“Wokeness” is a Jew Construct

Here’s another professional jew claiming responsibility, connecting the dots between BLM, liberalism, and the Enlightenment. Recounting the “song of jew history” (the jew version of history, the eternal screech), he jewsplains how jews with a particularist “jew lives matter” idea always foremost in their own minds “practically invented” the toxic universalist ideas which have repeatedly killed their hosts.

Zionism is the Jewish Black Lives Matter – The Forward:

Throughout history Jews have tried the “all lives matter” argument. We brought the idea of ethical monotheism to the world — under the foundational beliefs that all humans are created in the image of God. In a world dominated by social hierarchies, the early Israelites and prophets railed against this unjust caste system, starting a long process of moral progression. We practically invented the idea of “all lives matter.”

According to Jewish tradition, we then tried teaching this to the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans – yet their hostility towards others, specifically us, went unstopped. We engaged in medieval debates with the Christain hegemony, making the argument that all humans are inherently valuable and godly. Yet the libels, pogroms and scapegoating never ceased.

Finally, we thought after the Enlightenment that anti-Semitism would soon be over. Finally the world recognized that all lives matter — that people have fundamental and unalienable rights that need not depend on color or creeds. Yet we all know how that worked out.

. . .

The “all lives matter” song of Jewish history slowly stopped and was replaced by “Jewish lives matter.” A state for the Jews, in our historic and indigenous homeland, where we can govern and protect ourselves, cultivate our tradition and keep it alive, and be a refuge for any Jew in trouble. Yes — Zionis mis the ultimate claim that Jewish lives matter.

Jews have come to the difficult but important realization that we need to occasionally thrust aside universalism in favor of particularism. We understand that while we need to be constantly dedicated to global and universal issues, Jewish-specific education and protection is paramount to our well-being. We have no issue proudly advocating for the fact that “Jewish lives matter.”

Because of this, we don’t just have a moral imperative to support Black Lives Matter. We have a personal one. The same history and values that inspire me to be an outspoken Zionist underpin my support for Black Lives Matter.

Our prophets teach that in Messianic times the entire world will come together in a monolithic utopia where there is no more strife or war. Until then, we need to be on the frontlines of racial justice and yes, that means rejecting broken and ineffective claims such as “All Lives Matter.”

“Messianism” is jewing. The term refers specifically to the shameless jew-serving moralizing with which they have repeatedly turned their host societies inside out and upside down. The current moral panic, “wokeness”, is just the most recent example.

Many jewsmedia pundits have noticed this moralizing. Most critique its religious character, and its war-like character, while ignoring its jewy character. We’re In A Cultural Civil War. It’s Time For Conservatives To Fight Back is a typical “classical liberal” take:

In some sense this is entirely psychological. A relatively small group of radical left-wing activists is using classic cult psychology to wage psychological war against the rest of us. They are the vanguard of what can only be described as a religious movement in America.

Indeed, Black Lives Matter and its attendant ideology contain all the elements of a religion: it promulgates doctrines that are explicitly normative, it has a cosmology and a morality, its claims are not subject to or consistent with scientific proofs. James Lindsay has gone further and described it as a cult, with recognizable and well-established features of a cult such as initiation, indoctrination, and cult reprogramming.

But this is a religious movement unlike any we’ve seen before, because unlike established religions it’s formally secular enough to be allowed into purely secular institutions of public life. This is why the Black Lives Matter agenda and The New York Times’ 1619 Project are being taught openly in our public schools.

We certainly have seen this kind of “formally secular” religion before. Consider the “nazi death camp” and “six million” shibboleths. These Big Lies have been openly taught in public schools for decades. What’s more, jews organized openly as jews stage an annual public spectacle whereby their most useful servants make a pilgrimage to worship jews and recite their cultish beliefs about jewland.

Anything critics say about “the BLM agenda” applies even more so to jewing. No doubt that’s why many of the pundits who might say something critical of blacks decide not to. They’re not afraid of the blacks. They’re afraid of the jews who see “black lives matter” as a proxy for “jew lives matter”. Whites who have already accepted some form of jew worship will find it easier to accept black worship. They need only imagine blacks as their “new jews”. They might feel some cognitive dissonance when jews screech about black “anti-semitism”, but the jewsmedia will surely help them work that out.

Lindsay’s The Cult Dynamics of Wokeness, linked in the Federalist article quoted above, equates the “wokeness” behind BLM to anti-“racism” (another jew construct) and notes its similarity to Christianity (yet another jew construct):

“Christ died for your sins, so you can be forgiven” is a Christian example, and “Be an antiracist. Help us dismantle the system and build a better world” is an “antiracist” example.

Lindsay elaborates upon the emotional and psychological manipulation of “the mark” by “the cult”, but also connects it to Marxism, another “formally secular” bit of jewing:

I know this part gets a little heady, but it’s important. Critical consciousness is, formally, the cult mentality of Karl Marx’s conflict theory. Conflict theory, in briefest explanation, is the idea that society is broken into different groups or classes (for Marx, they were economic classes, and for the Woke, they are social group-identity classes) that are oppressive on one side, oppressed on the other, and in conflict over this. That is, conflict theory is the belief that different social groups in society are always in conflict with one another for power and dominance, and that rather than working together in complex, dynamical ways that can be mutually beneficial, they are at war. A critical consciousness means realizing this and that you are somehow personally complicit in creating the material conditions for that war and need to “do better,” either by renouncing your dominance (if dominant) or by agitating for a full-on revolution (if oppressed).

Critical consciousness is therefore a very cartoonish, us-versus-them reading of the world. This mentality, of course, tweaks various psychological and social impulses in people as described in social identity theory, for example, and dramatically increases what’s called “parochial altrusim.” This means strongly favoring the in-group (here, the cult) and forgiving it for every excess and abuse while becoming overtly hostile to the out-group (here, everyone else in society and society itself) and reading everything it does in the worst light possible. This is obviously core to the present sociological dynamic! It also dramatically increases cult commitment, adding an overtly warlike tenor to the us-against-them mentality, which in critical cults like Wokeness is us-against-the-world.

. . .

To summarize, then, Wokeness is a cult. It might even be, in its broadest functions, a proper religion at this point with a describable and fanatic cult element within it and protected by the relative reasonability of the broader faith. Antiracism, in particular, under its auspices is explicitly framed religiously and with clear patterns of cult initiation written all over it. This is what we’re up against.

This cult mentality Lindsay describes as manifesting in Christianity and Marxism springs from the more ancient and potent “critical consciousness” of jews. They translate their cabalist term “tikkun olam” as “social justice”. It means: “help us dismantle the (non-jew) system and build a better world (for jews)”.

The jews have always had an us-against-the-world mentality, a jews-versus-goyim “reading of the world”. Just a few months ago, amidst the hysteria around coronavirus, before BLM and “wokeness” went viral, jews were shamelessly screeching that “anti-semitism” is the real pandemic everyone should worry about. In that screeching it was clear that they see non-jews as diseased and ever more jewing as the cure.

The Tribe refers to themselves, among themselves, as “The Tribe”. They see themselves as morally and culturally distinct from and superior to non-jews. They see themselves at perpetual war with non-jews. Their primary weapons are emotional and psychological manipulation, using their long-standing dominance of the mass media and academia to constantly accuse non-jews, especially Whites, of oppressing them. The oppression narrative at the very center of “wokeness” isn’t a non-White construct, it’s a jew construct. In the “wokeness” narrative Whites remain the oppressors, the epitome of evil, and the jew role, by definition good, has simply been generalized to include all non-Whites. As jews sometimes put it, the non-Whites are the “new jews”.

“Supercession” is the religious term for this kind of jew-sanctioned, jew-serving extension of jew mentality. There’s a cargo cult quality to other non-Whites trying to ape the jews. This is especially the case with “wokeness”, where the jew role isn’t explicit, making it more likely some goy will lose the plot and either conflate or distinguish Whites and jews in a way that displeases the “fellow oppressed”.

Early in his article Lindsay notes:

The concept of “white fragility” in the antiracist Woke cult is exactly this sort of emotional shakedown. White fragility separates white people and their “adjacencies” into exactly two types: racists (who admit it) and racists (who are too emotionally fragile to admit it).

The concept of “anti-semitism” is where the concept of “racism” and this newer, more precisely-targeted buzzterm “White fragility” come from. “Anti-semitism” is the original “original sin”. The jews separate non-jews into exactly two types of “anti-semite”: those who know, and those who don’t know yet.

Another mainstream “classical liberal” has written pointedly about this jewing-by-other-means without identifying it as such. Andrew Sullivan coyly asks, Is There Still Room for Debate?

The orthodoxy goes further than suppressing contrary arguments and shaming any human being who makes them. It insists, in fact, that anything counter to this view is itself a form of violence against the oppressed. The reason some New York Times staffers defenestrated op-ed page editor James Bennet was that he was, they claimed, endangering the lives of black staffers by running a piece by Senator Tom Cotton, who called for federal troops to end looting, violence, and chaos, if the local authorities could not. This framing equated words on a page with a threat to physical life — the precise argument many students at elite colleges have been using to protect themselves from views that might upset them. But, as I noted two years ago, we all live on campus now.

In this manic, Manichean world you’re not even given the space to say nothing. “White Silence = Violence” is a slogan chanted and displayed in every one of these marches. It’s very reminiscent of totalitarian states where you have to compete to broadcast your fealty to the cause. In these past two weeks, if you didn’t put up on Instagram or Facebook some kind of slogan or symbol displaying your wokeness, you were instantly suspect. The cultishness of this can be seen in the way people are actually cutting off contact with their own families if they don’t awaken and see the truth and repeat its formulae. Ibram X. Kendi insists that there is no room in our society for neutrality or reticence. If you are not doing “antiracist work” you are ipso facto a racist. By “antiracist work” he means fully accepting his version of human society and American history, integrating it into your own life, confessing your own racism, and publicly voicing your continued support.

This suppression orthodoxy is visible in its purest form when jews swarm and screech about “anti-semitism” and “anti-semites”. It’s chilling effect is visible in these jewsmedia pundits describing “wokeness” as if it has no connection to jewing.

Whites “liberals” who display their “wokeness” by saying “black lives matter” are doing the same thing as White “conservatives” waving a jew-state flag and proclaiming that they “stand with Israel”. It is not an act of self-abnegation. Quite the opposite. They are trying to protect and even elevate themselves. Whites who have accepted and internalized the jew lie that race is a social construct may even imagine they can change teams, or “convert”, as if they were jews. Even those who don’t believe the lies understand they can get ahead by mouthing those lies more quickly or convincingly than others.

Job #1 of the jews’ anti-“racist” “work” has been painting Whites as public enemy #1. “Wokeness” is a recent extension of that project, an add-on to “political correctness”, which itself is more aptly described as semitical correctness. The jewing that begat “wokeness” isn’t shrinking or being displaced. It’s adapting and growing.

To be woke is to wake up to the truth — the blinding truth that liberal society doesn’t exist, that everything is a form of oppression or resistance, and that there is no third option. You are either with us or you are to be cast into darkness.

The truth is that liberalism and the Enlightenment belong to an earlier, now obsolete phase of jewing. It was characterized by jews dissimulating as “fellow whites”. This newer phase, the Enrichment, is characterized by jews dropping their “white” mask. In this phase jews are openly screeching as jews, jewsplaining how their jewness sets them apart, how their oppression status outranks any other and thus entitles them to tell non-jews what to think about anything.

The truth is that even the “wokest” non-White goy who somehow vexes jews gets piled on almost as viciously as any uppity White goy. Swarming screeching jews overrule any truth, trump any chimpout. However “nuanced” the pilpul gets when jews try to jewsplain what everyone else should think about “wokeness”, their premise is always the same. They either support it or oppose it because that’s what they think is best for their tribe. That’s the essence of semitical correctness.

Whenever a newer, more cryptic offshoot of jewing intersects an older, more in-your-face form of jewing, the jews on all sides will ensure the former is what gets corrected. Here’s an example:

The BBC has reportedly ordered its television presenters not to wear Black Lives Matter (BLM) badges on air after Campaign Against Antisemitism exposed worrying antisemitism in the movement and its other extreme views emerged.

. . .

A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “We are not surprised that the antisemitic outbursts and revelations of other extremist views from within the BLM movement are causing those who had lent their support to distance themselves. All decent people oppose racism, which is why seeing anti-Jewish racism emerging from within the movement against anti-black racism has been an ugly sight. Prejudice cannot be beaten with more prejudice.”

Here the anti-White teacher is correcting their student.

35 thoughts on ““Wokeness” is a Jew Construct”

  1. “Black Lives Matter and its attendant ideology contain all the elements of a religion”

    Hmm, why does that sound familiar? Does all this mean I’m not officially a Jew yet?

  2. As many Whites were waking up to the JQ/JP because of Internet access, the term “woke” began to appear. The Oxford English Dictionary was taking note, “Woke” is now being used to describe political awareness. Then, Every time, the word gets changed to a jew-meaning.

  3. ‘Hmm, why does that sound familiar? Does all this mean I’m not officially a Jew yet?’

    Captainchaos doth protest too much.

  4. andrewdoyle_com:

    I have always believed that liberalism is the best way to tackle racism. The identity-obsessed ideology of Social Justice is not only less effective, it actively promotes racial division. @ConceptualJames has a handy diagram to clarify the point… https://t.co/Ks6ud0igJq

    “Liberalism is the best way to do anti-racism.”

    This is the alt-jew take, the essence of what the “classical liberal”/IDW cabal stands for. They prefer the old anti-White jewing to the new anti-White jewing. They aren’t opposed to the anti-White/pro-jew regime, they just want it to stay more abstract and on the down-low, like themselves.

    Doyle is the homosexual kosher “comedian” (the joke’s always on you, goyim) behind Titania McGrath.

  5. Excellent. Quite a treat to see a new rare post hit the rss feed.

    A nephew and a couple friends recently admitted to becoming aware of jewish influence and asked what’s the story? At this point, AoT is a bit too deep end for them, but the clarity of paragraphs nine, ten and eleven (not counting the quoted pieces) make it easier to explain some basics. Thanks for that. And everything else.

  6. A Letter on Justice and Open Debate | Harper’s Magazine:

    The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted. While we have come to expect this on the radical right, censoriousness is also spreading more widely in our culture: an intolerance of opposing views, a vogue for public shaming and ostracism, and the tendency to dissolve complex policy issues in a blinding moral certainty.

    . . .

    We need to preserve the possibility of good-faith disagreement without dire professional consequences. If we won’t defend the very thing on which our work depends, we shouldn’t expect the public or the state to defend it for us.

    Another version of “liberalism is the best way to do anti-racism”, this time in letter-from-the-editors form. Scanning the names of the 150 or so signers I would say at least 1/3 are jews, with a distinct skew toward the “classical liberal”/IDW type.

    This cabal of public opinion shapers, each with a secure soapbox, and each of whom already has or likely would support the banning of pro-White or anti-jew anything, has basically come together to screech at “wokeness”. And what they’re screeching is, “WE’RE ON YOUR SIDE!” Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t somehow bring up the six gorillion. Perhaps they thought the list of names on the end would be enough.

    The irony of the censor jews trying to delete the “black hebrews make a khazar jew kid cry” video, along with any other material more entertaining or educational than their own kosher crap, is that the “liberal”-posing jews will always cry out in pain as if they are the ones being targeted, thus providing an endless stream of remakes of this same jewy drama.

  7. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful work. I refer to this site often and re-listen to many of the podcasts. A few years back, I had noticed all the race studies published by UNESCO and was going to try to figure it all out. Your extensive coverage of Franz Boas, Gene Weltfish, Margaret Mead, et al saved me the trouble and you undoubtedly did a better job than I could have.

  8. These “classical liberal” kikes are afraid the frog is being boiled too quickly and that it will hop out of the pot, ready to defend itself. Smart kikes like Leo Strauss was are well aware that Weimar = Hitler. Present day kikes are not that smart, and of course muds are even dumber. This thing has taken on a life of its own and there won’t be any stopping it.

  9. Big brain sciency jew Eric Turkheimer jewsplains what’s wrong with anyone trying to shutdown the shutdown culture he says was created by “white people like me” – they’re forgetting the six gorillion.

    Here is the start of his twitstorm, which I’ll just run together below.

    Some thoughts on the Harpers letter. I support it in spirit: the world would be a better place if people could be more tolerant and open minded. But I think their argument is oversimplified to make the problem seem easier than it really is. /1

    Cancellation is not new. Consider holocaust deniers. If the chairman of your history department announces that the Holocaust never happened, she is going to be canceled, and this was true long before Twitter. Why, exactly? /2

    There are two reasons: 1) The Holocaust has already been sufficiently litigated and there is nothing useful to add, and 2) Insisting on re-litigating it is disrespectful and potentially harmful to people who died and people who survived. /3

    Now consider my one bit of expertise in this domain: race, IQ and genetics. IMHO people who endorse the idea that IQ gaps between so-called races have a genetic basis deserve to be condemned, and potentially denied professional privileges that are not protected by tenure. /4

    The reasons are the same as for Holocaust denial: it has been litigated, there is no substantial reason to think it’s true, nothing new, and in the meantime it is disrespectful and harmful. /5

    I concede the problem: race and genetics just happens to be my thing, and nowadays everyone has their own. Once you let the cancellation genie out of the bottle it’s hard to get him back in. What is to be done? /6

    On the one hand, we can agree with the signatories that we can all make an effort to be a little more understanding of people we disagree with. /7

    But the signatories could try to understand that the current boundaries of discourse– Holocaust denialism is unacceptable, but suggesting that African people have evolved to be dumber than Europeans is a topic for civil scientific debate– weren’t passed down on tablets. /8

    Those boundaries were invented, mostly by rich tenured white people like me. The cancellation debate isn’t ultimately about a commitment to civil discourse, it is a debate about where revised boundaries should lie. /end

    Indeed. These boundaries were invented by jews – jews like Turkheimer, who assume everything they say should be silently obeyed by the goyim, and are scandalized by the idea that anyone doesn’t get why this is good and right, but are always ready to jewsplain it.

  10. MarkBrahmin:

    Blacks want to criminalize Whites for reporting them for their own crimes or suspicious behavior. The proposed act itself is named for a racial slur against Whites. A black man has introduced the ordinance. https://t.co/AyaJJ2MCqi

    Of course the blacks are just aping jews, with the conditional approval and support of jews, who have always wanted and often succeeded in criminalizing Whites for interfering with or even simply noticing jew malfeasance.

  11. Michael Knowles:

    Cancel culture is exclusively leftist for the same reason leftists say racism is exclusively white: it requires institutional power. Racism is not exclusively white bc “white supremacists” don’t control any institutions. Cancel culture is leftist bc the Left controls all of them.

    Know less, lol. Like other every other mainstream pundit, he speaks he truth about jewing while giving it another name. Just read “lefist” as “jewish”, “the Left” as “the jew”.

  12. Heard your interview with my man Luke Ford, was really interesting. I take pride in the fact that our presence here ticks you off so much its really empowering. It’s also really empowering to know that no matter what I do undermines deranged JQtards like yourself. Didn’t realize it was so easy. Heads I win, tales you lose! Been alot of really deranged people on that show, but you take the cake : )

    Yours Truly,

  13. ‘Alamo Austin
    11 JULY 2020 AT 12:06 AM
    Heard your interview with my man Luke Ford, was really interesting. I take pride in the fact that our presence here ticks you off so much its really empowering. It’s also really empowering to know that no matter what I do undermines deranged JQtards like yourself. Didn’t realize it was so easy. Heads I win, tales you lose! Been alot of really deranged people on that show, but you take the cake : )

    Yours Truly,

    Gamma male confirmed.

    I listened to that show. As I recall Tan pointed out that most Jews do not accpet Luke as a real Jew and had Luke rather despondant. What makes me laugh is that Luke’s co-presenters are all mischlings- like with one Jewish grandmother. All trying to be more Jewier than Jew. Of which you are a great example.

  14. Sorry for the long comment but this really triggered me.

    The jews are the creators of religious movements, and every single religion the jews create follows the same exact blueprint: an authoritarian system persecutes a lowly outcast, or group of outcasts, who the jews then portray as spiritually-pure heroes. The jews resurrect the victims in their propaganda and use them as a justification for the complete eradication of the system which persecuted them.

    The jews’ agitation always attracts the most unstable, retrograde, and violent elements of society; untermenschen who operate on impulses, which the jews are masters of manipulating. The jews establish their political fronts and sic these violent mobs onto the bewildered people of the host nation. No mercy is ever shown, because the only redemption the jews ever offer is slavery or death. The nation is then reduced to rubble in the name of goodness and justice.

    This was every jewish religious movement from Christianity to liberalism to bolshevism to BLM, all of which waged war against some sort of “oppressor” caste. This was Christians burning Greek and Roman libraries and destroying the Oracle at Delphi. This was Christian “Charlemagne” committing genocide of pagan Europeans and giving them to the privileged jews of his kingdom as slaves. This was the genocide of France’s highest-born during the Revolution. This was the Abolitionist maniacs killing 600,000 Americans so blacks wouldn’t be forced to pick cotton anymore. This was bolshevism and the slaughter of the Russian people. This was World War II, the global jewish war on the free people of Germany. This is modern-day wokeness and anti-racism.

    Of course, the oppressor the jews were rallying the mobs against was always just people protecting everyone else from jews. The result: tens (hundreds?) of millions dead, entire continents ruined, civilizations lost, all in the name of goodness as defined by lying, bloodthirsty, hate-filled jews.

    It’s actually amazing how Whites, for the most part, don’t understand this, because jews have been doing it for 3,000 years now, and their behavior never changes. I don’t believe in KMac’s talk of “pathological altruism,” but I do believe that Whites have a blind spot when it comes to jews. We need to change this. Our survival depends on us immunizing our people against jewing.

  15. JewTube had to take it down because you’ve cracked the code! They called an emergency meeting with Susan W to shut it down.

  16. ” monkey movie was a clear warning largely ignored. ”

    No he hasn’t, he’s only scratched the surface.

  17. I fondly remember Tan on Luke Ford’s show back when I used to listen in.

    As I recall, Tan was like a tropical storm….and Luke just kind of whimpered.

  18. Ahh, well these 2 sentiments aren’t at all contradictory. Yes people think holocaust deniers for example are really crazy people, and they also don’t want them poisoning people online to the point that they become radicalized and spend the rest of their lives ranting about Jews. With this rationale you could say that shutting down ISIS online was done to cover up the secret truth. Also the Nazis must have been burning books because they were covering the truth.

  19. Many of the great literary and philosophical works of the Western canon have scathing things to say about Jews. Should those works be banned too, you obscurantist retard?

  20. BLM/”wokeness” is a movement demanding for all non-Whites what anti-White jews already have: The privilege to say and do whatever they want, while dictating what everyone else can say and do. The jews tell everyone that Whites are the enemy. In the past they did so more often while posing as “fellow Whites”, today they increasingly do so as “fellow non-Whites”.

    All this jewing creates lots of confusion among the goyim, but you can see jews aren’t confused by it.

    For example, #jewishprivilege started trending on Twitter yesterday. The jews responded by banning whoever was saying things jews didn’t like, and replaced it with their own screeching about how oppressed they imagine they are. As usual.

    The jews are ruthless parasites. They are also shameless dissemblers and dissimulators. There’s no contradiction in any of this.

  21. New school cancel culture meets old school cancel culture – guess who wins…

    Nick Cannon Dropped by ViacomCBS After Making Anti-Semitic Comments – Variety

    On the podcast, Cannon said Black people are the “true Hebrews” and talked about anti-Semitic conspiracy theories involving the Rothschild family.

    “It’s never hate speech, you can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people,” Cannon said. “When we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.”

    . . .

    “ViacomCBS condemns bigotry of any kind and we categorically denounce all forms of anti-Semitism. We have spoken with Nick Cannon about an episode of his podcast ‘Cannon’s Class’ on YouTube, which promoted hateful speech and spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. While we support ongoing education and dialogue in the fight against bigotry, we are deeply troubled that Nick has failed to acknowledge or apologize for perpetuating anti-Semitism, and we are terminating our relationship with him. We are committed to doing better in our response to incidents of anti-Semitism, racism, and bigotry. ViacomCBS will have further announcements on our efforts to combat hate of all kinds,” the company said.

    Anti-White house nigger literally cancelled for offending massa.

    James Lindsay:

    There can be only one gold medalist in the Oppression Olympics, and, I can assure you, it won’t be allowed to be Jews. Dark times ahead.

    “The jews who invented the game and make its rules won’t allow themselves to win, I can assure you fellow goyim.”

  22. We are being instructed/admonished by physically repulsive Jewesses ((Weiss-burg)) for our “ baseless hatred” of the demonic
    plague-rats who are in the middle of genociding our race….and house niggers with Jew cocks in their asses and mouths are assisting them….

    What a wonderful world this is.

  23. Glenn Beck:

    On this week’s Glenn Beck Podcast episode, I sat down with @ConceptualJames to discuss just how “parasitic” the Woke movement has become. Just by changing the meanings of words, it can change our whole Constitution without touching it! https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1296926368756891649/vid/1280×720/l4Qm2NoOte0gfB1c.mp4

    “This ideology is uniquely parasitic. It is modeled to… it is designed to model itself after whatever it attaches itself to.”

    It’s amazing what people say about jewing when they think they aren’t talking about jewing.

  24. ‘Black Lives Matter,’ declare groups representing majority of US Jews in NYT ad | The Times of Israel:

    Over 600 Jewish organizations, representing the majority of American Jews, signed a letter in support of the Black Lives Matter movement that was published in a full-page New York Times ad on Friday.

    . . .

    The letter’s signatories include ardently Zionist, mainstream organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish Federations of North America local chapters, along with several groups that support the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, including Jewish Voice for Peace and Anti-Zionist Shabbat.

    . . .

    “We were starting to see the far-right concoct conspiracy theories that Black Lives Matter was being manipulated by Globalists and Marxists in an anti-Semitic attempt to undermine the Black-led movement,” Sasson said. “This brought an opportunity to unequivocally state as a large swath of Jewish community organizations that we stand behind Black Lives Matter and that any attempt to divide that movement will not land.”

    . . .

    Organizers were careful to assert that no single organization had been behind the letter and that a diverse group of activists had been involved in writing it up.

    What they’re saying is, when it comes to race, the jews are a monolith and side with the blacks.

  25. BLM, ANTIFA, and the “New” Face of Communism – Thuletide:

    The most important thing to take from all of this is that the BLM riots of 2020 mark a distinctive paradigm shift. The System is consciously discarding the pretense that their aim is to create a happy and peaceful multi-racial utopia. What little remained of the so-called “Liberal” mask of the System is rapidly slipping away to reveal what always lay beneath: anti-White Bolshevism.

    Great overview, posted in June, describing where we are now, and the last 150 or so years of jewing that got us to this point.

    The author is on Twitter (for now) as SP fan account (@ReadLinkola).

  26. Weekend Reading 2020 08-29 – Fisted by Foucault

    Many have noted that Anti-Racism, now the creed of the elites in the West, is itself religious in nature (and rabidly, at that). Ta-Nehisi Coates, the extremely overrated author of anti-racist articles, books, and comic books, stated that America must fight racism as much as it can, but knowing that it can never be fully eliminated. Combine that with the notion of slavery as Original Sin, and you have Christianity minus Christ, where racism is the ultimate sin with which Whites are born, and Blacks are the eternal victim.

    Has even a single alt-jew pundit, while trying so hard to describe the nature or origin of “wokeness”, ever noted that the top-down moral panic around “racism” looks and sounds just like the earlier and still more potent top-down moral panic around “anti-semitism”? Never mind Christianity’s role in paving the way, you would think such clever plugged-in people would notice the media’s role in astroturfing both panics, or that it is in effect the jewsmedia.

    But then that’s how you can tell a pundit is alt-jew. They have certain grievances with the jewed regime, you see, but the fact that it is thoroughly jewed is definitely not one of them.

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