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White Self-Determination and Totalitarian Liberals

John Savage at Brave New World Watch recently started a series of interesting threads. The Cases That Judge Auster Won’t Hear was related to my last post, Auster and Anti-Anti-Semitism. Auster commented on John’s post and also linked to it from Savage Discovers White Nationalism, where he provides 1, 2, 3, 4 windows into his thinking about what he calls “the Jewish issue”.

Auster’s persecution complex is palpable and I daresay hypocritical considering the thoughtless smears he directs toward anyone he deems anti-semitic. The hyperbole he has thrown at me, and now John, and those 4 windows do a decent job of illustrating just that. But this post is not about Auster, or anti-anti-semitism, except to the extent that these things relate to and interfere with White self-determination.

I have gone digging in the weeks since I wrote White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism in an attempt to figure out just what White nationalism means, what jews have to do with it, and why so many jews oppose it. I have come across many interesting sources, some of which I added to the links on the right side of this page. Many of these sources discuss White self-determination and speak frankly about “the Jewish issue” without advocating bellicosity toward jews. I find three particularly informative and insightful.

The first source, Yggdrasil’s Library, consists primarily of essays written and posted to the alt.politics.nationalism.white newsgroup in the mid-to-late 1990s. I don’t agree with some of what Yggdrasil writes, and I haven’t read everything. In places it is dated, and in others prescient. To get a flavor of his thinking I refer you to:

The second source is Robert Whitaker, who actively blogs today. From what I’ve read his thinking is focused not so much on White nationalism as it is on driving home the premise for it. This is summed up in Bob’s Mantra:

“Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

“The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

“Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

“What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”

“How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

“And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

“But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

“They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.”

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

Here Bob explains why he repeats this mantra. Here are his thoughts on jews.

The third source is Kevin MacDonald, an evolutionary psychologist and author whose interest to me stems from his analysis of jewish culture and thinking, and how they influence Whites. I have not yet read any of his books. What I have read at MacDonald’s blog and a few papers is somewhat technical, but his assertions are supported by facts and well-reasoned arguments. Even so he is vilified by anti-anti-semites. For a mild example consider Auster’s Is my criticism of Jewish attitudes the same as Kevin MacDonald’s?

Auster writes:

He says that the Jewish people as Jewish people pursue a conscious agenda aimed at destroying European civilization.

His correspondent Paul Gottfried writes:

What MacDonald does is assume that nasty anti-Christian behavior engaged in by some Jews is something far more profitable than it is.

Auster’s accusation projects onto MacDonald the kind of bad faith Auster imagines MacDonald projects onto jews. In other words Auster dislikes MacDonald because he thinks MacDonald dislikes jews. (Which is the same reason he dislikes me.) The point of this is…what exactly? MacDonald may or may not dislike jews. Auster may hate MacDonald, or Whites in general. Does that change the objective truth of their statements? Does that mean the rest of us should be forbidden from hearing any of their statements? I don’t think so.

For what it’s worth I don’t get the impression MacDonald dislikes jews any more than Auster dislikes Whites. In what I’ve read MacDonald often repeats his belief that jewish group behavior involves large amounts of self-deception. He doesn’t believe they have a conscious agenda other than “good is what’s good for jews”. MacDonald argues from an evolutionary standpoint, which does a better job of explaining the revolutionary tendencies of individual jews than anything I’ve read by Auster. And speaking of evolution, Gottfried neglects to consider that profit, in evolutionary terms, is measured in survival. Group survival isn’t necessarily profitable to the individual worker ants, and it doesn’t have to look profitable to them either.

– – –

It is in light of all of the above that I am prompted to write in response to John Savage’s thread and its unusual but welcome discussion of White interests vis-a-vis jews. I had already posted some comments there when Must Speak Anonymously wrote:

My beef with Auster is that he’s always saying we can have a particular culture. That culture must involve some hierarchy and inequality. That religion is an essential part of culture, and the content of the Islamic religion is why the Islamic world is illiberal, nondemocratic, and also Anti-Christian and Anti-Western. In other words, culture is more than laws and procedures but also songs, values, folkways, and a sense of kinship. But here in the West that culture must embrace two diametrically opposed religious communities, the content of Judaism, the social tendencies of Jews (particularly nonreligious Jews), the vanguard aspect of Jews with respect to liberalism and a decline in white (Christian) solidarity, and the ways that the Jewish religion and Jews themselves have always been in conflict with Christian and even non-Christian societies is declared beyond the pale, something that cannot be discussed by serious people.

Now I don’t favor some of the more extreme measures counseled here. I don’t quite know what I favor. But I do think these topics should be criticized and discussed by serious people, but they’re not. Instead, we’re subject to a drumbeat, particularly in public schools and universities, about the evil of the West, traditional masculinity, Christianity, etc. Anti-semitism, like racism, is invoked by Jews and their lackeys to stop honest criticism, as if the choice is Treblinka or silence.

In short, our entire culture is under assault, Jews have spear-headed this line of criticism because they carried with them the elitism and anti-authority bent from Russia, and we’re all supposed to pretend this new consensus is the fault of “liberalism” or “modernism” as if it had no authors.

Auster plays a typical game of double standards. He wants us to make sensible generalizations about blacks and Muslims. But he wants us to judge every Jew as an individual, a special case, as anything but the member of a vast group with very different ideas about what America and the West is and should be about. He really thinks all of his critics are too stupid to see this game of double standards. For instnace, on blacks, plenty of people at Amren use the word “nigger,” especially in informal conversations. I don’t usually talk this way, but I don’t run away in horror. But if anyone says something far more mild about Jews, Auster demands Jared Taylor calls in the Thought Police.

He’s ethnically loyal to his parents and family. This is normal enough and even forgivable. But that family is part of a bigger family, and that bigger family everywhere it goes is troublesome, involved with changing values, and generally hated after a time.

I agree. Until and unless anyone, “serious” or not, is free to openly identify and analyze problems it’s difficult to agree upon sensible solutions. There are people who want to discuss White interests but are actively discouraged from doing so. This is a problem. Anti-anti-semitism, and anti-racism, and PC in general cause this problem by stifling discussion. PC is the first problem that has to be solved in order to then freely discuss and solve any of the other problems PC masks.

After Must Speak Anonymously made the comment above the discussion turned to assimilation, in particular about whether American jews had assimilated, why not, and how to force them to do so. This is based on a premise I find flawed.

Assimilation should be voluntary. I don’t wish assimilation forced on anyone. I resent that it is being forced upon my family. We don’t want to live in a Latin American shithole, but it is being forced on us. We don’t want our lives controlled by a government that has failed in its most basic function, national defense, and has morphed into a “proposition nation” where the proposition is compulsory subsidization of global corporations and invading aliens. I don’t want the sweat of my brow seized and used to fund schools that indoctrinate their students that non-Whites, feminism, homosexuality, and abortion are inherently good – and Whites are inherently bad.

These are things many Whites consider wrong, and as I have only slowly and recently come to realize, many jews consider them right. Anyone who wishes can freely discuss how inherently nativist or xenophobic or racist or prone to pogroms or just downright stupid Whites are, but nobody in “polite society” is free to make similar generalizations so flatly critical of non-Whites, including jews. In our ultra-tolerant liberal society such criticism is not tolerated, whether it’s true or not. This is a double standard. It is wrong. It must end.

One unmentionable truth is that Whites are not in a position to assimilate anyone else because Whites are in fact the ones being assimilated. We are immersed in the culture of progressive-globalist universalism. It is a culture of lies and contradictions where all men are created equal, but non-Whites are more equal and jews are the most equal of all. Shit is art. Perversion is glorified. Materialism rules. The Holy Global Economy is god. Wrong is right and right is wrong. PC egalitarians inform us that the White race is a mere social construct, even while Whites are openly and consciously blamed, disenfranchised, and displaced. The obvious end, if not the intent, is liquidation. To top it off none of this may be discussed in our craven “polite society” because to do so is “politically incorrect”. To those who point out that Whites are complicit in this, well yes I agree many are. There were jews complicit in the Holocaust too. We have a word for such behavior. The word is not “excuse”. The word is “treason”.

I favor separatism. People who don’t want to assimilate or even associate with others, for any reason whatsoever, should not be forced to. I find it disturbing that so many jews infer White separatism as “deport all Diaspora jews to Israel”, or worse. Why, if jews have Zion, can they not understand or tolerate the notion of a White Albion? White self-determination, whether separatism or nationalism, is about what’s good for Whites, just as Zionism is about what’s good for jews. The enemies of Whites will concede only the latter point, or neither, and none of them will squarely face the inconsistency.

Many people have felt compelled to uproot and flee the unhealthy consequences of the “diversity” that totalitarian liberals, including a preponderance of jews, have seen fit to force on us. I advocate a nation where force is used toward a different goal: protecting Whites. I see many practical problems with creating and maintaining such a nation, but I do not accept that it is immoral or impermissible to discuss the exclusion of anyone, for any reason, whether it’s jews, latinos, muslims, blacks, asians, lepers, eskimos, or totalitarian liberals. I would move to such a nation immediately, no matter where or how small, and would have much less cause to complain. I would happily pay my taxes and urge my progeny to serve in the government and the military, all things which I will not do under the current anti-White regime.

Unmigration Manifesto


The citizens of any nation have the right and duty to create laws to suit their own collective needs and desires. Among the most fundamental laws are those that control immigration and naturalization.

When a nation’s laws are violated there are incalculable costs to the health, wealth, and security of its citizens. The larger or more frequent the transgression, the larger the costs.

If and when a civil government proves itself incapable of enforcing its own laws, for example by failing to police its borders and defend its citizens from invasion, then the citizens have every right to replace that civil government and its laws.


No legal immigration. Set all quotas and limits to zero.

No naturalization. When your visa expires it’s time to go home.

No birthright citizenship. If neither of your parents is a citizen then you are not a citizen.

No dual citizenship. Choose your country. If it isn’t this one then go home.

No chain migration. Your relatives are not welcome.

No refugee relocation. They’ll have to go some place else.


No sanctuary. Secure the interior. Otherwise enforcement is toothless.

No holes. Secure all points of entry. Otherwise securing the interior is more difficult.

No doubt. It is the government’s responsibility to maintain citizenship and visitor records; and to provide cheap, efficient, and error-free verification of these records to any citizen upon demand.

No forgery. Record the biometric information of all visitors. ID cards are inherently insecure.

No amnesty. Deport and ban from future entry any alien who violates any law. This includes those who are already here illegally or attempt to enter illegally, regardless of origin or length of residence.

No abetting. Deport and ban from future entry the parents, children, spouses, and living partners of any alien who violates any law.

No profit. Severely punish businesses caught employing illegal aliens. This will include fines, revocation of licenses, cancellation of government contracts, and personal liability for its officers and owners.

No treason. Government officers found guilty of subverting immigration laws or derelict in their duty to uphold them will be tried for treason. The penalty is death.


The tone of these policies is too negative.

This is unavoidable. Criminal law primarily concerns forbidding behavior society deems undesirable. Ignoring the behavior will not make it go away.

These policies would produce a police state.

Massive and flagrant violation of our laws and the tremendous social and economic burdens brought by those lawbreakers threaten the exact opposite: anarchy. The status quo and our current course seem in fact to promise the worst of both: what Sam Francis called anarcho-tyranny.

These policies would produce riots.

This is an argument against immigration. Why should any society accept aliens with a predilection to riot?

These policies are xenophobic, racist, or bigoted.

This argument is hypocritical. It presumes that citizens are irrational, inhumane, or otherwise inferior to immigrants.

These policies would ruin the economy.

Poppycock. First, “the economy” is only a subset of citizen interests, and their concerns for it are thus already incorporated into their laws. Second, there is another, more honest name for a money-making idea that requires a constant influx of ever more resources to work. It’s called a “pyramid scheme”. Such schemes inevitably collapse and the only people who ever get wealthy are those at the top.

My family/friend/worker needs to immigrate.

No, they don’t. Any citizen is free to leave at any time for any reason. For example, you may leave to meet or stay with your family/friend/worker somewhere where the immigration laws are more permissive.

You’re living in a fantasy world.

I’m reacting perfectly rationally to the awful reality I see. Those who believe that nationhood is a proposition, that everyone is an immigrant, that there are jobs citizens won’t do, or that we make our country better by admitting poor, uneducated, hostile people – they are the ones living in a fantasy world.

You just don’t like brown people.

The fact is there are plenty of nations where brown people are the majority and can expect to remain so for the forseeable future. The same cannot be said for white people. So it makes more sense to turn the accusation around: Those who advocate open borders for majority white countries do so because they just don’t like white people, or because they just like brown people more.

You’re a coward/xenophobe/anti-semite. You don’t understand history/government/power/people.

This is ad hominem, as are the previous two criticisms. Please criticize the ideas, not the admittedly ignorant and flawed nobody who puts them forth.

Duty Does Not Calculate the Chances of Success

In my previous post I admitted to not really having thought much about White nationalism. I’ve now read the debate between Steve Sailer and Jared Taylor that John Savage linked. I’ll link each part here for convenience:

As it turns out I had read this before, I don’t remember exactly when but probably only a few months ago when I was still unnaturally repulsed by talk of White anything.

Upon reading it now with a clearer head I see both men make sense, but I’m definitely more in agreement with Taylor. Sailer, as brave and realistic as he is on race, pins his hopes on a worldview, Citizenism, which non-Whites have clearly demonstrated they have no interest in maintaining once they wield any measure of power. Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Detroit – this is what happens when non-Whites gain control – how many more glaring examples of this inconvenient truth do Whites need?

Responding to Sailer, Taylor makes the following statement, with which I find myself in complete agreement:

Although immigration is today the greatest threat to the survival of Western Civilization on this continent, it is hardly the only threat. Every social problem—poverty, crime, illegitimacy, school failure—has a clear racial dimension that Americans refuse to recognize. There will be no honesty and no solutions until whites clear their heads of cobwebs and start thinking straight again. This will be better for everyone.

At the same time, I apologize to no one for putting my group first, just as non-whites do. Whites have a duty to their ancestors and an obligation to their children. Duty does not calculate the chances of success, as Mr. Sailer would have us do. Duty calls us to what is right.

My children deserve a country in which they can be proud of their heritage, where their culture is taken for granted, where their history is not treated like a criminal record, where they can be confident their own children will walk in the ways of their ancestors.

Indeed, all children deserve this—not just mine. This is why multi-culturalism and multi-racialism are frauds. Racial interests, like family interests, sometimes cannot be reconciled. Every people should have the right to pursue its destiny, free from the unwanted embrace of others.

Decades of post-1965 immigration mean it will not be easy to arrange this on our continent. But unless whites awake from their 50-year trance, they will be pushed aside by groups that have never lost sight of their racial interests, and never will.

No one else cares whether whites or their civilization survive. If whites do not regain the capacity to defend their interests they condemn themselves to oblivion.

The part I’ve emphasized above is my answer to Mencius Moldbug’s criticism that White nationalism is “a romantic and fictitious idealization of social reality” and that it has no hope of succeeding. I’m convinced that multiculturalism is the fictitious idealization. The cure is truth. The more, sooner, the better.

In Round II Sailer links a paper dated September 26, 2005 that I had not previously read. Written by Australian law professor Andrew Fraser it describes the unraveling of the White Australia Policy and its consequences. Fraser’s conclusion applies equally well to the situation here in the US:

Given the relentless and revolutionary assault on their historic national identity, white Australians now face a life-or-death struggle to preserve their homeland. Whether effective resistance to their displacement and dispossession can be mounted is another question. Unlike other racial, ethnic or religious groups well-equipped to practice the politics of identity, white Australians lack a strong, cohesive sense of ethnic solidarity. As a consequence, ordinary Australians favouring a moratorium on non-white immigration cannot count on effective leadership or support from their co-ethnics among political, intellectual and corporate elites. On the contrary, our still predominantly Anglo-Australian rulers are indifferent; some profit from, and others actually take pride in their active collaboration with the Third World colonization of Australia. None of the major parties, indeed, not one member of the Commonwealth Parliament, offers citizens the option of voting to defend and nurture Australia’s Anglo-European identity. The problem, in short, is clear: The Australian nation is bereft of a responsible ruling class. The solution is, in principle, no less obvious: namely, the restoration of a ruling class rooted in the reinvigorated folkways of an authentically Anglo-American civic patriotism, a ruling class re-attached to the history and destiny of its own people. Only time will tell whether and how any such constitutional reformation could take place.

Burned out husks of what were once beautiful homes and businesses are emblematic of our ruling class’ treason. The dilapidation isn’t random. The more urgently they import savages to “do the jobs Americans just won’t do”, the more quickly civilization dissolves.

Or haven’t you noticed yet?

White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism

I’ve spent some time lately at Unqualified Reservations. The blogger there, Mencius Moldbug, is a talented writer and consistent source of insightful analysis. Definitely a mapper, not a packer.

What originally caught my attention was his suggestion that a more or less clean reboot was possible, as opposed to say the violent anarchy, race riots, civil war, and genocide our elite’s mass immigration policies and anti-White political correctness seem to be propelling us toward. MM’s PC-violating essay accusing the government of spreading disinformation and pondering the real meaning of diversity further piqued my interest. This guy definitely thinks outside the box, and isn’t shy about constructing a new lexicon for his unboxed thoughts.

MM’s latest essay is entitled Why I am not a white nationalist. I’ve been pestering him with criticism for some weeks now, and I believe he was in part trying to answer me. I appreciate his effort. I had written a bit to flesh out that pestering here, but I never posted it. Now there’s really too much to say all at once. All along the response I’ve gotten from his commenters has been fairly hostile, and MM himself never really addressed my points, at least until now. I definitely haven’t felt welcome there, so I wasn’t very optimistic anything useful would come of an extended critique. Well now the gauntlet has been thrown down, as it were, and I feel compelled to make some response.

MM identifies Lawrence Auster, Vanishing American, John Savage, New Sisyphus, Age of Treason, and Old Atlantic Lighthouse as white-nationalist blogs. I had never before thought of any of them that way, but I won’t quibble over his label. Technically I think it probably fits me, and I suppose it fits Auster, VA, and OAL. By coincidence John Savage just gathered some links and wrote a bit about this very topic. I admit I haven’t read them, even now. John’s heart doesn’t seem to be in White nationalism. But that’s just my guess. I followed New Sisyphus until he morphed into New Nationalist a few months ago. Then NN went dead and he reactivated NS without explanation. I don’t know what’s going on there.

Personally I don’t think AoT belongs in the list. I’ll bet MM only included it because I was goosing him. Relative to the other bloggers I write less, of lower quality, and I’m a newcomer to the idea of White anything, much less White nationalism. Before this summer I really preferred to think of myself as colorblind and wished everyone else could be that way as well. I spent most of my blogging efforts handwringing about the jihadis and immigration, and poking holes in leftist logic. I like what I’ve read of Sam Francis. But I haven’t written anything at all, unless you consider “deport every illegal today” White nationalism. I have however in recent months been forced to adapt my view of the world fairly radically. Among the things that died were my unthinking philo-semitism and my respect for neoconservativism. So I’ll talk a little about that and how that relates to MM’s critique of White nationalism and anti-semitism.

This past May the actions of President Bush and the US Senate forced me to conclude that the US government is not just “out of touch” with the electorate, they are consciously, deliberately at odds with us. Our system is not a constitutional republic. It is not a democracy. It is a plutocracy.

By June it was clear that open border policies don’t even make sense when judged by their proponent’s standards.

In July I began to fully appreciate the widespread and long-standing media bias, including how they pump up pro-invasion politicians, do their best to exalt even illegal immigrants, and vilify anyone who opposes immigration.

By late July the Senate’s treason had been rebuffed, temporarily at least, and my support for the war in Iraq had changed. How could anyone concerned with America’s security to the point they support sending our boys to die overseas think at the same time the immigration invasion is no big deal and that we should just leave our borders undefended? But that, I dimwittedly began to realize, is precisely the nonsensical position of neoconservatives. I had previously held their views in esteem. Once I realized they generally favor immigration I felt stupid and betrayed. I discovered Lawrence Auster, who on a daily basis dissects and connects neoconservatism and liberalism in ways I had never seen before. Eventually through him I discovered Vanishing American and an extended community who share a pride and spirit that for all I had known had already vanished.

By September the Senate had tried several times to force their shamnesty through in smaller, stealthier pieces. I had become thoroughly aware of the MSM’s ham-handed “shaping” of public opinion. The vast extent and poisonous influence of political correctness had become equally obvious to me, as was the MSM’s role in propagating and enforcing that PC. By this time I felt my understanding of and opposition to PC was firm enough to commit its most mortal sin. In response to VA’s discussion of PC’s roots I made the point that the Jews had as much to do with PC as White Christians did, perhaps more. And I recognized Jews as enemies.

Recently I made a more elementary point at John Savage’s. Those who have the patience to read it can decide for themselves whether my argument makes sense. It concerns how one of Auster’s ideas applies to Jews.

I realize very well that for Auster anti-semitism is a bugaboo. He does not like David Duke and scolds Jared Taylor for associating with him. I link and read them both now because as far as I can see they tell the truth. I suppose Auster would label me an anti-semite if he knew or cared who I was. I don’t think he does, though he did link me once. It’s a shame really, because I feel I owe him a debt for the information and analysis he provides. I’ve never met or corresponded with him, but respect makes me hesitate to disagree with him. It’s not that I’m afraid he’ll convince me I’m wrong. I really don’t think he could. I’m more afraid he’ll just ignore this, or simply dismiss what I say as irrational without explanation. Honestly though, there are people in my own family I have to face and explain my opinions to. I agonize far more over their misgivings than anyone elses. Perhaps he’ll answer MM directly, or one of the other bloggers will answer and he’ll remark on their comments. Perhaps he has bigger fish to fry.

From Auster’s critique of Pat Buchanan I gather he thinks anti-semitism is not a matter of opinion. That, I say, is patent nonsense. Anti-semitism is a type of racism, and both words have been sufficiently abused as to make their meaning almost worthless without a paragraph or two specifying precisely what you mean. That’s about as subjective as you can get. If someone who uses those words goes to that kind of trouble then maybe, just maybe, they’re arguing in good faith. If they use either word alone they’re likely just trying to slur someone in an attempt to shut them up or get other people to stop listening.

For the record I will stipulate that I believe people who want to kill Jews just for being Jews do actually exist. I do not want that, and I have ever met anyone who has admitted to me that they wanted that, but I would agree to call anyone who did say they wanted that an anti-semite.

By the way, why don’t people who want to kill Whites get their own special label? Is it impertinent of me to interrupt this very grave discussion of anti-semitism and ask that question? In the US today murderous anti-White sentiment seems more common than murderous anti-semitism is. You can in fact openly call for the extermination of Whites as a race in public and people will applaud. Why won’t the MSM report such statements, much less give this kind of racist hate a special label? Why isn’t the SPLC on this guy like white on rice?

Anti-semitism has an answer for these questions. But I’m open to others. Are there any?

Is simple criticism of Jews anti-semitism? Most people who use the word seem to think so. Is my belief that Jews as a group are partly responsible for the predicament of Whites as a group anti-semitism? Probably. How about my statement “Jews are my enemy”? Literally. Because I made this blunt statement am I therefore an anti-semite for the rest of my life? Will I be forgiven if I recant and grovel for forgiveness? Well I’m not going to.

I strongly suspect I’m just wasting space even discussing anti-semitism. That’s the whole idea, isn’t it? Just as the person who cries racism hopes you’ll derail yourself with apologia so does the person who cries anti-semitism. In response to extended protestations a critic can even accuse you of protesting too much, just as Auster does to Buchanan.

Well however you want to define anti-semitism I’m no longer afraid of that or any other slur, at least not from strangers who don’t know me. First and foremost this is because I fear more for the future of my family and extended family. My race is not threatened by some past genocide, or some hypothetical future genocide. Due to PC and mass immigration my race is in the process of being genocided right now. So go ahead, call me or people I think are telling the truth whatever nasty names you want. It won’t change my opinion. If anything it makes me more than a little suspicious of your guilty heart. Which brings me to my other reason. I know my own heart and I know it’s true. If the interests of myself and my kin conflict with you and yours I’m willing to try and work it out in plain language out in the open. If you’re not willing to do that then there’s going to be a problem, because I’m not going to just slink off silently and die. You’re going to have to stick me in prison or come right out and kill me.

One of the annoying things about finally getting up the nerve to point out the elephant in the room is the odd responses you get from those who previously took no notice of it. “What’s the big deal?” “What are you obsessed with elephants?” No, I’m not obsessed with Jews, and I don’t think they are to blame for everything. But I no longer consider explanations of what’s going on in our world, or plans of how to deal with it, to be complete without talking about Jews. They’re too successful and powerful to simply ignore.

Until recently I was so thoroughly blinded by PC that I not only never mentioned Jews, I actually did ignore them. Then I read this paper by Kevin MacDonald and caught what John Derbyshire calls the Jew thing. For me the Jew thing works alot like Rowdy Roddy Piper’s glasses worked in They Live. It allows me to see things people like Derbyshire apparently cannot see. Derb, in professing his willful blindness, comes off sounding like Sergeant Schultz. I assume he considers that preferable to being branded an anti-semite.

You may be wondering what anti-semitism has to do with Mencius Moldbug, the fellow I started out talking about. As I alluded above what caught my eye at his blog was that he seems to see the same kind of rottenness in the government and media that I do. Unlike me he actually proposes solutions. MM thinks big. He seems to understand pretty well how the world works, and I’m not ashamed to admit his view is deeper and more comprehensive than mine.

Perhaps I’ll write in more detail about it later, but I’m out of juice for now. Go read my comments at MM’s blog if you really care. I’m pretty sure this essay is where I first got critical of his description of the workings of the world. Work forward in time from there.

In a nutshell I object to MM’s definition of Universalism, which is what he calls "the faith of our ruling caste". It’s an important observation, but I think he gets it only half right. He associates Universalism only with Progressivism, which he blames entirely on Christianity. He does not address the Globalist tendencies of our ruling caste, and he pretty much gives Jews a pass. To the extent they’re involved at all he thinks they were “assimilated”, tricked by wily Christians into being liberals. On anti-semitism he prefers Derbyshire over MacDonald. His position on Jewish involvement in world affairs is that he doesn’t see it. I found MM’s understanding and defense of White nationalism notably even-handed for someone who ultimately disavows the idea, but I think he dismisses it and anti-semitism too blithely.

MM makes no mention of Jew’s favor for and favoritism under PC. No connection of that to PC intolerance for White nationalism. He notes how Hilter evokes “red flags” but Stalin doesn’t. Perhaps if he could imagine for just a moment that he had the Jew thing he might see some link. The close alignment of PC with Jewish interests? The Jewish support for Marxism and Bolshevism and hatred of Nazism perhaps? Nope. He doesn’t recognize the MSM signals that encourage us all to see Jews as poor defenseless victims and White nationalists as evil wannabe thugs. He does however clearly see how White nationalism is connected to anti-semitism via Hitler. He even suspects it might be too clear. His examination of that link is fairly nuanced, but he examines only that link and it is an entirely one-way perspective. No mention of the historically lopsided Jewish support for open borders, or how it predates Hitler. Jews fear White nationalism because it produced a Hitler and it might produce another. MM doesn’t acknowledge much less express any sympathy for the fact that anti-semitism has arisen many times in many different places besides Nazi Germany and so perhaps anti-semitic White nationalists might have a legitimate reason to fear Jews or consider them enemies. Nope, MM concludes, anti-semites fear that which does not exist, therefore they are evil.

And here I thought anti-semites were supposed to make the demented arguments.

The cartoon is Pearls before Swine, dated November 9, 2007.

UPDATE 26 Nov 2007: Here is Old Atlantic’s take on what it means to be called a White nationalist. I agree with him. To your typical PC-drone the label is essentially a slur that is reflexively escalated into White supremacist. Such labels are intended to dehumanize us, to put it in the hallowed terms of the worshippers of tolerance and diversity. They do to us what they claim they deplore. As OA points out, our governments have officially slated us subhumans for extinction. So why should any of us go quietly?

UPDATE 30 Nov 2007: Mencius links here and mocks what he sees: The Jewish question and other links. He believes the true test for a sane worldview is to explain the “Altalena affair”. I have my own test. Explain the immigration invasion. Mencius, so far, fails.