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Bill Rhyes, who I spoke with last month, spoke with Carolyn Yeager last week. I’ve wasted too much of my life on Carolyn Yeager and don’t wish to waste any more – but she directed a disingenuous “offer” to me, accompanied by a veiled threat. I think it calls for a clear response.

Her “offer” starts at 1:27:00. She begins by reading a prepared statement, her latest version of what she says happened between us and why. As far as I can tell she hasn’t posted the text anywhere online, and I’m not going to bother transcribing it all. It’s mostly the same combination of sobstory, gossip, and speculation that she’s been serving up since the day I ended our partnership. Her whole Danny-boy/Tanny-boy story, for example, is real only in her own mind. But it is telling that she prefers to imagine such inter-personal intrigue, fictional soap opera nonsense really, rather than accept the reasons I’ve actually provided.

I laid out those reasons in My Mistake. Most of what I had to say to or about her is in the comments of The End. In response Carolyn quickly shut down the original tWn server. A month or so later I got a new domain, set up a new server, restored the content from a backup copy, and added Why this Archive to explain the changes. Over time I also attached several updates to that one post, mostly to note Carolyn’s ongoing hostility and demands. (I’ll be adding a new update there linking to this post.)

Now, speaking with Bill Rhyes, she makes a fresh demand that she couchs instead as a diplomatic “offer” (skip to 1:36:00):

I wouldn’t mind having my shows, text and all, on his archive site, if he didn’t have all the stuff he added on there after saying he was gonna freeze the site as it was.

I’m not even slightly tempted to go along with this.

First, I know she is not speaking in good faith. She shut down the original server when the only thing on it was My Mistake and The End, without any additional comments. She shut down the whole site to suppress just that. She’s now all the more bitter about Why this Archive because it spells out this and more, liberally quoting and linking her own statements, detailing many telling things she said and did.

Second, I long ago addressed her phoney “he’s stealing my podcasts” claim here and here. I also long ago provided a definitive answer to her constant demands and claims of ownership. That answer has not changed.

Third, I know Carolyn wants ALL these critical posts of mine memory-holed because she thinks they make her look bad. She deleted everything when she had the chance. She really doesn’t care about the archive as a whole or even the redacted text and the podcast links that I’m supposedly stealing. Everything of hers has always been hosted in full on her own site, which I have never had anything to do with and have never interfered with in any way.

Fourth, all her bluster about ownership and stealing flies in the face of the fact that she paid all the tWn bills with other people’s money, handled and ultimately claimed all that donated money for herself personally, and never provided any accounting for any of it.

Last but certainly not least, her “offer” truly is just another self-serving demand, offered only out of concern for her own ego/reputation and followed directly by a clumsily-worded personal threat:

I think the whole thing is unseemly. What he’s done. So if he does not do what I ask, umm, I’m prepared to copyright all my programs and take legal action against him for stealing them from my website. And additionally I will put up a page using my domain name of – I do own that domain name, I always did – and tell the true story of Mr. Tanstaafl and the White network in a better and more complete way than I’ve done before. So I’m not trying to make threats here but I wanted to make this offer for a way to kind of bring this White network thing to a better ending than what it has come to.

That’s just it. She wants more. I don’t. I ended my relationship with Carolyn Yeager exactly because I no longer wanted to help her, to argue with her, or have anything whatsoever to do with her. I never took anything from her, I don’t need anything from her, and frankly I’m fine with the archive site as is. I’m not going to change anything to suit her, and I certainly will not delete the very documents which best capture what actually happened as it happened. She can blubber self-righteously about her imagined victimhood all she wants. The online record tells a different story.

Except for the part about suing me, her threat reminds me of Rodney Martin’s. My response to her is the same I made to him. I doubt there’s anything more to her “true story” that she hasn’t already gone on and on about. What she’s really implying is her intent to dox me. Some bullshit copyright suit is just a pretext for that. What she’ll discover is that everything I have ever said about myself is true. What I think is most important about Carolyn Yeager I discovered and stated last year. I should never have agreed to work with such an egotistic and vindictive woman. As I’ve said, my mistake.

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  1. Carolyn Yeager has always written well about history, and her radio interviews of “holo” revisionists (I prefer her brilliant coinage over all other alternatives) are a great resource; so too her interviews of major pro-White activists.

    I can’t immediately think of any other living woman who’s done more for us. And there are precious few men. Fifty maybe?

    She isn’t at her best doing White stuff or solo radio shows and over ‘movement personality’ issues lets her private impulses over-ride and over-talk the simple facts of the matter. When she was at her worst in those regards I was critical without ever acknowledging her qualities and I regret that.

  2. Tan,
    I think your podcasts are well thought out and very informative. I’ve learned a lot from your site. I also like Carolyn’s podcasts. However, your decision to ice the White network sure seems vindictive. Why not just agree to her requests and move on.

  3. “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” (Tanstaafl – Carolyn Yeager version)
    Partial Lyrics by GM4ThePeople
    To the tune of the same name

    Jew jew jew
    Down you betta Shut It Down
    Comma, comma, you betta Shut It Down
    Comma, comma, you betta Shut It Down
    Breaking up is hard to do

    Don’t take your podcasts away from me
    Don’t you leave my site in misery
    If you go then I’ll doxx you
    Cause breaking up is hard to do

    Remember when we kept it White
    And we fashed all through the night
    Think of how we named the Jew
    And breaking up is hard to do…

  4. Chris,

    Your question reminds me of the joke, “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?”

    I disagree with Carolyn’s misunderstanding and negative attitude toward White nationalism. She only uses the term in a negative sense and has only ever described her understanding of it by approvingly quoting anti-White jew Leonard Zeskind and nazi/anti-nazi EKP sockpuppeteer Giacomo Vallone. She knows this is why I ended our partnership, and she danced around that point with Rhyes.

    For example, when Bill said he would call her a White nationalist she responded with something like, “yes, well, I’ve been called (or have called myself) a White nationalist before”. I think it was in one of her last shows at tWn, probably White Nationalism, Eurasianism, and the future of Western Europe, that she claimed she would not/never call herself a White nationalist. She had expressed her disdain for the label several times already. She has done so many times since.

    Even so, I was not surprised at her non-description of national socialism as whatever-Hitler-said. Rhyes did a better job of describing the core idea. His points about White nationalism and racialism went right over her head. This is all related. She just doesn’t care about much beyond what Hitler might have thought. Everyone and everything else pales.

    When Carolyn claimed tWn was not founded as a White nationalist website she was splitting hairs. It was founded as a pro-White site. She agreed to that in part as a sop to me. She might have preferred a more explicitly Hitler/NS/revisionist site, but she needed me to built it and knew that wasn’t my preference. In the past she has made a point of noting she wrote the tWn About page. What she hasn’t mentioned is that she did it at my suggestion, because I was busy constructing the rest of the site. I also proposed it start with the 14 Words. To this day (and it was visible when she discussed the About page with Rhyes) she does not seem to understand that the 14 Words (which she says she agrees with) is the core idea of White nationalism (which she disagrees with) and White racialism (which I don’t think she really understands).

    I wouldn’t say she’s anti-White, but she isn’t really pro-White and is mostly definitely anti-WN. She’s not at all interested to “build solidarity and pride among White Americans”. I broke with her when I finally realized this. She continues to insist what I say isn’t true, or doesn’t matter, because that would validate my break with her and contradict many of her previous claims.

  5. I dId not listen to the beginning. I did listen to the part of your starting point to the end.

    I agree. When Bill asked her to define NS it wasn’t very clear at all. I think she only cares about Germans like she said and to hell with the rest.

    Myself being of mainly German decent I understand wanting to set the record straight in regards to them. But that doesn’t close me off as a WN and the 14 words.

    I admit I’m not really all that familiar with all her stuff. I have heard a few shows the both of you did and maybe one or two of hers. Her WWII information is good but I find her voice annoying and hard to get past in any lengthy podcast. So I read the books on it.

    So maybe it’s my own fault not really knowing too much about her that begat my question to you? On the surface of this podcast with Bill, she made some good points. Maybe I wasn’t listening close enough.

    I’ll listen to it all and then search for that joke, I’m not familiar with it..;-)

  6. “she does not seem to understand that the 14 Words (which she says she agrees with) is the core idea of White nationalism (which she disagrees with) and White racialism (which I don’t think she really understands).”

    Yes. It is odd. There is a logical problem she’s obviously competent to recognize yet refuses to see for some reason. I won’t speculate but I’m as certain as can be that she’s not crooked, just cranky. The areas of conflict appear to be for her about her own feelings not about really rigorous ideas and philosophy or … she often forgets, White survival. That’s a real flaw.

    The holo myth matters most because of its ongoing contemporary political meaning. If it merely condemned unjustly the already dead that would be terrible. But as we all know it promises to unjustly condemn all possible future Whites and that is exponentially more horrible.

  7. I am convinced that Carolyn Yeager is not a White Nationalist, at least not in the traditional sense that most of us would define that label. Yeager is a German supremacist, and she has repeatedly shown that she tends to look down on Whites who are not of German ancestry.

    As incredible as it seems, despite the world-wide genocidal war that the jews are waging against ALL White European people, regardless of what their particular ethnicity might be – Carolyn seems to be trapped inside the same short sighted, irrationally competitive mindset that has lead to senseless inter-tribal wars between the different White European tribes since the dawn of time – and that attitude plays right into the jewish divide and conquer paradigm.

    White Nationalism has to become international and Whites of different tribes need to put their differences aside and work together as a team – if we are to ever defeat the international jew.

    Alex Linder has said: “You cannot defeat jewish internationalism with White individualism”

    Truer words have never been said.

  8. I don’t agree with her but I don’t blame her for having those views, either. Her fellow Germans were massacred by traitorous Whites from America and Britain (not to mention France and Russia) and she has to endure living in a country where anti-German hatred is openly encouraged. She needs to see the bigger picture though.

  9. @HSGW: “and she has to endure living in a country where anti-German hatred is openly encouraged.”

    As far as I can figure out, she can leave whenever she likes for a nicer place. What’s stopping her?

  10. I tuned Carolyn out when she began to belittle virtually any group of Whites who are not German and/or physically Nordic in appearance. Consciously or not, she was constantly driving a wedge between the various ethnicities of the greater European family tree. Her justified love of Germany and the wrongs committed against it during the first half of last century blind her to the realities of today. Some semblance of White unity will be required if we are to free ourselves from jewish domination. White settler nations consisting of European hybrids such as Australia, Canada, and America can ill afford to rehash petty ethnic squabbles from centuries past. Virtually every White in America can trace their heritage back to two or more European nations. For someone at the helm of a website called The White Network to speak in the way she did/does about fellow Whites is beyond counterproductive, it’s WNist blasphemy. But again, she is not now, nor ever was, a WNist. Therein lies the problem and I understand why Tan felt the need to part ways with Carolyn.

    It’s a shame. I really enjoyed Henry Ford’s TIJ series that she did with Hadding. And although I also love Hitler’s TT, I couldn’t stomach Carolyn’s interpretations of it and commentary on it. WNists shouldn’t tolerate needless division within our ranks. Carolyn is a divider in a time when we need force multipliers. Good riddance

  11. I just listened to the section of the Might is Right Carolyn Yeager interview about the last days of tWn and Yeager didn’t give an accurate re-telling of public record. It wasn’t just Tan who had expressed frustration about her growing hostility to WN, and the issue had been raised prior to the Eurasia show of the 12th. See, for example:

    The last has quotes of CY expressing disdain and distrust for the White cause, even prior.

    My own frustrations with her had been growing gradually right alongside her own hostility to White Nationalism and its advocates and only because of them. The shift certainly ranged over weeks, if not months. It seems years away now, but it was only 16 months ago. But it did not all blow up out of nowhere. When her impetus changed she should have had the honesty to say she no longer agreed with tWn’s mission and move on amicably to do the good work she still does.

  12. I respect your reasons for leaving the White Network, but not for damaging the White Network. For example, if I thought I was not treated fairly at my current employer, I would leave for another job. I might even write an open letter explaining why I was leaving. I would not however blow up the building. That would be wrong.

  13. JoeG, if you found your employer was assisting the genocide of your people, blowing up the building would be the right thing to do.

    Besides, “employer”? As I understand, TANSTAAFL’s sole compensation was that the message of White resistance was being spread. When Carolyn broke that agreement, his work no longer belonged to her in any way.

  14. Is this nonsense still going on? So what if Carolyn criticized white nationalism; she was looking at it from a analytical and critical point of view, not hostility. When Carolyn brings up counter arguments and critiques it makes us look at an issue from all sides; we must know ourselves and our weaknesses if we are to succeed against our enemies. Carolyn does us a service and she should be respected for her contributions.

  15. “she was looking at it from a analytical and critical point of view, not hostility”

    No. If there was one thing she never was, it was objective. Her personal feelings have been foremost in everything she has done. When those coincide with truth, good. When those coincide with White survival, even better. When they do neither, that is bad.

    Carolyn *did* us a service. Her work was good, she has abandoned it.

  16. “Carolyn *did* us a service. Her work was good, she has abandoned it.”

    She has not abandoned her work and she has continued to produce wonderful shows. Her whole series on “Hitler’s Table Talks” was excellent and her web site remains up and running.

  17. I think the context of my statement was clear, Rick. Don’t feign autism to score “technically correct” points.

  18. blackacidlizzard,
    Whites are doomed if the people speaking out and doing their best for Whites seek to sabotage and destroy each other. Certainly, Carolyn is not perfect. No one is. This reminds me of that episode of Star Trek, where Vger went around sterilizing all life that was imperfect. I think having many voices and opinions, however imperfect, advocating the interests of Whites is a good thing. Instead of shutting down people you disagree with, debate them. Everyone takes something away from a good debate. Wouldn’t it be great if the average White were thinking and talking about issues important to Whites, and arguing about the best way forward. This will only happen if there are multiple avenues open to hear the message.

  19. JoeG, if you were sincere, you would be giving this lecture to Carolyn. You’re the guy saying “don’t fight back, because attacking people is bad.” Transparent as a vacuum.

  20. More egomanaical whining from Carolyn:

    It is a time-consuming labor, but worth the effort to me. I want those who wrote comments to my shows to have them visible where people will actually see them. I will begin next on The Heretics’ Hour, and end with The International Jew Study Hour. I’ll just point out here that I produced 278 radio shows totaling 463 hours for The White Network. That contrasts to Tanstaafl’s 97 radio shows totaling only 48.5 hours, meaning I did 10 times the program hours that he did! So what gave him the idea it belonged to him and he could shut it down?

    Some of you might know that I tried to cooperate with Tanstaafl on making his TWN-archive complete, but he rudely refused my offer. Thereupon, I blocked his access to my audio programs and am in the process of making complete instead !

    I’ll just point out here that she only has to do this comment-copying because she refused the offer I made, which was to freeze the site I had built and maintained but leave it online. Instead she chose to delete it, forever as far as she was concerned. Now she’s “stealing” from the archive she was hoping I couldn’t reconstruct and has since tried to delete. Anyone who only listens to her would never know this. They also wouldn’t know that in her rush to shut off the original server she deleted not only my reason for locking her out but all the programs that she had nothing at all to do with producing, which unlike “her” programs had no other home on the internet. Even now she places no value whatsoever on any of this other work.

    I not only spent hours of my life writing the software she used to record “her” tWn programs, I was also physically present, monitoring the recording of almost every single hour she takes all the credit for producing. On several occasions there were software/connection problems and I spent more hours of my life skyping her and her guests and editing “her” audio files. She never helped me or anyone else in any comparable fashion, and of course she places no value on any of this work either.

    Carolyn has always focused on quantity. My preference has always been for quality. She told me once that she liked to have guests because that made it much easier for her. At the time (and perhaps even still) I was her most frequent guest – 3 times at VoR and 13 on tWn – maybe 20-25 hours total. I never counted how many hours I put into my own program, on-air, but I take her word for it that it was only about twice what I spent being a guest on “her” program.

    I understand that in her mind the entire network was all about her – but that’s just not the reality. In comparing raw on-air hours as she does she’s not only neglecting the hours I spent, but also takes ALL the credit for the hours every other host and guest and collaborator spent working on “her” content.

    This is my experience with Carolyn Yeager. Maybe others will learn something from it. I know I did.

    In taking deliberate action to block access to redirects from the archive site Carolyn has made it plain that the podcasts she has so long either stupidly or mendaciously insisted I’m “stealing” were merely links redirected to files on her own site, just as I explained long ago. I am not surprised that she provides no acknowledgement of her error.

    Her purpose is vindictive. Her true desire is to interfere with the proper functioning of the archive site in whatever way she is able. It took extra effort for me to add the redirects only because she disapproved of this server hosting the mp3 files directly. Now it has taken her and some unfortunate minion extra effort to ensure the redirects don’t work. And now that she’s invalidated her own “copyright infringement” pretext I fully expect her to simply dream up another.

  21. I admit, I can’t help but chuckle at the thought that according to Carolyn I’m a liar, thief, traitor, and jew – who she says she could have worked things out with if only I had given her the chance.

  22. “At this time, a Hamburg journalist, Wilhelm Marr, issued a sensational pamphlet, “The Victory of Judaism over Germanism” (1879), calling for the defense of the “vanquished” against their “conquerors.” It is through the writings of this Jewish renegade that the term anti-Semitism was coined, “expressing antagonism to the social and political equality of Jews.” The pamphlet of this otherwise obscure writer fell on fruitful soil. It harmonized with the raging national jingoism that had mounted skyhigh with the unification of Germany and that had aimed at the creation of a unified racial and religious body of German citizens.”

    Source: Jewish Reference Book: B’nai B’rith Manual
    Edited by Samuel S. Cohon
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    pp. 287-88

    About 2005 only one copy showed up in UK library searches and someone at the old libertyforum went to the Bodleian and posted a scan. I haven’t read any of Marr’s stuff. Most vintage antisemitism is weak.

  23. You didn’t deserve this. You are a great mind in this joke of a ‘movement’. I’m sadden to see someone honest and truly dedicated — who from the very beginning had nothing to hide — to be treated in such an ignominious way. I know you think that you have reached a dead end or feel that there is very little left to pontificate about, but for many young or new people to WN, your podcasts and explanation of the racial, and most importantly of all, Jewish question rank among the best of the best.

    Even though you never wanted to be seen as any kind of a ‘influential leader’: your valuable contribution, and above all, your honesty and willingness to admit many things you didn’t have too, made you an influential figure, at least in my estimation.

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