The Jew-State Solution


Secretary of State John Kerry’s Remarks on Middle East Peace:

Throughout his Administration, President Obama has been deeply committed to Israel and its security, and that commitment has guided his pursuit of peace in the Middle East. This is an issue which, all of you know, I have worked on intensively during my time as Secretary of State for one simple reason: because the two-state solution is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. It is the only way to ensure Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state, living in peace and security with its neighbors. It is the only way to ensure a future of freedom and dignity for the Palestinian people. And it is an important way of advancing United States interests in the region.

Despite our best efforts over the years, the two-state solution is now in serious jeopardy.

The truth is that trends on the ground – violence, terrorism, incitement, settlement expansion and the seemingly endless occupation – they are combining to destroy hopes for peace on both sides and increasingly cementing an irreversible one-state reality that most people do not actually want.

Today, there are a number – there are a similar number of Jews and Palestinians living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. They have a choice. They can choose to live together in one state, or they can separate into two states. But here is a fundamental reality: if the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic – it cannot be both – and it won’t ever really be at peace. Moreover, the Palestinians will never fully realize their vast potential in a homeland of their own with a one-state solution.

Now, most on both sides understand this basic choice, and that is why it is important that polls of Israelis and Palestinians show that there is still strong support for the two-state solution – in theory. They just don’t believe that it can happen.

After decades of conflict, many no longer see the other side as people, only as threats and enemies.

Kerry’s assertion that “Israel can either be jewish or democratic” touched a nerve, causing yids everywhere to flip their lids.

The context provided by Kerry is testimony to the inordinate power jews wield outside Israel, right now, an open admission that a pro-jew mindset prevails at the highest levels of USGOV and distorts policy-making in the most profound ways. The unhinged response from jews – inverting the situation, imagining themselves victims of powerful enemies – serves mainly to distract from the fact that, as usual, the entire argument is all about what’s best for the jews.

As infuriated jewess Mona Charen put it in Stupid Anti-Israel Policy, there are so many ways the stupid goyim could be better serving the jews:

The world is aflame with threats and instability, yet Kerry and Obama, petulant leftists with an Israel fixation, could not resist this last kick in the teeth to the region’s sole democracy. They knew it would harm Israel’s moral standing – now the delegitimizers can claim that Israel is in violation of “Security Council” resolutions – and give an unmerited win to the Palestinians. Perhaps most infuriating of all, they claim to be doing it all for Israel’s own good.

Kerry presents “democracy” and the jew ethnostate as two mutually exclusive ideas, as if jews will some day have to choose one or the other. Yet the two ideas are best understood as complementary outgrowths of the same whatever’s-best-for-the-jews premise. The political reality is that the jews have their ethnostate, and its form of government, whatever anyone might call it, has been and will continue to be decided exclusively by jews. When apologists like Charen emphatically advertise Israel as “the region’s sole democracy” all they’re really saying is that they see it as the duty of everyone else’s “democracy” to serve this jew ethnostate. The “two-state solution” Kerry prefers is moot. It’s not good enough for the jews, who see no compelling reason to concede anything to their enemies. They already have a “two-state solution” – their ethnostate and a USGOV which serves them too.

Ezra Pound is purported to have noted that “democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a country run by jews”. It fits this jew ethnostate, overtly run by jews, just as well. Where Kerry and other “petulant leftists” get hung up is in the pretense there is any more sensible definition.

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  1. The Last Act of Obama’s Israel Drama May Be His Best | Foreign Policy

    David Rothkopf supports the Kerry/Obama approach and spells out the underlying disconnect from reality:

    The Palestinian population continues to grow so that very soon Israel faces the fateful choice of whether it wishes to be a democracy (in which the majority Palestinians living within the state’s claimed borders would have real rights they currently do not have) or a Jewish state (which would depend on the adoption of policies that permanently disenfranchise the majority population).

    This ongoing pretense some “fateful choice” has yet to be made is just a way of denying the reality that Israel is already a jew ethnostate AND a “democracy” in which non-jews “currently do not have” “real rights”. There is no indication that USGOV is going to stop putting the interests of jews first, so there is no reason to expect this political theatre to end.

  2. It seems the stage is being set to degrade the Obama admin’s over-the-top subservience to Israel. This is needed so the Drumpf can come in and be the hero by helping fix that taint.

    Drumpf will be Israel’s 1000% Inside Man.

    The Kabuki continues.

  3. The political reality is that the jews have their ethnostate, and its form of government, whatever anyone might call it, has been and will continue to be decided exclusively by jews.

    An ethnostate ruled by their own people is quite an advantage over diversified Europe and US ruled by foreigners. Yet Israel is a shithole. They have homogeneity, billions in foreign aid, Whites proclaiming “I stand with Israel” and jews still can’t build a decent nation. For a long time Africa survived without any aid from Whites. Israel has never had independence from Whites. Jews are below niggers when it comes to nation building.

  4. Alan Dershowitz: If Keith Ellison is Appointed DNC Chair, I Will Resign My Membership, Fox Business:

    “[The New York Times] has a story today saying only right-wing Jews condemn [Secretary of State] Kerry. Hey, I’m a left-wing liberal Jew, [U.S. Senator from New York] Schumer is a liberal Jew – you know, they just make up the news,” Dershowitz told the FOX Business Network’s Sandra Smith.

    The conflict between “left” and “right” jews is fake news. What’s going on is just the same old in-your-face AND down-low tag-team jewing.

  5. The conflict between “left” and “right” jews is fake news. What’s going on is just the same old in-your-face AND down-low tag-team jewing.

    I really would never pick up on this myself if you didn’t point it out because a left and right really does exist between Whites. On the surface their supposed infighting looks legit.

  6. American Jews Divided Over Strain in U.S.-Israel Relations, The New York Times:

    “There’s a very clear values clash going on,” said Rabbi Jill Jacobs, the executive director of T’ruah, a rabbinical human rights organization. “On the one hand, we have a small but vocal minority of American Jews who believe that supporting Israel means supporting the right-wing agenda, the current government. And on the other, there is a larger percentage of American Jews who are committed to Israel and committed to democracy and want to see it as a safe place that reflects our values.”

    This is a community that is hardly monolithic.

    Always this same lie. The jews are monolithically “committed to Israel”. The clash is only over how to jewsplain the apparent double-meaning of “democracy” – which means you goyim only get the single-state solution because you goyim cannot have ethnostates, but it also means the jew ethnostate is your greatest ally and you goyim must support it.

    The basis for it all is a monolithic whatever’s-best-for-the-jews. The crucial difference is not between “left” or “right”, “democracy” or ethnostate – it is between jew and non-jew. Toxic “right-wing” jews care less about disguising this, toxic “human rights” jews care more.

  7. Britain, edging towards Trump, scolds Kerry over Israel, Reuters:

    In Israel, Kerry’s speech has played into the hands of Israel’s far-right national-religious movement, led by Naftali Bennett, the education minister, who is in Netanyahu’s cabinet but very critical of Netanyahu and is trying to position himself as a future potential leader.

    Bennett’s party, Jewish Home, wants to annexe large parts of the West Bank and openly opposes the creation of a Palestinian state. He is advocating for more settlements and the legalisation of outpost settlements, which even the Israeli government considers illegal.

    “This [Obama] administation’s policy has left the Middle East up in flames,” Bennett said after Kerry’s speech. “The one free democracy has been thrown under the bus – and that’s Israel.”

    Bennett echoes Charen, or vice versa – simply equates the jew ethnostate and “democracy”.

  8. Anti-Israel liberals are normalizing anti-Semitism, Washington Examiner editor and in-your-face “right”-posing jew Philip Klein:

    We live in an age in which it is considered unacceptable for anybody from a majority group to lecture members of a minority group about what does and does not qualify as bigotry. Straight white cisgendered males who question claims of sexism, racism, homophobia, or transphobia, are routinely scolded, commanded to “check their privilege” and to “stop mansplaining.”

    So it’s notable that Kerry, a non-Jewish former Senator and presidential candidate in a powerful cabinet post, used his perch to casually downplay claims of prejudice against a religious minority that makes up less than one-fifth of one-percent of the world’s population yet has been persecuted for thousands of years, slaughtered by the millions, and whose adherents are regularly targeted around the world, including in the United States. In fact, in the face of news stories about the rise of Islamophobia, American Jews are still the victims of a majority of religious hate crimes in the U.S., despite making up less than 2 percent of the population. (Even after adjusting for population, Jews are still more targeted than Muslims.)

    The problem is that while criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism are not synonymous, many of the arguments being advanced by Israel’s critics are frighteningly similar to historical tropes being deployed by anti-Semites to this day. Throughout the centuries, Jews have been portrayed as a small minority using money to exert a disproportionate influence over policies that benefit them at the expense of their country and the broader world. Throughout history, they’ve had their loyalty questioned

    Beside screeching like any typical “left”-posing jew, jewsplaining Kerry’s speech in terms of the jew narrative, Klein also connects it to the Hagelcaust and several other glaring contemporary examples of jew virulence, substantiating the “historical tropes” of jew parasitism. Recommended reading.

  9. We live in an age in which it is considered unacceptable for anybody from a majority group to lecture members of a minority group about what does and does not qualify as bigotry.

    Klein is restating Auster’s Law. Whereas down-low jew Auster lamely attributed it to “liberals” and denied it applied to the jews, in-your-face jew Klein explicitly calls upon it to serve the interests of jews.

    We live in a jew age in which jews (amplified by the jewsmedia and USGOV) constantly lecture non-jews about what jews consider unacceptable.

  10. Happy New Year’s, Tan :)
    Is your New Year’s resolution to do one new blog a day and one new podcast a week?

  11. Azriel Bermant on Twitter: “According to a .@ReshetBet poll, 39 per cent of Israelis support annexation of the West Bank while 60 per cent support two-state solution.”

    I.e. 99% support the jew ethnostate, 39% want it to be bigger.

  12. Yakov Hirsch at Mondoweiss, Netanyahu’s holy war, and the coming Jewish schism.

    The non-schism between an oxymoronic “liberal zionism” and long-past “looming apartheid”, any day now, is real in this jew’s mind.

    A better title would have been, “How Jews Jew” – it’s all about group-centric mentality and morality, moral certitude, moral preening, moral authority, taboo. Some good bits on Jeffrey Goldberg.

  13. if the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic – it cannot be both – and it won’t ever really be at peace.

    Kerry understands this about the U.S. and Europe as well – they can have freedom and peace or they can have multi-racialism. Depriving Europeans of peace and freedom is a feature not a bug of mass migration for them. He doesn’t care whether a white nation is democratic or not, he can’t tolerate its existence whatever its form of government.

  14. Tablet’s Tu Quoque Problem: New Zealand’s Settler Problem – A Colonialist state founded on the theft of Maori land blames Israel for its own crimes. Of course the jews have been toxic critics of Whites, in or out of Europe, before the UN or New Zealand even existed for them to point at as an excuse to screech.

    It is in fact the jews’ own anti-settler/anti-colonial narrative blowing back at them via the UN. The answer is to posture as the first and foremost oppressed indigenous aboriginals:

    The suffering of the Maori at the hands of European colonialists is not a joke. As a Zionist, it is hard to escape the sense that Jews have long—and mistakenly—downgraded our association with other indigenous national groups like the Maori in New Zealand, Tibetans in China, Catalans in Spain, Scots in Great Britain, the Native Peoples of Canada, Georgians and Ukrainians held captive by Russia, and many others, in favor of what we imagined was our seat at the grown-up table. In doing so, the State of Israel may have bowed to diplomatic necessity, but it has also diminished the strength of our historical and legal claim to our national homeland, guaranteed to us by the San Remo Conference, the Treaty of Sevres, and a League of Nations Mandate, but is now under sustained attack at the UN. Indigenous peoples whose histories and attachments to their own land are not unlike our own might well benefit from the technology, organizational capacity and experience of the Jewish State, which may serve as a model for their own future moments of national liberation. As the ultimate indigenous survivors, Israelis should be proud to celebrate our aboriginal rights in our national homeland, and help others to do the same.

  15. A Joyce is back on twitter. Kinda blaming us.

    Joyce is interesting when it comes to jewish political history but he needs to balance his views by spending some time studying Whites and White history, his opinions are lopsided. In part 2 of his interview with Henrik, in reference to Whites blaming jews:

    … a lot of the weaknesses that we have had as a people over historical time, have been native to us, and we have provided more than ample opportunities for those weaknesses to be exploited by a people that there is, you know, more self interested than us on average, more cohesive than us, and seem to work much better as a team, than we do.

    Jews don’t work better as a team than Whites. Jews work better as a team than White elites in positions of power. Middle class Whites are cohesive and we do work as a team. Most of the Whites I know who claim “I’m not racist” are still very good people, they’re helpful and giving, they’re confused when it comes to race and being engulfed by diversity drags the weak Whites down.

    But, it will take constant effort and dedication, because that’s what jews apply to, on their side in fence. They apply a constant effort and dedication to what they’re doing. You know, they aren’t just lazily floating into these positions of influence that they occupy. When you look at the, you know, the issue of ethnic networking, whether it’s getting seats on the Supreme Court, or, whether it’s occupying key financial positions in the world of business. It’s just, it’s hard work. It’s not fair work. They’re not playing the game fairly, but they’re working very, very hard at gaming the system.

    *gag* Joyce gives more credit to the thieves of Western Civilization than to the builders of Western Civ. This is like being impressed with the home invader’s booty because he “worked very, very hard” and put “constant effort and dedication” into loading up his truck with stolen TVs and computers. Aren’t you impressed? He didn’t just “lazily float” into his position of burglar, ya know.

    … jews do not arrive at their positions through coming up with one solution and then just, you know, it was so smart and so intelligent a solution on how to penetrate our society, that it just worked first time, every time, and that was it.
    No, actually it’s that whole, you know, “one percent inspiration ninety nine percent perspiration“, in which jews have succeeded so well, because they don’t give up. It’s the principle of trial and error. One of the great examples, of course, is the introduction of hate speech laws and the restriction of free speech in Britain. That whole process started in 1946.

    *gag* again at his admiration of subversives that “don’t give up.” Passing hate speech laws isn’t impressive, it was accomplished with their big fat lying mouths and a pen. Automobiles, rockets, central heating, clean water, space exploration, electricity, microscopes, airplanes, the internet, literature, music is impressive af.

  16. The Jews are genetically mixed with other people. I think they are less indigenous to the Near East than the Palestinians. In any case, if the Jews claim the Palestinians have no right to stay in Palestine, it means the Jews have even less right to stay embedded in White society. They are not just taking up some territorial space in our lands, they live as destructive parasites at the heart of White society.

    The only way the confiscation of Palestine could be morally defensible is if it was part of a plan for racial separation between Jews and the rest of the world. It would mean that all the Jews have to move or be forcibly expelled to a separate place, and that none of them are allowed to keep their positions in the top institutions of White countries. There is no reason they should be given their own separate country while White people cannot have the same thing.

    As for New Zealand: when White people discovered that territory, the Maoris living there must have been no more than 50 000. They are now 600,000. In the USA and Canada, the Indians must have been 5 or 6 millions at the time of Christopher Columbus. There is no reason to consider that it was God’s will that their population would slowly grow to 300 million people. Meanwhile, the Jews must have expelled more than 800,000 Palestinians to take their place in Palestine.

  17. @cora
    Solid points.
    Joyce is usually interviewed by people who dont have a deep or sometimes basic grasp of jews, let alone Whites. Even though claiming to be fighting for White rights. They still find ways, whether intentional or not to blame us and praise jews for destroying us. I’d venture this worship of jews in this way is from jewish media mind poison. Rooting for the underdog, I guess, jews being the eternal underdog.

    Possibly the same mind set antiWhites have. This helping the underdog, which actually proves Whites are the best and the only way poc can win is with White help.

  18. Israel’s Religiously Divided Society, Pew Research Center:

    Most Jews across the religious spectrum agree in principle that Israel can be both a democracy and a Jewish state. But they are at odds about what should happen, in practice, if democratic decision-making collides with Jewish law (halakha). The vast majority of secular Jews say democratic principles should take precedence over religious law, while a similarly large share of ultra-Orthodox Jews say religious law should take priority.

    Even more fundamentally, these groups disagree on what Jewish identity is mainly about: Most of the ultra-Orthodox say “being Jewish” is mainly a matter of religion, while secular Jews tend to say it is mainly a matter of ancestry and/or culture.

    Jews are “divided” on how to jewsplain their monolithic agreement on two fundamental issues: the jew ethnostate, ie. that “democracy” means whatever jews say it means, it has nothing to do with the ratio of jews to non-jews; and that jew identity is racial, with the orthodox attitude best understood as religiously racial.

  19. If it were so that none of this mattered to us. I give you credit, Tan, for immersing yourself on a regular basis in this distasteful subject matter- the inner machinations and thought processes of the jew. But, that’s why your site is as insightful as it is.

  20. It’s funny, how once you get up close you fully realize how to the jew, everything is about the jew. It becomes so obvious. Yet, it’s missed by so many.

  21. The conflict between “left” and “right” jews is fake news. What’s going on is just the same old in-your-face AND down-low tag-team jewing.

    I found an article where (((Joshua Hammerman))) admits they’re just jews jewing.

    These values, which are neither exclusively left nor right, but Jewish through and through, include humility, love and freedom and dignity.

    It’s important to clarify that:
    humility = Whitey stays under kike’s thumb
    love = Whitey doesn’t fight back
    freedom = jews free to aggress against Whites
    dignity = Whitey never criticizes jews

    They clash markedly against the “values” of the “traditional” anti-Semite, who, as defined by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, tends to be xenophobic, anti-intellectual, populist, racist, brutish and, if unchecked, ultimately genocidal.

    The holohoax museum is correct except for anti-intellectual.

  22. From Cora’s link:

    The influence of Jewish values, those principles Jews have long held sacred, has been most profound on the American cultural scene. … The influence of popular culture, in the US and throughout most of the world, continues to be far, far more pervasive than that of any government or branch of government.

    The main difference between this description and what the same jew calls “anti-semitism” is point of view. The “anti-semite” sees jew influence as toxic for non-jews. The jew sees this toxicity as good for the jews.

  23. If there is a club that excludes Jews

    There aren’t any clubs that exclude jews. But we’ve got diversity programs and scholarships that exclude straight White males under 45 in every state in America.

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