Talking with John Friend


A week and a half ago I spoke with John Friend concerning various aspects of the jewish problem. His post on our conversation is here. Below are some additional links for context and reference.

The Jews – Who, What, Why and How sums up a comprehensive series of podcasts I did on the jewish problem. The Jewish Problem and “Anti-Semitism” addresses the importance of identity and point of view.

Kevin MacDonald’s Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review.

Radio Nordfront interview with Professor Macdonald, Part 1 and Part 2.

My criticism of “White pathology” traces back to “White Pathology” on Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn, recorded in November 2013. My criticism of “pathological altruism” started with Pathology and Pathogen, Fear and Genocide, and Gaslighting, recorded in February of this year. The comments on those posts contain further clarification and some debate. Solipsism and Narcissism, recorded in June, summed up the argument and added a couple of new points.

Regarding Jared Taylor: Pathological Altruism | American Renaissance, Jews and American Renaissance | American Renaissance, Tan Staafl on Twitter: “This is why Taylor’s “race realist” idea that jews are White is so pernicious. Whites are not extincting themselves.”, “The Jewish Question” – Jared Taylor Vs. Brit.

Here’s a PDF of The Great Jewish Masque. This book came to my attention recently via a reading by The Editor who included his own insightful commentary.Start with Part 1 of 4.

My criticism of Wilmot Robertson’s majority/minority terminology – pussyfooting around the jews, to put it in his own terms – is laid out in the comments here.

Contrasting Francis Parker Yockey’s view of race in Imperium vis-a-vis what Adolf Hitler laid out 25 years earlier in Mein Kampf: Yockey on Culture and Race – Part 8, Part 9, and Part 11.

As John pointed out, the upshot of Pew Polls Jews is that the #1 “essential part of what being jewish means” to jews is “remembering the holocaust”. In How Anti-Whiteness is at the Heart of Jewish Identity I point out that the jews have been “remembering” (and advertising to anyone who will listen) their woe-is-us self-image as blameless victims. What’s so important about their “holocaust” narrative is that it explicitly paints Whites/Europeans as the collective victimizer/enemy.

My recent podcasts on cuckservatives and Trump: Calling Out the Cuckery and Treason is Trending (the associated image is a Rubin vase, named for “Danish” psychologist Edgar Rubin).

Jim Rizoli Interview with John Friend.

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  1. Fantastic interview. The way you explain the jews is very succinct. I wonder, will/would you rethink your decision in scaling back your frequency in writing and speaking, seeing as Whites are really waking up quickly? As usual, jews are pushing the door open to lead and many WN are not pushing it shut? You’re a solid voice in this fight, with the swelling of Whites you’re voice being more constant would be beneficial to the cause.

    You and Scott Roberts really get to the point better than anybody else out there. It would be nice if you two did a podcast together.

  2. BTW, I put modsecurity in place a few days ago and it seems it was interfering with comment posting. I think I’ve fixed it now. If you got a 403 error – please try again. Sorry.

  3. Very good discussion by Tan and John Friend. I especially liked the part on “pathological altruism” and how Jared Taylor started this off with his nonsense about there being something suicidal about Whites in allowing themselves to be displaced. As Tan noted Taylor’s being dishonest in pushing this line, because if he didn’t then he would have to talk about the jews, the actual cause.

    BTW, I’m looking for volunteers to help complete the transcript of this interview (93 minutes).

    Click here >>> The Realist Report – Tanstaafl: The Jew As a Parasite — TRANSCRIPT

  4. I was totally unaware of Scott Roberts until earlier this week when I heard him interviewed on Radio 314.

    When Lana Lokteff asked him, “but, can we put all the blame on the Jews,” I screamed YES, “what about all the Whites who blah blah,” I screamed NO!

    I was thrilled when Roberts bucked the Jew-Taylored trend and was equally emphatic in stating that Jews are the cause, Whites are fundamentally sound and oppose all the stuff Jews and their minute number of White misfit allies impose.

  5. I’ve known of Scott for awhile now(years) nobody on the WN scene that shows himself gets to the root as clearly as Scott. Tan, on the hand whom does the opposite of Scott in showing himself, has the most sound voice for us. A plus for me is neither of you push the “it’s all fake crisis actors” crap that far too many push. That position hurts far more than helps our message.

    I agree with Nick in that, Scott, quickly and precisely countered Lana’s blame whitey Jared Taylor crap. It was a good interview. Also, it wasn’t a guest just agreeing to agree because they are a guest on another persons show.

    In regards to Lana and Henrik, Not to dismiss what they do, however, they are an example of the downsides in having a wide reach and starting to speak on topics you don’t fully understand yet. They are coming around slowly but I feel that their audience and the income it generates prevents them from going full fash, at least on air.

    I emaild Scott to bring up you two possibly doing a podcast. Hopefully it can be worked out.

  6. Great interview, I think Tan is the most eloquent and knowledgeable speaker on the jewish problem ive listened to. Enjoyed it very much. And like Chris said the more who can get exposed to your work the better.
    @Chris I dont really agree with you on red ice, they are pro white with no censorship at all, what more can you ask for. I dont think they would be wise in going full “fash”(whatever you mean by that), its their guest’s job to do that, they are just the media platform, and they take on all the most edgy guests. They do span over a wide variety of perspectives and topics, theres nothing wrong with that imo. Like you said they would scare people away if they just went full fash and talked about jews all day, I think its fine that they dont.

  7. Excellent interview. I hadn’t heard your views on 9/11 before. As with Mike Delaney the multiple rabbit trails of evidence were wisely avoided.
    The analysis of the event as bog standard demolition (jewish lightning) with military drills and distracting video, made unquestionable by thousands of bogus (extra) victims as outlined at Cluesforum is very persuasive. These guys have broken down the media fakery there and in many other headline events and identified the culprits slowly but surely.
    Media fakery, more than politics or banking, may be the key to jewish power. The ‘crisis actor everywhere’ meme is there to skunk this insight. What we’re Carlos the Cowboy and his wheelchair bound shredded leg buddy Jeff Bauman from the Boston Marathon show if not Oscar worthy CAs.

  8. Chris, ‘A plus for me is neither of you push the “it’s all fake crisis actors” crap that far too many push. That position hurts far more than helps our message.’

    Nah. I bet there are more former conspindustry consumers turned actively racial by Kyle Hunt, RedIce, John Friend and Tim Murdock than there are Whites who were almost there, but saw a post on Sandy Hook and fainted and now won’t ever get there.

    Two different issues that are easily disentangled.

  9. We shouldn’t forget the intellectual influence that Houston Stewart Chamberlain had on the National Socialist movement. He was indeed the link between Hitler and Arthur de Gobineau in the chain of ideas. So much so that Hitler and Goebbels visited him on his deathbed.

    Anyway, and whatever their provenance, keep spreading these key ideas Tan. I do believe that a Trump presidency will cause as close to a mass awakening as we are ever likely to see. You will be key to that as many White people seeking answers will be funneled to your site.

  10. Good to hear from you again, Tan.

    I agree with you in that I can not definitively say “Yes, Jews did 9/11.” However, I am willing to say “Based on the circumstantial evidence, I am confident that 9/11 was first and foremost a Jew-led operation with shabos goy traitors in our gov’t playing a critical, yet junior role, in the event along with elements from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan lending an assist in terms of providing gullible patsies to be in place at the appropriate time.”

    That said, it is really of little significance for ppl like us at this point in the game. Although, it is of significance when we look at 9/11 as a propaganda tool to awaken sleeping Whites. If a sleeping White believes that 19 Arabs with box cutters did 9/11 then I tell them “Jews control our media and gov’t and use both pillars of our society to distort our foreign policies for the benefit of Jews and Israel at the expense of Americans and Arabs alike which causes the Muslim world to lash out in the only way they can by committing terror attacks and waging guerrilla warfare.” If a sleeping White is skeptical of the official 9/11 story I simply point them towards Christopher Bolynn’s Solving 9/11 book and videos or Mike Delaney’s 9/11 movie which the name of escapes me at this moment or Ryan Dawson’s movie about 9/11 and the Iraq War called War by Deception.

    Lastly, I am often frustrated by the simplistic debate over whether Jews are entirely to blame for our current condition or whether Whites are primarily to blame for allowing things to come to this sad state. I certainly feel the same as you in that Jews and their inherent Jewishness/anti-White hatred are primarily to blame but that does not imply that we are blameless. Whites collectively may be guilty of neglect but we are in no way suicidal. There are some pro-White Whites who whether consciously or not, misrepresent your position and call it monocausalism. The implication being that Whites are in fact suicidal and do have an inborn weakness that makes us destined to disappear from the face of the Earth. But the implication is also that “it’s those other weak inferior Whites who possess the suicidal gene, not me.” This attitude is divisive and self-defeating. Essentially, it’s a non-starter for our cause. This attitude is often on display when pro-White Whites laugh and mock the sissified Scandinavians or speak with glee about how far the Brits and Germans have fallen and are a hopeless lot or when we hear about those swarthy Spaniards, Eyetais, and Greeks being quasi semitics, niggers, and asiatics. These counter-productive displays of petty nationalism provide an opportunity that Jews have and will exploit to our collective White detriment. Maybe this is just the American in me speaking. Maybe it’s because I am 1/2 English, 1/4 Italian, 1/4 German. Regardless, I think Europe and her children nations US, CAN, AUS, NZ must maintain their respective ethnic differences while still working toward a collective White self-determination to succeed or fail as Whites without the malevolent, unwanted, unnecessary outside influences from Jews and their pets.

  11. Juston: “There are some pro-White Whites who whether consciously or not, misrepresent your position and call it monocausalism”

    I think monocause is the right word. The Jews are THE cause of the race replacement crisis, even though they receive help from non-Jews. There would be no help if there were no Jews.

    But being called a monocausalist is somewhat annoying. It’s like being called a antisemite. Technically, I am an antisemite in that I oppose Jewish efforts to destroy the White race. But people who use the word antisemite imply more than that.

    “This attitude is often on display when pro-White Whites laugh and mock the sissified Scandinavians (…) These counter-productive displays of petty nationalism provide an opportunity that Jews have and will exploit to our collective White detriment.”

    It isn’t necessarily very destructive to make fun of other White people. But I think the Jews are more than exploiting that. Originally, I think flippant remarks that Britain is done for, Canada is done for, Sweden is done for, and so on, mostly came from Jewish supposedly anti-islamic blogs, gloating over the destruction of White nations.

  12. Armor,
    I haven’t much, if anything, to disagree with in your comment. While it may not always be destructive to address certain shortcomings with this or that group of Whites, there is a time, place, and manner in which to do so that is productive rather than counter-productive.

    Speaking of productive vs counterproductive tactics and strategy, I will say though that the rabid and often juvenile and cartoonish anti-Semitism that exists in certain elements of the pro-White cause is off-putting and inappropriate and/or unnecessary. Personally, I am not bothered by it but in terms of it’s usefulness I think there comes a point where there is a diminishing return on that investment. Yes, Jews must be called out at every opportune time for their crimes against us. But there is something to be said about the way in which we go about it. It is entirely up to us as to whether we go about in an upright and honorable way, or whether we call out the Jews in a modern negrofied emotional manner. Certain elements of our pro-White movement have taken to speaking and behaving in what can only be described as niggerish language and thought processes.

    I am all for whatever works but am also aware of the law of unintended consequences. If we allow parts of our foundation to be built upon negrofied emotional arguments then we will, if successful, eventually find ourselves little more than White niggers celebrating our newfound independence much in the same way that the Haitians celebrated their “independence” from their French betters. Granted you Armor, nor Tan, stated an agreement with what I’ve just addressed but I feel it often goes overlooked and does need addressing. Just thought I’d put it out there.

  13. Tan, that interview with John Friend was probably the best Ive heard since my awakening 8 years ago. Our biggest problem is getting other whites to see it. The trance they are in is really like the movie “they live”. A good friend of mine and real bright guy is a Marine combat vet.

    It is almost like he is so vested in the jooish narrative, he won’t accept reality. Even point by point. He claims that Saudi Arabia is in total control. When I mention the jooish fed reserve and the printing of money, money controls everything, he says “they (Arabs) don’t need $ to further their agenda.
    He buys the ridicules “human shields ” and every other lie. Most whites just don’t want to know. Those who are willing, will buy any jew excuse. Very disheartening.

  14. Juston, “If we allow parts of our foundation to be built upon negrofied emotional arguments then we will, if successful, eventually find ourselves little more than White niggers celebrating our newfound independence much in the same way that the Haitians celebrated their “independence” from their French betters.”

    It doesn’t work like that. Certain ideas are poison to a White Nationalist goal from the outset, they’re often introduced into WN circles by Jews precisely to serve that function. But ideas and attitudes that lead to a WN outcome won’t (cannot?) code for long-term detrimental effects.

    If Daily Stormer or whoever you have in mind were not pro-White enough, that would be a good reason to raise concerns. But rabid antisemitism? No. There is not nearly enough rabid antisemitism in the world. Juvenile and cartoonish? No. The Jews are so ludicrous that laughter and mockery are the perfectly appropriate response. It is often spelt out in such responses just why the laughter and mockery, though. Take the recent,

    The cartoonish element, “shapeshifter … reptile … I am driven by blind hatred of all with beady eyes and a hooked nose,” etc. brings out and scorns Jewish lies about us. Anglin shows that we need not be cowed by Jewish aggression and models defiance and humour in the face of attack. But as well as the jokes, you get a serious political analysis,

    “But while he is preaching hatred for the hajis, and you’re all like “yeah, I hate those people too, you’re right,” then all of the sudden Donald Trump comes out and is like “yeah, get these people the hell out of here.””

    “Then what does the Jew do?

    “All the sudden he is the best friend of the hajis, defending their right to invade America and do terrorist attacks.

    Because it was a hoax all along. He always loved flooding you with these people. He just wanted to encourage hatred of them so you’d go along with Jew bombings.”


    Sure, that stuff can be covered by Walt and Mearsheimer, Sniegoski, MacDonald and others. But Anglin’s writing is just as true, and points out the obvious to a different and much larger audience.

  15. PolarBear,

    I’m always interested in what will be the most likely tactic, or piece of propaganda, to awaken sleeping Whites. This task is made more difficult due to the individualistic nature of Whites and the atomizing of our people encouraged by modern society.

    I too am a Marine combat veteran. What opened my eyes to the Jewish Problem was discovering that Jews were the main drivers for the Iraq War. It was Jews in the media who whipped the public into a frenzy over non-existent WMD’s and Saddam’s non-existent links to al Qaeda. It was Jews in the DoD that fabricated intelligence and did an end around the State Dep’t, CIA, and DIA’s accurate intelligence assessments.

    During my awakening I was astonished to discover a rascally Jew at every key juncture that enabled the Iraq War to occur. I wasn’t hallucinating. There was literally a Jew under every stone of information I overturned. I became enraged. The nerve of these people to march our sons, and DAUGHTERS!, off to war based entirely on their lies to attack a nation (Iraq) that was in all reality, no threat to them. I just couldn’t believe it. Yet there it was, all the evidence right before my eyes. All the time I had spent in boot camp, in various training courses, all the blood, sweat, and sacrifices I had made were hijacked and used for the benefit of an alien people. What made it especially painful for me was that I was a damn good Marine. I was meritoriously promoted. I was the Marine of the Year in 2003, named so partly for my exemplary performance during the invasion of Iraq!!!! I will always carry a righteous anger because of this. Justice must be served.

    Today I live a normal life and have a decent middle class lifestyle. But none of it means shit to me. My only wish for our people is to be free of Jews by whatever means necessary. I have tried to awaken some of my fellow vets who I served with but usually to no avail. People are wired different. Unfortunately, most people are not rational actors. Many vets have a mental block that will not allow them to acknowledge that a) they were duped, b) their sacrifices were for naught and c) that the poor little Jews are not victims but instead victimizers. It’s sad. But I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic and as far as I’m concerned, that oath is still valid. Although, I really couldn’t care less about the Constitution. I care about my people. I swore an oath to protect and defend my people from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. That oath is eternal.

    Most people have a level of pride that gets in the way of them taking in new info. They want to draw conclusions separate from your influence and nudging. Some men would rather remain stranded in a desert rather than accept your gift of a map and compass. Just because. It’s the same mental processes where a man will be reluctant to stop and ask for directions, especially when in the company of others and in particular when accompanied by females.

    PS show him a video on YouTube called War by Deception by Ryan Dawson. It’s a bit lengthy at 2+ hrs but the guy lays it all out pretty well. The guy behind the movie is by no means a WNist but regardless, any self-respecting White man of average intelligence should draw the appropriate conclusion i.e. Jews are THE problem.

  16. Chris,

    Russell’s main premise is wrong. She writes:

    So if all four (siblings) have exactly the same parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents, and on back through the generations, they ought to have the same genetic admixture, right?

    Actually, each child gets a mix of genes from their parents, and the contribution from each parent is only 50% on average. Thus siblings are likely to have similar genetic admixture, but not exactly the same.


    We have to keep in mind what these admixture tests do: they take the DNA of living people — us, the test takers — and they compare it to the DNA of other living people — people whose parents and grandparents and, sometimes, even great grandparents all come from one geographic area. Then they try to extrapolate backwards into time. Nobody is out there running around, digging up 500- or 1,000-year-old bones, extracting DNA for us to compare our own DNA to.

    This is a valid point – these reports do tend to conflate geography with genetic heritage – but I’m not sure the last sentence is actually true. Teams of paleoanthropologists are digging up and doing DNA analysis on old bones, though I don’t know to what extent these results figure into the reports produced by companies providing self-analysis for the masses.

    So coming up with these percentages in these tests requires this fundamental assumption: that the DNA of the reference populations — those groups whose parents, grandparents, great grandparents and more all come from the same area — is likely to reflect what we might see if we could test the DNA of people who lived in that area hundreds and thousands of years ago.

    No, the assumption of such reports is that the DNA of parents, grandparents, great grandparents from an area reflects the DNA of most of the rest of the inhabitants of an area over a relatively recent and short period of time. It is Russell and others who misinterpret such reports who make the mistake of assuming that the genetics in any given area are homogeneous and unchanging over longer periods of time.

  17. Tan,
    Thanks for taking the time to review and respond to the link I posted. With 250 blocks you can obtain genetically, it really is a crap shoot what you will end up with from your parents, and them from theirs and so on. So parts of you genetic past will get lost permanently in the shuffle. I agree, the lady if off with siblings being of the exact same make up genetically. If this were the case we would all be twins. I wonder, how much of the same genetics identical twins actual obtain in their make up? I would doubt it is exact.
    My siblings and I look nothing (well, not exactly) alike, so obviously we inherited different traits from each of our parents, though still being related by blood. Each sibling will pass different traits to their offspring so on and so forth. Interesting topic.

  18. Identical twins, as the product of a single egg+sperm, have literally identical DNA (with some lesser mutations and epigenetic differences).

    The breadth of differences in siblings depends on how genetically distinct the parents themselves are. Parents who are more similar genetically will produce siblings whose differences are smaller compared to the siblings of parents who are more different. In other words, the broader the racial differences in parents, the wider the variation in their offspring.

  19. The average Ashkenazi IQ is about 110 – meaning half of Ashkenazi Jews are as smart as that or dumber. Most Jews are simply not intelligent enough to challenge intellectually the White-maligning sophistry concocted by their high IQ brethren who make up the neo-rabbinical guru caste which leads their people. “Sounds about right to me. And besides, why would my own people lie to me?” the average Jew probably say to himself.

  20. Revolutions have always been carried out by determined minorities against decadent, incompetent, cowardly ruling elites. Fifteen to twenty percent of White people supportive of White Nationalism – with 3-5% knowledgable of the Jewish Question – would be sufficient to see a revolution succeed in this instance.

  21. … And we know that’s not the case.

    … And I did not mean by referring to your IQ that you are one of the deluded. Perhaps I intended to suggest that people commenting here probably don’t deal much with people of IQs below 100 – and when we do we’re always frustrated.

    And the same goes when new ‘foreigners’ enter their spaces.They get used in childhood at school and watching TV to clever aliens talking a foreign language who look like them on TV (it really must seem like this for someone of a 100 IQ watching the news or Question Time).

    They don’t like it, but they have adjusted to this by age, I dunno, 6.

    But they are forever different from us.. When we watch Bergman and Kurosawa movies in our teens, they will never watch a subtitled movie or read a book for pleasure or edification in their entire lives.

    They are not nearly so open-minded as us.

    High IQ people assimilate to the Berg. And compromise. That’s what I see. Low IQ people resist, and cleave to people who look like them, because for them the world becomes ever more baffling as it becomes more diverse.

  22. I’m sure the Jews will try to subvert a WN revolution, or at least attempt to blunt its impact. How can that be prevented? How can it be assured that the 14 words are achieved? There must be an idea which forms the steely core of WN thought that is, by its very nature, not capable of being compromised. That idea is the creation of the Northwest American Republic; within its boundaries there will be total politically sovereign and territorial separation from muds and Jews. Only White people will be allowed to reside there.

  23. Semper Fi, Juston, from another Marine who hates what the jews have done. My generation was Viet Nam (two tours), and I have at least two hundred former friends and acquaintances who never will have a chance for their eyes to be opened to the traitors to America and to them who are most responsible for their not being alive today. We Marines who do awaken are relentless. We know who the enemies are and we await the chance to become effective in doing to them what has long needed to be done. I’m glad you are onboard. Each of us will collectively help those who are still Americans to reach a point of national consciousness.

  24. “The newspapers, television, movies, the government school, counselors, and in some degree even the church seemed to be acting in concert to destroy everything good. There was a clear synergy between all the institutions, evincing a common set of goals which, to every appearance, seemed equally anti-Christian and anti-White. After all the gross injustice which had transpired against me and mine with the unified blessing of, if not coordination by, the system, I could not bring myself to serve it.
    Sometimes people ask me why I never got into organized sports. It’s an unspoken assumption of Liberal Whites that in spite of all other issues, if a kid just gets on a team everything else normalizes. Silly as it is, it is a common conviction. I expect it comes by way of their having been dazzled by all the civil rights fairy tale movies of interracial sports teams as well as the socialist/conformist programming of government schools, generally.
    It was after the race riot, when most of the Whites who had fought were swept up by authorities, that I began connecting more often with Bill and a couple others I’d known from elementary school and around the neighborhood. Bill, as you know, was a White kid, but Julian and his older brother Jaime were Filipino, Alex was Mexican, and James was a Korean.
    Even though they were raised in America, attended the same schools, and were exposed to all the same media, there were any number of sayings, stories, folk songs and the like which either Bill or I could reference to one another with no impediment, but the others were clueless of them all. If I said, “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” Bill knew exactly what I meant, but it was gibberish to the others. If I mentioned Bing Crosby or Bob Hope, Bill had heard “White Christmas” and seen the ‘Road to’ series. If I whistled Dixie, Bill knew the words. In all these regards, as far as the other guys were concerned, the White guys might have been from another planet.

    More important still, when it came to any religious or political discussion, the two White guys thought and spoke on wavelengths entirely inaccessible to the non-Whites in our company. This in spite of all of us claiming Christian heritage for multiple generations. Though we were all supposed to be Americans, it was only Bill and I who had any sentimental connections to Independence Day or Thanksgiving celebrations, patriotic songs, speeches, or sites. Our friends thought us odd indeed for that. Despite all the social engineering to the contrary, the little cultural divergences like that were ubiquitous.

    Though we long knew that our non-White friends tended more liberal than us, the real life-and-death impact of those differences would come into stunning focus around the siege at Ruby Ridge and the Waco massacre. In both cases, we White guys were outraged at what was apparent for rabid, anti-American tyranny. Yet the non-Whites beat their chests triumphantly not only in exuberant support for the murder of those innocents, but with a unanimous sense of self-vindication. Inasmuch as we identified with the victims of those massacres, they could only identify with the killers. As one opined, “Dirty rednecks think they can escape the U.S. government? Hell no! This is America, you racist bastards!”

    At this, we White boys stood aghast. Inconceivable as it was to us, the non-Whites’ understanding of American patriotism was doing whatever the government commands, no matter how arbitrary; otherwise you and your children must die. I nearly came to blows over this issue with two of them on more than one occasion.”

  25. I’m not opposed. I haven’t focused on supporting or even thinking very deeply about the NWF or PLE ideas, or for that matter Southern nationalism/seccession. My thoughts and efforts are on the broader picture, racially, time-wise, and area-wise.

  26. OT. Here’s a very informative interview by Jim Rizoli with author Benton Bradberry and the story behind his truth telling book, “The Myth of German Villiainy” that exposes the jewish lies behind our “official” understanding of the events of the 20th century, whereby Germany is poisonously portrayed as the “evil villain” that started the two world wars. The truth is the very opposite.

  27. @ katana —

    Good stuff. Almost like a bonus volume to all of us who also have copies of After the Reich and Hellstorm.

    That said, are there any grounds for optimism?

    I really curious because it’s been generations now since Victorian “antiquarians” first had huge suspicions about the “slavery in Egypt” story. Even now, after open debunkings that have included at least one Israeli archeaologist, the narrative remains in the European head, hardwired with cement. A movie over a year ago that played loosely with the Moses myth was ruthlessly trashed by American Christians. They may have said it was “non-biblical” but they mean “that ain’t what happened.”

    If faith means never having to care what really happened, the myth of the six million will have to be interrupted soon, or it will become permanent faith and have as long a life as the myth of “hard bondage”. Here’s hoping.

  28. Blaming jews for 9/11 is a ploy. You discredit yourself and the movement by falling into it. 9/11 was a military operation carried out with the complicity of the broadcast media, the White House, the FBI, the FAA, Pentagon staff, to name just most obvious. Saying “Israel did it” is senseless.

  29. Martin Blaine
    17 JANUARY 2016 AT 4:29 AM
    Blaming jews for 9/11 is a ploy. You discredit yourself and the movement by falling into it. 9/11 was a military operation carried out with the complicity of the broadcast media, the White House, the FBI, the FAA, Pentagon staff, to name just most obvious. Saying “Israel did it” is senseless.

    Martin, I have to disagree with that assessment.

    Of course the organizations you mention were all involved in 911. For all those orgs to be united in order to carry out 911 they needed to be under one unifying force and control.

    The only world force that has that degree of power and motive to carry out 911 is Organized jewry. Their motive was to kick start the War of Terror on the non-jew world.

    Nearly all the major players in 911 are tribe members along with some obligatory goy front men like Cheney and Bush for diversionary measure.

  30. Franz
    15 JANUARY 2016 AT 3:23 AM
    @ katana –

    Good stuff. Almost like a bonus volume to all of us who also have copies of After the Reich and Hellstorm.

    That said, are there any grounds for optimism?



    As our ongoing destruction causes more people to see that there’s an agenda being played out there will be a consequent growing awareness as to who is ultimately behind it all, i.e. Organized jewry.

    This will create a snowball effect as more and more intelligence is brought to bear on the jewish Problem. Add that to the knowledge that we will be destroyed unless we do solve the Problem and you have factors that will force us to prevail, or else.

    Re the holohoax, the revisionists have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that it is a gigantic lie. Any objectives person who takes the time to read the material will sooner or later realize that.

    But yes, if Jews get their way a giant lie will become a giant “truth”.

  31. It would have been better than the Northwest Republic.

    We White people could all have moved to Far Plenty, and lived on the Island of Plenty, but they had some newcomers already, who said:

    “that they needed to find a new home where they could live in peace.

    Now, on the Island of Plenty, we have two very important rules or laws that we must all always obey. The First Law of Plenty is that anybody can believe anything that they want to believe, or not believe anything they don’t want to believe, and that is okay, because all ideas are equal on the Island of Plenty. The Second Law of Plenty is that if you give kindness and plenty to other people, they should always give kindness and plenty to you in return. After all, it is the Island of Plenty, and the bounty should be shared. Why not? There is plenty for all. These Laws came from our distant ancestors, who once suffered wars and hunger, until they learned the Two Laws. Then, the Island of Plenty also became the island of peace and contentment.

    So it is understandable that when the Alanok people escaped from a terrible place and first came to Far Plenty, that they should be warmly welcomed. The Alanoks had severe needs, and the people of Far Plenty possessed a great bounty to share with them. But, according to the rare visitors to our valleys, the Alanoks were rather strange, and unpleasant, and did something odd at night when the moon had risen.

    That was all I knew about them, until the day came when a man about my age, with a very weak and sickly wife and a young daughter, climbed down the steep cliffs and crawled into our village almost at the point of perishing. His name was Napok, which means Hawk in your tongue, and he had the most incredible tale to tell.”

  32. We are all aware that jews accuse their victims of doing what, in fact, jews have done.

    There was a jew plan to kill 6 million German civilians. It was a large scale operation which had the active participation of Chiam Weitzman, the First President of Israel. The plan involved poisoning the water supplies of six large German cities. There were successor plans which did produce German casualties, and several different attempts following those.

    The Jewish Plan to Murder Six Million Europeans

    Many of those jew devils remain alive and unrepentant. And still, it is Israel and those who work for the jews who continue to persecute older German men and women, and the entire population of Germany. It doesn’t stop there. The jews are intent on killing all White people, and not just Germans, and there should be no qualms about recognizing that fact, and retaliating in the strongest terms.

    Angela Merkel-Kasner, jewess, addresses Knesset in Hebrew, her native tongue

  33. You’re most welcome Tan.

    Your frank, almost brutal, way of cutting to the chase in dealing with the JQ/JP is most refreshing. Having a written record of your accumulated knowledge is most valuable for the “cause” of waking up more and more people to the JQ/JP that’s occurring world wide.

    I would encourage you to keep getting the word out, even though it may appear just repetitive to your own ears, as every day there are new recruits joining the battle.

  34. 2/17/16
    Critical assessment of the character of the highly organized jewsh power entity invariably
    is a match with the psychopath profile as an intra-special predator, and parasite, endowed
    with conscienceless non-empathetic focus on exploitation of a host people with cunning & calculation, infiltration, mendacity, manipulation, and deceit.
    Clearly it is a separate race at the top elite/ control level of the jewish people pyramid
    and filtering throughout the jewish population, the bottom levels of which contain many
    non-psychopath individuals who are nevertheless through clever mind colonizing programming perfected over a long period, deployed from birth, prepped to be the first line
    of soldierly defense of the organized psychopath entity.
    Some have speculated it must be Neanderthals If Neanderthals were genetically absent the
    capacity to experience emotion, with the exception of brief fits of pique or rage, then
    Neanderthals is a good guess.
    Somehow overlooked is a separate sub-group of humanity that is a highly organized &
    intelligent intra-special predator species blessed with a conviction that their unique gift, the absence of emotional capacity, makes them superior beings at the same time it endows them with an astonishing weapon for manipulating and ultimately controlling the empathic mass of humanity. Yet, apparently, there is no documented record of knowledge of this cohesive durable separate human species possessed by the West.
    With no knowledge taught from generation to generation; no Institutes to research this predatory subgroup of humanity as the highly cohesive unit that it clearly is; there is no learning from history by the hapless emotional mass of humanity, being rendered now for a future where resistance will be futile. Why have only ‘wild’ psychopaths,
    ones who pop up in seeming random family circumstances, constituted the only recognized
    manifestation of the psychopath subgroup? How is it that the evidence of a very significant organized psychopath racial entity exists, including a codified religion hat reflects itself accurately been over looked?
    If jews were understood accurately, attempts made by the Catholic religion,- for example, based on the notion that forced removal from a predatory religious teaching would induce
    the natural empathic non-predatory nature believed to be endemic to all people to be also
    endemic to jewry, -would in fact have been known in advance to be futile.

  35. In the matter of White Altruism, it might be a good idea for Tanstaafl to write a clear presentation of his persuasive argument on this misguided message of pathological altruism
    and submit it to the Occidental Observer or the other Occidental periodical both of which
    are under Kevin MacDonald’s editorship. In listening to interviews with Transtaafl I heard one
    that included Carolyn Yaeger, so it was from the recent White Network era and MacDonald was clearly enthused, not surprisingly, with Tanstaafl and invited such a submission though not on specifically the white altruism meme.

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