28 thoughts on “Discussing the Increasing Exposure of Jewing with John Friend”

  1. We (Whites everywhere) need media of our own, free from any ((( cultural poison ))).
    Programs like this are a start.

    The next step is racial education for kids.
    Something to wash away the poison of the last 50 years. Get them to open their eyes to reality, not just parroting sjw slogans.

  2. Ilhan Omar’s critics have little to say about Jim Jordan’s anti-Semitic tweet – ThinkProgress

    The double standard is opaque.

    . . .

    Responding to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who announced Sunday that the House Judiciary Committee would seek documents from some 60 individuals in Trump’s orbit as part of its investigation, Jordan accused Nadler of agreeing with California billionaire Tom Steyer that President Donald Trump should be impeached. But Jordan spelled Steyer’s name with a dollar sign

    With everything so jewed, “anti-semitism” is everywhere.

  3. Two WN making a podcast without saying “F*ING this, F*ING that, sheet this” interspersed with childish giggling, I’m stunned.

  4. Indeed @Fred W. We can work on “I’m good” later.


    I think that’s a psych-scam. (Like Geordie, West Yorks and Scottish voiceovers on commercials on Brit TV, these being asserted as the “most trusted” regional accent variations). Good to see others have noted many ‘conversations’ are just effing and blinding competitions.

    Are you still C.I. @JF? “Unfortunately, their [C.I.-ers’] doctrine is historically preposterous and, what is even worse, demoralizing. It makes our race the accomplices and beneficiaries of the ferocious god, Yahweh, who, according to the ‘Old Testament’, helped his pets swindle, plunder, torment, and butcher their betters in Egypt and Canaan.” (Writing as PERRIER)
    – you’re intelligent so I was wondering if you’d now developed past it.

  5. Posis1959, I don’t hear West Yorkshire accents in national radio and TV ads very often. I think you might be hearing Lancs and Mancs people? They have the swag needed for adverts, we laugh at the very idea of swag and adverts.

  6. I just ran them through a validator and they all look ok. Which one are you seeing the problem with?

  7. “Fred W
    5 March 2019 at 3:51 pm

    Two WN making a podcast without saying “F*ING this, F*ING that, sheet this” interspersed with childish giggling, I’m stunned.”

    I could not have said it better, Fred W. This is the #1 reason why I cannot stomach listening to The Daily Shoah, hosted by Mike Peinovich. The #2 reason is Peinovich (((himself))), who I flat do not trust and who I suspect is very likely at least partially jewish. That entire podcast crew sounds as if they are three quarters in the bag (drunk or stoned, take your pick) and I have no interest at all in listening to what sounds like a gang of giggling teenage girls.

    I recently went back and gave a second listen to the show John Friend did with Tanstaafl back around January 24, 2017 – right after the revelations erupted about Mike ‘Enoch’ having hidden the fact that he was married to a jewess. This was a very good show, although the audio was next to terrible. John was either leaning too close to his microphone or he had the volume on his side turned up 10 notches higher than the volume level on Tanstaafl’s side of the conversation Listening to it on my digital mp3 player, adjusting the comfortable volume level to hear what Tan had to say – and then, every time John would chime in – talking over, and frequently interrupting Tan – the volume would be so loud that I would have to lower it to prevent my ear drums from rupturing. As I said, it was a very informative show – but that volume issue was just a major frustration. Might need to incorporate a sound-check in the future, to make sure the audio on both sides are evenly balanced prior to starting the podcast. I do not know if problems of this sort can be edited after the fact.

    One other stickler I have about which pro-White radio shows I will listen to involves the insertion of negro rap music into the show. I hear one instance of black rap being used in a podcast that is advertising itself as ‘pro-white’ – and I am gone. The Krypto Report, hosted by Azzmador, is guilty of this and for that reason, I have stopped downloading his podcasts.

    Also, while I am not particularly offended by the occasional use of the ‘n-word’ – there are supposedly pro-white radio shows out there, hosted by what appears to be a collection of immature, juvenile sounding class clowns who act as though they are trying to establish some kind of podcast record for the number of times per show they can blast out the ‘n-word’,
    utterances which are always followed by a lengthy and obnoxious series of giggles and cackles – as if these clowns think they are somehow being ‘extra edgy’ and original.

    No wonder the White Nationalist movement has been spinning its wheels for the last 40 or more years. It is time to grow up, and start conducting ourselves as leaders who can be respected as being dedicated to our cause, who are serious about the struggle we find ourselves in, and who don’t act as if they are auditioning for a comedy act that is aimed at immature 15 year old teenage kids. I am not arguing in favor of Political Correctness, but in favor of tempering excessive use of profanity and vicarious overuse of racial epithets that I do not think helps us expand the size of the pro-White community.

    That was the general policy of Dr. William Pierce when he was doing his weekly American Dissident Voices broadcasts and I came to respect him for that approach.

  8. Yes, it’s entirely about Jews and not the pro-Whites’ various styles. MacDonald and other milder voices have always been wrong about this and as a result have criticized others for being, essentially, too pro-White. Hopefully we live and learn.

  9. This morning’s Tds was good, Mike hits some solid points.
    We need more white media, of all stripes.
    Tds, Redice, cantwell, goad, stormfront, Linder, Jan, etc.

  10. http://therealistreport.com/the-realist-report-josh-lieblein/

    John challenged Lieblein to a debate in response to an op-ed in which the jew was advising fellow jews to jew harder. Then in the debate the jew argues that jews shouldn’t be regarded as a group because they disagree (about what’s best for jews). The jews are survivors, you see, and they’re better prepared for war than “quote unquote whites”. The jews think of themselves and act as a group, but YOU GOYIM should never do that.

    Lieblein was educated in jew schools, supports the jews-only state, expects every state in the world to be a jew-first state, thinks about what’s best for jews 24/7/365, and still manages to resent the goyim for vaguely somehow interfering with their jewing. He sees Whites and jews as opposites, as enemies, to the extent he can admit Whites even exist. He agrees there’s a war. He it sees as a war on jews.

    No surprise here, Lieblein thinks and argues like every other jewsmedia jew.

  11. That’s an old link I didn’t see the date. I was reading about the Israelis and New Zealanders fighting over BdS this year and even a lawsuit in Israel against New Zealanders.
    I have no idea, the thing just seems fishy to me.

  12. It says in times of Israel that 6 Palestinians were killed as well. Tan, no offense taken if you don’t feel like posting this.
    I just think fighting “creeping sharia” is kind of a small issue to focus on. Other than their presence in white countries I have no animosity toward them.

  13. Some lamestream ripples to distract from the ChristChurch event. (When I was there 25+ years ago the only exotic thing was “the Wizard” and I was figuring it might be a retirement destination, now there’s 2 (?) mosques…). My attention drawn to:

    TheHighersideChats – March 7th 2019 – Kris Millegan | Trine Day, CIA Drug Trafficking, & The Secret Society Leviathan

    Trine Day publishers, conspiracee theorees (© CIA). Unintentionally amusing i.e. lame and hick BS. @11’44 his hilarious list of example conspiracy theorist groups; @ 32’13 assertion that TV standard NTSC 60 cycles p./s. puts viewer into trance, only USA and Japan use NTSC, all the rest run at 55 p./s. (he sez).


    He mentions two books
    Calling all Angels
    The Gold Grab
    – not in the usual virtual depositories.

    Still, there’s a diamond in every dirt heap, explains Trine = benign. So Duke’s favoured “In Touch With the Infinite” 1897 by Ralph Waldo Trine (think yer own realitee / power of attraction of munny) was pseudo-penned…?

  14. I cannot stomach listening to The Daily Shoah, hosted by Mike Peinovich….and I have no interest at all in listening to what sounds like a gang of giggling teenage girls.

    Hopefully, they will refine their delivery wi time and experience. They don’t have the resources and consultants of major (((media))). It’s a long learning curve.

  15. 1). Yeah the Josh Lieblein debate missed some obvious chances e.g. wot’s not to like in Goyim emulating their superiors and their ethnic purdah of Israel? /snigger

    2). @TANSTAAFL you might like to do a (maybe repeat?) interview with NoWhiteGuilt who was a-pumpin’ his ~700pp book with the two chumps at WhiteRabbitRadioLive, they let him drone uninterrupted at the beginning then when he was developing more interesting and involved arguments* interrupted him with idiotic cracks.
    *(e.g. assimilation nominally possible when very low alien numbers (explains the phenomenon of “I know an OK Somalian”); when more and critical mass achieved, they assert against the host. See esp. uncorrectible internal social / state weakness as an inevitable major consequence once 10% or more of a country is of a visibly different race: W.M. McGovern, “Strategic Intelligence and the Shape of Tomorrow” (1961) pp. 51-53 and the expert testimony of Prof. Van Den Haag of New York University given to the International Court of Justice on June 23rd, 1965 (pp. 130, 166-7 etc) http://www.icj-cij.org/docket/files/46/9297.pdf )



    3). Latest victims of de-platforming appear to include Radio Wehrwolf (who?) and Katana.

  16. More grist for the disinfo mill…. Jim Fetzer/The Real Deal March 20, 2019 @55m2s

    “…DNA studies at Johns Hopkins have established that the present occupants of Israel are descended from Khazarians the region of the Ukraine not from the Tribes of Judah – so that while the Palestinians really ARE Semites Israelis are not which means that Israel turns out to be the greatest practitioner of anti-Semitism in the world today…”

    [reflecting the viva voce original all punctuation hereby abandoned]

    That’ll make the C.I.-ers ecstatic. What studies exactly might these be…?



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