The Interplay of Ideology, Biology, Guilt and Shame

In whatever happened to european tribes? hbd* chick posits that Christianity discouraged inbreeding, which in turn triggered the dissolution of European tribalism and consequent shift in emphasis to the nuclear family.

We can see in this the give and take between ideology and biology – the roots of identity are genetic, but memes, over generations, do shape the underlying gene pool. To the extent outbreeding produces a relative shift in identity rather than simply destroying it, this also provides a partial, biological explanation for why Whites tend toward both broader (nationalist, racialist) and narrower (individualist) forms of identity. An even more proximate and substantial cause lies in decades of anti-White propaganda, and it encourages more extreme shifts, whether outward into humanism or inward into solipsism.

hbd* chick has been writing thought-provoking articles about the nature and origins of Europeans for some time. This article on European tribalism is from 2011, part of her inbreeding in europe series. More recently she has written about what she calls the outbreeding project, a subset of her general theory of the west – all based on the realization that clannishness goes hand in hand with consanguinity.

Two of her more recent posts, more on the origins of guilt in northwestern european populations and the transition from shame to guilt in anglo-saxon england (and “core” europe), are a critique of Peter Frost’s The origins of Northwest European guilt culture and Part II.

Frost begins Part I by noting the crucial difference between shame and guilt:

Shame is the primary means of behavioral control in most societies. If you are seen breaking a social rule, you will feel shame, and this feeling will be reinforced by what people say and do (gossiping, malicious looks, spitting, ostracism, etc.). Shame is much less effective if you break a rule without being seen or if you merely think about breaking a rule.

Guilt is more important in European societies, particularly those of Northwest European origin. It operates even when you act alone or merely think about breaking a rule. Behavior can thus be regulated in all possible situations with a minimum of surveillance.

Put more plainly, shame is the means by which more particularist/collectivist non-Whites maintain group cohesion, whereas guilt is the means by which more universalist/individualist Whites are encouraged to selflessly maintain a civil society in which everyone but Whites can thrive. Shame is something groups inflict upon themselves, for their own benefit, whereas guilt-tripping is a weapon of group warfare, used by non-Whites to discourage White group cohesion in any form between family and race.

Ironically, Frost cites Ruth Benedict on how shame compares to guilt:

Ruth Benedict first made the distinction between “shame cultures” and “guilt cultures”. Pervasive feelings of guilt are part of a behavioral package that enabled Northwest Europeans to adapt to complex social environments where kinship is less important and where rules of correct behavior must be obeyed with a minimum of surveillance.

Benedict helped establish cultural anthropology, which has since largely displaced physical anthropology, substituting jewish pilpul and narrative for the objective science developed by Northwest Europeans. If nothing else Benedict’s cultural theorizing helps explain her own mindset, moved by her “guilt culture” to work with members of a “shame culture” – jews like her mentor Franz Boas, her colleague Gene Weltfish and a swarm of other social science activists who were more or less openly obsessed with advancing the interests of their own tribe.

In order to prevail these cultural anthropologists literally made up stories and falsified data. They shamelessly leveraged tribalist networking, using their power and authority to advance pseudo-science while denouncing, shunning, defunding and otherwise tearing down their opponents. What’s more, they never expressed the slightest twinge of shame or guilt about it. They were far too busy feeling morally righteous about themselves and their cause.

The “behavioral package” of jews is adapted to parasitism. They do not empathize with their hosts. They will use shame, guilt, or any other mechanism they can in order to marginalize their enemies and hijack or hoodwink others into serving their interests. In contrast to Whites, who actually do feel guilt and shame each other mercilessly over “racism”, jews feel guilt and shame each other for not being obsessed enough about what’s best for the jews.

Frost argues that Northwestern European “guilt culture” predates Christianity. hbd* chick argues the origins are more recent, a consequence of the avoidance of cousin marriage. I’m intrigued by the subject and recognize some truth in both arguments. What leaves me vaguely annoyed is the calm Northwestern European detachment with which they discuss the subject. The “guilt culture” is only one facet of White pathology, the more general attribute of which is the absurd pretense that everybody is, or with enough effort on our part can become, “us”. The affliction isn’t unique to either Northwestern Europeans or Christians. It also, frankly, doesn’t seem to be either shame or guilt which keeps Whites who are so intelligent and knowledgeable about history and science and conscious of Northwestern European distinctiveness from taking more notice of the jew elephant in the room.

The more I think about it, the more I think that the main mechanism lies even deeper in the psyche, below guilt and shame. In pain. In the fear of pain. In the fear of even mentioning those things we suspect might cause us pain. Here too I can see the interplay of evil thoughts and breeding. The dysgenic consequence of two centuries of fratricidal revolution and war selecting out Europe’s most fearless and noble. The sterile fruit of parasite-fomented, parasite-serving materialism and “enlightenment”.

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  1. What leaves me vaguely annoyed is the calm Northwestern European detachment with which they discuss the subject.

    And my annoyance at that detached mien isn’t remotely vague. It’s goddamn infuriating. How many times, be it online or in person, nominal allies discuss our global disaster as if it were entomology.

    The love, laughter, and tears…the blood, sweat, and fellowship of men who built the greatest civilization in history. Only to watch it rotted from their graves. And among the few living who even bother to notice are many who can muster no more passion than if they were watching the mating of mayflies.

  2. hbd* chick on jewish inbreeding:

    of course, jews have long been very endogamous. a study published last year looking at the genetics of different jewish populations found that:

    “Individuals within each Jewish group had high levels of IBD [identical by descent], roughly equivalent to that of fourth or fifth cousins.”

    so, ashkenazis are all related to each other like they are fourth or fifth cousins, iranian jews are all related to each other like they are fourth or fifth cousins, italian jews are all related to each other like they are fourth or fifth cousins, and so on. (comparable to icelanders.)

    . . .

    one study from iceland showed that the sweet spot** re. cousin-marriage and fertility is third cousins, i.e. marry your third cousin to have the most offspring.

    similarly, i think there must be a sweet spot re. cousin-marriage| inbreeding and having a functional society which operates in its members best interests. inbreed too much and you get clans and tribes (not to mention lots o’ genetic diseases) which make a society dysfuntional and divided; outbreed too much and you get too much individualism, another sort of dysfunctionality where each guy is out for himself.

  3. I find this kind of matter-of-fact puzzle-piece exposition both appealing and encouraging. Then I notice that these specific jew-related puzzle pieces get left out of the bigger-picture analysis. It’s an odd behavior very clearly and regularly exhibited by Sailer. An article demonstrating jew-awareness, followed by amnesia.

    The psychological term compartmentalization seems to fit – “an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person’s having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves”.

    Call it jew compartmentalization, a psychological defense mechanism to avoid pain caused directly or indirectly by jews.

  4. hbdchick isn’t Northwestern European

    Well, what is she? I found this in a comment:

    i do have great admiration for one or two outbred populations (really mostly the english, so just one, i guess), but i’m not sure that i prefer everything about outbred societies. you may not be aware that i, your humble blog hostess, am from a rather inbred population myself and i can quite appreciate a lot of things about it. for instance, having a bit of spine when it comes to outsiders trying to take over. unfortunately, i can also see that that is also a weakness because then there is a general lack of cooperation between the different segments of the population … and outsiders can then take over.

    otoh, being too outbred (like the anglos) means that you can be taken over by more inbred groups.

    And this: The Hoover Hog: Rebel Girl: An Interview with HBD Chick.

    After several references to the chilling effects of “political correctness”, the conversation finally turns to the jews (via Kevin MacDonald) – not that the one has anything to do with the other, of course.

    She expressed a positive attitude about MacDonald and actually engages his ideas – a feat even ostensibly pro-“white” “race realist” quasi-jews (like Unamused and Jobling) seem incapable of performing.

    So, still wondering.

  5. the thing about parasitism is its largely unnoticed in a healthy host. if the host’s health fails, the parasite’s impact becomes more pronounced.

    it doesnt matter whether the parasite is the source for the failed health. it will destroy the host if it isnt removed or the health of the host regained.

    European tribalism was a victim of its own success. And yet the parasite maintains itself through the waning and waxing of european tribalism moving from one host to the next.

    for those still trapped by the suicide meme (of which I am not one) – its suicide to identify a parasite doing harm and doing nothing to eradicate it.

  6. Parasites typically don’t destroy their host. It may weaken it but ultimately it is in the interest of the parasite to ensure the host survives.

    The discussion of shame and guilt imo misses the point. More importantly it is the social rules that changed. Freedom of association is a prime example. Before WWII the practice of discrimination was readily accepted. There was no guilt or shame associated with discrimination until that freedom was perverted. Now it is the height of boorish and bigoted behavior if discrimination is practised on the basis of race creed religion sexuality etc. The change came by the inducement of language in the form of persuasive memes but much more powerfully by the force of government coercion through harsh penalty.

  7. Tan have you seen this Nick Land stuff? quote
    ‘ Moldbug offers a sanitized white nationalist blog reading list, consisting of writers who – to varying degrees of success – avoid immediate reversion to paleo-fascist self-parody. The first step beyond the boundary of respectable opinion is represented by Lawrence Auster, a Christian, anti-Darwinist, and ‘Traditionalist Conservative’ who defends ‘substantial’ (ethno-racial) national identity and opposes the liberal master-principle of nondiscrimination. By the time we reach ‘Tanstaafl’, at the ripped outer edge of Moldbug’s carefully truncated spectrum, we have entered a decaying orbit, spiraling into the great black hole that is hidden at the dead center of modern political possibility.

    Before following the Tanstaafl-types into the crushing abyss where light dies, there are some preliminary remarks to make about the white nationalist perspective, and its implications.’
    Makes Auster sound like he came off the Mayflower.
    Dark Enlightenment covered by ‘the telegraph’

  8. Parasites don’t care whether or not they destroy their hosts, their only interest is feeding today. With human parasites you get the additional factor of hatred and contempt for their victims. They actually prefer to destroy their hosts regardless of the consequences. Man is more motivated by emotions than logic. This is an important point since conservatives and some right wingers are constantly postulating that leftists, Jews, blacks, etc. will pull back at some time when they realize their destructive activities will kill the goose. They won’t, they’ll ride it into the grave.

  9. “For those who don’t already know, there are other versions of history that don’t excuse the jews. For example, Carolyn Yeager, based on the work of Ingrid Weckert, has made a convincing argument that organized jewry instigated and benefited from “Kristallnacht”.”

    I listened to that. She really knocked that argument out of the ballpark. Above and beyond; that’s our Carolyn.

  10. The dysgenic consequence of two centuries of fratricidal revolution and war selecting out Europe’s most fearless and noble.

    I think our close ancestors who gave their lives in useless wars were just as naive as courageous. And we remain naive today. Most White people can’t seem to understand that the government wants to destroy them collectively. We are like the dodo on the island of Mauritius. Our trusting disposition has not been selected out.

    I think people today would still be ready to die for noble causes, even frivolous causes. In previous centuries, people used to receive intellectual and moral guidance, as well as public social backing. The only other thing a hero needed was physical courage, endurance and stubbornness. But what we need today is usually not physical courage.

    Today, White people who oppose the race replacement policy are isolated. They must be self-made intellectuals and self-made moralists, they must be able to buck the huge social pressure and outright intimidation coming from the Jewish-controlled institutions, they must be articulate, they must assign tasks to themselves and often work alone.

    I think the Jewish system is good at nipping the future of White Nationalist elites in the bud. They have replaced the intellectual and moral guidance we used to receive a century ago by propaganda about how race doesn’t exist and how race-replacement is good for us. It takes a lot of mental energy simply to get over all the silly propaganda.

    Anyway, I don’t think the young men who were enlisted in the war in 1914 fought for noble aims. For example, Breton and Irish soldiers gave their lives for countries that were trying to erase their Breton/Irish identities. In 1939, the French and the English declared war on Germany for no good reason at all. The result today is that we are being race-replaced. From today’s point of view, the US Civil War was a bad idea too.

  11. Another factor – if the outbreeding idea is correct – is that this process led to larger scale less-related groups where people had to get along hence a rise in the frequency of traits providing agreeableness.

    The increasing agreeableness of European populations created an evolutionary environment for a minority that provided an opportunity to increase disagreeableness as a free-rider adaptation.

    They are adapted to us.

  12. “Parasites don’t care whether or not they destroy their hosts”

    They don’t know they’re parasites.

  13. They don’t know they’re parasites.

    I suspect many do, hench their very deliberate reality-inverting use of the term “virulent” in “virulent anti-semitism”, implying “anti-semites” are the parasites.

    Their exsquisite self-awareness is reflected in how they act when the harm caused by one or more jews is exposed. Recent examples include Polanski, Pollard, Milken, and Madoff. In cases like this jews as a group start screeching in unison that the real harm everyone should care about is how such exposure might harm the jews collectively. This is not the behavior of a people who is not aware of who or what they are. It is the behavior of a people who are absolutely obsessed with their own interests, distinct from and above those of any host among whom they live – i.e. a parasitic people.

  14. “I suspect many do”

    I think they believe they’re cattle-herders, symbiotic i.e. that they greatly increase the size of the cake so their disproportionate slice is fair but the goyim won’t understand so they need to use stealth.

    I don’t think most of them understand their behavior is entirely destructive whereas if they didn’t lie to themselves about their history it would be obvious.

  15. Cattle-herder is an apt metaphor, symbiosis is not. There is no long-term benefit to the cattle who serve as hosts to the jews. The jews have outlasted every herd so far.

    The ability jews have to deceive and even self-deceive about their nature does not and in fact can not exceed their ability to see their nature for what it really is. If it were otherwise any such disconnect would, over time, lead them rather than their hosts to ruin.

    No, the reason the jews have been able to parasitize a long series of other peoples for millenia is because it is the others who are unaware/misled about what the jews are doing, not the jews.

  16. “Cattle-herder is an apt metaphor, symbiosis is not.”

    I agree they’re not symbiotic. I just think that’s what most of them think they are.

    “The ability jews have to deceive and even self-deceive about their nature does not and in fact can not exceed their ability to see their nature for what it really is.”

    I agree that logic dictates that at least some must know. For example the ones who write the censored history books must know.

    It doesn’t change the result but I’m not convinced they all realise their strategy – at least in the diaspora – is parasitic but only they know for sure.

  17. Some jews understand, others follow their lead. Beside overt networking and activism there are many who spend their time and effort amongst the cattle making excuses like, “b-but it’s not all the jews”, “they don’t all know”, etc. Does every such parasite enablers understand what they enable? Obviously some, like yourself, do.

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