When Relentless Remorseless Exterminating Machines Control the Media

Revealing themselves and their tricks, again: The Secret Jewish History Of “Alien”.

Most of the “secret” connections are tenuous, having to do with media being totally jewed. It’s all just fluff padding out the core truth:

One might also consider the alien lifeform itself as an embodiment of the Jewish condition. Alone, wandering in space, it is as Ash calls it, a “survivor.” The organic-machine combination gives it an androgynous quality (it is a female entity but played by a male actor, Bolaji Badejo), again something which has been leveled historically at Jewish men in particular. Technically known as a Xenomorph, its ability to blend into the surroundings of the spaceship suggest a gift for mimicry – a hallmark of the Jewish condition — echoing that of the Transformers.

The very name of the film also suggests how Jewish immigrants have been perceived in Europe and the United States as reflected in the anti-immigrant legislation in Britain specifically designed to curb a Jewish “invasion,” The Aliens Act of 1905.

. . .

Finally, the alien is a relentless, remorseless exterminating machine. All biological organisms are its potential victims. In the prequel “Prometheus,” a crew member describes a pile of corpses he has stumbled upon as resembling a “Holocaust picture.” Thus, it has even been asked, “Can we say that behind those murderous vagina dentata of “Alien,” these atrocities of the twentieth century lurk?

They didn’t give the alien any lines because it would have sounded like nasally screeching in yiddish, letting the goyim know too quickly.

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  1. an embodiment of the Jewish condition. Alone, wandering in space …

    Oh, that is rich. “jewish condition alone wandering” just too funny. They do nothing alone, they are always networked and working in coordination. They probe and explore with backup and thorough investigation with support.

    Another manifestation of “we poor news”.

  2. ‘Oh, that is rich. “jewish condition alone wandering” just too funny. They do nothing alone, they are always networked and working in coordination. They probe and explore with backup and thorough investigation with support.’

    I made this point recently when somone was equivocating about ‘small Jews’. They are all connected with one another and are a lot less small than you think.

  3. There are numerous reactions to Jewish shenanigans and general jewing, but rarely do they appear so completely ridiculous. To say the connections are tenuous borders on too much credit. They amount to little more than “Giger, O’Bannon and Ridley Scott all knew a Jew. Therefore every aspect of this work and its subsequent success was determined by that.” If this weren’t so laughable it’d be edging up on offensive for its vain, pathetic reaching.

  4. I’d agree with Cleansing Fire…rather tangential stuff. Except for the extermination part:

    the Jews, who see themselves as perpetual over-the-millenia victims of White attempts to exterminate them, must therefore exterminate the Whites to survive. And are, in fact, now doing so with remarkable rapidity via open borders shitskin insourcing and an engineered – via the kosher Culture fo Death: legalized abortion, porn, miscegnation, faggotry, and judeo-“feminism” – collapse of the White birthrate. So

    the Alien is therefore yet another Golem. Who, however (see: shitskin orcs), might get out of control (once again) and exterminate the Jews themselves.

  5. Police should guard every synagogue, Jewish school & daycare in Germany – Merkel:

    In a feature article titled ‘The New German Anti-Semitism’ last week, the New York Times describes a Germany in which Jewish parents encourage their children to keep their ethnicity to themselves at school, to avoid bullying from “Muslim students…who use the word ‘Jew’ as an insult.”

    In her CNN interview, Merkel suggested that anti-Semitism in Germany remains connected to the country’s Nazi past. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer also attributes the bulk of last year’s attacks to right-wing extremists.

    Anti-Semitism in Europe has traditionally been the preserve of the fringe right and fringe left. However, German Jewish community leaders have increasingly warned that Middle Eastern migrants are a new source of hatred. Last November, a group of these leaders requested that migrants be required to attend integration classes to combat the prevalence of anti-Semitic attitudes.

    With anti-Semitism coming from both new and traditional sources, Jews are increasingly feeling pressured to leave Germany. An EU-wide survey last year found that in 13 countries surveyed, Jews in Germany, France, and Belgium were most likely to consider emigrating to Israel.

    Needless to say, a legitimate German government would focus on defending Germans rather than defending the interloping aliens.

    That last paragraph is an example of a common bit of jew disingenuousness I call “parasite flight”. If the parasite ever willingly retracts its claws and fangs, most often it will merely fly off to another host where it can continue screeching about oppression while feasting. But then the hollow threat about “emigrating to Israel” calls attention to the fact that jews are parasites, that nothing keeps them outside the jew-first/jew-only state but themselves, the original and most toxic “Middle Eastern migrants”.

  6. (((Facehugger))) latches itself onto human character.
    Victim is allowed into ship despite warning by sensible, safety-minded officer.
    (((Fellow human))) cyborg infiltrator talks the crew out of killing it.
    (((Alien))) eats its way out of victim and goes on killing spree.
    (((Corporate money interests))) ultimately to blame.
    (((Alien))) is expelled from ship, yet still manages to come back for another ten sequels, each time more dangerous.

    Yup, seems pretty jewy.

  7. There is a 1993 movie called “Age of Treason” written by a Jew. Cohencidence? You decide.

  8. If anyone is looking for norvins videos he has a bitchute channel with the same name.

  9. The screenwriter, from wikipedia:

    “O’Bannon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the son of Bertha (née Lowenthal)”

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