Catching up with John Friend


On Tuesday night John Friend and I discussed what’s happened since last year.

Topics included the ongoing jew war on Whites, the meaning of “conspiracy theory”, kikeservatives, Twitter, the jewsmedia, Trump, Bannon, (((the echo meme))), alt-right, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, Hitler and national socialist Germany, White racial consciousness.

13 thoughts on “Catching up with John Friend”

  1. Fucking Friend’s audio levels were waay louder than Tan’s, especially in the first half, after which Tan got tweaked up only a smidgen.

    Frustrating for those who were eager to hear what Tan had to say after over a year, & were unable to micromanage the volume for two hours.

    How many years is it going to take for this “radio host” to get hip to basic good practices, aka manners?

  2. I’m a bit more soft-spoken than John, but I’m not hearing the stark difference you describe G.M.

  3. Great interview as usual. John’s mic was a bit “hot” but not drowing you out.
    jews jewing is what jews do. Why would anyone expect anything else?

    I really doubt most Whites will ever see jews how we do. I think it takes a certain mind. Some are bandwagon jumpers because its funny to heckle jews on the net. No denying it is fun.

    I also wonder how many if any, assuming such data exists anymore, Germans had doubts about what the NSDAP were saying about jews.

  4. Not wanting to be repetitive is not a good reason to stop doing podcasts. What makes the jewsmedia so effective is that it’s constant, it’s everywhere and it’s repetitive. There’s very few pro-White podcasts that actually have wall-to-wall content like yours do.

    I watched 2 different vids for Spencer’s A&M speech. One vid shows the audience to be mostly niggers, they were yelling and flapping their arms and trying to make the event about them, as niggers are wont to do. A sheboon attempted to usurp the mike but she learned real quick Spencer isn’t Bernie Sanders.

  5. I am enjoying the new Richard Spencer. Any thoughts on this interview? All the criticism from NPI event and his “friends” selling him out after it, must have had an effect on him.

    For whatever it’s worth. It would be a great benefit to this groundswell of Whites waking up, if you took to podcasting again.

  6. I enjoyed the Trump movement a lot but it blinded me and many others. Trump made his career in Jew York and it’s unlikely he is not in the pocket of the enemy. If you trust a deceiver you end up deceived.

  7. Chris: “I also wonder how many if any, assuming such data exists anymore, Germans had doubts about what the NSDAP were saying about jews.”

    That would be interesting to know, if honest polling still survives.

  8. Does anyone find it weird that even though Trump had been considering running for president for 30 years, he only actually did it after jews had married three of his children and were integrated with his family?

  9. What’s flipping yid lids today:

    Sarah Nyberg: “so @twitter @support @safety just reinstated the account of the neo-nazi creator of the alt-right… and then verified him”

    Sarah Kendzior: “A series of events:
    1) Booted off Twitter
    2) Given PR blitz by MSM to “normalize” white supremacist views
    3) Now “mainstream” so reinstated”

  10. Excellent interview.

    I have taken Friend to task over his worship of Trump. I warned the world as far back as Aug 2015 that Trump was the jews’ inside man.

    Youthful naivety clouded Friend’s discernment. And from the interview, it sounds like he is still enamored by an jew ass-kissing sycophant. Who else could say that Trump is genuine when he is doing the opposite of his platform in almost every way? He is genuine, alright. Genuinely kissing jew ass.

    I await the day Friend is forced to admit that he was wrong and that The Donald is the Trump Horse I claimed him to be long ago.

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