Invasion Evasion

The most important question of last night’s debate:

Lieutenant, give us an idea of what it is you see, and then what it is you are worried about?

J. ROGERS: Well, we’re overwhelmed in the street. I mean, just the crimes are getting more violent. They’re out of control. We can’t communicate with these immigrants. My concern is these illegal immigrants get here, you know — what makes you think that they’re going to follow any of these rules put in place?

They’re not. Either you can build all the fences you want. If you don’t man them, they’re going to go over them, they’re going to go under them. They’re still going to get in here.

What are you going to do with the illegal immigrants that are already here? How are you going to handle that problem? There’s millions of them.

The opportunities I’ve had to deal with the situation — you call INS; they won’t even come down and talk to you. They’re just understaffed, undermanned. What are you going to do about that?

CAMERON: So we’re going to spin this one back to both John McCain and Rudy Giuliani and ask the lieutenant’s question: How can you not call it amnesty?

Yes, spin away Cameron. The officer said law enforcement and ICE are overwhelmed with immigrants and asked what are we going to do with the ones already here? Watch as the media’s top three GOP darlings eagerly talk about anything but the officer’s call for reinforcement and leadership:

Guiliani blathers about IDs. Promises to secure the border. Never says what to do with the invaders already here. Can we assume he wants to issue them all IDs? How that will address the threat they pose to our country? What will we do if they refuse to carry the IDs? And by the way, Earth to Rudy…most of the rest of the country doesn’t want to be anything like New York City.

McCain blathers about his shamnesty’s toothless “enforcement” provisions. Then he talks about how wonderful “these people” are because some of them are working hard and dying in Iraq. Does he think we’re all stupid? He must. How else could he answer a question about illegal alien invaders with a story about legal immigrant US soldiers? McCain, like so many invasion supporters, thinks “these people” (you know who he means) are better than his own countrymen. Despicable.

McCain is already toast, but you wouldn’t know that from the time they gave him.

Romney chimed in at the end to point out that the Z visa would have legalized all the aliens immediately. He wants to crack down on the magnets: sanctuary cities and employers. He favors legal immigration but not illegal immigration. Sorry. No cigar. He doesn’t answer the question: what do we do with the ones already here? Of course we should put an end to the sanctuary cities and crack down on employers. But that won’t solve the problems. They don’t just come here for jobs and they don’t just live in sanctuary cities.

None of these guys comes close to recognizing the invasion for what it is, for the damage it’s doing, or the drastic steps that will be required in order for us to keep this country from becoming a balkanized turd world shithole with a banana republic government. With the massive political corruption that tolerates sanctuary cities and a wide open border, despotic judges ignoring the laws and the will of the public, and mobs and gangs running unchecked in our streets we’re more than halfway to shithole already.

Who will recognize this madness, face it, and end it?

Of them all Tancredo seems to see it most clearly. Paul and Hunter are also relatively clued in. The crowd rewarded the candor of these three with loud applause. As loud or louder than the media’s darlings got. At times the others were chuckling at Paul, laughing at him like stupid jocks. I may not vote for the man, but he at least has a saner position than any of the morons who were chuckling. Our country is in deep deep trouble. And some of these people think it’s a laughing matter.

The Democrats are in more or less complete denial, obsessed with climate change and health care. And more than half the Republican candidates are so deeply infected with liberal ideology they can’t or won’t recognize that America is being invaded and transformed into a place that soon not many of the indigenous people is going to want pay taxes to, live in, or die for, much less be president of.

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  1. “… soon not many of the indigenous people is going to want pay taxes to, live in, or die for, much less be president of.”

    Hence, the reason to bring in more immigrants.

    Enforcement, enforcement, enforcement.

    They will all pander with lip service for your support. Dont forget to make that check out to the re-election 527.

    Have I avoided answering the Lt’s question yet… I see my time is expiring.

  2. Whatever the reasons, the free flow of immigrants is effectively ethnically cleansing us and will ultimately extinguish the white race.

    I’m not expecting an outcry from the liberal hypocrites who would rush to protect any other race so threatened. Some of them not so secretly wish for this result. Most accept it. Better than being called a racist.

  3. tanstaafl, you make a point that I did not make when discussing the debate: the candidates’ utter failure to answer that question. It was disgusting, and a perfect illustration of why many of us are dissatisfied with the candidates who are presented as the only ‘electable’ choices.

  4. The politicians and talking heads are all very concerned about how any move to deport the invaders might make them feel. They don’t want to be unfair or unkind.

    For their own citizens however they have no concerns. Those of us who complain that allowing these trespassers to stay is de facto unfair and unkind to us and our progeny, meanwhile, are dismissed and insulted. If we were to rise up and perform citizen’s arrests or try to replace the government which no longer represents us, as our founders encouraged, there is no doubt jackboots would very swiftly come down on our necks.

    There is a deep evil at work here. How our leaders behave makes no sense to me.

  5. We had better realize, tanstaafl, that there are no politicians who will do anything – unless it is more, and increasingly more, of the same.

    We Americans are learning the lessons Americans of old. You can’t trust and depend on government. If you’re going to have something done, you’re going to have to do it yourself. In this instance, it may be forcing the issue, and doing so in ways previous Americans understood.

    I haven’t had the chance to see the debates, but it is clear what the results of them are. I observe that England has had their rights extinguished earlier than ours. It may be that they have no opportunity to carry arms.

  6. I look at our military and I see a group of people still loyal to American ideals, loyal to the Constitution. If there is any hope left, it’s with them.

  7. Tanstaafl, I don’t know if you’ve heard or read the transcript of OBL’s latest… what? Threat? Campaign video?

    He’s basically reciting the standard DNC line, with a slight little tiny addition, namely: Americans should convert to Islam. But he’s all over global warming and Iraq like Hillary Clinton at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sorry, that was childish. What the hell’s wrong with me? (mooooo…)

    Tancredo is the only one I’ve heard consistently getting the issue right. The other guys are all worried about ticking off “visiting” latinos instead of ticking off American citizens.


  8. It certainly seems Osama’s view of the world is shaped by the same media that shapes ours. He just comes at it from the angle of a jihadi bent on delivering Islam and sharia to the whole world.

    In other words he’ll say, to us at least and especially because he knows we’re listening so intently, whatever he thinks he must to achieve his goals. Standard jihadi tactics. He’s trying here to sow seeds of division. What he says when he thinks we aren’t listening is much more honest, and therefore informative.

    Our politicians slavish loyalty to Ladeeenyos and (in esp Guliani’s case) other aliens is appalling. I can understand Bill Richardson. I cannot understand John McCain.

  9. Something you guys are missing is that the 2006 US Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform. The reason it did not get to Bush was because House Republicans stopped it in conference. In 2006 Bill Frist voted yes but did not run for re-election. Already for 2008 John Warner and Chuck Hagel who voted for the 2006 bill announced they are not running for re-election. Larry Craig who voted for the 2006 bill is resigning. Brownback and McCain are going nowhere in the Presidential race and Mike DeWine who voted for the 2006 bill was replaced by Dem Sherrod Brown who voted against cloture in 2007. All things considered the pro-amnesty crowd is going down. It is up to you guys to blog your points on local newspaper blogs and places like Human Events where other than like-minded souls need converting. Crying and running away won’t win the battle, fighting will.

  10. Boo hoo! I was so looking forward to a revolution.

    By the time we get this ship turned around another million or so invader babies will have dropped. They’re already sinking us. We need action. Fast.

  11. You will never find a candidate willing to stick their neck out for a cause. The candidates dont give a flying friole about how they or others “feel”. They care about minimizing the number of points they can lose due to this issue.

    You’ve got to barrage your locals with more clout than the ladeenyos. You may currently be outnumbered, but how many of them can vote and how many can afford to give $$$ to the ole campaign finance. Tell your local incumbent they should plan on packing their bags if they dont start making noise.

    Regretfully, you have to become a scumbag (and the more scumbags looking out the batter). Rat out every contractor that you believe has illegal immigrant labor with a simple anonymous phone call to Fed or State OSHA citing a hazard and sprinkle in phone calls to the State Department of Labor citing no workman’s comp coverage for shits and giggles. You may screw over the occassional legit company but you will probably hit paydirt more often than not.

    Rally the like-minded. As much as you dont want to … you gotta break a few eggs.

  12. We can accomplish a whole lot by making sure that no politician who is either neutral or favors the invasion gets re-elected. And that nobody making overtures to the Ladeeenyos ever gets elected to begin with.

    A pissed off electorate can accomplish alot. The politicians, bureaucrats, and dictators in robes who think they’re untouchable just have to be reminded that if they don’t play by the Constitution, the electorate won’t either.

  13. tanstaafl, seems to me you should stop wasting your time crying to the homeboys and instead set up an organization and a site modeled after
    Maybe if you do that you can earn some money for the time you devote to your beliefs but better yet if you can raise some money you can buy some billboards in the states of the treasonous politicians possibly doing some good and leading to publicity and more money, more billboards, more defeated politicians. Besides venting I mean.

  14. What I’m trying to figure out is where your hostility toward immigrants comes from. Is it their language? Their culture? Their skin color? What is it?

    I’ve heard some people gripe about language, but really, Americans would do well to learn multiple languages. Most of the industrialized world focuses heavily on learning a second language, and I can see the benefits: a better ability to communicate, understanding of foreign cultures, an expansion of one’s own mental capacities. So surely, it’s not Spanish that makes the immigrants so deplorable.

    Is it their culture? Are sombreros and pinatas so offensive to you? Please, remember that california, nevada, texas, arizona, and really a pretty large chunk of U.S. land used to be part of Mexico…until we took it over through force of arms. It’s only natural that some of that culture transfer over to the conquerors. Hence the popularity of Taco Bell.

    Or is it possibly their skin color? That explanation seems most likely, though you never mention it. You refer to immigrants as “invaders,” a word which conjures up images of guys putting people to the sword and torching houses. Yet, based on the life expectancy rates and prison populations, I’d say it’s much more likely that Latinos are going to be at the wrong end of a gun/nightstick/taser/jail sentence.

    Thing is, my dad is an immigrant. He came over to Canada from Holland when he was 9, and into America in his teens…he had a long and productive career, and is now retired. If you try to tell me he somehow weakened America, or *stole* his job, I’ll laugh out loud.

    And that brings me to the most cohesive point anti-immigrationists are likely to bring up: that immigrants somehow weaken our economy by stealing jobs and sending money home to Mexico….

    An immigrant who comes into our country and works for a living will only *strengthen* our economy. Employers pay wages for labor…but they won’t pay *more* than the labor is worth. If they did, they’d go out of business. Therefore, an immigrant who sends home every dollar to Mexico will still strengthen our economy, because his labor is worth *more* than his wages. He can’t possibly subtract from the economy.

    And of course, no one does send home every dollar….they’ve got to pay for housing, transportation, food, entertainment….so naturally, an immigrant will make our economy *stronger* through his/her efforts.

    I believe I’ve laid forth a pretty solid pro-immigration argument. I’m looking forward to you response.


  15. Your argument amounts to A) your dad is an immigrant and B) you think immigrants benefit our economy.

    A is irrelevant. Or, worse, is just another reason that immigrants are dangerous. For several generations their offspring tend to advocate for even more immigration. They tend to get offended just because someone doesn’t think immigration and immigrants are wonderful.

    B is false.

    First of all you seem to think every one of them works. They don’t. The invaders are poorer, less educated, and less skilled than the average American. So even if they all did work I don’t see how they could be making America better. You don’t a bunch of below average anything to anything and make the whole better.

    I’ll have to ask you to explain in detail how it is you think that their sending money to Mexico makes America better.

    The labor is cheap, for the employers. Especially since so much of it is off the books. That certainly screws those of us who pay taxes. Plenty of Americans are losing their jobs. Some because they won’t work for third world pay, some because they don’t speak the Spanish you find so harmless.

    What about the social costs? What is the cost of half the people in a country not understanding what the other half is saying? What is the cost of many of us learning two or more languages? When more Chinese come will you start to see the problem? Many of the invaders aren’t even literate in Spanish, what’s the cost of that? What is the cost of my sleepy little American town being turned into a mini Tijuana-like slum? Who is that benefiting? It certainly isn’t helping me or my family.

    I didn’t ask these people to come here. They came anyway, in violation of our laws. They don’t seem to care much about the law. Lots and lots of them are walking the streets in the middle of the work day. They’re obviously not all working. I don’t want them here. I don’t want to share the road with them, or pay for their WIC, or their healthcare, or to educate their kids. I don’t want to live in fear of their violent gangs. I don’t feel particularly enriched by them.

    I also don’t appreciate the reconquista philosophy. I see it at every immigration demonstration. It’s downright unfriendly to the people they call Pilgrims when they say this is “stolen land” and that we should all go back to Europe. Don’t you think?

    So yes, I see what’s happening as an invasion, and they are invaders. They are trying to take what belongs in part to me and my children. And just because they have friends in high places doesn’t make it right. And just because some people don’t see any problems doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

    And by the way, I do have a problem with their skin color. It isn’t the same as mine. That seems to bother them too. I never used to think skin color made much of a difference to me before, but then a lot of people started calling me a racist, apparently just because of my skin color. Then I found out about La Raza, and how proud The Race is about their bronze skin. And I heard that they call people like me blue-eyed devil and guero. And they don’t mean it in a nice way. You might want to look into that. You might find yourself wondering what your race means to you. Unless of course you’re something other than white, in which case you’ve always been allowed to be proud of your race and can criticize whoever you want without being called a racist. Or maybe you’re one of those whites who thinks it’s racist for a white to even say “white”.

  16. Anonymous, the only reason I do this is to vent. I’m not looking for fame or fortune. At best I hope to inform my friends, and perhaps find a few new ones. I don’t have any illusions that my abilities extend beyond that.

  17. This is for Jeanie Meyers,

    Demanding that our laws be enforced does not make a person racist.

    I’m sure your father came here legally, as did my relatives who came from Canada. So what? Irrelevant. We’re talking about criminals, they came and come in violation of our laws. We have every right to expect our laws to be respected and enforced. Those who violate our laws and come illegally have the same opportunity as everyone else in the world to apply to be US citizens. They had that right before they came and after. They choose not to.

    Why don’t you compare that fact to your father’s legal immigration? He chose to respect the law. He followed the law as everyone else in the world did who wanted to be a US citizen. Those who chose not to come here legally and by their choice continue to break the law could apply to be US citizens. It’s their choice that they do not.

    “laugh out loud” at the argument that illegals are stealing US jobs. It’s not funny. I personally know American citizen teachers that have lost their jobs because of illegals in the schools. I’m sure there are many other Americans who have lost their jobs to invaders that I don’t know about.

    But the simple fact that employers don’t want to pay a fair wage and would rather have a slave class of illegals to which they pay a pittance, means Americans have lost jobs. The hogwash that illegals “do jobs Americans can’t or won’t do” is a lie and it’s racist. It’s a lie because Americans did do those jobs for minimum wage before the illegals came and they will do them after they are gone. It’s racist because to say that Americans “won’t or can’t” do those jobs is to say that the brown man is superior. White, Black, Yellow Americans are just as hard working and willing to work.

    As for who’s more likely to “end up at the wrong end of gun/nightstick/taser/jail sentence,” did you ever stop to think that the reasons we have so many of the illegals in jail is because: (1) they came here illegally; (2) they have not been screened in any way, so many of them are criminals in their own country; (3) they came in not respecting our laws, so they continue to break them once they are here. Did your legal immigrant dad do any of this? Probably not. Gee why? Maybe because he immigrated legally, he was screened, he respected our laws? Just as my relatives that came from Canada did. And you know what? Gee whiz? They didn’t commit crimes when they got here. Imagine that.

    But the truly scary fact is that it is becoming far more likely that it will be white Americans at the wrong end of guns/taser/jail.

    Please go watch
    on Copy and paste it into your browser. The video is called Atzlan Rising. It is short but informative. It contains prominent La Raza and MeCHa leaders promoting the ethnic cleaning of white america.

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