Treason is Trending


Concerning the invasion of Europe, the US election cycle, and Donald Trump. The links below include the most significant articles and events discussed, along with the most relevant aspects of my previous commentary and analysis. All of it is connected to what I refer to here as the fundamental fraud of Western politics: the false idea that jews are White.

Links for the invasion of Europe (#refugeecrisis) highlighting the jewish narrative behind it:

Syria’s Refugees Feel More Welcome in Europe Than in the Gulf – Bloomberg Business

When Jewish people look at Calais migrants, we see ourselves | Laura Janner-Klausner | Comment is free | The Guardian

OPINION – Closing Europe’s borders is not the right answer to the refugee crisis :: World Jewish Congress

Is Branding Migrants a Shameful Throwback to Holocaust? – Breaking News –

Refugee crisis: ‘Love the stranger because you were once strangers’ calls us now | Jonathan Sacks | Comment is free | The Guardian

Recalling Shoah, European Jews Urge Aid to Refugees – Breaking News –

Jewish Groups Lead Push To Crack Open Doors to Syria Refugees – News –

There’s No Stopping a Mass Migration That Will Alter the World – Opinion – Haaretz

Netanyahu: Israel ‘too small’ to absorb Syrian refugees | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Merkel condemns ‘disgusting’ message of hate toward refugees | Reuters

Two examples of jews doing what jews do best – the constant backdrop, whatever else is going on. First, jews teach their children to clearly distinguish themselves from their primary host-enemies (Whites/Europeans):

Three-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told ‘the non-Jews’ are ‘evil’ in worksheet produced by London school – Education News – Education – The Independent

Meanwhile, “assimilated” jews dissimulate as “white” to better psychopathologize such behavior in their White host-enemies and preach toxic anti-White abnegation instead:

10 Ways White Liberals Perpetuate Racism | George Sachs, Psy.D.

Hightlights of the anti-White/pro-jew “left” response to Trump:

Twenty Thousand Considered Disappointing Turnout for Racist Event in Alabama – The New Yorker

Worse Than Hitler | KUNSTLER

Donald Trump 2016: Mobile, Alabama rally and the ghost of George Wallace – POLITICO

Behind Trump, the GOP Really Is Becoming the Racist Party – The Daily Beast

The Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia | Rolling Stone

Donald Trump and white nationalism: Does the candidate’s rise represent the ascendency of a resentful white wing of the American right?

Trump the Fascist

Nazis and White Supremacists Love Donald Trump. You Know Who Else Nazis Loved? 

#NRORevolt, explained – Vox

Highlights of the anti-White/pro-jew #cuckservative #kikeservative “right” response to Trump:

Trump, Sanders, Immigration — Nationalism & Socialism | National Review Online

Donald Trump and the White Nationalists – The New Yorker

Are Republicans For Freedom or White Identity Politics?

Donald Trump’s Popularity — It’s Corrupting Conservatism| National Review Online

Donald Trump and the War on the Brains of the Right

Jonah Goldberg and the Anti-Trump Bourgeoisie – Breitbart

Some ill portents for the White supporters of future President Shitlord:

Trump: I Want a ‘Big, Fat, Beautiful, Open Door’ for Legal Immigrants – NBC News

Donald Trump: I don’t want David Duke’s endorsement – POLITICO

Sheldon Adelson Is Ready to Buy the Presidency — NYMag is a jewsmedia overview of the dominance jews (e.g. Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, etc) have over “the right”. Though the focus is on Sheldon Adelson the article touches on many aspects of jew rule. Among other things it refers to organized jewry organizing (across party lines) to counter and defeat the “anti-racist” blowback against Israel in the form of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement (BDS).

Obama’s Jewish problem: 10 principles that have guided his conversations with Jews about Israel.

“Jews, jews, jews! My head hurts!” Alex Jones debates David Duke 2015 08 18 full interview HQ – YouTube (mp3).

Related AoT podcasts and articles: Stupid/Crazy/Evil, Identity Politics, The Nature of Jewish Power – Part 2, Fear and Loathing and Treason – Part 1, Moral Fraud, Decoding Jew-Worship and Blasphemy, Anti-”Racism” is a Jewish Construct, Calling Out the Cuckery, Catching up with Kyle Hunt.

This just in, a transparent discussion of how the jews who fund “right” politics are hesitant to support Trump mainly because they so despise the Whites who will vote for him, whom they see not as a major demographic to appeal to, but as an obstacle to their agenda, a “more inclusive” (less White) party and country: Donald Trump’s Rise Sparks Widespread Angst Among Jewish Republicans – News –

10 thoughts on “Treason is Trending”

  1. thanks for the links. There’s no question that one of the prime purposes of Isramerica’s earthquake-like destruction of the Arab-Muslim Middle East is to accelerate the destruction of White Europe by a tsunami of hostile Islamic – and other – invaders. Since the European Whites have almost entirely given up their guns to the Judeo-bankster-controlled regimes, I view their chances for genetic survival as something between slim and none. In America, the situation is more positive…provided the Jews’ debtPonziconomy collapses before they can lay hands on the guns. We’ll see…And thanks for seeing through the Donald. It’s amazing how many people on the HardRight are being bamboozled by this latest frontman for JeWallStreet

  2. Trump is disgusting and so his race traitor daughter. He, along with Hillary, is the last candidate I would ever vote for. It is not a question of saving America, it’s about saving Whites. Trump wants to save predatory capitalism, Wall Street, retard culture, and Israel.

    America needs to decay for Whites to survive, not only in North America but Europe as well. If America dies it will lose its grip on occupied Europe (currently host to I believe 60,000 ZOG troops), making European resistance to the islamic invasion possible.

    We should hope that the most incompetent and tactless candidate wins. Carson or Bush would be good for White awakening. Sanders would be good for avoiding war with Iran. Trump would put White America to sleep with empty promises and bread and circuses.

  3. Sun Tzu wrote that you always want to leave a path of retreat for your enemy, lest their resolve be strengthened by the impossibility of avoiding confrontation. The voting booth is the path of retreat given to us, the enemy of those who rule our lands. Candidates for democratic vote will always arise who offer an option other than the looming battle between our people and our intractable enemies, offering hope that we don’t have to fight, that we maybe can hold most of what we have with a supposed strategic retreat. And tomorrow we have less relative power, and the next day, and the next. And eventually, there is no longer a battlefield, there is only domestic policy and you, the “enemy of the people” behind enemy lines in this land now ruled by aliens. No longer part of an army being outmaneuvered, for that war is won, simply a criminal – and police action is specifically designed to prevent retreat, aka “fugitives.”

  4. Thanks for the podcast and the info. Hope to see you do at least one podcast per month. I always look forward to them.

  5. @ blackacidlizzard —

    Thanks for the reminder.

    There’s a small but increasingly vocal cadre of traitors in the USA who want to make voting a civic duty, which offenders (ie, non-voters) will be fined for shirking. Australia seems to have a similar law.

    I can’t wait! What a glorious cascade of lawsuits from those of us who want to make local, state, and federal suits out of this.

    As in: You want to make non-voting a crime? How about the plutocrats not allowing us any real candidates for the last, oh, at least the last century or so. Voting implies an actual choice. The jokes we’ve been handed as “candidates” has been causing worldwide snickers wherever intelligent folks gather.

    Penalties for not voting? Like the guy said, Bring it on!

  6. I’m sorry to hear you are winding it down…
    Maybe now’s the time for a summary post?
    Which i took the liberty of doing for you:

    [See the Radio link. I’m not posting regularly atm, not going away. -Tan]

  7. “Refugee crisis: ‘Love the stranger because you were once strangers’ calls us now ”

    Love them in Israel,shekelniggers.

  8. HSGW said:

    Trump is disgusting and so his race traitor daughter. He, along with Hillary, is the last candidate I would ever vote for. It is not a question of saving America, it’s about saving Whites. Trump wants to save predatory capitalism, Wall Street, retard culture, and Israel

    Then stay home and DO NOTHING except complain. At least Donald Trump is talking about issues that concern White Americans.

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