The Preoccupations of Takuan Seiyo

Last week Gates of Vienna administrator Baron Bodissey introduced Here We Go Again like so:

Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews. They frequently refer to “Holohoax” in World War Two, often supplementing their scornful references with obscenities or derogatory epithets.

I generally delete such comments without publishing them. One of them came in this morning, the second or third such screed submitted on Takuan Seiyo’s latest post. Before I deleted it, I sent it to Takuan, just to show him what was coming in. He suggested that I go ahead and post it, followed by his response.

Takuan Seiyo claims to be 50% Pole and behaves as if he’s 150% jew. His hostility towards Whites naturally provokes a hostile reaction from Whites. Bodissey invites this reaction. He has draped his site with European imagery and presents its mission as a defense of “Christian Europe”. Then he publishes articles, especially by Seiyo, and comments, especially from self-righteous jews, advocating in favor of jews even when their concerns conflict with the best interests of Whites.

In this particular article, Seiyo wrote:

I will deal in a later chapter with the issue of White Nats’ desperate massaging of Holocaust history as an attempt to wrest Western history from what, to them, should have been the losers, in order to place the skein of narrative back in the hands of what ought to have been the winners, that is, “white people.” They don’t quite get that WW2 is a story of the ultimate triumph of Western Civilization and of Whites, and that there is no need at all to lie or fall prey to wishful delusions. The losers who wrested the skein of history are not “the Jews” or “the coloreds” but white Marxists-Socialist professors in the 1960s.

In The Bee and the Lamb, Part 9 (Continued), posted earlier the same day, Seiyo wrote:

For over 60 years, White mea-culpists have had a firm grip in all fields of cultural mind imprinting: education high and low; paper media, then electronic, then digital media; all forms of entertainment, the plastic arts and music high and low, and religious instruction and worship too. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory (e.g. K-12) and discretionary (e.g. television) self-flaying on account of long-ago Slavery, Colonialism, Imperialism, Male Supremacism, Racism, Antisemitism, and so on.

These are perfectly typical examples of Seiyo’s preoccupation with blaming Whites while excusing jews. He has been doing it for some time. In July 2010 The Brussels Journal published From Meccania To Atlantis – Part 17: Shotgun Marriage In Europe. In it Seiyo explained how his overriding concern for jews keeps him from caring much about Whites:

It may go on for another 20, 30 , 50 years, until a magic orator appears who will galvanize a cold, reserved and quietly unhappy people the way Hitler did the Germans. After all, what Eurabia has pushed itself into is nothing if not Hitler’s revenge anyway. The whole landmass kowtows to Jew-hating Muslims because of what it once did to the Jews. It’s one of those ironies that Jews have been destined to bear since the dawn of their history (5).

Some contest the Hitler revenge theory by pointing out that Sweden — perhaps the most self-disemboweling country in Europe — had no part in the Holocaust. But they forget that Jews were not allowed to live in Sweden before 1782, their emancipation did not arrive until 1870, widespread antisemitic sentiments were common well into mid-20th century, with the remarkable actions of Wallenberg and Bernadotte acting as a counterfoil to a popular sentiment that until the end of 1942 had closed off Sweden to Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution, produced antisemitic student protests, and gave rise to the Swedish Anti-Jewish Action League (Sveriges Antijudiska Kampförbund) founded by Einar Åberg. It’s germane that the law prohibiting “incitement against an ethnic group” under which the Swedish state prosecutes its anti-Islamization dissidents was enacted due to Åberg’s widespread antisemitic activities in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Out of one side of his mouth Seiyo paints Whites as “self-flaying” and “self-disemboweling”, denying jews play any part. Out of the other side, he paints jews as blameless victims of White persecution. Either way he doesn’t sympathize with Whites, and when confronted by anyone who does he makes his contempt and distaste plain.

Similar attitudes have long prevailed at Gates of Vienna. On 12 Jan 2013, Bodissey posted Confronting the New Fascism in Sweden, which presents a Seiyo-like view of “self-flaying” Swedes being to blame for the anti-Swedish politics and media in Sweden:

Never has the power of projection been more evident than in the political culture of Sweden. From an outsider’s perspective, Sweden displays all the attributes of a fascist state: only one political point of view is considered acceptable, and any dissent against it is vigorously punished, by both official and unofficial means. Those who oppose the reigning ideology may lose their jobs or be prosecuted. They are vilified and scapegoated in the (largely state-owned) media to the point where compliant Swedish drones are made to understand that all dissidents are fair game, and deserve anything bad that happens to them.

Now, that sounds like fascism to me. But the Swedish media reserve the term for Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats, SD), the only significant political party that opposes mass immigration and challenges the reigning Multicultural ideology.

Bodissey’s “outsider’s perspective”, with “fascism” as the key, is facilitated by a Seiyo-like blindness to the jews in Swedish media and the who, how and why behind “the reigning Multicultural ideology”.

Though Bodissey averts his eyes, in this case it’s hard to ignore the jews. The article he criticizes is also Seiyo-like, in that it’s all about the threat “fascist” Whites pose to jews.

A commenter tries to square the circle, Gates of Vienna style, by unselfconsciously explaining:

The repeated invocation of Jews, Nazis and the Holocaust in his attempt to hammer home his contention that the Swedish Democrats are wicked evil people with an inhumane agenda. Time and time again the primary school teacher appropriates the tragedy of mid C20th Jewish experience for polemic gain. The disgusting reality of course is that the Swedish Left, as with the Left of the entire Western world, is the driving force of hysterical and venomous anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist and, they can deny it ’til they’re blue in the face (but no sensible adult would accept such denials), anti-Jewish rhetoric.

In other words, Whites are correct to see sob stories about the jews as anti-White. These are hysterical, venomous attempts to hammer home the contention that Whites are wicked evil people with an inhumane agenda. That’s certainly a fitting interpretation of Seiyo’s efforts. Bodissey, by giving Seiyo and like-minded commenters a platform while squelching their pro-White critics, aids and abets it.

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  1. GoV went offline for a while recently, I had hoped it was the end of these fakes and the deluded who buy their line. Sadly not.

  2. “WW2 is a story of the ultimate triumph of Western Civilization and of Whites, and that there is no need at all to lie or fall prey to wishful delusions.”

    “The fall of Stalingrad is the finish of Europe. There was a cataclysm. The core of it all was Stalingrad. There you can say it was finished and well finished, the white civilization.”
    – Louis-Ferdinand Céline

  3. Takuan Seiyo claims to be 50% Pole and behaves as if he’s 150% jew.

    hahaha…..nice one :)

    Yer on fire lately Tan!

    Ps: Dymphna’s comments on this article (on the original site) were particularly nauseating. I had hoped their being down shortly after this was posted was ‘divine intervention’ of some sort after she subjected us to this schlock:

    Why the Jews? I’ve asked myself that question so many times. Why hate a tiny group that has created so much beauty and quested so diligently after the truth?

    Have the haters so little self-love that they are reduced to hatred of Other as their locus of meaning? If so, they are fueled by an ineradicable sense of shame and even if they managed to make the world Judenrein, it would not be enough. They would have to go on to erase any works of Jews – music, science, art, philosophy, economics, ritual, literature, etc.

    Histories of famous Jewish villains would have to be heaved onto the fire too…

    …what a large waste of dedication and intelligence it is to devote energy to the eradication of one single group. I will never understand the depths of such evil…both mundane and monstrous in its mainfestations.

    I suppose they’d have to go after the blacks after that. And then maybe the Roma? By the time these haters got to the Celts I’d be long gone…but my descendants would have the same problem with staying awake during these humorless diatribes. For us, that is the most unforgivable sin of all: they have no joy, no wit, no elan. In a word, they’re boring.


  4. Takuan Seiyo was born in Communist Eastern Europe and socialized there and then in Switzerland, France and elsewhere. He received his university education and was naturalized in the United States, but interest in some aspects of the Japanese culture took him eventually to Japan, where he now lives. He describes himself as bi-racial, tri-national, quadri-degreed, quinti-lingual and sexto-ethnic. As to religious conviction, he buys directly from the wholesaler while remaining a cultural Christian. Mr. Seiyo’s pen name is both his Japanese nickname that means “Western pickled radish,” and a symbolic way to honor one of his heroes, the 17th century Japanese Zen monk, Takuan Soho.

    A wandering jew if there ever was one.

  5. Thanks for posting that excerpt, Mary. Whenever I begin to wonder whether perhaps my intolerance of the GoV type blogs and movements and my cursory dismissal of their potential for good is unwarranted, quotes like that shake me from my skepticism.

    Why hate a tiny group that has created so much beauty

    “What a pretty pattern that fungal infection has made on your face!”

    “Yeah, I see your point, but I kind of want my old face back”

    “Actually, you have no right to want your old face back.”

    “So why bring up the pretty patterns at all???”

    Have the haters so little self-love that they are reduced to hatred of Other as their locus of meaning?

    Yeah, maybe she is a crypto-jewess. Odds of a jewish vs. non-jewish woman using the term “locus of meaning” are something like 4 to 1. Then the sanctimonious caricaturing, and her use of the word “haters,” turning truth on its head as only a well-trained pracitioner of jew-jitsu can. What a stupid word. “What is a hater? He who must be hated.” We are not allowed to speak openly and honestly about the 20th century jewish coup d’etat and its consequences, but we can discuss whom we like and hate like high school girls.

  6. I always got the impression that Dymphna and BB were rather sad lonely characters. Intelligent but socially isolated and awkward and had latched onto jews as their idealized community and people.

    Not jewish but kind of wanting to be.

    Thats my home made analysis!

  7. Your other “friend” Auster is a proponent of Separationism, which is to be applied to Islam. It would be interesting to investigate why such a principle (Separationism) should not be applied more generally, and in particular to Jews/Judaism as well.

  8. The First Law of Jewish Influence

    Auster obsessively spins a narrative blaming all the West’s ills on “liberalism” while glossing over the fact that jews were the first and remain the foremost “minority” in Western “liberal” society.

    For years Auster has made plain the jew-first nature of his false anti-“liberal” pose by excusing the jews, no matter how “liberal”, and condemning anti-“semites”, no matter how anti-“liberal”.

    Likewise Seiyo.

  9. I don’t think it’s possible to overemphasize the amount of coverage for jews that is given by Auster (and the GOV cabal) when they use the word “Liberal”. Just reading Auster’s posts from the last 3 days gives one (one who is wise to the formula) plenty of examples of such. Even when he actually hi-lights the treason of a Rabbi, the title of the post is “An insane Liberal”.

    I find Auster’s deception has been very effective, even on racially aware Whites. I am constantly battling some of my fellows here to read his works through a new lens, but they still defend him and think of him as an ally. I don’t let them away with it without a good fight, but it’s a perplexing challenge, and part of why Tan’s work here is so valuable.

  10. This has nothing to do with anything and so feel free to store it in the “X” file with no bristling on my part.

    Though I exchanged warm missives with Mr. Auster a few months prior. He found himself unimpressed with my brief and, after repeating the term anti-semite seven times to be certain, concluded with the perspicacious observation that I deny the very existence of moral or ethical principles. So I got that going for me…which is nice.

    Sensing a budding friendship, I responded with the correspondence below. To my disappointment and sorrow it was never published.

    Larry, I’m thinking of writing a book about political pundits entitled…From the soil of umbrage our delirium flowers. But we can discuss that later.

    Auster declares: “But all of this is alien to you, because as you make so clear, you deny the very existence of moral or ethical principles.”

    So according to you, the term rote means non-existent. And the term extreme means immoral. And the term non-sequitur means Happy Fun Ball…From which we may extrapolate that you are a homosexual pederast.

    Though enough of our pro-bono psych evals. To clarify from your response to mine:
    ● You say: “According to you it’s impossible to state reasonably that a particular thing is racist/anti-semite/extremist.” No. It is possible to state those particular things reasonably. Just as it is possible to be all of those particular things reasonably. Some people even consider themselves to be reasonably anti-islamic…though that one is simply beyond the pale.

    ● You say: “Any person who uses the word racisansemextrem is only squawking a pejorative.” No. Most people using that interchangeable denunciation are only squawking a pejorative. 99% of the time it is used as a result-oriented expedient, the sole purpose of which is to trigger the sit-down/shut-up reflex in whites. Though your understanding of this artifice doesn’t appear to impede your use of it.

    ● You say: “Which means you believe that there is no such thing as racisansemextrem.” No. Racism has been the default setting of mankind for time immemorial and remains so to this day (most modern white gentiles excepted). Anti-white racism can be seen in full bloom presently among vast swaths of blacks, jews, mestizos, and arabs.

    ● You say: “Some people do evil things to another group of people for no other reason than their race.” Yes. The ongoing ethnic cleansing of whites—and only whites— from planet Earth is evil. And it seems as though the only ones standing athwart history are you, me, and the ADL.

    ● You say: “When people…claim that there is no such thing as racism, they want to eliminate the standards by which their own racism can be judged.” You should flesh out this idea. As anti-white racism is now rampant in the countries founded by and for them, we ought to discuss how we should judge and punitively address those who practice and condone it. The media—and those who control it—would seem to offer the lowest hanging fruit.

  11. Auster continues to dehumanize Hagel by calling him a “Neanderthal” and saying that he’s stupid, without any rational justification. We don’t know what Neanderthals really looked like, of course, but we have possible reconstructions, and Hagel does not resemble the reconstructions any more than anyone else does. And there’s no real indication of his intelligence level in his public appearances. He just comes across as a normal person.

    “When he was a senator I described Chuck Hagel as a Neanderthal, with Neanderthal-type facial features. When he was recently nominated for Secretary of Defense I opined that he is “actively stupid.” Now mainstream opinion, liberal and conservative, is catching up with me. See “CNN: Senators ‘Shocked’ at How Ill-Prepared Hagel Is,” and then see “Hagel’s 7 [sic] Worst Moments in Round One.”

    But despite Hagel’s generally recognized incompetence and stupidity…”

    “However, my main point, re Hagel’s Neanderthal-like intelligence, remains correct. Watch this 80 second selection of Hagel’s testimony yesterday, posted at NRO. Listen to the dragging quality of his voice. That is the telltale sign of a low IQ person. And look at the insensible expression on his face as he speaks.”

  12. Auster continues by comparing Hagel to some “hopelessly intelligent” black man. Obviously the intent of comparing Hagel to a Neanderthal and a black man is to intimate that Hagel is some sort of sub-human. It’s pure dehumanization.

    “Too dim to serve?”

    “It is very clear from the testimony that Sen. Hagel will not be bringing the potato salad to the next Mensa picnic.”
    — A Capitol Hill Democrat quoted by Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post website

    I’m reminded of a nominee for Secretary of the Army during the Clinton administration. I don’t remember his name, but he was a youngish black man, and during his Senate hearings he revealed himself as so obviously, so embarrassingly, so hopelessly unintelligent—not to mention unprepared—that his nomination was simply withdrawn.”

    The “potato salad” line that Auster quotes is likely a knock on Hagel’s background i.e. it’s a way of saying that Hagel is a dumb Midwestern goy hick.

  13. “Hopelessly intelligent” in the previous comment should read “hopelessly unintelligent”.

  14. Of course it’s impossible to know for sure what Hagel’s intelligence level is. But the fact that he comes across as fairly normal and that he has indicated that he is aware of the existence of a “Jewish” or “Israel” lobby obviously means that he has a functioning brain and that he is not as stupid as Auster asserts.

  15. Porter@10:03am.

    I aree with your posts wherever I see em.

    Larrypoo and I had an email exchange some time ago, the result of which he cast me to where he IS, =”outer darkness”. I shoud have kept the exchange, but deleted it.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. I appreciate it Brandon.

    Regarding Mr. Seyio, I assume most reading here are familiar with this dated exchange. For those who are not, I’ll commend it as the compelling defenestration of a skilled sophist. I read it with blooming amusement and admiration as Seyio’s seemingly impregnable veneer of aloof erudition dissolved into tears and hypertension: And no, I am not quite well. I had just spent five days participating in a discussion thread on another website with a number of people who post here plus some out and out Nazis, all dumping on the Jews in a manner that was revolting. I laughed. “Revolting!” he lisped. I was on the edge of my seat awaiting the two remaining obligatory Rs: Repugnant and Reprehensible! Alas, discipline prevented the escape of another shibboleth from his keyboard. Though the final wheel detached with this: Listen, punk: Just what do you mean by “our interest” and “our friends.” Your ass was saved by my Slav ancestors. Punk? Ass? Can he say that in seven languages?

  17. “Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews.”

    The main reason why some White Nationalists are preoccupied with the Jews is that the race replacement policy of Western governments is mainly due to Jewish anti-White activism. No Jews = No race replacement.

    So, the question for us is how to get rid of the Jews in government and the media. By contrast, the priority at Gates of Vienna seems to be to get rid of “antisemitism”. What they call “antisemitism” is the idea that Jewish activism is the main force behind the race replacement policy. According to them, propagating that idea amounts to persecuting the Jews. (Likewise, what the media call “racism” is the refusal of race replacement by White people. According to them, it amounts to persecuting the non-whites.)

    Gates of Vienna will probably say that “liberalism” is a problem among the Jews. But they will disagree that anything particular should be done about that.

  18. In fact, Jews who revel in holocaust accusations are very hostile to White people. They enjoy calling us evil, tarnishing our reputation and our view of ourselves, and rubbing our noses in their disgusting stories. They especially target our children. The more White and neat we look, the more they enjoy slinging mud at us. I think they like to sully not just our reputations, but everything that is healthy, beautiful, innocent and European. They are not content with just blaming Hitler. They want to spread the smears on as many Whites as they can. They get their kicks out of doing that. If someone objects and says his grand-parents were honorable, they will raise a stink and complain about revisionism.

    In France, thanks to the Jewish legislation, you can be fined in court both for mentioning the immigrant crime problem, and for contesting the Jewish theory that evil White people gassed 6 million peace-loving Jews. On the one hand, mentioning the immigrant crime problem can be seen as incitement to racial hatred. On the other hand, for some reason, the heavy and continuous propaganda accusing the White race of having genocided the Jews doesn’t qualify as incitement to racial hatred. There is clearly something wrong here.

    Takuan Seiyo doesn’t necessarily have to say that the Jewish holocaust narrative is a pack of lies. But he should try to distance himself from his fellow Jews on the subject of holocaust propaganda. Or maybe he could ignore the subject completely. If he can’t even do that, he isn’t on our side.


    Islam critic survives assassination attempt

    February 5, 2013 – 14:35

    Assailant’s gun jammed after firing first shot – police now searching for two men wearing ski masks seen climbing into Copenhagen Zoo

    Hedegaard was cleared on racism charges in 2011 brought about for comments made about Islam and Muslims (Photo: Scanpix)
    The renowned anti-Islam journalist and scholar Lars Hedegaard reportedly survived an assassination attempt outside his home on Pelargonieviej in Frederiksberg this morning.

    According to Ritzau, the assailant fled when his gun jammed after firing the first shot at around 11:20.

    “A man shot at the victim but he missed and the bullet went over his head,” police commissioner Lars-Christian Borg told Ritzau. “When he tried to fire again, the pistol clicked and the assailant ran away.”

    While Borg would not confirm the identity of the assassin’s target, a neighbour of Hedegaard’s told Politiken newspaper that he was the target.

    “He told me that a man had approached him with a package and when he went to take it the man fired at him,” the neighbour told Politiken.

    After first sealing off Hedegaard’s street, police have now also cordoned off Copenhagen Zoo after two men wearing ski masks were seen jumping over the wall to the zoo into the hippopotamus enclosure.

    Berlingske newspaper reports that witnesses reported hearing what sounded like a gunshot at around 13:50.

    Police say the man that fired the shot was wearing a red coat, is around 30 years of age and has dark skin and thick, dark hair.

    Hedegaard was charged with racism after he made a series of critical statements about Islam and Muslims that included comparing Islam to Nazism and the claim that Muslims rape their own children. He was eventually cleared by the High Court in 2011.

  20. Hello from Paris, first rendition.

    Standing on a French Strasse, hiccuping, watching the French be French, feeling insecure.

    The Seine has burst her banks, the tourist seats swamped, the boulevarde of Romance swamped with an effluent tide.

    Dog shit on the streets, spit on the back, paying to enter Notre Dame.

    Back home my kids are waking and I feel a drunken urge to call them and tell them how good things are, in the Northern Hemisphere, how the toilets really do flush backwards, the women are so beautiful, the men so romantic.

    But it really isn’t safe to even think about the coons who angrily stalk the Metro, with their brilliant belt buckles, stoned eyes, dead stare, as another pretty White girl wanders past with her negro, my heir.

    All the buses blast a black stained exhaust which stains the orient facing wall, with her statues, silent and covered in black.

    Here is the home where the people held out until the city faced with ruin, collapsed, to save the town and her history.

    Over the border, the other ones have been blasted until they can barely breed enough to fuel her own desires, let alone enough to sustain her real history.

    Yet they did, bombed out, they built. Here, not bombed out they have slunk into decrepitude.

  21. I just read Porter’s exchange at the jewish activist site VFR. What a coward Auster is for not posting Porter’s responses. He was outclassed and knew it, so he did the typical jewish thing – acted expediently and rationalized morally.

    I won’t visit any “alt right” blog that doesn’t view Auster as the enemy he is. You can’t “take the good with the bad” with guys like him, because jewish interests are always “all or nothing.” When interests conflict, he’ll use all his jewish cleverness to keep his tribal interests paramount. Like many supposedly conservative jews, he wants what’s best for Whites only after maximizing what’s best for jews. (And I use the term “maximize” literally; he won’t give up an inch.) Thus, Auster never has anything bad to say about the greatest theft in world history that has enriched wall street jews to an extent few people can begin to fathom. He’ll attack Ron Paul in the most juvenile way and downplay Paul’s concern about erosion of liberties. His people are in charge after all, and there’s no chance that the jewish-led government will ever, e.g., use a drone to kill a jew. A White nationalist blogger on the other hand, who denies the very existence of the Good? Of course Auster would kill them himself if he had drones at his command. Something tells me jewish liberals would be spared his drone-delivered fury, though.

  22. Tanstaafl

    Her web site is full of hate directed at Whites by jews who clearly see us as the Other.

    One question that is worth asking is, why that is? The answer lies in the racial origins of the jews, racially speaking jews are really just Armenian invaders in Europe with minor white ancestry in ashkenazs, both groups share too much similarities to be just a mere coincidence, not to mention that on gentic plots the closest kins to jews appear to be modern Armenians.

    Jews and Armenians are in all points similar whether it be their physic, facial features, demeanor, mentality, inherent hatred toward whites (the Other)…

    Goy = Odar

    Odar = Goy.

  23. Pat Hannagan said…
    Hello from Paris, first rendition.

    Good to “see” you Pat! Looking forward to more reports from the frontlines ;)

  24. “In July 2010 The Brussels Journal published From Meccania To Atlantis – Part 17: Shotgun Marriage In Europe.”

    In that article, Takuan-Seiyo wrote that “there are now 30 Nazi groups in Sweden alone”. In the Gates of Vienna-Here we go again article, he calls some commentators “Nazizoids” and goes on to explain that Nazism really was the ideology of killing Jews. According to him, “the Germans” murdered at least 5.1 million Jews.

    So, if I understand him correctly, his claim is that there are now 30 “Nazi” groups in Sweden whose main objective is to kill all the Jews, and some visiting commentators at Gates of Vienna share the same objective. That is typical Jewish rubbish. Actually, no matter what Jews say about Hitler and about us, denouncing Jewish malfeasance and contesting Jewish lies is not the same as organizing or advocating mass killing of the Jews.

    On the one hand, Jews say that Nazism is evil incarnate: nothing can be worse than Nazism. On the other hand, they freely call anyone who criticizes Jews a Nazi. And anyone who openly opposes race-replacement is similarly slandered. My conclusion is that they are slanderers. They slander us systematically, and then, they order us to take them at their word when they make up tall tales about the Nazis. Maybe if they slandered us a little less, we would be more willing to listen to their holocaust stories. Are we supposed to believe that the Jews who keep slandering us would never think of slandering the Nazis? Why? Do they have more consideration for the Nazis than for us?

    One result of their defamation campaigns is that White Nationalist groups have difficulty working together. We rebel against the idea that there is anything immoral about defending the existence of our own race. To prove our point, we refuse to let our noble cause be tainted with any dubious characters like Hitler and his Nazis, like former Klansman David Duke, and so on. We refuse to be associated with people who have been denounced as Nazis by the media. The problem is that anyone who rebels against the race replacement policy will be called a Nazi. As a result, other nationalists will refuse to associate with us because they want to keep the cause squeaky-clean.

    Some of us will spit on the Nazis and on fellow White Nationalists in the hope that Takuo Seiyo and his pals will see us as good people. But this is no use. In the end, all of us will be denounced as Nazis anyway.

    One strength of Jewish activists is ethnic networking. They are good at working together, openly or secretly, hiring each other, publicizing each other, coordinating defamation attacks, and so on. Obviously, they want to prevent us from doing anything similar. That is why they have invented guilt by association. According to them, one David Duke in the WN movement is enough to bring the whole WN movement into disgrace. Actually, David Duke is a great man, but they have invested a lot of money in defaming him. So, the next step is to assign guilt by association on anyone who talks to him. It is a circular tactic: A is bad because he associates with B, who is bad because he associates with C, who is bad because he associates with A. In each case, the propaganda emanates mostly from Jewish quarters. For example, according to the Jews, being David Duke is bad enough, but associating with him is the worst thing you can imagine. It makes no sense at all, but the result is that we are not allowed to work together among ourselves.

    By comparison, millions of White people killed by Judeo-Bosheviks, and a few hundred thousand Jews campaigning nonstop for race-replacement are not enough to tarnish the reputation of Jewish activists. That is, according to Jews.

  25. At first, having a few Jews like Takuo Seiyo on an anti-immigration blog would seem like a good thing. It’s like a seal of approval, proof of our good morality. But with them, we soon find ourselves walking on eggshells. We start practicing more self-censorship than necessary so our Jewish friends won’t walk out of the blog in a rage. Then, they start denouncing Nazis in the movement, and they won’t let us explain the main cause of the race-replacement crisis: Jewish anti-White activism.

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