David Cole’s Muh Israel Argument


Cole makes the perennial argument made by all “right”-posing jews: White nationalists should support “muh Israel” because it’s stupid and crazy to do otherwise.

The Alt-Right Gets a Wedgie at Taki’s Magazine:

During my Holocaust revisionist years in the 1990s, I encountered—no surprise here—lots and lots of “anti-Zionists.” After my forced reemergence as David Cole in 2013, I encountered even more. People in those circles continue to be amazed that I’m a supporter of Israel. I, on the other hand, continue to be amused at the level of anti-Israel sentiment that exists among self-described white nationalists and alt-rightists. I don’t quite get it. Israel is the closest thing to “the West” in that fetid sandlot known as the Middle East, and Israelis do exactly the types of things that white nationalists and alt-rightists want to do themselves (build walls to halt immigration, unapologetically racially profile in the name of safety, unashamedly fight to preserve an ethno-state, etc.). Yet rather than admiration from the “white right,” Israel gets hostility.

Those [Palestinian/pro-Palestinian] guys were like the Islamic version of the most exaggerated Hollywood stereotypes of hillbillies. “Muh lah-yand! Git off muh lah-yand! They dun took muh lah-yand!” Anytime I would try to have a rational discussion with one of those sad sacks, the discussion would always revert back to “the Jews took our land,” as though that magical statement had the power to kill any debate about tactics.

I really don’t understand why the whining of Palestinians catches the ear of anyone on the alt-right. I mean, the cornerstone of the Palestinian cause is that they were “colonized by Europeans” who “grabbed land via warfare.” And you, Mr. Alt-Righter, are sympathetic to that complaint? You think we should force Israel to “give that land back”? Funny, because when the Aztlán loons in the Southwest also claim to have been “colonized by Europeans” who “grabbed land via warfare,” and when they claim that Mexico deserves to “get that land back,” I don’t hear a lot of sympathy. In fact, all I hear from alt-rightists is “Hey, wars happen. The Indians fought; they lost. The Mexicans fought; they lost. We don’t owe them their land back.”

I just don’t accept the notion that gaining territory through war suddenly became a crime against humanity in 1945, right after—and what a coincidence this is!—the victorious Allies gained a shitload of territory from Germany following World War II. That 1945 “deadline” is arbitrary, and I don’t buy into it. As far as I’m concerned, Israel has a right to keep every damn square inch of land it won, and I don’t see that as a position that betrays any particular pro-Jewish or anti-Muslim bias.

In the 1980s, South African blacks, on advice from leftist whites (and, ironically, Jews) decided to take a very sound piece of advice: Stop committing terrorist acts against white South Africans. Don’t traumatize the folks who have to approve the dissolution of their own rule. Reserve your violence (like, say, those snazzy burning-tire “necklaces”) for the traitors in your own ranks. But to whites, be all Gandhi-like, be all “oh, heaven forbid, I’d never use violence in my quest for freedom,” and in no time at all, the name Mandela will become synonymous with Jesus. And it worked. Black South Africans got majority rule, and slowly but surely they’re getting the ethnic cleansing that their PR machine promised they didn’t seek.

Overreaching and overarching conspiracy theories about “Zionist influence” might be comforting to those who want to see Israel as the octopussian world center of all that is evil, but don’t expect Trump to share that worldview.

Like most jews, Cole has nothing but contempt for Whites. Essentially he’s whining because he imagines alt-right Whites might sympathize more with other goyim than jews, and he’s worried that might be bad for the jews.

Beside deliberately misrepresenting the relationship between jews and Whites this particular type of you-goyim-should-support-Israel argument also falsely equates jew-first “zionism” with nationalism. The fact is that the jews have always been parasites, living among and feeding upon Europeans before and after Europe divided into ostensibly sovereign nationalist states.

“Zionism” is a euphemism for the more blatant form jew parasitism has taken specifically after jew-firstism prevailed over White racialism in World War II. It is the idea that jews get a sovereign jew ethnostate and everyone else gets “democratic” states with governments, full of jews, dedicated to “combating racism and anti-semitism” and serving the alien jew ethnostate. And whatever else anyone pretends it means, “muh holocaust” serves as the primary rationale for this grotesque reality.

Jews don’t feel guilty about any of this. On the contrary, even before White resentment can coalesce jews screech as one that the real harm is being done to them. Many jews regurgitate some form of “singling-out the jews” counter-accusation, projecting their own jew-centric mindset, trying to guilt-trip deracinated “liberal” Whites for caring. Cole is aiming at more race- and jew-conscious Whites. Rather than deny the impact of jewing he attempts to obscure and minimize it. He sneers “you’re just jealous”, as if it were more desirable to ape jew parasitism than end it.

Once you properly perceive the jews for what they actually are this type of disingenuous argument not only falls flat, it comes across as a particularly insidious form of hostility. The answer is simple. Jews aren’t White, they’re anti-White. White nationalism and jew parasitism aren’t alike, they’re antithetical. There is no moral or logical obligation to sympathize with an enemy, and jews posing as allies, advising Whites how to better serve jews, are the worse kind of enemy.

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  1. During my Holocaust revisionist years in the 1990s, I encountered—no surprise here—lots and lots of “anti-Zionists.”

    Overreaching and overarching conspiracy theories about “Zionist influence” might be comforting…

    There have been prominent books and papers authored by jews on Zionism. Their critique – historical, religious messianic, and always jew ethnocentric. Their hallmark – wealth empowered jews are culpable above the Germans for the mad uprooting and shuffle of jews in WWII. Their angst – the Balfour declared Palestinian “fetid sandlot” wasn’t a place to which pampered European jews wanted to go willingly. Cole ignores a lot if he indeed is a Holocaust revisionist.

    Too many on the far right take anti-Zionism to ridiculous extremes.

    Two Zionist financed and fomented world wars, the looming threat of a third, and countless others – well shit happens. The Federal Reserve and the Great Depression – water under the bridge. We’re out of it now, right? The Marxist long march through the institutions and the systematic ruination a lives and countries – a few naughty little jews, come on!

    Black South Africans got majority rule, and slowly but surely they’re getting the ethnic cleansing that their PR machine promised they didn’t seek.

    White South Africans are raping and murdering themselves.

    Post–World War II (West) Germans took a smart approach … Take in the refugees…

    White genocide is smart.

    Cole compares Israel to the West, like a 15 yr old Israeli. And Might Makes Right if you’re a jew talking about Palestinians.

    Being “oppressed” doesn’t free you from the responsibility of crafting an intelligent strategy to improve your lot.

    jew-speak for, “Crafting a strategy of being oppressed frees your lot from intelligence and responsibility.”

  2. And now we also have Richard Spencer and Red Ice pushing this Reactionary Jew character. The whole business smells like “tell ’em what they want to hear and then spin it off in another – an opposite – direction.”

    “Is It Possible for Jewish Nationalists and European Nationalists To Work Together?”:

  3. White nationalism and jew parasitism aren’t alike, they’re antithetical.

    A book is needed on this topic. Both Whites and jews mistake jew parasitism as actual achievement. Probably need at least 500 pages to accurately describe the differences and also explain why Whites aping jews would only be degradation to our race.

  4. Sarcasm Cora? Cole wrote a long, hand-waving article to obscure the truth contained in that one sentence. Whites won’t prevail by trying to out-talk the jew, but by cutting through its squid-ink bullshit.

  5. lol, Mr. Tan Staafl :) Even a book titled “10 Easy Ways To Efficiently Run Your Global Lampshade Factory” would have the power to make Whites prevail. I don’t believe a book will fix this mess.
    I used to think that we should start acting like jews, beat them at their own game. Now I see that thinking as unworldly and “literally retarded.” But I see Whites under this same impression quite often and it makes me uneasy because it implies we should continue to live with jews. And also Whites should never act like jews.

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