President Kushner

Two years into his administration and President Kushner is once again in the news, a little.

Trump Demands WH to Grant Kushner Top Security Clearance Amid US Intel Concerns:

Trump ordered his chief of staff at the time John Kelly to grant Kushner security clearance despite warnings from intelligence officials and White House lawyers, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

. . .

According to NBC News, two White House security specialists rejected last month Kushner’s application for a top-secret clearance after a FBI background check raised concerns about potential foreign influence on him, but they were overruled by their supervisor, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

No One Has More Influence on Trump Than Jared Kushner, Ex-NJ Governor Claims:

During an extensive interview with National Public Radio (NPR), Chris Christie, who wrote a memoir entitled “Let Me Finish: Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics”, weighed in on reports that Ivanka Trump’s beloved husband Jared Kushner is de facto operating as White House chief of staff.

“I don’t know if it’s true. But let me say this: There is simply no one more influential in the White House on the president than Jared Kushner. He’s not the only person who he listens to, but I don’t think anyone as more influence than Jared has”, he said.

An October 2017 article in a similar vein, which I mentioned in the comments of President Jew, had the headline Trump Fired Tillerson To Protect Jared Kushner, noting:

By dismissing Tillerson, Trump has demonstrated that “blood is thicker than water” and that he will protect his family at great political cost, even if Kushner continues to generate negative media coverage.

Kushner is the embodiment of foreign influence in the White House. Negative jew influence, driving an agenda completely divorced from what Trump told his thirsty supporters they’d be getting. It’s a big, controversial story, and understandably it is taking time for the jewsmedia to settle on a way to jewsplain it. So far they’ve mostly just ignored Kushner, compensating by loudly and quite consciously shifting attention and blame to Russia instead. Likewise, and for the same reason, they’ve been screeching continuously about WHITE supremacism and WHITE nationalism, as jew-first governments across the West are literally making it illegal to oppose jewing.

I’m glad I took the time to write at least a little about the White-washing of Trump, and the petty intrigues which so characterize his 6000000% jew-first administration. At this point there’s not much more that needs to be said about the kikeservative-in-chief’s latest ever more jewy antics than, what’s President Kushner up to now?

2 thoughts on “President Kushner”

  1. It has come to point where Whites need non-Whites to speak up about jewish Supremacy, like Ilhan Omar, because we are being silenced.
    (((They))) have their boot heels on Whites’ necks. Hhhmm? I wonder why there are so many White suicides and deaths by drugs in alcohol.
    If not Trump himself, Kushner is definitely giving Israel and probably their best buddy Saudi Arabia every Top- Secret Security bit of information he knows.
    They are selling us internationally and beating us down domestically.
    Omar hates us too. The jews will ask her price to stop.

    The jews are not going to be able keep it up. Whites are waking up. It’s inevitable!

  2. There has been nothing in U.S. history to compare to the level, the absoluteness of betrayal that we see in this golem, this utter lying traitor. I ¨believed¨ the rhetoric of this nuclear double-crosser for one reason – I could not conceive of a human being climbing to the most visible, prominent, indeed the highest stage in the world and making the KIND of promises that this devil made DAILY for 18 months over and over and over again. I simply could not imagine that such a one could then ride to the American Presidency solely and completely on said promises to a desperate, beleaguered, withering (in mere numbers as well as psychologically) White remnant and then once there…ripping off the mask to reveal the complete REVERSAL of what was previously presented so vehemently and repeatedly. And along with the reversal, sure enough, he unabashedly further reveals that his sell-your-soul devotion to Jews wherever they may be is his one aim, his one purpose and raison detre. Remarkable to me – we really don´t see the kind of fierce condemnation and disowning of this beast that he deserves. Coulter comes the closest amazingly. The Trojan Horse trope is now second to the Trump Betrayal event in my judgment. One can only hope (a doubtful hope) that he will become the curse and byword that befits him in some future era.

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