Francis Parker Yockey: The Destiny of America


Over the past year I’ve invested many hours reading and talking about Yockey, especially what he had to say about liberalism and race in Imperium, his magnum opus. I dove into the effort with the expectation of finding important insights. Long story short, I didn’t. Not to say it is a waste of time to read Yockey, but there are other authors a White man can and should read whose work in more concise and relevant. For instance, I would recommend any of Kevin MacDonald’s work before Imperium. Even better, read Revilo Oliver’s short book The Jewish Strategy.

In my opinion the flaw with the view of liberalism Yockey laid out in Imperium is that he largely ignored jewish influence on European thinking and history. Most every White historian and philosopher has. Most still do. They either ignore the jews, or regard them as fellow Europeans. In fact, this is proving to be a fatal mistake.

Whites did not stumble accidentally into the ideas of liberalism. Whites have long been infiltrated, manipulated and exploited by jews, who have all along been more fully conscious of themselves as a collective, distinct from and in fact hostile to Whites. Jews have directed the course of history, and their own destiny, exactly because they have organized and conspired to do that – to the long-term benefit of themselves and the detriment of Whites.

Though jew rule still isn’t overtly acknowledged as such, it is clear enough that the jews rode the values of liberalism – freedom, equality, tolerance – straight to the top. At this point in history it is jews who command the levers of financial, social and political power. Jews rule mainly in mind rather than body, by literally defining the very morals and terms by which the governing bodies of nearly the entire globe operate.

In this short essay titled The Destiny of America, published several years after Imperium, we can see that Yockey knew quite a bit about the difference between Whites and jews. I think it’s worth reading because in the sixty years since Yockey wrote, what he describes as the destiny of America has become the destiny of the world.

The version I’ll read is from, which carries this introduction:

The Destiny of America is a short essay by Francis Parker Yockey in which he discusses the American history and spirit, the Jewish history and spirit, and how Jews have manipulated Americans and took power over America. It is possible that this essay, as professor Revilo Oliver suggests, is an extract from the manuscript of The American Destiny, a book which Yockey wrote but was never published because the manuscript was taken and destroyed by authorities after Yockey’s arrest.

Though Yockey understood the jews as alien he still accepted the jewish narrative portraying them as historically persecuted and powerless. He misunderstood jewish parasitism and aggression as relatively recent and opportunistic behavior, as “revenge” for their “persecution”. As usual, Yockey is quite disdainful of White “liberals”, referring to them here as “sub-Americans with defective instincts”, essentially as useful idiots for the ruling jews. This is a strong distinction from Imperium, where Yockey presented European “liberals” as rational masterminds irrationally undoing themselves.

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  1. “Jews have directed the course of history, and their own destiny, exactly because they have organized and conspired to do that – to the long-term benefit of themselves and the detriment of Whites.”

    True, but what boggles the mind is the degree of cooperation within the Jewish race with regard to the objective (of directing the course of history) over a span of CENTURIES (caps for emphasis, not for “shouting”). It requires almost a hive mentality and a group memory of their collective history that would make them nearly a different species. I have stated this on other blogs before in an attempt to elicit input as to how this can be (and have thus far never received a response); how can a group of “people” focus on an objective/goal and work toward it their entire lives despite knowing that they will likely not live to see the result? There is historical evidence of Jewish networking and planning in the subversion of various empires throughout history, and if one simply takes say, the start of the Rothschild banking empire with the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo as a starting point for their serious effort at world rulership, then we are talking about a group effort that spans about 200 years. How is it possible to coordinate efforts toward a goal over such a time period? Think of the difficulty of getting a small group of people to focus on a task for a period of months, let alone years and centuries.

  2. The question is what is the synthesis and how do “we” impose a system of righteous accountability across the board? Parasites have no free will and therefore a mandate is seemingly imposed that tests white man’s very notion of free will. “Genocide” has, by-and-large, been the rallying cry for the radicals. Self-annihilation AT LEAST indicates a modicum of genuine free will even if applied self-refutingly. The economics is prophetable by the mass of perpetuating self-annihilators. “White” liberationist has embraced the self-annihilating (diasporic) tendencies of the Jew WITHOUT applying his mechanisms of perpetuation. What “we” see is the “Imitation-is-the-sincerest-form-of-flattery” syndrome. The only real debate amongst Jews and Gentile is the disparity in decadent living. All parties involved are anti-white Supremacy. All parties are self-annihilators with Jews employing superior mechanism of perpetuation. That’s all. Genuine free will is the decision for all white males.

  3. @ George —

    How is it possible to coordinate efforts toward a goal over such a time period?

    Short answer:

    Jewish minds see “time” as territory the same way the rest of us see yards, cubic centimeters, square miles, and so on.

    Michael Bradley tried to explain this in a series of articles. He called it the Kronos Complex. He sees it as explicitly ashkenazi behavior, going back to the neolithic. As maladaption, it has drawbacks. But as group dominance behavior it has one pluperfect and irresistable advantage: Seeing time as ground to take, hoard, pass on to heirs, plunder and otherwise exploit will terminally destroy any other group that only thinks in terms of “one generation and out.”

    White people generally follow the notion that “the world began when I was born and ends when I die”. If these same people have children, sooner or later this progeny will be slaves of people who think of time as “territory” they can manipulate and grandually control. (Fractional interest loans and fiat currency are nothing more than using abstract financial instruments as time machines. Likewise, what is “Jehovah” if not time as a deity?)

    European-derived peoples aren’t greedy enough, that’s all. They don’t want all the time in the world, but their enemies do.

  4. You are most certainly right that there is a conspiracy to transform Western Culture and undermine Christendom. It started in the Renaissance. What Yockey missed as well is that America is a Masonic country and Freemasonry is embedded with the Kabbala. The Kabbala was big throughout Early Modern Europe; it was required reading for any intellectual.

    I wrote a book, free and online about the transformation of our culture and civilization while first proving the true origins of Philosophy: Part I, The Case of the Barefoot Socrates: Academic Myth-Making and the Jewish Transformation of Western Culture. This book also refutes the lie of Adorno and Horkeimer that Western Culture is responsible for the Holocaust. Also, it shows that Hegel was a Kabbalist and he changed/damaged Western Culture. I think this answers Tanstaafl comment that there is at least one European philosopher that has talked about the Jewish influence in Western Culture.

  5. Franz:

    ” Likewise, what is “Jehovah” if not time as a deity?”

    – What a fascinating concept! Franz, I thank you for providing (the first, by the way) cogent answer regarding the Jewish ability to act as a unit over vast spans of time, and for your insight on how this relates to financial instruments.

    “Jewish minds see “time” as territory the same way the rest of us see yards, cubic centimeters, square miles, and so on.”
    – It makes perfect sense, and dovetails neatly with our racial view of ““the world began when I was born and ends when I die”.” These concepts go far in explaining why nothing is more precious to Jews than their progeny (as should be the case for us whites as well), and exposes our main weak point : our proclivity for valuing our material toys and comfort more than the future of our children.
    All this, however underscores my original point about Jews being, in a certain sense almost a different species. If that sounds dramatic, then I apologize, but the ability to see time as a dimension to be used is outside our mode of thought-completely foreign to me, as a matter of fact. Is this an acquired cultural trait of theirs or is it genetic, and if genetic, it is an immense advantage they have over us.
    I will look up Michael Bradley and the “Kronos Complex”, but Franz, if you have any links or sources to additional material on this subject I would be grateful for the additional input.

  6. I checked Michael Bradley’s website and “The Cronos Complex” looks to be unavailable. Amazon lists 3 used copies ranging in price from $155 to $999 !

  7. Missed you Tan, welcome back. You & Kevin MacDonald are tops on Jews, & Old MacDonald’s gettin’ on in years. And where does the Jewish Question rank in importance? So, yeah…

  8. @ George —

    Bradley’s website seems to have come under enemy control, used to be:

    But he was slimed long ago. In the 70s he put out a book called The Iceman Inheritence which was gleefully published in Canada and elsewhere as “anti-caucasian”. Bradley was on his way to becoming the Canuck Noel Iglesiev, then blew it by a follow-up work called Chosen People from the Caucasus. Oops!

    Possibly a wayback machine or a search of old e-group articles might turn up most of his stuff. He’s worth reading for his insights but nothing’s worth those Amazon prices.

    John Kaminski considers another aspect of Judaic-Human relations at link below. I’m not sure if Bradley is the one who started the Neanderthal Remnant theory but it’s a fact that Bradley was all over the map at one point. His health began to decline some years ago, which may explain something. I honestly don’t know.

  9. @ Franz:

    Thanks for the link to the Kaminski website. I had already been to the Bradley website and wondered when I saw his photo and that nose… and now Kaminski states that Bradley is a Jew! Another Benjamin Freedman, perhaps? I will keep trying to find a reasonably priced copy of Chronos Complex. Haven’t tried Wayback yet, but did try the usual other repositories for old books and such with no luck.

  10. What is a “good jew”?

    The kikejew Paul Eisen blocked this:

    Is the “good Jew” a myth, or simply an unknown?

    The brilliant Otto Weininger, upon realization of his evil heritage, committed suicide. This is understandable, but was probably unnecessary. A “good Jew” has the option to cast off that origin and dive into the ‘sea of the people’, cutting forever all ties with the crime syndicate cult. Of course, few have likely chosen this path. And how could their number be known?

    Some “former Jews” have remained public figures, such as Benjamin Freedman (formerly Friedman); however, because they became Christian (or Muslim!), the umbilical had not been completely severed.

    The “good Jew”, no longer committed to the tribe in any way, ceases to exist as one. The others – those who consciously consider themselves “Jews” – are my natural enemies. Their ‘kol nidre’, among other things, makes this so. The rest remain the unknown.

  11. The first racial-nationalist book that I read cover to cover happens to have been Imperium, which I had found secondhand at a low price.

    I think that the value of Yockey’s work depends on your starting-point. If the most radical thing you’ve ever read is a column by Pat Buchanan, then Yockey will seem like a radical. He calls Adolf Hitler “the Hero of the 20th century,” which for most people is already quite bold.

  12. Hadding,

    He calls Adolf Hitler “the Hero of the 20th century,” which for most people is already quite bold.

    Indeed. I think Yockey did so exactly to create that impression. The fact is that Yockey’s views on race were very much at odds with Hitler’s. I directly constrasted them in: Yockey on Culture and Race – Part 8 and Part 9.

    In Part 11 I summed up my evaluation of Yockey:

    Like the Boasian anti-”racists”, Yockey did not assert that race does not exist. They undermined race by redefining it and attacking it’s significance. They argued that science had shown race is arbitrary, impermanent, not deeply rooted in biology, when in fact science was (and still is) increasingly revealing exactly the opposite. They argued the primacy of culture. They asserted that race is a product of culture, a mere “social construct”.

    Yockey was not simply wrong about race. He was profoundly, fundamentally wrong. He argued against a biological understanding of race in the same way and to the same end as the jews, a racial group which is biologically distinct from and implacably hostile toward Whites/Europeans/Aryans, and whose parasitic interests are served by such obfuscation and disguise.

    Though the work of the racialists Yockey disparaged pre-dated his by up to a hundred years, their understanding of race was closer to the truth, more in touch with fact and reality than his.

    Yockey has long passed as an eccentric type of spiritualist-racialist, a sympathizer and apologist for national socialism. Yet he opposed and argued deceptively against fact, against reality, against the very understanding of race which underpinned national socialism. In this respect, Yockey was in fact a charlatan.

    To my knowledge Yockey never tried to square his disdain for “the 19th century materialistic outlook on race” with his admiration for Hitler. Yockey’s cryptic dedication of Imperium was made either in ignorance of Hilter’s views, in spite of those views, or with some other hero in mind.

  13. Brian, Part 11 was the end of that series. I only happened across this essay during the past month. I thought it was worth reading and commenting on because it focuses on the jews rather than philosophy.

  14. I’ve posted his essay, The Destiny of America, on my blog.

    It’s a very good summary of how jews took over the US, using money power to control the politicians, control the media and therefore the minds and thoughts of its hapless victims, Whtes.

    Here are the last few paragraphs:

    In 1933, there descended upon Washington the swarm led by Baruch, Lehmann, Morgenthau, Frankfurter, Niles and Rosenman. In their train were thousands of Paswolskis, Messersmiths, Lubins, Berles, Fortases, Lilienthals, Cohens, Ezekiels, Silversteins et al, and bringing up the procession came enough lesser Jews, deracinated liberals, technocrats and aliens to double the population of the capital city within a few years.

    Between the cracks in the pavement the Jew recruited a thousand sub-Americans as “radio commentators”, newspaper “columnists”, and professional propagandists to disseminate the world-outlook the Jew considered appropriate for the American. A multiplicity of government bureaus came into existence, necessarily staffed with Jews.

    The Jew sought to bring under his control every factor of public expression and influence, thus to make sure that never again would there be a free national election for he did not intend to relinquish his power, so long dreamt of, and now at last real, through the free play of any constitutional game of parties and majorities. He purged the central government of whoever could not be led by the nose, or bought. Who opposed was shouted down, smeared with vile labels, and so silenced.

    Thus America was given a semitic countenance.


    For my latest blog post, The Destiny of America, click here >>> KATANA


  15. I’m not sure what to think about Yockey. For one he was a Spenglerian, and Spenglerians typically don’t have good understanding of the Jewish problem, and two, he eventually became a Soviet and Arab supporter. I don’t think there’s too much wrong with Yockey’s views but he definitely lacks the insight of someone like Revilo Oliver.

  16. The Jew qua Jew is the “premier” perpetuating self-annihilator BY CHOICE. His greatest gift is that his ideological nemesis grants him no free will. He is thus ultimately unaccountable. This status then determines him in need of total eradication. BUT… He is the “premier” PERPETUATING self-annihilator. Therefore, he CANNOT BE eradicated. So he must be held accountable. And thus he is granted genuine free will by his nemesis. Let the real games begin.

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