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Steve Sailer wrote an article reflecting on what makes for interesting predictions. I was motivated to make a long comment which instead turned into this post.

I’d like to know why so many predictions of the Latino population in 2050 are in the news. We’re told these predictions can be made with confidence because of trends in birth rates. However, this is patently false.

Imagine the utter absurdity of predicting, in the 1950s, what US demographics would look like today. Back then the country was roughly 90% white and 10% black. The trend was toward something like 85% white and 15% black. Less than 2% of the military during WWII (300K out of 16M) was Mexican American. Up until 1980 Latino numbers were so small the census didn’t include a category for them.

Realizing the absurdity of predicting populations 50 years in the future, in spite of the trendy trends, makes me wonder why exactly anyone would be trumpeting such predictions now with the benefit of this hindsight. Especially in this case, where the focus on birth trends neglects the factor that invalidated extrapolations from the 1950s: immigration. Who knows what future immigration will bring? Besides that, official statistics massively undercount the mostly Latino illegal invaders. The predictions also disingenuously focus on majority status rather than when you-know-who will outnumber you-know-who. In a multicultural society like the one being forced down our throats that’s what really counts. In light of all these factors the prediction that should be in the news is for a Latino plurality in 2020!

So what’s behind the population prediction misinformation? Here’s what I think:

Let the Pilgrims know what’s happening, because after all we can hardly deny it, they have eyes. Convince them however that it is inevitable, but also so far off it won’t matter to them personally. In this way we can reconquer Aztlan (and perhaps more!) and do it in a single generation. Viva Raza!

To my fellow Americans I say: this isn’t inevitable. It doesn’t have to be. We don’t have to accept “a path to citizenship” for millions of invaders. They’re afraid we’ll wake up before they’ve pushed beyond the point of no return. Our backs are up against a wall. We can wake up and fight back – or we’ll watch ourselves and everything that was great about this country get washed away by Turd Worlders and replaced with one or more banana republics with rule alternating between narco-crime gangs, death squads, and mobs – just like the rest of Latin America.

Read here what our new overlords have in store for us. That’s also the source of the image above.

Postscript: Shortly after writing this I discovered Vanishing American made a recent post questioning the wisdom of mass immigration. Besides pointing out the outrageous cost of cheap labor she linked to an excellent article by Srdja Trifkovic titled Half a Billion “Americans”? I found the comments there grim but oddly reassuring. It seems there are more and more people who see what’s going on and are willing to speak against it.

PPS: Note the new Search fields to the right. The one labeled "Age of Treason" searches just this site. The one labeled "AoT Links" searches all the domains linked under Pundits and Right. I used it to find the Limits to Growth story from which I shamelessly stole the WWII links above. I remembered reading it but couldn’t find it again because generic Google often returns boatloads of disinformation, especially for jihad- and immigration-related searches. Problem solved.

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  1. Good post, and thanks for the mention and the link.
    I agree that the projections need not become reality; I often cite these things as a way of jolting people to reality but it’s probably unnecessary for my readers who are aware of what’s going on. But with the kind of people who get their news only from the MSM, there is often a shock if you present some of these figures and projections to them. Some people have to be hit upside the head to get their attention.
    I do believe we could turn things around if more people got serious about preserving our republic and way of life.
    The graphic about ‘Pilgrims and their anchor babies’ is disgusting, and typical of the heavy-handed propaganda the militant Latinos use. It makes me angry but it is also reassuring to see how profoundly stupid and ignorant they are; they have not a clue about the history of this country, and I don’t think they care to know; facts and logic are not part of their culture or their heritage.

  2. Its easier to predict the next El Nino cycle…

    Hmmmmm … I wonder if there is a trend there …

    The first thing we need to do is re-establish our voting rights. Allowing districts to be drawn based upon census data is undermining the representation of of the citizenry. Instead, illegal immigrants receive the same representation – and you can remind any constitutional scholar that the founding fathers did not include women and slaves into the mix so it is doubtful II’s would carry more consideration.

    Municipalities (and their weak-willed politicians) have been bullied into bowing out gracefully and not challenging this simple process.

  3. VA,
    The most disappointing thing to me is when you try to discuss these things and your friends shrug and/or gets annoyed and want to drop the subject. To the person still in a PC stupor such thoughts are not permissible.

    I don’t see how voting is going to get us out of this mess. It didn’t get us into it. We didn’t vote for an open borders policy.

    Feckless politicians answer to the plutocrats, not their citizenry. Dictators in black robes created the invader baby, struck down CA’s Prop 187, and stand in the way of anything We the People want done. The media ridicules and hobbles any candidate that might really crack down on immigration, while boosting those who favor open borders.

    Our best hope is a coup. Sad but true. If the military were to seize control, wipe the slate clean, and hold general elections we might have a chance to get back to a constitutional republic.

  4. OMG Tan, Anarchy? You are promoting Anarchy? A Revolution with shades of eugenicism? Scary stuff.

    Why do you cite such extremist groups like the Mexica Movement? Gosh. I don´t scare people with KKK, Stormfront or Aryan Nation links.

    Like Rodney King said, “Can´t we all just get along?”

    You and I are friends! It is possible!!

    xxx ooo

  5. We voted for NAFTA-supporters.
    We allow our politicians to be run by plutocrats.
    The black robes have changed and are changing.
    Yesterday’s struck down prop is tomorrow’s precedent and road to the future.
    F–k the media and those that are spoon-fed by it.
    Coup? By who …. Bush said it best “just so long as Im the dictator”. You may as well hope for jihad to crush western civilization and pick up the pieces thereafter.
    You’re better served swaying the electorate and replace the congress. A pipe dream – but less of one.

  6. dee, it figures you would be scared about shutting down the invasion, you support it. Likewise your desire for Americans not to know what the brown supremacists are saying.

    FF, if we can trust our military to defend Iraq and deliver democracy to it, as quixotic as that is, then we can I think trust them to defend and deliver democracy to us the people they’re supposedly fighting and dying to protect. And on the good chance power goes to their heads too, would a forthright Generalissimo be any worse than a crypto-plutocratic El Presidente?

  7. If it weren’t for the pilgrims they wouldn’t have any of the “free” social programs they love so much. Their own country is a Third World toilet, yet they think that magically they can avoid turning ours into a mirror of theirs while at the same time holding onto the culture that made their own country a basket case. What a bunch of deluded idiots.

    Your are right about the constant banging on about population trends — it’s an attempt to discourage us. The MSM constantly talks about “demographic changes” affecting the US as if they were irresistible, like a hurricane or a tornado. When in fact they have all been created by deliberate policy, and can be undone by doing away with the policy that created them.

    The good news is that Latin American birthrates are declining in all but a few countries. Soon they will have to put policies in place to keep their citizens, or else their countries run the risk of being colonized by a bigger, stronger power — like, say China.

    Cuba and Puerto Rico are already way below replacement level in population:

  8. It’s worse mary, thanks for reminding me, I should have mentioned this in the original post.

    The liberals have been pounding the Western world with a population explosion guilt trip for decades. Even today, with our native birth rates below replacement, they continue to shame our young into not reproducing. They don’t say it explicitly very often anymore, but that’s the not-so-subliminal message any impressionable mind gets when harped on for their “carbon footprint” on a daily basis.

    This is a scandal. They need to aim their bullhorns of guilt at the turd world. Get them to stop reproducing you friggin idiots.

    Besides that there’s a simple explanation at the root of all these birth rates, high and low, here and abroad. You tend to have kids if the future looks bright, otherwise not. That’s why natives of the invaded West don’t, but invaders do. Those same invaders if they stayed home in their shitholes might not be so inclined to reproduce.

    Eject the invaders and watch our native birth rates rebound. Whatever happens I’m wholeheartedly encouraging my kids to have lots and lots of children.

  9. Those statistics don’t appear to bear out my “bright future” theory, at least in Africa and the MidEast, which top the list. Latin America is just below them. People there must think the only way out of their shitholes is to pile bodies on top of each other.

    All the more reason for us to defend our borders.

  10. C’mon Mustafa,
    Birth rates are low in the 1st & 2nd worlds because of the working populous and specific to EU and US couples are having children later in life.

    Birth rates are high in the 3rd world becuase a family’s success weighs heavily on the number of children specifically males who can help produce and sustain for the family. There is also the infant mortality rates to consider:

    You can keep your Musharraf, old friend.

  11. So you prefer an El Presidente who we know won’t defend his country?

    The only sane response to the pyramid scheme known as SS is to have lots of children.

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