas all the other humans on the planet at least could generate a conception of something larger than material mastery over this planet (or a bunch of planets, or all planets–the Jews would be great evil rulers of some universal space empire, not just their holdings here on Terra).

  9. Hot off the archive.org community texts uploads RSS



    – UNREAD.

    Another, more famous Salazar:
    – some grudge bearing about him by one Antonio de Figueiredo in “Portugal and its Empire – The Truth” (1961, published by Gollancz), e.g.

    “Dr. Salazar was already Portugal’s strong man when I was born in 1929. I found myself involved in Portuguese politics at the early age of six, when, together with all other primary school children, I had to give the Fascist salute, and, in reply to the questions “Who lives?” and “Who commands?”, to repeat in chorus “Portugal, Portugal, Portugal”, “Salazar, Salazar, Salazar”.” (Later on he compares the Salazar ministry with the ‘defunct’ Nazi and other Fascist regimes).

    I haven’t felt exercised enough to enquire further. Was this Salazar also ‘of that ilk’? If I recall right, Douglas Reed indicated suspicions that even Franco, another leading “Fascist”, was also potentially a “Nossig” style blood relation.

  10. Read some, skimmed the rest, it looks to me like (((Leftist Critic))) wrote 41 + 15 pages of squid ink.

  11. Liberal critics slam anti-Trump #Resistance leader Amy Siskind as an imposter

    Superficially similar to Salazar, the difference is telling.

    Siskind is a Wall Street jew, turned political pundit jew, turned screechy anti-Trumper jew. The ambiguous “left”-posing then “right”-posing then “left”-posing shtick is perfectly typical of a jew, and certainly typical of the totally jewy #NeverTrump movement. This kind of partisan political mask-swapping is often misrepresented or misinterpreted as insincerity or indecisiveness, but actually reflects a deeper and quite conscious commitment to jewing.

    In fact, Siskind’s biological and psychological jewness are not being questioned. The essence of the critics’ beef is that Siskind isn’t anti-White enough, that she isn’t really on their side. They don’t like what the screechy jewess is doing, but instead of criticizing Siskind for acting jewy, they pretend instead she is “white”.

  12. “squid ink”, great term.
    What do we call the verbal rattle that emanates from (((their))) heads?

  13. Carol C. Mukhopadhyay; Rosemary Henze; Yolanda T. Moses.
    “How Real Is Race? A Sourcebook on Race, Culture, and Biology” [2nd ed.] (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014, 337 pp.)
    Author: Carol C. Mukhopadhyay; Rosemary Henze; Yolanda T. Moses

    Well it’s just a social construct goy, except when it’s determined by DNA for making aliyah. Mazel Tov!

  14. “A bookish people, minding their own business”, was how some JRx apologist infamously described jewing a few years back.

  15. But, damn, that Jewess is HOT!

    Gents, I’m sorry, but I think I’m starting to come around on these Jews, I tell ya

  16. Peekaboo, another jew!

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals Jewish ancestry at Hanukkah celebration – The Washington Post:

    “One of the things that we discovered about ourselves is that a very, very long time ago, generations and generations ago, my family consisted of Sephardic Jews,” Ocasio-Cortez said. These are Jews who settled in the Middle East, North Africa and southern Europe after the Jewish diaspora. They were expelled from Spain in 1492.

    The announcement drew delight at the Jackson Heights Jewish Center. Someone in the audience at the event, organized by Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, made a remark, which can’t be heard in a video of the congresswoman-elect’s brief speech, but which seemed to embrace her as a fellow Jew. She replied, “He’s like, ‘I told you! I knew it! I sensed it!’”

    . . .

    During the Hanukkah celebration on Sunday, Ocasio-Cortez didn’t dwell on her own sense of Jewish identity but rather used her family’s history to make a case for cultural diversity.

    Confirming once again that jew is a genetic trait, and furthermore, that mongrelization is no threat to jewing but part and parcel of it.

  17. Some suppose that up to 25% of ppl in the Iberian Peninsula have )ewish ancestry. It could be equally as high in the New World, as many fled the 1492 Expulsion, to the Spanish colonies.

  18. Video of Ocasio-Cortez explaining what jewing means to her.

    The problem with this standard historic narrative, that jews were oppressed and compelled to disguise themselves, is that it is a lie. In fact it is a lie about a lie. It all starts with the jews lying about what they all know is the congenital biological nature of jewing, pretending instead it is merely a religion or culture. Crypsis is a fundamental aspect of jewing which manifests itself over and over, regardless of which host jews impose themselves upon or how those hosts treat them. Disguise is the rule, at all times, because this enables jewing, enables subversion and exploitation of the host, confounding and confusing any resistance from the host.

    The exception are those times and places where various symptoms of jewing have been recognized as harmful to the polity and illegalized by the host state. During the Inquisition, for example, openly organized jewing was banned and jews were compelled to either go elsewhere or “convert” to Christianity. Most jews understood they couldn’t stop jewing. Most Christians didn’t. Those jews who remained but continued jewing in secret simply chose to stick with and deepen the age-old characteristic jew deception.

    So after centuries of jews preying upon Iberians the Iberians finally pushed back, slightly, and the jews one way or another just kept right on jewing. And for the past five hundred years jews have screeched about it, confirming that they distinguish themselves from Iberians by condemning Iberians for partially, temporarily, and ultimately ineffectively distinguishing themselves from jews.

  19. I suppose I should have made a separate post for this. Oh well.

    Ocasio-Cortez Jewish Ancestry Claim Stokes Controversy – The Forward:

    Over the summer, Salazar received wide criticism after articles and op-eds questioned her claims of Sephardic heritage and other aspects of her Jewish identity (a spokesperson for Salazar declined to comment for this story). And while Warren’s camp assumed her DNA test would quell a backlash to her statements about Native American ancestry, it only provided fodder for further criticism that she is relying too heavily on controversial race science.

    Wassner says that people who are overly concerned with proof are missing the upside. She said that many Latin Americans muse about Jewish ancestry as a way to have empathy for Jews. She pointed to the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, who spoke about his possible Jewish heritage in the context of defending Jewish culture.

    “There’s often been very visible talk about what happened to those people, is that a legacy we’re proud of, is that a legacy that applies to me?” Wassner said.

    In an opinion essay for the Forward, Ashley Passmore, an assistant professor of German at Texas A&M University, wrote that accepting claims of Jewish ancestry like that of Ocasio-Cortez could lend American Judaism more allies.

    Schoenberg acknowledges that there is a gatekeeping, elitist aspect to his and other genealogists’ concerns about proving Jewish ancestry. But, he says, the widespread claiming of Sephardic ancestry may have a sinister side-effect.

    “We may be coming into a world where there are many times more Messianic Jews than what we would call Jews,” said Schoenberg. “And they might use this sense of, we are all Sephardic Jews, to change our ideas about who a Jew is.”

    Ultimately, Schoenberg says, it’s good when people say they have Sephardic ancestry — perhaps it will make them less likely to be anti-Semitic. But he has a hard time getting past the trendiness.

    The jews disagree on whether mischlings and wannabes are good for the jews.

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